Good games from after 2007

Some people seem to think that before 2007, every game was amazing and flawless and jews didn't exist, but as soon as the year turned to '07, every game to ever come out has been a shit from the ass of Satan. Let's dispel with this notion once and for all:


stalker call of pripyat
legend of grimrock 1 & 2
risk of rain
eye divine cybermancy

shit thread



Guess I gotta get the ball rolling myself

Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne
New Vegas
Hotline Miami
Grim Dawn
Left for Dead and L4D2
Intrusion 2
Shovel Knight

There's a shitload more I'm forgetting

Dwarf Fortress.

Oh wait that was before '07.


no just that the MARKET was much better and not mainstream

Do you see what kinds of games you listed? Most of them aren't AAA. Used to be back before 2007 that they had to release somewhat quality games because people remembered the pre-NES era where shit games that didn't work were the norm on consoles. After 2007, they realized they could basically sell anything, so they did. The AA and Indie market have been slightly more immune to that since they don't have large advertising budgets. Notable exceptions for indie games that are shilled hard by journos, of course. We know they're shit. One other problem is Steam Greenlight letting really shitty incomplete games get sold and then never updated.

Metal Gear Rising
Dead Space
Black Flag
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Brutal Legend
Devil May Cry 4
Ori and the blind forest
God of war 3
The Burning Crusade
Dragons Dogma
Guitar hero 3
Metro 2033
Serious Sam BFE
Castle Crashers
Cities : Skylines
Enter the Gungeon
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Resistance 3
Just Cause 2

Off the top of my head, to name a few

Triple A doesn't fund good games anymore, they fund bland mediocrity.

I mean, if you want the worst entry in the franchise outside of Ascension, sure. We weren't there for the combat, which they fucked up by making enemies that would only take one of the four weapons to damage, and they fucked up the narrative completely, so I'm not sure what you're left with here.

I do think TF2 was good when it came out in 2007.

Shantae & The Pirate's Curse
Mega Man 9 & 10
Yume 2kki
Hotline Miami
Shovel Knight
Touhou 10-15
Mega Man Unlimited

AAA games were on the decline in quality after the 5th generation, people seem to think it automatically went shit, but it just took a big dip in quality during the beginning of the 7th gen and it's been really shit since the emergence of online shops on consoles with the rise of DLC.

Not to mention all of the shit that led to liking "nerdy" things to become popular with normalfags. Web 2.0 on the rise, social media and smartphones getting more popular, letting SJWs come out of their niche groups on livejournal to influence impressionable teens on MySpace and Deviantart.

There are retards on this board that believe such irrational things though.

Was Deviantart ever good?
I kinda remember getting a few halfway decent wallpapers off there 12 years ago.

Little King's Story
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Can't think of much more ATM. A lot went to shit in 2007, not only the internet (pic related) but animu, music, and TV too.

It really wasn't.

Stopped reading here. Nobody has ever said that there were no bad games before 2007. When people say gaming was better then, they're saying that the best games of yesterday(pre-2007) are better than the best games of today(post-2007), not that the worst games of yesterday are better than worst games of today. Sorry about the autism, but I really hate the "There were bad games back then too, guys, you're mind just filtered them out." bit.

The fuck, guys?

all of these were mediocre games. You're so cancerous it makes me tired of life


I could've said actual flavor of the month shit like Overwatch or Undertale.

They're good games faggot.

dragon's dogma
demon's souls
yakuza 0
just cause 2
devil may cry 4
mario kart 8
kirby: planet robobot

Its the FPS genre mongoloids, tt died in 2007.

And since FPS was literally the only genre that pushed gaming this can kinda be felt on everything

Some retards just started generalizing because thats want you dumb bandwagon faggots do

I meant to say that the games I listed in this post were good.

dragon's dogma comes to mind.

Well I just finished The Swapper and it was pretty fun. Fun puzzles though it never gets too difficult, Nice art-style, Good controls. The story, however, is artsy bullshit and it's not helped by the shitty voice acting.

It was allright. It'd've worked better by not telling you explicitly what was going on so the player could piece it together. Oh well.

fairy bloom freesia
dragon's crown

Funny how FPS, the "dumb genre" back in the day, was the one pushing everything, at least on the pc side.

Yeah, there have been some entertaining games. What is the point of this thread?

I was the OP of the other thread, and we're already seeing a trend

Very few games did anything unique, or outside of the mold. Or anything really noteworthy writing home about. Even though I didnt like Minecraft, it had a unique concept, and Darksouls tried niche gameplay too.

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Stopped reading.


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You're pretty dumb. Also

Both hadnt been done yet.

these problems mainly hurt western games. Play Japanese games and your problems are largely solved!

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Xer isnt triggered
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It's literally a copy of Infiniminer.

The difficulty of baiting Holla Forums is at all time low.


Dragon's Dogma is legitimately one of the greatest vidya of all time. If you disagree, you're a fucking hipster.

Jesus fuck, that's a big pickle.

Dwarf Fortress is still in Early Access, so technically its release date is still in the future.

There we go. My man.

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Well then there ya go, 1 of the 2 games i thought were somewhat unique were ripoffs

Monster hunter 4 Ultimate.

Thats literally all i got.

Games are still amazing, you are just being nostalgic and cannot git gud at finding them.

Let's see

The Wonderful 101
Spacechem (anything by Zachtronics really)
Etrian Odyssey
The Dark Spire
Knights in the Nightmare
Sin and Punishment 2
Armored Core 4 Answer

Triple A really hasn't been doing so well since 2007

Go back to reddit triggered leftard. Nobody cares about Holla Forums except you.

The AI is great, however the combat system is severly lacking, with damage sponge enemies everywhere, and no cuhrayzee combo system to offset this.



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Here's one.

What fucking parallel universe are you from?

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Serious Sam 3
The Talos Principle
The Witcher 3
Endless Legend
Divinity: Dragon Commander

And that's just European games I had screenshots of lying on my PC.

They put Skeletor in it? Fuck yeah


No, it went to shit in 2012

*4/a/ went to shit in 2012

lucky star (2007)


Does anyone actually like SAO?

Normalfags who enjoy overpowered characters because they want to be like them, most of them are manchilds.

Way to be a retard who takes everything far too literally OP. you're one step from the scientists who did a study to prove eating an apple every day doesn't actually rid you of all disease and eliminates the need for going to the doctor

am2r is the only good name and it's a fuggen remake

just cause 2 and demon's souls are the only actually good games in that list

Has no one fucking heard of the Eternal September? Everyone ever says that x is shit now and was perfect before . This entire thread is falling into one of the oldest fallacies in existence.

The eternal September just keeps happening. Started in the early 90's, flared up in '07, and continues into the current year. There is no end to things becoming progressively shittier.

It also helps that you can marry a skeleton, while voting to remove degenerates and strengthen the faith of the land at the same time.

>reminder that Kirito gets NTR'd by Oberon 1st season
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Clearly a work by degenerates for degenerates.
Also he's an annoying gary stu who always wins their retarded sword fights and everyone wants to fuck him despite him doing nothing but play his shitty HTC Vive games.

Yeah you're right vidya games were always this shit. Nothing was ever better in the past. Thanks user.

Jesus fuck user, think for a second. You're like those retards trotting out that Socrates quote complaining about youngsters, as if it proves something. Dude's country collapsed like 80 years later.

You're like those idiots posting cartoons about indians complaning about all those white settlers coming in and shitting up the place. Like nigga, that shit sure didn't work out for them, why would we NOT try something different?

Things can go to shit more than once. For the bearded ones, the usenet days were pretty dope, and the introduction of billions of AOLtards no doubt shat the place up.

Eventually, I'd assume, shit settled down. The beardymen went off to obscure places where they wouldn't have to deal with plebs, and eventually the established userbase grew so large that the proportion added each year became relatively small again, and shit became fairly decent. I'm sure the old usenet crowd was still bitter, but nobody but them gives a shit.

Then it went to shit again starting 2007, with smartphones and touch screens. Unlike the previous eternal september, where at least the people joining were smart enough to operate a early 1990s-mid 2000s PC, the new users we get are children and those adults too stupid to have used a comptuer before. Some of those children might be smart, but they'll mostly grow up using smartphones and never learn to use a computer properly.

At the same time, many of the world's governments have finally gotten their shit together with regard to the internet, and are jumping in to control shit to their own ends with unprecedented vigor. And corporations are more than happy to help.

Shit really is fucked now.

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Lurk for a few more years before you next post or you might out your self as the newfag cancer that you are in such an embarrassing manner again.

Dragon Commander fucking sucked though. Fantastic story, great lore, absolute dogshit gameplay

Everything made after 1990 is utter garbage that should be incinerated. That includes our resident memelenials too.

Didn't we have this exact fucking thread yesterday?

this is still the same thread, you dumb fuck


I was wrong as the other thread has actually been up since Tuesday but still it's almost identical in subject.

Don't forget that if you were born in the early eighties you are still a millennial, no attempt to shove the term onto the next decade is going to change that