Look up skirt in western game

This is why the Nipponese game industry is superior!

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It's almost like nips have passion and put effort into their work, whereas western devs treat it as minimal effort salary

Is she a lesbodian?

Different outfits?

Different pantsu!

Everyone in slice of life anime is a lesbian user.

Even the guys?

No. The only guys in slice of life anime are someone's dad.



Why the Japanese are sexually represented beings?


Good taste.

Fuck the casual weebshits and their Nip masters who have to have everything handed to them in the form of a camera mode. Real プレイヤス work for their pantyshots.

The west just doesn't have the proper respect for pantsu that they deserve.

Nipponese games are only good for fast paced action shit, and maybe action-adventure as long as it's not a JRPG or VN.

Western games post 2003 tend to be pretty shit, but games made between the Eurocuck and Commie regions tend to be pretty good.


Sure is video games fam

I think you mean sexually repressed?

Anyway, if you haven't been a 3-D modeler you'd think making panties for a female character is perverted but it's not really. When you've been working on a model for a long time, you'd rather not see the characters naked as you work ever inch of the model to see how it moves and if it is designed well. It's more for the modelers own sanity than titillation, for the most part.

Not the same, but I think that wolfire guy was adverse to gore so he doesn't work with it. Same principle. People who model and leave void crotch areas are the worst.


I don't get the point of panties, they do nothing for me.

oppai for life

Because they waste resources to render stupid shit only the most desperate of virgins care about?

Fuck off tumblr, most of us here are not into whaling.



Because kikes have forced a genocide on them for the last 70 years.

To be fair, it's an established fact that nips buy things based on kawaii girls, and that their industrys are willing to cater to it. It's the reason anime is so stagnant right now.

I do have to agree that's really fucking retarded. Why the fuck design a character model with a skirt in the first place if you don't want players looking up there? It makes no sense

I mean if you want to get technical, pic related

That's pretty sad tbh fam

Why japanese make things so difficult to them? Look at these ladies. None of them look japanese/asian in the slightest.
They sure hate how they look in general.


they have more in common with fairies than 3d earth humans

It's not so much the nudity, it's the anatomical incorrectness. A highly detailed naked humanoid form that doesn't have nipples and genitalia gets pretty disturbing to look at after a few hours, and unless it's an adult game it's not worth it to model the extra geometry for the naughty bits. Texturing is quick and cheap, though, so taking a bit of extra time to texture in underwear keeps me from feeling like I'm working on third-degree burn victims.

It's almost like OP is a degenerate weeaboo

They're aliens.

Poor Wizard… he had one of the best suits but one of the worst shows.

even the recent kamen riders, especially drive has become more questionable

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the cartoony Riders though Fourze is strangely one of my favorites.

I had to force myself through Drive and quit it a few times. Gold Drive was like a kick in the balls and the ending really didn't make much sense. I don't think they even went anywhere with the whole "promised number" thing. I gave Ghost a couple episodes but just couldn't stomach it.

I hear Amazons is good though and keep meaning to give it a shot.

I'm ready for my shortstack gray ayyfu, damn it. Get those cute little shits on the phone already NASA, you slow bastards, and tell them to come over here and kick off the Age of Waifus like they've been waiting to do for a while now.

Fucking pre keyframed animations.

they no longer need to explode heads to get genes when humans will give it freely


It's almost like Nips have a strongly suppressed sexual culture that fosters pedophilia and similar deviancy. And it's almost as if Weeaboos are drawn to said culture because they are also sexually frustrated.

It should be noted that East-Asian are extremely neotenized, so their females do look like children compared to the females of other races. More behind this link: erectuswalksamongst.us/Chap6.html

Hate to break it to you son but Anglo culture as a whole is pretty sexually repressed, just not in the same way as the nips.


Gee, I wonder which of those two countries has a shitload of Muslims.

You're the same shit as the muslims you hate so much. Sure they rape in real life, but they also hate fun like you. They call it "shirk" or idolatry.

Just post this. Anyone who is against anime is also a supporter of Islam.

It's pretty funny. They are what they hate in a way. With so much focus on Mohammed and the shit they do to defend him, it's almost a bit like polytheism.


the concept of "sexual repression" is 60s counterculture bullshit. there's no society that permits fucking everything with a pulse, for good reason. letting morons reap political power by dismantling important social constraints on sex is retarded.


How is this an unreasonable position? Any teenager and up still watching cartoons is mentally ill.

Fuck Ghost, and get on that Amazons as soon as possible, it's worth it.

When he says shirk he means anything but bowing down to Allah is haram. It's a pretty unreasonable position.

That is very unreasonable of you.

There is a midpoint between "Sex is bad and you should feel guilt and shame." and "Fuck your best friend, boss, your boss's best friend and everyone on the bus that stops on 21st street."

Being responsible and having culpability about who and what one chooses to fuck is what I'd consider a sane attitude. Or being able to see a tiddy on a poster or in a movie without breaking down and calling for revolution.

Yeah, feels pretty good. Nice reddit spacing, buddy.



Protip: it is.

You honestly don't watch Taiwanese puppet shows? How cn you endure this world? Are you an alcoholic? Do you do drugs? Or do we have a clueless normalfag ITT?

I like this meme.

I have Allah's grace in my heart, obviously.

He fucks goats.

I like the part of the Quran that say that Cyrus the Great of Persia was a muslim. I'm actually a big fan of shit theology.

Everyone is a muslim until they are forcibly converted after birth. That's why we get to kill anyone.


That's the islam I know and love.

This puppetshow looks neat
Any good?


If it was an anime, it would be the best of the season. But it's even better in this format. So I strongly recommend it.

Yeah it looks good, I fucking love puppets

I would rather have a pedo countryman that jacks off to cartoons, then "asian" neighbors that will groom and peddle my ten year old daughter as a prostitute.

so you want both you freak.


Forgive me as English isn't my mothers tongue.
Feel free to address my post and not my spelling mistakes.

I would rather have a healthy society that locks up mentally ill NEETs and shoots Durkas and Dindus.

Mentally ill NEETs usually lock themselves up. It's easy to pick them out if they somehow end up in the streets.

But you can't have both, friend, so choose only one.

Then what about this fatwa saying that Allah will make anime real? If you want to love your waifu, you should convert to Islam.


Do you want me to report you and this thread to FBI?

Source on this ? What is it ?


stop pretending we don't know about tequilla, goatfucker



logsoku.com/r/2ch.net/livejupiter/1384358835/ found an archive on a futaba thread, ask somebody who speaks ape

Well done SJWs, you've given an even more perverted, niche group of fetishists straight fap material. Nice job.

Someone's getting vanned.



Now I'm gonna tell about your flag instead of your post.
you're preaching to the choir you nigger

Even Japanese testers are perverts

might as well be




I bet the gameplay is pretty good too. We are talking about video games and not Visual Novels, right?

Fuck off gook.


eh if I want to look up skirts I'll just go to work


What you don't like diapers anons? :^)


This is the same country which has fetish cafes right on the street next to grocery stores.
I don't think you know what suppressed means.


Any 3D Japanese games that give that same kind of love and attention to bloomers?


Dialing back the memery for a moment, I just had a random stupid thought:

What if grays as they're commonly depicted (black featureless eyes, wrinkled or weirdly-smooth grey skin, spindly and useless-looking limbs, bare head, no/tiny nose, etc.) aren't what the species actually looks like when alive and healthy, but rather are extrapolated from corpses recovered from crashes like Roswell? What if what we're parading around as what aliens probably look like is actually the equivalent of them depicting us all as horrific burn/acid victims or emaciated corpses mid-rot?

They could actually be cute as shit for all we know, but we're assuming they're weird-looking because our only frame of reference is some likely heavily-damaged corpses, which compare to a live specimen in looks similarly to how a skinless human looks fucking horrifying compared to one that's fully-intact. They could easily be a fucking adorable race of short animu-looking things, who we'd either lose a war to instantly or win with terrifying efficiency due to immediately waifuing them with all the ups and downs implied, but we've assumed they're freaky and ugly based off of factually-incorrect information, which is itself based off hearsay and whatever tiny bit of info got past our government's grip.

Assuming this little hypothesis is correct, that would mean that some of them crashed here at some point and knowledge of the corpses' looks got out somehow, from which we incorrectly guessed the living versions' appearance via taking the corpses as-is or via some kind of wildly-inaccurate attempt at reconstruction. Let's just hope they're not offended and understand the mistake, when they finally say hello and find that our media is swamped with cartoony and often evil representations of the mangled corpses of the crew from their Challenger equivalent.

Also, for those who get off to gray ayy porn, you technically may have been getting off to alien guro the whole time.

Ayyy Lmao indeed.

Are you me, user? I had exactly the same thoughts about the ayys for years.

They spent all their artdev time on pantsu which is the correct choice



Greetings, fellow earth citizen!

Yeah, the problem is just that those evil stats are all lying, because otherwise they would surely support your silly claim.

Why are you so retarded, user?



Here's your reply

Out of curiosity, can anyone think of a counter-example? A Western game where you can look up a skirt and see anything remotely interesting (or even anything period)? Obviously lots of games after modders have been turned loose on them, but other than that…


I wouldn't mind sharing my genes.


That's the west you dumb faggot.

Who's the subhumans here?

Yes, if you strip away hair, eyebrows, nose and lips then replace eyes with black holes people look pretty freaky.

What a shocking revelation.


It's a society that has major problems with getting people to hook up and fuck while at the same time offering every sort of fetish imaginable. These extremes are exactly the kind of fucked up sexual psychology I'm talking about.


So much ayy talk on Holla Forums lately.

I like it.


waste of resources to texture and render something the player wont see.


Or you know its the fact that %40 of japanese men and over %50 of japanese women over 25 are virgins.

Confirmed, having sex makes you a lazy piece of shit. Hold on to your mana, guys, and use your grand wizard powers to make the next great video game!


Only 4 more years before I become a fledgling hedge-wizard. I'm pretty excited to cast my first couple of cantrips, to be honest.

Because real adults go to spinoffs of cantonese flipbook image boards to get assmad about people watching cartoons, right?

We're sure your mom is very proud of all you've done to protect the "white race" user.

This is the most intense shit I've seen this week.

Get fucked, commie shill. Learn your history.

Abu Jahl did nothing wrong.

horny bitch

It's almost like you're a fucking faggot.

I spent hours trying to look up Marcy's dress. This may have had some bearing on me becoming a lolicon.

one step up from scat fam

Go back to your containment thread. Japanese is a shit language.

He says, while on a Japanese website.


You thought wrong.

His real name is Amr ibn Hisham, don't call him by the slur that cuck who peed like a girl Mohammed coined.


They went full retard around the time the "living story" started. At launch it had potential but slowly animations and shit got axed.

Lunch break's over, Jason. Back to work.

kill yourself

Its almost like the asian jews know that they have to put this kind of weak bait into their games to make up for how far behind they are in gameplay graphics and and everything else that actually matters



I said lolicon not toddlercon.

Splatoon would count for the 2016 awards since it was released in the same year as the Witcher.


How is loli not pedophilia?

Ones real ones not :^)

drawings aren't people silly user

it's just like how violent vidya games create mass shooters, silly goys can't tell the difference between reality and fiction right

How is loli pedophilia?

As if there's anything wrong with the latter.

can i habe the pantsu b0ss?

Because my argument>your argument
chekmate lad :^)


Scat is still better than vore or NTR. I'd say it's about even with diaperfur.


What is the most surprising thing you have found up a skirt in a game anons?

here's a better way to rank them, they are all fucking shit, being better shit doesn't absolve it of its shitness
people gotta stop doing that
instead of debating whether it's better to lose your arm or your leg, think about how to not lose either

you seem to had too much to drink user, sit over here why won't you? I'll get a bucket shortly.

If you drew a picture of me smoking this would I be a smoker?

Golden chastity belt

They're lesbians but this is the kind of lesbians that aren't SJWestern faggots. TL;DR: Even Japanese lesbians are superior.

Why do people think this guy is funny?
Cancer, suicide, and acting like black people are getting old at this point.

Look user. The most publicized western game right now that is aiming for goty is Battlefield 1. Just let that sink in ya faggot.

Loli can refer to a petite build rather than age.
Go to a porn site and type "petite teen," or "petite woman" they have "loli-type" bodies but are above age.
That's not to say that all loli isn't pedobait, it depends on the artwork. But somebody into loli may be more into a petite build, small breasts on 3D women IRL.

If you wanna fuck characters like Gadget, you're a degenerate
If you like futanari you're a faggot
If you like traps you're a faggot
But call a lolicon a pedo and the user believes he's been wronged as if their degeneracy is somehow pure

mate theres a word for that and it's NIGGERS

Western games industry is dead. Poisoned by SJW.
Japanese games industry is alive and well. They have not been posioned by SJW yet.

The only thing the Japs can't do is FPS, a genre that has been dead since Halo ruined everything.

would they be 2D though.

I feel really bitter about the fact that of all things that japs do so well, of all things that nipnops managed to establish as monoliths of varying genres, things that everyone unknowingly copies, the only thing people really see as outstanding are "le epic pantsu xDD".

I dunno man. Maybe this is why the Japanese keep on shoveling harem chum overseas. I just want to see another titan like Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill.

I ascended beyond all layers of faggotry, I'm now a contrarian hipster among contrarian hipsters. Maybe this is the part where I put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger.

Then where are the fucking games.

Ask the penis.
Anime and manga drawings of lolis make my dick hard.
Real kids and photographs of children do nothing, leaving me as flaccid and limp as a wet noodle. I might as well be looking at giraffes.
Therefore, liking loli manga is not equivalent to pedophilia.




liking a stylized, drawn version of something does not automatically mean that you like the real-world version

for example, if someone jerks off to mlp characters, they must also jerk off to real horses, right? no.

one is stylized and unrealistic, and the other is actually real. just because it resembles something, that doesn't mean they're the same

Anime girls are almost all drawn with adult body proportions regardless of their age, and when they're not then they often have a body type that isn't really possible irl.

that's another good point. like i said, its all stylized and unrealistic, at least most anime and hentai are.



oh no

I don't think you know what that word means.

Yes, that is exactly what it develops into. Just like how porn addictions degenerate, so does it with furries and other degenerates who fap to le pure drawings.

You are a closeted pedo, and you should kill yourself before you go out of the closet and into the oven.

sounds like you're a 1/10 disgusting 3DPD landwhale who's salty she doesn't have enough beta orbiters

you complain of graphix yet go play minecraft with your cheeto stained fingers, I laugh at you

is this child pornography? am I a pedophile now?

it's like watching a dog repeatedly run into a wall. they extol their degeneracy as pure, but they're a bunch of hypersensitive morons in the end.

I don't think you know what that word means.

What're you going to do? Call me loliphobe and a bigot?


What about lolis with big bazongas?
Post lolis.




You can and should attach multiple images per post.


moar pls

Gotcha bro.

what do you use to download these?



So if I just started watching porn with nipple penetration, I will go out of my way to chop women's nipples off, excavate their breasts, and shove my dick in? How about if I have a fetish for tiny girls on dicks? Will I go out to the streets, kidnap them, and shrink them all to tape them onto my dick?

Best thing Kantai Collection is all the paizuri and pantyhose art it gave birth to.

If you masturbate to drawings of men, does that not mean you're gay?

hahaha oh wow


They are suppressed faggot.
Japs don't have sex very often at all.

Look at this goy

I like you user.

Listen to the original samples, you furfag nigger with no taste.

Caravan Palace actually plays all their own music.

Any preteen and below watching Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, or any anime more mature than Pokemon has mentally ill parents.

Hypersexualized media like this only contributes to prolonged adolescence and sexual hedonistic culture that's destroying the west and the family unit.

Really? That's at least good, still faggy music though.

No accounting for shit taste, I guess.

I like there stuff well enough, I also like old school swing as well. So whatever pretty sure that animation was rotoscoped.

The true kingly road.

Yes, because god knows there's nothing animated in the West aimed at adults, like Archer, or Rick and Morty, or Drawn Together, or hell, motherfucking South Park.

All on handhelds, mostly safe from the executive meddling that comes with the high budgets that the telly console titles tend to demand.

So is this the Bizarro universe version of Resident Evil 6?

You're either doing this on purpose to make our side appear weaker, or you don't know what kind of filth the horsefuckers are.


Fuck off kike

I'm hoping the 3ds and vita piracy scenes lead to playable emulation for them soon. I hate playing on handhelds themselves, but I like medium budget vidya.

We still haven't quite gotten DS and PSP emulation to where I want them, so I'm not getting my hopes up there. Would be nice though. That said, I've just adapted, plus with how much time I spend on the train for commutes having everything worth playing on a handheld device is pretty convenient.

I can't speak to psp, but I've not had much problem with DS, it seems pretty fucking solid to me.

Luckily, piracy on both PSP and DS is damned near flawless, if user gets over his handheld hate.

there aren't any handhelds without piracy now

As long as you still need to buy one of those third-party flash carts it's not.

To this day, there is no working ROM of Heart Gold or Soul Silver. They always, without fail, glitch out beyond repair long before the game can be completed.

In contract, B/2/W/2 work perfectly.

I've spent too much time with fuckoff huge monitors and full sized controllers, and don't do any public transit commuting where it could be justified.

Their form factors aren't comfy enough for me to want to use one while I'm sitting around at home.

A degenerate weeaboo like yourself has no place to throw kike accusations, if you really cared about the white race you would be actively trying to improve yourself and your race.

Islam, it's about as fun as Catholicism!

Irrelevant. The UK just hates everything.

Sex robots? Those'll be illegal under laws prohibiting necrophilia.

Learn English nigger



Ranma is always the best girl, this is now a ranma thread.




but what about when ranma is a guy



dicks are not cute user

not even ranmas dick

Just saw this on front page. Good she-Ranmas are always welcome.



Ranma gave me a TF/TG fetish.
Fucking nips

So all this bullshit is just for making people angry and fucking with their shit because muslims can't even read it?
Fuck the world.

I'd watch that anime.


it must be very hard for a simpleton to understand that there exists multiple interpretations of one thing.

she's stroking her dick

oh dear, did someone get offended that someone criticized the most violent, anti-western anti-egalitarian ideology in mainstream acceptance?

Trigger them. Trigger them all.

I guess all those honor killings were to send defiled women to heaven peacefully.




Thick Ranma

When did we let the likes of Jack Thompson minded people in here? Just because i fucking hate these liberals shitting up my games with their social justice bullshit it doesn't mean i will empathize with you faggots and your retarded views.

thank you for sharing your enlightened opinion with us, user!

Reported for kike shill. There is only one Islam.

Just to clarify, i wasn't talking about the OP but rather this faggot


Just filter them. You can't criticize them without them just deflecting it with normalperson.jpg or by calling you Holla Forums.

kinda like how sjws deflect all criticism by calling you sexist or racist, except you can rightly shit on them here


Fucking Templar m8


deus vult

I want to fuck Ranma. Akane can watch.

And how else are you going to pirate games on it?


and you were doing so well with that statement user

There's no other way, so it'll never be flawless like the PSP or 3DS.

it's pretty late where I'm at, sorry if my English isn't up to par, what would be the correct way to phrase that?


The best way to phrase it is to not put it in at all, egalitarianism doesn't fucking work, its one of the few things those goat fuckers believe in that works, too bad they don't practice what they preach and just freely fuck young boys and goats anyway

I wanted to say anti-feminist but I realized that anti-feminist now means that you don't agree with lgbbq Marxist ideology so I just thought of substituting that with egalitarianism.


So very true - exactly why religious people always interpret things exactly one way and force it on the rest of the world.


Ranma threads are Holla Forums now, good work Ukyofag.

Ukyo is mondo qt.




no it doesn't
it means you have a brain that lets you think freely.
some people want to live in a world for their own ideals = fiction

why go on living anymore

Why indeed?







t. furfag in denial




Tumblr has somehow missed Ranma almost completely.

What does exist is pretty vile though.

Tumblr is just pretty shit for ranma

i wouldn't have an anthro as my wife if thats what you think







Literally half of the characters I jerk off to are old but are drawn young so I'd be labeled as a pedo even though I'm not and I think pedo shit is fucking disgusting.





but I'm 24 years old, and I haven't accomplished a single goddamn useful thing in my life.

You're not a wizard YET user, you got six more years to go


If OP's intention was to troll he did a pretty good job, i remember how easy it was to troll 4cuck Holla Forums, just post any japanese game and say "this is japan's response to [modern western game]" then enjoy the fireworks, OP is truly a genius of trolling and makes it seem like it's a form of art, i will also do my part and expose how easy it is to troll Holla Forums

Manga > Comics
Anime > Cartoons
East > West
Japanese > English
J-rock > Jazz

Sushi!, Fujiyama!, Karate!, Naruto!, Tsunami!, Kawazaki!, Kawaii!, Neko!

Your situation must be unfortunate.

Retard. The fastest way to improve the stock is to prevent breeding of the most genetically unfit. Stop interfering with the natural course of things.

Too bad most East Asian women store fat around their midsection and have lower muscle mass so they have to be at much lower weights to look decent. I wonder if there's a perfect race with a neotenous face and an hourglass figure?