Rimworld Thread #3: Fire Edition

Basically Dwarf Fortress in space, but easier and more user-friendly.

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I know some of you faggots play this game, come and shitpost about it.
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People have already made a Goblin Slayer mod where goblins camp on the fringes of the map, occasionally raid your camp, and steal women if they can and keep them as goblin factories.


Mod is called "Ethics in Rimworld", described as "adding a more adult moral dimension to the gaming experience to allow the user insight into the sexual overtones and undertones of various contemporary and traditional abuses of power" or some such vague pretentious bullshit, just for lulz, played completely straight and sober in description

Before or during trade screen, characters can flash traders. Depending on type of flashing, gender of flasher, traits, temperaments, and backstories of flasher and AI trader, some temporary trade modifier and/or permanent relationship modifiers are added.
New kink traits and also more generic temperament stats/traits like exhibitionism, whether people hate faggots, so on, to apply more customizable sex-act-related and mod-occurrence-related moodlets and moodlet weights. Obviously new moodlets too.
For example, people not wearing clothes might get different positive or negative moodlets with different strengths varying on whether they're free or a prisoner, took off clothes themselves or were stripped, have the Nudist trait, have the Exhibitionist trait (which would be added, maybe with multiple variants), if people of the gender they're not attracted to are around, if they're straight and some fag of same gender is around they might get mad, might get non-sexual buffs like "They Mirin' - +2" for being shirtless around others of same gender. Also depending on body type, like they might be sad everyone thinks they're fat or someone might be a chubby chaser and be attracted to a fat going naked, or alternately a non-degenerate and get a negative moodlet for seeing a fatass, maybe even with a conflicting positive moodlet for "saw tits (fat)" or something, whereas "saw tits (superior)" would be a bigger bonus.
Maybe a whole different colonist tab listing not only additional traits, but move all traits to it, allow more stock traits if wanted, and in that tab or a second tab have affinities for or aversions to traits they don't have, either binary or scaled, like a much more in-depth version of the "hard worker vs lazy" type of stuff.

Harem/polyamory/polygamy traits and opinions, larger bed items to accomodate more people.

Buffs for things can depend on who you're doing it with, like expanded version of sharing rooms/beds. "Lover/Fiance/Spouse saw me nude" might usually be a positive buff by itself, but "stranger saw me naked" would generally be negative unless exhibitionist, though sometimes maybe with cancelling or countermanding positive moodlets simultaneous. "Enemy saw me naked" could depend partly on things like Bloodlust, but otherwise would make them feel worse than a stranger seeing them in general.

It goes without saying that there's a lot to work with around the concept of prisoners.

For convenience it might be good to have a "dating" relationship period before they abruptly sack up and become lovers day one. This may be the frontier but that doesn't mean it has to be so abrupt all the time.

More Needs, or a tab separate from Needs called Desires that fill or drain more slowly and have less dire consequences if ignored, instead of mental breaks maybe just impair concentration or they'll go off task easier but can still be controlled (the game is still lethal after all). Unless they have a trait like Lovesick or Depraved or something.

Obviously more expansion on Prosthophobe/Prosthophile.

Basic menu with toggling of certain elements of it on and off.

New body parts/stuff listed on medical tab is almost too obvious to mention.

I might actually make something, I'm told Lua is easy enough.

Sounds a bit cucked tbh m8
Why space goblins though?

Don't worry, by the time you can kill or tame it without fucking your own shit up you'll probably be able to just build a ship and fuck off instead.


Yes Tyrone, I most certainly do.

filtered again


There's a guy that's been posting huge walls of text in these threads and replying to nearly every post. You might be that guy.


never accept people on the run without first looking at the faction they are running from


Sometimes things just work out.


Just have one person run around in circles kiting it while everyone else shoots at it.
Don't forget to play this while you do it.


I got that late winter. I had eight people and four prisoners.

Three prisoners and two colonists got gut worms. We nearly starved and would have if euthanasia wasn't an option.


Sun Lamps are energy hogs. You need 1600 wattz each- two grow zones will take a Geothermal Generator to feed.

Fucking love you people.


Holy shit, what an awful character.

Better than starving.

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Colonist died.
Had the useless survivor open up the ancient danger.
Time for a new colony, I guess.

According to all known laws
of aviation,

there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little.

Barry! Breakfast is ready!


Hang on a second.


- Barry?
- Adam?

- Oan you believe this is happening?
- I can't. I'll pick you up.

Looking sharp.

Use the stairs. Your father
paid good money for those.

Sorry. I'm excited.

Here's the graduate.
We're very proud of you, son.

A perfect report card, all B's.

Very proud.

Ma! I got a thing going here.

- You got lint on your fuzz.
- Ow! That's me!

- Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000.
- Bye!

Barry, I told you,
stop flying in the house!

- Hey, Adam.
- Hey, Barry.

- Is that fuzz gel?
- A little. Special day, graduation.

Never thought I'd make it.

Three days grade school,
three days high school.

Those were awkward.

At least she can mine at night and be your designated hauler and cleaner.

sex slave mods where?

reproduction mods where?

sex robot mod when?

I've been trying to get into Rimworld as a Dorf Fort player and I got to the point where I had a little self sustaining base with decent defenses.

Is it me or is the content currently rather limited? I've found myself mostly waiting for things to do or little goals to accomplish since there doesn't seem to be many sidegoals after you got that done.

I thought there was going to be genetic engineering and batshit insane augmentations for your colonists and animals, but this isn't exactly the case.

Especially the pace of the game seems really slow, am I missing something?

yes the game has barely any content without mods

good thing theres shittons of mods out there

The expanded prosthetics and organ engineering mod is pretty much a must, it will probably get implemented into the game at some point like so many other things but it really helps give you things to build to improve your colonists.

The game is what you make of it though, I dedicated one colony to making an army of wargs, I rescued and tamed a couple of manhunters and after a few years I had over a dozen of them and the more you have the faster they breed.
Pair that with shitloads of chickens grazing on grass for eggs to feed the wargs and you have a self sustaining army to fight raids off with instead of risking your colonists.

What mods do you suggest?

eh most of them

I just use Hardcore SK compilation, it aint as good as Ultimate Overhaul but at least it EXISTS amirite

I run an assload of mods, installed them all myself, no modpacks for me.

Hows it feel to know a15 is out and you'll never be able to play it without the game feeling hollow since you're so used to shitloads of mods?



Making a tribal colony that makes and deals drugs to passing traders in order to get enough silver to make giant silver statues to the stoner gods sounds fun to me.
Now that they fixed tribals getting baked to death by heat waves with no viable solution I'm looking forward to having a long lasting tribal colony.


what should i challenge myself with

That's literally all you have to do.

so it's a feminist colony?

Make a colony with one cannibal colonist and kill and eat everyone you see, even wanderers that join you and traders.


Did they fall out of the sky?
Why are they all in a circle?

Random as in randomized starting scenario

If it had any other adulthood class it would have 10+ of either or both offensive stats starting out
meanwhile the childhood blacklists the probably normally 5-6 medicine and 10+ social
you're left with mediocre mining due to physical strength and it's pessimist too

So they made beer more of a pain in the ass, added drugs that kill your colonists, a drill that doesnt pay for itself, and stoneage refrigerators?

just set up alcohol in the spots they gather and they will drink themselves to death

Only one of the new drugs kills you and theres seven new ones.

Compilations are shit!

I never disagreed.
However I aint manually integrating 25 mods of which all are considered essential for a game I idle in for hours only to repeat the same motions of starting a settlement, and then losing it in some dumb random fashion
Ive been playing the game for 3 days and Im already sick of it

Modders hurry up and patch your shit

For the love of fuck, stop.
Unless they implement HFS and z-levels, the two have as much in common as Europa Universalis and Command and Conquer.

There really isn't much to do in rimworld once you get a colony stable.

It needs some of these "systems" that the devs keep blathering on about like they are making nu male's sky that allow you to create stupid dwarf tricks. Theres nothing that you can actually make other than placing items in rooms.

Blame the original OP, I just copypaste.

Thankfully both colonists made a full recovery. Except the ear of course.

the game WANTS you to micromanage

That mod that allows you to control animals better is necessary now that colonists bond with animals and get pissy when they aren't the master of their bonded animal.
It basically forces you to have that animal be the meat shield of the colonist as it just stands around in the middle of a crossfire getting targetted by every raider first.

It's amazing how much dead time a day/night cycle creates for the player. I always felt Dwarf Fortress's random periods of eat/sleep were erratic and unrealistic, but I miss them more and more. They mean that there's always SOMETHING happening in a fortress at any given time.

Part of the problem is the utter lack of personality colonists have. They don't have physical stats or mental stats, just bars that fill and empty. Aside from a handful of traits, they're all pretty much the same- skills and body parts are the only thing that dictate how well they work.

There's no reason to diversify food or entertainment, there's nothing that individuals will hate or love, and there's no real preferences to certain types of labor. It can't compare to Dwarf Fortress, even the earliest builds.

There's a reason the game gets compared to Prison Architect beyond the visuals: colonists are just about as complex as prisoners. And just as needy and violent.


you can set them when to sleep

what? a dwarf with a skill with 20 will mine 100 times faster than one with skill 1

beer gives moods boost, there is a mod for meds too, cooked food is better than raw food, if you eat too much meat uncooked you get sick

Play randy random extreme on icesheet, every little thing you do will matter, every meal, every piece of steel, every minute wasted.

fucking drone

use prepare carefully

on icesheet raids are a blessing ,they will drop food and clothes and also can be used as meat

What I meant there is that you can grow nothing but corn and be perfectly fine. Sure, better meals get BOOSTS but there's no unhappiness from eating nothing but raw corn for every meal.

Dwarfs also have physical attributes and limits to how strong, tough, and fast they can become. They also have mental traits from creativity to spatial awareness. On top of that, they have varied preferences and aspirations.

Ahh, fresh meat!

Losses: 1 turret.
Gains: 24 boar corpses.

Any mods that limits the world and/or expands upon the neolithic period yet?

So is Tribe of Pok worth buying? Anyone played it?

Rimworld surgeries are bullshit.

ok so i guess this is just a corpse they're sending for disposal on a rimworld



Holy fuck son. I dunno if you can put your own colonists into cryo pods in the Ancient Danger event, you can try to preserve him until you buy (or build, or harvest) the necessary organs. You can rebuild him.

it was the "Rich Entrepanuer" thing so it would have been only on person

Ah well, try again I guess. What would be desirable skills for a single-colonist start, anyway? I assume growing, shooting, maybe construction and social?

You deserve to be kidnapped by tribals.

I play how I want.

Make the body pile a long ways off, they turn to skeletals eventually then no debuff.
That's a needlessly big crafting room & med storage fam.
One the other side of the hill to your right.

skeletons have a severe beauty effect so that place is gonna get pretty spooky

Small bedrooms don't matter because they don't spend long enough awake in them to suffer the cramped debuff. As for making the body pile far off, the whole left side is a huge marsh, it's limiting things quite a bit. The crafting room is large because colonists spend a lot of time in it, so they need the spacious interior buff, and also because this size is about what's needed to fit all the necessary crafting stations, minus a few endgame ones. I also don't separate medical and food storage, it's all in one, and during manhunter packs, that food storage gets filled to the brim with corpses and eventually meat. As for the vent on the right, it's too exposed to raiders, most of them spawn north or east. I will eventually use it and make a double wall around it, but for now, I am using the safer vent.




Construction quality is way too random in this game. When the game describes his skill level as "master" he should at least be able to consistently make things of average quality.


Temporary generals are nothing new here.

Things are made worse by the skill decay.

Even if he's making them out of some shitty sticks the plant cutter brought him?

Just which game are you playing? I don't care if the bed is awful, it's something someone can sleep in, if they're mad about it maybe they'll get some carpet later or even a light if they're extra lucky.


Material doesn't affect build quality. Even if did, wood is just about the best thing to make furniture from because of the comfort bonus.

Things are going pretty smoothly, I can have my builder waste a day making beds.

That's not what I meant.
I meant that it's a master craftsman in a frontier environment, not at home in his glitterworld workshop.


Is that a fleshy snowman or just a particularly weird torso blob?

Yet another donator self-insert to "enjoy".

Nah, the camera isn't focused on her, that's just a normal snowman, green because of toxic fallout color overlay. Also, if you take a notice at her name and proffession, she's a LITERAL K-Pop idol.

Well there is the miscellaneous Robots with the "MAI" thingie. On my A14 run "she" woo'd a colonist and they do fuck provided you make a "large recharge station" intended for 2 bots but useable by colonists
also: cleaner and hauler bots

That's that I guess. I was actually considering letting her die because she was such a pain in the ass to deal with, so whatever.

And this is what was on her sarcophagus, lel.

Is there a way yet for steam workshop to work on pirated versions or no?

No, but you can use the Steam Workshop Downloader to get the files off of the workshop and then install them manually.

Actually Ludeon turned off external downloading for the workshop.
If you don't believe me, try to download a Rimworld mod with the Steam Workshop Downloader.

lol. I still enjoy pirated version

Also 220,000 beaver bucks through kickstarter.


Proper medicine is only really needed for diseases because any wound severe enough to need it would probably have killed the person anyway. Herbal meds work fine.


Even if you start with rich explorer, he better have good growing skill.

Or start with 12 shooting

Anybody have the latest linux version?

I'll throw it on vola, shitty upload though.


Got it, Thanks friendo.

shit game

You can use that to your advantage by putting it on the path towards your base so raiders get the mood debuff when they approach.

I've known a few girls like that but they generally make something of themselves before they hit 32 jesus.

What do you do when you run out of steel? Does it spawn more in mountains?

Sex robot mods where?

There are ores all over the map. Go mining in the mountain until you find them or trade for them. In .15 you can use the late-game research for a ground penetrating radar and drill to mine up the stuff underground.

Why aren't you allowed to micromanage your colonists? I need a manual mode where I can stack prioritized tasks and prevent people to running off to do whatever they feel like.

Like when I defeat an enemy raid, the #1 priority is to haul all of their shit inside so they don't deteriorate outside, but my colonists would rather go play billiards or immediately leave them in the rain over night or some shit. So then I'll have to religiously pace back and forth and make them pick up one thing at a time whenever they get done with the previous. Plus if it's acid fallout mode, I'll have to switch them from indoors-mode to free mode for the duration that I'm hauling stuff even though I'm already doing it manually anyway. Or the opposite problem where I really need to do get shit done, and my colonists would rather go hauling some fucking metal slag from the other side of the map or move some rocks. I need priority differentiation for hauling, and more specific control of what people can do so for example everyone builds walls/floors but only the best builds furniture.

I also have an overflow storage for food, but if I set it's priority to low, people will constantly go haul a few pieces of food to the primary storage when my cook makes food. I only want them to re-stock the primary storage if it's down to 90% capacity or something.

Hunting is also a pain in the dick because literally nobody is able to hunt autonomously without dying to some turkey revenge or random wolf or some fuck. I want hunters to go in groups, but the only way to do that is to draft them and do it manually, and then keep moving them over and over when the animal gets out of range because drafted people don't know how to fucking chase things.

And pets, don't get me started on pets.
I don't want them to participate in the fight at all unless the enemy gets indoors and starts beating up their children.

Also as a side note, the UI SUCKS. It took me several playthroughs before I realized you could select different materials for walls and shit by not moving your mouse while you click, so I always struggled with steel and did copious amounts of research trying to figure out how to craft brick walls. Some buttons just go straight to building mode while others open a dropdown menu of different options, and there's no indication whatsoever so the only way you can know is by trying it on each button.
It's also very confusing when you have a menu open and then try to read something from the colonist menu, because one replaces the other and there's no way to switch to the colonist menu except manually hiding the other menu and reselecting the colonist.

>dump his body and get pissed that I spent so much money for nothing

Oh i forgot

Can traps be triggered by your own colonists and/or travelers?

Is it just me or is heat stroke super fucking deadly? I've already lost two colonies from it.

It is in real life, too. But, I'd wager the game doesn't treat it right, to be fair.
Heat stroke is easily avoidable by taking routine breaks and drinking lots of water. Although, if you do not take those breaks out of the heat, you may still get it. And you're likely to still get heat exhaustion, if you aren't careful.

I just started playing this game. Why can't I make my own characters? Why is feminism a trait? Why are 80% of my randomized characters black independent womyn? What the fuck are you people playing?

Yes but they will avoid them if they can. Enemies don't know where they are.

Get the prepare carefully mod if you want to make your own guys.

Rookie mistake, you needed to also build him a 'heaven' to live in

2.5% for your own colonists.

I just downloaded the game.
What should I know before jumping in?

There's a tutorial.
Just keep an eye on your colonists' mood tab and fix things they complain about.

Well, a question: How do I make the colonist work?
I have a 3-person colonize team here, 1 male and a pair of sisters. The male is the only one chopping tree and building shit while the other bitches just hang around doing nothing and eating meals just like real life

Open up the work tab at the bottom and assign them things they can and can't do. You can give them priorities but they're already ordered by urgency so you won't need to worry about that until later. Cutting down trees is plant cutting, I'm pretty sure.

You'll be starting over many times unless you keep excessive save states. Don't get too attached to your first map.

Why is this game's pathfinding so fucking terrible? It feels like a game from 20 years ago with how bad it is.

Pic related, in this courtyard/farm the blue line is a path with flooring from the base door to the exit in the outer wall. In order to haul some dead animals from the northern half of the map, several of the colonists will instead choose the red line through the farm, clearly a worse route as it's across dirt and the crops slow them down even more.

I'm so fucking sick of heat waves coming in early game and there's literally nothing I can do except watch every waste away.

I think the game is trying to tell me something.

I fucking hate colonists who try to commit suicide when they're in a mental break.

The AI is a bit screwy.
I moved all the way across the map from the starting location and my retarded tribe wouldn't haul stuff, even though they had the job for it.
Eventually a bunc of them got infections and I had to reload because they wouldn't go get the damn medicine

Pick a place that's colder. Simple

That's a little extreme, isn't it? Being forced to restrict myself to 20% of the cooler parts of the map isn't my idea of a good thing.

Pick a place that has an average temperature of 21 Celsius. It'll probably have year round growage too

Post colonies.

unless you're playing a tribe, you can make coolers and some kind of generator right at the start. Just slap one in the first room you make and turn it off until you need it. If you really want to give yourself a little more time you can set the start date to be in the last few days of winter.

I started in a temperate place when the temp range is 7-19, and the moment a heat wave comes on the outside temp shoots up to 50+.

Didn't die this time, but all this happened even before I managed to get anything useful set up and I somehow managed to pull through even with 2 bedridden characters.

just install some coolers and keep everyone inside in the cool room until the wave passes

When I mean before anything useful I mean before I got any generators or researched the non-electric cooling source.

What storyteller are you playing with? Randy?

theres no escape from Railgun Keep

JUst started up this game, don't really seem to understand much of it yet.

Yeah, but that event is the only one I have real problems early game with.


My current colony. I am spending way too much time perfecting the rooms.

Do shadows effect solars?

No, as long as it's not under a roof it'll work at full output.

What's up with the 3 layered walls?


I got sick of fighting infestations in 1 tile wide corridors, while the bugs dig instantly through my 1 layer walls. This layout works very well against infestations, I got them 3 times while digging out this base, and I easily dispatched them every time. You can see the megaspiders in food storage. It also visually looks better, I got tired of cramped tunnels in my bases.

Just build wider corridors, goyim.

Current colony.
Still have to build the Hospital (in the south) and the Prison in the east.
The fridge in the Restaurant is a mess.
Got two crop-killing events, and I over-hunted, so there's meat everywhere.
I also gotta remake that coop/brewery.
The coop is too small, and the brewery is not efficient since it can't maintain temperature.
Gotta say, I like the changes to beer-making.

Might slap a drug lab next to the hospital once I'm done.

Why not both?

Good goy.

That indoor temp. Are you putting it over your freezer or something?

Also, how do you set storage spaces for specific food items?

Just have stockpiles that only accept one type of food next to one another, and have them the size you want.

That's a lot nicer than anything I ever make. Mine always just end up being slapped together quickly at the start, and then I always run out of space and everything gets very cramped.

Just go into the storage tab for the stockpile, you can choose what gets put there.

You make no sense.

You're a good goy, and I'm proud of you.

Having a cannibal is wonderful. Just feed him a corpse whenever he is stressed out.

The joke is writing itself here.

my sides

Oi, it's John Flynt.

Is that smooth walls?

Also, we seriously need a recommendation pastebin of sorts for mods.

Are there any mods that enable people to carry a ranged weapon AND a mellee weapon?
That's my only beef now. I've sugested it on their forums a while ago, and it's something I really would like.

Maybe make them have two slots:
And then we're set. Or maybe grenades count as ranged weapon too, and instead of them in the second slot, have some sort of stimpak or other thing.

The main problem comes when they're hunting shit and shit decides it doesn't want to be hunted.
Instead of firing, they keep fleeing from it unless you turn on "fire when not drafted". But turning that one makes them suicidal in case of raids.

This is some of the stupidest fucking shit I've ever seen. He went berserk because HE HAS THE FUCKING FLU AND HE FEELS BAD.

Only time Dwarfs go berserk in DF is if they fail a mood or things are really ,really, really bad. We're talking "ate your own pet to survive and lost your wife and three kids" bad.

Git gud

Yeah, no, fuck you. Go back to Dark Souls if you're going to chant the most insipid meme to come out of video games.

feeling a bit tushy-tussled are we?

Look out, he might go berserk.


You just blow in from 9gag? You even play this game?

Quit bitching, healing bruises doesn't even require medicine.
In other words obtain proficiency

No, Reddit

Isn't that obvious from my formatting?


About as pointless as bitching about videogames.

Is devilstrand just a gigantic ruse? I've never been able to grow it because it gets destroyed by cold snap and blight. I think the furthest I've ever got it was 50% growth.

just unlucky, its best to make a room for them with a sun lamp and a heater/cooler in it depending on the biome, also don't use hydroponics either since it'll add power outages to the list of things that fuck your shit up.

Devilstrand seems like a waste to me. Just make cotton or leather clothing- cotton grows fast and is easy to manage. No research or anything.

So… I believe there is a pregnancy mod out there.

How long until we start making breeding farms?

I haven't made a sunlamp farm yet because I've never had to. I'll have to try it sometime.

I like my farms so I tend to get overflowed with cotton, that's why I keep trying to do devilstrand.

I don't get how that would even work with the way time works in the game currently.
You'd have to play for ages just to end up with a toddler, let alone a proper colonist capable of doing anything.


I'm trying to make mudbricks but I can't find any sand on the map. How do I acquire it otherwise?

Natural resource pit and a quern. Unless of course that's not the thing I'm using.

I've been using the pit, but I can't locate sand. Guess the Quern it is.

I learned in fucking grade school that series power systems are retarded, set them up in parallel and run a line through the wall to the left


thanks mate

if you put walls around the outside of your storage coolers you should be able to remove the roof, just give a door access from inside for maintenance

And here's me thinking she would want to take big loads.


Oh shit I'm retarded, throw that pit on gravel and get that shit to crush it into sand.

rimworld8/v/ mod when

Git gud

Why do scars leave damage and pain? I understand extensive scarring, but my scars never so much as twinge.

my ice fortress


How do I execute people in this game? This nigger has been trying to cuck my mc for 4 fucking days straight.

This is why you shouldn't self-insert.

What you can do is conscript them and order them to shoot at the ground near a person until they die.

I've always kinda hit a wall when playing DF when it came to rolling into creating a military. This game looks like it has a better UI, but how stunted is it compared to all of the feature that DF has?

You don't know how? It's piss easy.

Here mate, let me help you:
Draft someone.
While selecting him, right click the nigger. Choose "arrest". Sometimes he might not want to go. Niggers are niggs like that.
When he's arrested, you can do pretty much anything.

Alternatively since I think this method ceased to be available there's two ways:
a) Make a 3x3 room, slap 4 heaters in there, and toss them up to 200ºC. Then define an area there as "THE OVEN". Then tell that sucker he can only be in the oven.
Once he's in, select the door, and press F. Not only he won't leave (the door is forbidden) but noone will save him too!

Or, if you're not a wastefull cunt:
Got to his health screen. Operations tab.
For maximum profit, do it in this order:
Sell those, and toss his body in the kitchen, make some brownies.

I tried to make a badass war veteran

Thanks user! Time to purge this colony.

Also: get molotovs.
It's my favourite way of killing the flaming homos that appear:
Harder to do, since they get this strange idea of saving him.

How do you deal with heatstroke early game? I just lost my researcher because I don't have the rubber and copper to give each room separate AC.

Very. Your colonists are, effectively, a series of bars that fill and empty.

I don't care if some shithead rejected your marriage offer, fucking save your friend who's bleeding out in a fire!

So they end up burning with him? Good.

Weak. I guess I'll break through DF one of these days.

Wow you really don't have to go so far. Just draft the nigger and have him attack some large carnivore with no gear and he'll go down quick. Even if he wins, just repeat until he dies.

Also, holy shit I just got toxic air to kill off all the animals and eclipse to kill off all my crops, I fucking hate this run.

son you are straight ass rumpled

Incredibly so. So much that I feel it really brings out the game's flaws. The comparison seems to hurt it in my mind.
Good game, otherwise.

Personally, I despise its UI, compared to DF. It's slow, clunky, and rather bothersomely large.
DF's UI is complex looking, but it tells you exactly what it does, and lets you do it insanely fast.

You think that's bad?
When the next raid came, he was "unfortunately" caught in the crossfire.
And by that I mean I didn't have armor vests, so I used the fucker for cover.

After you memorize the hotkeys.
For a new player, you're still looking at a couple of hours to memorize shit.
Some stuff like "b" for build is easy enough.
Handling the military though, that was, is and will always be a clusterfuck.

There's also the mood shit. In Rimworld, you get a nice bar detailing how the guy feels. And a list of factors affecting him (including the duration of those). You also get alerts when someone is unhappy, and serious RED BLINKING BWOINK ALERTS when they're about to break and do something stupid.
In Dwarven Fortress? You get nothing until the dwarf decides beards are food and he must eat his relatives.

The "military" in Rimworld is more like a militia.
You click a guy, right click a weapon on the floor and tell him to hold that gun. That's it.
When a raid comes (or you want to shoot arsonistic pieces of shit) you select the guy, press "R" and you can move them around like your standard RTS. Pretty easy.
Hardest part is getting them the guns, or preparing terrain (cover mechanics and all that jazz).

Then you just press "R" again and he goes back to being a civilian hauling your 135 steel to build pavements instead of coolers for the kitchen.


Nah, even when you haven't, you can see "d: Designate", and easily figure what to press to do what.
It is then easily memorized.

Military UI is shit, though, I will give you that.

Also, in DF, you do get the big marker above their head. Git gud. Possibly, just get glasses.

I had a guy who had everything useful disabled (literally a half of all the skills) but was good at art, he'd just work on sculptures nonstop and then complain about cabin fever.

The problem is he was the brother of one of my most important colonists so I didn't want to kill him.

At least I made some money by selling the shit he made.

Well, DF UI is rather intuitive, I'll give you that too. It's just that it's extensive, and as such, takes a long time to really explore. Between trying out everything and memorizing the hotkeys, a new player will still take a couple hours.

Works if you're watching them directly. Doesn't work when it's 1 in 70, or offscreen.
I remember when one of my dorfs walled himself in with 4 others

Don't pretend that the hotkeys don't make up the majority of the learning process. It's even worse when Toady (occasionally) changes them between builds- I know WHAT I want to do, just not what buttons to press.

Of course, he's always stated the UI is a placeholder until the alpha's over.

It IS tougher to know when an individual Dwarf is having problems especially when they're related to dead friends, families, or pets but, generally speaking, Dwarfs are far more robust than Colonists are, even on the lowest difficulties. is pretty close to the truth. The main reason for tantrum spirals are losses after a siege or failed moods coupled with the destruction of masterpieces.

If he can shoot, you can always have them go out on hunting expeditions. Since shooting really only determines accuracy by a marginal amount, even a zero or one can still do the job.

Just don't load'em for bear unless you don't want them to come back.

Mine was a sherif with 3 in Shooting and 7 in Art.
A fucking sheriff.
I gave him a pistol once, and told him to hunt shit.
He spent a full day shooting at a deer, then fell asleep without hitting a single shot.
The tooltip gave me 0.37% chance to hit.
What kind of sheriff is that?

Even deer and muffalos are not safe this days.
Complete bullshit, they effectively aggro every member of the pack.

Realistic my ass. It makes sense for Muffalo to turn on you in a group, but creatures like Deer, Antelope, or Ibex have a strong flight instinct. A buck might OCCASIONALLY charge you, but even then that usually happens during mating season.

It's also frustrating since you can have a wolf attack a Muffalo calf right next to its mother and she'll do nothing to help it.

It straight up tells you what each button does. Don't act like learning the hotkeys is hard. The only difference from a game like Rimworld, is instead of clicking you look at the letter you need to hit.

I have a guy like that. Apparently he has eye issues.

One of my pet peeves comes from animals killing each other:
>a warg attacks them even though it shouldn't
And this happens for many reasons. Tell a guy to hunt with a minigun. He'll kill 7 animals and bring back one. Or you shoot an ibex dead but start running from a cougar. Ibex stays there.

You ask me, hauling dead animals should be part of the "Hunting" jobs, not hauling.

Have someone with hauling as higher priority.

nigger you can set manual priorities.

Yeah you can. And then you get shit like:

It's stupid. I know I'm nitpicking about this, but it's the whole "Hauling" thing. I don't like how it works in DF or Rimworld. Both are diferent, and by that I mean diferently bad.
No colonist/dorf hauls like a normal person would.

Don't have important guys set to haul. Have your lackeys.

This is why we need a way to prioritize commands, especially building and hauling.

I had my colony fucked by an army of squirrels. Animals are OP, it seems basically impossible to fight against any animal and not take damage if it decides to fight back.

I tend to hunt down beavers in groups of ~4 to get rid of them, and sometimes all 4 spend the entire night shooting at a fucking sleeping beaver and not land a single shot.

at least*

This is a product of how bad the combat system is than anything else. Those skills your colonists have? Just determine chance to hit. Weapon quality and type determines damage, damage type, and speed. Weapon type determines accuracy at distances for ranged weapons.

There's no dodge, parry, or block. If you don't have armor or shields, you're guaranteed to get a nip unless you kill them before they have a chance to close the distance.

Is there a way to split item stacks or something? My doctor keeps feeding people raw potatoes I think because someone is "reserving" the meal stack by walking towards it from who knows where.

So, this is one of those tumblr backstories people were talking about

Is there any mods for manually speccing into skills? I hate randomizing until I got a desirable colonist and having to scrap it because the colonist looks like a whale

Ayup. There's one that's worse, though.

Prepare Carefully.

Cheers, looks exactly like what I need.
Another question though: How do I know which game version I'm using? Top left of the main screen just mentions 0.14.1249 so I assume it's Alpha 14 build 1249?

Yeah, that's A14. If you don't have drugs (other than beer), then you're not on A15.

You can also compare it to the changelog here:

Well shit I should have asked.
If the mod is made for A15 that means it works for both A15 and A15b right?

Then what's the fucking point, holy shit.
I built them thinking "Well, now you can extract resources after mining the whole map and not worry as long as there's power."
It seemed to make sense, since the drills take a fuckload of research to get and are fairly slow to operate.
But nope. Once you "dig" that 3x3 area beneath it, you gotta move that drill elsewhere.

Is there a mod to make them infinite?


I've been stuck with 5 for-fucking-ever, enemy raids keep getting bigger and badder but I've been stuck in the same position. I don't have enough people to do anything because I'm spending 90% of my time dealing with the results of random events and raids that fuck all of my shit up.

I can't remember the last time I got a prisoner, or a crash lander didn't fuck off as soon as I healed them.

You can imprison crash landers and recruit them like you would prisoners.

Shit, I'll have to start doing that. Most of them are shit, but it's better than nothing.

Like user said you have to imprison and recruit, it's retarded. Also stop hoarding wealth you're not immediately going to use or trade for something, leave those ores undug until you need to have them, etc. Wealth makes the raids bigger.

Another interesting thing is you can make enemy tribes non-hostile by releasing enough of their prisoners healthy. I started with a hostile tribe and 2 hostile pirate gangs on my map, and eventually maxed out relationship with the tribe by capturing a bunch of their people and healing them up, then releasing them. +15 rep per prisoner, that's pretty generous. I experienced multiple benefits from this:

Pirates can't be dealt with this way, but it's all fair game. Also, tribals are VERY difficult to recruit, most of them have 90+ recruitment difficulty, I assume it's because muh loyalty. Pirates are much easier, their difficulty floats in the 50-60 range. Crashed people usually are in the 30-50 range.

Is there a way to somehow strike back at the pirates? I've killed dozens of those assholes, but they're only coming in greater numbers. Wish I could somehow send my guys to ransack their base in return.

Well, this is interesting. I am not entirely sure how the indoors temperature is calculated, but this room gets warmed up by something. As you can see, it's entirely isolated from the outside world and its only exit is into the freezer. It's -8C in the freezer. I opened the door and waited for temperatures to equalize, then closed the door, and temperature rose in the battery room again. Either batteries generate heat, or rooms are somehow linked to ambient temperature no matter how isolated from the outside they are. It's about 12C outside, and the temperature in the room stabilizes at about 4C.

Nigga ofcourse batteries generate heat.
You´re also supposed to keep them cooled as they lose efficiency the higher the room temperature.

Actually, they don't. I had a cold snap, and the temp in the room dropped to outside temperature.

well fuck me then


I got malaria for 2 of my people on the first couple days, and then 2 other people shortly after the first had healed.

Terraforming is the most infuriatingly slow processes in the fucking game. It takes exactly a YEAR for a moisture pump to expand to its full radius.

This is why you grow xerigum(or whatever the herbal medicine crop is now) ASAP along with your food crop.

I need recommendation for mods.

I'm still playing A14, but I would like to update soon.

Here is what I'm using:
Community Core Library
DE Surgeries
ed embrasures
edb prepare carefully
expanded mprosthetics and organ
medical training
medieval shields
more vanilla turrets
expanded traits

In my opinion, more vanilla turrets makes the game too easy. It's your prerogative to play with it, of course, but emplacements mow down HORDES of enemies no problem.


15b mods where?

What the fuck lad

My favorite part of this game is setting up ridiculously overpowered defenses and watching hordes of tribals suicide charge machinegun nests.

steam workshop downloader

Holy shit this nigger
Permanent -22 morale, and she's 50% of my manpower right now.

You and me both.


You left the floors unpaved.

But I agree, the way swarms work now is just a bullshit knee-jerk reaction nerf against deeply embedded bases.

Two people got the flu twice in less than a season. Spoiler: That's not how diseases work.

I'm pretty sure they appear on paved floors and mixed habitats.

Hell, it's an un-needed nerf that punishes something that's already hugely time consuming. Colonists aren't Dorfs- they mine slowly and need their comforts right away. To dig out a mountainhome, you have to spend days just tunneling in the dark, making your miners cranky. Even then, the area will need cleaning and smoothing and hauling to make it livable.

By contrast, you can build a wooden home in a single day with two constructors. An outdoor base will be finished weeks ahead of a cave base.

Having your base on a mountain is significantly easier than building out in the open though, because you can prevent hostiles from 3 of 4 sides.

This is the first time I've ever seen this. Fucking idiots.

I'm the guy that uploaded it to vola so you can fuck off. I was also go to help you more and offer to throw whatever mods you wanted on vola. Try being less of a fag to someone trying to help you in the future.

Kind user, if you would post a pack of your favorite steam only mods I would very much enjoy the experience.
You fucking faggot

Oh, the floors can prevent this? Thanks.

They can't.

There's one problem I have in rimworld.
So if you read the lore, you learn about all of the different worlds in rim world, "transcendent" worlds, "glitter" worlds, etc.
My problem with this is why aren't we on the vastly more interesting transcendent worlds, or the glitter worlds. Surely if you make lore for a game, the game should happen during the most interesting part of the lore!


I only play in -80°C and -20 Avg, so there is no wood. A cozy snow world.
Its only possible if I spawn with wood for emergency fires, enough steal for a geoplant and a few hydros… and enough rations to survive the first 8 days, since there is always a disruptions right away, which kills the plants, on chillout medium.

Have to say, I love the way you designed your base. You should make a cross out of blue carpets in the center room of your hospital. And you can also use moisture pumps to SLOWLY get rid of that marsh (unless you keep it for AESTHETICS).

Those worlds are interesting lore-wise, but less so gameplay-wise.
Rimworlds present a challenge. An harsh, cruel challenge. That can easily turn into gameplay with tools to overcome obstacles and shit.

Glitterworlds would be a massively diferent game, same for transcendent one's too.

I'm not saying those wouldn't be interesting too. They'd just be a diferent sort of game, that's all.

Most still need to update but I will get on it when they are ready.
You lazy bastard

I want to keep most of the areas, maybe place pumps around when I research them to square out the marshy areas.

They're useful though. Our negotiator, Kent, is a useless fuck except for fishing and negotiations, so he keeps us fed on crawdads from the marshes.

Rather, kept us fed, I mean.

Tynan the Creator

So do ancient cryo caskets EVER disgorge anything good or friendly? I mean, you have to fight your way past mechanoids in an enclosed environment just to break in- you'd think it'd be worthwhile instead of unleashing a team of killers.

The first time I opened some there were 4 neutral dudes that popped out, unfortunately 2 were already dead and the other two were in need of medical attention,

Sure, I have nine colonists, but they're fucking WARGS. I hope they go after the hens, first.

I usually make a funnel with traps and turrets. Was way more effective than I had hoped, until one of the insectoids blew himself up at point blank with a rocket launcher.

I don't get how you guys manage to get so big.
For me, I am lucky to get more than five colonists. Otherwise, everyone's dying to this or that, going berserk, or just getting murdered by endless streams of raiders and beasts.

Oh, or dying to heatstroke. Fuck heatstroke.

I've had 2 manhunting packs of wargs of 40+ each in a row, at 9 colonists.

I don't get why people have issues with this. It takes 1 cooler to make a liveable temperature, I didn't even get problems when playing in a jungle/rainforest/whateveritis map where temperatures get up to 55+ degrees during heat waves.

You can even make dusters and cowboy hats to increase heat tolerance if you live in a warm climate. And make sure to unequip any tuques since people seem to love to put them on.

Oh and I tend to move a hospital bed into my refrigerator if someone gets a badly heat stroke.

Two things:
Tribal starts have literally nothing they can do to mitigate heat. You have to research better clothing options and you'll probably be dead before it finishes.

One of the comprehensive mods makes coolers require rubber and copper, making it more difficult to make them early on. I'm using that one and it's created some trying difficulties controlling temperatures early game.

How the hell does the fauna survive on a planet where the temperatures swing from -20 C to 50+ C in one location?

dont number the thread faggot. theres been far more than 3 threads but because your web2.0 ass wants to number them we suddenly have to endure this shit? no numbering the thread faggot shot stain cunt


he wasn't complaining

No, but other people have, such as the first person I replied to.

First one I ever did had people in need of medical attention and dead bodies in it.

Thought that was neeato. Next time I found one I opened it up and my new colony that was only a few days old got murdered by robots and bugs.

The first room I ever opened only had a hive and those small bugs in it, so I thought they were relatively safe.

Next map I just opened all rooms at once after I had a small colony going, and got swarmed with tank bugs and aliens. So that was a nice 2 days of irl time wasted. I started savescumming when I got fucked over by bullshit in my 3rd map.

any good mods other than prosthetics, rimsenal, and edb?

Are you looking for gameplay changers, or just nice to have? Most of the mods I use are quality of life improvements.

Are any drugs worth using? It almost seems like the benefits are not worth the effort of researching and making them.

Not that guy, but I'd love some gap-fillers.
I hate the way research feels, for one. Jumps straight to fancy jazz, and is way too slow otherwise.

How to rise the temperature of the room in Rimworld to over 200°C?

I need it for ehm ehm "science" project for my colonists

well, make sure you insulate the walls, make them two thick, maybe even three thick. Then heaters and fireplaces, or a steam vent in the room should warm it up.

Don't know how warm it'll get though.

Are there any mods that make use of water other than muh pump?

Last time i just closed the small cave with a pair of door and threw some molotovs inside

But im thinking about something more efficient

Does the entire wall have to be two blocks thick to insulate something? I'm asking because coolers need to have a block on either side so you can't have a second layer going all the way around. So does having everything but that one block insulate almost as well?

Don't even need a heater, just put a cooler in reverse.

That also helps you cool down rooms next to it.

You can put a gap and then a vent to the outside for the block with a cooler on it.

With a heater you can put it inside the room without having to have access to the outside, without losing heat through the walls.

the surrounding rooms affect the temperature somewhat, so heating up any rooms next to it might help.

No matter what I did, I couldn't push the temperature above about 108C. I tried 2 layers with 16 heaters in the outer layer, and 3 layers with 8 heaters in each of the outer layers as you can see in the pic. Here, the outermost layer is at about 80C, the central is about 95C and the innermost one is about 105-108C.

Try digging a cave and trowing molotovs inside then closing the doors, worked for me and i was able to cook bugs inside without risking lives of my colonists

A small enclosed area that I had two coolers facing outwards to reached 100C easily, give that a try maybe.

Also don't use wood?

100C is easy to reach, but it seems like heaters don't go much higher above that.

I don't have any molotovs, unfortunately. Is there any other way to purposely set shit on fire? I was thinking of digging out a room, stuffing it with cloth and leather, and igniting that, but I have no method of ignition.

Wooden floors
But i have no idea how to instigate fire remotely


None of those have ever been on my map. It's a boreal forest, and most of the vegetation died out by now, and there's very little fauna left.

Well you can try wiring a billion solar panels to a single battery to overload it.

You could always craft an incendiary launcher on a machining table.

how the fuck do i git gud
i'm always trying to start off in the icy areas for a bigger challenge
but growing food there is a lot more difficult, there's hardly any animals to hunt, and my colonists often die from freezing
even if we have a somewhat steady flow of food and heat, eventually someone goes insane and starts setting the place on fire, or a fucking polar bear comes out of nowhere and kills everyone

My workers refuse to roof buildings. I don't know why. Maxing construction in priority doesn't seem to work. It's starting to seriously piss me off, as things blow up because there's a tiny square left over that these little shits didn't take care of.

Did you expand a build roof area over a problematic part? Also, it may be too far away from supports - remember, roofs are only supported 6 tiles from the nearest wall, and it's not a square pattern.

Yeah. It's a proper full room. They just won't finish it for some reason.

Mind you, I can 'prioritize' roofbuilding. So I know the shits can do it. But this is the third building, now, that I had to take care of myself because they couldn't be arsed to do it when making the damn thing.

Try manually prioritizing works and throw Construction to top priority on a few colonists.

Is there any other building left to do? They do the roofing and unroofing as pretty much the last priority in the building work type. You can get the Worker Tab mod to set the priorities more precisely.

Floors, but that's about it.
I've set the worker lot to one, but they're still painfully slow at it. What's more, I swear I see them doing other shit first.
I'm starting to wonder if there's some resource cost or something.

I guess you have to rush for warm clothing, you'll also need to vent heat properly and make sure everyone is happy by putting a stick in the ground and letting them throw horseshoes at it.

Or beer, that works.

I need to stop building with wood.

Well there go all those roofs.

Build into a mountain, your only worries will be your underground neighbors. On every map I tend to make the most use out of the rocky outcroppings, even if it isn't a mountainous map.

Also holy hell, could you not even be bothered to make steel/stone support beams? Well, lesson learned my friend, lesson learned.

Stone takes stupidly long to gather. Wood's nice and fast.
STeel would've worked, though. But, I usually need that.

What are you talking about? You're surrounded by rocks. If you don't research stonecutting ASAP, you deserve to have everything burn down around you.

It takes stupidly long to cut, and then you don't get much from it. It's also a pain to haul over.
Then you also have the construction time.

On that note, most things in this game take stupidly long. Research, one of the worst offenders.

Yea, at first. Once you got an experienced stonecutter, its not so bad. And the longer construction time is trade-off for not having your entire settlement burn down when a boomrat farts. Wood is for temporary structures, while you transition to stone or metal. Raiders can set your buildings on fire, how long did you think you would last?

None of the experience seems to work fast enough to matter when I need it.
Best bet is to have someone already high skill, if you are lucky.

I had hoped it would last until I had the numbers to actually have a dedicated stone cutter,

Well, this isn't a "Should I use stone or not?" kind of deal, its more a "Do I want my entire settlement to burn down at once?" kind of question. And you don't want a dedicated anything, optimally all your colonists would be good at everything, so they can swap jobs as the need arises. This isn't dorf, this is a survival game turned RTS.

make a new thread


I mostly just don't want to wait a full month for basic buildings. Mining works, but that just feels like cheating, you ask me.
Maybe I should just find a way to boost learning/action speed or something.

I disagree, I always try to have someone who is dedicated to cooking and cleaning, and ideally also health care. Someone else needs to prioritize growing/harvesting crops, and then I try to have someone do mostly crafting.

It's especially important to train your crafting guy, because their skill will determine the quality of your equipment.

nigget it takes ages to mine out shit

just build large buildings inbetween or in the side of rock formations, you´d use less building material for more usable room

holy hell I just recruited the most OP character I've ever seen

Aside those stats, fast walker increases movement speed, and sanguine gives permanent +12 mood

everyone suddenly stopped hauling shit instead just literally standing around doing nothing but eat

starting a new map
get a new recruit "man hater" "perk"
place order for 4 parkas as winter is coming
every character suddenly makes their own 4 parkas
manhater is bitching at the only guy that happens to be the only non pacifist (chief)
shit quickly get beat in
manhater is a pacifist
manhater goes berserk
mahhater kills the 2 other pacifist females
manhater has calmed down
have 2 half finished parkas that i cant seem to interact with
chief finishes his last parka
i now have 8 parkas of shit quality for 2 colonists
HEat WAve

you forgot le meme arrows m8

Where's the link to ver 15c?

Didn't notice it came out. I'll throw in on vola.

Linux and wangblows are up.


Friendly fire of guns is killing me.
Just had one of my lads straight up headshot my best soldier. With a fucking pistol, well out of the line, a good ways away.

>all it really has is yorkshires and yorkshire meat

I can only imagine this guy's journey

Buy all the eggs, make an army of battle ostriches.

I'm tempted to start a colony with this one just to see how long it takes to fail

what the fuck am I looking at?

Pretty sure going deeper into mountains gives a cooling effect.

fill a room with stools and throw a molotov at it then lock the doors. Alternatively you can build a room around those fallen cursed ship parts with a one tile gap, an inner wooden wall, and outer stone wall with a stone door then shoot the ship part and throw a molotov into the room and lock the door. Ayys will spill out and the temp will rise into the thousands as the wooden walls catch fire and the stone ones stay intact, melting the ayybots to death.

build your starting room around a geyser and enjoy that sweet free heat. You could farm in there too if the room is warm and well lit enough.

I wanted streets and to be able to build into squared portions of the landscape, so I created an industry of mudbricks to do so that, up until I finally moved everybody except the medical staff out of the valley, was the only thing some of them did. Another few colonists did the construction, and only construction for the entire time they lived, switching out only when they died to some cause or another (gut worms was a death sentence in Gyorum) with new blood that would be coerced into joining the great city.

It was partly laziness. With the need for mudbrick, I needed all the storage space I could get so there was a central place to grab and go and it wasn't just sitting around everywhere. To conserve that space, I didn't need as much food in the beginning, so I zigzagged all the crops so I could still produce enough food, but still have enough space for mudbrick. Once I realized food was going to need to be increased, I just expanded the size of them and left most of the utility crops alone.

Except they didn't do what they normally do and just include and expand the original zone. Instead, it made smaller ones between the lines. At the time it wasn't really that important, and I didn't ever bother fixing it, because nobody seemed to mind.

Base is going pretty good, but I've run plum out of parts. Gotta make them by hand, now, which takes forever, and locks up my best crafter.

IS there a way to stop my colonists from walking on landmines?
I tried building a faster route next to the lot, but they don't seem to care much.


Have you tried making specific zones that exclude the mine area to restrict your colonists to?

Eh, I don't really want them not to walk around the area, though. I guess I could, though. Or, alternatively, make the work area the entire map.

Incidentally, do bugs ever attack, or do they just stay in their holes?

Everything attacks. If you mean what this user went through then yes. Better prepare for that shit.

No, I mean, will the ones in the old mine that I don['t use any more attack me, eventually?

If they're a predator then there's a chance they'll hunt one of your dudes or animals, if they're neutral most of the time then there's still a chance they'll go mad. I haven't had too much interaction with bugs though to know 100% what they do.

They're not exactly neutral. They charge anyone they see. But, they don't attack outside their cave, at least. Do some mining as well, strangely. Maybe if I leave them be, it could help me from raiders. Who knows.

Putting all this together is a bit of a pain, as it seems I am missing or otherwise unable to find a large chunk. Plus, it looks like most of it don't work for 15.

I tried starting a colony with a medieval lord + some other shit that allowed her to only do the most honourable and classy things, such as battle, animal training, hunting, and research. It was actually pretty fun for RP reasons – I designated her a monarch of the colony, gave her the best bedroom and the like, kept her out of harm's way.

Those niggers are tough as FUCK m8

You want to cull the herd or eradicate them while they´re small.

Fucking easymode just tame an army of animals.

Block off ALL cave entrances with a vent leading out of one of the blockades. Build a second room, big enough for enough fires to crank your entire cave system up to roasting, build all of those fires, have your people light them all at once and run out the other end of the room (should be a full wall of all doors, or all autodoors even), and wait for them to be kill.

based friendly xenos