Good FPS games

Looking for fun fps games. Don't really have any specific requirements, suggest me all you know.

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Halo 4


At the very least list what you've played and how far back you're willing to go. That said:
Blood, Painkiller and Timeshift.

halo 2 is a pretty good game, most modern shooters are garbage.

The Quake series is a pretty safe bet. I doubt it ever had a bad game.

Quake 4

quake 2 and 4 exist. quake 3 is multiplayer only and mp games are trash.


they are boring, that is what.

I played a ton of them but I'll try to post what I can remember

Played all the Stalker games, E.Y.E., Halo 1 and 2, Doom, Quake, Far cry 1 and 3, Half life 1 and 2, Crysis

Painkiller (the PS3 port is breddy gudd)
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Hatred with the official mod (pic related)

try out resistance 3 and blood and breakdown.

What's a good game with god tier sound design? I want to flinch every time a bullet goes off and be deafened. BFBC2 was fantastic for this.

in what way? Do you want muh realism and muh immersion or do you want sound design that works directly into how you play and enhances the actual game play?

That's a good base to work from. Which did you enjoy the most?

DOOM and F.E.A.R. for sound use in general rather than specifically gun sounds. Also you didn't specify FPS so Thief 1 and 2 are as always the answer to 'best sound design'.

the list could go on


yes, I was going to say thief 1 and 2 are the best examples of sound design in first person games.

I think NuDOOM is actually an alright game

A good example is the DOOM shotgun, that shit packs a punch. I want tinnitus from the noise.

No One Lives Forever
Perfect Dark if you have a N64

perfect dark and golden eye are very good with dual analog mode.

only good example I could find

If you like to immerse yourself into the games you play, Far Cry 2 is pretty good.

>yes, I was going to say thief 1 and 2 are the best examples of sound design in first person games.
I'd go as far as over all genres.

So specifically gun sounds. Try F.E.A.R. which also has extremely satisfying chatter from the AI in combat.

E.Y.E. has been my favourite since I played it last year. Also love the STALKER games, but I'm burned out on them because I finished every one at least 3 times and played most of the mods.

Perfect Dark also got an Xbox Live Arcade HD release but they fucked the lighting up and changed some very minor things I don't like to the character creation.
That said the dual analogs truly are a blessing.

There was a webm floating around from Thief 2 if anyone has it.

Both of those are FPS-RPGs so you may want to look into more of those though sadly good ones are rather thin on the ground.

Prey, FEAR, Call of Juarez(skip the cartel), Oddworld Stranger's wrath(kind of), Lovely Planet(is a speedrunner)

I disagree because I haven't played all games and know many games which do different things than thief and in many cases, better. It's hard to say definitively. Thief deserves a lot of praise for its sound baking. Thief also integrates them very well into the game play mechanics.

fortunately dual analog has existed since the n64 games so, you don't need to play the arguably lesser 360 port.

I know you can play with two controllers at once but it doesn't seem that comfy.
They just had not to be retarded with the blinding lights, why would they do that ?
Sometimes I wonder why do people do such retarded things and never even patch them.
I hate that feeling of confusion.

For me this is what makes it top. Many other games make good use of sound for immersion but in Thief it is both immersive and a fundamental gameplay element. Still I agree with you that having not played every game out there there's possibly a superior one.

Adding on to this The Cartel isn't merely one of those games that is inferior to its predecessors like, say, Clear Sky it's so bad it isn't worth playing even for completenesses sake. It is anyway set outside any established timeline.

It's not even set in the old west so it's not worth playing.

It's why I can only comfortably say it's the best implementation of sound in a first person game. It covers a lot of ground and incorporates many elements into the sound design, all while sounding great. But what about games which implement sound design into things like peripherals? Sound and visual presentation that goes hand in hand like steel battalion (I'm really happy to own the controller for that.)

Indeed. The problem is anons here will say 'skip this game in the series' both when something is completely irredeemable like The Cartel and when something is merely flawed like Clear Sky or Invisible War.

Fair enough. Also we need more good Mech games that preferably hit that sweet spot between arcade and simulation. Something like RO:OST rather than Arma 2 on the spectrum of abstract-autism.

Omikron The Nomad Soul.

I had fun with Quake 2 on the PSX as a kid


If I recall the PS version of Quake 2 is quite different from the shit id released on the PC.

All the levels were different and it included the songs from the PC addons on top of those of the original game

found all the call of duty ww2 games released on pc to be nice, mindless fun. Very generic, but fun. Just don't play on any hard difficulties if you suck horribly at games like me. It's not worth it

It probably is better. I think I played it as a kid and don't recall ever back tracking so that's already a huge improvement.

CoD2 was the best and ironically the worst thing to happen to the FPS industry.

If your down for multiplayer-only army-man shooters, I highly recommend giving MAG a try.

Soldier of Fortune

Why is Quake 2 bad? Serious question, I enjoyed it.

didn't they shut down mutlplayer and make all copies of the game coasters?

it'll take quite a while to go into detail, but levels are terrible, bland, and lack distinct features. They are not creative, they don't provide interesting scenarios that challenge the player and encourage him to develop skill at the game.There's tons of backtracking all set to the incredibly annoying droning klaxon alarm. The weapons are largely shit and unenjoyable, nerfing the damage to create a sense of balance between the shotgun, ssg, and rocket launcher and grenade launcher was a retarded idea, instead of making some more situationally useful, it made all of them unenjoyable to use. The enemy design is very poorly done and uninteresting too. Many of them look similar, with their most defining features at a glance being which one grunts and which one says fajitas when they spot you. Poor visual design there, and they all seem to tank damage to ridiculous extents.

the soundtrack isn't anything special either.

sure it is

Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
Ghost Recon (incl. Desert Siege & Island Thunder)
Operation Flashpoint

Currently on first playthrough of John Redcorn vs E.T. and I'm loving it.

If you have a soundcard that supports EAX look for good games here:

You don't need one for EAX 1 or 2, so games like Thief Gold and Thief 2 like others mentioned, are good to go.

You'll need OpenAL on Vista or later though.

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Shame on you people. OP, play every goddamn DOOM clone out there, and if you haven't played DOOM 2 play that shit as well.

Insurgency is pretty good. Have almost 500 hours in it.

Blood is a better build engine game user.

True, and so is Shadow Warrior. Duke is the first Build game I mention because he's more recognizable (still a great game, though).

Gearbox killed Duke Nukem 3D.
You can't buy it anymore.

Fair point it's just that often it's the only one people play and they miss out on a lot of fun.

It is indeed.

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Squad looks good. Like Arma 2 and Red Orchestra 2 but way less jank.

Also, Arma 2 and Red Orchestra 2. All of the above have that "shit, incoming fire" reaction that you get when you hear rounds cracking around you. Like Battlefield, but actually good.

Bulletstorm is pure fun, linear but the gameplay is pure chaos. It's great.

Fallout 3 with this mod:


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First half of Crysis

Like someone else said. E.Y.E is really good. Lots of way to play even if most of them aren't really rewarding.

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NuDoom is the best FPS in years


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Serious Sam, First and Second Encounters and 3.
Serious Sam 4 before the end of the year.

Insurgency, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Fortress Forever are good and fun fps games, OP.

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do you know what this serious sam classics revolution is? It appeared in my library and I don't remember buying it.

you had serious sam classic TFE and TSE already so you got that

It's a fan engine update that's got some bugs and is still worked on, albeit slowly. You got it for free because you have classic games. It's a bit better, but also buggy.

that's cool, I love free stuff. I was just asking because the last two times I got something for free I got screwed afterwards. Like Red Orchestra 2 with the Rising Storm update. They say that you get a new free game but what really happens is that you have now 2 half games unless you buy the new game you just got for free. Or the Ultra Street Fighter update back then. Updates from super sf to ultra, but they don't include all the patches.

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I'm sure those games were already listed, but what can I do other than just list my favourites
Duke nukem 3 d
Shadow warrior
Half life
Serious sam
First 2 call of duty and medal of honor
Postal 2 (not really a good shooter, but the game is crazy and funny)
Open arena - clone on quake 3, has probably more active players. I play it every day
Citizen kabuto - not strictly a FPS, but you can play with first person camera

There's many more, I breathe with fps, but this is just from top of my head

Also some non fps shooters… Of course there's GTA and max Payne, but what about GUN ? If red dead redemption is GTA IV in wild west, gun is GTA vc in wild west

Ss revolution is first and second encounter morphed into one game. It also has some more features for modern systems, like 16:9 resolutions and steam based multiplayer