It's really inspiring to see members of the blind community and even some people declared brain-dead haven't let their...

It's really inspiring to see members of the blind community and even some people declared brain-dead haven't let their disabilities get in their way, and are now playing this game with the rest of us.

Nice try


I thought it was template but now I get it.


Peeking outside and roaming are cancer on most maps, but Favela was designed for roaming, so why can't you peek outside? Get the wrong room and a thatcher and it is impossible to defend.


Yeah, that's sure how lighting works Ubisoft

it's a free win for attackers

The night maps are actually better since you can actually see outside, plus with ambient occlusion enemies are incredibly easy to spot outside as well.

I'd be fine with the fucked up lighting as a temporary thing, but after 3 seconds the room should then light up and everyone's eyes would adjust

Just a thing I noticed, but me and a friend started doing hot breaches with Sledge and Buck, standing on hatches and falling into the room, chucking grenades as we fall, and it is surprisingly effective. Then we saw other people start doing it too, to the point that now if I use a tactic, I also have to prepare to counter against it. Anyone else experience this

This reminded me

Has anyone else run into this new meta of defenders intentionally blowing out all the trap doors to make unsuspecting attacks far down a floor?

It's a big prank that ive gotten caught by before

Just got this game for cheap on Craigslist. Haven't done much but Terrorist Hunt and that CQC training mission.

Don't play it, sorry to say but you wasted your money for an overrated game, just uninstalled it.
Team killing is a huge problem that they've provided a "solution" for by basically banning you for a tiny amount of time for killing huge amounts of teammates. Servers are shit and hit detection is lame. Everything about this game was over hyped, it's not even a rainbow six game, just slapped tom clancys name on some garbage. Terrorist hunt and cqc training gets very boring very fast and the story sucks, (if there even is a story).
Heres what pushed me to delete the game.

stick to ranked because people that play casual are blind as fuck
shouting build a wall into the mic as you barricade boosts team morale
the situations suck but you should play them all to git gud
unlock sledge first because he's good but hardly anyone plays him
don't worry if you unlock the wrong thing because you get shitloads of ubisoft funbux anyway

game is good, but the problems bring up are true as well. It is still worth getting into though, it's really fun in my opinion. Once you put a good 20 hours or so and stick to ranked you'll be fine.

Yikes. I'll be on the lookout, user. I'm just trying to take breaks from playing too much halo 5

Heh, I'll be sure to shout that when I play. Still gotta unlock like five other operators though. Shouldn't take too long.

Will do, thanks.

I stopped playing at Plat3/Diamond rank before the HUEHUE operators were released, have patches made it any better? Are the BRBRs overpowered?

I think they both have OP pistols that down almost instantly but can't insta-kill, but it doesn't matter if they're in your sights because you can just shoot them again.

They fixed a lot of problems, including nerfing the semi-autos and adding a goddamn anticheat.
Caveria's high-risk, high-reward and Capitao's bow's really goddamn good, but I wouldn't say overpowered.

You can't play as terrorists.

Does anyone think there's a chance they'll add more shit after the SAT operators are out? Like a season two or something?


I unlocked Fuze for first attacker, Pulse for first defender
Did I dumb?

Pick who you enjoy.

Directional facing shields in a game with clientside hit detection is a bad mechanic from the git go

Caivera is decent, and she chainkills well if you get an earlygame solo kill

But none of them come close to Blackbeard's strength

Theres more players now than at release.

If they do theres a good chance they're gonna sell it for real money


As long as you act responsibly on a hostage match it's fine.