What are some signs that tell you a game is going to be a real piece of shit before you even play it or read a review?

What are some signs that tell you a game is going to be a real piece of shit before you even play it or read a review?

It's not japanese.

Review embargo.


Oversexualized Female Caricatures litter it's trailers and Box art
"Skull Girls","Criminal girls" and the worst offender of all "Senran Kagura"


Massive promises that no game could complete. I'm looking at you fable, I'm looking at you spore, I'm looking at you no mans sky.

Universal hype.
Name one game where that's been a good sign.

it's AAA

I typically know when I see the trailers. Could be that they just have their trailers prerendered, could be that the gameplay looks like shit, but that's typically the first sign. Of course, the biggest way to tell is the devs and the words that come out of their mouths.

Articles discussing the political atmosphere ("Game X's designer talks about racism in the industry") instead of the fucking game


Anything with anime girls



it's not out yet

Theres probably others but those stick out

It's from Bethesda

No gameplay in the trailer is sign #1, without fail.

There's a commercial on tv for it showcasing quotes from all the good reviews.


When control is taken away and an animation plays for something simple like opening a door or picking up a weapon during the trailer.

announced over a year before it's set to release


Your choices have real consequences! (just once I'd like this to be true ;_;)


Third or higher game in a series.

procedural generated X !

any non-action game that has fighting in it.

I'd like to explain the >realistic thing, so bear with me and my pockets overflowing with spaghetti.

I like Red Orchestra 2, tripwire can hang though. I like it quite a lot. See, there's one magical fucking thing about RO2, out of 32 players per team, maybe ten of them get automatic weapons. And all of the classes with automatics are prized. Other classes get semiautos and bolt action rifles. Which means, that not every Ivan, Klaus and Josif are going to be shooting eight hundred rounds per minute everywhere, laying down suppressing fire on the entire map, pinning your entire team in a tunnel and then slowly killing you off. Yeah, automatics are worse than the bolt actions at range, but while the bolt action user has to get his shot dead on, the automatic user can just put lead downrange, and if one bullet hits you, it's usually over for you in that game. The basic rifleman is still a formidable class, if you have good aim. But the automatic weapon classes are objectively better than the rifleman, that's why not everyone can have them. The automatic classes have the ability to put out a lot of suppressing fire, which is really fucking important in that type of game.

Now, games like Insurgency, ARMA or Squad give fucking everyone automatics, and yeah, that is supposed to be realistic, sure. But it's just no fucking fun, it devolves to Achmed and Joe slinging lead at bushes, barrels and shadows that almost resemble people for four minutes, while never moving from cover. It usually ends with the defending team winning because the attackers can't fucking possibly move up if every single defender can mow their entire team down in a second. It went from "it requires skill, but there are a few easier classes, if you're fast enough" to "everyone is a semi-retarded chucklefuck slinging enough lead downrange to eventually land a bullet on target." Also, fun shit like two riflemen scrambling to hipfire at eachother, failing and resorting to bayonets never happens, nor do modern realistic games have a banzai gook option.

But, this is all, like, my opinion, dude.




we literally have this thread 4 times a day



I feel like the like one is impossible with our current tech personally. Having a full body controllable VR style experience or something with a brain sensory input style device is the only way I think a game will be truly immersive.

Basically try to make me forget there's a TV a few metres away and a controller in my hands.

- Products featured at E3.
- Products that developers give interviews about(not dev blogs. I mean they actually have someone sit there on camera with them.)



I have a question Holla Forums
So a good dev can make a shit game every once in a while and that usually brings the opinion of that company down (on here at least) until they make a good game again
Is the opposite true? Can a shit company like Ubisoft ever get in good graces again or are they forever tainted by the trash they've been putting out?





At that point I think it depends on if the management has changed and unethical practices have ceased. A company doesn't make bad game after bad game on accident, it has to do with how things are run. Of course, anyone loving or hating a game based on its publisher alone is silly.

There's one way to know if a game is not worth your money or not: if the game doesn't seem like it tried its hardest. Walking simulators are the worst offenders of this. At least Myst was a new sort of puzzle game for the time. If the game didn't strive hard to be fun and new, it doesn't belong in your library.

I heard Siege is pretty decent. Though, one decent games amidst a sea of shitty or meh games isn't gonna change opinions until the good games start to even out with the shit.



it's like reputation in new vegas once you go down you can't get back up. at most you'll be neutral but still untrustworthy.

Wait they made a third one?

No, that's just some shitty fanart, user.

How long have your eyes been closed? There's even a mode in Super Mario Maker for Mario 3.

Go play it, it's great. Best NES Mario game, and it's not a reskin of a different game like Mario 2 was.

and it's probably market research by some company or some blogger wanting a topic to write up about on their clickbait site

Nah. I'll pass. They were probably just milking the original.

If the video game industry is dying, weeaboos are the growing, festering tumor draining whatever nutrients left in it as it takes its last breaths.

Plus, I heard the Legacy of Kain games were good story-wise, and Amy Hennig was the writing lead on most of them

San Andreas was good, though

Guess Ninja Gaiden sucks, by that logic
Shadow Warrior was also good

There's a shitload of good games that have console releases, and if Furi didn't have controller support, it would be garbage

Eh, I personally liked INSIDE, though it was gifted to me. In terms of not screwing with the fun for paying customers, it passes

What I'm trying to say is: Don't immediately dismiss games because you get butthurt by certain circumstances. Do thorough research, and then start to make conclusions.

Also I wouldn't say Early Access automatically makes a game trash, but for the love of all that's holy, please don't buy those games until they're finished(or they just don't get finished ever, in which case you save money).

the logo/styling is garbage
compare these two stylistically, for instance

Same thing

They're about the same famalam. In fact, if I had to pick, I'd say skyrim's logo is better than morrowind's.

you are wrong

Can you analyze the logos stylistically, please?

If you were to apply everything mentioned in this thread then every game ever is shit.

Also, anyone complaining about trailers ^ commercials with quotes - remember that it's third party agencies hired by the publisher who do thise. The developer isn't anywhere close to having any say in those.

when you do the same thing but detract from it in almost every way that's not a good sign

I only agree with the second and third greentext, and only half of the third

I think the silver is good but the entire black is silly, should've been over clouds or perhaps a isometric skyrim map.

I'm curious, what do people have against open world games, roguelikes and crafting? I enjoy all those kinds of games.

Or is it just that there's a glut of crap games in those categories recently?

look at gameplay footage
oh, there is none? well then!




He's a big guy

Almost always empty, with very little actual content beyond (maybe) a pointless grind.
Roguelites. Recent games that you've seen called roguelikes are pretty much universally roguelites. The hatred is a combination of them taking over the term roguelike, and usually being lazy, boring games with "procedurally generated levels!" as an excuse. Incidentally, procedurally-generated levels are usually shit.
Unless it's done well, which it rarely is, it's just more boring grinding.

It also doesn't help that all three have seen huge amounts of low-quality games ever since Minecraft and Binding of Isaac hit it big.




To be honest I'd rather feel like I'm watching a movie than pointlessly walking about mowing down things over and over.


Voxel anything

>From the creators of ___

Have they made a single good game since Command & Conquer Red Alert?

this means 90% of the games exposition will be forced into the gameplay because no one has realized that that is a garbage technique. for some reason most folks think that watching NPCs talk while walking slowly with no interaction to those characters is immersive.

trademark of amateurs who don't know why level design is important

not inherently bad, but in recent years the open worlds we've been presented have been increasingly less impressive, but still growing larger. you come to expect massive amount of copy-paste scenery that you just slog through to get to a copy-paste dungeon/outpost/compound and kill some dudes and repeat a million times, bigger most definitely isn't better

you make video games you no fun allowed niggers. how up your own ass do you have to be to try to make every piece of entertainment "mature". games are games, give me goals, obstacles, and the tools to overcome them before your garbage social commentaries or attempts at being 2deep4u





here's your (You)


Pretty much any of those are tell-tale signs of a real shitty game.


underrated post

Nigger let me ask you something, have you ever heard of a grenade, grenade launchers or the infamous RPG (That has an instakill splash radius as large as an aircraft carrier and goes through fucking walls)
if not then you're either retarded or haven't played the game at all. Not to mention that there are other ways to screen your movement against the downpour of lead coming towards you such as moving cover to cover while provided with suppression fire from teammates or my favorite, spam smoke grenades

eh, then i guess these type of games just aren't for you then


No gameplay footage all the way up to release date

The gameplay looks boring, thats the only thing i go for.

If I see a thread about it


Get a better imagination, I can immerse myself no problem it's called fun user.

Let's look at a company called silver dollar. On the xbox 360 indie scene, they made some of the worst stuff on the platform. Then 2014 rolls around and they made one finger death punch. That is probably one of the better indie games out there. And it seemed that they Wanted to change and make something decent.

The term here is want. To change, one has to want to change. Though it doesn't erase all the crap ubi or silver dollar released. And i doubt ubi will change since casuals will eat up what they poop out and enable ubi to be as bad as ever.

Current year release date. There are only a few exceptions.

ebin meme you weeb faggot.


Wasn't Cities: Skylines decent?

Niggers is the main character

tokyo xtreme racer 3

burnout 3

need for speed 3: hot pursuit

grand theft auto

A sign the dev thought the game was too shit to let people try it out at first.

>Can't climb mountains. this is a big no no