Building Comfy Colonies

Who is here making comfy colonies and exploran aliyum planets?

I think today we'll celebrate our INDEPENDANCE DAY!

Fukken shit, what's with these random NPC??? They better fix this!

What game? Looks like fun Unity.

Planet Explorers

Currently designing and testing some larger transport craft.
The large VTOL rotor is borked. Fuel consumption is insane.

Looks like voxel based survival exploration building sandbox procedurally generated open world game #1245152431?

Not exactly.

The Story singleplayer has a hand-made planet (continent?) with a good storyline.

You do have adventure mode where the planet can be randomly generated.

Plus, you get to actually build and manage a colony.

what's that? a better sperg enginiggers?

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Is it Unity? I don't play Unity games


Blow me. I ain't going any where.

- it's late beta. Final version in a month or two.

- and voxels are bad because……?

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Those female models look like anus.
The left one's head doesn't match its body at all, it's body is too short and has weird biceps.
The right one has a body that is too large and it's chest is large instead of its bust.

Why should I do your work for you, you lazy faggot?

The RNG god was not kind on those.
All the story women look great and some of the randomly generated ones.
But some really end up looking weird

My serfs report a bountiful harvest!
My colony grows and prospers.
Next, building a monorail to connect it with other camps/colonies.

Also, my custom hand cannon. Blows everything away

Well it looks awful. It'd need some out of this world gameplay for this survivecraft to be even worth a pirate

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el chavo

Fuck you, I happen to like this game.

Spoils of todays work:
A new fighter for my vehicle pool
Made a large garage under the helipad and stored my tank and buggy there.
My colony is thriving now.
30+ people and I got 10 extra beds

I turned my colony into a fortress. All I need is a wall, but that can wait until after I finish the monorail.

The central building has 2 gattling turret, 1 atrillery turret and 1 missile launcher in each corner, plus a laser turret on each side.

In addition to that I placed reinforced turret emplacements around the perimiter.
2 more laser turret, 2 more gattling turret, 2 more artillery turrets and 2 particle cannons.

And I started making high-tech armor for my colonists and recruited 2 highly skilled soldiers to train my guards .

I torrented this game a while ago. All I can remember about it was the shit UI and controls. That, and a load of grinding. It was also visually painful to look at.

is this singleplayer only?

IIRC, there will be multiplayer servers, like minecraft.
Never tried them though.

I downloaded it, trying to get it to run. I wish you could go to other planets though.

Game looked like fun, but only if you're creative and actually make your own shit.
Monsters you hunt are great. The NPC's less so.

Main problem for me is performance. Every Unity game I try is a 50% of running smoothly or cinematic 17 FPS.
Unfortunately, this was the latter.

Don't shill with "survive" shit. The survival is mainly "eat shit for buffs" and "medkits". That's it.

It's the economics and automation that make the game shine. And designing your own shit.

Still needs some work. The main story ain't that bad, but making your own colony still lacks enough content.

Final Verdict: it's better than No Man's Buy or Starbound, but can still improve a lot more.


Dunno. I am having a lot of fun.

People around here drool over much worse games.

How the hell am I supposed to kill the kraken with only 2 shitty torpedoes?

Monorail finally complete!

Now I can trade with the Martian colony and have fast and easy travel.

I also started decorating the houses so my colonists can live nicely.

Also, I have my specialists edumucate new arrivals.

Basic self-defense and farming for now.

Eh, don't worry too much about people here.
If you're having fun, good for you.
Until they release multiplayer though, don't expect a lot of threads.

Time to purge.

I like this game, but I think I enjoy Empyrion more. The planet in this game is boring and too earth like for me.

Why devs

Because you're making a thread with the expectation of other people also playing this same game.

Posting magnet would increase the number of people playing the game, thus increasing the number of people who will talk with you about the game which you want to talk with people about as evidenced by you making this thread.

You stupid faggot.

Some martians are cool guys…and sexy chicks.
I'm mostly letting women into my colony.

How does that even work?

I think the weight display is bored, like the comma is moved one place.
It should be 1.3 kilo.
I got an aluminium craft (the white one in the above images) that weight 150 tons (?). 45 if made out of wood.

Dude, you're part of a colony ship. Of course the planet is going to be earth-like with carbon-based life. Those are the best for humans to colonize.

New update changed textures.
don't know how to feel about this….

Also, check out my new outfit.

I tried this last year and it ran like dogshit after like 5 hours despite running fine at first. Also buggy as fuck and pretty sparse with content, has any of that changed? It looks fun and has potential, but they really need to fix the problems and add more shit

Fuck this thread and fuck yourself.

holy shit, you can build and manage colonies now? last time I loaded it up I made a motorcycle out of stone and it crashed so hard it deleted my save

Got a download?

I think the screenshots should speak for themselves.
Yes, you can build a colony and manage colonists.

Why have one railway when you can make two?

Made another helipad and garage, and completely demolished the monorail and made a new one (that was a big job, as I had to demolish every tower in between the colonies and make newer, bigger ones.)

Here's a video:
Do note that FRAPS causes all custom vehicles to turn black.

It's not really a survival game. It's just your typical exploration/kill monsters game. They're mostly weak but some kind of require vehicles or turrets to properly handle. Like the giant tortoise monster in the beginning area of the game. Hurrr. Or the giant aggressive rhinos in the beginning of the game.

The colony building is pretty lackluster as far as mechanics go, there's really not much to do with it and it provides marginal benefit. The only building you should bother building is a storage, powerplant to power the storage and a processing facility. You can assign 4 colonists max, per colony. They will gather resources for you like tin/copper etc therefore saving you a shit ton of time doing boring minecraft mining shit.

All of the vendors are available from the beginning, you just have to know their locations. So going through the story is for penis explorers.

Where the game shines is actually the creation system that's like second lives only actually fucking usable. You can create some really cool vehicles, custom weapons, and objects / furniture for your colony. The rest of the game is total shit and the devs blame the engine rewrite. The voxel engine the game uses is actually kind of cool and you can reshape the terrain to a high degree. But it's really hard to make slopes for some reason.

It's not really a bad game but it has a lot of drawbacks. You can also place standard blocks ala minecraft to make ugly ass buildings which the colonists fail to pathfind through.

That's like saying an RPG offers no choice because you played before and know the outcome already.
Don't be stupid.
Isn't finding powerful/good stuff supposed to be rewarding?
OR do you think it would be better if those NPCs magically don't exist in the world until you hit quest X? I don't fucking get this. Al lthis talk about open world, no level scaling ,freedom of exploration - and then you have faggots that complain when they get it.

Welp, better remove the Power Armor from Fallout 1. We don't want the player getting it too early!

No it's good that you can go straight the vendors because you can skip the story if you just want to run around doing your own shit you can.

Jeff Goldblum from JP in first screen

And when you talk to that NPC…he talks like he is Jeff Goldblum. In fact, he seems to imply that he is, without actually saying it.

Victoria 2 lets you build colonies in Africa during the Scramble for Africa with the other European powers, it's not in space but it finally lets you be like Cecil Rhodes.

for that matter EUIV lets you build and maintain colonies pretty much anywhere that isn't civilized yet (Canada, the US, Africa etc). that said they pretty much force you to buy one of the DLCs because your colonies' self-management is absolutely genuinely retarded (I had my three Canadian colonies declare actual war on me, the largest single kingdom in Europe, even though I was giving them the lowest tariff rates and treating them like royalty). they add more robust colony management but that's actually the DLC that made me hate parajew with all my soul - it should have been a patch, the vanilla AI is literally fucking retarded

What's the current build at? I got and it wont go past the 100% render screen

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You are all welcome.

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Where is the pirate spirit? Share the game!

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I just want the piracy

So what's the latest version?

This game actually playable now? Last build I played was ~6 months ago, and the game was a complete fucking mess of garbage without a scrap of fun in sight.


like so?

this is the ver

It is the only way to kill a shill thread for good.

Pirating the game.

this thread got me to re-download this last night and it's definitely more playable. i only dicked around in creation mode for awhile but it's a lot tighter and the engine seems to work a whole lot better too - i made a motorcycle that actually works, as opposed to the savegame-deleting wormhole it used to be

putting down blocks while building structures is still wonky as fuck, but it could be because i don't really remember the key commands for putting things down in a large pattern (placing an entire floor in one go, as opposed to block by block for example)

tl;dr it's ok, there's more to it and it works a lot better than it did

Is the music still this super disturbing woman moan-singing in your ear non-stop? Or am I remembering some other game?

Minecraft and it's many, many clones. Also why the fuck are you double spacing?

That's like saying anything written down is shit because you read something shitty someone wrote one time.
That it follows the voxel survival craftan fad is definitely a strong indication that it will be shit, but it doesn't automatically mean that it is.

This game was shit when I played it, and I'm now reinstalling to confirm whether it's still crap. I'm sure it will be.

i turned the music off and watched the sopranos on my other monitor, so I don't know. maybe you're thinking of endless ocean

Sweet jesus fuck, I wish I'd been wrong. You could weaponize that shit.

is this no mans sky

It's doubtful I'll get this any time soon even if it does seem good enough with the price it's at, but a lack of boxel syndrome in vehicle creation already piques my interest. Empyrion's pretty shit in this regard, as it has block bullshit like Starmade but doesn't have the interrelation of blocks like the importance of generator network shapes to force a somewhat rational physical design. The most efficient general purpose 4-gatling 2-rocket fightercraft/exploration vehicle I could throw together was a flying trash can, and it performed a great deal better than a more luxurious & arbitrarily designed flying wing from before I got more of a handle on the efficient way to do things thanks to the bizarre way thrusters work, in that the only thing they add is more acceleration (which is accurate and especially so in space where a top speed wouldn't exist, making slowboat minimum thruster designs or throttle settings perfectly reasonable, but speed is capped at 110 MPS/396 KPH for some reason) and power for achieving escape velocity, meaning having any more frame volume and therefore weight than the bare minimum to have an armored skin over the top of single amenities, a generator & fuel tank, and two ammo crates with an excessively centerline shrouded gunmouth offers no advantage since you'll just have to stick more tanks, thrusters & generators on for no performance benefit while spreading the non-converging guns out for no good reason, unless one is worried about getting the guns sniped out, in which case one is forced to make a less efficient, more spread out design of one-block spacings between guns. Because aerodynamics don't exist, and neither do ammo feeds, fuel lines, or craft faster than a pre-WWII monoplane, and that fucks design ethics utterly in terms of making the most functionally reasonable design actually look reasonably functional.

Compared to that, the precise looking itty-bitty voxel painting tool this game has looks fantastic. But how much bearing does craft shape & hull thickness have ingame, if any? Will it affect the armor of the craft? Does impact angle matter in that regard, or is it just thickness at impact point which matters? Are non-small arms static, or can they be designed like the small arms seem to be able to be based on the brief trailer 2 clip of the FN SCAR mutant? If weapons are to some degree nonstatic, is ammunition standardized & selected at weapon creation or procedurally generated relative to the stats of the weapon you make with a resource cost and blueprint assigned? Do proper caterpillar tracks as a suspension & drive option exist, or are all AFVs bigger than an armored car gonna turn into Christie suspension wheeled buggy-tank monstrosities? Are there antigrav style hovercraft for cleaner bottomed and less mobility kill vulnerable ground vehicles? And how high can I turn up the spawning of hostile sapient aliens like the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind God Warrior looking fuckers or the flamethrower brutes, or else Starship Trooper bug equivalents if there are any, can I set a game up so that I can wage total war on masses of on and off-map hostile spawns with an honest-to-god war economy established? Can NPCs use vehicles intelligently so that such a scenario doesn't involve nothing more than tower defense and a little personal air cavaliering?

Currently? Beta 0.4.2
Your build is old.

Fuck you, you lazy faggot. I don't have to prove jack shit to you and I wont' bother doing your job for you. If you want the game than it's YOU who has to do the minimal legwork of finding a torrent.

Sorry, I don't believe in guilt by association.

And for the second - because I want to. If that triggers your autism, good. Means less than shit to me.

What? You're full of shit.
That music only plays on the title screen, and it's not bad at all.
The second you enter any other screen (like creation) or the game, it switches to the standard music and never plays again.

Durabillity of you vehicle depends on the material used and the volume/mass/number of voxels.
So yes, thicker "armor" would give you more durabiltiy, but also increase weight. Which would require more lift.

I don't think it looks at anything other than total durability.

The damage a weapon does is determined by material, volume and parts used (heavy laser muzzle vs normal lazer muzzle, for example)
Don't know the exact formula, but having jagged edges and a lot of surface area seems to increase damage for swords. Not so sure for guns. All small arms use the same ammo pool (standard bullets)

There are no tank tracks. You only have several wheels to choose from.

You can put VTOL rotors or use jets to create hover tanks.
You also have craftable monster beacons that will spawn several waves of enemies.

As far as I know, NPC's can't drive vehicles solo. Maybe in a future update. They can drive with you in passenger seats.


Heavy assault craft Whale.
It's going to be a flying fortress, carrying gattling guns, heavy caliber cannons and missiles

sounds like a plan

It is (mostly) finished!
Still need a paint job.

Time to shoah some aaaayyys!

that actually looks pretty sweet. it looks like a harkonnen air defense platforms big brother

Now do fortress aircraft carrier Despina.


But yeah, does this pile of shit compare to Shores of Hazeron?


I can't even find the actual menu theme on kiketube. There's only this old version that has a lady humming, which isn't terrible.
The new version, with the lyrics that sounds like an anthem written by a four-year-old about exploring the woods behind his house, is physically painful to listen to.

60m is the biggest functional (moving) thing you can build for now.

Despina is 1400 meters…

I've never been able to figure out how to make webms that aren't horrendously shitty, but here's the theme song in question.

MEh..still tweaking it. It has stabillity problems. Too much thrust forward so it keeps angling up and it barely turns.
To fix it I added more airship thrusters to work as manouvering jets (and hit the limit. No more than 32).
Also more guns..because why not?
Just wish I could put in more than 2 missile launchers.

And? It's nice.
And that singer is a professional, I recognnize his voice.

It's ostentatious as fuck for a dinky little game about people aimlessly blundering about a poorly shat-out procedural planet, and for all of its ostentatiousness the lyrics boil down to "what's over there? let's go look. we're PLANET EXPLORERS!!"

It sounds so fucking full of itself. Like writing and performing an opera to sing about a grilled cheese sandwich you just made.

Here, I wrote you a song of equal quality:

ostentatious…do you even know what that word means?

Poor lyrics? As opposed to? Give me an example of good lyrics, genius.
Methinks you're projcting too much.

Yeah, it means pretentious, which this shit absolutely is.

Right here, user:
Get your "professional" to sing that and slap it into a game by these indie devs you worship, and I'm sure you'd cum rivers over it, too.

So your complainign that the mustic is too grand for the game?

Are you retarded? I can use your same line of thinking to shit on every music in every game ever.
Baldurs Gate? Just a shitty little game where you're just some shit running aimlessly around.
Fallout? Skyrim? Wing Commander? Star Wars? Master of Orion? Heroes of Might and Magic? All shit games. The music is just there t make them sound grander than they are.
Everything is shit.

Yeah, I'm sure you think you're gods gift to this Earth.

Too bad the reality is that you suck.
It's not my fault you are mentally and aucustically challenged (and probably lack any musical education)

For those who might have trouble parsing it without headphones.

The first verse is actually pretty good on its own, in a vacuum from the goofy bootleg Wildstar-looking game. The second is mediocre in the first three fourths and downright ridiculous with the verse four title drop, along with the vocalist being so-so, not bad or good. Or maybe that's rather the second verse' quality speaking than any trouble with the singer. It's definitely overblown for the tone of the game itself. I can see how it'd grate when looping on the main menu, they probably should've stuck to the instrumental version for the main menu and used this cheesy lyrical version later on as a credits theme for the story mode. That might endear it to people better, along with having more and less mediocre verses.

Oh, it's not just that. Music that's too grand for its game can be good, just look at Wonderful 101 - it's completely ridiculous, but that makes it enjoyable because it's self-aware about being over the top.
It's that the music is too grand for itself, with utterly simplistic lyric structure and only two verses.
It's like getting Placido Domingo to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. It's absurd and doesn't even have any follow-through.

user, calm down before you damage yourself. You're acting like you're the developer or something, you can't possibly be taking the criticism this personally.

I agree, and it totally is the incessant looping that drove it through my skull like a railroad spike.
I mean, it's only 1:40 for crying out loud. They should at least space it out with a good 5-10 minutes of instrumental between spurts of silly singing.

I really like the new copper and Iron textures, but the marble and stone textures look like garbage.

How did you manage to build that? it took me hours to build these and that was using the templates provided.

Well, looking at the game forums and a quick google search, you seem to be the only one with that complaint.

Maybe it's not that the music is "too grand" for the game, maybe you just look down too much.

Speaking of which, have you ever hated a person because he's so stuck and and pretentious, thinking he knows everything and is the judge of all good taste?

I happen to have a musical education background and I happen to be a vocal singer (chorus). Your idea that the lyrical structure is too simple, that the vocalist is terrible or that short songs are bad is just plain redicolous to me.

Looks like you don't know how to use the creator tools effectively.
Don't tell me you are doing each voxel one by one? Do you even have mirroring turned on?

I actually just figured that out about an hour ago. It's saving so much time. My Vehicles still look like shit though

Well, looking at your post and a quick dictionary lookup, you seem to be the only one with that complaint.

Maybe it's not that the music isn't "too grand" for the game, maybe you just hate the guy too much.

Speaking of which, have you ever hated a person because he's so stuck and and pretentious, thinking he knows everything and is the judge of all good taste?

I happen to have a software education background and I happen to be a programmer (senior). Your idea that the lyrical structure isn't too simple, that the vocalist isn't terrible or that you misspelled 'ridiculous' is just plain ridiculous to me.

That's really low effort bait. And a low effort reply.

I made a new design, it looks much better. Although I realized how much of a nightmare trying to find all the ores to make this thing will be

Get a diamond pick. You'll be getting A LOT of resources with it, fast.
The only thing that a bit slower is Aluminium and titanium (since it takes more strikes), but you can easily get 1000+ in just a few minutes

The title theme of this game has some serious problems. This user here has some decent suggestions for how to make it more palatable:

You don't need musical education or background to judge music. If it sounds like shit, it's just shit.

Does anyone have an updated torrent?

only builds I can find are 1-2 years old.

You don't need no official degree or some popmpous liberal arts bullshit, but you need to understand the subject matter. People who devote their lives to music will have better understanding than someone who does not.
Also, there's nothing objectively wrong with title drops. You find them cringy - that's subjective.

So to summarize - I don't need to play games or understand game mechanics to judge games. If I don't like it then its' shit.

user, I have to ask again - are you the developer or perhaps the singer? You're taking my valid criticism of that abysmal song so personally that I can't help but assume that you're actually somehow personally attached to its creation somehow.

You don't need to be a chef to criticize the composition of a meal - if it tastes like shit, it tastes like shit. That song is horrendous, so you just kinda gotta deal with my opinion existing, bud. I really don't know what else to tell you.

Here, user, take this webm. It seems to suit your taste.

Nope, just a guy who does sing and loves games.
Calling the song abysmal already proves you know nothing, John Snow.

In unrelated news, I discovered you CAN voxel-shape the terrain by switching the mode. This makes leveling terrain SOOO much easier

well user you might be able to make a non shit webm if it's not 2.01MB and 256x144
By the way i'm guessing you didn't specify a bitrate? Don't do that, i've found people just assume that if you don't specify it it's going to make the highest quality video possible which is not true at all and libvpx (and most encoders of most formats) just default to a very lossy preset, same deal with audio

shit user really is the dev