Elyisum (WoW Private Server) General: Happy Merchant


A new server made by the russians who made Valkyrie, a server created back in '09, this time with a focus on the international community rather than just Russians. The server itself is shaping up and is seeing a steady increase in player pop



-do /join Holla Forums
-ask for invite

Get in discord


-Don't be an autist
-Don't be a normalfag
-Don't be swami
-Don't be petpriest
-Don't spam
-Moderate your mememastery to a tasteful minimum
-Dorfs only (Dorf fort only rule)


Ask in the guild if anyone wants to party with you


Whatever the fuck you want really.


Whatever the fuck you want.


Make an account at valkyrie-wow.org/about/?#8

Download the game here: logon.vanillagaming.org/VanillaGaming_1121_Pack.rar.torrent

Change the text in realmlist.wtf to

set realmlist logon.valkyrie-wow.com

Select the "Elysium" realm on login


Too bad.


>>>/nostalrius/ is the old one for nostalrius. Heavily outdated. has addons for vanilla


Working on this


Post in this thread, or message one of the officers at the top of this post.

Strength and autism.

Other urls found in this thread:



My potions are too strong for you, traveler.

christ already that deep into alch?

Yes, and once I hit 150 I'll be cockblocked from future progress until I hit level 20.

I wouldn't have progressed nearly as quickly if it wasn't for one glorious bastard that sent me entire stacks of Briarthorn and Mageroyal to work with.

I grabbed the recipe for Rage Potions which is just Sharp Claws and Briarthorn, so send those claws to my character Razjah instead of vendoring them if they drop for you.

I also have an enchanting alt that can make Lesser and Greater Magic Wands so if there's any casters that want one of those I can just give you one.

ayy man.

Someone should run me through deadmines. There is only me logged in…

Fuuuuck my dick, I love ugly troll whores. I'm going to make one and join infinity.

I bet Infinity has people online…

This Gnoll tent is made out of human skin leather. Pretty hardcore.

I just love blue booty

1st picture good stuff friendo would breed. I mean that is what I'd say if I was a filthy race mixer I only like Dwarven maidens.

you woudln't even a goblin?

Foreman Blackjack seems to be working to other npc and players too in here.

I guess I won't be finishing this quest.

How long does this server restart shit take C'mon.


Alchemy is surprisingly easy to level compared to some other professions.
At least that's the impression that I have right now at 80.

It's extremely useful at every level, and picking icecap and black lotus for gold at max is a bit less dull than grinding mobs for hours.

But the best thing about choosing alchemy as a warrior or other melee class, by far, is that it's not fucking blacksmithing.


8 alchemists, 1 weaponsmith and 1 armorsmith is significantly better than 5 alchemists and 5 blacksmiths because Arcanite CD. assuming blacksmiths don't quit or become arrogant because they're somewhat indispensable if guild has given them valuable patterns

You're correct. Potions generally requires smaller numbers of mats than professions like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, etc., and give the same amount of skillups, despite that. Helps that herbs are pretty easy to farm as well, and some fetch a pretty penny due to how prominently used they are.

are you an african perchance?

I hear you. It was always a fucking nightmare and I imagine that in vanilla it's even worse.
I was wondering if I should get it for my warrior, but I'm really glad I picked alchemy instead.

They're pretty much EVERYWHERE.
I can't take ten steps without running seeing some herbs on the map. And then those lead me to more.
Collecting flowers like that is quite comfy.

its the one thing the africans got right, thick booty >all that other shit.

Tig ol bitties are still better. Although both at once is a treasure.

The Booty > Tig Ol Bitties

at least we can both agree.

or just get engineering that way you can get the mats for any blacksmithing item you want while having a trade that actually makes cool stuff.


Space goats are the best

You like that sorta thing huh?

fake and gay

Rip Cattleist, death made you a manlet and flat


Faggots like you should kill themselves

How many of you are playing on Horde? I'm still playing my warrior on Dort Fort. I don't want to restart…

Practically all of us :^)

Who wants to log on and help me get my lvl 20 pally hammer. Cmon guys seems like it'll be fun.

gotta love model replacements some time, look at this new riding wolf

This goy.
Fluted him good

Truly, we are G-d's Chosen.

check em

It's Vanilla, like 5 seconds checking the links would have helped



Jesus, has anyone ever noticed this shit?

Motherfuckers skinned an orc and used him as a carpet, even made him smile for the camera

thats a centaur.

That's a centaur you novice.

Go to Desolace some time.

This server is pretty shit. Mobs run through the walls and fly when running away. I tought they would have patched that by now.

Can't even imagine how dungeons are.


The worst thing is if you do an underwater quest with a ship if you go on the ship the whole ship will aggro. It is fucked.

Underwater mobs are quite bugged yeah.

Sometimes they just idle even when attacked, sometimes they evade. Also pull mob in water, they might just run the ground underwater instead of swimming.

==SUPPOSEDLY== they;ve rewritten pathing on their PTR and testing it still

but I agree pathing in the water is ASS

Add Almalexia for horde guild please.


Do you get to train that, or do you need to buy the recipe somewhere?

Recipe is random world drop.

Well, that sucks.
I'd need to get really lucky to get it.

So has the population number increased?
or is it still around 1000?


it will be all over the auction house within weeks for less than a gold.

it's the most popular pvp potion barring free action but that can be bought from vendors.

God I can't wait to do WC for the third time, it's such a riveting dungeon. On my first run tanking, everything went really swell, then we started the escort without premptively clearing the path for him, and he just fucking pulled so much shit it was unbearable and he died. No big, deal I'll do another run later today. The healer is a 19 shaman, and I guess it really isn't their fault but their mp management is shit and they oom after every encounter, and run out of drinks halfway in. We get to the escort, but we don't kill the snakes fast enough before the slimes appear, and we haven't got a mage so our aoe is shit, and the shaman is out of mana 15 seconds into the encounter, and then we wipe.

I just truly cannot wait to run WC again this morning because it's going to trigger the shit out of me if I don't do that shitty escort to completion.

where were you when corecraft was kill

don't hold your breath for it to ever go up, shit might get ugly when people start poking around endgame content to see if it's broken

Why torture yourself user?
There's nothing in there worth all that trouble.

This is what scares me.
But hopefully everything will be fine.

sugggest a name for my scorpion!

Also, would this be the best vanilla server now that Nost is gone?
Where else could everyone be?


1100 now, so it seems to be growing slowly.

I can't decide which seal to use. righteousness or crusader?

righteousness with a 1h, cursader with a 2h. crusader is probably bugged like on every server ever and doing way more damage than it should.

>playing retail
it was $20 for everything pre-legion and I'd never gotten to play much since vanilla


until someone can make a WoTLK server that runs well and has an active userbase near that of Nost, it's the only thing I really got

how big is the horde guild on this server? I like dorfs, but I've played the vanilla alliance zones way too many times to do it again

unless it's Wrath with TBC balance it's shit

It's a decent size. Not quite as big as the nost guild, but during the day there are 5-8 people online so you won't be alone.

I bought it off the AH for 1 silver. I couldn't believe it.

Just play Legion, you shitlords.


Anyone know a good WoD private server?

zero, literally zero

No thanks.


I thought it had like 3 leaders until magni stopped being a crystal.

the fuck happened to those 3?

The Council of Three Hammers is still there, it's just that by the line of succession, Moira is the de jure leader of Ironforge. The other two are just there to stop the rest of the dwarves from rightfully flipping their shit and starting a second Dwarven Civil War.


apparently in Legion, Magni stopped being an ice cube and now has a mental link with the world of Azeroth itself and then after handing over the new knowledge he possesses, which is basically "get the macguffins from these instances, " he still can't go back to ruling Ironforge because fuck you.


Is Kronos any good? I heard that's where most of Nostalrius' population went.

it's got the population but is just as busted as every other private server.


Alright, thanks.

Does it have more or less people than Elysium?

you know how in vanilla, moria is held prisoner in BRD by the emperor of the dark iron dwarves, and shes mind controlled by him?
well he made he pregnant too, which is confirmed in vanilla
and she kept the kid, and even said she would in vanilla

this is the quest text for the last quest in the quest chain to save the princess of ironforge, which is also a horde quest; this is the horde version

Return to Thrall!
You have slain my husband, ! My child will be born into this world without a father.

I assure you, this child will be the next ruler of the kingdom of Ironforge. You and your kind shall be hunted down until the end of days for this wrongful act.

and heres the alliance version of the quest, which also existed in vanilla

forgot link

Fell up through Undercity.

Good job Serbs.

finally you can take revenge on the UC elevator

I'm pretty sure the nuance is that she actually married him willingly and everyone else assumed she had to be mind controlled and killed him.

No good Dwarven lass would go with a filth nigger dark iron Dwarf you know this problem only happened when we let Gnomes into Ironforge with their crude poetry that promotes degeneracy.

Kronos 2 definitely does. don't know about Kronos 1.

wait do you move using arrows?

invite to Infinity
IGN: Brungo

I'm having difficulty finding exact numbers for Kronos, because it doesn't list player population on its website. Forum questions asking the same thing put Kronos 1 at about the same Elysium and Kronor 2 at around 6,000.

Should have went to Kronos then, honestly.
I know they have a shop, but it's only for cosmetics.

They also apparently have a TBC server which everyone in the guild seems to be clamouring for.
Of course, it all depends on whether or not it is scripted properly, but it's certainly better than waiting for Core "never ever" Craft to come out.

he prob uses WC3 click-to-move feature

Anyone putting Kronos 2 at 6000 is probably lying.

Kronos fans are known to tout the high population of the server (It's the only thing Kronos really has going for it) and get carried away in the process. Last I heard the Kronos 2 server had fallen off considerably from its 5k heyday and is currently hovering around 3000.

Elysium hovers around 1000+. However the server is still in its infancy so if you're starting a new character you're going to see a lot of people leveling up with you and a lot of capital cities empty (since there aren't enough 60s to be milling around like that).

Has anyone here checked out Awakening? They seem to be handing out closed beta keys pretty frequently and they appear to be making a classless WoW server where you can pick from all the talents and abilities with old-school world PvP (everyone not in your party can get ganked and you drop loot when you die). I'm wondering if anyone here knows more about it. It feels like a server for Holla Forums to fuck around on.

we've played on K1, then K2 came out and people went "gee we should start fresh"

then they did, killing the K1 guild, and shortly after the K2 group died

then it got a revive but the issues on K2 are immense

also Kronos is a separate server run by a different staff than the TBC one, which is equally shit

most of the pop in K2 now is raid logging anyways at this point

I went to the armoury and listed all characters by PvP ranking.
There are 20 characters per page and about 170 pages.
Assuming the last 20 pages are alts or people who rarely play, we're left with the 3000 figure, so you're pretty much spot on.

Well, that's really a shame.
Also, what issues does K2 have? I'm wondering out of curiosity to compare it to Elysium.

pathing is jankier, especially in dead mines where toomy's raptor bugged out ran towards mr. smite and almost wiped us

issues with warrior rage generation

unfortunately the issue with private servers isn't "who is the best" in terms of quality, but rather "who came out first"

also if there are any coders out there in the audience we could use you in helping default's server get better

That's all over the world. Been in since launch actually.
I remember the first time I saw one was when I played a human paladin, level one near Goldshire.

So, should I go Dorf Fort or Infinity? I like dorfs and I play actual dorf fort, but I don't wanna be playing in a guild without people.

both guilds have people, but infinity seems to be the more constant

I heard there were issues with the mob aggro code too. Elysium is already doing better when it comes to shit like stealth aggro.

No. I use ASD. A and D strafe while S moves forward. Either that, or I use the mouse movement controls, with holding down the right mouse button to look around and the left click to move forward.


shit trap

They should change the quest and mob to be Harambe rather than whatever the gorilla's name was

I've been playing on Excalibur TBC server and it seems pretty good. Endgame is active. There are some bugs. Roaming mobs sometimes have inactive pathing and sometimes two mobs will just be stacked on top of each other

Unfortunately right now some faggot's DDoSing the servers causing a small amount of lag and instability.

oh hey that's my desktop wallpaper


After they burned everyone with their big words and then nothing from WoD I don't see how they could get even 5 mil subs back.

Im thinking of playing just to dick around with engineering. Worth it?

yeah, but you need to level to 40 I think for the last half of engineering

That's fine, ive just always had an autistic attraction to making the engineering stuff.

Engineering is practically a multiclass in vanilla. Any class you have in mind though?

Engineering is always worth it, the stuns from grenades, good-ass gadgets, and otherwise being the funnest profession never ceases to amaze.

Alch is pretty massively underrated tbh but the downside to alch is you can just buy all that shit on the AH or from your guildmates.

There are so many dope potions that can completely own face in PvP though.

Alchemy nets you big bucks late-game with your arcanite cooldowns. I was planning on putting it on all of my characters.

Yes but engineering gives you tons of shit only engineers can do. I feel like alchemy is more to profit off of alts. If you have alch on an alt you can just collect the benefits of both alch and engi on your main. Or you can just spend money and buy the pots, but your pot access might decrease a bit since there are rarer potions and elixirs with their benefits.

I suppose you could even go Engi/Alch and use that arcanite cooldown for profi and just buy ingredients.

We have a potion slut in the guild on Horde-side, so it shouldn't be too hard to manage getting some cheap pots to wreck that ass in PvP.

Engineering works on virtually all classes, though some benefit more then others with some gear they can craft (Bloodvine goggles being pre-raid BiS for caster). That being said, engineering is incredibly expensive to level, even if you take mining to help off-set some of the cost.

It's recommended you level to 60 first, THEN go level engineering.

Enchanting sucks cock in comparison.
Not to mention that it takes ages to level.


Woah thats a lot of responses since I last checked. I already know the insane cost, from back in the day, hell I used to play the AH like a stock market so I could afford items much earlier than I should have been able to just to level it.

As for class im running Warrior i already hit level 10 and just finished my class quest.

Huh. Warrior is typically not one of the better classes to take advantage of engineering, since he doesn't have much to do when he unloads those grenade stuns on enemies.

If you want to fuck shit up with melee and engi, I'd sooner recommend playing an enhance shaman (tauren is best race for war stomp).

Enhance shamans are actually pretty damn fun when you have engineering to cover their traditional weaknesses.

Not really worried about that, I just have an obsession with engineering.

I'd been playing for about a month before launch and everything was dead, with the exception of Goldshire Inn

Engineering in retail sucks dick. So far the best thing I've gotten was just the goggles. Bombs and dynamite got nerfed to all hell, so they do like 53 fire damage and a 2 second stun, its complete trash.

contacted by a GM, alt F4ed as soon as he said hello

What did you do?

it might been the full 1488 I was going in world, I dunno, I instantly quit the game as soon as the GM said hello

I went full 14/88 in dun morogh on the gnomes earlier, nothing happened, though that wasn't world chat.



The more questing I do as alliance the more I realize how much better they have it than horde.

The entirety of AV didn't tip you off?

I just never realized it ran this deep.
also thread needed a bump.

Legion is actually going to put retail in the most dire state it's ever been

We're all gonna be looking for private servers in a few months dude

now i'm just making a slut to xmog and rp with but they even made RP next to impossible because kek CRZ


Also, I'm playing on a BC server because I miss it the most, but goddamn I really miss access to even the most basic level of Transmogrification

given how fucked the development for the game was I wouldn't be surprised if the horde was legitimately half finished.

anyone on and able to invt Ecolink iv tried Holla Forums chat and no1s talking

burned out at 57 nearing 58 because so few quests left besides dungeons which i need to pug and the last two levels are just grind fuck my life

yuuuuuup that sounds like 58-60

Now go back to mmo-champion and tell them you fit in and they believe you are an oldfag now

You could just run the lower lvl end-game dungeons like BRD or DM east to catch a break in the grind and get some blues and XP at the same time.

but there really aren't, the last stretch has very few quests, even at launch this was a complaint

to get to 60 on nost I ended up grinding BRD, which was good for money in the long run

you are bullshiting because even without rested experience you can get to 60 without grind, just by doing quests

I got to 60 without even stepping into Winterspring/Silithus/Burning Steppes/Eastern Plaguelands

So you either dont play on same server as us or you are following one of those retarded leveling guides from reddit.

nope, I even went to winterspring

you've got to be bullshitting or using a guide

My last nost character was 58 before they stepped foot into WPL and I didn't do any heavy instancing or grinding.

40-50 is way worse for quests, it's just that most people live in zul farrak or farm pirates or some shit for a large chunk of it so they don't notice.

Yeah when I was in my mid-40's in Nost I kinda just mindlessly grinded in Tanaris while I was watching something else in the background.

I did it.
I'm finally beautiful.

I must have been doing something wrong then

Enchanting is a profession that guts you of money early on and is pretty much completely useless until you get the high-level stuff, at which point it starts to get a fuckton of dosh.

Alchy, meanwhile, is profitable from early on (Swiftness potions, normal Healing Potions).

Can Betelguse get a guild inv to the horde guild

Troll Priests are pretty damn underrated in PvP. Hex of Weakness is beast for the heal reduction and Shadowguard has great spell damage scaling (100% pre-multiplier) for shadow priests.

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the

Reminds me of the spider cave in the NE starting zone. The first mobs to turn red are level 4 and aren't even close together.



Noob here what class to pick for noob solo best dps etc etc. How to progress from lvl 1 to 999. Give me guide in one sentence or less.

learn 2 play

Hunter if you're new, they are one of the faster leveling classes also.

hunters have pets that can tank, you dish out quick ranged damage.
Can run quickly at low level.

But you will be considerd a retard and a casual.
AKA huntard.

Who in their sane mind does a give a shit what other cucks thinks.

losers, thats who

When you want to get groups
That's a little unfair, but it happens. Nobody knows that hunter has the most reliable, widely applicable cc in the form of freeze trap. Then again, most hunters are too shit to even think about using it. I never pick hunters if I can avoid it.

It probably should matter if you pick somelike like a Belf paladin or female belf
or any elf, or any gnome by this matter.

thats some real degenerate shit right there.

these people are possibly rogue mains


I hope someone took up their offer for GM positions or else we'll run into another Pottu sooner or later.

they hired Pottu

thats what I linked to faggot


nigger can you NOT READ



dude who are you quoting? Look who i quoted

Calm down about pottu. Losing your shit over a single GM who may not even stick around is autistic.

what are you niggers even doing here

OH FUCK BOYOS I almost got cucked big time.

Luckily I defused the situation.

Are you Nerevarine? I saw you talking about DOTR in world. Very nice. Why the fuck are you a humie? Should have rolled a Dorf and joined the Fort.

I have a Dwarf too Nerevar but I want to play a mage…

What kind of racism?

Just keep talking about WoW races. If GMs give you trouble, say you're RPing and point out it's a PvP RP server.

This man has a point, just use euphemisms now that the GM staff is set to JUST cuck my shit up.

Gnomes are especially Jewish.

And yet it's the dwarves who can smell treasure from a distance.

You'll ruin their roleplay if you talk like that.

Someone made a post asking Elysium to remove Pottu. valkyrie-wow.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=21968#entry236860

Just made an orc and some dwarf rogue is keeping an emeraldon oracle in the starting area. Great server

like 7 posts up from you people from this board are doing similar to the alliance starting zone

the server isnt the problem, its all the mutants around here

was he part of the fort?

The Chosen gather to discuss important things.

Could someone in Infinity add Camus? Thanks lads.

Yeah I pitched in too.

way to be a fucking retard

I thought it sounded pretty legit…. Better than wall of autism that gets neg trained people don't read long posts with a negative reputation.

Maybe if I post some evidence to back it up? What I was thinking was I could just connect to a random server and dual box with a character named Potu and msg all kinds of pozzed up shit and record it on video. Because screen caps could be shopped too easily.

yours sounded like a retarded person trying to be funny for thumbs up

Are you a nigger or something and can't read unless everything is 3 sentences long and done in short hand?

He didn't even spell the name right. For all we know, this could be Pottu trying to make himself look like a victim to discredit our grievances.

That probably wouldn't be incriminating enough, as it can be so easily faked.

Pottu isn't that smart, otherwise he wouldn't be so easily triggered like Holla Forums

I am simply considering the target audience, no reflection on myself personally.

Was just trying to help out boyo.

the point is to make accusation grounded in something plausible

you literally went for fucking thumbs up you nigger

Well based on how they responded to 'logical and well thought out criticism' I thought instead of credible something incredible would get a better reaction to rouse the rabble.

6 day late reply, lad.

I've got invited to Awakening, it's actually really fun so far, there's always 20+ people on at a time and around 200 active people in the beta so far, but the hype makes it look like it might reach kronos or warmane levels of populations once it opens up.

They're really lax with giving keys if you're a good liar, just tell them you've beta-tested retail or some shit.

Do you have access to their forums etc…?
Is it pozzed?


Really guys? My neg hole is getting pozzed in this poz game.

you sound like a pathetic 4channer trying too hard to fit in with retarded shitposting


Why is it that some of you can't contain your autism and sperg really hard in /world?
The main reason why I stay away from everything Holla Forums-related outside this board.

because we dont have a strong leader to keep people in line

The only reason to play MMORPGs is the interaction with the people in the 'world'. Insular cliques is the antithesis of that, and best left to regular multiplayer games.

No one gives a care what you think kiddo. Sounds like you are jealous.

This kind of thing was actually looked out for on the old guild, at least before the first time it died. This incarnation of infinity is smaller, and on a server no one really takes seriously as well.

kill yourself cuckchanner

God forbid we have fun do you want autism only guild regimented no fun? Join Goon Squad. Our guilds aren't active enough to be serious.

no he's right, are you naussica by any chance? you sounds as spergy as him

shitting up world chat is fun, especially when it triggers the normalfags like yourself

I haven't been there since 2nd exodus not that it makes any difference.

No. But I'm assuming you are from the horde guild from the broken English.

oh god i remember you now, you are that paladin from kronos /vg/ guild


No way.

Last /vg/ thing I played was project 06. I literally saw this thread and then downloaded the game and joined.

name yourself faggot

I've been here for a while, you really think anything in /world triggers me? Just wondering how stupid you have to be to consider mindless spouting of contrarian things "fun".
You can immediately spot when someone tries too hard.

Why they try this hard to maintain the illusion while exploiting their GMery to do shit they'd get fired for at Blizzard routinely is beyond me.

It is a total mystery dude. Scroll up you 3rd world non-English speaking idiot.

because "hurr if you don't like it leave"

this is why I'm hoping Default's server takes off


so no one of importance?

No thanks.
Nost was my waterloo.
B-but you guys have fun okay?
Have fun without me.


Thank you for noticing.

you're just a min-maxing faggot

the elves want this.

Get in here, faggot. There's elves that need killing.


no one was asking you faggot

You seem upset.


found this the other day. wanted to post it here as well but then i forgot


So, I found I still had my install files for nost, so I am trying this server despite my better judgement.
So far I've been DCed 30 times.

I am but a puppet of the gnome, the true kosher race of warcraft, propagating this vicious jewish contrived cycle of life


in nay case most alliance shitters corpse camp, it's common knowledge

I feel like this is a question that doesn't need to be asked, but here I go anyway. Are we in agreement not to attack each other in world pvp? There is an unspoken Dorf and Infinity alliance, right? Obviously we'll fight when we meet in BGs.

I guess so, but you can't help friendly players if we gank them

Nigga, it's a PvP server – kill or be killed.
Also, I'm pretty sure everyone from the Alliance guild switched over to Horde by now.

They haven't.

Do you guys on Horde have any level 60s yet? On Alliance side our highest lvl guys are 55, 54, 47, and 43.

I meant to say do you have any lvl 60s in the Infinity guild

Not yet. We have a 48 and a 43 as our highest.


I agree, dwarves should play the flute while elves struggle to survive

Were rogues good in vanilla? I only started in TBC, and never did any raid stuff or anything until Wrath. Not looking for the best class, just making sure I don't gimp myself too hard. Alternatively, dark priest or warlock could be fun…

Rogues are one of the strongest classes in PVP.
They burst down pretty anything with a good dagger besides warriors.

Aslong as they get the first ambush strike and aslong as their attacks mostly crit, which they do.

While levelling, rogue can get shit on by RNG worse than warriors with miss/parry. You'll always lose out on gear to warriors, especially at 60.

However, you can get shit done in pvp

I think you mean Hunters

Explains why my asshole would sometimes get ripped open back in the day. Good times. Gonna roll a troll maybe, I was always alliance main. Of course, I miss Elwynn's music and vibe now…

How? if you use a sword for pve, which you should.

You just burst with sinister strike, gouge, kite for energy, rinse and repeat.
it's a bit longer than normal to kill stuff, but you end up with your health nearly full.

What's the password for that RAR?

Elwynn has a horribly unoptimized questing pattern, you have to go 4 levels without training any skills making many quests much harder than they're intended to be.

Sometimes there's no room to kite for energy, and sometimes your eviscerate misses 3 times in a row on enemies running for adds.

I'm sure Elwynn blows, but I didn't know any better back when I was a wee babby playing on an iBook G4

Also damn, I almost got three dubs and a quad, what are the odds?

Where were you when Infinity made Worldchat their own personal channel?

Who forgot to put the rule in the OP?


I'm the GM faggot, you want me to kick you and prove it?


why not just kick that faggot you hate so much then, faggot?

I can't believe people still play Boringcraft. I can't believe people ever played Boringcraft at all.

Yeah I do, bitch, because the GM is never around.

t. Raktae.


All furshit aside, it is boring.

been wondering this for a while, and i may as well ask this here.
Is it possible to play WoW offline, connecting to a server locally?

Go play retail, it's a single-player game at this point.

It's relaxing and only boring if you stick to easy to kill stuff, try pushing the limits of what your character can do.

except i wanted to play on a pc with no internet access…

Well, you're not going to accomplish much in an MMO like that, might as well stick to something other. Unless you can set yourself up a server and just play it with GM powers and modded stats.

I'm well aware of that, i just wanted to know if it was possible, or if the client had some sort of online dependencies

to be fair we do shit that isn't, a lot of people are turned off by the grind yeah, but shit like low level ganking or journeying to alliance territory and shitting up their zones is amusing

retail is a huge snoozefest, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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please remind me of good unitframes other than Xperl, agframes and discord
Xperl, at least the version I have, have too much padding
agframes is nice and minimalistic
Discord, once configured, is superbe but the fucking petframes crash the game

What are the good TBC servers? Excalibur looks decent enough, but are there other options?


wait for default's server and if you can code in C++ help him get it up and running

who is default?

There has to be a way to get mroe people in this server.

I just wanna see it actually reach 3k or something. It's not fun when theres only 1k online, makes it hard to find folks for dungeons or elite quests.

you never played with us on nost did you?

well I played on nost but I didn't join the guild

who are you ?

Look who has a horse now!

taken 10min ago, anyone have similar for Elysium?

Why nobody plays Warlock?

No idea, probably because this server is buggy as hell. I've noticed imps cause combat to bug out and never end.

warlocks are like mushrooms

Is there actually anything to vanilla that makes it objectively better than the future iterations or is this just another case of nostalgia?

The older games encourage interaction with other players, its much more social.

Since you don't get a mount for a long while it's like a long journey explorin areas. You also have to read up on quests to find out where to go.

In a way the traveling and questing is kinda like morrowind.

after many hours of tweaking and changing things around I think I finally am done setting up my unit frames


You'd have a leg to stand on if this was retail, but it isn't

meanwhile on Elysium

Probably because if you're not good your grind speed is shit and you're a free honor kill. Warlocks depend on Fear a lot and Fear-breaking is the most common type of PvP trinket there is.

Burning Crusade added flying mounts which was the death of world PvP since you can't fight while mounted (and unmounting midair is not really a thing) and added Paladins to Horde along with Shamans to Alliance which was pretty depressing. They also nerfed a lot of more interesting consumables and trinkets.

Basically after vanilla, WoW started going down the road of simplification & homogenization = balance.

has the pop for this server been growing steadily?

If you ask staff the answer is yes but if you ask me it seems to have been stabilizing around 1000 on peak hours (basically EU evening hours) and 500 on off hours. The hype took a beating with the buggy launch and while they're fixing it up I don't think they have a strong word-of-mouth to grow off of. Remains to be seen, I suppose.

Shitty mods aren't doing the server any favors either.

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