Are there any games that pull the old switcharoo on you?

Are there any games that pull the old switcharoo on you?
Either with story, or by radically changing the gameplay halfway through?



The Yakuza series? Sometimes even when it's predictable, it fucking surprises you again with some surprising plot twist.

AM2R really threw me off guard with that hallway boss.
It made me quit hard mode early.


Tales of Symphonia.

deus ex


Dragon's Dong. Makes me glad I went in blind.

Not so much the game itself, but between the trailer (which surprisingly had English audio with Japanese subtitles) and the finished game, the trailer seems like it would have left one to believe the protagonist in Shadow Hearts: Covenant was going to be quite different, and that Yuri might very well have turned into a villain in the six months between it and its predecessor. Instead, Nicolai turns out to be a smug scheming cunt and Yuri is still the main protagonist, and still a really enjoyable one at that (though his assholishness had been tempered somewhat by the end of the prior game). I'm honestly not sure if maybe things changed in the story's development after the trailer was made (looking at the combat clips, it seems to be pretty much there with what the finished game had as elements), or was purposefully misleading (considering the game does start the party out with both Nicolai and Karin as the protagonists; I guess maybe the switch from Nicolai to Yuri might be a switcheroo, but it's not as if you're playing as the former for half the game or so, maybe just an hour at most) for better effect with the story.

Tales in general enjoys starting with some vibe to the stories and then throwing the players a curveball.

Sleeping Dogs. There were no dogs.




Trails coldsteel final bit
the fuck did that come from


Having him trash-talk you about the number of times he has beaten is pretty fucking good, Toby fucking aced his dialog. His fight made the genocide route my favourite

All that effort, such a great story, to end up the last game with no hope of being continued.

and even if they manage to come around and make a sequel, Kirill Pokrovsky has been gathered up to God


The Chozo Guardian with the wall spikes? user he has 4 different, very visible attack tells.

And unlike literally every other boss in a Metroid game can be damaged by regular uncharged beam shots. I had a ton of trouble until I realized this

What's dragon knight saga then ?

Baten Kaitos (both games)
Custom Robo: Battle Revolution

Nobody fucking gets it. He's apathetic because he's seen every timeline, every reset. He's seen the ones where Flowey wins or fucks with everyone individually. He knows when you fuck shit up or fix things. Every reset he knows it's going to be the same and with a 50:50 chance of everyone he knows being removed. He even fucking goes back into the underground during the good ending because he knows it won't last so why bother?

He's supposed to be pretty strong, too. Just that he's too naive/stupid to ever use his ability.
The game was rather shit overall, but I feel like it had enough potential and enough good bits what carried it through. There's a few key items what manage to drag the lot into the "worth it" sort of category, for me, and that sans fight bit was probably one of the bigger contributors.


I don't think he's actually seen each timeline. Rather, he's a good guesser, he knows it is happening, and is at least partially aware that the reset occurs.
Still completely apathetic, though, yeah.


Valley. Starts off as walking simulator, becomes a mix of Tribes and a story about my uncle after you get the LEAF suit.

There's like, 5 posts, and you're contributing to it.

The naivety is astounding.

The guy's a legit autist and replies to any thread with any mention of Undertale.

He's quite persistent at it. I've noticed this dude barely sleeps and responds every single time its mentioned.

Why is he so dreamy Holla Forums?

Just because the angel dude prefaces EVERYTHING the citizens say with "I know it's unexpected", doesn't mean it really is.

Unless you mean the final boss-rush. And that wasn't so much "unexpected" as "I'm throwing my controller against the wall now."

I thought the twist half way through Assassins Creed 3 was alright, although the twist was pretty easy to see coming once you realised that Connor was the character featured in most of the marketing.

I took it to be a Laplace's demon type deal. Seeing as videogame event chains are way simpler than real life event chains, a computer entity could use all onscreen information and current variables to get a good guess at the future. Not that Toby was actually going for anything that deep, but other characters acknowledge all things on-screen

One of those characters could get a "good enough" guess. Basically, sans is aimbotting

>a fucking floating rock