When real life emulates video game conspiracies

Where were you when real life emulated Deus Ex? Be warned lads, we may see a "terror attack" on something big to justify this encroaching marxist superstate


I really don't like this ICANN being allowed to do what it wishes business. Smells like one of those many "organizations" that turned rogue and ended up destroying the US from the inside. Not to mention it looks alot like the idea of "creating context" that Kojimbles warned us all about.

Also requesting best mod for DX1 and IW, the new Deus ex is trash and inspired me to try the first

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Can someone explain to me why I should give a shit about ICANN or why the UN is worse than the US for governing the Internet or whatever the fuck?

There was already a thread on this, although it might've got deleted/ fell off the board.

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and yeah sorry for the non-sage, here's a real one

The UN is simply a facade, it is to make people think it is the entire world saying that it is the right thing to do, so in other words simply perceived peer pressure. The real control hides behind those that control the US and considering the way things are going, the US might not no longer be top dog anymore. That is why Rothschild is actually selling all his US currency, the elite are expecting something huge to happen, you can even see this in the fact that many wealthy investors are actually putting money into agricultural land even though that is not exactly the most liquid asset.

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Why is always the US and Israel that vote no to everything?


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What do you mean by this? Are you saying the parenthesis are the reddit meme, or are you saying that naming the juden, which is what the parenthesis represent, is somehow a reddit meme?

The US is the one that has control over ICANN right now, which would allow them to pressure them to do what they want. There have been attempts to do that by shilling legislation like the TPP but so far there haven't been that heavy laws on ICANN, at least not to the point of total control. If the US hands it over to the UN then it will end up being the UN that has authority over ICANN, which might not be that great considering the fact that the recent Soros leaks revealed that a lot of officials in institutions like the EU are either under the control of Soros or supportive of his proposals.

Well, as far as you suck obama's cock and see nothing dangerous in him providing control over the internet to internationalists, you are alright! Please continue to endorse his actions and don't forget to take your blue pills.

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Also an important thing to note is that it is highly likely the UN is simply used as a method of getting around Congress by handing over the rights to an organisation not under US jurisdiction.

The UN will allow the way legal things work for hosts to change where they can't freely choose which laws they must follow because now other countries can actually influence the way ICANN regulates domain names.

those where never conspiracies, those where things just waiting to get down the pipeline and some people just managed to figure them out before you did

Anyways, still a game everyone should play. Back then some of the shit was so out of this world that I could chuckle about it. Now however they are sadly a reality.

OP for the last fucking time, you're wrong, everything you keep posting is wrong and that article is clickbait garbage

Well I was also still a child when that game came out so you can't blame me for not figuring out the world isn't candy and unicorns

Deus Ex was based on real life conspiracy theories at the time you stupid memefag.

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I wasn't a child back then though. It is just weird thinking back and seeing it as some fancy ass science fiction game and now replaying it and noticing it's all a reality. Quite a ride and probably one of the reason that Deus Ex never gets old.

Also check out this mod, it's pretty good:

Tell me what's really bothering you user.

Wiew, looks rad. I love these overhauls. I can never get any real good list of them, though. Like, I'd love to know if there's some survival-RPG conversions out there just to see how it'd fare.

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Okay: For starters ICANN isn't a government organization and it doesn't "control the Internet" or what goes on it. It's the organization that regulates the domain name system and the protocols surrounding it. So it isn't an organization that can "turn rouge" and "destroy the US from the inside" and "create context". So OP is a retarded faggot there. Secondly, the UN can't control the Internet even if ICANN was placed under their watch. All they'd control is how domain names work and the introduction of new domain names if that happens. Nothing would happen directly to websites or content that is hosted on the Internet, and nothing is stopping you from directly connecting to a website using an IP address.

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What Does ICANN Do?

To reach another person on the Internet you have to type an address into your computer – a name or a number. That address must be unique so computers know where to find each other. ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the world. Without that coordination, we wouldn't have one global Internet.

Besides providing technical operations of vital DNS resources, ICANN also defines policies for how the "names and numbers" of the Internet should run.

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For people wondering why all of this shit falling into U.N. control rather than remaining U.S.-controlled is bad:

It's essentially handing control over an important institution from an incompetent, bumbling fool of a director, who's still managed to keep it working as-is by not fucking with it much and leaving it alone mostly, to another person. The new person is similarly-innocuous looking, but is actually being paid-for and told exactly what to do by the real-life lovechild of a Bond villain and Snidely Whiplash.

Obviously, letting the dumb and incompetent current director keep control of this institution has its risks and downsides, but giving it to the smiling stooge of an obviously-evil bastard has much more potential for horrible things to happen to it. It's a gamble between "not great, but could be worse" and "oh fuck, we're definitely boned", and it should be pretty clear which is a better option.

If you let the current idiot keep control, it'll probably be okay and survive his stupid antics fine, even if there's the occasional scare when he goes off the rails for a minute. If you give it to the cheery little minion just waiting to receive orders from his incredibly-malicious boss, however, shit's almost-definitely fucked because said boss is just itching to get his hands on it.

The metaphor's not perfect, but I think it's clear what I mean: The U.S. is far from the ideal controller of the protocols regarding the internet, but handing them to the paid-for facade of global consensus that is the U.N. is just begging for guaranteed trouble.

I was too late

It also another step in the direction of a kosher internet, these things always happen in steps so people will go "uuh it's just X, whatever" and it works everytime.




This is exactly it. It is actually a treasonous act, because they are conspiring to circumvent the US constitution in this manner.


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It was called nine-eleven.
It already happened.
It's continuing to happen.

Fugg. What shadowy organizations were formed in the aftermath of 9/11?

So is this a "where were you on 9/11" thread or is op just retarded.

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I don't know
maybe they've always existed.
Majestic 12 existed after roswell.
The free masons existed since the building of the Temple of David.
The Illuminati have existed since the disbanding of the knights templar.
The knights templar existed after the building of the Temple of Solomon.
The cult of Mithras existed even before the building of the Temple of Solomon.
The polythiestic god Mitra was worshiped long before the cult of Mithras was established in Rome.
Mitra was born of stone.
Adam was molded from earth.

The Patriot Act

Thank you for reminding me.

I was watching that one sitcom about an office with michael j fox

Do you mean News Radio with Not-Michael J Fox?

None really, they were simply given power to work on a massive scale and in the open through the panic and confusion that was by the fags that caused it.

Where are the augs? The nanotech? The AIs?!

Locked up in black projects for the time being.

Jade Helm 15 was the US government testing an improved version of the Jade AI called Jade II. While the original was focused on predicting insurgency scenarios and providing assessments based on data collected by the NSA, Jade II is more focused on internal insurgency scenarios (ie. civil war). Jade II, due to operating in a first world country, will use more NSA data than the previous one to the point where they speculate they could predict dissent within their own ranks before their own forces even themselves realise they want to oppose their own government and to the point where they think they could pre-emptively predict economic downturn in an area based on the spending habits of people living there.

Even Britbongs living in Asia and making easy money out of the stock markets have been saying something similar since at least 2 years ago, so what you say is most likely true.

Anecdotal evidence: I talked with one of them who said that in the last 3-5 years Eurokikes have started switching their investments into land, water, electricity etc aka the not exactly high return portfolios but essential ones. He said that they got so conservative en masse all of a sudden, IIRC it was right before the rapefugee situation got mainstream attention.

but this shit is really happening, it's not reddipol "muh jews muh liberals" kvetching.




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Also the UN isn't acting alone in a lot of this shit, there are other organisations like the EU trying to accomplish the same goals

Know what worries me even more? Nobody seems to care.News board? Nothing. Tech boards? Nothing. Politics board? Only here on 8ch was there a thread. No lainchan thread. No librechan thread actual pedophiles you'd think would be worried about this. Nothing. It's like it won't happen and that it wasn't just announced.

Seems like muh epic imageboard oldfags from everywhere are either blind or complacent.

Drastically lowered tax across all tax brackets (assuming you unironically want to keep progressive tax), propaganda campaign to motivate people to have more children and more money from the government for having children. Russia managed to fix their own birth rates after they had sunken to EU levels so it wouldn't be too difficult to get Europe to follow suit.

This is the second thread I've seen on this topic in three days. I didn't know Holla Forums was such a big fan of Ross.


You certainly have been unattentive, user.