Haven & Hearth

Open World, Full Loot, Permadeath Survival MMO It predates all the shovelware I swear

For a while it had shitty payment model where you could spend only limited time logged in if you were free or verified (one-time payment of 15USD for perpetual account upgrade that IIRC doubled your game time, currently gives 10% bonus on character growth)

That's not completely baseless statement but it's far from truly cancerous form of f2p. Subscription bonuses are relatively powerful but they're bonuses, not "free" stuff. Subscribers need to cook food and craft curiosities just like free players. Sub Tokens (think of EVE Online PLEX) have kind of ruined trading of high-tier items since some people only accept tokens when trading.

That is possibility but compared to some previous worlds, it's easier to make secure base. Currently palisade can't be destroyed without siege engine after it has fully dried and people rarely bother sieging unless its juicy and clearly inactive target. Main thing to worry is losing your character and 90% of risks can be circumvented by using alts for menial tasks outside walls. Rest 10% can be done with separate "outdoorsman" character which will leave your "crafter" unharmed.

For two Swedish guys, they're doing pretty good job.

My motive to make this topic is to get more people to play Haven and Hearth, but I'm not paid to do it.

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havenandhearth.com/portal/ - Official site
havenandhearth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=40714 - beginner guide
havenandhearth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=43840 - custom client I personally use (playing with default client is generally considered noob thing)

Does it still take days to do anything meaningful?

I forgot to mention, new quest system enables you to meaningfully spend time ingame for the first days. Getting "Yeomanry" skill is first real milestone for new player (it allows you to claim land) and that can easily take couple days of "shove in curiosities every hour or two."

Without claim everything you craft and build is free pickings, after that people need theft/vandalism and they may or may not bother with leaving scents to harass some newbie.

Is there any way to just play it alone and not MMOstyle?

Map is pretty big. If you find nice spot far from rivers that link into larger river networks, then yes.

Forgot to mention you can try grinding quests (you mostly talk to trees and run between them) for chance to be rewarded with Learning Points.

I said no MMOstyle. My internet is too shite to play online.

Well if we do this we have to get together somewhere.

There's no single player mode, it has been requested multiple times and almost certainly not coming.

People can create new characters to your location if you build "Wilderness beacon", name it, and give name to person you're inviting. They have to make fresh character though.

Last time someone in Holla Forums got a village going, it only took a few days for Cyrilic posts to show up here and the village infiltrated.
Walls and sieges are meaningless when someone can claim he's a newbie and wants to join your village, just to give coordinates to his entire faction to find and screw you.
In fact, that was how warfare was fought before.
It does not matter how safe or how hidden you are, the attacking faction has already scouted your entire base with an alt account.
It does not matter how many walls you have going, as long as you have a gate, someone from your faction will inexplicably open it for them.
It doesn't even matter how many men you have, they'll often show up when everyone is out of the village asleep.

Great policy. Let's dump the burden of suspicion on every new account so that no new player ever joins a village because everyone thinks he's a spy.
Let's also keep keys only on one character that can be trusted and has to spend his whole time locking and unlocking a gate everytime someone wants to go through.

The game is neat and very comfy but as all MMO's, the community breaks it in half. If people could host their server and moderate it at will, if players had a choice in what server to join, this kind of shit wouldn't happen as often, since it would mean the death of the server. It probably already is, but since you're forced to play with all the assholes if you want to play Haven&Hearth, it will hold out.

I'd rather play other videogames instead, thanks. I can just get Terrafirmacraft for the same thing in actual 3D, for instance.
The only thing special about Haven&Hearth is how russians and goons keep fucking with it and people still keep playing.

Have you kept yourself up to date? Visitor (de)buff solves most of the problems you described. Field cairns or personal claims will allow you to limit access that new players have.

Salem is slightly better in areas and worse in other areas.

There are assholes in all games, especially MMO's

Except we aren't talking about someone visiting your village. We are talking about someone saying he wants to join and be part of your village.
If you accept him, he'll have access to your village except for the personal claims of every player, which doesn't matter if your village has any form of communal storage or even because he can just open the village doors and the opposing faction doesn't need a siege engine to break into personnel claims.

Most other measures you can think of and that have no doubt already been implemented just do what I said. They shift the burden of suspicion on top of every new player. Anyone joining your village will always be seen as a possible spy for a long time until people are assured he isn't, and that's a shitty way to great new players that just makes them leave after a while.
Even better, it doesn't work. Most factions that do this shit are autistic enough to work for an entire month if needed to prove they aren't spies just to win trust and betray people later on.

Instead of playing a game where the community is actively trying to kill it, go to the Wurm threads instead. It's in full 3D, has a lot more to do and you can change servers if you don't like the community in one. Holla Forums currently has it's own server and everything, where the devs talk with people on the thread.
I don't play there because it's too much autism and I already have other shit to play

Ded game

They sold out Salem and tried to kike out their own community

Jorb and Loftar are not doing a "pretty good job" you fucking jewish kike shill

That was my post and i dont even interact with any russians or another H&H players outside fullchan village. I think someone just left "smell" on enemy Village Claim and random russian come to collect Sculls for fun. Also i dont know imbecile who left village keys in a bin.

That would require them to commit a crime, which would require unlocking the skills required for that.
Which I seriously doubt anyone bothered to buy considering what an investment they are for a small group.
Take a guess. Because turns out there was someone infiltrated actually, since someone decided to start another village somewhere else but not invite everyone because of that (it didn't took off, nobody wanted to play anymore after that loss)

well, thanks for saving me the time with an honest OP.

Actually we have a huge Town arround us like a 2-3 separated villages in one claim and some people travel with a boat what can spot us because boat left a smell while "enter/exit" claim on the river.
Should agree. Seem better start playing separate.

For the Russians
For the Russians
For you.

I'm fairly sure most people moved on to Wurm. I recognize the posting style from some of them and the game seems pretty much what they liked about Haven&Hearth, except less Cyrilic. I urge everyone to at least visit the thread, they make it sound so fucking comfy I feel like I'm missing out not playing with them.

I will check this out. Seems promising for building.


Did they add hearthporting back in? Because otherwise good luck getting your team and alts to meet up.

Just have each villager have their own palisaded area. It's even better since palibashing isn't a thing anymore, you need siege weapons to break a pali, no matter your strength.


Is this going to be a thing or not? I haven't played with Holla Forums since world 3 and missed 8ch's expedition.

At that point, why not have every player do his own village sitting next to each other, trading for shit as needed? Why even have villages in the first point?
Communities are supposed to be a group of individuals that shares common goals and trust. No amount of patchwork by the Devs or the community is ever gonna change that, so if you can't trust or have common goals with everyone in your village, you are better off not even making one.

And people share resources while they are online while having their own palisade to prevent alt-looters.

Then why have villages in the first place? Why not have personal claims only, with a palisade around every house?
Why establish a system that leads to security flaws when it brings little to no benefit?

What that user suggested is the way you stop alt looters. It's the only way Holla Forums would be able to play without people spawning alts and stealing things when everyone else is logged off.

Village chat, charter stone, etc. Villages have lots of benefits. We could have communal areas for crafting stations like kilns, ovens and all that, just don't leave your gold bars lying around there.

are they using grappling hooks to pull themselves out of the water or are those just indicating what person is moving where?

The latter, custom clients can show pathing of players and animals.

Did this implement a system where you have to constantly feed your claim money to keep it up?
I was more into salem than this game but when salem made it to where you constantly had to grind for money to keep your claim up it ended up feeling more like a job than something I did for fun so I stopped playing.
Still kind of have an itch for this type of game though and life is feudal seems too casualized so I figured coming back to H&H would be nice, but not if playing it like a second job is mandatory.

There is, but it takes weeks if not months for a claim to go inactive. Plus you don't really need to do anything, you just need to log in and it's refilled automatically.
I don't know what Salem's system was like but I've never even been remotely bothered by H&H's system.

Well that sounds a lot easier to maintain than salem.
In salem they made you pay ingame currency to refill your claim which you get from selling certain curiousities to a town vendor npc.
The easiest way I found to pay it would be to run around and beat crickets to death and then combine like 3 of them into a bundle of crickets which you could sell to the vendor, it'd take a couple bundles to keep it filled for a few weeks.
So even if you didn't really feel like playing but didn't want the base you spent weeks making to decay into nothing while all your stuff gets taken by new players you'd have to spend a good hour or two every odd week running around praying to the RNG gods that you'll find enough crickets to sell, it was maddening.
Eventually the constant chore outweighed my interest in keeping my base so I gave up.

Fun game, but the moment a Holla Forumsillage gets big enough to be noticeable it gets sacked by slavs every single time.
Also the servers are in bumfuckistan so you're playing with multiple seconds of latency at times.

And that's the main issue with this game, there's two endgames for players: Raid people or grind quality and stats.
Though to be fair, they've recently implemented kingdoms, which might shake up the endgame dramatically once it's fleshed out more. It will be worth organizing a Holla Forumsillage only when W10 is out, but it might be a ways off because Jorb explicitly stated that there wont be a new world until the combat revamp. Kingdoms now do fuck all, but they've only just been implemented.

Scratch that, they were just updated, there's a few buffs you can get if you're part of a kingdom now.
The way kingdoms work is you don't choose to join them, but if your hearth fire is in the kingdom's influence you're a part of that kingdom. Any experience you gain is also added to your kingdom's authority, it's a pretty neat system.

that doesn't sound neat.

Well if they kill people they don't get authority from them.

Seems neat to me.

This game is the reason I hate Russians.


Such good times.

I remember those first feasts after we inherited land from the weeaboo natives- the way the town sprang up kind of naturally. Having like twenty people all dedicated to raising the fence, and roleplaying out different jobs within the village. So proud of that little leatherworking shop and home…

That first banner going up. Hell, even the first exodus to the caves was great. The second was rough, but the last little village was amazing too, while it lasted.

Godspeed you glorious bastards, I hope WURM was/is as much fun.

have fun working on a village for a week before getting raided and quitting

These days no one will raid you after just a week if you've got a palisade up, you wont have anything worth taking.

it was good.

And they'l have nothing worth doing except raiding other people for fun.
If you have the resources for palisades anyway, you most likely have something worth it.
And if you bother with palisades to protect something, then you must have something.
At least that's how raiders will think.

That's how MOST raider's think. The ones that you see around EVE and some other autism simulators is contractually obligated Raiders.

These fuckers are basically the Double'O Agents for Hire in EVE and just "Griefing Faggots" everywhere else. Most raiders will break and take your shit because it's fashionable. These fucks will take it because they have to meet a quota for "dicks stabbed" and "shit stolen".

Only those who know them, which is to say, themselves and a list people that can be counted on ten fingers. These guys like to steal, the difference is they use whatever methods they can to steal "well". They will dedicate themselves to a good haul and commit when otherwise lowly raiders would up and quit so there are few of them, but they're damned powerful.

On a game like EVE, it means that someone could be a spy in your midst at any second, maybe one you've known for years. In regular 'tism sims it means someone might backstab you and steal your shit after a few weeks/months.

Mostly, you don't.

But since we're being optimistic there are a few solutions.

A hybrid between a meritocracy and seniority system works well, people who contribute a lot of time and effort into a system typically have little to gain from sabotage, so encouraging commitment and contribution helps a shit ton as dedicated players have less to gain from stealing from other comrades.

Offering communal services and goods works too. It's essentially bribing, but allowing access to key areas after spending a certain amount of time or resources helps a ton.

Segregation/Organization of players in a hybrid top-down, bottom-up system works too. Segregate newbies into smaller communities of players with a few oldies to watch them and monitor the situation. Leave one of the newbies in charge of the rest and watch his behavior then rotate. This potentially gives a spy an asset but mostly helps in auditing individuals both in the seniority and the newcomers.

If all that fails, simply devolve into a pseudo-anarchist state that exists solely to stir shit whenever. Normally people have a "goal" or "tactics" involved but when you operate mostly to cause chaos and loot, most casual raiders will join you whilst casual thieves do their thing, but these "agents" will mostly avoid you.

If I had to guess, it's because they have little to gain. Raider's are no nonsense. They get the cheapest most efficient shit for the job and they use it. Anything that can be used for raiding, is used for raiding. No stockpiles of spanish gold, no vintage wine in the cellar, nothing. These communal clusterfucks focus solely on beating the shit out of others and for that reason, any stockpile of wealth is immediately pumped into the warmachine leaving agents little to sabotage and very little to steal.

Not only that but the threat of casual violence from a group of DEDICATED rape and pillagers is pretty fucking serious for someone who likes to steal and horde shit and seeing as how the Raiders either have Agents in their Ranks or "hire" them, infiltration is difficult since experienced agents can spot an amateur from a mile.

If you wanna stop "Alt-Thieves" you have to…

- Source: Autismo Maximus Griefer Extraordinaire

No, not really.

An example would be your average Minecraft server with Towny or Factions. A new player will join a faction, mine a shitload of Iron and Diamonds to prove he's not a spy, be allowed access to the faction communal storage and the proceed to empty it for his actual action that he plays with his main char.
There's no problem mining all that Iron and Diamonds for the faction he is infiltrating since it's all gonna end up in his own faction sooner or later. Mining there or mining back home is the same, except he gets the resources of this side of the world too.

Don't glamorize these faggots, they are just tryhards that must "win" in any game at the expense of everyone else if it takes that. They don't care in what situation they leave new players, they don't care that they are misusing whatever faction system is in place making it redundant, they don't care that they are making sure any community in that game simply doesn't exist at all.

They are just faggots, and ruining the game and the community because of them doesn't solve anything, it just makes the game horribly unfun for everyone else.
You handle them with bans and proper moderation or, if you choose to let them stay, understand that they are incompatible with everyone else and your server will sooner or later be just those faggots playing.

Would be better off just being full anarchism. This kind of autism would lead to everyone burning out.

Anyone know why the drying rack wont show up in the building menu? I have the hunting skill and I've killed multiple rabbits.

Actually with field cairns and smart building you can make quite griefer-proof village. Basically that makes possible spies unable to destroy your infrastructure and you can control where they have access and where they don't. Don't keep your valuables in public spaces and you should be quite good.

Literally everyone builds them, they're easy as fuck to build, nobody thinks "Oh a palisade? There must be some valuable shit in there" A new player can get one up in the time it takes them to make leather, in just a few days. They'd only think that if they saw a brick wall.

It takes string, sticks and boughs. Not just sticks like in W7 and before.

You need to discover Branch, Bough and String. (Spindly taproot or Stinging Nettle will count as string.)

I'll elaborate. Field Cairn makes so that villagers can only trespass in certain area, this allows them to use anvil or cauldron but not steal it. Stationary things like Ovens, Kilns and Smelters can be covered with claim that allows theft but not vandalism.

Jesus fuck, anyone know of ways to easily get perception then? I know you can get it from aphids but raiding ant hills solo is annoying.

You're better off putting a few into exploration than trying to get perception, but taproots are visible to newly made characters, just make sure you're looking in forests, because they don't show up in fields.

Does the tanning bug still work?

World 5 was fun because less burgs.

No it doesn't.
You can take out ants without taking damage with 5 unarmed, you just need to keep a quick dodge up and punch when given the chance.


Are there any "public" charter stones that we could use to meet up and then to go find a place to make a temporary camp? Also is this map up to date?


Left Hook is blue attack and ants don't have blue defenses. It has higher cooldown than Punch, though.


Can you see where you are with custom clients yet?

I live near Outer Haven's charter which is in the northwest area of the map. The map was extended somewhat recently so we could settle in one of the newer grids, we could go directly west of Outer Haven for instance.

Do you know their password?

It's "Outer Haven".

I just spawned in. I'm definitely for going toward the newer grids. Though this Outer Haven seems like a fairly large settlement for being so close to the edge.

Slavery & Slavs more likely.

By close I meant they're a few grids west of the former edge.

I commandeered a nearby boat if you're up for looking for a spot.

Bumping, I'm deep into uncharted territory, haven't seen any signs of other players for awhile now. Trying to find a clay pit for wilderness beacons.

How would anyone ITT interested in making an 8ch settlement feel about a temporary discord chat for coordination and another level security against a wandering xaxaxa lurker from calling in a Russian nuke?

The difference here is that Minecraft has a very limited "end game" that is very easy to reach in some places and near impossible in others. Not only that but griefers in these games can operate independently very easily.

Assuming hearth actually has a solid endgame of raids and pillage that takes time and a community to get into, solo griefing is not much of an option and Alt-Infiltrators are more likely.

These unbearable faggots will pollute any game they can get into, but minecraft is a terrible example when you consider

If this game is not trying to be a second, more autistic version of minecraft, the community will not reflect minecraft. If it is attempting to be a second Wurm it'll be a bit more like Wurm, Darkfall, Mortal, and EVE.

The purpose of the "contribution" and meritocratic/seniority system is to make a system of control. We do not need to take a set amount of items but by making a "hidden" system by which the user needs to contribute to the community via service (Time + Resources) as opposed to either Idling (Raw Time) or bribery (Raw Resources).

I.e. The established town smith is more trustworthy than the mysterious wealthy benefactor.

Decentralization is also a good way of preventing these fucks from stealing our shit.

By having multiple town smiths we don't have to dump all our valuable resources on one dude who can just book it at any given moment.

Multiple storage areas make getting access to all our sweetrolls a little bit harder.

Or (if we're following the anarch's example) simply having everyone contribute through service and ultimately keeping their resources to themselves is an excellent method of decentralization.

You never played Haven, have you?
Here's the basic game-flow for your typical ruskie:
This is how they start. There's no "banshing" checks or anything, perfectly legal.
Now, while the crafting characters are making a crapload of food and resources+quality, your exploring character is out hunting "Curios".
End game:
There. You now have a character that:

Now, imagine the ruskie has 8-10 pals, and they're all doing this.
So, everytime the world restarts, you got 10 faggots botting and making a character that is 10x more powerfull than you in less than a month.
There's no raids. There's no end-goal.
All they gotta fear is someone coming close to their power level. And that means you and anyone they see.


Mate, you can't compete with that.
There's a few of them that sleep 6 hours per day on the first week.
There's a couple who have 30 alts botting.

If you head over to the their forums, the english comunity is rather nice. I remember one guy who decided he was gonna wander the world. He traveled far and wide, met a lot of people, shared with their food and shared his stories as he went.
Then one day he heard it. "Cyka". Then he died.
This was someone well known and beloved in the comunity. And despite the uproar and revolt, the devs did nothing, because they don't care.

By the time you get a ranger that can sniff smells and find them, they're already strong enough to take on 5 of you at a time. Noone can do anything about it. This is the Haven&Hearth Endgame: build and have fun until the russians see you. Then start again.

last time I played I couldn't do fucking anything because I could not find a single inch of land that wasn't surrounded by un-interactable land due to being claimed by some faction/clan/whatever.

What the fuck should they do? Give him special treatment and restore his character? Ban people for playing the game as it's intended?
Not with the current combat system. Unless you're all at 1 UA or something that's not going to happen.

The world resets after a couple months (dunno how long each iteration last though).
If you try it again, pretty sure you'd find a good spot more easily.
If it fails, just make a new character and spawn somewhere else.

Oh, you can dig anywhere in shallow water for ball clay.

If this is how the game is "indended" to be played, don't be suprised if only russians play it. They clearly like it, other people might not.

It's a matter of what kind of playerbase you want to foster and breed in your servers and enabling this kind of behaviour kills the possibility of other types of players.

Would you rather have a playerbase filled with traveling hermits that shared their stories and findings with every village they found? Or one where there's a massive village constantly raiding smaller villages for fun?

Even this whole "kingdom system", although it looks like a good idea, it's just gonna ruin things even further.
The point seems to be creating some common goal between villages and the larger kingdom. As you belong to them, whether you like it or not, they have every reason to help you prosper instead of raiding you, after all.

However, if there's no protection against being raided by your own feudal lord, expect the same thing to happen just because they are bored and no protection from your kingdom because they are your kingdom.
Oh and now if they want to raid other villagers, everyone that is part of their kingdom is giving a hand indirectly whether they want it or not, since they make their kingdom stronger just by playing under their rule. Which by the way, you never had to agree to be a part of (because if given the choice, nobody would agree, ence why it's based on territory, not choice)

Expect to see CykaBlyat kingdom only and every other attemp to be seen as a rival that will be raided post-haste before they become a serious thread. Once again, more content that only the russians will enjoy.
The only way I can see this changing is if you can't attack people on your own kingdom and everyone settles in Russian Kingdom, proceding to ignore them.
Which just makes the Kingdom system irrelevant at best and completely backwards at worst, since you'd join a kingdom for protection against that very kingdom…

Was it w8? Devs made stupid decision to spawn every new player into limited are in the center of the map. Currently players can spawn anywhere in the world.

None of the strongest factions are Russians, I'll tell you that now. As for kingdoms, of course you'd want to be under one's influence, they give you buffs.
You should really just stop talking about the game, you know nothing about its current state.

Yeah, but each needs 10 clay and trying to make more than a couple that way would suck. Do clay pits spawn on certain terrain tiles?

Also I think we need some other way to talk about spawning in, unless people want to post temporary hearth secrets ITT.

No, it's just anywhere now.

I was wondering what kind of moron tries to find pit or even acre clay over ball clay but now I realize I forgot how retarded ball clay was in Legacy. In current version, every shallow water tile now has up to 3 or so ball clay that can be dug, with it regenerating over time.

Well if anyone wants to spawn in, create a throwaway alt and post the HS. I'll make a beacon and give you the password.

I wont be spawning in, but I'll be heading over once I can build a wagon.
Just need to wait for this flax to finish up for some more cloth.

The problem with that is I'm not sure exactly where I am. I know where on the known map I went into the uncharted zone, but I took a route that would be hard to replicate. The only thing I know for certain is that I'm a 15 minute walk from the current western edge. The map tiles from the client saved, but I don't know how to make it into something meaningful other than a few hundred png tiles.

If I have your HS we can party up and it'll point me to you.

Ok, just let me know when you're going to head over.

Also do you know what the minimum q a sprucecap/nettle pants+shirt needs to be to give a survival bonus?

Clothing doesn't give bonuses anymore, save for a few items. You need gildings to get bonuses now.
There's a list here.
Clothing QL just softcaps the gilding's bonuses.

Damn, do I even bother?

wurm was better until you faggots fucked everything up

Not sure why anyone would think an 8ch only wurm serb would take off. I thought the entire point was to make a settlement and piss off non-user neighbors.

The 3% chance dictates something else. It determines whether or not you'll be able to gild an item again after or not. I'm not sure what the max is for gildings but you can only have one of each kind of gilding per item.

I'm assuming most of these new localized resources are worthless for now. Geysers only make catapults and salt deposits don't do anything, according to the wiki at least.

Actually most of them are incredibly good, there's a few worthless ones like geysers and clay pits.

You weren't kidding. I just found the one that heals HHP.

Is there some that I should keep in mind if I find? In terms of somewhere to settle down, I've only been looking at soil q.

Soil QL doesn't matter for farming, just for tree planting. It's capped by your survival anyways, same with water.
Some place a few grids near a mountain would be good because they have the best resources, notably ice spires which give ageless ice which instantly finishes all of your curios. A flat area is best, so less terraforming is needed.

So do localized resources spawn at any time? Or are they limited in number? I've found a few mountain areas, but they're all pretty small.

They don't spawn, they just refill over time, different ones have different refill times.

I assume for these that if right clicking them doesn't allow any actions, then I can't harvest it.

is that one of the new xp thingers? it's probably tapped out

Yeah that one's empty. According to reports, the clams take 10 days to refill just one pearl.

Based on what you're bringing over, what do we need? Do I have to even bother with WWWs?

No, I've got all the crops.

A flat area near a cave is all we need, really. Makes getting ore less of a hassle, then we can save the hardened leather for getting to level 2/3.
It's nice to be close to forest terrain as that's where all the good game spawns.

Alright. I've been looking for any mountains but haven't seen any so far.

Also, something like this wouldn't have an ice spire right?

No, that's not a mountain, that's just rock tile, you'll know when you find a mountain, it's really fucking steep. Ice spires are specifically in snow.

bumping, just got destroyed by ants thanks to the help of a boar


You can inspect (A->S) Localized Resources to see how long they take to refill.

Also regarding that clay confusion, other major changes include Keys being divided into Slave and Masterkeys. with Slavekey you can open the gate from inside and close it from either direction. With Masterkey you can open the gate either way and change the lock into a new one (in legacy only way to make sure only you have keys to a gate was to destroy it and build new one.)

Visitor buff affects people who use gate to enter a personal claim that they don't own or village that they're not part of and prevents all crime actions (you can be aggroed outside gate though, combat persist after character gains visitor.) Reasoning behind this is to make people use legit siege instead of just sending mole to open gates to enemy raid.

Oh, I didn't know that.

How's this for a spot?

Looks pretty good.
I'll be able to head there tomorrow.

What colors are considered forest tiles? I'm having a hard time telling. Is this white considered a forest?


If you're at full stamina you can't sprint on them, the white ones would be forests.

Ents confirmed

Wish I spent time looking into the new hunger system before I ate a few hundred elderberries to get my perception up.

I hope you didn't waste too much of your hunger, but you can do quests that reduces your fullness. Sometimes you get nothing more than 50 experience from a quest, other times you get 15k LP.
I''m ready to head out now.

I have to get off for a bit, I'll be online in about an hour.

Well, you'll have to do a lot of quests, while eating high energy low hunger foods because you can drain a lot of stamina doing quests mostly because of swimming. Swimming isn't as bad as it used to be back in W7 and before, swimming across rivers is generally no problem.
You could just make an alt and leave him logged in so I can figure out where to go.

I wait, I misread that, I thought you'd be online for an hour, not in an hour, nevermind.

I'm back, drop a HS.


So, you're a dev.

wouldn't be too surprised tbh

Imagine there's a multiplayer game you like but nobody else plays it, wouldn't you shill it for free?


Did Jorb remove bots? Не люблю пустые деревни с фермерами-призраками


But for the 2nd part of your post my Russian friend, it is what you make it. The plan is everyone gets their own walled plot with a central communal area that will have general production items.

We tried this in Roadville village and this end awful - nearby forest gone, bunch of unfinished houses and sections.

Better use a Winterfell village system:
1) One zone for houses (each person have a house) in unified zone
2) Farmlands for hight "Q" food and charter farmlands for villagers (for crafting low Q curio and food).
3)Wood stockpile and Stagecoach.
4) Crafting zone with general warehouse and low Q Oven/Furnace
5) Just a meeting/sparring zone
6) Gardens and high Q tree garden

Using and "Gommie" system with democratic distribution of food / items is a best solution.

Also have a old meme 4u.

One of my concerns is that people will just leave and then we're left with their lots locked up and just sitting there wasting space. But wrecking balls are fairly easy to set up and use, so I don't see it being a big issue.

The alternative to this would be to have a shitter ghetto section where new people spawn. They still get access to the communal area and after enough time they get a plot, since they won't be able to do much with a plot freshly spawned anyway. Those who drop out before then don't leave much wasted resources.

I haven't been in any Holla Forums settlements for a very long time, but from what I understand we can't have a single set of keys.

Wait a min, here the story
End the story.

Dont build "public spawn" - this always have a bad end. Noobs starting shit/stealing everything but people who assimilate just leave village after 2-3 days because lack of curio and forest. Big villages fall mostly because noob invading and not because kraut/slav raiders.

sorry for my shit English - i still learning

There's plenty of woods and there can be plenty of curios for noobs to eat. People who steal would basically be hoarding low quality items out in the open. Any negatives that come from this vastly outweigh the negative of having a single lock that needs to be opened for all valuables to be stolen.

After 2 years in H&H i trying avoid big villages and mostly travel alone. Could join just for help build a wall or houses but i dont think your village accept any russian even harmless. And i think even if you would i cant accept because i can scare people and they leave.

You're welcome to join us and if you like it you can stay around. Create a new character and post the HS, I'll build a beacon for you.

Not today - i have a 3/3 work day. May be later.

When you want to join, just do that and I'll give you the wilderness beacon password.

Good fucking god what a shitshow that was.
>retards make another base closer to the fucking gigantic russian bases
I'm not gonna lie, I had a great time while it lasted. 50% of the fun was from the impromptu game of mafia that came from the russians raiding us and the other 50% from seeing the town grow. The game itself is boring as hell and all the stuff in the op is making me not want to bother.


I remember. Its 1 day then i join.

I don't remember that many bases.
There was the initial one (I can't remember why we left that place), the second one with the moon runes where that giganigga infiltrated the base and one-shot all of us, then there was one more which was like 6 or 7 of us, which ended because I got bored as did everyone else waiting for W8 to come.
And it sounds like you joined when we were at the moon rune village, also I don't remember a Tundra at the third one I listed, going by your story there must have been three different groups going after the moon rune village was infiltrated. I guess we really splintered when that happened.


Wait what, you need to pay now to be competitive?

Not at all.

Fuck, I played this game back before the exodus (to 8ch, not in H&H) with people from the homelands, and we only had like 7 people online at most. When I saw the H&H threads here I wasn't ready to play again after trying 3 villages that fell apart due to people quitting, especially since I have even less time. And I missed this, a village with twenty-something people online at a time.
Never take what you have for granted, anons, you never know when you'll lose it.

I kind of want to play again but i remember the last village where we had a spy infiltrated and on day we lost everything we had

These days something like that wont happen, if you walk through an open gate that's on a claim, you can't commit a crime til you leave the claim, so to someone who's not part of the village, an open gate is the same thing as a closed one.

Also, to you guys who got raided and kept your keys in a fucking crate in the open or something: do/did signposts work like they used to?

When I played around w5 to w7, a signpost could have signs added to it that allowed you to teleport to another signpost at the cost of some travel weariness just by clicking on it. Our villages were kept secure by having signposts just outside the gates that had nothing on them, and a signpost inside let you teleport to the signposts outside. If you wanted to get back in, you just used your hearthfire / village teleport. Does that not work anymore? Were signposts removed? Was everyone just too dumb/new to know?

I see. I might hop back in, because this is the closest thing we have to a hardcore harvest moon game

The way we're setup right now, this can't happen.

You mean crossroads? They don't exist anymore.

Yeah, that's probably it. Back in the day you used those, made no copies of keys, and left the originals on an alt that you only logged in under the circumstances in the folowing list:

It made gates basically 100% secure.

The way to do it now would be create an alt that holds the slave keys and you multiclient to open the doors and an alt that acts as a vault for the master keys which never see the light of day. Again, the way we're setup, everyone has their own palisade and own set of keys.

no one believed me when I said I was new. Little did they know how true it was.

I joined a bit late. Pretty sure I started moving to join up when the first place collapsed because -7, -4 (on this map) wasn't where the place I ended up was.