Battlefield 1 leaked trailer

Is it really worth 60 $?

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The locale might be neat, but quite frankly, I can't think of a single African conflict which was actually interesting. So much, that I can't even name any names. Despite having so many, Africa has shit wars.

I'm glad that Dice got rid of the whole "Multicultural WW1" shitfest and are taking the battlefield franchise into strange new places.

I especially like the man character, he flies a helicopter and kicks ass, he is very high energy.

I dunno about that, Africa in the 90s was full of Mercenaries kicking all kinds of ass.

That's because they have shit soldiers

Rhodesian Bush War

I can't see many people in the video games industry taking on a Rhodesian Bush War game.



Why are bothered by nignogs more than by shitty gameplay?

Of course it is. Plus $60 season pass. :^)

Far Cry 2.

Blatant historical revisionism and agenda pushing.

What exactly is wrong with the gameplay? If they preserve enough of BF4's formula, it ought to be good.

Games are fiction dude, BF in particular never was historical.
The only thing that matters is gameplay.

It looks more casualized and arcade. Now I know BF aint no ARMA, but now they're going full COD.
And COD is going full Halo, appearantly.



Shit nigger, it started as one.


3 and 4 were both shit, Battlefraud and BF1 are what the current audience wants and deserves.


Alternatively, you are a fucking idiot.

I hear this bullshit all the fucking time and it is only voiced by cuckolds upset someone isn't rejoicing their hobby getting pozzed.

If the only thing that matters is gameplay we can just replace everything in games with geometrical shapes, right? Characters can be spheres, weapons can be rectangles, maps are going to be made up of grey squares. Who cares?

Even better, CA should only ever change the title in their games, since gameplay is the only thing that matters who gives a shit if the troops in Shogun don't look any different from those in Medieval?

I might hate niggers, but I wish death to every Swede on the planet.

Nigger can you stop posting that meme? Those citations arent even real. Google them and they comeback empty. That guy wasnt even the one who wrote that paper.
While marxism is rampant in academia doesnt mean every person in a uni is a marxist.

ya'll sad and sick

Oy vey.

That is correct mothafugga, graphics, music and shit are nice to have, but not essential.
Why do you think people still play tetris and pong? Or still regard some of nes games as examples of greatest video games ever? Or still play Quake 3 with that no graphics mode where everything is just pink low poly shit? Because good gameplay.
Still doesn't hurt to hive nice things in addition to gameplay.

Is reading comprehension non existent to you?
I just said that not everyone is Marxists despite them being a majority.You post a picture that proves my point.

This is some Holla Forums tier shitty inforgraphics. None of the sources cited are real. This is just as bad when Hillary calls Trump a racists with no leg to stand on literally
Get your sources and story in order

Doesn't matter, those that aren't Marxist are Marxist enablers and traitorous cucks. All of academia deserves a bullet to the back of the head.

So, according to you, it's fine to pozz games with leftist ideology and demonize and ridicule the playerbase so long as the gameplay is "good". Okay.

You really do deserve to be called a normalfag. Thankfully, your ilk is in the minority around these parts.

The fuck "pozz" even means?
Also while theoretically good SJW game can exists, it just won't happen, because fuckheads just can't have talent/effort required to make anything good.
You're just mad about niggers, but guess what, niggers don't care.

Yeah lets kill all the scientists and mathematicians and doctors and engineers so we can all be bumbling edgy fuck like you


God damn it.

Not seeing the golden opportunity to gas and flammenwerf every kebab and dindu on the server

I know that in the deep web, there are LGBT communities that get off to spreading STDs to unknowing people and call it pozzing. That might be it.

what picture am I looking at here?

But it doesn't cost 60$, it costs 60$ + all the fees for the mandatory DLC.

Obviously fucking not. People always think a Battlefield game will be good, it comes out and is shit and then all of a sudden everyone is either like "I knew it was going to be bad!" when they were actually hype for it or "aww man, we couldn't have known it was going to be bad!!!111!!!" like Harldine and 4 and Battlefront never fucking happened.



Why are you spoonfeeding the redditor newfag?

Russia and France are DLC.

Stay mad, faggots.

Pepe meme'd into masonry. Behold the uncanny resemblance

You're just encouraging the nigger lover to stay here and shit up the place with his cancerous ideology.

You aren't actually gonna buy it, are you?

Eh, I guess that's some natural selection in process or some shit. I'm on my way to wizardhood, so it doesn't affect me.

I only visit here and my favourite private tracker's forum, fuck off.

Not good if the one killing is a nigger or muzzie itself. This is just blatant revisionism that should be stumped; fuck sake not even 3 months ago people were jumping and running on all the graves of french WW1 soldiers, motherfucking niggers all of them.
I'm tired of saying it: war was in Africa too.Make a fucking map there and put all the nigger cocks you love, no revisionism and the african can be proud of what thy did because the Askari wrecked shit.
Also "Diversity" is Asian too, and i want to play as Japs with my trusty Murata rifle instead i get the Ottomans and not the Russian or French.Nah fuck it.

zulus vs british was fun
M&B only has a multiplayer mod, which is a shame

Too bad, I don't care.

Minorities are the future. By 2020 whites are going to be 40% of the population in the US. Might as well get used to them tbh.

Open beta starts today so I will give a try. I will likely be disappointing anyhow

Their officers despised them, especially their general, because they were niggers. Their only call to fame is winning over curryniggers while being commanded by white men.

Asians might as well be white according to the leftist. What they really despise is ethnicities that prove their abominable ideology wrong by succeeding despite ethnic homogeneity and embracing capitalism.

We all know how important the cockroaches were in WW1.

Do you have a shred of dignity left or should I just buy you a big black dildo for you birthday and ship it over?

Even if they claim to be liberal or leftist, if they don't follow the core principles of either, then they ain't what they claim to be.

Only if its a horsecock. I been eyeing chase from bad-dragon for a long time

Oh boy, here we have another of those faggots pretend their version of leftist ideology has never been tried before.

I wonder what name you'll invent next to externalize all the ills of your cancerous movement on an imaginary fringe? I mean, third wave feminism, SJWs and the "regressive" left have already been debunked, surely you are going to run out of ideas on how to brand all those outspoken assholes that say what every leftist is really thinkging, right?

I take it back, the game is perfect for you.

Shit taste. Don't you have any dignity?

Guess again faggot

Scale scum please go and stay go

Except I just checked all of them and they all check out you fucking niggers.

Lettow-Vorbeck didn't hate them for what i remember.Still, it's something i guess.

You are right of course.

I wish Armenian would start shit because of them. Would be fun see EA try to appeal everyone and still failing.

He was an outspoken racist. And the reason the niggers stayed loyal is that the German and British officers let them run wild in the countryside. They didn't desert because the locals would have killed any one of them that strayed too far form their military formation.

Guy was a fucking hero.

They are failing anyway. BF1 will sell like shit and still fail to dethrone CoD, and it will be forgotten in a year just like Hardline and BF4.

Leftism has been tried alright. It's more about you uneducated niggers using words wrong and causing fights that are not needed in the first place. Leftists are shit indeed, but you do realize that the term holds also you stormnigger-kinda? You believe that the world should be standardized by a strong central authority to serve this "producing class" against the non-producing parasites, etc. You are no better from the most rabid marxist fanatic. As well, if you believe that the liberties should apply to only one way of thinking, one group that has the most merit in your bias, then you are not a liberal.

It's fine to like fur, but it's the liking of smelly dumbass farm animals that worries me.

Fiction or not, it doesn't make any sense to change Germans, a real race into blacks, a different race. There is a shitton of problems with this.

Nothing good comes out if it. Its just stupid.

Where does it say that Daniel Berlin learned Marxism then?
The sources do not corroborate any of the claims posted. Its all just paranoid conjecture.

Confirmed for never leaving his neet fucking basement.

Horses are sexy shut your whore mouth.

Well fuck it, didn't know this. Thanks for the information user.

After Hardline, Battlefront 3 i still can't believe Dice is still afloat.

I look at this, and get sad, because the man lost the love of his life, and has to eek out the last few years alone.

I then get sad, thinking nobody in this day and age would ever be in a relationship as pure and maintained as this one.

I then get happy thinking about all the cummie obsessed faggots who will most likely die experiencing an existential angst so profound that most will just end up blowing their brains out anyway, while the weaker (the women mainly) will be bitter beyond words and cling to it until their minds are further broken.

What a brave new world we live in.

Also why the fuck hasn't this been edited with a 2D waifu yet.

You claimed they came up empty, but they literally don't retard. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots and figure out that this guy is a marxist given the things he said in the battlefield 1 interview.

I'm well aware.

I'm no Ayn Rand libertarian you strawmanning communist vermin. And just go and ask any Nazifag over on Holla Forums about that and you'll be quickly dispelled of your delusions.

I believe freedom of speech is a privilege, not a right, that needs to be earned. Leftists and liberals have clearly proven they are not worthy of said privilege, nor do I see any reason to give such a subversive, traitorous and hostile group of people the benefit of the doubt.

He's Swedish, they live and breathe Marxism since they join kindergarten basically.

Every single Swedish developer is like this, just look at the new Wolfenstein or Paradox.

Actually, I take it back. Leftists ain't intrinsically shit. It just goes shit when it manifests in its radicalized forms, just as rightism. Most reasonable ideals usually appeal to both directions of the spectrum.

People who think horses are sexy have something wrong in them. Every single fucking time.

I've asked and got banned for it. They don't like dissidents in their hugbox.
Just another authoritarian closet-commie pretending to something else. Get fucked, filth.

Also keep in mind that Sweden is (essentially) a failed third world state.

Give it another 10 years and it'll be a full-blown third world country.

The man is obviously a marxist, based on his interviews and his need to make everything "Inclusive" in a war that was fought primarily by white Europeans

I mean for crying out loud, there's a muslim woman nomad included, I'm aware sandniggers were involved at some point during the african theater, but I'm PRETTY SURE women were not involved in combat roles.

You are a bad liar user on top of being a newfag

She belong to the ethnicity that now makes up the ruling population of Saudi Arabia, and if you think their attitudes towards women are backwards today, just imagine what they were like a century ago.

These are the same people that won't let women drive cars. Calling this shit deluded is putting it kindly, it's a complete disconnect from current reality and historical fact.

It's the Middle East actually, she is now part of the Arab uprising force that the British financed to fuck with the Ottomans, and where Lawrence of Arabia got his fame.

Thing is, that shit was a joke. The mudshits were complete cowards that refused to attack any actually well defended Ottoman position and just gave up on the whole thing once the money dried up. And Lawrence of Arabia is known to have massively embellished his accomplishments and the nature of the conflict.
The one about the Bedouins is from wikipedia and it sources to that quarterly journal.

weren't mudslimes fiddling around during campaigns in east Africa too though? My WWI is pretty fucking rusty, and this all still feels like a fucking sham to me.

Don't give them ideas you mentally ill horsefucker.

Central African wars are basically a more brutal less organised Vietnam, it would make a great setting and you can throw in just about any weapons because they have them all.

Even if they were, considering Ottomans are available from the get go, my guess is that it will be a throwback to Lawrence of Arabia, which actually makes sense in terms of marketing.

The one thing mostly everyone is aware is the name, if not the fictional story behind it. Everyone has heard about Lawrence of Arabia at one point or another.

Se expect proud female Bedouin warriors to be riding against the Turkish menace in the name of equal rights and sexual liberation. And for the game to be banned in the Emirates.

Link it to me, my blood pressure hasn't gone up for the whole day. I need my daily dose of rage.

Reminder to sagebomb EA shills and that there are already much better historical accurate WW1 games out there.

And here's me thinking they couldn't cook up any more ways to fuck this up. Bravo, Sweden, bravo.

You fucked up

sage is not a downvote redditor

You wot?

you dumb motherfucker

$1 have been deposited in your EA shill account.


sasuga shill horsefucker kun

Is this the dubs thread?


shit dropped my sage

full retard

also can I have dubs now

fuck off degenerate filth

Could you tell me if bronies are at least self-aware in terms of knowing how they come off with these kinds of pictures they always post?

Fuck you nigger you're just getting lucky now

still terrible iron sight shit shooters.

Pretty accurate representation of world war 1

dubs of truth have spoken

vid related is you

Ah there are my dubs

There are plenty of engineers who aren't academics.
There are plenty of scientists and mathematicians that aren't actively involved in academia. The private sector has all these guys and more, chances are, if an engineer is working on the government payroll, it's because he ain't a very good engineer.

So fuck academia and fuck off.

also mods lock this shit thread, it's completely derailed

MLP is a horsefucker-thing. If there are people fapping to that little thing, it means that they are fallen scalies who also might be borderline pedophiles.

did you even watch the webm goon?

It upsets Holla Forums, furries, bronies, goons and the rest of their allies that people are shitting on this game.


See, this is what I was getting at. All of the potentially interesting wars you've mentioned involve white people, and that's presumably because white people do interesting shit. There's no interesting story to tell about any wars that belong exclusively to Africans. As far as I know, it's all just stupid tribal warlord shit.

I stopped playing Battlefield after I tried BF3 when they fucked up the class system by giving the medikit and defibrilator to the assault dude instead of the engineer.

I think they are just spines, but there's nothing wrong with furred dragons. One of my most favourite furred anthro-dragons comes from vidya.

God damned, every time the camera zoomed to the neck I got overwhelmed by the need to move my hand over it and press my face into the fur…

How about this, it was liberals who paved the way for faggots to be accepted in western society. Remember: once upon a time American conservatives were based but they've always just been old liberals. Gavin McInnes is a good example of this.

You know what has always smashed faggotry when it's appeared and they were in charge? Fascists.

You're a fucking liar


I think we should get Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana from Tiger Mafia and give him some big AAA game dev company, 20 million dollars and force the game development company to make whatever he wants.

What did the horsefucker post?

Just plain shit and trying to play the oldfag card.

Not sure if anyone else noticed but the tank crewman is also a nigger. I mean the curryniggers don't bother me as much as they Brits did use a lot of them during that war, but it does piss me off that they used niggers instead of Anzac or Canadian Corp which got far more shit done then any nigger colony.

So far the only whites I've seen for the UK is the support and the horse rider. But whatever I'd still rather play as a nigger then a kebab.

I would love to kill some niggers dying for their papey tailor. Far Cry 2 and Uncharted 1 came soemwhat close, but not close enough. I want to mow down hundreds of crazy nigger animals dressed like gay clowns.


Simple, the one who had Whites in it. Bonus point if it was white on white violence, but it would get boring otherwise. Look up the Boer Wars.

Not even worth €5. But it is all subjective, no?

This makes me so angry. SJW is trying to rewrite history.

I'm telling you in 50 years kids will learn that the Internet was invented by a nigger.

well, fuck, now i want this

no body said it needed to be realistic, just make the MC a young black wanting to protect its family from niggers of another clan.


there won't be any internet in 50 years

niggers want the White mans world without the White man but fail to realize it will disappear with it's creator who won't be here to upkeep it anymore and you can't do that with nigger IQ

With Africans you get Africa. Magic dirt doesn't exist, sorry.

Civilisation as we know it started around the Nile, Euprathes/Tigris and the Yangtze rivers.

Africans didn't achieve anything of note prior to white imperialism.

Make the MC a black tribal leader selling his people into slavery and doing nothing but eating and fucking all day. Now that would be a realistic game.


What the fuck?

No, of course not. But we don't get games that release for anything other than $60 anymore, unless you're an indie dev that doesn't have a Sony marketing hype train.
If EA had their Battlefield knock-offs launch at $40, or $30, it wouldn't be an issue. But

You're free to look it up the way I did, it's real, and everywhere.

Niggers are pretty much the only human race (other than abos) that didn't invent the wheel and the written word independently.

The really hilarious part is that the colonial period of African history was the most peaceful and prosperous age of the continent. Africa is such a fucking shithole that colonialism is the better alternative.

I wouldn't play this shit if EA paid me to do it. It looks like trash, and frankly speaking, it's downright insulting to everyone's intelligence.

It's pure, predatory propaganda made by sociopaths to suck the shekels out of the useful idiots.

Bullshit, it was developed by computer wizards at UCLA. Why do the WE WUZ KANGS idiots have to spread this bullshit.

You know what I meant by real, don't be triggered so hard your reading comprehension goes away.

Yes I know what you meant, but the problem is that these fake 'facts' are being spread around at all.

It's fucking infuriating how retarded people can get, my mother believes the egyptians were niggers and that there were 3 black women responsible for putting someone on the moon. It really is that easy to convince people of utter bullshit if you pretend to have some sort of authority

No battlefield ever was worth 60 bucks. Especially not WW1: Diversity Edition.

Because as a race they have no accomplishments.

fuck off with your pretending to be southern tumblr bullshit.

What if I told you I plan on buying this for my younger step-brother for christmas
specifically this version

Then I would probably call you a retard

Is that the one that doesn't come with a copy of the game?

I'm not even surprised.

If I'm paying $210 for it it better and it says it right here

His parents got him a PS4, their PC is shit.

Get him Carmageddon Max Damage instead.

I'd like to punch you in the dick

It's fine, you both have shitty taste.


Excuse you, I'm not the one that's gonna be playing it.

You know, that does sound like a better idea, I'll just skip on the collector's edition and get him both

My problem is that its gonna be the first major exposure to WW1 for a lot of people, who are then gonna think "WW1 was fought by black brits and black germans" or some stupid shit like that and not bother looking up the history behind it.

Game is actually kinda fun if you play it as a remove kebab 1918 simulator

that sounds fucking boring.

people are stupid, big surprise.

Sage and report for being so stupid you had to ask that.

As an American I don't get this meme, they conquered and enslaved half of Europe so everybody from Greece up to Austria has Turkish ancestors and they seem to be doing better than most Western countries in military, economy and politics.

Is all the Turk hate just angry Greeks, Serbs and Armenians?



Why is there so much racism here?

This is Holla Forums, not Holla Forums.
Please keep cancer on the cancer board.

They won it fair and square, being angry about it for 500 years straight is petty.

Muslims are squatting on Christian land and you call being upset about that petty.

Racism isn't cancer, you nigger.

If you don't like you can always go back.

Yeah cause using 1960's American tech is doing better then most western countries. Modern Turkey is being turned into an islamic caliphate shithole.

Think your on the wrong site bud, reddit might be more suitable for you :^)


sure you are Mehmed

I'm pretty sure its the turks who are still mad


Can't wait till the beaners wipe you Americucks out tbh.

Yes, goyim! Don't fight the inevitable future, just resign yourselves to the march of progress!

I hope by Americucks you mean the cuckolds infesting my nation.

Yes, leave my safe space.

Watch out, bro, you might get yourself cut.

its like you hate tourism and drug monies

Trips demand dissenting opinions must leave

Starting with Holla Forums

What do you mean with 1960's tech?

See? These are the posts I don't get. I mean what are they even trying to claim?

You have to go back, José.

There are many reasons, and I'll start with one

Armenian Genocide

But Holla Forums is the majority, you retard.


I don't think so

Oh boy, here comes the ad hominem.

Nice bait
r8 8/8

A good amount of their equipment is US Vietnam era shit.
Not to mention the primary rifle for their infantry is still the G3 Battlerifle and their upgrade to it is another battlerifle. Theres a reason battlerifles were switched out for Assault Rifles .


No they aren't

So I guess you're an Armenian (since you're angry about something that happened 100 years ago and posted a picture with Armenian victories against the Ottoman Empire).

But why don't you guys try to improve your own country instead of being angry about things from the past? I mean the Turks have more than twice your GDP per capita so they're producing twice the amount of momentary value for each person than what you do.

If you look into scientific articles produced per capita you'll find that the Turks made ~500 for every 1 million people while you guys only made 300 per 1 million people.

You're lagging behind them in everything, economy, science, employment so instead of looking at them as an enemy you should see them as a inspiration.

Really depends on the doctrine of the country in question. Being able to kill people 2 600 feet away is a pretty good reason to keep a larger cartridge.

Colonialism was always a net-positive for the nations that got invaded and conquered by Whites.

By every economic, technological, cultural, artistic, hygienic and even religious metric, shitskins were better off under the "racist bootheel" of the civilized Europeans. Hell, they're still enjoying the fruits of White civilization today – just look at all those Africans wearing cotton T-shirts instead of grass loincloths.

Only Marxists claim otherwise.

Marxism is a religion built on denial of reality though.

Welcome to Africa.

Nice try, Ahmed

Total 783,562 km2 (302,535 sq mi)
In 2010, the population of Turkey was estimated to be 73.7 million[1] with a growth rate of 1.21% per annum (2009 figure).

Total 29,743 km2 (141st)
11,484 sq mil
2011 census 3,018,854[13][14] (134th)


BRs have lower mag capacity, are heavier, lower ammo capacity due to weight of 7.62 NATO, every soldier i've talked to who used to use the C1 (Canadian FN FAL) was glad that they switched over to the C7 (Canadian AR15 platform).

Not to mention just how utterly incompetent their military is to the point where they couldn't even successfully conduct a fucking coup.

Also Executive Outcome.

PMC, made up of around 2000 (white) soldiers and a HIND defeats orc army numbers in the tens of thousands.

You do realize that doesn't actually include the game, right?

Ideally you want guys able to take off people far away as to create an interdiction zone around you so people can't flank you easily, and not just one sniper. Just gotta balance it correctly.

At that point its just suppresive fire, which ARs and LMGs can do fine, or even better due to more ammo. If your engaging targets at ranges of over 600m your usually calling in Support such as mortars/artillery/CAS/Tanks/IFVs ect.

everywhere you go you ruin stuff, nobody likes you scum

Yeah the doctrine changed a lot, but that's how it was done in the past and it still has some merits.

Where the hell is this place

lol have fun living in a third world shithole with no freedom or standard of living

I've always wondered what the Turkish part of Cyprus looked like, can't say I'm surprised it's a fucking dump. At least the Greek half is still decent.

Step on yourself, cockroach.

lol enjoy reconquista, dune coon

Nobody said leftypol are the majority. Pol is the majority on Holla Forums though, no matter how much butthurt it causes needle-dicked jews like yourself.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:


While it does have merits, it doesn't justify equipping all your standard riflemen with a BR when an AR gets the same job done just fine.

Not to mention the turks don't bother giving their standard riflemen any sort of optics so their stuck with ironsights reducing their effectiveness.


weak comeback, jewpig


My Battlefield 1 experience in a nutshell

Die to tank
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Die to Sniper
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Die to tank
Die to tank



Fucking Planetside 2 is 100x more balanced than this shit, my god

Also no, its not even worth $30

Why do people hate turks?


Turkey's GDP per capita is at 11 500 dollars/year while Armenia's GDP per capita is at 3 700 dollars/year.

What you're comparing is the size of the countries in question.

Also that 1.2% GDP growth was during the global recession which saw several economies world-wide contract, so Turkey's economy growing during this period is a positive thing.

It looks like it's just people being angry over historical conflicts that the Turks won.

I don't get it, neither the posters nor any living Turk took part in those wars so wasting time and energy on them is just pointless.


Cos they're ever as funny as JD's

we should be friends

They like to kill and invade anything that is weaker than themselves. They overall pretty immoral douchebags in global politics. They are cahoots with ISIS nowadays.

It's just Holla Forums being retarded as usual

Cause niggers aren't slaves anymore, meanwhile turks still infest lands that rightfully belong to white people.

Turkey would be pretty much Holla Forums's dream country if you somehow managed to switch islam with christianity.

Oh and they also have retained their imperial ambitions, dreaming every night about restoring their glorious empire.

Except, you know, they aren't white.

Fuck Turkey today, but you gotta admit the Ottoman empire was impressive.

Ottomans was the last Middle-Eastern civilization. It lasted until WW1.

Bullshit, when searching "inventor of the internet" I get Robert E. Kahn, Vint Cerf, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Of course if you deliberately look for something to support your claim, you will find it, no matter how false it is.
Philip Emeagwali seems like a pretty cool guy, just a shame others attribute him to something he dindu.

They look pretty white to me

Nah, it was an expansionist, opressive shithole that survived purely on slave trade and war spoils. The moment those 2 resources go cut by Russia kicking them out of Crimea, ending the slave trade and the disaster at Vienna ending their wars of conquest they became the sick man of Europe.


Describes every empire ever.

Turk-hate just reeks of jealousy and envy.

Islam is a religion, not a race.

Spotted the turk.


By becoming muslim you ditch your whiteness.


[citation needed]

I want reddit to leave.

But that's the only argument that has been given. Literally every post is "I hate them because the won [insert conflict/war/battle]".

Well, the doors right over there, buddy.

I'm not defending Muslims, I hate them.

It's pretty cool, what are you talking about.

I'm not Armenian, but what happened to the Christian Armenians was an atrocity and that by the Turks duplicitous nature they deny it.

There is a reason why I uploaded the pic of my search, if you can't appreciate some we wuz kangz shit because it's uncool to some negro scientist fuck off.

Pic related.

Cockroach pls.

I just play videogames.

I see, thank you for the info.

So you're saying its just Holla Forums disliking it?

It's not even that. T*rks would literally go around stealing christian kids to turn them into jannisaries.

Why are you so angry about them?

Well it was also that, captured white women were highly prized in the ottoman empire and they got a shit ton of them through slave traders and conquest.

Why do you care if someone bashes t*rks or not?

Maybe he's mad because Mehmet and Emre are gangraping a German girl and blowing their loads inside her tight snatch.

>there are saracens and turks on Holla Forums right now


Daily reminder that Ayasofya will have minarets until the end of the world and a Turk was the last Caesar of Rome.

paying full box price for a digital drm version with a bullshit fast food order for sheeples.

user, you are so full of shit for even looking at bullcrap games whoa re pushed from aaa shitholes, i hope you kill yourself.


Well, if they would admit it there is the chance that they would have to pay reparations to relatives of the people affected.

and the Turkish "argument" is that the Armenians who died were fighting the state (ei enemy combatants) or died from starvation which was caused by the war.

They're basically saying that "Yes people died but it's not our fault."

I just asked, no need to get angry.

I'm just impressed by how much they've managed to develop in comparison with Armenia and Greece during these last 15 years. While Greece and Armenia have both declined Turkey has grown.

Dude, don't get angry.

Technically you're right, the last Roman Emperor was a Turk. The Ottoman Empire was the third Rome.

So what's even wrong with this game? Niggers?

And Augustulus was the last Western Roman Emperor, even though he himself was a usurper.

Ringing any bells?

Yes, people are angry that if you play as a British soldier you play as an African in most cases.

No clue how I missed the per capita part when I first read it, was too concentrated on shitposting

Roman legacy is foreverially sullied by steppenigger muslim taint, and there is no ammount of deus vult in the world to fix it.


Celtiberians were Godless pagans, user

Not always :^)

You were specifically referring to Roman betrayal of Celtiberians, faggot


I fail to see what that has to do with anything.

Of what exactly? It's not like modern Turkey is some shining beacon of the good life.

Projecting much?

And let's not forget the only reason they managed to do that was specifically because they stole away Slavic children from their parents and used them as soldiers.

He's mad that someone found a good use for slavs.

How can anyone be envious of turks?

what did the ottomans accomplish for all their conquest

Moving on past 1500 A.D.?

all the way to 1501 A.D.

sorry I had to do this.

I thought you guys were partially memeing but 75% of the British armed forces are NIGGERS AND PAKIS

I guess talking about zeitgeist and different moral standards would be pointless to a cockroach, right?

You're basically comparing something that happened before the concept of genocide was invented to something happened in the 1910s. Your argument doesn't hold much strength, and that's ignoring the fact you're trying to make two wrongs into a right.

Yeah, and basically every single one of them that did it in the last two centuries got shat on because of that, other than Turkey, that still pretends it didn't happen.

Why would anyone from the West be jealous of Turkey? Are you confusing us with mudshits and niggers or something?

Again with the projecting.

I'm merely pointing out that most of Turkey's military successes are due to superior white soldiers.

Theres a map in project reality where a bunch of niggers protect their terrorist stashes from the US Marines. Forget what war its from though…

you're the one who brought up jealousy and now you're talking about feelings not mattering

What, no more arguments? Just hurling insults?

Did your subhuman kebab IQ fail you?

That's right, the Ottoman empire is no more, get over it.

I always found it ironic that in Halo the Spartans are more like the Janissary of the Ottoman Empire than the Spartans of Ancient Greece. (the irony of course being that Greece and Turkey are very competitive with each other)

I really have to agree with you here, what is done is done and there really is no point in arguing.

I dunno why I would be envious and jealous of Turks when my heritage belongs to the Empire that controlled 1/4 of the world and shaped it into our modern world.


I love mentioning the Armenian genocide because it sends the kebabs into fits of rage.

Yeah, here's a big Fuck You from the rest of humanity you bong. We are truly grateful you abolished slavery and made niggers into people.



what the fuck is this post
Sweden is pretty fucked, in any case

"rightfully belong" native americans think that the US "rightfully belongs" to them too. But they are wrong for thinking that. Care to explain why the Turks are treated differently by Holla Forums?


The Arabs were the ones who defeated the Turks in Arabia, the Brits lost the siege of Kut.

I guess the Turks just have to few "pro-Turk" memes.

Because many of them are globalist "white" imperialists masquerading as goyim.

because of this video

To be fair there's a difference between a nomadic red nigger calling shit "their", especially when they sold most of that land to the white man, and Turks shitting up Constantinople.

no no, they have shitskins
those are the gun version of an ape living off of soda and burgers in a scientific lab. they have a bunch of white people funding them for the sake of funding them. if they weren't given a white man's (technically asian since they invented guns but not modern ones) tools they would be naked chucking stone spears at each other

there's an agenda behind it

you proved his point good job

It wasn't completely realistic, sure, but at least it didn't outright rewrite history to push a political agenda, and not as blatantly as this one is doing.

Making a game about WW1 and then putting a nigger front and center is clearly a decision made to provoke and insult.

Constantinople was not negotiated for, certainly. But if taken through force, during war time, how can you fault them? did they cheat? If i recall, the western european nations took over constantinople from the byzantines during the crusades, and didn't really do a good job keeping the city enforced and supplied. Then the turks kind of waltzed in after a siege without having much trouble. It's not like it's that big of a deal. The armenian genocide on the other hand is inexcusable. But not a reason to have prejudices against an entire nation of people, about a hundred years later.

yes a hungarian sold them cannons

Long live Turanic brotherhood.

What about nomad vs settler wars?

Yeah, if only we didn't suffer 500 years of occupation by the cockroaches.

I have an axe to grind with Turkey, so fuck you.

Thank you Hungary.

What are you, muslim? :^)


angolan civil war


they didn't develop it

hey, that was uncalled for, you cyber bully!

It's the current year, what did you expect?

What is pathetic accomplishments for humans is lauded as great achievements if the nigger does it. Academia is guilty of bigotry of lowered expectations.

it's just a fucking name, the empire was founded arroun the 13th century

No, it's not. How the fuck do you compare something like that to Rome, the Mongolians, the Chinese, England and all the rest?

Talk about being late to the party.

I miss that game.

It's was a united political entity compassing multiple nations, i.e an empire and the capital is called Great Zimbabwe because it's the biggest of the many zimbabwes.

Stop getting triggered by clear descriptions.

nobody made any comparation.

there is an unofficial server wit a patch to play on it, i dont remember the name

the british empire wasn't established yet

just shilling this board

yeah, but was does that have to do whit historical revision and the name "great zimbawbe empire"? how did you jumped into historical revision and then into the british empire?

Stop pretending it was an empire.

Maybe you should open an english dictionary and see what "empire" means. You are triggering yourself over nothing.

at least you can say why it wasn't

just saying late to the party is a crap argument unless you're saying that they made their bronze age empire in 1300

great zimbabwe's name apparently comes from some native language there, great meaning large because the 'empire' had large houses. the name for the place was literally 'large houses' it seems

A loose collection of nigger tribes nigging together doesn't make it an empire, and no number of cucked academics revising history will change the fact, just as this travesty of a game won't change the truth about WW1.

Calling it the Big Zimbabwe Nigger Tribe Conglomeration would look bad on a map.

I don't give a shit. I refuse to play along with the Marxist game of changing the meaning of words to suit their needs.

Anyone that denies that using "empire" in the title was a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the truth and spoonfeed the goyim a fabrication is a fool.

Just look what Hollywood is doing with Birth of a Nation, or EA with BF1. They'll never stop trying to fool people into thinking niggers are human.

Did you hear it got cancelled because the lead actor was literally a rapist?

Niggers are human.

Not even the people living in the land remember it. Alexander the Great will never be forgotten by the Greeks, Great Britain and her empire will never be forgotten by the British. Those niggers don't remember shit about "Great Zimbabwe".

It didn't get canceled. The nigger apologized so it's okay.

The movie was already shown on the Sundance Cuck Festival.


Just like Turks. :^)

What, did you seriously think (((they))) would miss such an opportunity?

Niggers are human, whether you like it or not.

If you can create children, you're part of the same kind.

Are they different? Yes.
Are there cultural and genetic differences? Yes.

How is that relevant to anything?

Attributing grandiosity to the word "empire" is useless sentimentalism and you are only annoying yourself by it.

Because it's an insult to actual empires and historical figures to label it as "Great Zimbabwe". That's what's so funny about it.

No, reaching a level where you can get called an empire is a testament to the success of your culture and the sacrifice of its people.

Unlike niggers, other cultures earned such a honor. Niggers merely got it because filthy leftist vermin in academia couldn't find any other nigger shithole in their whole history that could fit the bill, so they picked the most "successful" and started pretending it's an empire.



So your "niggers aren't human" comment is false.

it was a medieval kindom, you need to study more.

Oh wow

"Great" as in "the big one". You should brush up your English comprehension.

Oh, so it's a "kingdom" no. Okay.

What did you expect from a inbred subhuman?

You nigger lovers really are a delusional bunch of cucks.


so where are the video games now

History = video games

Again with more sentimentalism. Because you hate niggers so much, we should all use inaccurate descriptions to those vile niggers and their political entities.

I've been trying to find the first song to this for a while with no success.

Funny, why don't we label every empire like that then? The Great ERE, The Great HRE, The Great French Empire, the Great Austrian empire and so on?

No. There was multiple zimbabwes, so the biggest one is called "Great". You should read up before getting triggered.

It's a nigger "empire", so it needs some Affirmative Action injected into the name as well to balance all the centuries of humans hogging the spotlight.

After all, niggers were the original cradle of civilization.

it's an empire because it's administration is bigger than a kindom

i told you, you need to study

also racial genetic distance so you deont feel os threatened

Cyrus the Great
Alexander the Great

I'm starting to suspect we have ourselves a nigger here.

I was actually pretending to be a turk earlier in the thread.


Noah's ark landed on Ararat, modern-day Turkey.

The first civilization developed in Mesopotamia, Babylon.

That's such a weak excuse. Do we have a Great Athenian empire for when they were the premier of the city states? Do we have a Great Roman empire to separate the unified, Eastern and Western? A Great Austrian empire to demark it pre Hungarian compromise?

They earned their titles.

So you are a nigger.

Fuck off you filthy animal.

it's about size, not prestige

You really are dense. Great Zimbabwe is the "name" of the main town. The empire is not called great.

athens was one city state

Oh, you silly niggers.


That dominated Greece and held colonies at one point. An impressive feat.

Then I guess the map was wrong :^).

No, it's completely right and accurately describes the realm in question. It's [capital name] empire, not Great [capital name] empire.

well there weren't 2 athens so you never needed to call one the great athenian empire

still the governing structure wasn't centralized like on an empire, those were city states and their satelites.

what the hell do you want to prove?

Sure it is. It's just a (((coincidence))) then, a language quirk, right, you coon?

Yes, everything is a jewish plot to get you. Even the correct usage of English.


still going? i guess you are the whites that dont let that their avreage IQ gets above of 100

this is a proof that generalizations are a fallacy, this white is just stupid

Not true for most of the countries on the map. What shitty map did you post that it can't keep naming consistent?

Athens dominated other city states and had colonies. This is infinitely more than the "Great Zimbabwe Empire" had achieved, if they get called great why not Athens?

So I watched some videos of BF1, and it looks like that shitty starwars game, and that's not a good thing. I actually really liked the style of BF3, but this just looks bad in some strange way I can't place.

Because different realms are referred using different conventions for the sake of convenience?

because it's a place name like Great Britain

How convenient "Great Zimbabwe" is referred to that way.

In all honesty it really should've just been a WW2 game, I mean it pretty much already is one with a WW1 skin on it.

I also keep seeing people bitch about tanks, but in all honesty as long as your not in the open and are smart about it they're pretty easy to kill.

It's surely a conspiracy, and not niggers calling all their ancient settlements the same by the time of wide scale foreign archeologic study.


I think it was just a shit map, don't know why it needed to be defended.