Upcoming Games/Mods Thread

Is anything good coming out soon? Are you excited for any upcoming mods or games? Have any recent releases not gotten the love they deserve? Share them here; tell us if they're worth a pirate or even a purchase.

What games do you expect to see fail?

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Mental Omega 3.3 is coming out at an indeterminate time in the near-future. The mod itself has been around since 2006.

1982. Hungering for revenge, the Soviets launch a full-scale invasion against the United States of America. The Allied primary defense network is shut down under mysterious circumstances and the only thing between the Soviets and America is a tiny little ocean. The third Great World War begins, where the strings are pulled by a single man - a remnant of Stalin's psychic legacy.

The release will include:


I was going to say this, but just realized it got somewhere.

I'm really looking forward to what modders will be able to do with Butterlord. We were promised a very open environment for modding, and seeing all the community has managed to achieve with inferior M&B1 setup gets my dick diamonds just thinking about it.

I am also looking forward to the Gunslinger mod for Call of Pripyat, the level of detail really hits me in the autism bone.

Also, I think the GMDX developers don't get the recognition they deserve for basically fixing all that was wrong with Deus Ex.

Enderal, only reason to pirate Skyrim.

Muh nigga, great mod

The Frontier is a mod for Fallout New Vegas and requires all four of its expansion packs to function. Currently, it is an estimated 74% complete with no concrete release date. The modders may be suffering from a lack of vision- recent trailers have shown gameplay in space as well. I'd hate to see the mod go bad because they weren't sure what exactly they wanted to accomplish.

A NCR battlegroup, led by the disgraced General Blackthorn, has been exiled to the northern frontier, an area once known as Portland, Oregon. Desparate for shelter and supplies, and hounded by the terrible cold, Blackthorne's battlegroup has uncovered significant caches of pre-war technology and military equipment that may prove their salvation- if they can survive the onslaught of Caesar's Twentieth Legion.


I'm actually impressed by that OSA animation API. Wish the mod community takes a bigger interest in it so Skyrim can at least be useful as a porn game.

Oh, and those two big New Vegas fan modules, Brazil and Frontier, that posted about. They look pretty good.

How did they manage that???

Waiting for this one too

IIRC that's the Archimedes station and is one of the final locations of the game. It's what all the factions are after.

Also, you forgot that you get to drive a tank, and fly Vertibrds around.

a complex array of hats, maybe?

A pact with Satan most likely. But seriously, these guys are fucking gods.

They are basically heavily scripted creatures. And yes you can drive them.

So…. Drivable vehicles in fallout 5 confirmed.

I don't think Bethesda has the talent to do it.

I'm excited for rising storm 2, honestly. I know it's twi and I know they've fucked up and fucked with customers in the past badly but I just want it to come out and be good, and to enjoy it and have fun.

They'll just steal the code.

Oh, you're right, they're good at stealing shit from modders.

Planet Coaster is the spiritual successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and is being developed by Frontier Developments. It will be released on November 17, 2016 and is already available in alpha for select contributors to the kickstarter. It should be noted that the alpha already has Denuvo, and the final product will use it as well. No water parks will be in the base game, but are expected to be in an expansion.


Yeah, Obsidian atleast asked. Bethesda just steals and pretend they came up with it. Sad shit.

Amazing. Thanks for posting about this

Also, this Im not sure why they didnt add any on fo4 (probably because they have no idea how to do it)

nuDoom was good.
I don't get the autism over Denuvo, though. It seems like one of the least intrusive DRM systems we've seen in decades. Is it just mad piratefags pretending to be mad buyfags?

Look up Fallout: Brazil too. And no, it doesn't take place in HUEHUEHUE, it's a reference to the movie Brazil.

Very ambitious mod with a branching plot. Not quite as ambitious as Frontier, but still worth the attention.

It's a matter of reducing risk. I don't trust game developers, reviewers, or youtube celebrities to tell me how a game is. Nobody releases demos any more; the only way to see whether it's worth my money is to pirate.

Denuvo rapes SSDs and makes a heavy impact on performance.


The SSD damage was a hoax started by angry piratefags.
And there is no noticeable performance impact if the developers used it correctly. Devs are supposed to submit a trace of the activity of their game so that the Denuvo people will only use it on select functions that aren't called frequently, so the overhead of Denuvo would be microseconds per frame.

Good goy


All I'm excited for is an upcoming update, and I do think the game doesn't get the love it deserves considering it's kikestarter/EA survival voxel cancer that's been getting constant work and delivering on promises since 2013.

Alpha 15:

First time I've been hype for a game in current year. Also

Lead dev has pleb taste and role models but has far surpassed his favorite Bethesdashit in gameplay. Also /fit/ as fuck. I like it.

someday I'll host a dedicated Holla Forumsillagers vs Holla Forumsillains server with a communal fortress and bandito anons

that looks like a mod for fallout 3 or nv

Hello, angry piratefags.

It is a modded NV

Angry? Non of the links provided work.

and he wonders why people arent believing it.
if u wanna believe fine with me but expecting people
to just listen and believe some post on reddit is a bunch of horse raddish and you know it.
post reliable sources that work

okay didf

Links are dead since I last linked it, but Denuvo doesn't do disk reads or writes, it's a purely in-memory solution. Pick a game with Denuvo that you believe doesn't normally access the disk while running and watch with resource monitor as nothing happens.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is already in beta and slated to relesase in full sometime in 2017.

The years is 1403, the region Bohemia, located in the heart of Europe, rich in culture, silver and sprawling castles.The King is dead and his eldest son Wenceslas IV becomes the new King of Bohemia. Wenceslas’s enraged half-brother, Sigismund, imprisons Wenceslas and invades the country with his mighty army. Unfortunately, in the midst of this chaos, your character Henry suffers. The mercenary army destroys your home and kills your family, you are the sole survivor of the bloodbath and it is here that your road to redemption starts. Enjoy the detailed reconstruction of the 15th century landscape. Use weapons that were used by knights. Take part in epic historical battles that happened in Middle Europe and in castle sieges!


But the Legion isn't anywhere close to Oregon
That's just poor story telling on their part

yer nah. i hope you find some sources some day

It must hurt to realize we've nearly reached the end of piracy, huh? No more torrents, no more lying to yourself with "I just pirate as a demo and I buy if I like it!", etc.. You'll have to get a job. What a terrifying reality this must be for you.

Are there rapiers in it?

There's no better source than running resource monitor yourself on whatever Denuvo game you caved in and bought to see that it's not writing anything. Why would it need to write anything, anyway?

I'm pretty excited for Lecarde Chronicles 2 but it's still 8 months away. I don't know why but I get the feeling The Surge and Aragami will be good games.

im definitely looking forward to neir automata
just hope its not censored to all shit in the western version
iv become increasingly tempted to seriously learn japanese
with all this censoring business going on

I made this.

The Surge looks good enough, I'm just not really sold on the atmosphere and the futuristic setting having you fight with melee weapons is really silly. Still, gameplay looks somewhat solid.

What's so good about Aragami? The animations look really bad and it just looks like another subpar stealth game.

Bethesda is a fucking joke.

Modders care, Bethesda doesn't.


Excited about Shadow Warrior 2, Butterlord and maybe that Surge game.

There will always be cool games to play, better not lose your hope in games industry


I see they added the wank consortium, but did they add General Grievous?

Apparently the hotpockets don't allow any criticism of piracy and deleted all my comments. That's pretty sad.

Tell us what games you're looking forward to before they do it again.

That's too bad I personally pirate lots of things but mods shouldn't crack down on dissenting opnion, this isn't Holla Forums

I fucking hate how EVERY SINGLE triple A game has to do that autistic *Slow pan* bullshit, just so you can see the "pretty" sky boxes. It really infuriates me when they do that.

Nova Aetas, a really autistic mod for Mount and Blade Warband is getting a new release next week.

I am holding out hope for spacehulk:deathwing even though it has been much too long since any news has been released and last I heard it was supposed to come out summer 2016.

Also waiting for duiluvion which when they pushed it back they at least gave a reason and a later date to aim for.
Both of the last games made by each dev was great so maybe I have more hope and higher expectations then I should, but I cant help it.

If Tokyo Game Show doesn't give me something to hope for, it's going to be another long game drought.

That's okay user you can always work on your backlog right?

Mother Russia Bleeds soon.

I honestly hope 0 does well enough that 6 can come over. Or that 0 and Kiwami get ported to PC, that'd be fine by me. There's also Sonic Mania which looks nice.


I want this game so fucking badly

I'll still play it, but the decisions they've made just rub me the wrong way.

Also, the animation for dual wielding still looks gay as fuck.

Does anyone know if Da Orks expansion for Armageddon is any good?


you're telling me this shit still doesn't have a release date?

Nah, it does: September 5th

W-wwhat ending did you guys pick?
plz no bully

holy shit that'd be amazing

I've played Path of Shadows and I really liked it in spite of bad animations.

Still waiting for that new version of missing information to come out on steam now that its been greenlit.

Surely it will be finished soon, surely?

I've been waiting for this as well. There are quite a few good NV mods in the works. Bethesda are a fucking joke.

Despite possible issues, I'm still a little excited for Nier Automata. Regardless of any other aspect, the gameplay is going to be magnifique.

Also, Yakuza 0.

OpenRCT2 is constantly being updated. What is there to say, it's multiplayer Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 with a bunch of the shitty aspects fixed (or in the process of being fixed)

Tekken 7.

These too.

For near-future releases, i guess butterlord. But i also wait for new Styx because since like fucking forever we haven't got a good sneaking game that actually is fucking unbeatable
playing it in rambo style or some stupid shit

How is it multiplayer? How does it work?

Apparently the guy leading that particular branch of the legion wasn't originally legion, he just build up his own crazy group before falling in love with Caesar's ideals. He made a special trip down to the Mojave and was made part of the legion.

So they explained it, though it's still kind of retarded.

Unfortunately I heard that The Frontier won't be including a Legion path into the story? Which I think'd be pretty gay, since that'd mean Legion aligned characters wouldn't be allowed to play it whatsoever.

Bethesda is stocked up on devs with no talent nor creativity. Todd hired all of his drop out friends to run his company, that's why their animations suck, that's why their graphics suck, that's why their writing sucks, that's why their everything sucks. To top it all off, Todd seems to steer the games he makes into the direction of whatever's popular at the time while cutting out whatever didn't work great the last time.

Mark my fucking words, due to the backlash the dialogue system received for Fallout 4, TES:VI won't have one. You'll just watch cutscenes without being able to respond the whole time.

I actually just started playing all of the scenarios with a long-time buddy just yesterday.

Is there any way to alleviate or reduce desyncs, or force a resync without reconnecting? We're just playing through them, reconnecting to the host every 10 minutes.

That's it but I suppose it could be worse.

I still haven't beaten Nehrim

It's actually pretty damn consistent. You get desyncs every once in a while but it usually doesn't require you to reconnect to the server.

Ya it's in the options


Bethesda doesn't care.
You pay for the right to make their games.

Right now it works exactly like a regular game of RCT. Each player can build at any time and even mess around with things other players are working with. Everyone shares the same pool of money and land.

That's what we've been using. It desyncs the moment we join, and he has to reconnect every 5-10 minutes because rides I make are missing parts and never open, staff I place never shows up for him, and our bank accounts differ wildly which prevents him from building since my bank account is the one that matters. Thanks anyway.

The multiplayer is good enough to play through the scenarios at the moment. We've been having a great time. I'm just excited for when the multiplayer works better. We're gonna finish all of the base scenarios, and save the expansions for future updates.

Can't recommend OpenRCT2 enough, even though the multiplayer is a bit wobbly.

The Winter War for Order of Battle got released recently. The game's worth a pirate if you like Panzercorps.

BeamNG drive is breddy good if you're into vehicular autism simulators. It has engine thermals, brake thermals, superchargers, turbochargers and realistic crash physics. The devs regularly update the game.
I give BeamNG.drive a 7/10, I bought it in Early Access and never regretted my purchase.
Is it worth a pirate?
Is it worth a buy?
If you like the game in its current form and have faith in these devs, if you like realistic, but "fun" driving physics, if you like just fucking your car's shit up in a video game, if you have a somewhat decent computer: Yes, probably.
I've followed it since the tech demo, and development has been slow, but steady and the devs haven't put out one update that I've considered a downgrade.
Every single one of their updates have brought me more merriment.

Other than that, I can think of no soon to be game that I would touch with a ten foot pole. Either I've become jaded from my time on Holla Forums, or most new games are just shit.

Anyone anticipating Ray of Hope for Stalker?

I heard there were new vehicles being added, but I'm just hype to gun down AI bandits

it'll make my pussy-ass PVE carebear tendencies a lot more bearable

I want star shitizen to give me my fucking moneys worth. Should have fucking researched Chris before I donated to the mangy prick.

Other than that, Bannerlord. Ffs I don't know how they could fuck it up with what I've seen but I have faith.

fuck yeah, stalkin with you guys is gonna be a mayhem.

Bethesda is genius.

Holy shit, I didn't know that.

Excited is the wrong word, but I'm quietly hopeful for shadow warrior 2.

Could free content for a release get in?
Toby subtly hinting that hard mode is getting added to undertale soon
Also THUGPRO is getting an optimization patch so it can run on older hardware soon.

Man, you should've seen my face when I was playing Enderal and it had fucking moving platforms.
Thank you, Bethesda, for making me be surprised by moving platforms in 2016.

Spire, but that's probably going to take another year or two.
Ray of Hope, but I'm bracing for disappointment. It sounds too good to be true.

That's kinda it, sadly.

Map geometry or like an item with a no pickup flag?

Like, pillars rising and spinning out of the ground.
You know, basic shit.

Yeah, but is it MAP GEOMETRY or an item? Because I know frequently mods cheat when the engine doesn't have support for actual platforms in engine that move, and instead use items.
If it's map geometry then holy fucking shit that's outstanding!

Brigador, Postal REDUX and Neurovoider have all come out already (Livelock came out of nowhere, still don't know if it's good or not). I've yet to try any of them. Hell I haven't come around to playing Assault Android Cactus. Stuck playing GTA Chinatown Wars (great fun, btw).
All I'm remotely looking forward to is moving out, buying a used OG PS3 and playing all the playstation games I've missed out on over the past two decades.

speaking of mods and new releases. anyone know of a good site to pirate shit from including winXP? ever since piratebay and kat.cr are down i'm lost