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Uh oh. We're all going to turned into soylent green and fed to the SJW landwhales. It was fun while it lasted lads.

ICANN actually applies to everyone.


Thank you for correcting the record.

US sites will get their name taken away at most. Every where else is up to the country itself so prepare for gulags EU.

Just another step closer to neutering the internet


He doesn't know what it's like to have freedoms threaten, he was born into being fucked by the government.


Thank you for correcting the record.


The US internet is fucked up
well done negro


This will fuck up the internet for fucking everyone.


this is problematic, no doubt about it

time 2 die

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Also for the fags that think that it's isolated to the USA, the United Nations will bitch it's members to do the same.

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America invented the internet. The Web was invented by a Britcuck working for an organization trying to open a gateway to hell. Get get raped by a muslim you swede.

The nigger will try to fuck your country up as much as he can before the election if there is chance of his party losing

Liberal left scum always does this everywhere

I'm pretty sure the ICANN doesn't work that way. In any case there's alternatives.

Tell me how ICANN works, kike.

Internet should be killed.

The internet was a mistake.


So how could imageboards survive in a deus-ex-esque world?

How does it feel to outcuck isistan ?

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All that debt is from defending you Europoors from Communism. Now you are a bunch of limp wristed homos taking up the butt from muhammad.

As most servers are hosted by and based in America, the fact that anonymity and free speech on the Internet has lasted as much as it has it due to American laws. Its completely down to individual hosts discretion whether to work with foreign nations in upholding things like hate speech laws. Even then its a fucking ball ache to bother with and so most dont bother.

As soon as it becomes all the easier for individual nations to get relevant information in order to indite individuals it becomes a problem for everyone. The Internet can be policed BY the UN who will de facto have jurisdiction in relevant countries – the judge and jury.

So from what I've read ICANN could possibly be adopted for the U.N.
Meaning the U.S could be censored by the U.N.

This is actually a pretty amazing fuck up.
This means the U.N will probably be taken to U.S court for suppression of the first amendment which it WILL lose.

U.S local law trump international law regarding U.S businesses and citizens.

You honestly believe a judge even a LIBERAL judge, would say

>The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation.


Well you CANN work.

+1 reddit gold, thank you for correcting this record.


I like you Holla Forums, but my hand ends up firmly on my forehead every time you guys try to discuss technology. Allow me to clear up some common misconceptions in this thread:

ICANN controls both the assignment of domain names and IP addresses. They could shut it down on both fronts by threatening to take IP address blocks away from RIRs that refused to cooperate with their censorship.

All anonymizing protocols use the same underlying Internet as everything else to route their traffic. Sure, ICANN wouldn't be able to censor individual sites on the darknet as easily as they could the regular Internet since they would have to use exploits to find their IP addresses (as darknet domains do not use the standard DNS system) to take away, but they also always have the option of simply trying to revoke the Internet access of anybody who uses anonymizing systems at all (at which point your countermeasures become steganography, traffic obfuscation in a networking context, which is unreliable at best).

Comparing I2P and Tor does not necessarily give an objective answer about which one is better (as it depends on context and your individual threat model), but I will go ahead and correct some misinformation from >>7302484

I2P can no more decentralize the physical infrastructure of the Internet than any other software can.

1. As stated by another user, garlic routing routes all of your connections through two different paths, one when it is sent out, and a different one when it returns to you. This is not strictly superior, but a tradeoff. It makes the most basic traffic correlation attacks based on matching traffic between compromised nodes more difficult (since they would have to compromise more nodes overall), but also makes it easier to observe your data in transit (since it is more likely for that to be at least one compromised node in your path). Of course the data is all encrypted so it can't be observed directly, but all low-latency mix networks are subject to timing-based attacks so metadata is important in this context. (Also the NSA is storing all encrypted traffic generated now to later decrypt in 10-30 years when present algorithms are broken, so transferring anything that you care about the privacy of on long-term basis is not secure online in any context unless the NSA is dismantled before then and its archives deleted.)

2. Tor's exit nodes aren't centralized. Anybody can become an exit node. You can become one right now if you want. I2P has its own equivalent of exit nodes (outproxies) which are even more centralized since there's like two of them (of course that's because Tor is designed to connect anonymously with the broader Internet and I2P is not). As for the NSA "watching" exit nodes, you may be referring to the fact that traffic you send over an exit node to a website can be easily sniffed (though not correlated with your identity inherently) if you connect to a website that doesn't use TLS. This is true. Tor cannot magically make every server/website online use encryption. But that has nothing to do with the NSA. That has to do with lazy web administrators.

The only aspects of Tor that are centralized are its bridge authorities (which are only relevant if you live in a shithole where Tor is banned and need to use traffic obfuscation) and directory authorities (which do not route your traffic directly), but that's not a big deal because the data in them is fully mirrored and transparent and it would be incredibly obviously if one of them was being screwed with. It also allows the Tor Project to block obvious attacks or sudden influxes of suspicious nodes, which is not possible with I2P.

This is true of Tor too if you use it right.

Other than the using I2P part, this is about as technologically infeasible as it gets. I'm afraid you'll have to go back to the drawing board user.

Yes, you stupid fuck, because that's what they do every step of the way

Don't attribute to stupidity what can easily be attributed to treason


Now don't get me wrong here. The Tor Project itself is completely pozzed and infested with SJeWs (like most open source projects nowadays unfortunately), but its goony beard men slaves are still getting a reasonable degree of work done for now. In the long run the project is doomed, but at the moment it's not inherently any less safe than I2P. It's a tradeoff. Tor is more secure on basic technological level (because it's had far more development and research put into it), but the government (the FBI in particular, which mostly seeks prosecutions on drug and CP issues) puts less manpower into hacking I2P because it's less popular. You still get put on a list for using both (and the I2P list is probably marked "extra paranoid goyim"). Overall I2P's basic design isn't enough of a radical leap foward over Tor to make it worth pursuing as an alternative.

The big issue with low-latency networks (which both Tor and I2P are) is timing attacks (which both Tor and I2P are equally vulnerable to). They make these types of networks essentially completely worthless against an NSA-level adversary. Vuvuzela (github.com/davidlazar/vuvuzela) is probably the best compromise in this area (though it would only be useful for transferring textual messages and not data because of its high latency) and further development of scalable DC-nets (which provide literally theoretically unbreakable anonymity) like Dissent (dedis.cs.yale.edu/dissent/) would also be a major breakthrough.

Overall my main theory is not that the US government funds Tor because it's easily breakable, but because it's breakable enough (by the NSA and the NSA only) and its widespread usage prevents better alternatives from gaining traction.

Also VPNs are crap. Do not believe anybody who tells you that using a VPN by itself is superior to Tor. They are probably trying to sell you a VPN. Using them on top of Tor is good in many contexts though.

What record

Computer speakeasies connected together through a decentralized network.

I've seen a metric ton of fuck ups which have hurt the powers that be.
You think the refugee invasion has hurt Europe, think how badly their narrative has been damaged.

If a judge has a choice between the U.N and U.S he will ALWAYS choose the U.S because that's the one where he has POWER.
No judge is going to bend over backwards to appease the U.N when our own countries laws say its unconstitutional.

Fuck, its not only that but if the federal government tried to block states, they can leave the union according the declaration of independence.

Reported for shilling.

When? Give me an example of any U.S politician giving power to another country which limits their own power.

The creation of the UN.

Thanks for playing kike.

Reported again

Are you retarded? Everything is going according to plan. The "emergency powers" of the state have become de facto permanent and EU police state is getting more and more support from normal people who are willing to give up their rights just to safe from terrorism that was intentionally imported to make them scared.

This isn't Holla Forums
Wew, you need to go back to 4chaim.

Is Snopes liberal totalitarian propaganda?

Reported again.

This an old meme being re-purposed by platinum mad shitposters?

Reported for what?

Explain when or how did the creation of the U.N limit any U.S power?
Your just saying shit not making an actual point.

So before the refugee crisis, in Britain for example you can not own a knife without proper documents, you cannot saying anything remotely racist and forget about guns.
Shit even criticizing someone can get you brought up with hate charges.
Now can you explain recent laws which have passed which have limited liberties AFTER the refugee crisis?

Makes me think out loud.


Are we being raided? It feels like anons are being more retarded than usual.

>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums
not vidya

No, politics trigger leftists.

It's keywords being triggered and the brigades being activated. Holla Forums is a big hub for them.

This isn't Holla Forums, people aren't banned for having differing of opinion.
You lack any self-awareness.

Reported again.

When has the UN forced anyone to do anything?

They can't even get their members to stop violating human rights, how the fuck are they going to manage the fucking internet?

user, I know on Holla Forums you can get banned for stuff like that, but not on Holla Forums.
Check the rules page.
If he's not doing something that's listed on that page, he won't be banned.

Oh, so now you're picking up your other IPs to create consensus.

Are you even paying any attention? Britain isn't the EU.

France and Belgium are still in state of emergency, with the authorities infringing on basic rights of the citizen's as they please. Germany uses the increased police resources to take down subversive elements under the quise of "anti-racism". Though crime legislation is pushed union wide and even basic hunting firearms are being banned. Importing muslims isn't a goal, it's the tool. You sound like some Holla Forumstard that thinks the jews are out to turn everyone brown out spite.

Makes me wonder.

u wot
I'm telling you not to report people when they're not breaking rules, you're likely to get banned yourself by doing that.


I said that a U.S judge if in court over this would choose the U.S over the U.N as he gains NOTHING from supporting the U.N except limits his own POWER.

You have literally nothing to fucking counter then accusing me of shill and reporting your reports, which makes me think you are a fucking 1st year newfaggot who discovered he could post on Holla Forums and not get arrested for hate speech in your shitty Euro country.

I'm being serious.

Tell me how the UN is going to shut everything down. I don't even care about the UN, but they're fucking incompetent and powerless.

How are they going to start the New World Order when they don't even have the power to stop Japan from producing lolis?

Thank you for correcting the record.

It isn't, actually.
Like I said, check the fucking rules page. You're acting like a hardcore newfag right now.


So I suppose this mean that the Internet will be regulated by international law?

Proving my point.

meant to reply to

Why won't you just fuck off.

I'm confused user, have I created a Proxy which allows me to use multiple IP's interchangeably with a single address?


Am I a CTR shill who is currently raiding this thread for stumbling on a secret that is only reported on by the media.

Do you understand how fucking stupid you are?

Didn't the UN told Japan to quit it with the lolis and any hentai that is not vanilla?

Well, time to backup all my loli loving and NTR twice since I might never be able to reaquire it. Goodbye SadPanda and piracy, I will miss you.

There's a place down my building. Every year the city likes to have some kind of fair (it lasts for a few days). This year, people going in or out where checked by cops, under the eyes of armed soldiers (they were standing there 24 hours a day, in shift). Nowadays, it's not uncommon to spot military vehicles next to police stations… It's beautiful, a country at peace.

I heard recently that more and more young people want to join the army and police forces because of the fucked up situation we're in. I guess they don't know they'll be hands and feet tied by their superior, themselves following the PC way of doing things.

Speaking of Tor: back in May, the Mozilla Foundation asked the FBI to explain the hack they used to unmask Tor users (archive.is/soAKc) anyone has any follow up regarding this? Was it related to this (archive.is/8NVTA)? The justice system being what it is, I suppose it's too early to know.

Reported again

Fuck off to Holla Forums or some board this thread actually belongs in.


Do you have schizophrenia user?

Thank you for proving it, chaim.

Bump. :)

It's a painfully obvious shill trying to derail, just report filter and move on

Can a vol help me out and pull out these "user"s post histories? I guarantee they showed up for this thread to astroturf.

Explain to me how saying a U.S judge will not limit his own power and rule in favor of the U.N is sucking kike cock?
You're not making sense.

You know Holla Forums wasn't always fucking hated, but since fucking retards like you have ruined Holla Forums it seems you are set on ruining Holla Forums too.


This is important but OP is a massive cock gobbling fudge packing niggerfaggot assgoblin retard faggot.

Just wanted to point that out.

Ever since people figured out how many posts you have they've been spouting it off like it matters any. Newsflash friendo, it doesn't. It doesn't bolster your stance any and makes you look fucking dumb.

Samefag, using 7000 proxies in order to reverse shill for Soros.

I don't understand can't Congress stonewall him?

Requesting vols expose these shill's post histories so we know they started posting to spread disinformation.

smiles all around
sage for not vidya

Al Gore was a mistake

Bump because this upsets you :)

so do we have any historical precedent that this will lead to something significant or are you all just being paranoid fucks as usual?

Also you're all legit fucking retarded for replying to that one guy who's clearly baiting you all.


a bump for your sage

The UN told Japan to ban "Media Depicting Sexual Violence".

Japan told the UN to fuck off.

Nothing changed. Lolis are still being flooded onto the internet. The only difference is that South Korea is now even more bitter toward Japan now that they can't use the UN to get their revenge on them.

I hope UN will include special anti-piracy measures for people like you.



And when the UN controls ICANN they can disable the domain name of websites that disagree.

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haha the only power you muricans still have is military and even then, sandniggers are kicking your ass

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>Obama administration announced two years ago that it intended to transfer that stewardship to a "global multi-stakeholder community." Though Congress has acted twice to stop that effort, the administration moved forward with the transition plan.

I wouldn't call disinformation myself

Obama and Congress are bedbuddies, they have the same masters after all

It's less about the UN as a whole but the member states themselves who can try to impose their regulations onto everyone else with this regulation.
So far the US prevented that with their free speech laws.
As long as the server was on US soil it was protected.
But now for example Saudi-Arabia could try and force providers to censor something they wouldn't want anyone to see through the UN.

From what I understand its not a bill or law, so it doesn't involve congress.
I believe from what I read Obama can bring it to congress and hold a vote but he hasn't decided to do anything.

However what this shill screaming retard doesn't want to think about is that Free Speech is our first amendment.
Many people still take it very seriously, more seriously then even the second amendment.
If the U.N did censor someone, in the U.S, with a server in the U.S, who was a U.S citizen he could sue the U.N.

Then most likely it would go to a high international court, if a judge DID, rule in favor of the U.N there would be several problems.

The last one is the most important.
So if a U.S law did bend over backwards for the U.N, it would be setting an example for all other judges.
A U.N lawyer would only have to point at it and say at one time U.S did bow down to the U.N.

Which would mean legally at this point we would be robbed of our own power.
So would politicians, which is why it won't happen.

But trying to explain to this retard that the sky isn't falling and there is hope is an anathema to him as his life is built around him being a prophet of disaster.

War is better for the US than peace. We could easily end it, but what would the point be?

8's wasted on an actual UN record corrector.

Please vols do this.




If I'm a shill and you are the pinnacle of intelligence, then a rebuttal would be easy.
However you almost 20 posts where all you do is scream shill not actually use any intelligence, logic or facts.
Like said

I have no reason to engage intellectually dishonest kikes.


Doesn't Saudi Arabia already censor stuff? I mean I'd imagine piracy sites and dating sites would be cracked down there.
Or do you mean censorship in another context?


I meant porn sites.

You're the intellectually dishonest kike, (29)

But I'm not.

Reported lad.

Can you even read?
The qualities of a jew.

I'm being completely open and forthright with what I'm saying and arguing, you are not.

You would be the kike in this situation.


For what?

LOL goy you're just dumb, you really think the government would give up its power? Lol that's just a conspiracy theory.

That's not what he said at all, user

Bump. :)

Excellent strawmen

I think you faggots are Holla Forums just trying to give Holla Forums a bad name, even THEY aren't this retarded.

Sounds good to me.


This isn't reddit, bumping isn't an upvote.

Give me an instance where they have.
I can give you hundreds of instances where they didn't.


Are you a bot?

Remember Hanlon's razor user. Although I think he's just funposting

Gonna make sure this stays the first thread on the catalog since this is hitting the NSA's keywords hard.

I hope so, I would rather be made a fool then waste my time arguing with one.

You already are one, chaim.>>10558888

Tell me,

Why? Because you're shitposting so hard people are telling you to stop sperging out?

Thank you.

Reminder that "sage" still increases thread velocity for main page of Holla Forums. Get out of here if you don't want to discuss a future where (((they))) will take away all your rights to pirate and share vidya across the internet.



i am starting to thikn that he is the "shill", he doesn't want that discussion about this topic develops.

Why is it that everytime there's a politics related thread everyone's out to ruin it and get it bumplockef.

So how did you learn about Holla Forums?

Is the Holla Forums thread not enough already?

Survival of the shittiestposters.

So i'm reading this thing and the writer is basically upset that .gay can't be used in a domain name for LGBT groups more so then the United Nations doing anything. It doesn't even explain how ICANN would be handed off if it's antitrust exemption were to expire.

yo it's the jews just like that poster said

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Holla Forums really isn't anything but Kruat Reddit newfags?

Except my sage is still on there, you dumb fucking jew

Reminder that posting in a thread increases thread velocity for the main page of 8ch. Get out of here if you don't want to discuss a future where (((they))) will take away all your rights to pirate and share vidya across the internet.

yep always those darn Jews.

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Hello leftyfaggot. How's your ass after getting fucked by your fellow homosexual liberal leftist friend from your degenerate homo-enabling board? Did you already got "pozzed", so you can proudly share your "bugs" with other degenerates like you?

You didn't read shit, you dumbass. The article was using the .gay example to show how the UN wouldn't make that any better since now the Saudis and other arab states would also be in the decision to figure out domain names.


C'mon man don't you have any cool new dank le reddit memes to share with me?

Seriously this thread is ruined. It's almost as if you people can't stand the notion of politics being mentioned.

can't you just ignore him?

Stop you faggots don't you realize your both me?

So in other words yes the writer cares more about domain names then explaining anything.


Considering the article is about ICANN which regulates domain names: duh, you fucking asshat

It just seems to be drumbeating.


this thread was a thinly veiled Holla Forums thread to begin with, the only thing remotely video game related in the op was the jewtube video

OP ruined his own thread

Well granted domain name regulation by the UN would make video games that rely on domain names somehow questionable, however all that would change is the introduction of new domain name types (other .coms, .nets, etc.)

If that's the best and worst abuse the writer can think of then the source is pretty shit. The most abuse that can happen is banning domain names and removing domain names but the article doesn't explain this and makes it about how it's wrong about gays blah blah. Writer didn't even bother to explain how losing anti-trust exemption would automatically put ICANN under UN control and how that works.

Newfags from 4chan paradoxiacally want intelligent discussion and hate anything that veers into any territory outside a very thin scope because surprise stuff like politics surrounding vidya industry is part of intelligent discussion.

As far as I understand it they could force their laws on to other countries internet usage.
Hate speech laws that germany and canada have, or laws that ban porn sites in SA could be extended upon other countries.


What will we do?

One bunch of washington amerikikes gives control of icann to a bunch of new york amerikikes.

this thread = work of the jews

That's not what domain names have anything to do with either, user.

I don't see that happening it would end up with the U.N being sued by quite a few countries.


Let's go back a little.

December 2012:
Is the UN About to Take Over the Internet?

February 25, 2015:
Republicans Fear Net Neutrality Plan Could Lead to UN Internet Powers

And now:
An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.

TL;DR: The administration wants to abdicates internet stewardship ("bye bye ICANN"). The Internet needs the ICANN or something similar. If the US abandons it, then ICANN loses it's antitrust exemption. If ICANN loses it's antitrust exemption, it means another government will have to oversee ICANN, or the U.N. will have to do it.


lmao epic meme fam XD
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Shills really can't help themselves by exposing themselves in response to this. Wonder why Holla Forums is so full of people who shill for the control of the internet going to (((special interests))

So this is how internet dies. Not with a band, but with shitposting.

Also question: why would ICANN allow themselves to be placed under UN control when they just this past March got out of the Department of Commerce's oversight and are no longer government controlled to begin with?

Or they don't even need to oversee ICANN at all.

are you new here?




What would become untrue? Nothing has happened yet.

Shills have really done a number on Holla Forums and 8ch overall. MPAA goons hard at work with the CTR to dissuade people from stumbling on the things they control.

Mark we've been discovered.

CRT is doing a raid because of the presidential election campaign, part of this is making Holla Forums look like nuKKK and potentially driving out anyone who wouldn't make the Poe's Law thing effective. So anytime stuff like this comes up expect idiotic responses all around.

as much as it derails the thread (it doesn't really), you shitpost doesn't help either.

go back to the clinton foundation, kike.

when someone uses your shitty oc

Obama filling out his quota before he retires, nothing like handing more power to his masters. But I can't see this becoming a big problem, aren't there tools like tor, or i2p that can allow us to shitpost anonymously in peace?


As I said earlier, you lack any self-awareness.

You're trying way too hard.

I don't give a fucking shit. If people keep saying idiotic shit like OP keeps doing I'll laugh at them



I'm from Holla Forums


Also OP: why the fuck are you JUST getting mad about this now? The idea of the ICANN being globally regulated has been on the table since fucking 2014.


Where were you then, you fucking retard?

What type of jew would you fuck?

The KKK did nothing wrong. I mean, kosher ally and known degeneratr HST blamed the KKK of all things for everything bad that happened in America. And HST is not someone you would have trusted, Johnny Depp was a little bit too close to HST as the rumors go, West Memphis Three defense and that HST movie. Roman Polanski too. Think for a second there.

Tell me more mr 20

This in itself is not a big problem, its part of the big problem and people will keep going "this is fine" while the fire rises


Even only casually keeping up with either of those would show you they're either compromised or cucked beyond belief.

That's because you're a fucking ignorant normalfag.

Now its (44) posts of logical fallacies, and shill screaming.

Who are you quoting?

What disinformation?

Indeed. Better save this thread for later to show it them when new international government will disable Holla Forums and forbid piracy in all cases.

Nah, i know you just shitposting for fun to get lulz from people who consider that a serious threat. When it will also gets to you personally, you probably won't cry, cause your ass is already ready to get raped for comments on the internet and "stolen" video games, right?

Please don't cry when (((they))) will be at the door, i expect you to prepare your ass, nigger.

True. Right now, the US administration doesn't seem to know (or care (or they know exactly what they are doing, but don't want to admit it)), without any official statement, it's just a big blur.


The "problem" lies in antitrust laws. Right now, it's a legal monopolist because it's overseen by a government. If no gov oversees this thing, I don't think it can obtain that niche status, which means it becomes something that can be attacked legally for being the only one "on the market". Now, maybe you could break ICANN down into several bits and have them handled by private corporations… I don't know if it is technically possible or viable, but it sounds kinda terrifying.

Mhmmm. Tell me more about how the UN being in control of ICANN is a good thing because le us judges wouldn't give up their jurisdiction, while they are doing explicitly that, mr 26 shill.

What are you even talking about?


(((reddit memes)))
Holla Forums really needs to get gassed.

Trying too hard, chaim.

Thank for confirming you're upset.


Bump'd, by the way :)

Really makes you ponder

Its not rocket science