PC gaming over the last decade

Thinking of upgrading my ancient PC. I have basically not played any PC exclusive game from 2005 onwards, but routinely enjoy stuff like Thief, Deus Ex, System shock 2, quake, broodwar etc etc.

Are there any PC exclusives from the last decade that are worth a damn? If so, which ones and why?

Pic related. Me (back when I had hair, lol) and my PC.

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The only exclusive games PC has are MOBAs and they're all shit.

Basically there's a bunch of badly ported console ports and usually you end up playing them 50 years after everyone already played them to death.
Stick to your old games, if you really feel the urge to use your PC for anything else you can just shitpost here on Holla Forums.

Don't make the same mistake mustards on Holla Forums do, they upgrade their PC and then spend all their free time shitposting on here anyway.

There must be some stuff surely?

Modern games are shit.

there is some niche stuff, sure but these days almost everything gets ported to consoles as well.

if you dont like rts or milsims there is no reason to spend much money on it.

considering that the 750ti and R7 250 are still recommended for barebones gaming, very little has changed


pc gaming has been very lackluster for the past 10 years. Really you won't find anything quite as good or anything like the games you say you enjoyed from 90s pc gaming. The most noteworthy exclusives are stalker, half-finished games like mount & blade and its upcoming patch-installment, and a fucking ton of free to play games.

The best thing about PC has been the japanese indie scene which routinely releases interesting new games every year during summer and winter.

Upgrade your PC for more utility and performance, but gaming? PC gaming has been a joke. Consoles and handhelds have had a lot more going on.

There are games but Holla Forums only playes the casual mainstream shit(because they are secretely the biggest casuals) then claims there isnt anything good.

Dont take these faggots word for anything.

league of legends and dota 2 aren't secret hipster games you faggot hipster

If you don't like milsims, rts, grand strategy, space sims (rouge system), simulator games, or 4x you probably either don't like video games or have a sub-100 IQ

Thank you. Webm related is all but ignored.

Upgrade your PC OP, and learn to actually find good games.

The fact that you think that was a snide response or that it is in any way accurate shows you don't play video games.

Are you talking about Doujin games? Can you give some examples of ones worth playing?

Looking at your tastes you'd probably like STALKER. Start with SoC.

It depends what you consider to be worthwhile playing. For my money gaming as a whole has been pretty shitty for the last decade outside of niche stuff. I struggle to name a game on any platform up to the quality of classics like Thief 1 and 2, SS2 etc. That said if you've been enjoying console exclusives during the last 10 years you're probably less of a grumpy fuck than most.

Are you looking specifically for SP games and how autistic are your tastes?

There's Squad, Day of Infamy, Insurgency, Men of War Assault Squad, CoH2, BattleMage, Legend of Grimrock…c'mon user quit being a faggot

Note I said 'outside of niche stuff'. Most (if not all) of that list comes under the heading of niche user. And fuck CoH2's persistent unlock system. There's good things out there to be sure but I was under the impression OP was looking for AAA games up to the same quality as the biggest games of the 90s and that just isn't there anymore.

What about Squad, Insurgency, or Legend of Grimrock "niche"? If you can't play those games you're a fucking casual.


Niche does not mean hard rather it means of limited appeal to the wider market. Granted Insurgency toned down the mod's realism a bit to go for faster paced gameplay and slightly wider appeal but I don't think that makes it a AAA hit.

none of the games you listed are remotely niche, they're all steam baby shit. if you're going to be a pretentious hipster about your platform at least list something remotely niche. you've probably never even heard of sakuna.

It hurts user.

And I bet you've never heard of

sakuna is weebshit trash. You may as well go play KS

looks like shit mate, just trying to justify that waste $700 VR headset huh

You don't need a VR headset though, in fact the dev is a bro and made it so you can just use your mouse, keyboard, and flightstick so you don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for Oculus or TrackIR


and its amazing how it still looks like boring shit compared to almost any decent game that would ask you to use alternative peripherals like steel battalion

this is what you're getting into with pc gaming post 2010, don't waste your time.

There are lots of games worthwhile on PC. However, the only problem is that most are not PC exclusive.

I have the amazing list of PC games I could giver you, but when I ask myself how many are exclusive, that list severely shrinks

Killing Floor

Even my go to shooter Serious Sam was on the 360

At first I thought you said Steel Beasts. You're just a subhuman retard who wants simple games.

we all know you're a retarded steam cuck who had to look up sakuna and steel battalion, but please try to be a little intelligible in your posts you tasteless redditor. I know, you think using steam makes you some sort of high class person, maybe relative to your high school buddies who mostly play call of duty, battlefield, rocket league and fifa, but you're on the internet now. People know about things you don't, and it might serve you to listen instead of acting like some san fran child

I imagined you saying that in the most smug way possible. Make a vocaroo


Come on user, at least put some effort into it.

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Here's your reply.

I was kidding buddy, relax

Company of Heroes (2006)
Supreme Commander (2007)
Battlefield 2 (late 2005) and 2142 (late 2006)
Endless Legend (2014)
Door Kickers (2014)
Just Cause 2's multiplayer in 2013 was modded in and then officially supported on PC only, good for a chuckle if you like the genre and already owned the game.

DCS was in 2008.
iRacing in 2008.

Ten years is a long time user. Depending on your tastes there could be a lot of stuff that snuck under your radar. If you just want to give and receive fellatio on an image board about the good old days there are even remakes of classics, War for the Overworld is essentially Dungeon Keeper III from 2013 and it's not a bad try by any means.

Dont forget Men of War Assault Squad and X3

Is it really that good? I want to play some racing sims and I'm looking for physics accuracy and I also don't give a fuck about graphics.

Deus ex isn't a pc exclusive you newfag

Nice trips but bf2 had a console port

Assetto Corsa is better

witcher 1 isnt good though

the witcher series is shit.

Gameplay sucks shit yeah, but the story and porn trading cards make it worth it. Besides, get a 1 hit kill mod so you can just scram through the combat.

If you're playing on PC, most people are going to be in it for the gameplay, not the story

And most pc gameplay consists of point n click

It fits the audience quite nicely.

I've found most PC gamers want shit like lol, dota 2, and story heavy games like dragon age, mass effect and the witcher. game play focused games like umihara kawase and dragon's dogma seem to do a lot better on consoles.

I've played it. The crashing damages are pretty meh but I have to admit that the driving itself is pretty good.

My spectrum points me at things with turbines not piston engines. I hear from my other grognard friends that Assetto Corsa is the current top champion from an accuracy standpoint.


Modern Combat had absolutely nothing in common with Battlefield 2 other than the name. It was a generic PS2 era shooter. If you were suburban enough to own a network adapter it was still a pretty bland title with none of the chain of command mechanics from the PC version.

Escape Goat

Just get a cheap PC. Most good PC exclusives recently are indies and the good non-indies are somewhat old.

yeah nobody really makes major, dedicated PC games any more. its just 2d indie shit.

Some 2D indie games are good

But yeah, 99.9% of them are complete shit

japanese ones are

Honestly, PC isn't really all that great for exclusives outside Mmos and Rts for 2005 and onwards. Naturally fps plays better on PC and you get access to projectile based shooters, but those communities are tiny. Some ports were better off on PC just because the game has access to better hardware like Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma, action ports aren't frame capped and sometimes that's good but most of the time you'll just get mechanics tied to frames thus breaking the game for uncapping. Currently PC is just plagued with pre-alpha nonsense that isn't going anywhere or is just survival. You also get hentai with gameplay on PC.

If you're referring to DS2, I remember them fixing this.

Of the top of my head

Total War: Shogun 2
Shadowrun Return + Dragonfall
Bunch of Arpgs (Torchlight 2, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile)
Mount & Blade

Quadrilateral cowboy

What game is that?
Do you need a joystick to play it properly?
How about a controller?

I do like those kind of games games, but I play primarily HoMM3, Alpha Centauri, Master of orion 2, Freespace 2, Descent 1 / 2, Tie fighter, Broodwar, Warcraft 3, Homeworld, Age of mythology, total annihilation, that kind of thing. Has anything come out recently that tops these?

Why does he fly with a corn cob? Is this some kind of new meme?

Will make a note, thanks.

Preferably SP games. Mildly autistic.

Will make a note of these, thanks. Grimrock looks v interesting, love those old school dungeon crawlers.

Made a note of those two. Not sure why serious sam is on a console. I loved TFE and TSE, beat them on insane, but how one could do that without a M&KB is anyone's guess.

Nice trips. Will add these to the list. Supreme Commander looks like a TA sequel.

Deus ex on PS2 - completely trimmed down content, changes to level design (to the point where many stages are basically re-imaginings of the original), massive simplification of interface, auto aim, mid-level loading. This is Deus ex in the same way the Snes Doom is Doom. But I'll grant you that it's not a PC exclusive, you're right. Technically Quake and Starcraft aren't PC exclusive either.

Oddalus looks cool. I can probably run that without needing to upgrade…! Come to think of it, do a lot of 'indie' games have such simple graphics? If they're good games then I should aim to get them on my current machine.

Thanks, noted.

Fairly accurate, except I at least play some roguelike or other too. Multitasking keeps the demons at bay.

>Prison Simulator rimworld

>No Project Reality fuck you Squad is shit right now and doesnt count
Fucking faggots

Whats with all the consolefag idiots in this thread?

You got out at the right time fam

The main advantage of PC is you aren't limited to AAA and AA only like you are with consoles.
There are a shitload of great B and indie games, you just need to look for them and thousands of old games you never played that are worth a look

Seeing you haven't given a preferred genre I'll just list a couple I have been enjoying lately.
KSP (with RO and RP-0 mods)
Stardew Valley
Cities: Skylines
Big Pharma
Men of War: Assault Squad 2

PC is the only platform with moddable games. That is as exclusive as it can get.

Depends on your tastes. Space sim, 4X, grand strategy are nearly absent from consoles.

Reminder to report people trying to start console wars who am I kidding, the only person who will deal with them is Mark and he's not online right now.

There is a much better YIFFE game but it has some serious performance issues because >unity

Minarai Mahou Tsukai Fuwaru no Bouken
Fantasy Explorer Nitroid
Lethal Crisis + Proto Sphere
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
Asakura! P

Fortune Summoners
Touhou Soujinengi

Lethal Application
Alltynex 2nd
Diadra Empty

All of them potato friendly.

100+ replies

Where do you think we are?

Holla Forums is for shitting on everything, not fun.

I can't speak for N+/N++ but N is easily one of the absolute best platformers ever made.

Does stuff published by Playism count? If yes:
Ace of Seafood
The Healer only lives twice
Medieval Sucide Salaryman Life Goes On

Hey we're talking about video games either way.

Nah I get it, I'm glad at least I can use to build up my info db

This. I just finished a new build with top of the line parts a few months ago, and I'm using it to play the original Doom and Sins of a Solar Empire. Even if a mediocre game sparks my curiosity I end up passing on it because it has Denuvo or some other retarded shit. Just play that backlog, this entire generation of games across the board is nothing but blunders and disappointment.

I know that the quantity of shit has increased, but what the fuck, people?

I need to upgrade my pc so I can play 4x4 or + games. But I can't because I need to work and there is still one year till graduation.

OP here, just saw this:

please use archive.is/most-important-pc-games/

I guess there's a reason 1998 alone is given a single page and 2007 - today is given a single page.

Why do we hate PC Gamer?

All/most journo sites are filtered like that to discourage the place being viralled their clickbait articles.
Archiving takes 10 seconds so just fucking do it.