So, this happened!

Where is the Gaming Industry Salt?

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This is almost as bad as Holla Forums's degenerate tastes.

someone told me she is even into gangbang? Is it true?

Some men are very desperate. Just look at our local population of trap lovers.

spoiler that shit

Isn't there a general for goobergabers?

She's a borderline manipulative mess, would it be that surprising?

Please tell me that's a shop, I kind of like Jontron and that other guy.

isn't this from that game jam that went to shit just before gamergate happened? A number of youtubers were a part of that failed mess. It was hosted by Polaris as well.

If I recall, they didn't get to pick teams for the game jam. It was just random.

It's funny because it's true. And we all know who to blame for allowing this shit.

go away c4e476

Nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing. Nothing happened. I'm not even talking about anything. Just babbling over nothing, hehe, silly me.

go here >>>/ggrevolt/

you didn't know polaris were planning a game jam until zoe fucked it up so she could create her own jam?

yeah, that's apparently how it went down. Plus Jon has shown to have half a brain and not buy into the socjus bullshittery anyway

I don't know anything, this board is 2fast4me

Ruh-roh Raggy!

It's going to be pushed under the rug as another attempt to get wimmins out of the gaming industry.

It's old news dude, pre-gamergate shit.

not if you've ever seen his twitter. he's a bernout and a sellout

Sadly, nothing will come of this. Shes on the "right side of history" and is supported by the elite.

back that up for me then? I mean his political candidate of choice doesn't surprise me, but he got dogpiled by SJWs in the past by making some sort of statement that pissed them all off. he really is a sellout though. His videos don't have the same magic the older ones did since he started all that sponsored shit


aren't you supposed to be in school now?

Be the change you want to see

If you had said this around 2014 you literally would have been b&

Yeah for now.

History is always slanted one way or the other for the short term.
When emotions fade and people lose investment the truth will emerge.

Shit a lot of history podcasts I've been listening to lately have been saying

Aw how sad for you, because it isn't 2014, it's the current year 1+.

Hi zoe.


Well, dont take me too seriously because I know absolutely nothing about e celebs or whatever they do between themselves
But, a bunch of them sabotaging a show like that (being forced to fingerpaint) isnt bad? I dont know, I dont get it



Is that zoe quinn?

Reminder that "Zoe Quinn" isn't her name. Its ((Chelsea van Valkenburg)).

is polaris or disney sue them now?

Oh baby.

Wasn't carjack malone the tranny from escape from LA?

Polaris is owned by Disney and its doubtful anything will happen, Disney is infested with SJWs as well.

>linking to reddit AT ALL
This is why we now have an Overwatch general, hell I bet you crosspost and play Redditwatch too, faggot.

user catches on quickly, doesn't he ?


yes it's an old pic though, she slimmed down a bit (will quickly regain weight now that her book and movie deal went to shit)

it's obviously is, don't be fooled by the same dismissive faggots that yelled "don't give them attention" for years on cuckchan (which led to the state of gaming we currently are) that come here to concern troll

kill yourself revoltard

what, you don't jerk it to a milf futa pounding a crossdressing shota with her fat cock? you some sorta faggot or something?

Does this mean Crash Override will continue to threaten people on the internet?

There is but Mark and his volunteers ignore GG spilling all over Holla Forums because it's okay when it's a topic they like and Mark, the faggot kike, is known to participate in the perpetual GG circlejerk.

Fuck off back to your subreddit.

How about you kill yourself, libshit.

I hope you're being ironic.

Probably not, since either they support what shes trying to push, or they simply don't want to worry about being called misogynists.

go back to endrevolt to get datamined

Was that the same actress who played carjack? Bretty good tbh I can see the alure of jungle fever

Holla Forums happened because of GG, so you either like it or gtfo

Go make some more chatlogs for us to read, fuck off.

Jesus fuck, how does she keep ballooning in weight all the time? First shes thin, then shes fat, then shes thin at the UN, then shes fat again. You'd think she'd make up her mind already.

This is why I love gamergate

It doesn't need to do anything, the mere mention of it triggers people and the goons, revolt tards and god knows who else swarm like crazy with the same tired of arguments.

Leave faggot

Seriously, mentioning it in cuckchan immediately gets someone to gasp in shock at its mention, as if saying the word would summon us like a demon.

Not really anything too dramatic since Disney cant sue her for being deliberately awful. Just goes to show everyone that you should never hire Zoe Quinn in any circumstances.

Literally who?

I bet you believe that "radical muslims aren't real muslims" lie that the media spews out.

Upboated, my fellow redditor! I hope you get lots of karma! :)

I never knew who all these evelebs wete until I browsed Holla Forums.
Thanks for being such a great platform to shill on.

these people are evil.

i guess twitter front is dead at this point?

Hey, this isn't so bad compared to that fat jewess.

people pay 10 dollars to get triggered
revoltards will never get value out of their snowball microphones and youtube careers

nope, i also like piss enemas and horse puss

Get back to work on Fez 2, faggot.

Well what dew you know, she does have a sense of humor.

I now want to kill myself

How does that make any sense? I hate liberals and I hate reddit, how does that make me a nu-male?

What? Did I miss something?

Go find the biggest oven you can find, turn it on and put yourself in it for a good 90mins.

i don't think so, reading the log right now and it seems more likely she has some sexual and psychical problems.

oh'fuck, these people run the twitter saftey council, right?

Twitter nerfed most gg stuff but people are still fighting. We are trying to build some pressure about the CON leaks since they are one of Twitter's Trusted Partners. They even talk about ending internet anonimity in those leaks so people are sending these to infosec folks to raise the fire

Last I heard of that retard, she was using her patreon tugboat for a shitload of plastic surgery like liposuction, breast and thigh implants, and some other shit.
Too bad for her surgery can't remove those really wide shoulders or do much for big meaty claws she calls fingers.

Man drop on him a couple of facts on actual socialism and that guy is ready to be one of us.

she's got the body type of a one liter bottle of mountain dew.

Reminder Kotamu reported on this, in Zoe's favor, just a day before the article author Nathan Grayson gave 800 dollary doos to her

Polygon reported on it and used her as one of their sources

They literally took the word of a saboteur and ran with it


The most concerning thing in those chat logs is that they've revealed confirmed themselves to having commit crimes of the pedophilic nature. Have the feds bust them.

Mark, ban this kid please. Don't forget why we all went to full Holla Forums to begin with.

I don't think it was to censor other people

JonTron and that marshmallowy cave troll hate each other and the teams were randomly assigned.

Quinn still bitches about how JonTron acted towards her during this because he wasn't willing to deal with her shit.

you know, with the sick stuf in the log's, ubisoft emplyoee's doxing random people and all these evil wrong doings in the gaming industry, well, i rly wonder how much have to happened until this industry get shut down?

I love that quote:
“The most humiliating moment in that game jam reality show we walked out on was that the guy who made nidhogg was one of the judges for the embarassing challenges they made us do […] so i got to meet one of my heros while being forced to fingerpaint with jon tron’s idiot ass in the background asking the british member of my team to say words that sounded funny with his accent”

Love is in the air.

That couldn't have happened didn't anyone read the Kotamu article? This game jam was evil and abusing innocent game devs. Zoe Quinn was a hero who stopped the event and saved everyone's lives. Nathan Grayson wouldn't lie he is fair and has no biases.


That faggot tried so hard to fit in here that he wrapped back around to being a retard.

Pretty funny stuff.

you sound like you don't belong here.

Anons seem to forget nowadays and just make a ban request of every post they don't like. It's sad, really.


it's not that they forget, it's that these are new people who don't know about the exodus.
remember that we lost almost half our users when Josh fucked evreything up and tried forcing us to use infinity.

Unfortunately all the research points to her being a genetic female.

And pic related is what I mean with big meaty claws, its like half of total bodyfat is in her fucking arms and hands.

Her fingers are edited there right I mean it looks like she is wearing monster costume gloves.

I could swear I was browsing the h8 machine and not the cuckold forum

Have you never seen how weird looking fingers get on fatties?

Dan 'hold her tighter she's a fighter' Shnieder

She legally changed her name to Zoe Quinn after gamergate.

Zoe Qüin mind you

the only thing that's edited there is the award itself

>when you read the logs and they were intentionally trying to get jontron out, the man who did nothing wrong other than shilling

The sad thing is that he's probably a cool guy to hang out with. Every time he doesn't have a script and he's just being himself he's usually at his most entertaining. Last time I heard him he was in one of Phsycicpebbles's streams and he was pretty funny. His actual content is just depressing and sad though. The only thing I hate more than him selling out his how fucking hard his fans defended him not selling out. SleepyCabins description of what selling out is "Doing something you wouldn't like to do for money" which is relevant because Phsycicpebbles does a lot of shit with him. and I sincerely doubt he wanted to do a fucking video on Far Cry or Star Wars Battlefront. 2 of the most notorious examples of games with scummy practices to be released recently.

Probably not since the leak wasn't gained as legitimate evidence, I doubt any court would recognize it unless someone involved with the whole thing and they leaked it. It's like breaking into a house and grabbing the murder weapon and bringing it to court, wasn't gained through the legitimate channels so the jury would be told to treat it as if it nwver existed.

But there is one rule. One thing that made powerful men dissappear and become forgotten: You don't mess with the House of Mouse.

Why? Is this some experiment you're doing or something?

I'm a moderate liberal, what's so bad about it? Unless this is what happens to those brainwashed by Holla Forums.

In the mind of any political extremists, "moderate" and "neutral" do not exist - you're either with them or against them. Who does this sound like: neo/pol/ or SJWs?

could they force them to reveal the whole log's since the day they colude all together? I mean, its now a solid assumption so there could be more!?

Before I read this thread, how much baseless shitflinging is there?

The article is on point. The comments are full on retard.

revoltpockets were quick to derail but I think they went back to Holla Forums or endchan 16chan librechan

Thanks, user. You're a credit to your race.

Neutrals are fucking queermo that have no ideology of their own and just take the path of least resistance.

I agree with liberals when I agree with them and conservatives when I agree with them.
Those who stand in the middle of the road are most likely to be hit, for example, you.

Holla Forums has been completely subverted. I didn't want to believe it, but holy shit

Thank 2nd exodus for that.
The retards who came later shit on GG because they don't want to admit they were wrong.

We have shills since day one. If you compare we are actually way better than before, we just have a few resident goons still. On the CON leaks you can see they also monitored Holla Forums threads

I'm a shill. What do you want to know.

If you mean with Sony and the bigger industries? She's on a shitlist most likely, and any of 'their' dev teams are never going to hire her.

nothing about your post made sense

The original meme was "Two Greyhound buses". Her real notch count is probably in the hundreds.

You're the reason why US doesn't deserve the power it has.

I wish you kept all this crap exclusively to yourself if you refuse to fix your country. Seriously, I never thought that I would hate America as much as I do now. Guess I should be grateful that Sweden doesn't has such influence. The entire world would be probably dead by now.

This is not even about different views, they're legit mentally challenged people who control the entire American media, education and have a lot of positions in entertainment industry, they're legit parasites who keep destroying western civilization and are coming for Asia. When TPP happen, you going to suffer to death and probably by then you'll finally understand that "different views" is nothing but bullshit and it will be too late to fight.

I love how Quiwmyn's depiction of hard work and emotionally challenging behaviour is holding a fucking drinks can to the camera and saying that it's good, whilst simulataneously being paid thousands of shekels for it whilst also burning bridges for your sponsor so that they will never sponsor your retarded, entitled ass again.

I'm willing to wager this chick has never had to work hard for anything in her life. It really shows.

The mods need to get rid of them. There's no point otherwise but it's strange that Mark still refuses to sticky the leaks when even Holla Forums did.

I don't really pay attention to e celeb bullshit but man if that doesn't sound like a cool guy I don't know what does.

No fucking shit? Like every damn notable SJW she's privileged as fuck and only gets by due to nepotism and being a bourgeois babby.

No disney is infected with the core root of SJWs, which is Jews.

The chance of them suing is still high.

She's a narcissist and borderline. Everything is hard and everything is about her. Always. All the time.

This is what I despise.. I guarantee, you take away these people's freedoms and all human contact for at least 6 months, and if they aren't dramatically changed or far more appreciative of their station, they will be fundamentally/psychologically destroyed.

Either way, win, win as far as I'm concerned.

She's not borderline anything.. It's all 100% fucked from this bitch

How is it that the people that most easily embrace communism and go with the communist agendas are also the people in the classes that the communist agendas (should) hate the most?

>If you confine someone to a cell for 6 months SJW or not, if they don't change they will be fundamentally/psychologically destroyed.
No shit.

Hey Faggot, get out of here you obnoxious nigger.

Wew lad, sorry that I forgot I wasn't the only one to have ever thought this..

Borderline is the type of disorder, not the severity of the disorder you tinselbrained faggot.

Borderline your face to my ass

that's a fucking food processor you stupid spider

Personally I'd be surprised if popular shitbags like her and others Shillary got in all the legal trouble they deserve. It's not surprising to me at all that her and people like her are criminals all the way down to actually basically committing crimes.

IIRC, one of the reasons they didn't get along was because one of Quinn's brilliant game ideas was a staring contest which involved players staring at a picture of Jeff Goldblum and clicking a button every time they blink

It's not just a game idea, that's actually one of her "games". No, seriously.

This is the kind of person journos pick as queen of indie gaming.

Reminder that the Grant Kirkhope episode of Game Grumps was the best thing ever.

You know it's funny.

Normally game developers get into a shit ton of trouble for shooting TOO FAR with their game concept, not this fucking low.

Checks out.

Considering how complete shit the indie gaming community is at least in the west she's the perfect queen to rule over the precession of the damned.

fap addicting is worse than crack m8, once you become self aware its YEARS to stop


Plenty of people didn't really gave a crap when GG started, then we had troves of trolls and goons stirring up drama to a point some people started to hate GG. Others joined them organically out of group thinking (like cuckchan's Holla Forums). Can't expect everyone to know all the facets of this shit show.


where do you think you are, faggot?

Unfortunately some people ARE like that. They get to homes from their work/school/whatever, get on their computers and numb their minds with vidya. All the drama and the misleading shitposting made some think GG was about some dumb slut and half dozen nobody-indies so they just thought the best thing to do was to look to the other way. Also for years people said to "ignore X; don't give attention to Y; it will go away soon" which contributed immensely to this shit game industry we currently have

Yeah. Like a fucking tumor.

Where did that shit meme even come from?




Holy shit it oozes with bitterness.

wow this 12 year old boy is really angry for some reason

Is this like a dude or a chick?





It's funny because while that thing preaches about how feminism isn't the cause of shitty "games" with barebones gameplay being developed to appeal to women, it's doing that exact same thing to comedy. It's pushing it's shitty agenda while trying to disguise it as comedy with funny gestures and tone.



I don't know

Watching this gave me AIDS.



wow way to reinforce the binary you shitlord

I never cared much about GG since I never took the gaming media seriously anyway. They've always been shit.

Unless /monster/ and elves triggers you, maybe, not counting the usual furfag/beastlover that pops up from /kemono/ or /furry/.


No, just Holla Forumstards butthurt they weren't able to subvert GG into neo-Nazi alt-right bullshit.



since when did GG rely on others' approval and good boy points?
what the fuck happened
it's like a child showing off something, running around demanding it be praised simply for existing


Ya'know, when hitler said things like "A lie told often enough becomes truth" or "Truth does not matter, only victory"

He didn't mean that he would lie to his people, or be dishonest about his cause, it simply meant that talking about what is "true" means nothing if you lose, you can have a righteous cause, but it doesn't matter if you lose, the truth doesn't make you right, sheer will and power does.

if you lose, the truth that you hold onto, the facts that you know are absolute will be twisted into something terrible by the victor.

We won't be "right" until we win.

I had a dream once where Hitler taught me the ins and outs of effective and safe gas chamber operation and then gave me a gold star for completing the course.

there's a reason the winner writes the books

Really this shit belongs in the GG general. I've noticed that more GG-related threads are spilling out onto the board lately.

I'm not against GG threads (neither should anyone else that posts here given our history) but at the same time it's just tiring seeing people jerk off over the Literally Whos when that was really such a small part of GamerGate in the scheme of things.

But I suppose if volunteers aren't putting their foot down anymore over these threads then so be it, just make sure to actually update the rules to state as such.

That phrase is literally the only reason I was able to get redpilled, wew

See that's where people get GG wrong. Although some people actually want these journos to adhere to some ethical policy we are actually trying to destroy their cartel and their gatekeeper positions. These publications have enough power to influence game companies and have countless times tried to bully devs into dancing to their song. We want devs to be free to do whatever their want and we want the corrupt journos clique to not be able to prep up their indie friends' non-games (and their rigged contests) and remove their ability to say what games can be made or brought to the west

wow I can see 2 whole gg threads in the catalog. I too hate these people that are trying to unfuck a hobby I enjoy

what's it like being retarded?

Well I did get redpilled at the tender age of 7 you arrogant faggot.

confirmed for underage

no he's right

Holla Forums exists because kikewheels went trippin

Fuck off retard.


digitama 1 or 2

What's the matter? ran out of material?

I'm just saying, if volunteers are happy with having GG outside of the GG general then update the rules. As of right now the rules are that only one GG thread is allowed at a time, but lately there's been a marked increase in the number of GG threads.

It's a "dev." I know, I know. However, the industry sees a dev, so a "dev" it is.

Literally who and literally what? Who the fuck watches "game jams" or "polaris"?

Can you repeat the question?

Didn't she could've went to university for free just by having that last name?

The Chosen One is always the privileged one while blaming everyone else for their imaginary oppression.

she was going to be a camwhore if it wasn't Ben Kuckchera and the clique (mostly Maya Kramer) making her their new indie darling

Let me guess, you're one of those newfags who just saw Jim's new video that made of faggots we've been ridiculing for over a decade?




Literally untrue. Cars AVOID the middle of the road in order to avoid collision with cars going in the opposite direction.

Dan "kuk the cuck" schneider


I'd argue she is a full on sociopath and not a borderline case, but does it even fucking matter at this point?

That wasn't the original meme. That was what The Camera Lady dug up after the five guys were known.

better version i made long ago


When I posted in a battlestation thread I found out appearantly a Blue Snowball microphone is the sign of a shitty youtuber. I never knew honestly. it was just simply cheaper than 9/10 headphone/mic combos.

I can't even get Mark to put the fucking admin email on the front page without a lot of dancing around and ignoring emails for days at a time, you think he's gonna ban anybody that isn't just a 4AM shitposter that annoys him?


Beta nu males are DESPERATE for whatever pussy they can get as they know that a real woman, even a 5/10, wouldn't give them the time of the day.
They have no respect and they honestly believe that if they defend womyn on the internet from goobergators, her pussy will magically come out of his screen for him to fuck it.

Look at this absolutely buttblasted goon piece of shit that can't control himself anymore and has dropped any attempt at even blending in, look at him and laugh.

Holla Forums didn't happen BECAUSE of GG. Holla Forums already existed. It got a userbase which made it relevant due to the clamp down on GG and faggot moot trying to gentrify the site so he could sell it.

The issue isn't that she is a disgusting, amoral subhuman that is so ugly I seriously have to wonder just how desperate for vagina those 5+ betacucks were, the issue is that we live in a time where such creatures have enough pull to enter the world stage and present their rambling bullshit in front of the UN, and the whole world.

That should get you thinking. If only GG wasn't full of white knights and people had been allowed to keep reminding everyone she let the likes of Klepek put his tiny penis in her for coverage of her shit game, she would have had a much harder time getting taken seriously.

People have different standards of beauty. Some people just have a fucked view of the world.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists don't want you to see this image!

Click now to discover the TRUTH you AREN'T being told.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I don't understand. If they were already paying for the "privilege" why not just hire some high end escort?

Is this some kind of betacuck attempt to salvage their pride? Do they think that if no money was exchanged it actually counts as them "scoring"?

I'd say some people seem to lack any standards whatsoever.

fucking irish
should've kept them enslaved

You live in a country that is full of people who aren't retarded.

The first half or the second half?

I know what will be in my nightmare

Thank god I'm used to these faggots.

No need to get so offended fam.

Nice bait

Yes it is that bad.

Jesus, Zoe's put on a lot of weight the last couple of years. It's weird to think she used to be half as fat and do nude modeling.

She is so fucking hot. I want her dressed like this on her knees with her lips wrapped around my cock.

Chandler, stop posting. I'm assuming that's your real name, before "Chelsea".

Nice bait Izzy. She will never touch you though, you greasy self hating emasculated chode

She'll be looking at you from a different angle then, user.

user, sometimes some women aren't butchered men, they are just fucking ugly. She's probably disease ridden, drugged up and being the daughter of a couple of crack head means there's probably some congenital defects as well.

This is why the irish, to this day, are the least-trusted subspecies of white.

god-damnit, can the islefolk stop being retarded for one second?

Pro-Chelsea goons were tying to bury Jontron in the early days of GG. Be assured he doesn't like the cunt.

Sure thing, rabbi.

Zoe Quinn, who has attempted and failed at a career in porn, had the following to say about being paid to star in a TV show and make video games:

What a horrible experience. To sign a contract that exchanges good behavior for money and then be forced to actually uphold your end of the deal! I bet it was because shes a woman (almost). If it was a man then he couldv've ignored the contract and spent the rest of the show screaming "fuck off cunt" directly into camera over and over again. As we all know Disney is a company that is totally cool with its family friendly image being thrown under a bus so a special snowflake doesn't have to be triggered by the expactations of decent manners and reasonable behaviour.

Seriously though: is there any way left for Zoe to sell out? She sold out her body and morality when she let a stranger take a picture of her cunt for money, she sold out creatively when signing a contract with disney. I fully expect the next news article I read about her to be a detailed account of her selling her own dismembered limbs for pocket change.

JonTron did a vid on the movie based on tha ChixTract of D&D. With elfstar and suicide and shit.
It's pretty good.

as far as people can tell, she was also The Candyman giving out coke to people who were too nerdy to know where to score coke.
People will fuck just about anything if coke's involved.

Isn't the US literally the only country on the planet without gun control? Even Iraq requires a registration, although I'm sure ISIL doesn't care.

Anyway people don't know this but the Irish have been controlling American politics for centuries.

We have gun control, it's just not very strict. The ATF sets federal laws, and states set their own additional laws. Things like the bans on full-auto and suppressors are ATF, while things like the Cali ban on AR platforms are state-based. My state has constitutional carry (can carry concealed without permit), open carry, and no restrictions on what guns are legal and illegal.

who cares about some dumb cunt lol go back to reddit

Everything in the logs that I've seen has been shit we already know. Just confirmation from the horses mouth.
also the bro streams are fucking hilarious

Like poetry. Also, ded link.

Go away, Anita.

hi Holla Forums

I don't know what they're problem was. Everybody loves Mountain Dew!

Is this stale leftycuck meme still potent?

her whole life is summed up in this gif

JonTron is funny but Ethan is a rat faced Zionist kike who makes videos about how horrible muh holohoax is

Who the fuck wears cartoon t-shirts past age 10?

I don't get what's confusing about this.

She's borderline.

They often make themselves out to be your dream mate in order to get you interested in them and it's only after they've gotten to you that the mood swings seem to show up and they start make your life a living hell.

Every new partner ends up going through some weird experience wondering why the woman's ex was so awful before they find out that it was her all along. But by that point the woman has made the guy so emotionally invested in them that it can be hard to tear themselves away. Just consider the times Chelsea has threatened to harm herself in order to get someone to stay with her.

And with Chelsea, she for some reason had been popular with the 'Indie' game scene so people would try to avoid getting on her bad side in case she blew up at them or got others to side against them. So fewer people would be aware of how fucked up a history she has. Likely part of why she was so against anyone so much as looking at the arguments against her.

There is literally nothing wrong with ara ara.

people STILL give a shit?

anyways go to your containment board

There are lotsa wrong with this "ara". Stick to 2D.

None of the above.