Spacestation13 - Timely updates Edition

What is Space Station 13?
SS13 is a robust multiplayer point-and-click about surviving a shift in the uniform of a NanoTrasen station employee paid solely in MEMES.

Where can I play?
CPStation is currently the primary Holla Forums server. You can download the BYOND client or join our server directly from your web browser to play. The web client is unreliable, and we recommend the latest BYOND client for the best experience
possible. The BYOND client is presently Windows only, though it is compatible with WINE.
You will need a BYOND account to connect to our server.
Client Download -

Server Info
Name: CheesePizzaStation
Primary Address:

Wiki (Outdated)

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Reminder to never trust a clown.




Something tells me his tongue is involved

I wish you faggots would prove me wrong for once.

Please go back to Reddit or 9gag where you belong

You are online at one of the shittest times of day.
Everyday for the last week we have had populations higher than 12 and it has been constantly increasing with new players each day.

I would recommend joining at a later time.

We actually do have a populated server during the evening and night hours. Around 15 people maximum, good enough to get a great round of spessmen going.

At least try to make it look like you know shit, you closet redditor.

Write erotica for the library. I'm not going to take out much time for it.

P-posting my uncensored ahelps. What a dirty thing to do…B-baka :^)

It's desertic today.

I went on a 5-hour shift as the captain and about 6 people joined and then left, with 4 of them actually joining the round and one of them being the Host. The only one who even mildly tried to play was the Chief Engineer and he quit 5 minutes after fixing something.

The escape shuttle even had an evacuation rate of 100% because everyone was braindead, i was expecting to be robusted once i joined, not be so bored i idled for 15 minutes before a rod decided to end the round by phasing in right through the middle of the station.

Where is everyone? Don't tell me you're listening to the shitposters because we were getting 15+ people JUST yesterday. Come out and play already goddamnit.

so, anybody wants to help me to build mechs?

I'm still on the server and the round just restarted, we have 4 players now join in.

a ball has to get rolling and it wont find traction with only one or two pushing it
gotta stay on and keep trying


We have 17 people, if you wanted to play
is the time.

you mean 12 people

This makes you a double faggot.

reminder that this exists

So how do I build a tcomms set up to be able to communicate with the station from another z-level?

more people should play sec, 1 person cant contain all the chucklefucks

this server has no z-levels

Nobody is gonna play security cause nobody wants to get yelled at all day.


go for it, you have the authority to just bash those crybabies

Do you evento know how ss13 space even works? Are you that retarded that you think different space levels aren't z-levels?

Build a subspace relay mainframe and link it to zlvl 1's mainframe, like the ruskie dj station does.

never go full retard

We need more z-levels.

we need infinite-levels

Where do i set the prisioner cell's timer? i forgot a lot of crap.

The little screen next to the cell.

well I set up the relay, linked it to the hub in tcomms, set it to the right channel, took it to deepspace, and nothing happened

It has to be setup un an actual room with a working APC and building it outside the zlevel it's supposed to transmit from and to the main station fucks it up. Also earpieces don't work, only handhel d green radios, beacons, pAI radios por intercoms will transmitir to and from it.

I swear to fuck if i hace to deal with another goddamn cuckphone to post something i will fucking scream.

then why does the mining asteroid work, it's just a relay.

It's a special one, the z-level has a hidden and invisible hub/transmit/reciever setup to handle that. Try setting the ruskie DJ relay on and talk with your earpiece, if it magically works it means things have changed a whole lot since i last touched tcomms.

thank you for visiting the SS-Murderbone, I hope you enjoyed the performance of F.R.I.E.N.D and learned to never trust science department

Isn't there a transmitter room on the mining asteroid station? I recall there being one.

it only has a relay in it

it was a trat ling who became the robotic and emagged the borgs

you guys just got robusted

nigga I was the borg
I was hoping people would atleast try to put up a fight but I purged the station with extreme prejudice
my favorite was leaving the guy to suffocate in the RnD server room :v)


I saw, you really made life ez for that ling

Anyone here have a link to the codebase? I want to make my own server with this version. All I have is the original /tg/ station code.

See, a fag thought that once, and that's why we have like 10 players at peak hours now.

I use them to practice though. I found that just hosting an empty server on your computer and just fucking around teaches the mechanics of the game best. That way I'm not holding up the game as an assistant.

Oh, that's fine then. To be honest, I think the codebase used to be on the OP, dunno what happened.

I've never played SS13 is there like a Holla Forums quick guide that someone can post? Since the wiki is outdated as said in the op I assume there would be a better image someone could post?

don't get robusted but do git gud

14 is real

Cool, ill set this shit up tomorrow since apparently I cant make a new account while on a VPN

I love this game.


I used to play sec all the time, but I have a shit connection now.
Maybe I'll devote myself to paperwork, and act as a dispatcher instead.

Anyone up for some early mornin spacemen?

Play as pAI or observe as ghost for the first few rounds.
Watching is learning, especially as pAI, where you can just ask people what they are doing and they will teach you stuff in exchange of your screaming bloody murder over the comms should harm come to them.

When did metastation get a Thermoelectric generator?

Sure you'd be good in cargo.

SS13 is maybe as hard to completely learn as DF fortress mode

Thats another game im trying to get into, instead of modeling my game.

It's a good idea.
Get the git client for Windows or alternatively just go to Sierra's -tg-station github and download it as a zip. You open the tgstation.dme file in Dreammaker, go to Build on the menu bar, compile. Then you use the resulting tgstation.dmb file in Dream Daemon. Once it's started, you can click the yellow sign button in Dream Daemon to connect.

You might wanna add your ckey as an admin though. config/admins.txt.

Also if you're on Linux it'd just be: git clone
git pull
to update

Forget when. Postan our current map since map image on wiki (or any other wiki really) doesn't match ours. Will be adding it and other updating location images later to wiki.

The wiki is fine for the most part. I'm working on updating it and I just went over the New Player's guide a couple nights ago.

Just follow it and you'll be fine.
You can do like the other guy and set up your own local server if you don't want to deal with responsibility. Maybe I'll write a guide on how to do that complete with images and such (shouldn't be needed since it's really easy).

Have some shit I still have


How do i find the server?

Ctrl o, add a new bookmark with

Not once has this failed. Only the unrobust and the unarmed are in any danger.

It's true, if everyone has guns antags are not going to get far murderboning.

We can't have weapons of intergalactic conquest on our hallways.

Alright cool, now I can finally download this shit.

If the HoS tries to stop you arming yourself and your fellow crew members, he's propably antag.

attention autismosians:
I need a quick TEG setup. Something that outputs good power, is stable (none of this on/off shit where the pressures are fucked up) and most importantly can be set up quickly. It'll be used in the standard setup guide on the wiki.

just need screenshots and accompanying information for any device configurations you have in place. gas mixtures etc

O-okay then

Reminder that its perfectly acceptable to murder 2 or 3 crewmembers as a nonantag, but if vent plasma in an unused room, you get bwoinked.

If the Head of Security is stopping unauthorized people from having weapons, he's doing his job.

just ick my ock up

I bet you take the loyalty implant in the ass

Being a traitorling is so much fun.

it slowly gets less fun the more it repeats though

I played HoP and didnt even give myself all access and tried to keep the crew alive as much as possible

This is my set up

it'll run forever it seems like at a steady 600kw-800kw

I forgot how much it fucking sucks to be new, and not know a whole lot to the game jesus christ i feel retarded.

Just about everyone sucks still.

This so much.
There is nothing as scary for an antag as having the whole crew armed up.

Though that results in anarchy, since the second security or captain try to detain someone they might spark a full on revolution.
Either way, as antag I simply fucking HATE having to deal with a crew that has weapons.

honesty the issue then isn't "can I take this guy" it's more "how long is this fight going to go on for?"

Haven't touched telecrystals in years.


come play to witness the third murderbone in a row


Same. Usually only end up completing objectives two minutes before the shuttle comes too.

>Have to break into virology just to get a basic virus started, since you can't use mouse blood anymore

Hallucination Sting

Sorry for the uneventful slaughter but I wanted to get it right for my first time.You never told me why hulk is shit man.

Hulk is not shit, it's one of the best weapons a wizard may choose in his arsenal of spells since it also gives you a ranged weapon that is on pair with security's laser advantage.

What i meant is that WHY WOULD A WIZARD PICK AN EI-NATH+MM+JAUNT BUILD AFTER 2 MURDERBONES IN A ROW then you said this was your first time getting wizard.

By the way, Stone to flesh and staff of animation is infinitely better than MM+nath.

I personally don't think Hulk is very good, mostly because a wizard's only weakness is actual damage, getting immunity to stuns and shooting lasers isn't exactly that much of an advantage over disintegration or a belt filled with soul stones.
Then again, that's simply how I play it, I'm better at making armies and utterly destroying single targets rather than get into a large rumble with everyone chasing me.

The main advantage of hulk is that you can't get stunned+lasered instantly before casting your MMs or forcing you to jaunt away.

Since you are basically a walking death dispenser you don't need anything in your back other than medikits and maybe your objective, which synergises well with Mutate's hulk crowd control and jaunt's ability to get you out of shit should you need to, nevermind your robes are actually a bit armored which helps against chip damage.

It's versatile too because you can use it to circumvent the need for either MM or jaunt/teleport/knock because you can just punch shit if you're robust enough. An efficient mutate wizard only has to worry for Combat Shotgun users or security wising up and using flashbangs to blind you or simply attempting to run away from you while spamming lasers. Or, in the worst case scenario, Chemists due to their ability to inject you with 15u of death from range, but that's why you start your rampage in medical anyways.

There's a screenshot function built into the game (f2),
no need to take oversized images.


Immediate criticisms:
>output is kind of low for the amount of setup

it sets up faster than Singularity and the output is enough to power the 3 smes units on max

You can get many times the power output if you do a perfect burn mix from containers. That way you can still use atmos for other funs.

hey kids
wanna erp

Nice one user.
Would've been better if you used the colored pages though

You mean [136, 105]

Never trust an (((Artificial Intelligence))).

You vented plasma in the station as a non-antag and didn't get bwoinked? Sheylos must have been offline

he's online now

Am I not allowed to play weeb games and watch chinese cartoons once in a while?

You can do whatever the fuck you wabt juat be consistent

no, fag


Hey guys, SpaghettiScience here.
I'm afraid my computer has shat itself and I'm getting BSoDs due to my GPU, so I might not be able to Midimin for a while.
Don't die on me while I'm fixing this shit.

Already ded.

eternally seeking a fully functioning atmosia that feeds both hot and cool steady at 5000-6000 kPa to the TEG. in this range you get that dank 10 mil output. Can only keep it steady for like 1-2 hours right now.

Beginning to wonder if the real MVP isn't just space chilled plasma in the radiation collectors for the singu. Shit puts out like 20 mil and you could fill all the SMES on the station in no time

what think family

just use solas brath

If you use solars then you can't expand power with more than 4 SMES units, even less the super upgraded science meme units that can hold about 12 million kWatts worth of power each.

I miss that show

just set up a meme crystals brath

Can anyone tell me why we are still playing on a codebase that's nearly two years out of date?

New codebase is shit, has shit balance with shit features and has shit nanoUI that doesn't even display correctly AT FUCKING ALL on older systems.

Hell, i would even say that the codebase before Paprika got in to fuck the everliving shit out of everything was even better than what we have currently, but at least right now it's bearable enough to not vomit at all the nerfs and retardation /tg/ has made over the recent years.

do we even have a coder?

We do, several of them actually including the one we had back on nel's serbia. They just aren't paid coders like /tg/ has so content goes in slower due to bugfixing.

ooh, so I can suggest useless shit no one but me will get excited over and will get ignored mostly outside of a "yes dear go back to your colouring books" reply?

Is there anyone in the server even?

I will be later on

5 niggas on right now

I never got the thermo engine autism or power autism in general. How often does the station run out of power if there is atleast something slapped together? Thermo doesn't even overload as far as I know, so it's significantly less fun than singularity.

this is what I don't get either

why is there no massive cool science project which requires alot of power?

why doesn't the teleporter or the gate use tons of power either?

it's silly

it's just
i dunno man. You're right. It's not a big issue. Station only uses like ~650k at start. Your standard singularity setup + plasma tanks capped at regular temperatures gets ~1.8mil. There's just something autistically delightful about trying to optimize TEG and fucking around in atmos in general. I'm compelled to find a standard setup that's quick and sturdy, and the optimized setup that is tidy with big output at the cost of setup time.
I get like this with games like Infinifactory and Spacechem too.

yes dear go back to your colouring books

I want my vroom vroom mommy

Just post your ideas, maybe they'll generate some buzz and they'll get coded in.
That's how the auto-surgery thing came to be, you know?

how about some vehicals which can hold more then one person and are for traveling through space?

No that's shit.

Thermo is literally a working toxins bomb ready to be wrenched into destruction by anyone who knows how to link both distros. It's as easy to sabotague as singularity with the option of either just cutting down the power or blowing the fuck out of everything, instead of just blowing the fuck out of everything every time.
It's also harder to setup than both solars and singulo, but not many people know how to make it into a multi-pipe maxcap so it's okay as it also outperforms singulo in power if set correctly.

The station always runs out of power not because a powersource runs out but because nobody bothers to set one or fucks up at doing one, even solars can do the job since there's a disgusting lack of autists who want to make 7 SMES units to power the entire station or a 20-PCB corn oil mass production facility, that sucks enough power to make a powersink cry, for bombs that exceed maxcap.

how about getting liquids into the game so I can make water slides?

Do you know how much work that is? In the end water slides would just be faster conveyor belts that doubled as chem dispensers, no.

Can we add a clear button to the adv chem synth?

That is the most retarded logic ive ever heard


That's Koriathcode, and you know that this is taboo around here.
Odds are it'll be stealthly removed in a new patch, with the promise that "they'll be readded again once we find a better way to implement it"(so, never) just like pools were.

Make a sprite.

what're the dimensions needed?

I know because I've done it and I apparently fucked everything up while doing so

sorry, friend, pools closed

The problem seems to be lack of uses to all the godly ammount of power. I always found solars too efficient and safe. Maybe they should only be enough to prolong the station's functionality instead of covering the normal use of electricity and then some.

That's how goon balances things, actually. We have an open source code but nobody wants to read it, nor the wiki who has info about this stuff, and instead goes full Hippie on their tactics. Same problem in /tg/, not even the admins would teach you about how to do something and would only point you to their outdated as fuck wiki.

tiberium added when

fucking this

When you code in a PACMAN generator that uses it as fuel, an extractor machine that both dispenses liquid tiberium waste and all the raw materials like metal, gold, uranium and silver from processing it and draw a canister that can be inputted on a flamethrower for mass destruction.

pls no


I'm not even the coder, I'm just saving you the trouble and doing what would he do.
No one wants to code shit for other people, people mostly code things that are fun for them.





The best part is had he didnt even know about suicide or ghost or even how to leave his corpse so I couldn't endlessly resuscitate him.

I knew uploading Annie would come in handy some day

HoS here. You were a cruel bastard, but it sure was fun.

Somehow that clown got out of my cuffs and did a switcharoo on me. Shit was fucking left field.

I just fail to understand why you people keep trying to create a fucking server with nobody in it.

Do you not fucking realize how dull and uninteresting ss13 is without player interaction?

Get 20 players during dead hours and 90 during peeks and then I'll consider playing.

Until then, I'm gonna keep on trucking along on Sybil.

tbh all I really want is modular based bots that can be made with just about anything so long as you have the internals in for each part to work

and ya'know to be able to program them rather then just "set patrol"

90 players is awful tho
but yeah you're right otherwise

because you need a server inorder to have people playing

But this isn't the first attempt I've seen made on this boards at having an ss13 server. and it's failed to internal drama and lack of interest 2 times now. So what makes you think it's going to work a 3rd time? 2nd time you had like 18 players during fucking peaks.

Traitor for that round here. Failed my last objective because my internet crapped out for 30 minutes when there was 4 minutes left before the shuttle arrived.

Is the clown here? I wanna hear his perspective.

That looks like its from the Fantastic Mr. Fox. What is that from?

No clue I got it from a thread a while ago.

that's not much of a reason why we shouldn't have a server and this one is pretty good so far actually

I'm a chemist right now. So if anyone needs anything, I'll be dicking around as a chemist.

I love being clown, all the other stories where true too. I think my favorite part was escaping from HoS.

you were close,since its the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie

How did you even get out of the cuffs?

I screamed as loud as I could, and resisted

Please read the wiki before actually playing.
And don't play Head of Staff or Security roles AT FUKING ALL if you don't know how to do something.

Did Fagioli ban evade?

the fox on that movie was a mary sue

I have a suggestion

neck slots for scarfs and caps and such


you can already wear scarfs. Attach them to your jumpsuit. Also, in character customization equip a white t-shirt and then alt+click your jumpsuit.
You are now the cool, casual mechanic who fucks chicks around the clock

oh wow, thanks

furthermore, why isn't there in virus the ability to create the T/G/V-virus and las plagas parasite ?

we have zombie sprites just need someone to code said virus

Parasites are already a thing with Xeno embryos (which are actually viruses!) and Cortical Borers. Just gotta nick that code and make it do different things.

well we need tyrants and hunters and lickers and all the things too

that's true

if i can b honest with u family for just 1 moment
we should keep server open to public
if we're gonna stay on metastation anyways

they wouldn't even join anyways since it needs to be on the listing

Nothing wrong with being open to pubbies as long as we keep away from PR.
If they like it they stay and get assimilated, otherwise we can just ban them on a whim.

We could also use a forum to build an actual community, nothing too big, just something where we can find ourselves without relying on the thread.
They sound like compromises but they are necessary if we want an higher and more stable player list.

we have an actual community and no this all sounds god awful

No we don't but suit yourself.

I want to play as Cluwne

it's not a community in the traditional sense but we do have a community

i'm sick of playing sub 20 player rounds on fucking metastation (a map meant for 40+).
It's not going to magically get better. A wave of players is not just going to appear out of the air one day. Not on this shitty gutter imageboard.
The only time we've broken 40 players was one night we were pub, and had forced random names off. And that was during Pizza.

real talk nigga. We would also be facing utter stagnation if Zaers hadn't decided to show up again and he might jet again at some point (which is fine).

go play on /tg/ then

I cant imagine that the roleplaying would be fun when you're trying to talk to an assistant while 2 or 3 pairs of shitters keep trying to get into chemistry

On a busy round we get about half of the departments in use and of those, about half of their sub departments. I would argue that it makes it more interesting because you don't necessarily have access to genetics or robotics in a given round for example.

Though dropping a massive bomb on a stuffed shuttle probably feels amazing

What said

20 is optimal becuase at the higher numbers, shit gets out of hand quickly and you have to play shitter wack-a-mole. Try playing cook on a really populated server and you'll find yourself spending more time defending your kitchen than actually cooking.

this, fuckers will be all over you if you don't do everything they bloody tell you right that second and you'll get murder boned if you decided to shut everyone out

We really don't.
A community have places to gather.
Threads on Holla Forums aren't really enough to be fundation to a community.

I disagree

So it seem.

you would see why if you understood how Holla Forums is

Okay now you're just being retarded and assuming I'm a newfag.
Holla Forums is a chan, you do chan stuff in it, sometimes someone put up a server, sometimes people gather but it never lasts because it's not meant to last.
If you want a community you set up a group outside of the chan, a forum, a group of sorts, shit like that.

You can't seriously expect threads like these that disappear now and then to hold a community larger than a handful.
Speaking of which, remember last time Holla Forums had a ss13 server?
Yeah, the whole thing died off.
No community.

I'm not going to argue that we need that type of shit because it would be a waste of time trying to convince you guys, since already many people told me they disagree, however thinking that you can have a populated server only by using Holla Forums it's simply asinine.
And you would understand that if you actually knew how Holla Forums and chans in general worked.

I always see the same names, the fact that we're anonymous does not remove the people that play. Reminder /vg/ is still big despite not being on hub.

Also, there's nothing wrong with playing lowpop on metastation, it's designed for both highpop and lowpop due to how all departments are centralized with the central hallway. The only thing 40+ (actually designed from 15+ to 50+) about it is the maintenance system, Security and Engineering. It is otherwise just as big as Box (which meant for 30 players).

Not saying a low population is wrong but I'm saying that this community is flimsy at best.
It won't last, that's all.

we can have a populated server though and we do at times, trying to force a community like you think wont really help much in the matter, since only people from here will go to all those things you make and it will be much smaller there since only a few will join


Populated is something about 20-30 people.
12 it's barely considered low population.
Again, nothing wrong with a low pop server but don't be delusional and think we're hitting big numbers here.

we're hitting numbers I like to see

It has survived 2 years with only a net loss of about 10 players from it's inception due to the loss of the first serb. Nothing lasts anyways, so what's your fucking point of making this shit public? So that reddit suddently decides to play with us and get robusted instantly for doing gay ERP shit before leaving?

This is a non-issue you're blowing out of proportion, we have a playerbase that breaks 20+ on weekends, that's more than enough to prevent the game from becoming /tg/ or /vg/'s shittery.



absolutely nothing to do with why the last server died, I would argue that to be the case on a number of games and servers but not in this situation

people, dont grab civilian jobs if there arent even engineers to power the station

what if you're new?

then be HoS

New people please don't take this advice.

Then stop repeating it over and over.

new game starting soon


Fuck you.

I'm the boss of this gym

pick anything that isn't a boss position and read the wiki while playing


game is in the pre-game lobby now

what do you think about making it so that the blob starts out under floor tiles hidden but can only get so big until you have to come out of hidden to expend more?

i think we should just port over /vg/'s sweet blob mechanics and sprites.

what're those like?

Blobs now fly in from spess and hit the other part of the station and nlob storms (multiple blobs fly and hit the station) and nicer blob sprites plus a lot of little things.

I like how it spawns better, not sure about the sprites though

We also need /vg/'s makeshift weapons.

we need a good sprite, coder and mapping slut to do everything we want so that we don't have to steal shit

does any code do bots/mechs different?

goon is a bit different

that seems much better for cyborgs but that's just what's on there, I don't know how it plays out, have they removed mechs?

Yes, good goy


you know what I mean, I'd like our own shit

this is nice

I'm fairly sure Goon never had mechs.

no I think they did, still what a trash code base if they don't have them now


in the end everyone died in the zone or went braindead.
we're restarting now lads

tg coder here

i fucking WISH

How bout fuck you, I'll do what I want.

Be prepared to be confused and yelled at, and generally hated

I dont see what the big deal is with this. I had crap ton of fun playing a tyrannical dictator that got hoodwinked by a clown and tortured by a janitor for an hour. I had fun with it, and I'm sure the Janitor had fun too. The whole time this was going down, the Sysop had every chance to ban me, yet he didn't, and we all had a laugh. People take this game way to fucking seriously sometimes. If the people dont like a tyrant, they can overrun him and give him a sex change and turn him into a body-pillow.

If that shit aint justice, I don't know what is.

I already know how to map but there is nothing to do with it until people start bitching about stuff on the map or we get new stuff to put in. I was going to build a whole new wing of the station but there is just not enough to put in to make it worthwhile.

Hated IN GAME. For all the people asking in dedchat about taking roles without experience or not wanting to be a borg because you dont know what to do. How do you shitters think you learn? If you want to learn a role take it. If you dont know what to do ask your fellows in that department and keep the wiki open.

My point exactly! People aren't going to learn if they don't make mistakes. A lot of people in this game expect everyone to know how to do their jobs right of the bat without practicing. Hell, even in real life employers will throw their fresh employees into their job to see how well they learn.

He should have been a ligger :3

Aw shit nigga, time to code.

what kinda thing were you going to do?


The idea was to build a new wing where the current construction area is. I hadn't really planned anything beyond that, maybe making it half complete so people would have a place to build autism forts without affecting the rest of the station.

my first thought on the matter is to actually put in a cinema there but only if we could get it to play yt vids and not have it utterly lag the server to hell, if it actually worked though it'll be a good place to hang out when the round gets boring or there's not many on

wew already have the disease made, now to turn this sucker into a game mode



Can we make the disease have an n% chance of giving you super powers?

This! This is gonna be wicked fun!


Wow nigga, git gud.

you too

well technically have a n% chance of you over coming it/ being immune/ it being dormant

we'll see what coder-san cooks up

Is this still a thing, or it Kyron dead?

he's probably around still


How the fuck do you set a vent to siphon rather than pressurize? Im tired of using scrubbers because I cant individually set them to siphon the air, and I cant figure out how to set the mode of a vent. Theres no option in the air alarm and setting it to internal checks with the external bound at 0 leaves it set to pressurizing.

It's for the best that this is NEVER EVER because it is a 100% certified meme game

I talk with Koriath from time to time. Last update I for from him was that, Kyron is either busy or lazy and has even handed off some of the work to Koriath. The game is still getting made but it is atleast a year away from completion it looks.

lmao nigga

Forgot to post this the other day.
There's really not much to do with all that energy

there needs to be something for it

Make science SMES units or a bunch of upgraded heaters, they almost work like powersinks.

There needs to be something MORE to do with all that power, currently machinery uses way too little even if you overwork them (like chemistry machinery, DNA scanners, Autolathes, Computers, etc.) so power is more of a binary than a constant stream that's always fluctuating.

If I remember rightly, you can wire gloves (insulated?) into the power supply and zap (see also: explode) everyone that walks by.

like I don't understand why the teleport or the gateway doesn't use massives amounts of power

Currently the station can be powered by three non-upgraded PACMAN generators working at max capacity, there's literally no reason to use a black hole to power the entire station because it uses too little power despite all the machinery inside.
Even with all the safety measures added like departamental SMES units, four backup solar generator arrays and not only a Thermal generator, but also a Combustion engine to top it off. Engineers have to little to do with power and station upkeep asides from hull repairs because you can just wire singulo to main grid and it'll power everything indefinitely for 5 hours with maxed plasma tanks.

maybe engineering could make batteries which could be sent to cargo to send back to NT for goodboy points?

I rarely see anyone do RnD despite its ease to get most research levels to ~5 by following the guide. And to add that theres rarely anyone doing mining to get more resources and research even farther, even though sci has it's own shuttle to get it's shit and they can make ripleys.
I imagine because they don't want to waste their efforts on a short round or lonely server or because it takes up too much time they could be using to mess around elsewhere.

Never heard of that.
People tend to not go overboard with power setups since there's little reason to, other than autism, but putting in more electric tomfoolery would give people more incentive to have fun with wiring.
Add to that the syndy power sink, then the power question would be more comical.

Those were removed long ago because people would stick super cap cells into them and instakill people by just touching them, nevermind perma stuns.

That was an idea brought long ago, but it requires actually having working cargo and it being actually useful in supplying the station. A better idea is to have machinery actually consume more power the more it is used so APCs drain more from the network and thus justifying the need for a huge death blackhole powering it.

I think i am the only person who can do R&D on this server asides from someone else who doesn't play sci that much anymore. Every other person either sticks a full toolbox filled with all the tools into the DA or they only get shit to level 3 or 4 then quit it because they don't know all the cool shit they can make.

I even tried teaching someone recently but they immediatly went back to doing the same mistakes and they quit working on R&D immediatly after i stopped scolded them, to do memedurands and borg armies, which i'm guessing is because they either don't know how fucking useful a fully upgraded kichen/hydro/cargo/medbay is or they think it's just useless to do so when you can have literally every department, an autocloner, ALL THE FUCKING GUNS EVER and a teleporter inside the science breakroom.

that's really silly though

pshhh, get good kid.

This is the result of a gimmick TEG, not sustainable, but lets see you get anywhere near this number


Gas Filters are a feature, not a bug.

no Henk I will not tell you how to do it.


There needs to be a way to resist off of operation tables.

there is, type "rest"

what there NEEDS to be is a way to resist out of a lv.3 grip

Anyone on tonight? I feel like playing again after a year-long break. Will probably have to relearn stuff.

We usually have between 15 and 20 on fridays. Right now there are 12 on.

Sick, I'll join after I redownload the client.

12 folks on

Whelp, that should be enough.
Hey, QM, here's your shi-
Fucking wiza-
Fuck this, Im out.
Survivors: 5 Dead:33

that's fucking hilarious

How did that many people get vented? At worst, the airlock pulls you one tile annoyingly until the door closes

it was a baystation fork, from the sounds of things, they try and do venting air more "realistically." Any time you're exposed to vacuum you're lungs will probably fold like a house of cards and you'll choke to death even if you get back to pressure. Bayfags think this is fun.

That is the exact opposite of what would happen. You would expand due to there being no pressure on you. Either way, I think you're supposed to freeze to death before running out of oxygen.

Fun round

Your lungs are "expanding", but relatively speaking, they're expanding inwardly towards the void in your lungs, folding and rupturing them.

In baystation, when the room your in is exposed to vacuum, wether from an open airlock or from a sudden breach, you get slammed on the ground for a few seconds while the air pulls anyone unfortunate out into space.

This is why on baystation, you have to actually cycle airlocks before going through them.

Science rocks.

16 goys on get on if you wanna spessmens

Particles move from high pressure to low pressure.
In a vacuum, your flesh will swell outwards
but your lungs will collapse inwards since air is escaping from your throat, as if it wants to escape out your trachea.

sounds like an excellent diversion

Good small-population round. Got to make a bunch of drinks, change bodies three times, help turn a guy into a monkey, get drunk and high on pills, eat my original body, and die in an extremely violent explosion with 10 seconds left.

10/10 would piss about again, thanks Felix.

Today I've learned that putting your assassination target's brain in another body and then cloning it still counts for greentext.

No problem mang. Was more fun than the usual 'stun your target and throw him out an airlock'.

"Warp reality"/"Probe for VM leaks - attain godhood" as absolute endgame research project when


as much as I hate baystation. Their atmos was pretty comfy.


I think mining would be alot more interesting is there was just more stuff to explore, like ancient alien temples or lost space hulks


What could possibly go wrong?

gonna post stuff I said in dead chat

I think trats and/or lings should get a thing which blocks the comms for the shuttle and every antag that applies, NT refuses to send you it till you've dealt with it"

see I almost want an antag that gets nonsense objections as such as "steal everyone pants" or "paint everything red""


fun things are indeed fun

I killed a wizard today as chef by stealing the bartender's shotgun. I tried to eat his innards but he's only made of bones.


I really thinking have a cinema which plays yt vids on the station would really help these dead hours

Ok… how