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youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics;
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archive.is/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address.

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Is there any point in digging through the CON leaks or has everything been pretty much found?

Old bread: archive.is/veo6w

never EVER be that fucking loser that went to cry to IA
its super gay

Are there anymore articles like this

You could for entertainment. You might be able to find something but I think most of the major stuff was found.

fluffy benis

Any chance of a frumpy Vivian draw in the future? Better yet, any DF sisters comissions?





He pretty much is a lolcow at this point. He even has a thread up on /cow/ talking about him and other fags. He got mad about that as well.

Have some lewds

Thanks, this pleases the benis

at least post something good

Godsdammit, now I'm making myself laugh just thinking of Rodd Boward.


Wiliam Usher's OP on the CON Leaks


Other possible suggestions:

As always, continue digging

Sent, feels good.

All I get is just text saying "nip". Any1 else?

guess where I found it


Wait, so Randi and Bioware are sleeping in the same bed together?

No more Bioware Games for me, despite not buying any.

IA's deviantart?

Come on, man.
Man, I haven't even looked at them since the ME3 ending scandal and their attempt at damage control by branding their critics as "nothing but a bunch of right-wing conservative Christians that hate the gays."

I am still a newfag around here, what should I do for future reference?

Don't forget to spread and give input on the August 2014 timeline.
https:[email protected]/* *//gamergate-august-2014-revisited-3b41832c061b#.yijmt27ss

With luck there will be a September one too.

Take off the http and www stuff so it isn't clickable.

Yeah, Reddit likes to track inbound traffic for "brigading," which is code for "/r/ShitRedditSays got butthurt that their stupid shit got called out and will look for any excuse to get people banned."


Lurk more, and for the love of Christ don't use any memes.

Digging through stuff from August got me to this.

Idle Thumbs 173, made August 26, 2014, has one of the guys complain about anime avatars. Is this the earliest written complaint of them related to GG?




Since it's the 2nd anniversary, a question:

Will you continue to the 3rd one also or is 2 years enough

Let me teach you something interesting about the ride we're in:


oh fug bully me, preferably sexually

To quote an user from somewhere around Sept. '14:

as long as vidya journalism is shit, we will carry on.

So in short, we are here forever

These images pretty much answer this for me.

Ben Kuchera still has a job in the gaming industry.

Why leave now?

Driver isn't Bald and the cap doesn't have Holla Forums on it.

Sage for misgynist shit and not videogames

that's mean

Why aren't you in a prison cell skooma sucker?

Also I'm trying to remember the name of this manga I read. Teenagers who work for the police. two are partners both female one with a gun the other with a sword. The gun wielder's mother is a gun smith and the sword wielder dies a few volumes in with a disposable pistol

It's not over until it's over.

I don't know why people think GamerGate is a finite thing. It "existed" before any name was given to it, i tjust had a less to no impact because no one did anything.

Threads about corruption and political correctness fucking up entertainment will always exist, and now people know to not just take it.

So call it whatever the fuck you want, but there will always be something to oppose that bullshit. How could we just stop caring?

tumblr.com/search/Gamer Gate

Glad to see the new CON leaks in here. OPFirefly is an underrated operation and highlights that we need to spread this to any website we can, and not just the big ones.

it is very likely to assume that right now this specific thread has a ton of lurkers. KiA and even GGHQ too.

The usulley ones, socjusanons lurking and waiting to derail but also, and i can bet my ass, folks from the industry. I can imagine how some of them right now run around like a chicken with the head cut off. It's maybe a mixture of those who are in a swimming pool with the blue whale and those who want to burn this shit down. The opportunities are big and there is a lot to maneuver through. We know that, they know that actually, everyone is aware of it. Who knows what fucked up operation comes next from the shit cabal or what they try next to inject their manipulative behavior into a group. Right now it looks like they got a gag order. MSM is silencing this to death and of course, it get censored everywhere it could hit the sheeple, their audience. But the facts will remain. Forever.

I wonder how it actually looks right now behind the scene and maybe an insider could say a little bit about the current state?
Just remember to show screenshot for proof with timestamp. Right now is the best moment to push a good mood to anons, i know you lurk here too so take advantage of it. Show some behind the scene, chickens who run around with their head cut off.


And speaking of gag orders, censoring, and silencing, the medium story about Wu getting back stabbed in the logs has been removed:

https:[email protected]/* *//brianna-wu-zoe-quinns-biggest-mistake-1095f99437de


It can include a certain game's release, the absence of scandals for a month, the firing of this/that person…

To me, I'd say : once Kuchera, Moviebob and Sterling are, all three, entirely irrelevant and only a few hundred fringe idiots care anymore, it's not over yet.

i thoguht gamer gate ended ages ago

what do you do in these threads? do you still e-mail people and stuff?

From the Main Skype Room part of the log.

Frankly speaking, to be frank hue hue hue would it surprise anyone if the people that got it removed was CONnected? I mean the cannibal cult is always looking to throw one of their own into the pot, but what does it say that even among that gang of socjus scammers, they pegged Wu to be a loose cannon with some screws loose. I'm just guessing here, but these CONjobs might look over their shoulders nervously for awhile in case they ever hear someone asking them to move a couch into a van, and asking them if they are a size 14.

For me, once the more corrupt journalists are out of the industry flipping burgers, quinn, harper, and nyberg behind bars or in a psych ward where they belong.

How many DoA shitpieces did we get?

Any familiar names among the journos? Any connections between them? Could there be a connection with the NeoFAG deleted thread where they were whining about the same thing and using the same wording?

What made you think that when we never stopped having threads here?


Of course we're still emailing and now we can focus on Vox, Vice, etc. There's also leaks from the opposition, if you bothered to read this thread

When we have a good opportunity to, like right now now we are over the leaks. A lot of other times we just shitpost, discuss random news articles, and games being censored.

You know for a group of self proclaimed "Progressives" they sure do get triggered quick when attractive women, be they real or fake, get attention.
Almost sounds like jealousy but that sounds crazy right.

This is a culture of love and passion and this is why we have always been winning
because you need more than your opponent to defeat them

Holy shit I wasn't the only one aiming for it, passed by fucking fast

Everytime I think the game is near done, another new level and stage opens up. Why would I not continue? GG is free2play, is truly a multi media experience, and is still one of the most captivating game I ever seen and played.
As well the CON chat log release is a hell of an anniversary present. Unfortunately I'm no coder, but if I did I'd love to create a simple chatbot that uses the CON chat log to get it's replies. Or just randomly repeats lines from it. There's a hell of a lot of keks in there.

Medium is owned by twitter isn't it? Safety Council(CON included) could have authority over it.

Would take the gaming industry coming out and giving an indication that they'd no longer listen to all the bitching about objectification or claims about racism and toxic masculinity. I don't think that'll happen so I guess I'm here forever as if they're trying to take my games away I'll be trying to make life miserable for them.

im not bored im busy drawing lots of cute boxes

what are you doing with the leaks

lurk moar jesus fucking christ
it's been two goddamn years how can you still be this clueless

That's a nice one

I'm not sure I can ever be done with it entirely I kind of like you guys

Look KiA I get that you're trying to help but you shouldn't if you've never fucking lurked. Delete your post and do it again without direct linking before SRS deletes the shit over this thread brigading.

I still don't understand that stupid rule, it's almost as stupid of a rule as necroposting.

Why, if you need, I'd like to add that tumblr considers any slightest disagreement and anti-puritan notion/image to be a crime against humanity; twitter is an empty-minded echo-chamber made for you to close yourself off to the slightest challenge, interrogation and intellectual growth; and 4chan used to be our home…

Its reddit retardation but we still have to give a damn because SRS likes to use it as an excuse to shutdown things they dislike.

This right now.

From what I hear tumblr's rules aren't bad at all its just most of the userbase that's awful.

But from what I understand brigading is where you post a link to a thread somewhere else, why is that even a punishable offensive in the first place? surly more people in a thread talking is a good thing it means more traffic for them.

Imagine if you got banned here for posting a link to /a/ or something even if it was related to the topic at hand.

Getting ready to spread it everywhere we can. Medium just took down a post containing part of it and it's only going to make this story bigger.

In addition, we're trying to find ways to nail them for what they've done in them like what Rea user has posted.

In what twisted alternative universe am I?

The CON press package may have been sent to some news outlets but it's unlikely many of them will run stories.
Other news sites that were not sent the package may or may not be aware of the CON leaks.
However, that doesn't mean that the community can't give them a little nudge in the right direction.

The articles detailing Randi Harper's dox attempt on #GamerGate Facebook users is a perfect opportunity
to highlight the leaks and drop them in the laps of media outlets who gave lots of unwavering support and positive coverage to CON.
Twitter user @curmudgeon2600 put together a nice little pastebin list
of most of the major outlets giving Crash Override Network positive coverage.

It's possible to reach out to these outlets and link them to Bone Golem's article about CON
(or the Reddit megathread) to politely inform them about updating their articles or making new ones regarding the CON leaks.


Below is a list of the articles from notable outlets who reported on CON and the contact page you can use to inform them about the CON leaks:

contact page: birthmoviesdeath.com/contact/send-tip

contact page: bostonmagazine.com/contact/

contact page: businessinsider.com/author/julie-bort

contact page: develop-online.net/contact

contact page: gamesindustry.biz/contact?subject=news

Contact page: please use archive.is/info/about-guardian-us/contact

contact page: latimes.com/about/la-contact-us-htmlstory.html

contact page: pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,17,00.asp

contact page: idgcsmb.com/contact-us/

contact page: techtimes.com/contact-us

contact: twitter.com/WSJ


Also feel free to contact Maker Studios, Polaris and Disney about the Game Jam sabotage by Quinn, Jackson and Wreden.
Contributing toward bringing down a $400,000 production helped put a lot of people out of work.

Polaris/Maker Studios
contact: makerstudios.com/about#/contact

contact (Corporate Inquiries): thewaltdisneycompany.com/contact-us/

Mountain Dew/Pepsi
contact: cu.pepsico.com/mtndew


You have smoking guns of Crash Override Network
being harassers, abusers and corrupt. It completely destroys the media's narrative.
You have an opportunity to leverage this to force the media to react or respond using e-mail campaigns.

Well from time to time, out of nowhere, without warning nor reason, they start banning porn/erotica artists. So, yeah, they are bad too.

It's stupid and useless but it's an excuse used to justify deleting your reddit post. That's it. "Okay, I don't like this shit, is it linked anywhere else ? Yes ? Good, bam, baleeted"
Also if you told everyone you'd linked to this thread(/to /a/ or whatever) you'd probably get banned, but just for being a faggot.

I'm not sure 100%, but quick search and scan says it's privately owned, developed founded by twitter co-owner Evan Williams, CEO is Evan Williams.

Berenstain one? Tumblr is pretty hands off compared to reddit or even 4chan. Which also means less favoritism shown compared to what twitter has done to some accounts, most notably like what they did to Milo or them cozying up with C.O.N. itself.

fuck off

Its still cute that reddit and Usher think we'll ever get fair reporting. Aim for their money.
Also delete >>10555569 unless you want to sabotage your own OP. Option opens up when you click that arrow at the top left next to Anonymous.

You fuck off Izzy.


and now the same shit without direct linking
the only focus you need to have is this

and hell, how or why do KiA mods take SRS reports for brigading srsly?
Is this some concern trolling from socjusanons? Anyway, it's changed so get back to focus!

It doesn't always happen but you'd just need a single idiot lurking here and "reporting" it to reddit and the thread'd be gone. So just to be safe, never direct link to reddit.
Good job nonetheless user, good shit

c-can i be player t-two?

i wish gamergate was really popular again

Its not the KiA mods that do, its the admins, many of which are from SRS themselves. In the early days its the excuse they used to delete a bunch of threads which is why we made sure to stop direct linking.

the only way i could imagin this could work is with a global-report to all admins but still KiA had to delete a thread that is reported (or?).
Here are enough socjusanons lurking/concern trolling/cointelPro and what not shitting the thread up, so it is hard to see through this.

People always said to take breaks, you just happened to take a long one. Welcome back.

Bonegolem is working on a second piece.

It's on AllThink now

Might find more if you search for "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 sexual assault"

Do you not remember how much censorship happened on reddit over this? The shadowban in an Assange AMA when someone mentioned gamergate(that can only be done an admin)? The admins fucking hate gamergate and supposedly Quinn has an in with some of them.

who is this grill

Your greatest nightmare.

Post some cute boxes

I've been here for the past 2 years and i'm not going anywhere.


Pretty much this, mang. I mean yeah send a letter with a receipt or similar to some of the media if you want. Or even better to an ombudsman. But the more effective goal is to aim for the money.


He didn't go far enough.


Gilda cosplaying as a blond russian loli

Boku no pico.



mine aren't as good as his but these are what im doing

And again, Kek blesses us. Onward, brothers!

can we put an email together to contact youtuber/good journos/people with social reach to inform them about the media Blackout.

Something like:

Consumers need your help because Media won't do it!

[than put the links to ushers KiA thread, Bonegolems article]

point out that this is buried and only they can help to spread the word.

if that's you gildafag, I have some more mememagic from earlier today. Gene Wilder's wife was named gilda. rea user is coming for you

Neat. I was half expecting porn, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Best girl.

I just cannot get over the radio silence on ghazi. It's fucking deafening. It's like a kid who has been caught with pissed pants slowly rotating around to face the corner of the room and standing there silently while everyone howls with laughter.

i saved the top middle one

It doesn't seem that dead

Maybe they finally achieved full Ingsocjus Nutopia. Where any remaining ungoodthink info are immediately sent to the memory hole.


I just looked and don't see anything on CON links, mostly just bitching about altright.

I'm talking about the leaks mate

i guess it goes like this:

if (((they))) not talk about this, it isn't news

what for the sheeples look like
Nobody is talking about it so it isn't news

The GaG Order is real, (((they))) they are silencing this to death! Right now on a 24/7 lurking job and as soon something is pitiching (((they))) start to derail the fuck out of it.

More attention to this

we are praised with dubs and trips
Heil KeK

keep the focus on this, show other anons that this is everything we are right now on it, keep replying to it keep it in the loop and make the waves bigger! Email Email EMaiL the shit out of it! you know it's working show some emails you have send and make the waves bigger!

do it

Remember anons, for these feminists and SJW's who've been attacking our hobby:

Judgement have arrived!


Come on user.

who the fuck cares abpout post formating in days like this user?

keep your fuckign attention to stuf that will lead the fucking industry to the ground of hell


It's there new scape goat. They've created the alt-right I believe. That way they can blame a part of the right but not the whole right, makes (((them))) look less vile. It a fun shit fest alright.


Not videogames. All of you cowards fuck off and find a way to do a day's work.

So, i just had this discussion whereas someone implied that Kotaku will flourish under Univisions new lead. Considering they also purchased Jezebel and Gizmodo it appears they plan on targeting millenials which have been/are the primary audience of the former Gawker assets.

I searched for Univision bias and it seems they are in bed with the democrat party so i wonder if more liberal pandering is to expect. I mean, im just taking wild guesses here but it seems they purposely report negative about Trump and conservatives. With GG having a reputation of being Trump supporters, Nationalists and all the other bullshit i could imagine that they increase the nonsense.

Where is the game, John?


I love you too bae, you better go tell the other threads in Holla Forums too, I can see a couple that aren't games.



what other plebbit subboards are there to spread the info?
TB, H3H3, videogames ??

Hm. I guess this better suited for gghq.

You're not getting responses because its already been discussed to death. Everyone already knows that the company's full of leftist ideology and not much if anything will change at Kotaku.under their ownership.

[26/12/2014, 7:16:50 AM] Rob: I just like saying things to make other gamers mad.
[26/12/2014, 7:16:53 AM] Quinnae: Take care Dan
[26/12/2014, 7:16:54 AM] Charloppe: byyye dan
[26/12/2014, 7:16:57 AM] Rob: Like 'I hate half-life 1 and 2' (Which I do)

[26/12/2014, 3:42:20 PM] Remy: hold on I've been AFK lemme read and catch up if everyone is laughing
[26/12/2014, 3:42:24 PM] Peter Coffin: it’s maker doing a reality show
[26/12/2014, 3:42:27 PM] Chris Kluwe: wtf
[26/12/2014, 3:42:29 PM] Chris Kluwe: a game jam
[26/12/2014, 3:42:32 PM] drinternetphd: also jontron was impossible to work with
[26/12/2014, 3:42:34 PM] Peter Coffin: YOU CAN NOT HAVE A GOOD REALITY SHOW FROM MAKER

[28/12/2014, 1:44:29 PM] Randi Harper: i remember a decade ago trying to figure out CSS and noping the fuck out of that

[26/12/2014, 7:16:42 AM] Quinnae: BNW appealed to me because I loved Archaeology and was a sucker for the minigame of the new culture victory. The idea of being a museum curator just sang to the dork in me.

[26/12/2014, 6:06:39 AM] Chris Kluwe: i LOVE arguing with people

Endgadget and other shitty outlets :
NicheGamer :

I fucking swear, GamerGate is the best thing that has ever happened

I've been out of the loop for quite some time. Anyway, thanks for the answer.

guess what kia link is shadowbanned on twitter


no wonder so many socjusanons in here, pretending to be anons, actually not focusing on the conleaks, shitposting and derailing the hell out of this.

You cowards showing all you are is stupidity and attention seeking is no credit to you nor advancement for you. Every such action has you dishonoured having betrayed what raised you calling their efforts in vain.

Things are right to put faith in others. You cowards proving otherwise is no exception. Those who've aided you should pay attention to what goes right. Consider all the failures of character behind the scenes working they werent meant to see. If the coward doesn't put on a show ever at least they'll not be to blame having done their part as was done to them.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case, cause it seems like no one here is doing fucking anything besides shit posting.
Like holy crap, get to work guys, I mean I know there are some of you actually doing stuff but you should at least be talking about the leaks and what not, figuring out what to do.

English isn't my first language but, oh boy, your punctuation sucks.

netscape is one of the first who made a video about conleaks

something went very wrong here

is it the europe tmz?

is it user not haveing enough power to push what is important

of 49 UID's in here, half of them are shills, the other half, divided into 10 active and 10 sleeping

10 anons, half of them not paying attention and falling for derailers/baiters/shitposters

oh fuck

I have tried hard, but I still have no idea whatsoever what you're saying and what I'm supposed to take from it.

i emailed a few jewtubers
sorry didn't screencap at the time

In English, please.

How about you post the video then?

Because he cares more about speed than quality, Leo Pirate is working on one.


any reason why you think it is important to pay attention to that shit?

push for sending emails faggots
keep attention to this

stop sliding/derailing the focus to bait posts nobody cares about!

information wars is all about speed.

I'm working on a video but i didn't want to rush it. I had to check the genuineness of the confirmations by Anti-GG'ers. Actually i'm still combing through the logs and try to do that.

tbh: At one point i even considered the leaks to be retaliation for Zack Attack and that we have been taken on a ruse cruise.

try to stay as close to what usher did if it makes you feel safer, i can understand your concerns but do not drop this!

stay focused, take your time but also, help other anons to stay focused and do not let this get to slow!

We need something set in place to stop derailing all the time.
It will help stop the derailing, the shills, the people shitposting, we will see how the operation is going and it will help Morale too.

Netscape's video.

I disagree entirely, its better to be accurate and thorough but take a week longer than to be fast but sloppy. The things in the leaks happened over a year ago. An extra week will not effect the companies' response, the only benefit that speed normally has is getting information to people while they still care but in this case the people who care and will see it is us and we're not about to lose interest over a small passage of time.

Looking forward to it.

I totally get ya, I was cautious at the beginning too because of the utter coincidence of it.

we can disagree and agree all day long it will not change a damn to why not staying focused. You might be right but it doesn't change the fact to stay focused at least.


more often replaing to ongoing stuf
post some screencap of emails
link information
remember other anons to stay focused

i don't know how to set something in place to get more attention to this info. But we sure need something right now.

There is nothing of you I admire. No threads from you cowards are video games. Made to make things worse or harvest things for yourselves.

All things know right from wrong. Shouldn't have to point out what is and isn't. Some may be dismayed and be overwhelmed with lies cowards such as you are the base or standard.

However abundant or prominant you lot are an irrelevant impediment that against the rest should be so small as not to seem existant. Left out of memory.

Games are beautiful things, what makes them more so is with them. Imitations and capitalisation, reappropriation, are temptations to give away that truth to falsity for themselves for which they'll join cowards unable to see beauty propperly. Maybe becoming unable to find it, seeing cowardice substanciate itself further.

Gamer is a term wrong as well.
Games are one of many good things. Accepting a role like cowards did in their becoming such will also deny beauty.

Should regard such offers as false authority that wishes beauty not to matter.

Keep your tastes whether they are liked or not. Shouldn't crave safety.

Not what scum provide. Doing so adds a cost of cowardice which makes beauty less.

Immunity from scum in being with beauty. None need suffer for that.

Did they outsource their shitposting to India?

Nah, this pretentious little prick probably does it for free.

literally gilda

some raqndome nobody i never heard about

I don't even need to click on the link to know it ends up with NTR


And here i sat, thinking McIntosh had carried on to something else.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Just contact the Mi5 or FBI or whatever and get those CON pedos thrown in prison where they belong

Josh is lucid compared to this gibberish.

lets face it. its hardly NTR
the bitch is beyond mentally retarded and thinks eating fucking bread crust is perfectlly fine
and the guy was retarded enough to let his down syndrome girlfriend fuck other men for money knowin full well she is dumb as shit

Fuck you

You sound like an imam trying to teach a non-believer he'll be going to hell
down to the unintelligible choices of words
I genuinely have no idea what you're even talking about

6 (1) out of nowhere as soon anons tried to get more focused on actually stuff.


Time to apply the filters…

Do we have a list of anyone that has confirmed they're doing a video on it? I know Leo is doing one and Nuclear Negro knows of it so it's bound to happen next video.

I'm guessing Milo or Allum might write an article or two about it if they haven't already.

qu qu will probably make a video with 30 seconds talking about CON and 15 minutes of how Total Biscuit is evil and revolt was right all along.

Fitting name if I ever saw one.


Netscape already did that.

Well, not 30 seconds of autistic rage but he was implying that TB tried to split the movement into Ethics Only people and Culture War people.

This is false, he defended TB in it.

Oh, did i misunderstood what was said? Could be, was pretty tired this morning. I'll watch it again and i'm sorry if i'm spreading false information here.


I mean he said that TB only cared about ethics which he disagreed with but that TB was just an individual pushing for what he cared about not some nefarious plan. Defended TB' talking about "extremists" by saying TB was likely only talking about Roguestar who "is an asshole anyways" and his followers so most of gamergate shouldn't be bothered by them.

Overall I found the video to be a fair assessment because a lot of people were annoyed at TB over some of his weak comments, like implying the sites shouldn't be burned down or that going after SJW issues was bad, I know I was. The difference was most didn't obsess over what a single youtuber said like revolt did.

Saria quads


Give it up. You always fail anyway.

came here 2 laff @ u

Not always
polite sage

no blessings for heathens


Medium Made Me Take Down My Post On "Brianna Wu: Zoe Quinn's Biggest Mistake"


At least you tried.

please use archive.ism/boards/threads/new-feminist-frequency-video-about-female-combatants-very-informative.454812806/

Some mixed response, but SJW shills got BTFO in here. I sense overlap with imageboards.

It's unlikely, but do you think anyone can visit and drop the logs in there?


Additional link:



u wot m8?


What's with those subreddits?

r/MGTOW is obvious I'm sure, r/Redpill is basically PUAs I think.
r/European is just about Europe but has gotten anti-muslim and anti-refugee over the past couple years, should be obvious why. The fact that he has a problem with that subreddit and not Holla Forums is just bizarre as the few threads I've seen on it on Holla Forums the opinion ranges from it being alright to being full of cucks.

go to the conleaks and look for some nice quotes, mark them and share them!

That retard's been fed redpills without even knowing it. It's only a matter of time.



PUA=pick up artists which gets falsely conflated with MGTOWs and MRAs, just as the media threw gamergate in with all that and now the altright.




they turned against techrapt for no reason, huh?

what game are they talking about?

Anyone liking NTR is worse than Osaba Bin Ladden.

Why the fuck we get anything related to NTR everytime there is a new Gamergate thread?


why is 'Crash Override Network' Targeting Techrapt? Why do these people harrass an gaming website?

oh, yeah, i know, because socjus dickheads are fucking nuts.

What do they mean about that "death of the author" thing ?


what a pile of shit is actually driving this industry?

A play on words and new use of the term.

If anything, people like Mcintosh are the ones who have driven gaming back by making developers scared to include anything that might offend someone who probably wouldn't have bought their game in the first place.

Actually nevermind, must be something else judging by date as article was written after that conversation was held.

At least they're smart enough not to have said 10 years.

Read the next two lines.


am i in the baranstain universe now?

GG is just a irl remake of the road runner looney tunes show.
A bunch of anons that just go "meep meep!", and get an horribly humongous overblown reaction with all sorts of artillery that does nothing but hit the coyote back.

oh shit, that whole convo from the point of Lwu being mod of ghazi


Well Holla Forums is not really serious about the whole nazi thing right? It's just a way to be outrageous and have fun. I mean, how retarded would you have to be to end up trolling yourself into becoming an actual nazi?

Some of them are serious, though; thing is, most of those are tryhards who think they'll totally be treated right and like kings by just being retarded on the opposite side
Basically, teenagers who try to totally look cool


Gamergate has been business as usual for Holla Forums from the very beginning.

It'll be here forever, perhaps not in name, but when has Holla Forums ever not hated the industry around vidya?

And then there are goons who just love to pretend to be retarded. Going all nazi is a sure way to bait and trigger normalfags. Lowest hanging fruit. Just barely low enough for goons to latch on to.


SJWs are the fucking dregs of society.

This bitch even namedrops Gawker.

Why do you think like you can speak authoritatively on Holla Forums when you've said before that you don't even go on there?

Everyone on Holla Forums believes there's racial differences though not all natsoc. Also views vary in extremity obviously. r/European is no more extreme than your tamest Holla Forumsack though.


remember, those fuckheads who always derail the shit into harrassment?

this is basically what has happened
Holla Forums used to be fun

Well then never mind AHAHAHAHA

I'm not speaking authoritatively. It's called giving an opinion, user. You might be scared of those but once you hit your thirteen birthday you might grow to accept them as simply that, opinions
I didn't even say most of Holla Forums is like that or whatever, I said some people did go all the way out of edginess

Fair point.

The Swastika is a symbol of peace therefore Nazism is an ideology of peace. Theres literally nothing wrong with being a Nazi unless you're a Naziophobe

You really are an insufferable elitist.


well, actually, idiots on twitter still falling for moles and bite the baits. Even here in this bread.

Frogs in a nutshell.

i think hatred



Zoe Quinn declared war on Anonymous

Crash Override Network wanted to end all online anonymity



Don't take their word for it. It's a lot of posturing and exaggeration when they're bragging about their great achievements among themselves. All for the pecking order and great praise.

Unless you can connect what they say with independent descriptions of the event they brag about, I wouldn't get worked up about it.

how is danny boy doing these days anyway? he seems to have gone radar silent since he got off on the CP him and that batshit crazy tranny tried to pin on us

this reminds me to get the firendly reminder out for oure new 30 anons in here since my last friendly reminder

friendly reminder



After Hogan basically delivered a deathblow to Gawker, I think she's the one who's likely to end up as the next internet maymay posted on the front page of tabloid sites.


Don't rely on corrupt media, go for new media that isn't controlled by corporations. Word of mouth will do better.

I'd park and tell her to get the fuck out of my car.


Holy shit, he actually does. Good for him.

Sadly going to have to keep up with this for while.

I've given up on getting all these guys to reform or be fired. For now I'll settle for them becoming irrelevant. Look at that shit yesterday with the DOA VR. When we can get back to the days where the only articles would have been "LOL JAPAN" I'll be happy.

Why do I continue to be impressed by how stupid these people are?

I wonder

Vice gaming is a fucking joke.

crashoverridenetwork, right here, everyone crashoveridenetwrok.



Gaming Community is shit

If every liar would die today, we would have a better world tomorrow.

Making them irrelevant is probably the most realistic course of action. And doing that will require continued effort, continued pushing of alternative sites to break up the relative oligopoly that is games journalism. There will ALWAYS be an audience for their articles. But it can certainly be made much smaller.

Gamergate is still a marathon, not a sprint.

Have they come out to defend themselves already? Where are the damage control articles?


I think they know it's indefensible. So they lay low, dig in and hope it will pass them over.


This is a possibility. Which could explain the timing of the DoAX3 VR articles. They could also still be trying to figure out how to spin the logs, likely amongst themselves.

Few things piss me off as much as that.

hey, anons
from there
continue to read

Actually, they try to find a way to make the story pro-zoe.

That's hilarious. They couldn't do a damn thing about us shitposting and digging, what makes them think they'll even touch the actual mean types, aside from their own bloated egos? We largely play within conduct, and have our fun there. But they think they can duke it out against people who use anonymity on the net to actually cover serious crimes?

They were stupid enough to try and defend butts being confirmed a pedo, I agree more on that they're just not sure what to do, aside from generally muddy the waters.

How? Invasion of privacy? Throwing out stalker accusations and disowning/unperson-ing any traitors to the clique?

The passive aggressiveness emanating from this poor girl is palpable.

Fuck, I'm boned.

according to quinn. Gjioni editet the ircc logs



but deo not forget

quinn already lost in the court room

Just keep reading it anons.

What a whore, for fuck's sake. That's why you shouldn't use things like Lyft or whatever just to save some money or to try to get some easy money driving or even be a generous guy.

The curious thing is when did this girl upload the video on the internet and think she is going to be backed up?

tone policing


and their next trick



Is that MN9 Dina?

This. DisNod and Rebuild are as important now as they were two years ago. We can't abandon them. Even though the Colbert Anita diminished the impact of emails, they didn't dull it's effects entirely as evidenced by Max Read. We need to just keep digging in, and keep up the autism.

Silly question. Can I say I'm spanish and as a spanish my culture involves conquering and taking trophies from defeated civilizations and so don't bother anymore about cultural appropiation?


twatter front is shit and full of shitposter bots becasue chris kluwe


Just reject the idea of cultural appropriation to begin with. No point in entertaining the retarded.

Spain is a Western and white country, NO LUCK MAN

Unless you manage to fool them, of course.

good morning

But all white people say we are not white! I'm offended!

The problem is that I'm whiter than paper and my eyes are brightly greenb/blue

Just want to take a laugh.


Go back eat another hamburguer, murrikan

What a sad bunch! Hahaha

The bitch from the HUGH MUNGUS video put it on her Facebook & got like 35,000 beta orbiters giving likes & taking her side.

Don't underestimate the extent of Social Justice idiocy. It is a cult. They are indoctrinated. This is a byproduct of relentless conditioning to create an automatic reaction of often violent hysteria (offense) at anything perceived to be against progressive dogma (especially white straight men).


DAIMMMn'n ZoE You stILL lurk and SHITpost HERE?

i feel sorry but not rly, always remember, this is what you have done the past 2 years.

Madre mia.

Franco tenía razón.

whiter than the US.
Also Cracked had an article on 8/pol/ and Trump.

Breaking news

2chan.net is down, their users emigrated to another chan's /jp/ board called librechan, where /hebe/ ended after being expelled from here

Post number went from less than a hundred to over 12144 in a day.

How the fuck? Was the coding so bad they have to redo the whole game for PC or what?

what does that mean for us?

I wonder why they avoid us like the plague

Nice, Maybe librechan can be the chan that replaces 4chan as top dog.

You're implying lwu does anything other than talk shit on twatter all day.

We don't allow nudist lolis?

did 2chan?

if they keep harboring /hebe/ I don't think so

You should be banned for posting that trash here.

Fuck if I know.

Fuck you dad, fuck you, I still have nightmares

Yes, They might have come here if Jim didn't go back on his word of not banning boards that post legal content.



What did they mean by this?


that whole conversation feel unconfortable as hell. It#s not like i wouldn#t like boobs but i get the feeling they are talking about the other kind of boobs.

Well, at least we know they're retarded.

I'm sorry your father was a filthy hippy. You have my sympathy.

Oh, you're one of those…

They're not going to drop /hebe/ because both /hebe/ and librechan are Potion's baby.

I wish Rio and Sindel didn't draw shitty NTR porn because I love their drawing, specially when they draw monster breeding stuff.



Damn Flynt must have some major jewblood in him.

Then WHY the fuck did he went to a nudist beach? I hope you punched him and claimed your right as the alpha male of the family.


How do we end up on NTR every single thread?

im just a guy from a real chan who tried to tell you guys to quit wasting your time months ago

how's the war effort going, still losing?

I suspect Jim sterling is one of the resident shills

user, what they mean is: if ""harassment"" continues that laws might change and the government might remove anonimity from the internet. It's what they were saying back then.


what is wrong with gangbang
what is wrong with gangbang
what is wrong with gangbang
what is wrong with gangbang

am i eating some weird rainbows
is this a dream
the fuck is going on

Post yfw it was Burch all along

I don't fucking know!

Please god save us


So a shill?


What is the context of this? the 5 guys thing?

Well considering that noone's trying to stop you from getting all of your slut holes fucked while you're trying to stop us from getting anime tits it seems like you're the sex negative ones when it comes to anyone not yourselves.

well time for me to retire now and find a new fetish

That would explain everything.

You naive child.

just a guy with common sense, checking up on you guys every few months or so to have a giggle at your expense

So, a shill, got it.

Gangbang is shit anyway unless you are surrounded by girls and traps with small dicks rubbing their small little bodies against you while you change of hole every 3 or 4 thrusts.

You act like this is news, if she fucked 5 different guys over that period what makes you think she's not into that shit too?

Let me just point and laugh at you.

Here's your reply.

You'll never get that fishy dried-up bluehair snatch that you lust for.

It means what it means, hotwheels was always a lolberg that never put weight in his decisions even when he had balls. He was murmuring about banning /hebe/ when his payment methods got fucked by false-flag cp reports.

over that period at the same time

she's a delusional paranoid control freak bitch, seemed more like she'll only grant access to her goomba fanny for one person a time while she worms her way into numale nests

I have no idea, he honestly thought he was doing a good job as a father… while being paranoid as fuck because I was abusing them to live without making an effort then one day disappear or some retarded shit.

The worst part was making me feel bad for everything. Even to the point that he being an asshole was my fault and I should had behaved perfectly. And because I have some degree of autism, everything has affected me even worse than it should.

Thank God I went to a psychologist and he stopped his retardation, he went from being an asshole 100% of the time to just 5%. Now I have to learn some skill, get a job, a gf and form a family and I don't know how exactly, and it's probably too late for me.

A narcissist likes getting gangbanged. No surprise there. The more attention at once, the better.

The only acceptable fetish here is consensual sex in the missionary position under the covers with the lights off with the intent to procreate.
Head patting is okay to but only if your married.

Don't be that way. Sooner or later you'll just run out of things to enjoy.

pic related is you

it is a coincidence

its the same kind of enjoyment you get from seeing fedora kids embarrass themselves

the thing is, i even didn#t saw such a pure hate in any breads on a imageboard. Maybe there is the same pure hate, somewhere, hidden i don't know.

But this

You memes are so meek, you're surely not from any chan at al. Kluwe, that you?

If you're that bored send an email.

so how are you guys dealing with the fact you've been losing for the past year anyway?

/r/kotakuinaction has been at 40k subscribers for the past year as well, its dead

What says, though I would suggest you older women, gentle care and hugs after sex as new fetishes.

Why don't you get a trip, so you can leaderfag properly.

christmas cake / milfs have been on my list for a while

Why don't you quite being a retard and responding to bait? Unless you're in on the derailment.

Isn't it funny how you're saying that just when the leaks came out and gawker admitted they understimated gamergate?
I would accept this shitposting of yours if you did it a month ago because gamergate was dying out at that time.


Top tier tastes.


yeah someone's gonna pay me to come and shill here on a swedish fishing board with 1000 users

well CTR are paid shills so its not outside the realm of possibility but whatever

i reckon you should definitely focus your effort on something more grounded in reality however, like trump

the pendulum is swinging against the msm and cultural marxism, but not because of the manchildren of gamergate

Enjoy those weekly terrorists attacks and rape gangs.

What does trump have to do with video games?

Jesus fuck, November hurry the fuck up.

Nice try soros

ey anons
The heck am i reading here? No, NO SRSLY. The fuck is this log? This can't be real!

Are you rly telling me that LW fucked a 30 yo old dude when she was 15? Are you fucking kidding me? And who the fucks cares? I can see her making a big shit out of this because some weirdos on the le epic internet found some stuff, This aside

what the fuck is wrong here



Rapegufees vs niggers.

Who would win?

video games are fine buddy, its the globalists you need to worry about

Bitch's been a skank all her life.

Well since you're taking bait now I'll try my hand too:

You sad little children have been wasting your time here for two years and counting while the entire Internet laughs at you. I want to laugh too, but man, this is so sad and pathetic I kinda feel sorry for you, always hoping so hard and getting owned by everyone.

Now give me those (You)s.

Just another proof that bitch is cray cray.

good. Get them out of Europe.

as a matter of fact I've always taken a shine to shotas ganging up on a single milf and such as part of liking gangbang

https:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */founder-has-helped-create-9c524abe011e#.ikjws3cin

Just cuck the security of my homeland up.


she plays the victim card very well. what a manipulative bitch!



I'm a bit surprised because for the past few days, it hasn't been anti-gamer shills, but revolttard ones who have kept visiting and tried to make themselves look stupid.
I mean I know they're pretty much doing LW's job for them, but come on. How can you have this little self-respect ?

variloh and chrisjunior are our pet shills

more proof of blue whale connection to twitter insider.


but the blue big thing can only use it little by little.

Leftist defend this kind of behaviour and they want to import it to us.
Leftism really is a mental illness.

I wonder what percentage of the people "talking the bait" are just the same people with proxies. We've had more than one incidents were trolls forgot to change their ids before arguing with themselves.

Ain't gonna click that shit nigga.

What's it about?

King Nigger sure is hurrying up to send everything to shit.

Wait is twatter giving her peoples IPs?

Well Ququ and squidcoyote have been going full retard just as much lately, I mean genuine sarah butts level of cringe. So it's not impossible they've all gotten together for it I suppose

Can't leave a working country to Trump. Got to shit it up properly so everything falls apart once the President changes, so you can blame it all on the Republicans.


so, i guess all the fuckheads are actually part of some google+mail group. Lurking/derailing the shit out of this and keept the attention to shitposting huh?

no she said IP logs are deleted quickly and that's why she need to be fast to warn them

Or paving the way so Clinton shits it up even more.
It's a win/win for a puppet like him.

She may have been abused, lots of people that are abused as kids end up fucked in the head. Or she could just be lying,

It makes sense that all these indoctrinated leftists pretend brown & black people are harmless / incapable of rape while bashing the ever living fuck out of any white male expressing a modicum of heterosexuality (even in fiction) when you realize the goal is to eradicate whites & steal everything they have ever created.


this whole chat drives me fucking crazy

I do not understand for the life of me. All that's left of gg right now is two dens of autism. Us, and that IRC where all the psuedoanons hang out. Why can't they just ignore us and do their own thing? What ever happened to

As far as I know, we don't have ops to go into their IRCs and shit up the place. I mean they are still fucking proud of themselves for trying to sabotage Torrential Downpour. And for what? What do they get out of it?

God damn it just let us email in peace. You know it fucking works now.

Nah, I'm pretty sure its an anti-gamer shill.

>implying libs are leftists
read zizek

What the fuck.
If you have a twitter account I hope you were using a proxy.

Into the trash.

Don't pretend that Holla Forums doesn't also support the dissolution of borders.




i have braincancer now, go on and read the other half anons.

pay attention to this


Yeah, I feel dumb for trusting twitter back when this all started, was really bluepilled back then and have since learned my lesson.

There are people who use the internet without a VPN?

Somehow I find it entertaining of rediscovering how massive scums people can be


a whole crowd of arabs pull a woman into a subway station. I don't know what happens of her next, but I suppose it's the worst.


Yes you do, they're Muslims it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

The more I read of the logs, the more I understand why terrorists exist.

This reminds me of the CON leaks comment
It is just as eloquent. pic related

Speaking of which, has anyone contacted Candice yet concerning the leaks?

And when THAT happens, you become an SJW.

Remember that CON member can trry to derail by appearing to fight CON members.

Police bullets.

The funny thing is that at the very beginning, pro-gamers recognized that there were 3rd party trolls. These idiots think that 3rd party trolls are pro-gamers.

Retard trying to be edgy. They call gamers violent?

I thought the same too honestly.

If it wasn't for Banana nazi and Randi's reaction I would still be skeptical of them

pics related

goodnight gays

I have no idea why they think 2050 is going to be a paradise where we all hold hands and sing songs. Given by the shit I see on black twitter, and hispanic twitter, it's going to be a fucking blood bath.

Probably both to be honest. We know from the CON logs they have people that do nothing but shit up the place. And we know from

Ohh… I've seen that.

Is she still alive? did they manage to rescue her before muslim dicks tainted her holes?


What's this

I didnt get what Steamspy meant with his tweets about Mexico and polygon.

Not that I'm aware of, did she follow anyone here? If so try DMing her.

what a day.

Maybe tacos really enjoy shit journalism.

I don't have a twitter account.

I have no idea what this means or is about. Mind explaining ?

Reminder that Damien is technically a SF writer being paid by the british government to write a SF book he isn't writing.

Oh I get it now.

It was about info. Kerbal space program didnt want ppl to know their steam stats. They released info themselves. KSP has only 1300 visitors on steamspy, but same data on polygon had 40k visitors. So by releasing the data themselves, they actually got the data to more ppl.

Nothing to do with botting or polygon being shit.

Steamspy actually shat on journo's today: twitter.com/Steam_Spy/status/770654589704110080



Holla Forums is anons of 20 ideologies all trying to troll each other by false-flagging, I wouldn't trust anything they say is sincere at any point

ideological flags were a mistake

you're kidding, right?


this gaming industry is build on fake and gay shit, right here.

Nono, I have seen the context, I just have no fucking idea what this means. Did polygon do something wrong ? Aside from not committing suicide ?


They seemed pretty united about wanting borders torn down when I made a thread asking about their thoughts on amnesty.




Any context to this? Googling "Dutch reporter assault" just brings up the Sara Logan attack.

times I go there there's always big mention of how taking down the borders now and flooding the workforce would just shit on the workers here, so I guess we're both working from confirmation bias

this is fucking brutal

What's her handle?

KSP is Kerbal Space Program. Probably the most successful and well known game to come out of Mexico.

Polygon is a shit gaming rag written by pretentious journos for pretentious journos. Back in the day it would get some traffic routed from places like Kotamu and Rock Paper Shotgun, but as these sites have basically scared away most of their userbase with SJW zealotry Polygon barely gets any real traffic anymore and is about as irrelevant as Venus Patrol or Offworld, but since Polygon is apparently too "high profile" to just die they're artificially proffering it's stats with Mexican click-farms.

I doubt telling their advertisers about this will do a whole lot though. They will probably defend this site for a good long while as to not face the realization that they bet on the wrong horse.


tl;dr. In 2010 he got a grant from Arts Council England to write his first novel. He still hasn't written his first novel. Instead he writes "reviews" on geek culture.


it went protected though

well I would link you the thread but it seems to have 404'd. I made it when Holla Forums was defending Trump on backdoor amnesty so noone should have been feeling defensive but I was the only one defending borders.

You realize we can kill then now when they fuck with our women and gays and they're also certain to get shot by gangs.

has the right idea. You know people are going to be ready for blood after Orlando. I see one mudslime on Westbrook Rd or in my Wapak making trouble, they're dead and I'm sure /k/ has the exact same sentiment.

Any alternate methods of contact?

Ooooh, that's what it means ! How the shit did you all get it with that ?.. I might just be stupid.
Thanks a lot dear.

About the Obama giving the internet to the UN thing is there any hope to stop it?

this is her site degree180.com/author/admin/

I doubt it, Obonga seems hell bent on doing as much damage as he can before his kicked out of office.


I see people tweeting at her on twitter when I searched S_Autopsy.
Here's the contact on the Degree 180 site:
For Questions: [email protected]/* */

She's still listed first when you click on Team 180 on the site: degree180.com/who-we-are/ so I'm assuming she's still affiliated.

We need a fucking alternative. The internet should be free from any kind of shitty political ideologue.

Reading all of this reflects of what a bathetic sac of shit Damien is. A "village idiot" as Correia puts it

No, this shit isn't any kind of ideal, it's just obnoxious forced narrative bullshit we're not going to stand for.

With blackjack and hookers?

It looks like her last name initial has changed from O to A. Did she get married?

This is nuts

Maybe spread info abut this, to show this would be privacy invasion, and therefore, very damaging for freedom of speech.

I believe Obama is trying to find other ways to control Europe through the UN because the TTIP is facing high opposition on Europe, most notably from the German people, and the French and Italian governments, despite the fourteen negotiations about it.

Plenty of people on tech like SJWs anyway. What makes you think they wouldn't consider this actually a good thing?

So guys, how about that King Nigger giving the internet away to the UN thing?


I'm planning on sending an e-mail via burner. Any suggestions? I tried 10minutemail.com but that only recieves e-mails.


they are not wrong, she really did got harassed and bullied by dozens of cocks

Is there any more information about this incident than that short clip and a pile of assumptions?

Make a livemail or from other big provider. Temporary emails are probably blacklisted for spam

Uh oh, I'm getting a gamejournospro deja vu here.

I just saw a thread on KiA saying ghazi completely ignored the CON leaks. That got me thinking, other than methwhale, no SJW has said anything about those leaks, not even trying to damage control. After the way they reacted to the mombot sting I find this rather suspicious and we don't really know who leaked the logs or why.

Now, hypothetically speaking, if these leaks were part of some SJW ruse, what could be the goal? Is there anything that could benefit them or harm us from such a ruse?

I am certain they had a new list ready a week after the old one was exposed. Just pruned down to the inner circle.

not really, otherwise there would be a ton of shitpieces calling us gullible and shit by now. They are silent because there's nothing they could say to ease the impact of the leaks so they just ignore it

the logs confirm a lot of what we've been saying, if it turns out they're fabricated it hits the general credibility of what we said. however, they're just too big to be fabricated, at this point, I think; and you got both cheong and harper confirming them

Talking about getting bullied by angry schlongs…

No, that shit is not going to fucking fly.

ha, megaphone account


the fuckheads still at it?

I didn't need to see this.

I wouldn't trust Cheong and Harper, I still feel Cheong's 180 came out of nowhere and I'm not sure what happened there, as for Harper she clearly thinks she's some kind of hip ebin trole.

The credibility angle was my first thought but their stranglehold on MSM makes it extremely easy to just smear us without having to pull off some ruse, so I'm trying to think of some other possibility.

I have a draft ready. What should I add?


Apparently the kebabs are talking in French and the video is a few months older than the New Year's attacks, but other than that, I'm drawing a blank.


Presumably, I believe that she mentioned being engaged before.

100k should be enough to get a word around. Don't tell me you thought this was an e-celeb account?

How about a small intro like "hi Owens I followed all that ruckus regarding Zoe and saw you being thrown in the mud blah blah blah did you saw that someone leaked their chat logs confirming lots of assumptions about them blah blah". Otherwise she won't click a random link from some random sender

Also include a link for the whole log. So she can peruse the chats themselves to get a feel for what that probably did to her.

I'm not hearing a single french word, and there's arabic writings on the walls, so I doubt it's from belgium or france.

oh that sort of megaphone I get it not megaphone-chan



Its not faked, they're just ignoring it because its the best response they have to it. They don't want to draw any attention to it.

She always has a place though.

as most anons here
well, actually socjusanons

I can't speak for all of them since the place is nothing but infighting, but as I see it, dissolution of national borders is a goal and not a method. Simply opening borders without having economic redistribution first would do no good. For all its faults, the USSR demonstrated that, when everyone is on the same economic level, violent crime and national/ethnic strife go through the floor.

Enough of this bullshit.

They pushed this sexism bullshit this hard and now they're trying to stop us from even calling out these filth. Fuck no. Time for the push back.

I got that info from Pamela Geller. I know she's not a good source, but the commenters who informed her don't seem to have a reason to lie about those details.


It's fucking disturbing how censored all these attacks have been. The only way people can even learn about them are rumours on blogs.

How's this so far?
According to the leaked chatlogs (ghostbin.com/paste/xnp24) which are verified by Ian Miles Cheong (twitter.com/stillgray/status/768637243380465664), Candace was indeed targeted by the founders of Crash Override Network.[Specific highlights of Candace]bonegolem.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/contextualizing-the-crash-override-network-logs/

post yfw banana hitler makes the press go 180 on gg

The USSR didn't exactly have a ton of racial diversity. I'm actually closer to Holla Forums than Holla Forums when it comes to economics the thing is that you all seem to have all of your beliefs founded on thinking that everything comes back to economics and that I vehemently disagree with. /thirdpositionist/ is closer to my views but its dead as fuck.

send her these instead of ghostbin (normalfags find these weird links iffy while reddit is more well known)



Alright this has been bugging me. Why are the establishment conservatives shilling this literally who McMullin guy instead of supporting Johnson or something?

Does anyone know any decent stream services? We should get a stream going and watch the SVU episode again.

I don't want to drink alone on my birthday

synchtube is pretty good if you have the vid saved on youtube or vimeo or some shit

happy birthday

If you dig into Rotherham things get particularly disturbing. Some of the police covered up children getting raped as to avoid "racist" accusations and reactions. Some even raped the kids themselves.



Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.
Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.
Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).
High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.
Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.
Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.
Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.
Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.
How many nations are suffering from Islamic infiltration? One? A handful? Nearly every nation? The Islamic ‘leadership” of the Muslim Brotherhood and others wish to dissolve each nation’s sovereignty and replace it with the global imposition of Islamic sharia law. Sharia law, based on the koran, sira and hadith, condemns liberty and forbids equality and is inconsistent with the laws of all Western nations. As the author and historian Serge Trifkovic states:

“The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.”


Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts.

Proselytizing increases; Establishment and Recruitment of Jihadi cells.
Efforts to convert alienated segments of the population to Islam.
Revisionist efforts to Islamize history.
Efforts to destroy historic evidence that reveal true Islamism.
Increased anti-western propaganda and psychological warfare.
Efforts to recruit allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists).
Attempts to indoctrinate children to Islamist viewpoint.
Increased efforts to intimidate, silence and eliminate non-Muslims.
Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.
Continued focus on enlarging Muslim population by increasing Muslim births and immigration.
Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund jihad.
Covert efforts to bring about the destruction of host society from within.
Development of Muslim political base in non-Muslim host society.
Islamic Financial networks fund political growth, acquisition of land.
Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.
Tolerance of non-Muslims diminishes.
Greater demands to adopt strict Islamic conduct.
Clandestine amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.
Overt disregard/rejection of non-Muslim society’s legal system, culture.
Efforts to undermine and destroy power base of non-Muslim religions including and especially Jews and Christians.
Is there a pattern here? Theo van Gogh is murdered in the Netherlands for ‘insulting’ Islam; the Organization of the Islamic Conference demands ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws through the United Nations; France is set afire regularly by ‘youths’ (read Muslims); the rise of (dis-) honor killings…holocaust denial…anti-Semitism…deception re the tenets of Islam; hatred toward Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists. The pattern for all to see is the rise of Islamic intolerance and the covert/cultural jihad to remake host societies into sharia-compliant worlds – to remove host sovereignty and replace it with Islamic sharia law. Sharia law that condemns earthly liberty and individual freedom, that forbids equality among faiths and between the sexes, that rejects the concept of nations outside the global house of Islam, that of dar al-Islam.


Open violence to impose Sharia law and associated cultural restrictions; rejection of host government, subjugation of other religions and customs.

Intentional efforts to undermine the host government & culture.
Acts of barbarity to intimidate citizens and foster fear and submission.
Open and covert efforts to cause economic collapse of the society.
All opposition is challenged and either eradicated or silenced.
Mass execution of non-Muslims.
Widespread ethnic cleansing by Islamic militias.
Rejection and defiance of host society secular laws or culture.
Murder of “moderate” Muslim intellectuals who don’t support Islamization.
Destruction of churches, synagogues and other non-Muslim institutions.
Women are restricted further in accordance with Sharia law.
Large-scale destruction of population, assassinations, bombings.
Toppling of government and usurpation of political power.
Imposition of Sharia law
The website www.thereligionofpeace.com keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks as best it can. The site lists more than 14,000 attacks since September 2001. It is worth a visit. What is occurring, however, that is likely inestimable are events where muslims are bullied by other muslims for not being “muslim enough,” where non-Muslims are intimidated into doing or not doing what they desire, where remnant populations are in a death spiral simply for being non-muslim in a predominantly muslim area. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists Animists and Atheists meet with death, property destruction or confiscation, forced conversion, rape, excessive taxation (the jizya), enslavement, riotous mobs and various other forms of islam (in-) justice at the hands of muslims in Sudan, Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, India, etc. And let us not forget ‘death to Apostates’ the world over.


Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology.

Sharia becomes the “law of the land.
All non-Islamic human rights cancelled.
Enslavement and genocide of non-Muslim population.
Freedom of speech and the press eradicated.
All religions other than Islam are forbidden and destroyed.
Destruction of all evidence of non-Muslim culture, populations and symbols in country (Buddhas, houses of worship, art, etc).
The House of Islam (“peace”), dar al-Islam, includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule, to the soul crushing, liberty-condemning, discriminatory law of Sharia. The rest of the world in in the House of War, dar al-harb, because it does not submit to Sharia, and exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of ‘Allah.’ No non-Muslim state or its citizens are “innocent,” and remain viable targets of war for not believing in ‘Allah.’ The Christian, Jewish, Coptic, Hindu and Zoroastrian peoples of world have suffered under subjugation for centuries. The Dhimmi-esque are forbidden to construct houses of worship or repair existing ones, economically crippled by the heavy jizya (tax), socially humiliated, legally discriminated against, criminally targeted and generally kept in a permanent state of weakness, fear and vulnerability by Islamic governments.

It should be noted that forced conversions (Egypt) and slavery (Sudan) are still reported. Homosexuals have been hung in the public square in Iran. Young girls are married to old men. Apostates are threatened with death. “Honor” killings are routine. Women are legally second-class citizens, though Muslim males insist they are “treated better” than in the West. These more obvious manifestations may distract from some less obvious ones such as the lack of intellectual inquiry in science, narrow scope of writing, all but non-existent art and music, sexual use and abuse of youth and women, and the disregard for personal fulfillment, joy and wonder. Look into the eyes of a recently married 12 year old girl to see the consequence of the moral deprivation spawned by Islam.

Wait, is synchtube even still up ? Maybe 'm dumb. cytube is still up though that I'm sure.

Mark did it again I see, that jew really loves his stupid filters.

Replaced the ghostbin with the K0takuInAction links. Anything else?


I've got the video saved on my hard-drive so I could upload it someplace. Is there any place you could stream from where the video won't be taken down immediately for copyright reasons?

tell me anons, did you send an email today?

This is advantageous, though; it prevents newfags and shills from direct-linking to KiA threads.
Link shorteners get filtered too, so it's mostly idiot-proof.

That's right, they obviously went down the metro to read some national geographic and get culturally enriched.

There were also cases where fathers would track down their daughters only to end up arrested for promoting racism and hate crimes, while the girls stayed with their pimps and handlers like it was nothing

I haven't sent one since the whole shitstorm happened.

Fuck, I didn't even notice the spoiler ! happy birthday, love.
And I have no idea. If you keep it private maybe dailymotion will be less of a cunt

so, it turns out that 'user' is doing nothing with the CONLeaks`?


I think it's good. Did you added a salutation?

I think it's due to this


You're a faggot.


That's a good video site but the issue is, it probably can't be used in something like cytu.be to have several people watch it at the same time user

actually p.fuwafuwa.moe/ is probably better according to docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kh1TZdtyX7UlRd55OBxf7DB-JGj2rsfWckI0FPQRYhE/edit#gid=0

don't you basically just screenshare in cytube? Can't you just start the video up and have it playing? I'm probably missing something, never been a streamer myself.

I have now added a salutation. This is what I have so far.

Dear Degree180 staff,According to the leaked chatlogs (redd.it/4zswdn / redd.it/509ekf) which are verified by Ian Miles Cheong (twitter.com/stillgray/status/768637243380465664), Candace was indeed targeted by the founders of Crash Override Network.For further context, consult the bottom link.bonegolem.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/contextualizing-the-crash-override-network-logs/

The whole SVU stream makes me think: there was supposed to have a whole movie, that would be AIRED in THEATRES, about #GG, right? What happened to it?

bigger :D:D:D

No, you're supposed to link to a youtube vid or whatever. It's just like synchtube, the shit Holla Forums used as well to gather anons together and watch stuff, mostly non-vidya related garbage. made me discover a few cool bands though

That's an old rumor. Basically quinn was supposed to write a book on GG and the "IM A WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR" executive in sony wanted to get the rights for it, but quinn, just like everything in her life, never turned anything in, so the book deal blew up and thus the movie as well.
Reminder rumors explained scarlett johansson was supposed to play her

They bought the rights to it but that was probably just to keep it for themselves.


it's alright, send it. I hope you didn't grabbed an email alias like "zZzP4wn1ngTr4nn15zZz" or "user48563256"

Is synchtube what Mark used to play all those movies that day? Mario Bros and the one with the girl with red hair wearing green and purple in one scene?

ah ok, thanks for the info, buddy.

Too bad, I wanted the movie to come out so we can overload on memes.

I pretty sure these articles are strike back against the con leaks.

Yeah, I can see them being this petty

Sent the e-mail with a pseudonym. Here's hoping D180 notice the leaks, with or without the e-mail.

Idk, I don't think so. These site's aren't really gaming oriented and are mostly full clickbait. They might have a "gamejournos" group to collude stuff but it's separate from the big dogs. They are just going for that sweet outrage clicks

If you mean the movie based on LW book, probably isn't going to happen now. The book apparently couldn't make it past legal, and has stalled out. The movie probably isn't going to happen either. Not only since the book appears to be dead, but the producer has had nothing but bombs lately.

Forgot pic.

Petty, and especially dumb. Trying to remove "anime tiddies" is like trying to stop the Internet from drawing porn of your creations, it's no use.

I just tested it on cytube. It works perfectly fine.

Literally tell me why none of you learn to make your own porn as the ultimate "Fuck you".

Make characters people like in things like webcomics and waste no time making lewds.

Very nice. Don't forget to email taboola, Kotamu's content discover sponsor.


Kotamu's Nathan Grayson reported on the PGJ literally one day before he gave $800 to Zoe Quinn


And now we know she helped sabotage PGJ

That's basically what the
articles were. So it wouldn't surprise me.

Anyways if someone wants to upload the Law & Order episode I'll have it play on cytube. I don't have it on my harddrive. Or they can do their own channel and we'll watch it there, makes no difference to me.

This bill archive.is/sfc11 needs to pass Congress before Oct. and then not be vetoed by Obongo. Good luck on that happening. Maybe Trump can do something about it if he wins.

Version 2 - vodlocker.com/w07odiwmqw5l

getting error messages when trying to have cytube play those.

you fags really need to remove your tinfoil hats once in a while.

A doa video surfaced showing some dude wearing a VR helmet trying to grab tits and ass. Now you KNOW this is going to create outrage articles for outrage clicks from the socjus. And it did. Nothing to do with random leaks nobody cares about except GG.

Really ? Huh. I'm actually impressed. Damn.

>This bill archive.is/sfc11 needs to pass Congress before Oct. and then not be vetoed by Obongo. Good luck on that happening. Maybe Trump can do something about it if he wins.

none of the corps will let king nigger do shit

I want a fucking public statement from otaku saying they don't care what bitchy foreigners say about their culture.

Well I beg to differ. It was more diverse than any Western country.

You realize your pic shows them being almost completely segregated by ethnicity, right?

user, if Jesus descended from Heaven and declared us to be right, the press would accuse him of being alt-right because of his blatant insensitivity to muslims.


And then they'd get slaughtered.


so this is the new narrative, they're actually attacking the murican national anthem because of that stupid QB who refused to stand for it, and of course its a false narrative built on lies


It doesn't show all the places that a ethnicity lived in, or else there would be overlaps all over. It just shows which ethnicity is more numerous in that area.

I don't have an image for this.

Spoken like a true woman with no idea what the fuck she was saying.

There's a good off color joke to be made here

That's one way to put "I'm a lolcow."
I feel like that's the only acceptable response to that loser trying to be all intellectually dishonest in a desperate attempt at becoming at least a tier 2 SJW.


Fresh of the dark net

twitter.com/search?q="Chris Brown"&src=tren

Potential chimp-out in progress.

The ethnicities neatly lined up with what the countries were before joining the USSR and they were primarily homogenous until then, while that is to be expected unless you can show major movement in demographics so that at least there were large minority populations in those areas it doesn't prove anything. Additionally the main source of supposed racial harmony in the USSR is from the USSR itself which was obviously biased in nature.

What did that dipshit do this time?

Goddamn it. REALLY?

I've met Chris before. The dude always had drugs, firearms, and other illegal shit in his pad. It wasn't Pablo Escobar bad, but it was definitely enough to get his home raided. I doubt he'd chimp out, or that he's got anyone left in his life that would chimp out for him


Fair points.


The ride never ends lads

So how much interest is there in watching Intimidation Game? Should I find a source to download it and reupload it for viewing on cytube or not bother?

i want to watch it


Hope life's been kind to you user

Look at TFYC's feed, they're not stopping

Would love to

Renewed vigor after all the happenings lately.

I even think we are up like 5 UIDs. I kid, I kid.

I've never actually seen it.

The episode is in the link here


thanks, I missed it earlier

How much do you bet the source of the "scandalous" claims was Chelsea?

shills shilling shilly

Should start playing in just a bit: cytu.be/r/testing41243




In case you don't remember the "claim", here's one of the most incredible and powerful moments in all of gamergate's history

Why do I get the feeling this is because the dev borrowed money from the mafia?

Yeah, it was fucking Chelsea.

Its playing now if anyone wants to watch it, I should probably have been clearer

user, this image is like a fine wine

damn son

How do you fuck up that bad? That's not only not an accurate translation, a literal translation (like "no way" and "not allowed") actually makes it sound "creepier"


Yhe black guy in the chain talking about whitewashing the plights of black folk and niggers, I doubt he realizes or would even admit that a) many slave owners were jewish in north america, not white, b) they still were treated better than when other blacks and arabs had blacks as slaves, and c) they would have never came here if sold by the blacks to be slaves. And I can garuntee if point out A, he would be in prison for assault.

Well, to be fair, she does not understand anyone, male or female.

his board might be dead but he's still leveling up somewhere on the dark net


Get me out of this hell

Why not watch raw episodes instead of subbed at that point?



Can anyone please give me help with the VR comment section? This is annoying.



we need to keep eyes on this

Asume the position for billying

I recognize that name from somewhere. Yeah this is going to be like that other movie.

Why ? There's already numerous pseudo-documentaries like those that are self-congratulatory and repetitive. It's just rami ismail funding them to make himself look like an influential part of indie gaming. Each time, twelve people in total buy them, and that includes us just to stream it and laugh at it

Russ Pitts is a former Escapist, then Polygon employee who was, among other things, the guy who tried to pick up BroTeam for Polygon. Feel free to ask Brote about his sweet contract offer.

Cus kikestarter you stupid fucking frog

people will send out sheckels & we can id them for clique shit

Nigger keep up

is there a saddest worm than Max Temkin? Anna Anothertrap made all these goon go after him for supposedly being a rapist and he still hangs out with them


How pretentious do you have to be to think that your clique is a revolution as "amazing" as those other ones?

I guess; it's not even unlikely this won't get funded. The guy still needs more than 10k to get his shit going.

What are you trying to do?

Any good Shitter stuff about DOA? I want some BTFOs.


another shitpiece

The stupid journos writing the articles so far have kept quiet about it. They released the article then moved on to something else, aware that they'd look silly otherwise.

Crush any and all shit about how this is sexual assault when those retards don't even know shit about Japan's culture. How they like the easily embarrassed sexual aspect.

This shit is tricky. Faggots are already trying to say "Well, what about fictional children?"


Shit hes even with fucking GB

I can't handle this argument. I've already had to say I have my own lines I won't cross.

Here's the thing :
they're fictional.
Then it doesn't matter.
Every single study out there has established that fictitious shit inhibits dangerous real-life reproduction of "wrongful" behavior. Not a single one has found correlation between "bad" fiction and rise in "bad" action.

The importance of fiction is to make you FEEL something and then to allow you to wonder who you are according to this emotion : why did you feel that way when experiencing this ?
The purpose isn't to make you have it again in real life, it's to allow you to know and understand yourself better.

They're fictional, there's nothing wrong with 2D lolicon.

What about fictional anything? If you play through Spec Ops: The Line, should you be brought to the Hague and charged with war crimes for firing white phosphorous at fictional civilians? Should Gary Oldman be tried and executed for assassinating a fictional JFK? Fuck those disingenuous little shits.

It was going as far as implying something like using a picture of someone's 4 year old daughter to made a 3D model. I never get into an argument about something like lolis that aren't 1000 years old.

That's different, as it's not genuinely fictional if you're reproducing someone. It implies "actualization" of fiction. Regardless, even then, if you didn't need to kidnap the little girl to reproduce that model, and you use it only to fap and let other VR-enthusiasts to fap as well, then you've supposedly done nothing wrong.
I mean, hell, if I masturbate to the thought of a child actress (so far I've managed to avoid diving this deep), should you go to jail ? Basically, it's the same thing, at its core, and no one would yell in your face because you dare imagine yourself fucking something they don't want you to fuck.
Well, outside of muslim countries I mean and America

I spread #GamersWin to Tumblr, complete with an honorary gif.

Thanks, you magnificent faggot keeping OPFirefly going.

What about the fictional anything? They are not living entities. They cannot feel emotions, they cannot feel pain, they cannot commit crimes, they do not need to be protected, they are not real. Dont put the rights and freedoms of fictional being over real beings. And wouldn't it be better to distract those who could harm real people with fictional people?

I went off the rails in the second part and turned every "I" into a "you" instead because fuck english, I suck… sorry

I'm a namefag but your name just gave me cancer

I should reactivate my tumblr. I don't post with OPFirefly since past December

shut up homo

I know my silver bullet. Regardless of how offended some self righteous little shits get, sexualization women with developed breasts and buttocks is apart of healthy appetites about sexuality.

I am not even trying to recklessly argue about loli. Just have to defend groping when it's an extension of Japan's more voyeuristic purity loving side.

Thing is, with fetish, it is never literal. Lolifuckers aren't in it just because "WOO CHILD", they're in it for the symbolics; it can either be how easy it is to overpower; it can be over going back to childhood; it can be to the easiness of love; it can be to the tightness of a cunt; etc.
Someone who's into rape-play doesn't actually want rape; it can be a relationship to power; it can be a sense of breaking a law; it can be about being so good at sex you turn someone unwilling into someone who's a slave to your cock; etc.
the point is that fetishes and fantasies are vehicles, vessels of a deeper and more complex expectation, hope, source of pleasure, than just the literal visual representation of it
which is why forbidding their fictional representation is retarded : the person who has the fetish will just get it in a different way. And instead of learning why, where, how, etc., he'll just think "well, that's where I found it, that's where I'll stay", and get it in real life since it's now inaccessible in hentai or porn.

No, it's not tricky, it's dishonest. The keyword is
In vidya context it's both fictional and virtual. You know who has real problems differentiating between fiction and reality? People with serious mental problems.


Trips of truth.

Whatcha gonna do with that huge, thick, crisp loaf, big guy?

I wish the seal had became another "tan". He would make good friends with Gilda.


they need to make U$12,000 in 3 days. Something tells me they are gonna make it

Well he kinda did
also she wants the green and purple clit anyway

Nah, I'm glad we didn't.

I don't get what you mean

Gilda turned to be pretty good, the seal could have gone as well or even better.



Im making this for the twitter fags, will do one each day if im not super busy, kind bringing back the "email of the day" what you fags think?

Since we're into the tail end of the thread, how was your day anons?

I found Hyrule Warriors used for $40, so today was A-ok for me.

Given the autist shoving Gilda down everyone's throat, I agree with you. Started out retarded and forgotten. Drawfags made her an interesting charcter. And then the avatar fag showed up, and now I don't care about her again.

here we go

how about specifying why PC World? Put an example in there so outsiders know why

Good idea. Expect push back from the usual idiots on twitter, but I think it's a solid idea.



i choosen it randomly

Brilliant idea user.
Never heard of PC world though. A good idea might be to share one or two article titles in the picture to show why they're garbage… although that might be a bad idea too as that might too often be considered subjective or actually punishing journalistic freedom somehow. I dunno.
Stuff that is really, really vindicative and sensationalistic might be fine though.

I still wish we had more Freya art. Been thinking of getting commisions done even but I know absolutely nothing about that stuff so wouldn't know who to go to. I'd want more /k/ Freya.

I figured. I'm still an idiot for linking you and not

Yeah, me too.

Is Marche in the thread?

Goddman, you were supposed to bully me so I could say I was pretending to be retarded since I'm not really him

I don't think Gildafag is any bad though. There's been way more people keep reposting Danielle and Freya art and no one complains.

i donno. its rather quite heartwarming to my shitty doodles get reposted (even if its by an avatarfag). makes me really want to put effort into improving more.

please retweet this shit if you fags still have twatter accounts
lets get this ball rolling

Because they were made in these threads and people actually like them

1) Find an artist you like who has open commissions. Make sure that they can do what you want them to do. If you want lots of lewd, make sure they can draw lewd. If you want /k/ stuff, make sure they can draw guns.
2) Find out their rates, have a burner Paypal or a Bitcoin account or something to send cash
3) Make sure that they don't have a reputation of taking the money and running or running a constant yearlong backlog
4) Get into an email conversation with them about what you want. Have reference photos available if need be. Communicate thoroughly, and most artists require most or all of the payment upfront. Most artists will make sure to confirm what you want before they get to work, and decent professionals will give you a chance to approve/request modifications of sketches before inks and colors get finalized. Communication remains key throughout the entire process.
5) Receive art, post everywhere, begin avatarfagging(?)
6) Congratulations, you are now an honorary richfag



How about putting the articles title on the pic so it catches people's eyes and make them curious enough to check it?

Do you have examples of retarded headlines from this site though ? Again, I haven't even heard about them before

Marche has been posting for years Miranda and people don't get bothered, they only joke about him being a furry.

Best Freya


i didnt find any polygon level moronic headlines in their site, but didnt look too deep either

It does bother me when he starts posting pictures of miranda with no accompanying text or semi-coherent content, I just don't shit up the thread about it

Well you messed up user and I'll bully you
more seriously, how do you choose your pick of the day ? At random ?

then why are you targeting them? people will make themselves the same question, it's your job to spoonfeed them

hes shitposting

dude why the fuck are you so obsessed with context?

thanks, didn't have the one on the right


oh well an attempt was made

Well in the case of videos or links, posting those without context is retarded and garbage. It should never happen.
Posting pics without context is somewhat fine however, as it doesn't risk giving clicks to a terrible outlet.

Well sometimes there are outlets that deserve it more than others. The stuff about being a rapist if you play DOA warrants sending emails about those sites for example.
But again, great initiative. It's needed.

I'm not trying to demotivate you user, you had a good idea but you need to remember people outside GG are completely stupid. You need to make your point crystal clear to them

Stop expecting to be spoonfed shit

You would defend this

posting videos or non-archived links without any info annoys me too. I don't want to give certain people clicks, it takes minimal effort to give a short sentence saying who its by and the topic.

It's not about being spoonfed you mouthbreathing faggot. It's about the fact literally anyone can come in here and shill whatever vid, and if he doesn't give a context, you can get numerous people to click on a moviebob or whatever other stupid crap, and thus giving that person views/hits
you're a complete moron



Polygon joins the fray!



On the one hand, I wish Polygon didn't exist because whining and bandwagon riding is all they know. On the other, I wouldn't be able to laugh at them for the DooM video.

Anyone getting a gamers are dead vibe from the whole

My phone isn't letting me embed the link

Requesting next bread have something doa related

I still find it hilarious that all those gaming companies ignored polygon when they tried to contact them for that article about "harrasment". Maybe the industry isn't as cancerous as we thought.

Just a reminder that none of these people actually believe this retarded shit

Reminder indies and journos have hated Japanese games since at least the 5th gen, but have only really had the power to cry loudly about it recently thanks to social media

They want Japs and Whites out of the industry, enough far enough for "marginalized groups" (read: Friends) to take all the jobs the more competent people had, for doing less impressive work

Polygon - With VR mode, Dead or Alive goes from creepy to harassment (archive.is/gHUHk)

Mic - 'Dead or Alive Xtreme 3' lets you sexually assault a woman in virtual reality" (archive.is/LWFxf)

Next Shark - ‘Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3’ VR Update Basically Lets Gamers Become Sex Predators" (archive.is/m3baM)

Engadget - "'Dead or Alive' VR is basically sexual assault, the game" (archive.is/eYdKp)

Metro - "WTF?! Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 VR demo shows the game is basically interactive sexual assault" (archive.is/NsiS1)

CogConnected - "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR's Tasteless Sexual Assault Mode Promotes Rape Culture" (archive.is/VYy4P)

archive.is/Lv2NG (neofag is salty)

The time when game devs had to worry about the press is nearly over now all we have to worry about is American translators

it seems like they're mocking the one "I'm scared for the future" faggot. Early on in the thread at least.

Maybe the thought police kicked in late on this one.

We need OC of all the hitpices at once

that roboleon guy is a mod who locked the thread, isn't he.

Netscape made a compilation vid

Get ready to screenshot and archive

Current topics are

Also, since PlayAsia is becoming more shitposting then usual, I wonder if they will say anything on this new media barrage?

This webm?

yea they are not salty, the mod actually locked the thread to silence dissidents. Sorry I was copy pasting and reading shit all at the same time

Yes and the bread should be called Dead or alive rape simulator addition

I can't even tell any more

This is the DOA neofag thread if you want to mine salt


link them the hitpieces

How come her deepfreeze page have only one entry? I was under the assumption she did more crap


I posted that about 5 posts away from the point where the mod locked the thread

So yeah, I'm guilty of posting inattentively as well.

I aint even going there.


Love all these tumbling in…!

Mornin, so is it safe to Assume the leaks are reaching the Media now?

If you want to fight back against the shit that Polygon and the likes are pushing, spread articles like this.

Once word really gets out there's going to be a lot of salt and a lot of backpedaling.

I wonder if we'd be getting any pushback like this if gamergate never happened

Depends on if the company in question decided to kiss ass to the hipster journo circlejerk or not.

Business Insider "A new game for PlayStation VR that glorifies 'sexual assault' (archive.is/9qtC8)

The absolute madman keeps on roasting.





I see this shit trending on Twitter.

How do you taking something so dumb, like someone trying to talk to you with headphones on, and make it about some female oppression/male entitlement bullshit? Where do these cunts and their beta orbiters get off that they can just spin this like this? Why do they fucking act like walking outside is some sort of death sentence for women?

For fuck's sake, I have anxiety, I put on headphones in public, people still talk to me. If I were to ask people to stop like that, I'd get laughed at. Fuck these people. Fuck em to hell.

I thought comics were already thoroughly pozzed, how much more do they want?

It's almost like nobody wants what she's putting out.

You write shit stories, Kate, deal with it. Also, Holla Forums seems to think she turns them in so late that artists have to rush the art, which probably compounds the issue.



Kate pls go

Always archive mang, if nothing else for the sake of comedic value.
it almost sounds like she's developing a bit of self awareness. Naah, if that were to happen they'd just complain how pozzed creators needs public subsidies because no one wants to buy their crap otherwise.

Ethics the Sea-Lion is a proud part of the GamerGate Gals cast.

The brilliance of tan canon is that there isn't one. Different artists can focus on some and not others. Lots of people include Lillian, Gilda and Uncle Pol, while others like to include Christ-tan and Ebola-tan.

Let 'em. It all works.







Isn't it up to the player the touch the DOA girl? If it crosses a personal line for you, then don't do it.

If the DOA girl responded positively to touch, or if she responded by forcing you to stop, would that be okay? What exactly is the range of approved programming that the game is allowed to have?

I hope you faggots aren't making fun of her for being a shill. Because her logic is EXACTLY the reasoning why you or I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for buying games with mostly white characters, sexy female characters, or whatever.

The criticism against those things is only ever "well, it's a problem because when *aggregated* across all games, there are too many white males, too many sexy females, etc". If you disagree with Kate's logic there, then you are giving up the defense that "one cannot convict an individual game for the aggregate imbalances".