ITT: Games about sailing or otherwise exploring large bodies of water

ITT: Games about sailing or otherwise exploring large bodies of water.


One time I harpooned a pirate canoe and dragged him across the ocean

Anything pre 2007?

Wind Waker

Pirate games

Man o War: Corsair
it's in early access so pirate/wait

Is that the Warhammer Fantasy one?

Risen 3, Subnautica, Ass Creed 4, Aquaria, Endless Ocean/Everblue, Aquanox and ecco the dolphin


Is this game really good for that? I've only played the first two AC games and I hated them, so I'm a bit weary of going back to the series.

That's all it's good for


>yfw there are more mainline AC games tha Final Fantasy games

Black Flag really was its own game then Ubi bought the rights to it and made the devs slap the AC shit over it

Black Flag is pretty fun when it comes to the ship part. You can also play Rogue. I honestly prefer AssCreed III for reasons I don't even know, but it also has ships.


This song always makes me sad for some reason

Thanks, I'll definitely check it out then. Was there any reason why they decided to turn a pirate game, of all things, into an AC game? That'd be like turning Ace Combat into Metal Gear, wouldn't it?

Sailing in asscreed 4 was comfy as fuck. I don't think I even finished the game after I got past the story gated content.

Just hours and hours of the open sea.

Kind of a shame they don't let you switch ships tho.

Arguably a pretty fun game when you aren't doing another fucking tailing mission and just sailing around, discovering islands, diving for buried treasure, and capturing ships like a randy dandy pirate.

Really, it's worth playing only because it provides a good pirate experience that no other game seems able to nail, even if it's kind of shallow.

I long for a game that takes Black Flag's premise and polish and adds tons of depth. Managing your crew's morale, maybe some more RPG elements, several ships to pilot, etc.

Sadly this game will probably never be.

I remember seeing a mod or something on Steam that was like Mount and Blade total conversion about piracy. I don't remember it's name, let alone if it's any good, but Mount and Blade pirates sounds like it'd be fun as fuk.



Well you know what they say user, if you want something done right, you better do it yourself.

That isn't quite true.

Im waiting for the right time user…
I need a little better credit, and I will be taking out a small loan to get started someday. Hopefully next year….but that means I will need to move back in with my parents

Blood and Gold Caribbean. I bought it on a sale for $5 or so, for $5 it's pretty fun and definitely worth it as it's like a cross of Sid Meier's Pirates and the original Mount and Blade in standalone form. If you're looking for less about randy dandy oh and more about vikingr, Viking Conquest (also bought that one for $5) for Mount and Blade Warband is pretty good.

The shanties in AC 4 made the game feel comfy as fuck. A shame not many other games have shanties in them.


Just remember to fill your game with normalfag baiting buzzwords to get it to sell, you'll be swimming in the cash in no time

'Open world' 'survival' 'crafting' 'simulator'

Or you can just send Pewdiepie an early copy.

Or you can just suffer through it penniless like a fucking man.

There is Subnautica like that if you like first person underwater exploran with survival open world mechanics. If you're looking for more open world sim, there's the Silent Hunter series IV is probably your best bet even though V allows you to walk around the ship completely and if you want open world nonlinear first person ships and don't care much about realism there's From the Depths though it's in Early Access and constantly goes on sale for $4-$6 a copy compared to $20 on Steam for various ship games.

I've been on Holla Forums(s) since 2008…I don't think I could live with myself if I had any of those.

And I damn sure wouldn't do early access

10 out of fucking 10

I want the same too user, but in space.
You put your ship on autopilot to the planet you're trading your goods with, put on some jazz and go around your comfy ship petting your dog with a bionic leg and go chill in the hammock or enhance your skills in crafts or combat or some shit until an emergency alert forces you to fight space pirates.

Basically I just want a Cowboy Bebop simulator.

We all want this

As for space, I want that too, but I'm just gonna wait till 2018 and put on my own music for star citizen
I hope someone makes some comfy mods

It looked good and Ubi wants that money for sure.
Thing is, story is pretty good too, I really liked all the characters and if you get it you should definitely finish it.
A lot of the padding filler missions are pure dogshit, though, so if you can suffer through them you'll find some gold.

I ended up boycotting Ubi in the end after Unity was so shit, but AC4 gave me a bit of hope at least

AssCreed 4 if you want to sail in the tropical sea
AssCreed Rouge if you prefer colder waters

Sea Dogs 2

I don't know about the first one, but in the second one you can explore the ship in first person, but only the deck, you can't go inside.


I chuckled.


Yes, that's one of the best examples. Contrary to poular belief: there's a lot to do in the open seas like explore submarines, raid watchtowers, smack those pink goblins over the edge with the hammer, and fight giant squids and the tornado god.