Since new mangagamer rance is still 4 months away lets have a thread about VN's with SRPG frosting or actual *fun*...

Since new mangagamer rance is still 4 months away lets have a thread about VN's with SRPG frosting or actual *fun* gameplay at all

I can recommend daibanchou, bunny black and utawarerumono
Grimoire a shit

Any recent EVN with a good plot?

Play football manager

Man Kamidori sure is fun.



Fucking how? There's like two choices and you only get the loli by ignoring the other two. Or am I remembering wrong?

you need to do some shitty forest quest our you get locked into "true" route and that is the bitchy loli

A really popura anime

I did it fucking twice?
holy shit
Its fucking working

You have to recruit two optional characters.

That's news to me. I thought both choices would always appear by default since it always happened to me.

Nah. You have to recruit Uya and Melodiana to get on the Yuela route or Crayl and Suina to get on the Elftits route because they're relevant to the route's plot. Same reason certain characters' recruitment side quests become main quests depending on the route.


Never read Grisaia, but I take it that girl has some kind of daddy issues and that's why she's at the retard school?

What program would be good for making something like sengoku rance and big bang age?

She got kidnapped as a kid and her dad came to save her. He got shot right in front of her. The kidnappers left her there with her dead dad for a few days until she was rescued. Shit fucked her up in the head, can you imagine being locked in a small room with your dead fathers corpse is starting to rot? It's even worse when you realize who ordered the kidnapping and killing of her dad. Grisaia is pretty fucked up

I've been meaning to play Big Bang Age for a while, since I heard it's as good as or even better than SR.

Bunny Black is another good one, but the second one is too grindy for me. I'm still slogging through it whilst waiting for the third one.

Not even close, but its pretty fun

nope nope nope

I'm seeding the ab torrent with 500/500 FTTH

Could never get into daibanchou, strongly disliked the gameplay.

Wil's a tank/utility character. The girls are your damage chars. Fish guy is a tank, the two demons are good, uretha fox is pretty good, but the rest are mostly average from what I can remember. Clay golem and dragon are joke tier, a bunch of other units are also really bad.

Do every quest you can before changing chapters. The only quests you don't really need to worry about on your first or second playthrough are the ones that require like 50 materials in 30 days - those you can ignore.

I played both BBA and SR blind, only knowing they were porn games with gameplay elements. SR was amazing after 4-5 turns, BBA was a fucking chore all the way through.

Too bad the tone can't stay consistent because Deus Ex Military Training. Hell they can't even make the timeline work for the MC

Daily reminder we have:

You should visit them and share links, games and what not.

holy shit so many unfinished games are killing my dick


Any remake on Sengoku Rance is going to be shit



The problem with these games is that they are long and grindy but you can't take a long break while playing them.

I think I'm gonna like this game.

I started a thread there on 2015 and its still alive and have 12 posts

If you like her, no, you don't


I mean, she is the worst character anyways, the game is full of proper female characters to make up for her

pls no
If she really is shit then I guess it doesn't matter

I was joking, Kou is loved by most of the rance fans, her rape shitstorm remains to this day

but don't worry, after that happens she turn into a playable character, a fucking useless one

Also, the ONLY negative point of SR is that the best girl have no sex scenes, just a topless one

Just started Seinarukana (porn version not the steam one of course), bretty fun, it even have native controller support for maximum comfy

Suggesting H-Games:
Big Bang Age
Pictured in the OP. My only complaint is that it has too much content.
It would take half a dozen playthroughs to see it all, and if you wanna see it all then you need to master going through all the motions so you can line everything up perfectly just to get the event to play out while still managing to fend off warring nations.

Tears to Tiara
Not great, but it's a neat take on an RTS/RPG hybrid. Doesn't take itself overly serious, either.

Eien no Eselia
A really cool RPG/Strategy game with high difficulty. I honestly forget it's even an H-game at times. It's too easy to get lost in the gameplay and end up blazing through the story so you can get to the next gameplay segment.
It has a really cool cast and story at that. A really underappreciated gem.

And of course, Sengoku Rance shouldn't have to be mentioned.
The rest of the Rance series is also worth a look if you like dungeon crawlers.
Admittedly never played the Rance games that came out after Sengoku Rance so I have no opinion on those.

Monster Girl Quest is arguably not even a game until maybe the third part since most of the 'fights' are more like puzzles with RNG elements. I will say that there's a reason people love it so much, though.
Violated Hero is like Monster Girl Quest in theme: You fight monster girls and hope to not get raped by them. I can't help but compare the two but they're very different beasts. Violated Hero is a straight-up sex romp that doesn't try to be anything it isn't, but there's some decent-enough gameplay in it and the H-scenes are awesome.

Maeda Keiji struck the finishing blow on Xavier in my first playthrough and it was A.B.A.P.

Does Omachi even get a topless scene? I hope you're not referring to Ran "Worst Girl" Maru.

Bitch please, she was the only girl that didn't fall for the hyperweapon

Are there any VN's that sort of feel like the entry level shonen animes?

Big Bang Age

Why hello newfriend! You seem lost!