"More than half of arrested anti-Trump protesters didn't vote"

And this is news because…?
46% of all eligible voters didn't vote because both choices were shitte.

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Because liberals can't conceive of any political position that is further to the left of Bernie Sanders and don't understand that commies don't vote.

if u dont vote u dont get to complain :^)

Where does it say 'eligable?' Also is it common for the police to look up the voting records of arrestees? I'm guessing at least some of them probably had priors or were uab&.


Also here's the article

Just makes me like the protester more knowing they aren't shillary supporters. I know a lot of leftists have been getting involved to radicalized those protesting.

How do they know

I repeat, where does it indicate any of the people who didn't vote could have voted? And since when does NBC give a fuck about whether or not protesters vote?

I was talking about the elections in general you dumbfuck.

Hey, that's pretty good. Organizing in the streets is way better than voting ballots

They're organizing against the result of an election. If they care about it, they should have voted. If (as they should) they don't, there's little point protesting it. They just make themselves look silly either way.

Those protesting are already radicalized, they are hysterical liberals. The others joined opportunistically because they find protesting and rioting entertaining.

All those past few days leftypol has been dismissing the protesters because they're just HRC supporters who are butthurt their candidate lost, now that it turns out a majority of them aren't HRC supporters leftypol goes backtracks and says they should be dismissed because they're already radicalized so what's the point.

are you some kind of liberal? There was no one to vote for this election, or since 1944 for the dems and 1864 for the republicans.

I've been saying they're radicalized from the very start.

I actually empathize with them more if they didn't vote. I was under the impression they were all Hillary supporters

They're organising _against the person who won the election and now holds power_. Different set of co-ordinates.

Now stop shilling liberal spooks.

Which of his actions are they protesting? Winning?

Because there's nothing wrong with the system. The system is perfect, it's the population that's defective.

The reason this is news is probably because the liberal elites 1. think the only way you can and should influence politics is through the ballot and therefore if you give up voting you have basically given up the right to influence politics, and 2. they think their candidate was pretty great and are pissed that those who oppose Trump didn't go for Clinton. So this sums up to shaming those who didn't vote, because they supposedly lost the right to complain about Trump by not rallying behind Hillary.

BTW voting record of US citizens is public, everyone can just check that online and see who voted.

Yeah. Preparations for becoming sworn in as President. Assembly of cabinet. These kinds of actions. Preliminary ones.


And what's the problem? Voting is a right in the US isn't it? Or is it mandatory?


Why would you be protesting a person to overthrow the system?

Oh man, those rebels! Organizing in Hillary strongholds and antagonizing other Hillary supporters without the threat of ever facing any serious opposition! Leftists are super threatening, guys! Look at them rattle their cages as they beg for an authoritarian leader to take Trump from the Presidency and rule them like a king! Haha! Leftists are literal sub-humans… Watching them in their little rat den cities is hilarious. "I'm a rebel who fights to empower government!" Uhh…



- ? I am a

I am the underdog at the moment, but your ideology is dying because people are sick of your authoritarian ideals suppressing speech and infringing on all aspects of life, while my ideals are filling the void. Feels pretty good. And the irony is, without Leftists, my ideology would have continued to decline as people just wallowed about in their comfortable lives just drifting through life. But in came Leftie to try to restrict everyone and force everyone to live a certain way.



what are you even talking about lol

No one was stopping you from calling everyone you meet a fag but yourself dude. Your candidate won and your behavior is exactly the same as it was before, look at your self.



>this is coming from fucking Holla Forums

They are center-right capitalists.



you can't get more sjw than that Holla Forums.




Also, capitalists fire people for being racist because it's what the market demands. Don't you like capitalism, user?

When will you read a book and realize we were on the same side?

You mean the overweight Leftists who've never spent a dime for a product, but feel so enraged about an employee's individual opinion that they start up an online petition and a tumblr blog post about it and have the guy's employer hounded until that person is fired? Nope, not financial terrorism in the least. That doesn't influence self-censorship out of fear in the least. That's not a tool of social control used by Leftists in the least… Even though only Leftists do it.

Comradely reminder that liberals identify and report radicals they are protesting with to the police

Those who believe we need an alliance with them ought to have their heads examined

Do you have anything of actual meaning to state?

but liberals arent leftists

and other right wingers do the same through church and school and older means of information spread

market demands it bruh. if market didn't demand it, muh job creator wouldn't give a shit about all those complaints. he knows this is bad for his business, so your boyfriend had to get fired. this is the justice of our market god bru. don't you believe him? are you a fucking sinner son?
good luck with your "social terrorism" and your hurt lil feelings. life is tough, get over it. ;)

would you like us to call you by any specific adjective to make you feel better?

really activates my almonds

lmao at how young this picture tried to make hillary look

That's because it only works when the dominant political force does it to the suppressed one, and the pendulum is currently swung left. Tick, tock, just wait and things will eventually return to fundies and redbaiters screeching at peoples' bosses.

nigger please

What you call Liberals as a means of disassociation are, in fact, not Liberals, but Leftists; hence why they propagate Leftist ideals. Liberals are for limited government, unlike these people, who co-opted the term to further their political agenda. A certain people did the same in Russia. Bolsheviks I believe they were called…

Planned and coordinated politically driven terrorism doesn't equate to a "market." It's called subversion. Somethings Leftist filth have spent the better part of a century perfecting (given all you know how to do is destroy). It's also not just financial, it's social. Through media and academia a standard of morality is propagated, and if you do not strictly adhere to it your opinions make you a target. Whether it's harassment, physical violence, destruction of property, or something else. For example Trump supporters being attacked for the past year simply for expressing an opinion that doesn't adhere to a Leftist moral system dictated by academia and media. Clinton was highly in favor of hate speech laws. But, in the absence, Leftists used their subversion to influence self-censorship with these tactics by inducing fear. Terrorism. That's why Trump had "hidden support." Terrorism influenced self-censorship. Terrorism which benefited who? Leftist authoritarians. Didn't benefit me. Didn't benefit Trump. Didn't benefit anyone else. Silencing dissent only benefit one group…

lol why are you so autistic? (rhetorical question)

lol except they dont

Except they do. Expanding the federal government; belittling personal freedoms. All the joys of Leftism! They're certainly not Liberal.

It also shows Holla Forums's unhealthy obsession with an old greedy fuck who looks like he was rolled in a bag of dorito's.

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socialism is stateless

Because they're an ugly face that you can put on the system that you want to overthrow.

I wanna bomb the factory you were produced in. this is like serial manufacture, wtf. you can't fake that shit.


They can abstain from voting and still protest the policies and people Trump seems to want to surround himself with.

That's why it's a good thing Trump won.

He's an ugly face on neoliberal capitalism. Full accelerationism my lad.


Yup, Venezuela is proof.

Venelolza was never socialist

Voter registration status and who voted in each election in public record in North Carolina.

I don't think that. If you vote you are legitimating the democratic system, and If you don't, you are showing that you disagree. So I think that the ones that cannot complain are the ones that vote.

Which implies that they would be perfectly fine with any of the other assholes contesting the election winning and holding power.

…not. Honestly, if you genuinely don't like representative liberal democracy, you best protest it all the time. Or at least at a better time, one that won't make you look butthurt that the guy you totally didn't cheer for didn't win.

Mate, I dunno if you have looked around but Anarchists and Trots ARE always peotesting just about fucking everything. These guys are the ones who protested AT THE DNC, and the last DNC, and every fucking DNC since 68. You can attack them (us) for our politics but sure as hell not for consistency.

Crap, I always forget people will interpret generic you as personal whenever possible. I've been dissing the current post-election protests and their impotent misaimed rage. Nothing and nobody else.

I sure as hell am not going to attack people who are against representative democracy in principle, I agree with them. But if you consistently hold that position - it makes no sense (especially not tactical sense) to join protests against a specific result and specific politician. Go as an outside party and evangelize, if you must.

Then wait until he does become the face of the system. Because right now, he's the cool outsider who promised to destroy it. To most people, not just his voters, the ugly faces of the system are now the mugshots of the hipster protesters.

Not really. Trump is the most unpopular president-elect of all time. He's got a 35% approval rating fresh out of the election.