Trump is going into office as the most unpopular candidate in history


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No refunds, because fight isn't over yet, r-right? Bernie sanders is cucked communist, just like Trump is cucked nationalist. We need better leaders, that don't endorse corporate establishments.

First he endorsed Hillary, now he endorsing Trump. Fuck him.

This. We need someone else. Especially someone who doesn't say "white people DONT know what it's like to be poor"

Bernie's foreign policy shows he shouldn't be supported.

enough already! stop wet dreaming about leaders. stop acting like you are so smart that "you already knew his true face we were just memeing bruh" bullshit.
start communes everywhere! EVERY FUCKING WHERE! at work, at home, in neighborhood, city, country, state, world… for everything you are currently doing and you want to do. do it together.

hide bourgeois
sage democracy
report elections

agitate, educate, organize!


How are people still on the Bernie train? How can you not see that funneling disaffected lefties into supporting the Clinton campaign was his plan all along?

What's in his foreign policy?

Permanent revolution.

Jesus fucking Christ.

I'm actually glad he didn't win.


2020 year of the gulag

youre pathetic nigger, at least people hoping for trump have the argument that hes never been in gubberment, bernie was a fucking senator for ages hes a warmonger and a weak willed pathetic party cuck, of course you limpdciks never actually bother looking at sente records you just go with what feels good

all of you fucking idpol niggers need to dig a whole and jump in, especially stein niggers, reee, you are retarded and cant into the most basic energy density calculations, go live in a yurt nigga like damn

good question, let me translate, what he meant is:

thats the jist anyways, sometimes hes hard to understand

Everybody associated with the DNC and RNC is a neoliberal fraud. All of them, that includes some on the "left's" new savior Elizabeth Warren.

this, hes an atlanticist and has been more than willing to take part in various military excursions over the decades, all in the name of spreading democracy of course

when the fuck did the dems turn back into the war party? some would say Obamer but I guess clinton definitely counts as well

thats a nice sentiment but for most people in the west it is completely detached from reality, if you try to start some kind of anything in that direction you will have popo problems very quickly, if you dont get a severe case of the bacon and manage to stay semi-independent through some magical feat you will eventually have organized crime breathing down your neck. That kinda shit requires going very hard for the rest of your life basically, mosst are not cut out for it

despite all this I dont think he wouldve been as bad as clinton, but yeah, theyre all the same buddy, you arent in office for decades without voting yay on some war crimes(Unless your name is Ron Paul)

Trump was actually the best case scenario, as crazy as that sounds. user poted two very decent leftist pieces on trump, the platypus one and something "common ruin", im glad the left is waking up and being pragmatic to an extent, western liberalism needs to die.

warren is a twofaced piece of shit as well like all politicians, the best way to underline this is to point at the whole credit card fiasco in the US, it was her job to keep that shit in check and she fucking did the opposite, she was donwnright complicit

If anybone reading this looks up to these people or expects anything from them then you are a fool, even trump supporters are not as naive as you

Am I the only one who thinks Sanders needs more people on board with this?

I don't mean more supporters, but more people who work with him to also voice the same concerns. The entire campaign felt like it was just him and Killer Mike.

He may well be our guy.

user pls. He supported fucking castro, if a people's revolution happened abroad he'd be the only one to prevent an American intervention

I'm detecting a high concentration of pol in this thread

Could Sanders coup the Dems, if he refused to endorse Clinton?

I mean he got Reid and Schumer to endorse Ellison.

He's a social democrat.
I think he's better than most politicians, but I'm getting kind of sick of him talking about revolution, when we all know it's nothing more than reforming capitalism.

No we just don't like Bernie. We need someone else who doesn't give into idpol and is left wing

Bernie doesn't owe it to us to fight idpol, he's a politician. He can speak out publicly, advocate, raise awareness, and lead.

It's OUR job to win the debate war against the cultural Marxists fucking the working class up.

Nice meme Holla Forumstard

I understand what you're saying, but you can just use SJWs.

Holla Forums also uses that term, so it's best not to use it here

I don't believe it, especially when he told people not to listen to him when he said he endorsed her
It definitely had the opposite effect

His new book is about to come out you fucking retards. Thats why hes hyping himself up.
Also hes just going to step aside for whichever Hispanic the DNC decides to run.
Its like Im surrounded by plebs.


This is probably true. He's in his 80s and idpol is too deeply ingrained in the democratic party for it to produce even a faux-socialist of the European variety to put in power.


Enjoy your delusion.

There is no real difference between trump and your average neocon. Trump just used different rhetoric

And Tsipras will usher in a new era for Socialism, right? Oh, wait. It's 2016.

Bernie is marginally better than Trump.

But we don't need politicians.

Is that Iron Man 3?

1985 rally taken out of context

Just because a bill sounds good and pulls on emotions then if you vote against it you must be against the actual moral of the bill and not how it is implemented or the possible spending and economical effects. God forbid people be skeptical.

Bernie is bringing the language of class back into common vernacular. That's really all I care about, because that makes it easier for us to do our jobs as radicals.

Trump won, fags

did he?


I too saw that article on spookbook.
The whole point of it was to prove that people don't bother reading articles anymore, and just read the headline.
And congratulations, you just proved them right.

Was it? I think you're thinking of "little known loophole Bernie can use to become president"

This is joke pic. Sits not from an article at all