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Can you list some games that provoke pure imagination?

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PS Gene Wilder died like an hour ago

Or games that end
Happily Ever After

Scribblenauts almost did that.

I know.


I really like Kingdom Hearts 2's Gummi ship parts for this. You can make all sorts of creative ships and stuff.


Any game that says the world is "millions" of years old or that people came from monkeys.

Pretty funny imagination and fantasy.

How about games where I can play as a washed up gunslinger? Not Red Dead

Man, that movie was sure ahead of its time.

Not really washed up but try out Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Silas is a legendary bounty hunter who starts telling his stories to a group of people in a bar, sometimes overblowing some aspects and details and sometimes the fanboy dime novel reader guy asks about things happening different than his dime novels or the cynical guy questioning most stuff and sometimes Silas is misunderstood and it's all great. Gameplay's pretty neat too with most of the story elements being narrated by silas making their way into it if being very arcadey.

>No, I said the bandits came at me apache style.

It still had the classic Hollywood "filmed broadway" style before the mid 1970s to early 1980s when directors began experimenting with cinematography and special effects. The musical numbers echo a long-forgotten age of broadway magic, yet the pacing, writing, and acting feel very modern.

Willy Wanker is definitely up there with some of the best movies ever made in my opinion




I was a big fan of call of juarez series, wild west really feels pretty badass to me tbh..

Is gunslinger worth playing? Looked a bit like like one of those 5 hours 'n done type games to me.

little big planet.

you can build dicks with hands who grow on trees.

Funny I never made a dick on LBP in my entire life but I did try to make a naked woman
Is the third any good ? I loved the first and the 2nd, but never tried the last one.


post some memes with his face on it

The only western game I've ever played was Red Dead Redemption and honestly its the only western game I'll ever need, because shit man I just think its so good


He would have been at home here with every degenerete on Holla Forums.

the last one is somehow weird. too much of everything and it doesn't have anylonger the overworld. Community is splited since it was released on ps3 and ps4. LBP 2 was the best, LBP fo rpsp is ok~ish worth to emulate.

Probably not the most imaginative, but when a game leaves a huge part of it's story untold it leaves your imagination to run wild.

GG had that sort of an effect on me, before it went to 3d and discontinued the old lore.

Yeah, none of those get developed much. But they are an eyeful and get me wondering how much lore potential is there underdeveloped.

As in games that are wonderfully vivid and imaginative, or games that allow spergs to sperg up a wonderfully vivid and imaginative world?


Gene wilder was still alive?

Never liked that movie

Can you gai bois name a single thing his was on other than that

Young frankenstien


this and Blazing Saddles

Why has 2016 been such a fucking shitty year?

Listening to some of his interviews and stuff. He was an alright person.

As far as creative videogames go; LittleBigPlanet is a must.

You have to temper the good with a bit of the bad user.
Pain helps us become a little better at seeking happiness.




Is there any game based on a movie with Gene Wilder?


If you want a view of paradise,
Simply die.
There is nothing.

OP said games user, not indie shit walking-simulator-tier schlock

First one to dig him up gets the everlasting gobstopper.

his voice doesn't suit him.

That being said. I'm taking this chance to shitpost
or, you know, for a not shit version, minetest.


Fucking shit fag mods.

You should stay there.

I visit both. though I am visiting them less and less. but, yeah, thanks for the advice, user.

Yeah, stay.

The issue is mixing if the board cultures, that were for a while, moving in there own directions.
The cross posting is how we get the template threads and shitty endless lol threads.
So remember user, if you cross post, keep it to yourself.
really though, its a problem


Are there any games where you can play chess and screw?

So Holla Forums, who do you suspect will be the next to RIP?

Journey is a video game.


Had forgotten about that. The dude with the fucked up eyes is way more memorable

Maybe when he dies we can get someone who wouldn't abandon us *like moot*

HW is still involved with the site, though. He's just not an admin anymore.

I feel like a new fag despite visiting here everyday, why isn't he an admin anymore? Health?

Obsidian (1996)
Good luck playing it on anything newer than WinXP unless you're willing to set up a WinXP virtualbox
I did
It works
Now you just need to download it :^)


forgot the 6th one

fuck off ghost!

Would you want to be in charge of a bunch of faggots like us?

You should give Gun a try sometime. It was pretty decent.

Man a triple whammy of Jack Riley, Juan Gabriel, and Gene Wilder. Can't believe I remember how I wanted him to keep living some time ago and now he's gone, too. Really going to miss him after the movies he's provided us with. R.I.P.





How about games where we make musicals that are financial scams?

Why is it the only jews that aren't shit always die on us?

Why are only the good Jews dying?

It's part of the master plan to make the world as Zionist as possible.

He felt like he couldn't communicate with us effectively, so he chose to die a hero instead of living long enough to see himself become the villain. He mostly does server-side stuff now and shitposts once in a blue moon. New admin is Codemonkey.

What's his life expectancy?

No, but I can list some games that provoke dirty imagination.

Magic Pengel for ps2. Think pokemon but you draw all your monsters. Yes, YOU draw them.

Two of the characters (Zoe and Taro) show up in the Ds game Lost Magic

Who cares? It's not vidya. Quit making shit threads while trying to make them tenuously vidya. We can discuss this garbage on other boards.


Anything by pic related.


That's not all!

Fucking hell, this year has been shit.

what the fuck

Literally who

Look on the bright side, Gawker is dead.

Are you underage or something?

shit sucks

One more dead kike. Good.

>>>Holla Forums

Actually that's where this thread should go

Dorf Fort, mainly adventure mode

requesting drawings people have made to describe strange situations in adventure mode like the one where the player impales a tiger (or lion?) with another one.


Your sex life

>Then so many other old and cool die including my grandpa
>The election has come down to some of the worst choices I can imagine in both parties
>Then gf leaves me to top it all off
Fuck 2016, it's been nothing but garbage


May he rest in peace

God damn I love it when their jewtube channel takes the piss.

Stalker. Just dont go imagining at 3am like my stupid self

Literally who

Eh, for every good film he was in he starred in 2.5 bad ones.



I tried to bring Bowie back using the fanboyism vibes from kojima that were infused in the talismans of the Metal Gear Solid series…

It didn't work.


I didn't know Emerson died.
This fucking year man.
This fucking year.

In 2007 the internet went to shit
In 2015 the world went to shit
Goodbye brothers

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I bet you don't even like Genesis.

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Modding bugthesda games

I'm sure there's more, but I suck at imagination.


I was expecting a daily dose upon the door opening for some reason

I'm not a med student. Never have been and I did not know that.

Anyway, I think this weekend (if time and life permits) I'll toss up a stream of Gene Wilder movies. Probably saturday night. Although Monday is Labor Day and if i'm off work (like many people should be) I'll probably do it sunday night too.

I don’t even own a talmudvision. Why would I watch it?

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I supposed so. That's why I'm saying whoever sold it to you ripped you off.

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pic related

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Anything by Media Molecule.

Also Factorio.