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benis of the grill kind

I should've probably removed the redtext at the top

For the nips

what does Akiko mean?

It's a name. Feminine. Most likely written as 秋子


What? Explain please.

Gookanon has one particular reaction image he posts, think it's a korean in a suit. We've learned that since he sometimes posts with the worst korea flag and sometimes forgets to switch it off.



And nothing of this all had happened if you would just have captured the Ahool


Benis belongs in girl not on girl.

you saw it too? That shit was spooby

be happy anons

we need to make another one of these. Burch isn't relevant anymore


Friends Of Global Voices

2013 Board of Directors

* Ethan Zuckerman
* David Weinberger
* Beth Kanter
* Xeni Jardin
* Isaac Mao
* Rebecca MacKinnon
* Ivan Sigal

Dig here faggots

All SJW and no aras makes the gator a dull boy.



Aras are our greatest most loyal ally.


We need more awareness about the CON leaks so we can pump out articles and escalate shit up

List of people to contact




youtube.com/channel/UCC1rjUKeELaSKsxg0O1bNGw (harmful opinions)






















And whoever else you think could be interested. Send to those who made fluff pieces about LW to see their reaction

send them this:






Hello fellow misogyterrorists, what happened for the second anniversary over the weekend? I was busy playing openra and minetest with my brother.

And happy birthday to the faggot who had his birthday yesterday.

Oh, ok. For some reason I saw the "freaked out" thing and thought there was a drama thing that made him leave or something.

They won't do anything, they are in too deep.

Who's advertisers are we contacting now?



qt benis

If they didn't, in a sane world that would mean they wouldn't be able to promote anyone from that clique again




By the gods, that's horrible acting.

The world is no longer sane user.

Whatever happened to Honey Badgers v. that expo?

Still better than the Rei chick in cuck wars tbh.

Sad, isn't it?

is that a vocaloid singing that? or is it a a voice alterartion


It doesn't matter if she's holding and umbrella, she's still gonna get her dick wet.

It's an app apparently.


a meme dieded today :_;

oh ok, I thought it was one of those English vocalized products.

I can't disagree.

Just checked it, Gene Wilder, a.k.a Willy Wonka, died just a few hours ago.


That's a Christmas Cake, not milf.

Better anyways.

he was still alive? why did he vanished from hollywood?

Those posts said "aras." Aras are not necessarily milfs, but any older experienced ladies. Even older sister types.

Have you seen hollywood lately? I wouldn't blame him.

The trial is in January I think.

He was 83 years old.

he was alive but then he died and now hes dead

u wot

Why did the first half have no voice acting but the second half did?

retired from acting, spent time with wife writing about his life.

Hey guys have you fond memories of Willy Wonka shattered when you now realize he shagged a sheep.


well fuck me sideways

What do you mean by experienced?

Cakes are virgins.


Call the corporate office at 1-949-863-4500

Contact Us page


We'll have to look for advertisers on Polygon, but here's one of their current sponsors.

Peet's Coffee

Kotaku's contend discovery sponsor

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I could immediately find

Cold Steel has voice acting sometimes and other times doesn't. Typically it's reserved for more important scenes. Rean is voiced sometimes too.

Maybe experienced isn't the right word, but older and teasing then.

What game is this?

Probably the same reason that Persona has voice acting for its major cutscenes, but not minor ones. It's easier and costs less.

Yo Quiero's just in it for the shekels. You leave my Beefy Cheesy Fritos Burritos alone, motherfucker.

Want anything specific?

I think I remember something about his wife being sick and that's why he retired, wasn't it?

Trails of Cold Steel.

I'm not following this image.

No they're not, a Christmas cake is just an unmarried woman over the age of 25, has nothing to do if shes had sex yet or not.

The terms comes from a Japanese thing where they eat special type of cake on Christmas but on the 26th stores sell their leftover ones dirt cheap to get rid of them as they past their prime.

Wait he was Welsh?

I can't even tell what he's trying to say here. Is he saying that we're the modern incarnation of that, or that they are?

Forgot to say pic non related. I didn't wanted to post twice. It's American McGee talking about the Con leaks

Anything you can think of relevant to the CON leaks would be much appreciated

The 'Dues' part is a purposeful misspelling right? Lifschitz fucked that up and we carried the meme on right?

But that's what they primarily are. It's about the unloved aspect of them.

What do we have against Taco Bell? Besides their food.


Taco Bell is sponsoring VICE's thing with Zoe


Taco Bell is sponsoring Vice Gaming, not LW

And they're just Jews, like all fast food chains, but they don't believe in anything but the holy dollar.


When's the last time you saw a christmas cake for sale in a store on the 26th that was half eaten?
Cakes are virgin.

In Japan, a women over the age of 25 are often seen as used goods by Japanese men (Much like Christmas cake is "no good" after the 25th of December).

As a result, single Japanese women over 25 will often find a foreign partner, since Japanese men are no longer interested in them.


Please for the love of god don't Cernovich this and actually follow through

Interesting move in and out itself. Either the anti-GG clique doesn't report it and basically admits the fraud, tries to spin it and admits it in another way, or tells the truth and gets lambasted. Plus, the ex-Gawker sites might get another wave of reports sent to Univision for lack of their new Terms of Use, which might lead to a good wave of jobs finished.

And Twitter gets under attack now. Everything's fine under the sun. Perhaps should we ask to Thiel for support ?

I'll stick to worshipping women no one else sees the charm of. The thought of them being pumped and dumped by some faggot is unbearable when they could instead only know the loving touch of a single caring young man.

The app read # as 'hashtag'



And here's the proof.

Now we keep our ears open for the deafening silence.

Are you implying this isn't Shakespearian?

And they wonder why their birthrates are plummeting

Bully me for not mirroring. I'll have a mirror ready in one hour with my current connection.

I doubt most kids know what a pound sign is.


he's not a philanthropist and won't start suing everyone for being corrupt. His shtick is defamation suits, he wants to open a kickstarter thing to help victims of slander so they can fund their defenses.


I'm honestly surprised they didn't just hand over fake, non-compromising data.

Vidya players and pro-GG have been victims of defamation by both CON and the ones behind the Twitter AntiGG bot. Sounds decent enough to get him interested.

In his place, I'd have some fun out of it, definitely.

I don't know what it will take to get anyone under oath, aside from a revenge seeking billionaire and 'jilted' Wrestling Superstar, but I hope Milo can find a way.

also, I love that they had to use a fucking giant wide-angle low shot to make LW remotely lookable and she just ends up looking even stupider and whorish than ever. GJ vice

I feel like you really need to play with the TTS software on here to get what you want out of it.

Like record one for the audio, then layer that audio over a video with everything spelled correctly.

Someone just got autocorrected.

in unrelated news
the youtube comments are hilarious

sage for e-celeb drama, its just too funny having heard the stream live and the shit that came out of it

In exchange for him bankrolling the defamation lawsuits, he gets to keep all the money from victorious cases. Hmmm…

If you posted that on tumblr you would get called an Islamophobe.


I'm fine with him getting paid this way for the help he brings on the table.

Fuck off, Umaru.

And that pathetic whiny bitch term needs to get shut down. Permanently.

I saw a video that was like "Marxist of Sargon" in my recommendations. Did that have something to do with it?

Post pic related on tumblr and return with results.

And this, also bring up the Irish.

Does anyone have that hilarious Aids Skrillex and Carl the Cuck edit for that one comic?

These are the last of my Dittys. I need to go recover my own sides now.

yes, the entire alt-right is in full meldown mode after that stream

its hilarious


When you stare into the abysses, the abysses stares into you.

Which is to say every gamergate personality on youtube has become a loon at this point.

Especially under the new #GamersWin tag.

I gotta find out my brother's email and send this shit to him.

Basically it's just him saying that much like in the 80's with "videogames are of the devil" or 90's/2000's "Videogames are the new spree killers" to today with the (((CURRENT YEAR))) crowd going and doing "videogames are sexist".

I think he's commenting that the previous 2 had it easier, in that we didn't fight back with the much force.



No shitposting for a few seconds. Sometimes evil is necessary to stop a greater evil, user.

Antiheroes understand this from day 1. That's one reason we love them.

It doesn't matter if they say yes or no, want to know why?

If you're going to call that "sexual assault" then everyone who has ever masturbated to porn is a rapist.

Its not even that, Sargon is just no idea about economy and was arguing in favor of not allowing (((private individuals))) to wield more power than entire states by the virtue of having billions of dosh of expendable income

They're going to get there eventually. "Masturbation is rape by proxi!" They're deep into thoughtcrimes.

or slavs who the left considers white you know the race that was enslaved so much there name is where we get slave

And pointing their own thoughtcrimes is "throwing hate messages and micro-agressions" and thus being banned.

These people are becoming more and more retarded.

It's fun to see but…

What are some good tech sites and science news sites that aren't "geeky science news" shit?

It's not what you do but who you are.

>>>Holla Forums

I thought that's what (((academia))) teaches.

No, they're just digging themselves deeper in this bullshit. That'll never be accepted.

No, I mean they've become loons. Paranoid loons. They wouldn't be out of place sitting on their front stoop with a type-writer like Francis E. Dec, churning out rants about how there's a conspiracy headed by a Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God that lives on the other side of the moon to replace our brains with a bunch of radio parts and make us all slaves.

They've become that kind of loon, and now they're completely unable to make rational conversation with anyone because anything that comes close to their grand unified conspiracy theory triggers them to no end.

It's both hilarious, and sad.

Last one I promise.

last time I check tech it was chock full of retards from endchan and Null's Internet Defense Force

That might be the only good one in the batch.
Have you sent it to Denton yet?


Do a praise kek one.

I can see some of them in a few years being one of those crazy dude half naked near the entrance to a subway station yelling about soggy knees, feminism and rape culture.

With #GamersWin, do we also include #GamerGate?

Shows it's us, shows our numbers.

Some people who would otherwise be appealed to might igonre it because it's "that gamergate mess" they try to ignore.

They have no idea

Oh fucking please. Please let this be the inevitable.

I don't think numbers are something we can show off anymore, not through the hashtag at least


I assume they don't actually say stop, or they ask you to stop ticking or splashing them (in a context where the player is someone they are close to)?

It's probably the kind of "stop" you see in hentai, where they say it but you keep going anyway because you know they don't mean it.


Have you seen how these people act? Autistic's have a better grasp on how social interactions work then your average SJW.


For some reason it won't say "kek", only "kuk".


Alright, rephrase.
"Imagined numbers."

SJWs think we're in every shadow, and everyone who isn't in line with them is pro GG. Ergo, if someone uses the #GamersWin for just "gamers r awsum lel", then they are "on Gamergate's side".

Companies are under the delusion that if one person does X to spite a company, 99 others have just changed brands and not declared it. So shit like 20 rts on a tweet means 2000 people feel the same- they just can't be bothered or havn't seen it. Multiply that but all the different tweets and it gets big.

And, (if we don't include #Gamergate) we can court normalfags who (seeing many expressing that opinion) feel safe to say "yeah, they have been crap at their jobs, haven't they?" That inflates the number, and when they are accused of being GG, we can show them what GG is.

We don't need to have the majority of people. We just need to sound like it.
That's what SJWs have. Or had.

I'm pretty sure it is inevitable. Keep a sandwich ready for them.

These people are loosing it slowly, maybe not the journos, they are simply doing it for the money, but the true believers, the social media addicts spending every waking second on Twitter and combing movies, books and games for thing to be outraged about, those people will end up badly.


I've noticed pretty much every SJW talks about how they used to harrass people online or mistreat women, etc. They all seem to be SJWs now in order to repent for their past sins. How long before they become like the jihadists who kill infidels in order to secure their place in heaven after a life sin?

Direct your gaze towards worst korea, user.

This is false, someone broke it down several threads ago. Taco Bell sponsors Vice's gaming videos and that's why it was in the video, they don't sponsor Zoe's project.

oh Ben


We really need to work on spreading that; MSM is trying to spin them as brave heroes already (BBC for example).

- OP Korean BBQ
- Analysis & Organization of CON Leaks
- #GamersWin, show all the GG stuff again.

Why would someone buy that Onlyuseme ad here?

who said NMS was gonna be the next DmC?

They were right.

I offer Harmful Opinions as a counter example.

Vouched for. It's called fucking common sense.



Here comes the narrative



NMS was never nothing more than another bait and switch preorder scam. How can people not have seen this.

Normalfags are retarded and they dragged the vidya industry down with them.

This really is the next Donte May-

God DAMN it!

Narrative-mind. Nide trips for the latter.

And another one saying the exact same fucking thing, they don't even try to hide the collusion anymore.


Looks like the shitpieces are spinning up against DOAX3 again, due to the VR mode trailer
I think it's coordinated
I think it's a second Gamers are Dead
I think this is the start of the counter assault after all the leaks

This level of autism is something I can't handle

I was too slow

Wait wasn't polygon bashing it for not being political? And now they like it since gamers hate it?


If this came to PC I would buy a VR headset just for it. Maybe a new onahole to go with it.

Pure (((coincidence)))


Shitbusters wasn't even the next DmC.

The next DmC is when the director goes full retard and insults everyone with any slight ounce of actual criticism regardless of anything.



They really want to kill the waifu age but are powerless to do so before the Nips.

How to strike back this time?

My dick has feelings, but you don't rub it.

sockpuppets spamming the comment section





shit narrative gets forced

Damn right.

For easier spreading

Jesus fuck they really don't learn, do they?

Yes it's supposed to say "kotaku"

Fucking hell, Ben.

1. Look for another Game Journos Pro, or create an infograph about how collusion has happened before.

2. RT the law showing digital things aren't real.

3. Show other Dead or Alive footage, so people know it's a fanservice game, and this faux outrage can die with normalfags thinking "oh it's just creepy anime for a few people. w/e"

On the other hand, it could draw more attention to it.

If nothing else

4. Get Mombot/Ronin to translate a message to the devs, explaining this is fine, and the bad press is from their version of SEALDs.

If they weren't learning impaired, they'd actually have an education and wouldn't be working dead end jobs as overrated internet bloggers on self-proclaimed "news" sites.


We lewdgate now.


this nigga gets it

The most amusing thing about this is that they specifically didn't bring the game to the west so that they wouldn't have to deal with this media reaction. Yet the media still goes after. Bunch of colonialist fuckwads.



Yeah, those articles totally don't scream "WE'RE THE GATEKEEPERS" or anything.


Sounds like a Crash Retold OC.


Fuck them, in that case I've been sexually assaulting virtual women for the past 2 years with obscure Unity demos for DK2.

It's amazing, isn't it? They want to be the ones in charge of what the West will see from Japan, but the very moment Japanese devs acknowledge that's the case, they freak the fuck out and start going full retard.

Polygon is still talking? Gawker is dead, the courts & public opinion have spoken. No one wants this trash.

Vox needs to die along with Gawker. Meme it.



I mean they won. Japan gave them their way, the only way you can get the game is by importing. Watch them try to make companies region lock now while still claiming that they aren't trying to take games away.

We Kotamu now

"No one is going to defend rape".

Except it isn't.
It isn't even sexual assault.

Aside from them not being real, at worst you see her react from being prodded. Which is how they should react. Wouldn't it be far more troubling if they were beaming with excitement and pushed their chest forward asking for more? I mean it'd be fucking awesome, but this is in the imaginary world where fiction can alter a sane person's mind on how they think the real world is or if the girls were actively pursued and "chased down"?

The demo boils down to "look at the pretty girl. If you touch her, she gets mad."

And of course (as proven multiple times before)
Games do not make people more violent.
So how is it going to make them rape?

I hope Mark wordfilters Kotaku to Kotamu.

Did they really win, though? I don't think they have when they're constantly going "UGH" and "GROSS" to a game that you're forced to import.

It breaks my heart that it's not coming to the west. I'm halfway tempted to import in case I ever get a PS4.

A shitpiece written quickly with no editorial process.

Now that they're owned by Univision doesn't ShitTaco fit better?

he will never change kotamu to kotamu

Report em for spam.

Won't do none, but at least it'll show we know we're onto them.



Now that Glasgow is preparing to BTFO Methwhale, someone tell him how she made up a story about Derek Smart hitting on her. I'm sure he'd love to tell his side of the story to a journalist.

Seems like a level-headed opinion if I've ever seen one.

Like we needed more confirmation that NMS had been annointed by the clique.


You almost made me believe Mark already has wordfiltered Kotamu to Kotamu


Also FART this.

There is a parallel here with the way the press views DOAX, the beach volleyball game.

If you were to describe DOAX, it's basically a fantasy date simulation during a tropical island vacation. But the leftist view sees shades of objectification/exploitation, sex work or whatever.

It's the same thing with the DOA VR game. You *could* choose to view it as a fantasy girlfriend game who is letting you touch her. In the video she's maintain only a mild annoyance without escalating further, right? That shit happens in real couples. The leftist view is that she isn't just mildly annoyed, but she is trying to escape. But, by virtue of being programmed not to escape or escalate further, the developers and player are guilty of assault.

To make a more extreme example, if there was a DOA sex game, the leftist view would be that it was a rape game. They would say you only had "consensual" sex because she was programming that way, hence it was actual "forced" and not consensual.

tl;dr: the leftist view is that when it is a *gamer* who gets to enjoy a virtual woman, it has to be bad somehow. It can't just be an enjoyable fantasy of things that could happen normally in real life. Nope, it has to be interpreted as if it was sin.

Wordfilter confirmed. Kotamu is done.



Don't forget, DeepFreeze has a "Sensationalism" category.
Get names people.
BoneGolem- you on?

that's the thing though, they didn't praised it with tons of 10/10 editorials, they even gave it low scores. I wonder if that's because the NMS devs didn't wanted to be part of the clique's cartel at first and now changed their minds



To truly understand the SJW mindset, you have to acknowledge the fact that they view normal, healthy male sexuality and any expression of it thereof a mortal sin.

Could he have really filtered Kotaku so fast? Is Mark always lurking these threads?

Ya blew it


Oh no

Fucking Rami again. And defending shipping games unfinished, no less. And the bastards whine that we call them anti-gamers. He's always on the wrong side, it's uncanny. His mere presence is a sign there's foul play involved.

I'm looking at Metacritic, and the only reviewer which might be considered as part of the clique is PC Gamer.


I'll be fucked when the SJWs get proper legal and criminal jurisdiction. Not only am I guilty of all sorts of depraved virual sexual assaults, but I have dozens of models from various games saved on my harddrive, which is basically kidnapping.


I still think the next time there is a terrorist attack people need to start shooping in pictures of Rami, Tariq Moosa, and Manveer Heir like they do with the racist Sikh kid.

Sweet, I just got a reply for Peet's Coffee

They're passing down the info on Zoe's sabotage and Polygon sourcing her on their article to the appropriate team. This butt is all buttered up and ready to fist fuck


If anyone wants to fire off an easy round, I used archive.is/pgfMp (Polygon's Game Jam article) and OAG's article about the admittance to fucking over said Game Jam


Keep on going laddies

The question is will the media be dumb enough to run with the shoops like they were with the Veerender Jubbal shoop?

I'm just glad I'm going to kill myself before they get any more power in my country. Our leader thinks poverty is misogynist.

First thing you see on NMS steam page is something about refunds.

Looks like another preorder scam. Of course, nothing from the mainstream gaming sites. I wonder how long it will take for normalfags to wake up.

Relax, user. This from the beginning has been a pathetic war on sexuality and attractive women from the start. I've seen through it from the start and mocked it at every opportunity while encouraging others to do the same, All their walls of crying about society's evils by oppressive straight men ultimately boil down to absolutely nothing but an excuse to hide it their own pathetic delusions.

We will win. Sexually liberated Japanese men and women will be our greatest ally.

Good question. They keep reporting on the terrorist Sam Hyde, and Mike Cernovich though.

Has Glasgow seen the CON Leaks and is he including them?


Im worried how much shit they will get away with tho

We will stop them. Sex and the desire for big tits and ass is apart of human nature.

And 2D lesbian nature.

They'll never wake up. No matter how many times you remind them of every past scam, lie, and cheat, they'll just tell you that this one is DIFFERENT. If you actually thought NMS was going to be good, you deserved to lose your money.

But they'll just turn around and say "goobergators tried to have a So Brave indie dev shipped to Guantanamo".

Be a pal and tell Shab to steer clear.


Pretty disappointed Valkyrie Drive's actual games aren't as lewd as the anime. That would have been a triggering that could never be recovered from.

Does that possibility bother you? Because I'm not sure I care what the press says about GG anymore.

How bad am I fucked in the head if I've been enjoying my pirated No Man's Sky?

nice job user

Many employees are now leaving hello games and Sean disappeared from social medias. It's like one of those nigerian email scam. Once you paid money they just disappear into thin air.

And the medias continue to ignore this. This is fucking infuriating.

Already told him.

Well, you were smart enough to pirate it, so… you just have bad taste in space games. Then again, I'm not one to talk after backing Star Shitizen.


A lot of people tend to be more lenient on a game when they pirated it, so that's fine. Me, I'm usually harder on it, because I don't have to try to justify my purchase to myself. Like with Mario Maker. Why did I buy it? I'm not creative. All I made in it is a bunch of really short levels trying to imitate Mega Man and failing.

Source? I'd love to hear more about this.

Dont boner me

You have shit taste but you're perfectly sane.

Yes. He's complained his book has now gotten much larger.

A fair point.

So I just sent Usher a DM, asking him if he would do an article on the CON logs, typing the parties involved to Twitter and their "safety council."

I read on steam somwhere about two employees who changed their twitter bios and, of course, sean is still MIA.


Fuck me, my slow ass internet connection uploaded the video a little while after the Kotamu fuckup.

Mirror: u.teknik.io/fiAWF.mp4

Are you trying to fucking actually trigger me?

anniversary for what?

Calm down user, have some ara and easy your mind





Why isn't there an asuka in that pic
you must be a fake acid man

Did you know that DOA is virtual rape?>>10550582


Has anyone contacted KT in support?

Now is the time to strike back at any attempts to misrepresent the western market to Japan.

Ayy lmao

The first thing to do is obviously call them faggots

Shit, we better get to work on that wall.

This bullshit again

What did I miss today?

but we're created by the aliens from saturn


DOA collusion.


Nice try, merchant.


Yep is confirmed

Strike witches gets new season in october.

Nobody tell these retards about the dressing mode of Kenichiro Takaki games.

Why do they always have to be cunts ? Can't they just say "I'm sorry, but I have a hard time thinking it's true and whatever you'll say won't make me change that vision" or whatever ? Just something… professional ? In the slightest ? Why immediately act like a rancid faggot ? I swear to fucking god


The signal may be due to terrestrial radio-frequency interference or gravitational lensing from a more distant source.[11] The signal was observed only once (for 2 s), by a single team, at a single telescope, giving it a Rio scale score of 1 (insignificant) or 2 (low)

Anyone have with few dozen bucks to burn want to buy the domain for kotamu.com if it's not already taken?

Because they're smarmy cunts. That's exactly what I'm just as bereft in any kind of civility when locked in arguments.

Good joke

Welcome to the Berenstain universe.

With our luck, the SJWs will turn out to be alien parasites, and we're gonna be all WE XCOM NAO!

I was more interested in some article about a distant star growing dim. That was because the aliens were building a dyson around it.

If they were well-adjusted individuals they wouldn't be SJW. They also wouldn't be on dead-end blogging jobs.


domain squatters got it alredy. The jews are giving the .com for $3000+

.tech, .co and similars are way cheaper though. a dozen bucks, 20 at most.

Yeah, that one was an interesting theory.







thx, satan




Oh yes baby.



Jesus fuck UK, get your shit together.




gets worse


Who here needs a quick buck ?

Nice hitler dubs, the future fuhrer will lead us to victory in the war against the xenos.






pls not vivian though

I can't draw to save my life.


We sin so others don't and be protected from the hell we are suffering



Fuck, that link reminded me of an old tweet cap I was looking for, and now I have to go back to hunting for it. My day's ruined.


Time to research plasma rifles soon then.



October 1st, say goodbye to Holla Forums


someone is starting to feel the heat

hint: it's that ubisoft guy who tried doxing mombot

This won't be a ground war, we need relativistic projectile weapons asap.



The information economy has given journalists a chronic case of unwarrated self-importance. They think they can pretty much write reality, and up to a point, they're right.

Oh yeah, also they're literally psychopaths.


God damn, I can actually read kanji now. This shit is amazing

And today in "Things That Don't Surprise Me At All"

One question that should be asked, have they actually played the fucking thing like Cuckhera and the VR gun game that triggered him?

I only hope I get to be so lucky.


god pls

I gotta learn that shit too

Does Polygon have any porn on it?

I'm sorry, didn't the mainstream media tear the GOP apart for doing this kind of shit with the government budget?

Fuck, now I want to start learning Kanji. Even if it is German grammar multiplied by 5

Yes, but you know, this is King Nigger we're talking about. It would be rayciss to rip him to shreds for this, or something.


How is it easier to learn if you learn the speech instead of the writing first?

Underated post

I'm also disturbed by OUR smarmy cunts he's replying to.

It will be too late for the new president to take it back, right?

We're not the ones who should be held up to a higher standard, we aren't being paid to do what we do.

He is being paid to ignore evidence, make up things based on his feelings, and act like a massive cunt.

all we need now, are Hitler's Trips



Ehh, hes saying the fight was simpler back then. A reminder that he lurks here sometimes.

Although you did get a reply so maybe not?
They could be bluffing?

Gonna repost this on HQ, but how did you source the leaks in the email?
Just "hay here's some damning pastebins" or did you cite OneAngryGamer?

I assume the second.


Very nice

I would like to egg them "have you played the game?" this is the same shit that those puritans pulled with the Mass Effect sex scene that you can falsely play interactively, they describe it yet failed to even play the game other than narrative bullshit.







wew thread's over

Kek is in the thread, the next dubs will be a signal of her blessing upon us

Is that pedobutts?

IIRC, this means the US doesn't have soul control over selling URL addresses?

So for example, chinasucks.Com would probably not be bought by China- but other nations could.
Then China would have to use back-room trades to get the rights to that URL, and what it can host.

I mean the US gov has been making stellar decisions that last few decades, but if it's being sold by Obama, it can't be good.






It had to be done.

Holla Forums agrees
>>>Holla Forums7298666

while were on the topic of kek, i have a theory that kek dosn't give us our meme magic, we give our meme magic to kek, he then returns the favor by msking our meme magic stronger, it's and it's effects quicker, what do you guys think


I was making it while those were posted.


brb. Praise kek!

Nigga I'll never ever post that shit, somebody make it without the (You).

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Memes never dies. Wilder is immortal.

yes, basic gnosticism talking about loosh.

It won't. Kek blesses this thread.



This is to much people, Kek is overblessing us


I was going to try for Cirno trips but apparently my internet flashed at some point and I had to redo the captcha again.

Let's burn

We can't do shit about it nigga so may as well play the fiddle as Rome burns.

this thread in insane

Kek's on our side, my son. Everything will be okay.

He knows that gravy train is going to end once he finally releases that trainwreck and loses what little faith the white knights still have




Hoisted by they're own strap on

Kek has blessed this thread! Repent your sins and feel his eternal love!


Whoever gets the next trips should make a wish.


i wish hitler will rise again and make anime real

Once I got the hang of it, it was fun to employ kanji humor and riddles into my writing. Check this for instance.

In DBEG, one of the characters, Shinju, gets a letter from someone calling himself Total Occupying Forehead, written in English.

Suspecting there may be a clue in the name itself, she converts the name into kanji and comes up with this


However, she deduced that this method of writing it was merely a trick, and the final kanji gave her that impression

Forehead is written as 額, but also means Total. However, whereas 総 means Total as in encompassing, 額 means total as in a sum of money. It's just that Total (sum) and Forehead are written with the same kanji

So, she's able to deduce that the writer did not mean total in the other context, and was instead trying to hint at money being on the person's mind

She spotted yet another little trick in the kanji 占住, which she used to write Occupying. The trick being that the first kanji 占 is an alternate form of 卜, meaning fortune telling or divination.

With money being on the person's mind, and the hint towards divination and fortune telling, Shinju concluded whoever sent the letter was either a god or the descendant of a god, most likely related to Ebisu, one of the seven gods of fortune


She quickly finds out the person also left more clues at an abandoned bowling alley nearby. She goes there and finds messages hidden in the bowling balls.

She soon comes to this conclusion.

Those are written as so 人弗

When you combine them you get this 佛, an older form of 仏, which means Buddha

Written as so 波 女
Combine them, and you get the kanji for Old/Elderly Woman 婆

And so, she deduced that the writer was pointing her to and old Buddhist shrine, where an old lady worked and took care of divine relics.

The vast amount of homonyms in Japanese also makes for good jokes. When flirting with the MC, Shinju explains that should he ever die, she'll commit a lover's suicide and join him in paradise.

The joke being that, her name, written as 神樹, has the same pronunciation as 心中, which means double-suicide or lover's suicide (Though the inflection is at the end of Shinjuu rather than the beginning)

And he continues to further this joke when she sexually assaults him, stating that Consensual Sex, written as 和姦 is written with the characters for "Japanese/Japanese-style" and "Rape"

So, Japanese Rape is really just Consensual Sex.

sorry for being such a nerd about this. the language is fun to mess around with

Well, words are just words. Speaking and writing are two different worlds in Japanese. Someone may be communicating words you actually know in text, but if you don't learn to read and write them, you most likely won't recognize them

Honestly, you should start with the writing. At least, that's what I did.

I cited OAG in my email

111 get?


And this, for a dem, he sure acts like a member of the gop, or, looking at it the other way, a classic never changed though, racist democrat.

Karma is finally catching up to them


is this bait?

Someone please make a screencap of this.
I know it's off topic, and usually I'd be screaming at you all to focus on the DOA VR collusion, but even I have to smile at it.

Praise Kek. May he bring Liberty, Justice, Freedom, and propel humanity across the cosmos.

How is the current operation going?

I am proud to be one of the 5 good men to be blessed with trips in this thread.

So, Does it mean I get a wish?

I wish for Hillary Clinton to shit her pants on live TV

It's over, we lost.

Dubs demand that it happen

You're messing with dangerous meme magic getting dubs like that

Reanon got a response


It keeps happening!!!

Well you got that.
Which is like 5 free calories that won't go to your ass.
Or one-time immunity to remembering something embarrassing you did that paralyses you with cringe.

Thank you for the

Make Kek proud.
Work here for the future you want.
Play games for the fun everyone will soon have.

This shit is out of control, is this some kind of summoning ritual to bring back /sp/?

I guess I get a wish, as its probably smarter to concentrate meme magic I wish for Hillary Clinton to shit herself in a live debate in a way that it is caught on camera making it visible and apparent to the audience.

Memeteor soon maybe.

Also, good shit on that advertiser
It really does feel like the old days

What the fuck is happening to that Avocado?


Alright, thats enough. If any more need added someone else can make it.

I'mma go get a snack. Wew.

… Fuck, what a weird time to have the fetish that created that monstrosity.


did someone gave us true autism?
praise kek



Someone get the quints

Holy shit guys… Read this manga, It's just starting and that shit looks fine





who got the combo breaker?


well, this thread went down the shitter anyway.

if trible dubs

ww3 this year

wew, that was close. huh? maybe next year


nope, so i guess 2018 maybe? come on kek.

You act like the American government were any more friendly to freedom than the UN. Nothing will change.

ok, all cards on deck. WW3 tomorrow!

ayyy invasion?

Why not now?

astroid blowing up earth?

memeotor confirmed.

there we go! KeK has spoken. Astroid on a way!


It might backfire a bit, if Saudis and Chinese police the internet and start going after SJW interests.

memetor is going to give earth a second asshole! because America invented the islam radical shithead.

It's not happening. Also you can't spam post to force dubs. If you don't get it the first time and beg for something to happen after, it's not gonna happen even IF you get dubs.


so, back to ww3 than? next week ok?

US has free speech though, most countries don't. I'm pretty worried but there's no way to stop it from happening. Obama doesn't have any reason to bend to political pressure since he's on his way out.

Stop trying to roll or I'm reporting.

i tell ya anons, some true autism died today. And right now he is giving us trips and dubs all over the place!


already over, user. Calm down. there are no more doubles or trips left.


the meme god is messing with you.

yeah i know

Oh boy.



is this one of the
randi is targeting?

Gene Wilder died for this meme magic. Hope it was worth it.

Trust nothing that cunt snitch says.

She's the one we thought planted CP on Holla Forums for Olsen?

Crash Override Network


Con. It's a con as in con-artist.


ghoste in the mashine
maybe there is a message in it?

snitches get stitches

Didn't that tranny run some of the early pedo boards on here as a honeytrap?
I remember seeing evidence a long time ago about it.

oh boy

she's the one we thought planted CP before Olsen even came on the scene.

just so you see the sort of smug holier than thou piece of shit we are dealing with.

What, like how you set up the honey pot that Dirty Dan "reported" on for his Holla Forums hitpiece?

Also snitched on Anonymous for the FBI. Among other things.

Meme magic requires no sacrifice but from those that chant memes, in regards to the time they waste.

It is not like that paganistic garbage, it's far more refined then that. The catalyst is the word and mass chanting is required to carry it out.

Do not spread this propaganda around meme magic, we've almost accomplished the 30 year old virgin wizard reality shift, and after that we can use that magic system to bestow magical powers onto the rest of society.

Do not fuck this up for us, initiate.

I don't know there's something funky with the corpse flowers too.


Oh noes! it's over!


Damn, we should have called this operation "Titan Arums"

Cause just like the Corpse Flower, we are blooming, Gamers are coming back to life, all at once.

It just fits the whole situation so well.
Corpse Flowers ARE gamers.

Other anonymoose accounts with more followers came out and basically shit on them.


If you're wrong, I'm killing myself and going on a demonic rampage the second I get back from the other side.

Call me Memon if it comes to that. I'll do whatever I feel like to free man from the tyranny of its mortal power abusing authority once and for all. Shitpost me all you want. Call me a faggot all you want. I'm numb to it all.

They disowned those faggots wannabe leaderfags.

It's nice that Laurelai could only find retards/betas to attack us, lolcows with a few active braincells can actually be dangerous when they start sperging out at a focused target.

Look at what happened to Josh and his shithole sites after they picked a fight with the wrong cow.
Last I heard he is getting thrown out of his mother's basement and the Kiwi tugboat is in severe trouble.

anybody got that pic with some anonymous saying he wanted to cry and replies taping him on the back?

Actually, you know what? Make that primarily liberal that's the fucking enemy.

If there was ever a faggot that should have their hands cut off so they can't use the internet, it's xir.

Any online anonymity groups we should share this with?



More like JUST fuck my shit up year

I tagged in an anonymoose account who always seemed pretty decent to me that has 22k followers.

I think it's a bad move since the US gov, in some sense, helps shield the internet from the rest of the world which has worse free speech.

But I'm less directly worried after learning that ICANN is still a firmly US organization, based in LA. I'm not saying I'm 100% confident it'll be fine forever, but there's hope that if the day comes which threatens the future of the internet, we can still try to stop it.


I love how all these people are now trying to cover their asses by trying to portray themselves as "victims of circumstance." At least Ian owned up to his shit.

I found it

Obongo is a mudslime apologist BLM supporting piece of shit. How severe are those fucking issues last I checked?

Everything I've heard about that complete piece of shit has me beside myself with hate for such a horrible mistake of a leader. And now the fucking UN are blatantly trying to censor everything. Now is the time for hotheads.

Might as well ask.

Is there a guide for making these red meme pics?


grab a pic, gradient overlay with red and darker red, blur > zoom blur, lens flare for the eyes



This is fine but you better not talk shit about muslims you islamophobe.

There's always going to be a ground war in one way or another. The same way with dogfighting never completely disappeared even in an age of BVR.

Did the Ubisoft guy ever apologize for the doxing attempt on mombot?

Lucifer's trips with apt pic, lucky 7, and heil trio. This memetics thing, guys I'm kinda nervous somewhat now.

nope he tried to run from it

he changed his twitter handle and then "someone" "took over" his old alias and started spamming crap



There you are, you motherfucker. Help me relieve some stress over the internet with amusement.

are you not fucking entertained?

I stopped having fun when those 7s came up.

Lucky, my ass.

The whole fucking reason ICANN won't give .gay TLDs to local LGBT groups is because that's not a TLD you can buy at this point in time. Applications had been filed, but during the publish discussion period, regular people had voted against it.

That aside, I don't even see why you would want ICANN to hand out the .gay TLD to a registrar, because the first groups in line who want to handle registration of the domain are for-profit corporations. The money spent on registration won't be going to actually "support" LGBT groups.
For all the jokes you could make about the homosexual agenda, this is literally some bastard trying to directly profit off of it and shitting on ICANN when they told him to fuck off.

Are faggots really that retarded that they didn't realize it?

God is displeased with all the degeneracy the internet has allowed to flourish. It is not halal.


Download Gimp (which is free and does the exact same shit as Photoshop) or be a pleb and buy photoshop

or pirate photoshop

and fiddle with hue and saturation, then add effects.


And I'M displeased with that faggot as well and have no problem whatsoever with going to Hell in the name of my ideals.

nope he tried to run from it

he changed his twitter handle and then "someone" "took over" his old alias and started spamming crap
Figured as much from his initial "haha I know when I've been owned good game guise it's not like I tried to dox mombot or anything it was just funning around haha nods fedora" damage control attempt. Time to send some letters to Ubisoft as well I think.

Not to mention that if it's anything like this place, it's going to be loads of fun.

Jesus Christ, we've gotten into some dark shit. As expected of Kek.

Petition against censorship on the French gaming site jeuxvideo.com:


You will eat of the fruit of Zaqqum and have your bodies torn asunder. There will be nothing but torture for you infidels.

> twitter.com/Dark_Intell/status/770297741159329792


Is praying not the same thing? It's not so horrifying as it sounds.

That's the fucking spirit, user. Now you're thinking like a real warrior. It doesn't end when we die, only when we have finally won.

Let's literally raise Hell when our time comes. Claw our way back to among the living through fire and sin and begin the ultimate New Game+. We won't be mere shitposters anymore, we'll have become our own meme.

send them this





what did they do and why should I care? context mane

there you go


don't use lens flare, use HSV Noise with upped value from default, Supernova on the eyes, and the Cartoon filter with max settings.

Simpsons DID IT!! Fukken Memesters!

That's just your opinion.

Oh come on, theres even an F on her leg, the artist is trying to tell you something

Please, God, let this be true. I'm fucking begging you.

That is so shit that I made a shitty edit using my mouse.

Why does Marche's waifu literally not look attractive except in fanart?

I think you overdid it a bit, I couldn't tell it's Jubbal.

This reminds me of the time I tried and failed to put Wojack on the cover of the Electric Feel single.

Like he said , god it's shit.

and I spelled it wrong.

billy my boyhole

It is written in the quran by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and is the true word of god.


When are they gonna fix the images in overchan, no matter the threat on 8ch I cannot see the images and I got error 404 regarding those images.

Alright, now you're just wearing it out. Stop.

From what I saw on operate something's fucked with Holla Forums, all the mobile apps are having the same problem, not just overchan.

Things are definitely weird.
Filename structure has totally changed, so that might have something to do with it.

Also of note is the fact that save as original filename hasn't worked for months.

May or may not of fucked this up

they fixed webms at least


this has quietly infuriated the fuck out of me


I did.
I'll stop now

You mean muhammad bin al faleq, PBUH, the one and true batman. :^)

thanks user
that hits close to home

Do you mean bateman?



Not only that, but Juan Gabriel died, too.

Who is not blocked by Brianna Wu?

If you want to start more fires and brew animosity within anti-gg, make a neutral tweet tagging brianna wu and crash override together where they shit all over her to make sure he sees it.

Quinn is not even useful as a professional victim, despite GG coming from her and other journos unethicalness. Anita and Wu quickly stole her spotlight, so it would be hilarious if you drove more of a wedge between them.


So uh, for the next bread should I remove the #Gamerswin thing or just the anniversary?

tweet it to spastics like 9volt or amib who aren't big enough to manage banning people but have enough cred to be listed by Flynt

Take care of that uh, jabroni outfit first.


m8 ill fuc u up i swear on me mum

I was talking with my neighbor about how I hated reindeers a few days ago

How does that even happen? Did it arc between the antlers or something? Does lightning to reindeer interface work like that?

The Rock became a shitposter now ?
Who's next ? Bret Hart ? Steve Austin ? Shawn Michaels ?

You're waifu's being a bit of a bitch to our innocent mammalian brethren.

Post lewds for her forgiveness.

Probably moist ground, it still guide electricity.


apparently, it was a mixture of the strike being incredibly powerful, the deer being around water, and the fact that deer tend to huddle together that got them all killed

Lightning rods.

the ground surface conducts electricity around the area hit by lightning



I don't think any of them would actually side with Wu. Remember how quick they were to turn on her when she had coffee with Wardell.


Stop targeting animals and kill Soros/Rothschilds already.

I just drank a bunch of coffee. I'm jittery

You're also forgetting when Wu said that capitalism was okay. I think that was Wu, at least. My memory's more fucked than the God Emperor's after being stuck on a life-sustaining God couch for 10,000 years.


Those are the names that came off the top of my head. I meant some beta orbiter that's relatively known like them

Yeah, Wu's a porky unlike most of them.

And some-fucking-how faggot New Yorkers still think that the South doesn't take shit from nobody.

Only leftists take SPLC seriously anyways, and not even all of them.

Won't they list just about any group or organization as a hate movement?


A lightning strike killed an entire soccer team i.e. 11 people, mid-match in the Congo once. The opposing team was unscathed.

I was actually surprised when they didn't list gamergate as one.


Sounds more like one team killed the other and gave a bullshit excuse unless it was caught on film.

Its funny that SPLC still exists after some guy took a look at their site and used it ass a hit list and went out and killed people.

Whelp, the pussy snowden is getting a movie. I hope he trys to come back if shillary cheats her way in. Garunteed he will die and be rewritten as a traitor.

Well, he is. But for the right reasons.

He didn't betray the American people. He betrayed a shitty leadership.

Too sleepy to make bread, someone else do it.

#GamersWin runs through the 30th, m8. Read the thread. Kill it around midnight tomorrow night.

Not that I'm complaining but when did Leo Pirate go fully Yuri Bezmenov?

this reminds me…





They really don't want Wu finding out and flipping out on Cross.


IA you salty bitch, open your fucking eyes for once.

Goddamn but do I hate being misunderstood. If someone wants to shit on us because they don't like something about us, fucking fine. But buying into bullshit and then sticking with it like a stubborn ass is infuriating to no end.

That's pretty pathetic.

Tranny fight!!!!!


I know he's being sarcastic, but enough of this shitty misconception of ethics being the end all goal.


Gee, who else does this remind me of? Remember how you said we were "becoming the SJWs" Jim? Because I can think of a few people who act just like you do…

spoiler that ugly shit


The one with the Holla Forums BLM supporter was pretty hilarious. He comes on at 23:00, Holla Forums was hyping it up like he was going to destroy Jim and instead the guy was a stuttering mess.

vid in question

shut up acid you're at least as much of a faggot as he is.

ia/metocuck's fanbase is really retarded, worse than most jewtubers tbh.

Post errors out the ass all of a sudden. We getting DDoS'd again?

It was on fucking stream of him getting shit on by trolls while drunk.

Enough of this bullshit. There is no fucking reason for this animosity between you for an egregious misunderstanding that's resulted in this retarded wedge. This is not like him.

Wouldn't be shocked. We've made a ton of people buttangry lately.

Ethics was a fantastic weapon. "Hey, quit being shitty and follow these nationally-accepted rules."

What are they gonna say? No? Okay, thanks for the free ammo to slam you with. Say yes and not do it? Thanks for the free ammo to slam you with. Say yes and do it? No more problems from that outfit, and free ammo if they start up again.

It was an angle with literally no downside and minimal effort requirements on our part. How was it not a stroke of fucking genius?

works on my machine

Reminder IA was wrong

Its because people just like to stir shit up and bring up whenever anyone says anything bad about him to him and he never sees when anyone says anything positive. Like that Dunke rusten faggot in the pic.

It's a weapon, not the ultimate goal of crushing e-cultists and driving them out of our hobby.

b-but attack attack attack

Ethics wasn't the fucking goal and even if they follow the journalist ethics codes they can do the same shit. They can still be cronyists and still push for censorship.

Rewritten in history as a traitor of the people. A reminder how he acted when assangae leaked the dnc info. "Oh my god, why are you helping the fucking russians interfere with the election? The same russians who are around me this very second?" then again, after that, I am suprised they did not boot him from the country after that.

I feel like Assange/Snowden probably have something going on that we're not privy to. Snowden put some hash on his twitter that was then deleted and suddenly we get more leaks. Leaks that had about the same date as the NSA ones he made.

Everyone outside of this thread still likes him.

Then I'm going to counter that.

False, there's a lot of hate for him on Holla Forums over being a race mixer.

prove it

LOL what a jackass

until he decides that he hates X now and throw a slice of his fanbase under the bus

everyone has a different perception of the hashtag because it is just that, a hashtag anyone can use for whatever their reasons are, for most on KIA it was about reform the old media to ethical standards while over here was about rebuilding and replacing

IA's talent is talking back to the false narratives he sees and being snarky about them which ends up in a mass of followers who are expecting him and each other to actually do something about instead of bitch about it over and over– and so he changes ID does something else. He was meant for AM radio late night talk, but found cancerous ecelebrity he tries to shake off and be above.

Apply yourself JIM, get that national call in show going.

Snowden hopes for democrats because to the russians, hes outlived his usefulness, and thinks hillary will say "your forgiven" and welcom him back into the country with open arms. And snowden leaked shit once, and I think it was only because it harmed the republicans more. Assange is always leaking shit, and shows no open party allegance. That I can trust slightly more. I have to laugh that snowden thinks hillary will not get rid of him, her handlers still do not like him.

What a lame comeback, exactly something I'd expect out of a Halfling

Jim is such a faggot, he completely flipped on nearly everything he said at the start of GG.

More like what an oblivious moron. Pissing on the people offering you sanctuary is an easy way to lose it.


Can someone explain what happened in more detail, I just woke up?

Snowden harbors no delusions that Hillary will welcome him back. Saying that shows that you're deep into the delusion of neo-Holla Forums.

Anons thought Jim was picking "low hanging fruits" like deviantart and some faggot thought GG was being salty for it.

I'm sick of this bullshit.

someone posted Jims new video in a couple threads ago
I replied saying picking on deviantautists was low hanging fruit even for 2007, like seriously fucking inflation? not even anything deep level of autism, just fucking inflation what next sonic OC donuts?
and clearly some retard from these threads went to have a cry in the comments of jims video about my post

Strange, since I saw tweets of him going "quit working for the russians and bullying the democrats assangae". Hes someone who got lucky and seized an opportunity, not someone who is legit smart, or thats what I noticed, otherwise he would not be buying the narritives like "the russians" so quickly.

Is it true that tweeting that Medium would get your account locked?

Also tell the dumbfuck that you have Bananazi's consent.

Why do you think he owes you anything anyways? Honestly, the IA hate is the most cringy thing about this thread. You guys joke about your degeneracy in this thread for two years, IA jokes about it, and suddenly there is massive butt hurt. Jim isn't the one who looks dumb here, and I'm in this thread pretty much everyday.

Holla Forums has seemingly forgotten that he leaked during Obama and somehow thinks it was all to hurt Republicans. Also they have forgotten how Obama forced a plane to the ground that they thought he was on and how Trump called for him to be targeted and killed. He knows no matter who wins he won't be welcomed back and as I said in I think Assange/Snowden could be playing a deeper game.

Both sides are being stupid about this shit.

Jim was uncharacteristically stupid for getting that fannyflustered about the stream and people apparently didn't tell him every completely undefined claim about being as bad as socjus is bullshit. Instead they apparently just shittalk each other now.

Insomnia's a bitch.
Bread's in the oven, releasing at 700.

Well, it's not like there wasn't non-stop crying about IA apart from that. It happens every other thread.

He owes us an apology and growing his own skin a little thicker, m8. A lot, and I mean a lot of people respected him until he started this utter bullshit back then. He blames people who had nothing to do with messing with him for his own butthurt, and shits on all of #GG for it every chance he gets. He could have beers with Ben Kuchera at this point.

It was his videos that really got me motivated to join this whole train ride, and you'll find that a common story. Now he shits on us because he's decided to be a faggot. He owes us a little for that.

Also showing that Snowden's not a fan of Clinton or Trump.

They could, but I doubt they are working together. All I do know is snowden wants out of russia, but as soon as he trys to leave, he will be dead. And I think snowden is kind of an opportunist, and a moron, but we won't see eye to eye on that.

Jimmy isnt gonan fuck you champo

I don't deny that at all, but calling him a cuck is full retard.

Jim gets brought up very, very occasionally. Usually just when we're nostalgia wanking or shaking our heads. I'd say actual conversations about Jim happen…maybe two times a month? At most?

Still does not excuse the "quit working with the russians" crack he made to assangae.

I could say the same about you and your fat furfag waifu.

And the worst part is that the third party candidates are just as bad, if not worse.

If someone's a faggot I'm calling them a faggot I don't care who it is.
If Jim stopped being a faggot, people will stop calling him a faggot.


I think there's a decent chance they might be working together.

When was there a decent choice for head of a country? For canada, not for many decades. What about the states?


I actually like Trump more than any major candidate we've had in my lifetime. Was just showing that he's not a Clinton fan and I can get why he doesn't like Trump when Trump said he should be killed.

I never said he owed shit to nobody but if you like someone and then this person decides t0 shit on something you identify with out of pure butthurt without an actual reason it's obvious I'm gonna call him a fag. I never said that now I hate the videos he did on the beginning of GG. He have talent and those are still really good but if he decides to be a little bitch that can't handle criticism then I won't have a reason to keep liking the guy

You know how Brote was talking about SJW tiers and "drybrains" trying to vie for approval back when he streamed the leaks? I'm thinking it's kind of like that.

There probably hasn't been a good choice for president since the 50's.



I think we should bring back KoP and ride the chaos once more.

I miss that sperg, the way he'd pound his desk in every stream always cracked me up.

Trump is chaos pic and a huge gamble, moreso than normal. I was asking a serious question.

If you say so. I don't belive so though. But it is weird that hollywood is trying to cozy up to snowden.





We need to bring attention to next bread.

He's also a guy who doesn't give a fuck about "political correctness" and knows how to manage money.

People got mad in this thread for Jim calling them faggots. I mean you post 500 images of some furfag waifu over the course of 500 threads, and someone makes fun of you for being a furry, and you get butt hurt about that, maybe he has a point. I don't know why the YouTube e-celebs are treated like the spawn of Satan in this thread when a lot of people here are low effort shitposters on Twitter of all places.

Basically, they're trying to get "in" by winning IA's favor by tattling every time they see someone talk shit about him.

I kind of wonder what would have happened if he didn't try to pass off those Denton leaks as "verified" when they weren't.

>The articles detailing Randi Harper's dox attempt on #GamerGate Facebook users is a perfect opportunity to highlight the leaks and drop them in the laps of media outlets who gave lots of unwavering support and positive coverage to CON.
I didn't realize Usher was still naive on this stuff

I wished he wasn't such a sperg. I kinda liked him

I could never tell if he worked at a psych hospital or lived at the psych hospital and did streams on a day pass or something.

all the contact pages are right there, take 10 mins and lets do this

He's not an SJW. I don't treat GG like an identity to the point to take jabs like that personally. Maybe it's because I don't have autism or something I can get over stuff like that. It was disappointing he rage quit, but in the end I don't really see the point of actually being mad about it.

This thread is magical. I'm sure everything will turn out alright in the end.

He also likes to take risks and does not have a perfect success rate. Still, he is the best choice in this situation, and like some of the earlier presidents is a buisness man.

Did he ever own up to lying?

Cus mindless fags like you suck them off

Ia is overrated

GamerGate at the end of the day is trying to stop socjus infesting videogames when they don't even care about them. Burning down shitty deluded e-journalism outlets and building new better ones in their place is just killing 2 birds with one stone.

Jim was being ridiculous talking about somehow it had become as bad as its enemy. Me and a bunch of random Youtubers are the only ones who want outright witch hunts.

Nah, despite my shitposting earlier I'm with you on the witchhunts.

I think he apologized, particularly to Hotwheels who he betrayed like so many.

I don't worship those people. I'm just not acting like a jilted ex-girlfriend that brings them up only to shit on them like they were LWs. Also the fact some people think their Twitter shitposting meant more than the YouTube red pills that were dispensed in the early days shows me people here have tunnel vision about how things actually played out.

Nigger you have half the people saying good things and half the people saying bad things but you're so defensive of him that you're blind to everything but insults.


Or should I remake the bread quickly and change it to Acid Man's image of the quadruple trips?

IA couldn't handle the bantz after he fingered whats her name and nobody would give a fuck about his merkour person if wasn't for his IA one which got the most exposure with us.

Its fine if he wants to do his own thing but he's acting like a retarded child when ever the subject of GamerGate gets brought up to him so I perfectly why people shit on the guy, he's didn't even burn out, he just fucked up and couldn't roll with the punches so fuck him and fuck his defenders.

People calling him a faggot isn't "being mad".
I'm pretty sure that image was more to do with a faggot crying to Jim's comments for validation.
Because their mostly cancer. They're the polar opposite of what imageboards are about.
Gamergate is an hashtag, why wouldn't people have twitters? Besides, pretty sure Jim has more Social Media than most people in this thread.
I really don't care about Jim or him leaving GG, I personally think he's a faggot for other reasons

Glad to hear.

Jim isn't going to fuck you

get off his cock

Leftist co-opters and SJW-lites have definitely been a thing in GamerGate, or I wouldn't have left KiA due to getting tired of the fagottry in the comments sections. While I don't agree with him on GG as a whole, I can at least understand where the view point comes from. And anyone who doesn't think attacking is the best strategy is retarded. The point is to get rid of the cancer, not just get the cancer to post on sentence disclosures. GG was definitely extremely naive about how bad the rot was in the media overall.

GG isn't about imageboards, you autist. It's about video games and social justice warriors, things that exist outside of this thread. YouTube did far more to inform normalfags than circle jerking on obscure chans did.

That was related to the NSA hacking tools that got leaked by other hackers. I guess he was giving a hash to verify the files. He even explained that they had access before he grabbed the files and ran, and the subsequent shutitdown.jpg locked them out.

I think their beef was more about Wikileaks straight dumping all of the content out in the open at once, including sensitive data like credit card numbers. Assange wants complete transparency, Snowden wants journalists going over it with a fine-tooth comb to minimize any harm to innocent people (and as a result taking a whole decade to drop all the data).

billy mays detected

So do the doujin artists, sadly. Please stop the old-man-rape, Japan.