The Octopus

Hello, Holla Forums. A few comrades on the board and I have created a multi-faceted communication network that reaches its tentacles into every corner of the internet, tenderly known as "The Octopus". The goal is to create a single chatroom for leftist discussion that unifies many disparate communities. No matter which tentacle you join, you can see everything from every other tentacle. All messages are synchronised. It's one community over many different services. We have two main goals:






Work in Progress:

Come chat with us!

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so message show up on platforms?

Yes. It doesn't matter which one of these rooms you join. They are all synchronised. It's just a choice of which you like best.

the octopus and tentacles sound like something a supervillain will use

nice, thanks for doing this

No problem.

Interesting. The conversation can't be killed until every tentacle has been severed, giving it good durability, plus it makes it available on a variety of platforms. Nice work.

how do we promote this outside of the chans?

The plan is to promote it in select communities that aren't too idpol-y.

but I only see 12 fingers

We need to discc wich ones and how

We're going that right now.

I mean doing.

so where and how do we spread the channel

So far we've reached out to certain anarchist communities. We're looking for a way to target socialist Redditors who are fed up with the idpol in their communities.

The power of decentralisation

Slack, the closed-source “We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” app

You're going to get spied on, yeah. It's a pubic channel, though, so anyone could join and spy on you anyway.

prz join


The octopus is now the unofficial /lefdybol/ chat for users

#leftypol on rizon is a graveyard, join the octopus

butthurt bump

lonley bump

I don't understand

IRC, Tox, Jabber, or die. No closed source shit, thanks.

There is an irc tentacle

Awesome! Now we just need to sieze the means of transmission and we can have a free (in both senses of the word) internet.


This is great, especially for if we ever become the Red Scare again.

On the riot room, they're talking about Radio Internet and a P2P networking protocol called Hyperboria that don't need no ISPs to work

I will eventually but I want to let it ring a few times. If I pick up immediately then revolution will think I don't have a busy life because I can answer the phone so quickly and probably think I'm a looser nerd with no friends.

growing and getting stronger
Soon we'll be larger than S.P.E.C.T.R.E.



Get gulaged.




Can the dubtrack be added?

Holla Forums Discord server host here, add us to the network if you can:

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I look forward to posting exclusively from minecraft chat.

Glad we're all on the same meme train.

You had one job Holla Forums.