God Eater 2

So this came out yesterday on steam. Waiting to stop being a poorfag to give it a shot.

Is anyone else playing it? If the reviews are anything to go by, it seems they did a decent job with the port.

Yeah how about nah
Plus as far as monhun ripoffs go, toukiden is slightly better than this.

I have more of a problem when Denuvo comes with AAA shit and the average normalfag is easily coaxed into paying for the game instead of waiting for said game to be cracked.

I was also considering Toukiden but I read that the port was crashing and/or running like shit. Didn't check again if they ever fixed it.


Look, it's just an ok game (at best).

First of all it's a shit PC port and the PS4 version is better, but even if you do own a PS4, i'd suggest you rather play Toukiden than this.

And even IF you want to play Toukiden, i'd suggest you just…get a 3DS and play MH or wait for NX or something, none of these monhunt clones hold a candle to MH.
They always lack "something" that makes MH simply better, be it worse animations, bad player feedback for your hits, worse progression, worse enemy design and attack patterns, etc.

We just don't have a good monhun clone that can take over MH itself for now.
Maybe one day, but until then all these games are just wasting your time, you're fucking a blowup doll when you could be banging the real thing instead, it's a cheap imitation.

MH fag is back. He comes to every hunting game board to preach about MH.

Maybe next year when 3DM gets off their vacation.

reposting from another thread

Talking about God Eater, I was so hype for this game but somehow, it worst than Freedom Wars personal review and opinion incoming, I play this on PS4 to get the best performance and free GE1

First of all, the animation is very lazy. Its like they skip a few frames of the animation and it looks clunky . Keyword "looks" clunky but it doesn't feel clunky, the control are very responsive, it just the animation is lazy as hell, they don't even have a walking animation, its just the same running animation but in slow motion. Its not very noticeable in combat but when you're in the lobby, it shows.

Secondly and this is very important, THE LOCK-ON DOESN'T FUCKING WORK maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but seriously, it doesn't work properly. You would expect when you lock on to something, it locked the camera to it but that is not the case in GE2, it takes a while before the camera move to the enemy. This makes combat really infuriating because some combo attack have dash/ forward thrust and you found yourself no longer facing the aragami. Not only it doesn't lock the camera, its doesn't lock where your character is facing so whenever you change direction to flank or dodge, your next attack will be in that direction instead of the enemy you locked on to. Stamina bar is pointless because it doesn't consume stamina to attack or blocking, only when you running. Other than that, its really solid but because the combat it really bad and makes you wanna smash your controller, I have to give this 5/10.

Even if it was great game, no fucking way I'd buy that. But as per denuvo rule, it's a shit game in itself.

He's right though. I'm sick and tired of monhun, I want something different within the genre, but nothing can stand up to established standards.

people keep saying this but there isn't any proof to back it up.

They reduced blood and there are proves of that.
Go away, shill.

I might have actually bought this when it went on sale if it didn't use denuvo. That shit alone is a deal breaker. I'll probably end up pirating it when it gets cracked in 6 months.


I don't know, I never had any problem with toukiden myself, running an AMD rig.

Still waiting on the translation patch for PSP. 98% done or some shit.

How so?

It seems to be much, much less about established standards and more "MH was the first, so anything else is automatically worse." What one has to do with the other, I have no idea, especially since MH is worse in a lot of ways (camera, controls, drop rates, hit boxes, ect.) than its "shitty clones." I'll take the speed, precision, and streamlined approach to keeping players hunting of GE over MH's clunkiness and obscene grind just to go on a single hunt any day of the week. Freedom Wars and Toukiden are the only ones that really live up to the name shitty clone.

Are you fucking baiting? Or you're referring to PS2 era of monhuns?

Oh yeah, I bet you would.

Yeah. It's just a thing I have where if I'm playing a hunting game, I like to be hunting, not fishing, farming, mining, or being stung by bees.

But GE2 is worst than Freedom wars in term of combat.

Woah here she comes

Watch out for her, she'll chew you up

Woah here she comes