He's even following up on his comments from that Holla Forums autist's question about idpol.
He really is /our guy/

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Also, apparently Alex Jones is a Zizek fan.

We really are living in the fucking meme reality. I'm a neo-Nazi on a radical leftist forum reading the comments of a conspiracy theorist who is a fan of a Stalinist a week after we elected Donald Trump as president.

I don't know what the fuck is happening anymore. Let's just power up the ultracommunism and see how it goes.


top kek


Anarchist + Marxist cuddle time!!!

Yeah, still don't understand why Chomsky was such a massive faggot to him despite obvious philosophical differences.

I think anyone would be a cunt if they had to live in his shoes for a decade.



yeah when you put it that way it does sound weird

I started laughing
This makes me incredibly sad, but my only reaction was laughter

When did this happen?

Some autist asked him a question about epic maymays
The video was deleted because copyright infringement and the thread I posted a transcribe in has died
If anyone has the video webm, please post it.

I can't find that damn comment.

Zizek is not a stalinist. He has a picture of Stalin in his house to trigger liberals and to laugh at stalinists with.
found it, lmao

Last comment really hits home. Really pathetic how controversy-avoidant and compromising some people can be in the face of noxious shit.

Wow what a fucking sperg

What gets me is that he is following up on the idpol question from Holla Forums.
Not that he got the idea from that by any means whatsoever - but that we're clearly on the right track.
We aren't the freaks that other communities shun, they're the freaks we shun.