Fast, difficult and precise platformers

I like these types of games. Dustforce(SS'd everything but yotta difficult), SMB(only thing remaining is The Guy's world), The Guy, Gaiden(both finished), Boshy(quit at one specific jump in the castlevania world), Cloudbuilt(too casul for supercharged), Deadcore, SEUM, Bionic Commando Rearmed(all but the last three secret challenges 5 star'd), these very high difficulty platformers that take so much tries to perfect but when you finally do it's such an amazing truimph and rush. Are there any more of these types of games? I've played Wings of Vi, it didn't feel good to play at all. I also tried out Valley but it feels more like A Story About My Uncle or Lemma type relaxed game with some sick movement mechanics. As odd as it sounds I want to play more of the I Wanna Be The X type of games if possible. I know they're poorly made, poorly tested asset stealing hackjobs but there's a certain charm to them, like they're made not for fun or money but to give the player as much grief and challenge as possible even if the challenge is absolutely ridiculous(seriously what is up with that eyeball in Boshy's castlevania world? And that sonic fight was some serious ass whooping) and I like seeing the hackjobs of old or new games. In fact I'd like to see a 3D version of these types of games attempted complete with stolen assets from like Ninja Gaiden Black and Vanquish and the like. Also feel free to discuss these games and showing off your cheevos, call these games or any specific one shit discussing these types of games or whatever. Did I happen to miss any 3D platformers of this type besides Cloudbuilt, SEUM and deadcore?

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Well, it's not exactly what you are looking for but there's this mobile game called Fotonica.

What's up with Loom?

The point and click? Could you have been referring to Lumo? I like that game but it's not really what I'm looking for, sorry.

Read his email.

At least 20 years before you were born, there was a glut of games like this on home computers, which at the time were still in a state that only evangelist fanboys will advocate for. Like a lot of the platformers you mentioned, it's not your skill that will bring you to complete it, but your memorization of the course. There is no need for problem solving or critical thinking and games like these will in fact punish you for applying those skills here.

TL,DR: you're jacking yourself off to an elaborate game of Simon.

You mean the latest masterpiece of fantasy storytelling from Lucasfilm's™ Brian Moriarty™? Why it's an extraordinary adventure with an interface on magic… stunning, high-resolution, 3D landscapes… sophisticated score and musical effects. Not to mention the detailed animation and special effects, elegant point 'n' click control of characters, objects, and magic spells. Beat the rush! Go out and buy Loom™ today!

oh, sorry.

Well, I guess I got the "call these games shit" part out of the way

The nightmares are starting again… Hold me!

But that is still a skill.

I didn't call them shit, I explained why they're not that good relative to their overwhelming praise. I even pointed to an alternative in Simon.

Memorizing patterns in the manner of Super Meat Boy is just Simon on a computer screen with some slapped-together graphics. F-Zero GX is not a good example along with any racing game with a single-player time attack mode.

Why, it's just memorization?

I don't know man. I just really like being asked to go fast in relatively difficult environments and enemies, bosses, etc. I know it's about memorization of the level, but it's the putting that to use and executing it perfectly is what really tickles my fancy.
Also I kind of hoped the thread would start off with recommendations

Memorization isn't strictly needed for racing games. If it was, most players would end their first game in complete failure. Have you even played an F-Zero game before?

Yes I have, and if you don't memorize the track and and where boosts are, you're toast.

Oh yeah I should probably mention I've also played the two Jumper games(first is near impossible to me, finished the second) and N. I see N++ is out but I haven't tried it yet.

I'd suggest the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, which was compiled in a collector's disc for the Saturn and the original PlayStation, along with emulated versions on the Capcom Classics Collection on Xbox, PS2, and PSP. Don't settle for the NES conversion of Ghosts, or the Genesis conversion of Ghouls, play the arcade versions.

We must have played different games, because I remember acing the first four tracks on my first circuit on the original on the SNES. The fifth, I got third place. By your logic, the game should've been unplayable for me and anyone else until we memorized the track.

You need good reaction time and good timing on your boosts, but memorization is not a requirement for F-Zero or practically any other racing game worth a damn.

Needing good memorization doesn't mean the game is unplayable without it. You can get through a lot of Super Meat Boy levels on first try. I only have X and GX but memorization is the reason why it possible to react on certain tracks and get better times.




You've played the rest, now it's time to play the best.

Already done. I don't know why but getting to unlock different colored ninjas was the coolest thing to me at the time.
Is N++ any good?

Does Ori and the Blind Forest fit the bill?

I guess for me it falls more into the relaxed game with great movement mechanics like Valley or Lemma or Story About My Uncle, Still a really fun game though.

Have I got a treat for you.

It's N, you know it's good. The 2000+ new levels should easily be enough to pique your interest. It's still on the vola if you want it.

I'm not a shill, I just really like these games

prinny and prinny 2

I can't tell if it's sarcasm or not, only watched Rockcock64
Still I honestly think would have enjoyed SMB more if it was more "pure", so to speak. Like I didn't have to sit through the animation of the warpzones or have those ridiculous lives for the warp zones even though they serve nothing except waste you some more time seeing how many lives you've got left and sitting through the warpzone animations again. I think I enjoyed the flash Meat Boy(the one on newgrounds, with the actually good salt factory music) more because of that.

brb downloading

Congratulations, a retard is you.

I never mentioned timing, just memorization as a prerequisite for completing the game. Are you literate?

Sorry user I don't really trust pirated games that use this. Gave me a bunch of trouble with steamworld heist. Guess I'll have to wait for another N++ torrent or god forbid buy it. Also is it a pre release version? Zip file says version 0.86

Like I said, I really enjoy putting the memorization to use and pulling it perfectly.

Oh god I'm retarded it's says 08.5

N is like the Doom of hardcore platformers, it's polished to a mirror shine, has perfect physics and platforming, and a retarded amount of content and replayability. Why the fuck would you not buy it?

Again, I never said it to be a non-factor in gameplay.

Try an iwbtg game, lots of good ones out there.
I play a lot of them

Off the top of my head

Needle games (no shitty traps, just platforming, sometimes bosses)
Not another needle game
I wanna be the 3200min
I wanna celebrate 100

'Boshy types' (no branching paths, but lots of cool bosses and platforming segments)
I wanna kill the kamilia 2 and 3 (really hard ones)
I wanna run the marathon (just came out, super cool)
I wanna be the coop (2 player online!)

Classic style
I wanna be the fangame (pretty much the first good fangame)
(Only one i could think of sorry)

It's got a few more puzzle elements than the other things people have posted, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mushroom 11. It's a unique lol buzzwords sort of platformer that takes real speed and precision after the first few levels. I had a good time with it, but I got bored about 3/4 through I'd gues and didn't finish. Might give it another go.

ever play super mario world romhacks? those can sometimes be what youre looking for

You should know better than that.

Agreed. Any game which can be played optimally by a simple timed automation script isn't a fun game.