Dragon Quest

What games have you played?
I beat 1 and 3, played a bit of 2, 4 and 5.
3 was excellent.

I played Arino's Not Dragon Quest game from Retro Game Challenge/Game Center CX.

Does that count?

All of them
7 > 5 > 3 > 9 > the rest
Still the best series ever

They are so boring. Never finished a single one, that Slime spinoff was swell though.

I've only played 9. Apparently only one of the Zenithia trilogy is anywhere near as bad as it, but I still had fun with it mostly. The postgame is 100% grind though, more so if you don't live in Japan. I just added some popular Japanese maps to my save so I got the Japanese experience.

Only played 8 on the ps2 and Dragon Warrior Monsters on gbc. Oh and joker on ds but I couldn't get into it.

Dragon Warrior 3 is hands down my favorite. Its unbelievably good JRPG for a NES game. I can't really finish any of the other ones. 7 looks good but never played it outside of a a few hours on a shitty emulator years ago.

Grew up playing 1, 2, 3, and 4. Played 8, never finished it. I've always wanted to go back to the series and play the rest, but I can never find the time.

I watched a friend play Dragon Warrior on the NES when I was a kid, and I thought it looked boring as fuck and went back to playing Phantasy Star - which actually had a story, developed characters, decent graphics and design, memorable music, and.. well, the gameplay was all pretty much the same. Though you could talk to certain enemies for hints and tips instead of fighting them if you used the Talk spell - which was pretty cool.

The only other Dragon Quest game I played was DQIX Sentinel of the Starry Sky - which alright, but short and far too focused on after-game content and multiplayer. Fantasy Life also had the same problem. Still, it was fairly fun for what it was. I made a qt brown girl.

All of them except 2, 9, and 10.

Dragon Warrior was my first RPG when I was little. I loved it. What do I think of the series overall? First 3 games are decent for the NES since there are hardly any non-action RPGs on the system. The rest of the series is vastly inferior to other RPGs available.

DQ is the most overrated and most underdeveloped RPG series to exist. The series refused to evolve for literally decades, and the only reason it never fell into obscurity is because Japan treats it like a national treasure.


all great
i want to play X so much but i don't want to buy a piS4

How would you have it "evolve", exactly? The series has made minor changes and refinements over the years, such as not having to open a menu to talk to people or go down stairs, the way magic and skills work has changed drastically since the beginning of the series, the storytelling has improved quite a bit over the years, and some games even give classes and skill points to allocate. The only way the series hasn't changed much is the core combat mechanics, and that never really needed to be changed. Sure it's very simple, but also very functional, and because of it's simplicity battles never rarely take very long which in turn makes traveling through areas with random encounters less tedious than in JRPGs with much more complex battle systems.

I played the sfc version of 3, love the look of it

You'd rather it "evolve" like FF did? :^)

I played a little of I or II emulated, beat 8 on PS2, Beat 9 DS.
I would've gotten the DS ports if it hadn't been for the godawful translations they gave them.

The Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory vids on youtube got me really into Maribel which is why I was really looking forwards to the 3DS remake. Right now I'm cautiously optimistic about the translation.

Is that where pic two came from?

If you enjoyed DQIII; you might enjoy DQIX

Dragon Quest X never ever.

I've completed 1,5 and 7. Currently playing though 3.
5 is my personal favorite.

NES is chock full of RPGs, shitty or otherwise.

Only ever played 9 and the 2 Joker spinoffs. What's considered the best one?

Depending on who you are; either III, V, or VIII.

Does anyone actually like Dragon Quest 2?
I dropped it halfway through and never touched it again.

It is my favorite, I just LOVE THE FUCKING

The only real Dragon Quest game I've played is 4 on the DS. I appreciated ideas it played around with (largely environmental and character-based) but that didn't stop the central gameplay being a chore and it even made it moreso in many situations. I dropped it somewhere around when MC meets the twins, the grind only seemed to get worse as the game went on (Torneko's merchant twist didn't help matters). I only ever pirated the thing to begin with but I felt betrayed to learn of the localization bullshit (which I guiltily liked beforehand) and I feel put off to touch the games again for it (-and language loli is right, I cannot learn Japanese).

I tried Joker but blew it off for being too tedious and making me wish I was back in Pokémon's abusive relationship. -but then Holla Forums got me on Rocket Slime, that was pretty good fun despite it's simplicity (steered clear of not-understandable foreign speech too). If they'd have kept localizing that I'd have bought it maybe (not that I'm totally adverse to picking up a main series title again).

Be it Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest I don't play many RPGs but I've fallen in love with Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. I find it sad the Dragon Quest entry probably won't get localized, I want to be made to want to play these games even more.

Why does Alena appeal to my dick so much?

Still a chance, they could be holding off on it until the last two remakes are out. It's not like they'd lose anything since most everything in it is already translated.

Because she's "Very Okay!".

from a historical standpoint it's pretty amazing. came out less than a year after the original and was practically tripled in terms of content.

7 was very dear to me. So this. I'll try this order. I haven't played anything beyond 7, 6, 8.

Sucks about who you're stuck with.

Are you me? I made a girl that looked almost exactly like that in my game.

You need to go play 5. Preferably NOT the SNES version.

Even the DS version is better than the SNES one. Yes, even WITH the goddamned accents. (And not just because of best Waifu.)

You're waifu a shit
Still the best of the three

Well you have to admit when compared to the likes of Jessica and the twins it's hardly a fair comparison. I'm just judging by the merits of their own games.


What's wrong with the snes version?

Less monsters to recruit, they kind of waste Bishop Ladja as a villain, and the game pretty much shits on you if you don't marry Bianca.

I mean it, the game will guilt trip you so hard, you'd think you were the child of a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. Bianca's life just goes right down the shitter, and you're stuck with a character who can't even gain enough wisdom to actually be issued orders because she caps at level 10.

Don't, play, the SNES version.

I've tried my hardest to play the ds version of dq4 and 5 but i just couldn't.
It is because of them that i have grown to despise localization and culturalization that is now all the rage in video games.
and then i went and played the original nes and snes versions

I played the ps2 version of 5. That music sweet Jesus

There's no party chat, and you can only have 3 members in the party at a time instead of 4(though that's not necessarily a bad thing, as you can kind of tell they designed the game around having only 3 party members.)

That being said, the SNES version isn't horrible. In fact I still consider it to be one of the better JRPGs on the system. You still get the same basic experience as the other games, just without the bonus stuff.

Also this. The remakes have 70 monsters whereas the original only has 40.

While I admit I've never picked Nera/Flora in the SNES version, according to the Dragon Quest Wiki:
Again, I've never not picked Bianca in the SNES version myself, so can't say for sure if what they say is true.

Dragon Warrior 1 was the first RPG I ever played, and for some reason it triggered my autism something fierce. I would grind gold until I could buy all the equipment from the town, then move on to the next town and repeat.

I haven't done this for any other RPG since, I don't know why. Maybe when I got a Genesis & Phantasy Star 2 the next year, but I don't remember doing it.

A really good game for that is Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes for the Turbografx CD. The combat is really good too, like Dragon Quest on steroids.

Another nice thing about it is that whenever you beat a major boss, all the monsters in that area disappear and encounters stop happening. It really makes you feel like you're having an impact on the world.

I wonder when new information on DQXI will hit.

All they have to do is port that shit to the ps4.

But Vegeta, that's what they're doing if not already done.

I played 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and IX.
5… was the best for me… I…

I truly lost myself while playing it… It was the most immersive experience I ever had. I truly fell into that story… that world. I lived through a carefree childhood. I lived through an agonizing decade of slavery. I traveled the world and made pets and friends all over. I rediscovered love in the one I cherished most from my childhood. I knew the joys of being a father. I wept with joy at discovering my roots and having one more chance to see my parents. I suffered endlessly as I could not see my children grow up while being doomed to life as a garden gnome. I searched the world over for 2 years seeking my beloved alongside my children, friends and foster father. I reunited my family and saved the world and the heavens from the ultimate evil. I became a kind king as I celebrated my return to the throne as a I danced with my wife. Before I knew it, my life ended and I was back in my old home staring at an old tv screen and a controller in my hand… What an amazing experience. I cherished every moment of it. It was truly amazing. Maybe I was nuts. Maybe it was more. Whatever it was, I loved it, every second of it was like a true life with pain and bliss. After it, the world felt a whole lot easier. My only regret was that I could never recreate that sensation and return to that place just one more time.

My only other regret is that while I appreciate both my lives, it made me realize that 3D women are terrible creatures.

More than one lifu will ruin your waifu.

Read the last regret you twit.

Also DQ died with IX.

I want it in English.


The ruination has just begun…

When Final Fantasy is no longer shit.

While I think IX was incredibly mediocre, XI looks very promising. If it's like VIII, I'll be happy.

Time to let go.
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 never ever

Fuck Joker, I want the I and II remakes.

Beat: I, IV, V, VIII, IX

Played (incomplete): II, III, VI

V is my favorite. I also played through the 1st Joker when it came out stateside, and liked it a lot.

I'm excited for VII's remake to finally launch over here in a couple of weeks.

My personal favorite version of my fav game in the series

don't mind the games tired of seeing trunks goku and friends thou


beat: 1, 2, 4 (even if it was the DS version), 5, 8 (PS2), Rocket Slime

only played: 3 (NES and SNES), 6 (SNES and DS, currently forcing myself through the DS version), 7 (old man finally reaching disc two.jpg), 9 (got distracted and then my flashcard fucked up)

want to play: Tactics (DSi), the other Slime Morimori games

Toriyama's the character designer. At least his costume design aesthetic is more than just orange jumpsuits

I heard the DSi game sucks.

Beyond Pan and maybe 18 in DQIX and maybe Broly in DQX, there hasn't been much close to DBZ looks.

lol. He is pretty useless until you're getting close to the end of the game. Then his magic starts one shotting motherfuckers.

played the gbc version but I fucking loved it. The last two dungeons are pretty engrossing and pretty frustrating. The second to last one I manage to scoot through in decent condition only to be in a giant infested frost land that wasn't really any safer than the fucking cave I was in.

It was a pretty cool RP experience that I didn't really expect or seek for in a JRPG without much in the way of story or developed characters of even motives for the characters.

The true strength of DQ is that they do more with less. The battle system is fun without a shitton of stupid bells and whistles. The class system in 3 is really nice without being bogged down or require stupid amounts of grinding to get a few high end abilities to break the game with.

Working my way through the series right now and honestly IV was kind of on the boring side but I got through it and V doesn't seem so much better just yet but it's still earlyish I'd say maybe a quarter of the way.

there's a tactics DQ game? I wonder how they pulled it off.

If it's Wars, there's a reason why you haven't heard of it.

Perversion is an international language.

what a fukn' shame

give 3 another shot fam. it's really great and it was the rare game, rare jrpg that I really didn't want to end.


Beat very first one(GBC version), but I am stuck at DQ2(I got the boat and managed to get a few Seals(2 to be exact, first one was in a tower and second one was given by a king after I defeated his monster) and DQ3(don't know where can I use LuvMemory). Played a little bit of DQ4, but stopped, because I want to beat DQ2 and 3 before going on.

Holy fuck that memory one stopped me for like two evenings. You want to know how that one works?.

TGS probably.

Im about to stream on Twitch DQ1

Starting on Tuesday, pretty excited about it

No, thanks, I already found out how that memory thing works. All I had to do is just let the song blow me away and use the memory right after that. This fucking game, man. Why the hell the developers decided to place the trigger tile right there?

When Hell freezes over and every /r9k/ user gets laid.

Good taste.

Any of you like characters other than the mains more or just as much?

Spoiler alert
Biancas boobs don't jiggle

I've played I-IX. I only got into the series last year, so I played them all then. Pretty good series in general. Haven't played X because I don't care about MMOs and don't want to jump through hoops.