Vitamin, a backuplol dumper has finally been leaked by someone outside the scene circlejerk, and everyone can now dump and download and install vita games. This is great news for a) me and b) you.



I fully expect this to reVITAlise the console

Other urls found in this thread:

amazon.com/PlayStation-Vita-Memory-Card-64GB-PCH-Z641J/dp/B00F27JGVA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1472534518&sr=8-4&keywords=ps vita memory card

I'll buy it when the damn niggers release the pearly white vita outside of Gookland aka never

the site doesn't work

Do I still have to sell a kidney to afford a 512mb memory stick?


download it while its up, link is from wololo

OP is a faggot



Not even got a Vita right now and still downloaded this.

If I still have to buy an overpriced vita card for this shit is not worth the trouble


Anyone have a chart of vita games?


One of the homebrew devs is gonna get Hillary'd soon as hes working on a new microsd adapter replacement.

Emulator when ?

Yes, buy a Vita Mortem when piracy is finally here so devs can abandon it ever faster!

Pick one, and then the other in 8 years

Vita emulator it is then.

So with this now out, we can get translations?Micro SD shit soon as well. All we need now is PSP mode unlocked and maybe it'll finally rival the PSP in being a useful fucking handheld.

Am I fucked if I updated still? Or is there a way to fix that?


dont update past 3.60



Big thread on Reddit - they picked up on this leak so quickly and are dumping hard

PSPemu has been unlocked for ages, you can even get a VHBL custom bubble


I mean for 3.60.

Yes, on 3.60. It's on the first page of wololo.net

Well fuck, I need my Vita back then.

Did the faggots finally grow a pair? (just one.)


legalspeak, innit


Can DLC be dumped?

I-It's happening!

Pastebin from 4cuck if you want some gaymes : pastebin.com/yERHXeNJ
Also it's taking a really long time to download the eboot from henkaku.

Staying on 3.52 was a mistake. Holy fucking shit I am updating right fucking now.

Damn, anyone got a mirror?

Are you able to use non proprietary cards now? If not who cares


best place to buy a nip VITA?

dogs get scurvy because they dont eat apples, give your dogs apples today

Will this work on PSTV. I heard it's pretty much the same hardware.

Like hell. That'll be when >>10550177 happens.
This is only half of what needs to be done.

I tested Odin Sphere on mine and it worked

I never gave my dog apples and he died when he was like 10
Did he die of scurvy?

probably not in this day in age, most dog food is made in part from apples. it usually only affects dogs at sea. thats why its called vitamin C, to remind you.

post chart of games
the weabs know what they want and that's it
start rec'ing games to get more people in on this

Does this thing have any games that aren't visual-notgames-novels or J"RPG"s?

Deception IV NP when?

Also this.

Everyone is a faggot in this situation.
The narcissistic and the leaker, both are garbage.

One for being an attention whore and wanting to be FIRST, and the other for being a whiny pissy fuck. Should have just let the sperg polish the program a little further, now certain games won't work or are unrippable, but hey, we have the program now and that's what really matters.
Someone better continue work from this program quick.

Now that dumps/mods are possible, would anyone mind helping me use the Fan Translation on the First Danganronpa? I don't want to use the garbage official NISA translation in the Vita version. It's shit, Mick. It's shit. I need the translation files, also, the Japanese voice files for Persona 4. Now, I can finally get rid of BRIAN BEACOCK ONCE AND FOR ALL. FUCKING A!


Also, I can replace the Music in Persona 4 with music from LISA: The Painful. Hooray!

Slog through this shitty website, you'll find a couple of good games.
Reddit is finally doing something right for once. I honestly thought they were all a bunch of fucking moralfags.

I have never seen a more autistic post
hack psp mode and put it on there

There are way more autistic posts I've made reeeeee
And suck a dick, the reason I'm playing it here is due to the higher res. This game looks great in near HD.

There's already an undub for P4G and mods for vita games have been a thing since henkaku was released. Kill yourself

It's qHD.

Sauce on that? Anything?


I listened to your vocaroos and you are even shittier than Brian. Original nip voices takes the cake though

okay so now i need a fucking game to download.

where does one go to download vita games? someone needs to make the backups and share them


I haven't updated my vita in almost 2 years.

Can I set sail?

Yep, you just go through a certain process.

Is this link legit?

Should I play danganronpa on pc or vita?

I downloaded it from mediafire shortly after it was linked, mixtape just changes the filename.

im already cumming from thinking of all the shekels i won't have to spend


There is no link I can find for a microSD adapter for the vita. Anyone know a place for one?!

No such thing. for now

For fucks sake. Someone needs to fucking make one. I am tired of seeing shit like this: newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4RE30D1236

Or like this: amazon.com/PlayStation-Vita-Memory-Card-64GB-PCH-Z641J/dp/B00F27JGVA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1472534518&sr=8-4&keywords=ps vita memory card

$100+ for a fucking memory card (luckily I bought a 64gb card for $70). This shit is fucking highway robbery when you could get something like this: amazon.com/SanDisk-microSDXC-Standard-Packaging-SDSQUNC-128G-GN6MA/dp/B010Q57S62/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1472534590&sr=1-4&keywords=microsd



Get a used one


I bought mine one brand new on amazon for 70 bucks, I really got lucky for the price of a 64gb card. This was about a year ago.

Easy, faggots, there's already a microSD adapter on the making.

Dude, I bought my Vita for 90$ and it works perfectly. I got lucky, you're a faggot.

I am talking about the memory card only and not the vita itself.

I know, that's what I mean. I bought the full hardware It's the original, the one that is supposed to be more expensive for 90$ than what the card was worth for you. You're not only telling me that the card could be even more expensive, but that you're lucky for getting it at that expensive price.
I mean, sure, it might be cheaper, but that shit is fucking jewery.

Vita means life, bitch

Holy fucking shit this is great.

Which model is best? 2000 doesn't seem like much of an improvement, but I was curious if it was worth it. The 1000 seems easier to find and cheaper.

2000 has better battery life, iirc, but the screen is worse. The start and select buttons are also a little easier to press, but not that big of a deal. Honestly the 1000 battery life isn't that bad, so it's better to get that one for the better screen.

Only real downside to the 1000 is that it uses a unique charger cable.

Potentially dumb question, but can you keep your vita online, or would Sony ban your ass?

its the PSP charger thats why

That's what I figured, and that makes it easy. I always wanted a Sony handheld for the screen, so definitely gonna go all out.

If I order online and get a 3.61, how fucked am I? A couple seem to be running in the $60 range but I'd go higher for peace of mind. I'm guessing the Sony refurbished ones all come with 3.61.

they can't ban accounts unless you cheat online its kinda like how Steam treats cheaters

just buy it used locally and ask what firmware they have on it

100%. Henkaku was patched in 3.61.



good shit


my my, what's this?


ok time to get a vita

So, in all the drama, who is that guy, specifically? And how would he make a full release?



PSP/DS age happening again.

likely they were just sitting on it and not doing anything with it. He may finish up the existing/buggy features and get a better release out? Most projects don't get done because they don't want to work on them for one reason or another, and would rather play video games and watch anime.

Now to maybe find games I can give a shit about.


There's surely a way to update to 3.60 without going to 3.61

Update to 3.60.


M-maybe t-they'll m-make a 3.61 m-mod


Any way to downgrade

Is PSVUPDAT.PUP on that page is certainly 3.60? How can i be sure? Cause it leads to sony website, maybe they updated the file.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


I am going to regret if this file:


Is 3.61.

When you follow the tutorial to update, the system will prompt you to cancel or start the update, and it will show the version number. If you see 3.61, something's definitely wrong and you should stop and find another mirror for the file.

Checking that timestamp, though: It's from March, so it should be 3.60 - 3.61 came out this month.

Thanks very much, i love you.

I feel so bad for you

The MD5 for 3.60 is:
cd80b3da55771c99557db552542dff2b (full)
c1ffba04357e27e337e599977f642230 (preinst)
4190a24e21086c240221cc009cde1ef2 (systemdata)

None of them work.

God fucking damnit my Vita accidentally updated.

Is there any way to rollback?

its an xml file a.pomf.cat/kvwbaa.xml rename to psp2-updatelist.xml

Okay, so, i am on 3.60 with Henkaku. Now how the fuck am i going to download that VPK into PSTV?

Yes put it in the microwave at macks effekkt!

Press Select in moleculeShell for FTP.

you cant.

Do i have to use wifi? Or lan connection is enough?

Well fuck. I guess I'll just let it sit until the hacks catch up

you need wifi or you can use this method reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/509fsw/how_to_transfer_games_fast_without_ftp/

So… wait I gotta copy and paste it somewhere or…?

Sorry if I'm being a retard, I'm just a bit tired.

yeah put psp2-updatelist.xml in the update folder (Documents\PSV Updates) for QMCA then go to settings in vita and update with usb NOT WIFI turn on airplane mode to be safe

It won't.

I'm also on this, how do I update to correct version?

What is a kernel exploit ?

I've been helping a lot of people in this thread so can someone tell me why i'm getting error 0xFFFFFF99 when I install .vpk games


It probably won't, at least not for a real while. People will probably find a way to downgrade rather than catching up.

You'll probably be for a while. If this turns anything like the 3DS thread, there will be a lot of spoonfeeding. Why can't people read the damn thread?
Also, no idea about your problem, sorry.

in short its kinda like rooting an android phone wololo.net/2013/05/04/kernel-exploits-how-they-work-and-why-they-are-scarce/

I think my memory card is defective fml


if I have an australian PSvita
do I use "eu" or something else?

Yes. Australia is PAL country.

I get the error C3-10698-4 when I try to update from PC(from 3.52), having followed this guide wololo.net/2016/08/09/manually-update-ps-vita-firmware-3-60/

when I launch qcma it says "Added 47 items to the database" if that's relevant

Kind of tempting, if I wait I'll probably miss the opportunity completely, but were talking close to $200 with everything together for a handheld console. Consoles have few enough games as is to ever be worth the price and I doubt I could stomach using a handheld at all. Even apart from trying to play on a tiny ugly screen the posture always causes me excruciating neck pain. I'd also feel really silly sitting basically in front of my computer playing a handheld since I never have any time anywhere else but home.

anything need to be done to install these games?

Are you sure your model is an Australian one - PCH-1002/PCH-1102?
If so, you're not supposed to use "eu" but "au" as it says on the comments.

Do you need an account to save on the PSVita? Can I just use a brand new PS TV out of the box, update it manually and start hacking shit without connecting it to the PSN?

So, where to get some dumped games to test this thing out?

I even got ftp working.

Make a throwaway account on PSN via your PC.

I can't remember if there's a way to activate the Vita on a lower FW without a PS3, though, so I expect that to be your biggest hurdle. Granted, I don't know if you actually need to activate the Vita to use HENkaku.

ctrl+f: pastebin the thread. There's also a reddit link there somewhere.


I got a PS3, so if that's needed that's no issue. I'll look into it some more.

"au" fixed it, thanks

This shit stops downloading shit after exceeding the bandwidth. You aware of this shit, right?

Is there a difference on which VITA I should buy for this? Like for Firmware or model?

I was planning to buy a new PSP, but at this point I might as well get this one if I can pirate both Vita and PSP games on it.

I can pirate PSP games on it, right?

so the guy who got pissed off and quit is back and he is releasing "something"….sounds safe

MajorTom was the one who quit, not Fl0w

That's what I was thinking. I'm going to let everyone else beta test this shit for a while.

Okay, for those who want video games, visit and track nyaa.se website:

There are few decrypted titles already.

Fugushi no Gensokyo
Hatsune miku
Odin Sphere
Tokyo Xanadu

Probably there will be more uploaded

Ah, yeah I forgot about the 2000 series for some odd reason. And the PSTV as well.

Good luck and have fun.

If your PS3 has access to PSN, you'll just need to download any free game, even PSP demos, and transfer them to your Vita. That would be enough to activate it.

If you buy a PSTV, you might want to enable the most recent whitelist hack so it can play certain games it normally can't out of the box. Otherwise, no difference between the three types when it comes to hacking. There's an FAQ on the main Vita thread that lists the specific pros/cons between the types.

You can't pirate PSP games with HENkaku as of yet. People are still looking for a PSP kernel exploit to do that. You can, however, have a Vita sit on FW 3.18 and play PSP and PS1 games there. The downside is the hacking process is tedious, and you can't play Vita games without going up to 3.60. There is no downgrader either.

You're thinking of Major_Tom. TheFlow0 never actually said he was quitting permanently - maybe a hiatus due to work and uni, and maybe dropping support for Vitamin due to scene drama.

well that's lame
just gonna stay on PSP then

Alright since you guys are tards and don't use reddit. This is how you bypass download limit on mega www2.zippyshare.com/v/8wQDE6Fc/file.html

And this is where you find games.


I already have jdownloader 2 and they're working on a fix to the Mega download limit. Still, nice to know.

So then if I got a PSTV, I could just update it to 3.6 and use this?

I've always been bad at this proxy shit, never quite worked out. So I have Vita update blocker open on my PC and set my PS TV to use a proxy (being the IP displayed on the update blocker and the port behind it), but when I try to access my PS3 it still asks me to update. I don't know what the fuck I did wrong. Could it be that you have to connect/make an account on initial startup? So far my PS TV is basically untouched, apart from a manual update to 3.60.

*setup not startup

Just checked - still sitting on 3.60. Finally I'll get to play the Muramasa DLC after getting fucked over by the not-so Region Free™ DLC bullshit my own retardedness.

Okay, i give up. I can't get past ftp error 550 (can't create directory or place a file, access denied).

Fuck this shit.


Okay, filezilla seems to get past 550 error, i am just stupid.

call me when we start getting fan translated games on vita because of this


put everything in ux0

Welp. Gensokyo game came out with error that looks like 0xFFFFFFF

Now installing xanadu in hopes it will work for sure.

Too bad there are no worthwhile games like Gundam Breaker 3 or Atelier decrypted for now.


Nah, i bet it just downloaded corrupted in the beginning.

Give it time and we will get other stuff decrypted.

Remember that toradora game? 2 days after it was released it was translated into both traditional and simplified chinese.

worked for P4 playing rn

I see Atelier Totori actually got decrypted VPK today.

That's pretty cool. And I'd like to play some Toradora.

I think its easy to translate japanese text into chinese text, since japanese one is based on kanji anyway. Just create a script and boom - a translation is finished.


More games from jewgle



I should probably sign out of PSN shouldn't I?


Thanks everyone. Now i will try to get Atelier Totori working. But at least that's my first pirated Vita game. I am so fucking happy. I will finally start enjoying vidya i actually like.

Yeah you should.

Hope you been downloading this whole time

Haven't really done anything so far, just making sure.

you on an upto date Henkaku?

Had some trouble setting up a brand new TV, but yeah, got that shit running now. Will install the whitelist hack shortly and then I'll look into some games floating around.

Why our community is so surprisingly small? Such few people have vita/pstv?

I hope this won't affect the amount of games we are getting.

Vita is dead, sony dropped support and is basically trying to clear out stock.

Piracy is all the vita has going for it now

So, how long till we get region free?

Vita is already region free m8

He probably means memory cards, which is physically impossible.

Vita has been on life support for a while now. Only expect JP releases from now with one translation released every once in a while.

Well hopefully not too much longer, someone is making a microsd adapter card.

I'm a nigger: can someone explain what the fuck should i do now?What are the passages?
Also: if i have an EU Vita can i play japan games on it?

1. First check if your vita is 3.60. If its below update it manually:
If your vita is 3.61 or above, forget about piracy.
2. Next install Henkaku through your browser, following this guide:
3. Next setup wifi (or lan, i tried, lan between pc and router works too) connection and FTP server by pressing select inside molecularShell.
4. Open that ftp server on your pc using an ftp client like filezilla
5. Drag and drop vpk games into ux0/vpk or follow installation instructions for games that require you to install data separately.

That's fairly easy. Except you MUST have wifi router and you MUST have vita or pstv firmware updated to 3.60, and NOT 3.61.

My vita has been sitting in my closet, wrapped in bubble wrap for over two years now. The only reason I kept it is to play MGS on the go, which is something I rarely need to do. I've been waiting for this day to come for too long and now, the waiting has paid off.

it'd be nice if the fucking thing doesn't shit the bed after not charging it after a while, jesus christ who the fuck designed this battery

I'll just leave it charging till I come home. I swear to god if this shit is updated.

also, offtopic question: what's the PS3fat hacking scene like right now? Any way I can play pirated shit on it?

Fuckin A

I know your feel. That's why don't download games that you won't actually play much. Focus only on titles you actually NEED to pirate.

Thanks user, you are great. Should i go with it or should i wait some time before if something new goes out?
I love you

Completely new uploads on nyaa.se
Gal Gun
Dungeon Travelers:
Steins Gate:

Well, if you already have your favorite game decrypted and uploaded, you can try it. I don't think this process of piracy will get any easier.

Doesn't work for a good number of games, m8. I suppose you could still buy the ones that don't, though.

I wasn't really planning on using it as a pirate machine in the first place, mostly to test some games quality that I'd then buy for my actual Vita. But fuck me, LAN or USB installation needs to come ASAP.

And just as I'm typing this the Laptop connection cuts out. I'm a winner.

I am using LAN myself.

I connected it to router, to which pc is also connected, and opened ftp through Filezilla on pc successfully.

It proceeds to upload 3gb in 20 minutes.

All right.Thanks again user.

I'll try that.

Welp, atelier totori doesn't work with an error c2-12828-1. Checked all archives, that decryptor vpk doesn't seem to be a real deal. I'l have to wait for proper vpk for totori.

what are the chances that a brand new vita is 3.6.1?


also it looks like you guys are going to need to organize your own homebrew thread like how there's one for the 3ds

Them alway are

c2-12828-1 seems to be a bug when game requires you to synchronize itself with playstation trophies online and it can't do that. I don't think its possible to fix this bug with what we dealing with (since its stupid to sign into psn, since it will require update to 3.61).

well, used it is.

I have a question, should i download this? Amagami for Vita is just as plain as amagami for ps2? Or there are some differences?

Welp. Here goes another one.

how do i sign out of psn no bully, I haven't used this thing in a very long time

Also how would one make a neat full vpk of P4G undubbed?


I believe it can be done in options. Also if you can open store, you are probably on 3.61 user…

There's an offline installer, m8. Use it.


and if you want to host it yourself on a server instead of using the offline installer:

Nah, i think i'l just put console on infinite standby. I still not sure i'l be using it. Xanadu is so far the only game i managed to get to work.

And what's worst about this game is that it will still come out on pc in first half of 2017.

I'l wait for more releases on this henkaku thing to be sure.


I'm on 6.0, don't worry user. I installed Henkaku the other week.

Another question, will signing out of PSN lock me out of my Atelier Ayesha+ digital game?

You can do better than that.

Wow, they got the entire Vita userbase to vote.

Its funny to know that buyfags are mad at piracy. Its like the only reason they live is to prove how much money they spend on system they worship, and if anyone gets same for free is like filthy heretical devilish spawn or something.

And people continue to call cuckchan "an imageboard".

And then some

That's pretty autistic. Not much can be done though, every imageboard has a sad death. They either get so popular that normalfags take over with retardation or they fade into obscurity with one post every 5 hours if you're lucky.

It kinda hurts that people not only get mad for pirating games available in EU/NA store, but also for pirating completely japanese games, available only in japan.

I for example hate making a delivery from play asia, since post offices in my country are atrocious.

It's worse than that, 4chan is probably worse than Reddit now, you get the free for all shitposting retardation of imageboards and the circlejerking echochamber of moderated communities. The worst of both worlds.
Those who get expelled from their respective communities for being retards will end up there.

I kinda feel bad that cuckchan just a few years ago was an example for all other surrounding boards.

Why would you feel bad that cancer showed how much cancer was really there?

You right, after all good intellectuals gone from cuckchan, all cancerous shitposters were left only to their shitposting.


If you don't steal a vita, you're a good little goyim.

I guess if you don't steal a computer it doesn't count as true piracy either.

I'm a moronic and I find that buyfag.
I mean, I prefer buying the games myself, but opposing piracy outright is highly autistic.
If you can't buy a game in your country, want to try before you buy or simply don't have the money to do so at the moment partly because your country taxes them insanely, why shouldn't you pirate it?
PS2 Piracy was my childhood so there's that, plus, if piracy means my vita mates can get more games so that we can play ad-hoc, then I won't complain.

Currently Downloading 3.60 OFW. I'm gonna miss my ePSP CFW, but if Vita Piracy is a thing now, then ePSP CFW on 3.60 shouldn't be far off, and PS1 emulator access with it.

What games you guys want get pirated the most?

My picks are Gundam Breaker 3, Super Hero Generation and upcoming SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates

Yeah, manually updating to a specific is easy enough.

Not very likely from what I remember. Brand new PSTV's came on 3.35 for a long time from what I recall. Really, it depends on how long a Vita's been sitting on a shelf. Why not try a local store and just ask them? They might let you inspect a unit, or you can even ask the firmware directly if you're feeling brave.

Okay. It seems that c2-12828-1 is crucial error for leaked unfinished version of vitamin.

I'm a buyfag and I pirate all the time

Fuck yeah, at least one game working besides Xanadu. Dungeon Travelers 2 works fine. That dump that is available on nyaa.se.

Are you sure it isn't the first Dungeon Travelers? I don't see any dump for 2

Ah, yeah, right, i am an idiot.

Not a big deal m8, Only reason I even questioned it was I tried to rip DT2 last night and it didn't work.

Glad someone dumped Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Grand Kingdom now I only need the pirate game , shinobido and Gundam VS.

FML my brother borrowed my vita and i think he updated it FUCK

You deserve it for having such a shitty brother fam…

coons confirmed for real pirates


PSP/PS1 vpk dumps where?

Also Official Vitamin dump when?

Never, its not about that. Go download pcsx or epsxe for win, linux or android and have fun. And ppsspp which is also available for all those platforms with ability to render resolution and filter textures better.


The current year, we already had Gawker leg-dropped, Liru's Happening, EDF 4.1 on PCs, New Berserk game, and now a possible Vita scurvy future.
The more people use Never the more things keep happening. I love that word now.

Oh well, there's the 3DS at least. Not to shit on the Vita or anything, I'm glad that shit got cracked.


Since when can VHBL play PSP games?



I fucking bought a full price brand new PSP a few mobths ago because you fuckers told me the Vita was never getting piracy… and i dont have any money now.

Hold up, how the fuck do you get that first link with the not decrypted ones to work? I wanna play Gundam Breaker 3

You don't, those dumps are basically worthless.

I feel your pain though. I'd be contempt with Gundam Breaker 2 as well.

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you are pants on head fucking retarded. honestly.

this is fucking pathetic. what a white knight cuck.

friendly reminder to download literally every single .vpk dump you can in case sony decides to SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN

Vita really doesn't have any worthwhile games tho.

Not if you know moon.

damn nigga you gay

Does anyone happen to have a DECRYPTED dump of Soul Sacrifice Delta? It's the only game on the Vita I want to play

1. yes it does

2. does that somehow make his actions okay or something?

irl cuckold detected

Is that the only word you know or what

It's the only word he need to describe you.

Which retroarch snes vpk do i use? there's like 5 here and i have no idea which is the most compatible.

Sauce on the first pic?

snes9x2005 has the best accuracy to performance ratio.

But its shit.

How so?


Only second to Higan.

so are there any games worth playing on vita that would be good enough for me to go out and buy a vita since i dont have one? what is the homebrew scene like?
how does it compare in feel/build to 3dsxl that i already have ?



Ok, so I would have to buy a PS TV, one of those stupid expensive cards and a ps3 controller? or a ps4 controller, maybe, do 3rd party controllers work?

Both ps3 and ps4 controllers work with ps tv. 3rd party ones do not. But why you are buying pstv in this day and age? There are games that you really want to play on it? Because i understand portable vita is good for portability, but pstv i personally never used before it was cracked for piracy, i even wanted to sell it at some point, but nobody was buying it.

Are you sure you want to waste money on that? There are a lot of pc emulators with good games anyway. Its not like i am trying to convince you to do something, but it seems weird to buy exactly PSTV.

I was planning on buying one to replace my stolen wii as a cheap emulation multiplayer machine that also plays netflix, but if it only works with 1st party controllers a used wii would be cheaper.

You can literally get a ps tv for $20 at Target now. cartwheel.target.com/o/playstation-tv/-/70870

You know for a shitty hive mind forum, they do get things accomplished sometimes

ohh well

Just wait for ePSP CFW, m8. it might come in an even more convenient way than the current method of finding an exploit game on PSN before it gets removed.

I'm hopeful. I still have my cracked Go sitting in a drawer full of games I want to play, but playing them on a bigger, nicer screen would make the experience much better.

Can you use a PSP game's Ad Hoc multiplayer when it's emulated on the Vita? Fate/Unlimited Codes was great fun with a few friends.

Tried it With ARK CFW when I was on 3.52 with a PSP go and it worked. managed to play Phantasy Star Portable a bit with on of my friends.

Fuck me, it took a long time to even upgrade to 3.6. Also, the FTP server idea for Henkaku is ingenious, albeit horrible.

So does the PS TV work with this or not?

How about you read the thread faggot?


No, it doesn't. You're out of luck.

It bricks your system

Well thats depressing, is there another way?

Then yea, it doesnt work

i have a Vita on 3.60 and a vita slim below 3.60

what do i do to avail this majick of free games?

Then how about you show me, that's the easiest way to make me fuck off you know.

You've probably been conditioned to Brian's garbage voice, and the nip voices do. That's what I went for.

I fucking know right!? it's so satisfying.

Wow! He really grew up, that's awesome!

You fucked up, idiot.

I asked, no one is helping. I don't want to go to THAT circlejerk website and ask, but people here are too self centered, in a different way.

Underrated Post

It's probably filled with new features.

Reminds me of the guy that told PewDiePie about the .rat file in LOST BOY. What a fucking faggot.


feels good man

Anyone else having their FTP transfers just cut out, or just me? You're supposed to stick this stuff in ux0, right?

Yes. I can only suggest you move closer to the wireless hotspot.

I'm not thrilled with the data transfer method, but at least it's a benign failure point for you.

I'll just wait 10 or 20 years until there's an emulator.

Man, this is bittersweet. On one hand we'll likely get less localizations now that piracy on Vita is possible, on the other hand, maybe now we can get a Ciel noSurge translation.

goto henkaku.xyz on your vita browser on 3.60 and click install.

thats it.

Make sure you log out of PSN and disable automatic updates.

Should I go and buy a PSN right now?

I don't understand what you mean, but the latest Henkaku version let's you access the PS Store without updating. No idea how long it will hold up, so if there is something you really need i'd get it soon.