Dude his name is Zelda not Link that's why the game is called Legend of Zelda


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Maybe Link's last name is Zelda

Why is this bigot assuming xer's gender identity?

So "Shit Casuals Say" thread?





Fuck fightan communities.







Thanks doc



I put decades into my life, I wouldn't recommend it.




But this is true with most plebs.



B-but you can!

Sadly, this 3 statements came from a friend who want to be a game developer.




>he didn't lie

Git gud faggot

Go play a normal fightan, you'll get more people interested.



Coming from an autistic fuck who refuses to play any other MP vidyas with the rest of the friends group because it's a "timesink" but has dedicated an insane amount of hours to that POS game.

Keep talking. I would love an excuse to strangle you where you stand.


You do know there are other fightans out there, right? You could have people play jewpuncher, it's a 3 button extra simple version of SF2, basically.

Unless it's mugen or some shitty unknown company, more than likely you're missing something. And even if that matchup is awful, pick a different character and use their strengths. Git gud.
I told them to play something that would be more likely to get people involved instead of being secondary scum.

None of those statements combine together to make a cohesive person. You're making shit up.


Oh, do I ever wish I was making shit up.

Shekeling intensifies

I like these threads

But user, you just did.

… kay, good luck.


Coming from players who can't handle defeat at all. Worse, they expect to be godlike online from day 1.

Yeah that mount and blade armor is pretty bad though in the mid game, great early game.
tfw cant find the second half of the armor because im playing on florris

Mate, it's the goto response for not liking CoD.

1 reply =/= 1 like, redditor

What does that have to do with what I said?

I have to admit I'm one of those. I love Guilty Gear Xrd but the game is way too complex to delve into multiplayer for me.

I'm going to make her learn the hard way because after those 6 hours shes gunna get bored and go do something else

He thinks you said that he said he likes thread
I get that you said that he said what he said so how the picture says no one isn't right
but that's not how this works. Btw now I have autism

>"Quick get on the turrent "


Because dinosaurs are 65 million years old retard, you just have to wait until then

Shit is that still in Warband? I remember grabbing that from Praven every game in 1.003

But that is absolutely right. You're the one to blame for your bad life choices user: what is really happening, is that in your head you're playing a different game (happens to many, in life).

My favorite;
Reddit meme started by faggots who think being genuinely critical and calling out legitimate shit=hate

"Holla Forums hates video games" has been around since before the Shazbowl when people started getting their tit in a wringer over Reddit, user.

People have hated Reddit since long before the Shazbowl user


But that doesn't change that Reddit didn't become a Holla Forums boogeyman to blame whatever slight you can think of at the time on until after the Shazbowl, user.


>mods will fix it

and every other video game

as long as you admit it and don't hide behind excuses it's all good. denial is obnoxious.

>AY SON LET'S HAVE A SESSION OF OVERCLOCKING i used this as an excuse to make him clean my entire computer and it's peripherals while i emulated on my wii, no regrets
i can't take it anymore Holla Forums he was downloading steam on a pentium 3 machine a few days ago

You're a dick.

Yes, but now i'm a dust free dick



I don't get it, did she think it would just be open world driving?

I automatically hate anyone who watches let's players

What if I watch Shinya Arino?

i really wish that top bur meme took off

Nobody has ever said this before to me ever. Holy shit, who are your friends?

Arino is a comedian, not a let's player.

h-high schoolers


He could be 3rd or 4th year high school.


I'll just Occam Razor this one.
He's underaged

Have you tried making older friends? I mean internet exclusive friends (so you don't get raped, you little twink).

I was going to shit on him, but I actually feel kinda bad. I can't imagine how I'd react if someone said "I'm going to watch Pewdiepie". I know I'd be disgusted, like when a woman told me her son was going to Japan to be an English teacher. Though I mostly hid my disgust then, I wouldn't for anyone who watches pewdiepie.


Pay to not grind…aka I am lazy bastard who is too lazy to put in the effort and want instant gratification.

You know, senior year.

There is such a thing as a hateplay. Playing a game till you win just to spite it.

I don't do this obsessive compulsive shit, but I can understand the mentality,

I like the guy as a friend..but if he opens his fat gob that Candy Crush takes more skill than bloody Tetris, I will ram my fist down his piehole.

careful not to be caught by the police carrying an assault bycicle wheel while at it

Sit his fat ass in front of Castlevania 1 and tell him he can't say shit till he beats it.

Game isn't even hard, but it does require you to memorize what patterns there are.

Seriously though, fuck that fucking Owl/fleaman forest and fuck the clock tower.

Pretty much just fuck anywhere with the endless fleamen. Everything else can be compensated for, even Medusas.

Even the Gold Medusas at the clocktower?

What version of CV are you playing…?

You mean Castlevania 3?

Oh christ no. Baby steps, muh nigga. CV3 expects you to have mastered CV1

I don't remember any clocktowers/owls in castlevania 1.

we could still use it, it could be an Holla Forums thing

So which is it, never played or stumped by the Axe Knight Hall fllowed by Death?

The sad part is faggots like you believe this shit.

fleamen aren't even hard, I can kill them everytime when they make their first jump. The hunchback version that fights with Frankenstein's Monster is a pain in the ass though.

It's not the fleamen that spawn at fixed locations. It's the bastards that fly in on the birds, and soon overrun the screen with tiny hopping bastards.


you fucking WHAT


AnCap is unironicly an amazing system.

I would love to live in Free Cities



Oh god that brings back memories

Pic related is from the beginning of the game. Also, the theme of the game is responsibility.

Walker blames Konrad for what he is "forced" to do, Lugo and Adams blame Walker for dragging them into this mess (despite them too having the choice to walk away), the CIA guys blame Gould, the player blames the developers.

Say what you want about the game but it was a brilliant bit of subtle storytelling and meta narrative.

Kill those as they fall. As long as you have a maxed whip you can kill pretty much all of them by turning and whipping before they land. Not saying they are easy like normal ones, and they do screw you over with 2+ at once sometime.


user think about what thread hes posting that in

I'm just saying, every time someone goes "Boy, I wish I was living in such and such a society" they always assume they won't get fucked over along with the rest of the majority.

Someone have that Legend of Galactic Heroes webm about the Empire's introduction of eugenics?

Nigga, if I had to surrender my ass to a middle aged enterpeneur, as long as I could otherwise do anything I wanted I fucking would.

Besides, if I'm a sex slave I don't have to pay the breathing suscriptions once the owner of the arcology buys the exclusive rights to all the oxygen in the air.

I don't think you quite grasp the concept behind the word "slave".

I grasp the concept of free food and housing

What about the concept of AIDS?

Rough, intestine-crushing, prolapsing, sphincter-tearing anal and probable STD infection's worth it for whatever your owner didn't eat and a cot in his tool-shed I guess


AIDS isn't not even the worst shit that can happen to you in the game.

You shouldn't fear STDs, but what your owner has in store for you.

When I was younger (like 16), I was playing some Bushido Blade with some friends at the rec center, and this little kid (like 10) comes up and is like "man the graphics for this game suck" in the smuggest tone, and I immediately said "the graphics for your face suck and that's why your dad left your mom".
Pretty lame, I know, but the fact that I didn't skip a beat, combined with the fact that he instantly hung his head in shame and walked away made it hilarious. We were laughing the rest of the day about that, and we bullied that kid incessantly from then on.
Ah, memories.

He was just trying to befriend you guys

when i was a kid i picked up a cockroach and this other kid told me to throw it on a girl so i threw it on him instead. from then on everyone bullied him and we'd seek things to throw at him
he died in afghanistan to a grenade that someone threw on him of course


It was so heavy handed in trying to make you feel bad.

Shit, bayonet someone in Red Orchestra and you'll get legit PTSD.

what's that, heroes and generals? i remember playing it and having a bit of fun but there was something which i don't remember what it was which made me not want to play the game

It's Red Orchestra 2 mate, quite possibly one of the most intense shooters aver made.

Too bad the developers are huge fucking faggots.

I know, i feel guilty for looking forwards to wasting gooks innajungle.

This. I want more of the more realistic shooters where even a single bullet can easily kill you. I hate games where you need to spend an entire magazine just to down one faggot.

There's Insurgency.

That was never really the same for me, the maps and teams are too small and it's got map-set tactics like a CSGO game.

It's not like that at all, however. The whole game is based on quick movement on small maps, like CSGO, rather than camping in the bushes on a vast map, coordinating with other 30 people to maintain a frontline, and picking off the enemies charging your positions.

Well quite frankly your dad is 70, I'm not sure if he's having a midlife crisis but I think he's trying to connect with you so you should sit him down and give him the "I lo9ve you dad, but cut that shit out" speech.

That sounds retarded.

I did this until Star Ocean 4 made me realize I was wasting my life doing shit I don't like when I could be doing things I enjoy instead.

It's like poetry

Yeah right, Spec Ops: The Line is as profound as one of those "would you rather" bet. It worked because people are raised to be idiots getting high on shame and self-loathing, and they are believing fantasy worlds are to be taken seriously. Moral crusaders against video games used to claim gamers were unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality, as a way to scare non-gamers off. Recently those pseudo intellectuals went for the "as if" argument, fully aware that you know you are playing a game involving shooting people (but you also know it's just a bunch of triangles and code). That's why you get article after article tricking you into imagining "what if your actions in video games were really real for real?", "what if your choices in a virtual and controlled environment really had consequences in real life (for real)?", "what if someone was judging your play style on real life grounds?"

Would you steal a car in real life? Then why do it in GTA? Do you understand now why the police should be worried about those actions you'd do if you knew they had no consequences?
Would you shoot someone in the nuts and knife his face as he's whimpering in pain? Then why do it in SoF? Do you now understand why your friends things you are creepy?

Oh, I see the light now. Thanks moral crusaders, I realized I was shooting people all along and it's not okay in real life, so I will stop playing these games. I will tell others to stop enjoying what they do, shut down their video games before they do something they will take unconformable (and they will, now that they over-think everything) and ask them to consider how terrible their actions in a fantasy world would be in real life.

Yeah, I remember when a professional blogger from Kotaku got triggered by a video of a guy who was cleaning the streets in Watch_Dogs.

It's also how you get shit like Riley Harmon's "kinetic sculpture" and the hipsters commenting on it "Mediated experiences of killing change our perception of violence and death (…) In simple terms it is about manifesting experiences that are purely virtual, or only 'real' in a psychological sense, into the physical world - physical computing."

And then you get the holier-than-thou articles: "Most of us kill a lot of people in digital worlds, and don't think much about the consequences of death."

so she's about as muslim as most of today's christian population is christian