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Old moldy bread is on page 15 - edition

wiki: dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon's_Dogma_Wiki

Post yer pawn here: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-n50bJM4l1R-OtlqlMjXveGUAUrPutCU5cR8b_fxYCY/edit#gid=0

Good mods

Dragon's Dogma is an action RPG made by Crapcom with super fun combat, comfy fantasy aesthetics, very good character customization, and [TECHNOLOGY]

You can either pirate it or buy it on GMG (gives you a $team key). You will not be able to share pawns (AI dudes that you create) with people online if you pirate it, and note that GMG purchases don't give any money to Valve

1. Do not play on hard mode, it was added as a way to make NG+ appropriately challenging and it will actually make the base game easier but more frustrating since you will be 1-shotted a lot but will get many instaheals from leveling up twice as fast and can buy super fancy weapons with the bloated gold drops.
2. Make sure your pawn doesn't have the guardian, nexus, or acquisitor inclinations. Guardian makes them stick to you 24/7 no matter what and barely do anything, nexus makes them drop whatever they're doing to carry other pawns to you, and acquisitor makes them into a greedy hook-nosed grabbler that will go look for items on the ground in the middle of combat
3. Don't go to Bitterblack Isle until you have beaten the game, and if you just killed the Dragon then you haven't beaten it yet so keep going.
4. Those shitty notice board quests like "kill 10 goblins" are not something you should focus on, you'll be killing plenty of mooks anyways on the actual quests so just accept them and play as you normally would
5. Explore, you don't have to focus on quests to play the game effectively. Running around the overworld killing mooks and finding shit can level up your vocations much faster than quests and you will find some helpful gear (if you do this in the early game at least). The overworld is full of shit like "that cave behind the waterfall with a treasure chest in it" and after hundreds of hours I still occasionally find new things.
6. If you make a loli pawn prepare to be bullied (especially if she's a mage)

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Oh well, I'll get it eventually

Is there a mod that puts flying into free back into the game?



Read the motherfucking OP

Theres spoonfeeding, then theres vegetables that have to be fed through IV, then theres you.

I wonder if pic related triggered anyone

Doubt anyone has even lingered around in the Duke's demense enough to see them, much less be triggered by them.

Dragon's Dogma has this weird way of scheduling for more NPCs than are allowed to be loaded in the game. That is, you aren't likely to see a lot of the NPCs that were programmed, because only a limited number of them will be loaded, which can be a problem for some quests.

I've never seen these three together in the throne room, for one.

Shit was smooth sailing after that, but yeah, fuck the purification system. The reliance on trading pawns as the main source of rift crystals is just plain retarded. Either Capcom was too stupid to realize that people weren't always going to be playing the game, and people who got it later were going to be shit out of luck, or it was a deliberate tactic to get people to buy the game early so that they weren't screwed out of crystals.

You'll almost never be short on rift crystals if you don't hire other players' pawns and just use the shitty computer-generated ones instead, but if you're doing that you may as well just not hire pawns in the first place.

Tell me Holla Forums, did you cuck the Duke?

Is that why Jasper never fucking shows up

First playthrough I accidentally did that, wasn't really happy considering the fact that I found Aelinore kinda annoying I dont mind her so much now days

No he leaves the city in the morning and doesn't return to behind the inn until midday.
Go tot he in wait until morning then just dick around in the city until you hear the church bells ring signalling midday and he should be there.

I stopped hiring any other pawns after my first run through the game. I made my new character years after the game's release, so both of the rentals my pawn got were from my secondary account. Renting my own pawn gave me a fraction of what I would have gotten from a normal run through the third stratum of Bitterblack, which is to say practically nothing. It made me finally remember why I stopped playing the game all those years ago: because I got sick of running BB and not even getting enough to purify a single weapon or armor.

Yea, him, mason, and the guy that is supposed to point you towards the dragonforged in that text decipher quest.

Aelinore is the damsel in distress played straight as can be. She's a sheltered aristocratic brat that was given to the duke as political currency. She's naive, but cultured, pure and sensitive.

I could do a breakdown of all the bachelorettes and bachelors if there was any interest.

A lot of the retarded normalfags who love this game consider the devs to be progressive because:

Or you can just hire online pawns that are at your own level. If you want to hire a God-tier pawn just friendlist the owner first and if he accepts you can rent that nigga for free.


I have never seen anyone say such things, the only time I've heard a normalfag/tumblrina talk about the game outside of the climbing [technology] is about how there's skimpy female clothes and that people make lolis that wear them.

Nailed the description there user, still I get why so many people found her boring
That sound interesting still best girl is Quina because she's the only that recognizes that your pawn replaces you

Does anyone have the chart with all the enemy resistances to each element?

I'd like to see your thoughts on Mercedes. I've found her the most interesting out of all of the candidates.

Time to dust this game off for the old ps3.

I had everything, but HDR on high (and no depth of field of course). So I put the ENB files, turned HDR to high and loaded a save. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my GPU was fast to reach 100% load.

what vocation will you and your main pawn choose this time around user-kun :3333

The petite ale brewing pawn girl is clearly at the top of the heap.

she is 10/10 but i'd still pick cos' from the village cause why tie yourself down?

Is there a multiple savefile mod?

Its a shame, really, one the biggest markers of dropped plot lines have to do with characters like Quina and Julien.

Quina is your childhood friend, she's the chieftains daughter, and her extraordinary powers of healing combined with the grand tapestry in the chieftain's house suggests that she belongs to a bloodline that once included some powerful and important people. After the dragon attack, she's the one who tries to care for your chest wound, which ends up closing on its own, after which she seeks out knowledge of the dragon, presumably in an effort to find out where your goddamn heart went. I feel as though if it weren't for your player character, becoming the arisen, she would have been, sort of like how Oscar in dark souls was prototyped as a secondary chosen undead. She's your childhood friend, but she also has heroic drive and compassion to match.

Mercedes is a younger daughter of a foreign king, her father and brothers both were knights who led their own companies, and I believe she was inspired by them to try and become a great knight in her own right. Like Aelinore, she's a woman that comes from an aristocratic background, but unlike Aelinore, she's not content with being married off to some powerful noble in exchange for political power, to her own father's inconvenience.

Aside from being attacked by the dragon, Gransys is the center of a plot of political intrigue that comes with neighbors jealous of the prestige that comes from slaying a dragon. This means that even though Gransys' allies are duty-bound to provide military aid, they have an incentive to see Gransys fall; they might have a chance at slaying the dragon on their own lands with their own champion. In that vein, her father, the King of Hearthstone, sent his daugher, who I imagine was eager to prove herself, as more a token gesture than anything. If his daughter failed, she would return, cowed and obedient. If she succeeded, then the king would have another great knight leading her own company. In the worst case, she'd die, disposing of an inconvenient member of the family in a clean and "honorable" way. Mercedes herself, however, is blind to how she is being used and believes she is being sent to defend Gransys in good faith, a belief that is shattered in her duel with the night's champion.

Mercedes tries to act the knight, strong, courageous, full of valor, but its an act to run away from her own weakness, to hide from the doubts of others. In the end, though she proves herself in spirit if not ability, by refusing to break when brought to the breaking point. Its a very feminine strength, different from Quina's determination, its a sort of acrid and bitter stubbornness that comes when you are in constant conflict more with your environment than any single person, but for all that her heart remains untarnished. She is well acquainted with disappointment, but also the sort of person that doesn't let defeat conquer her.

Unmarked Spoilers

Selene is a strange one. She's the pawn of a previous arisen, who I imagine treated Selene like her own daughter. Selene's arisen treated her like a person, not a tool, and I'm sure that played a significant role in Selene's acquisition of a complete soul, side from being given one by her arisen's ghost, and her emancipation from pawndom. Her first emotion after becoming human must have been appreciation for her Arisen, and soon after affection for the new Arisen. She's one step above from emotionless, she is introduced suddenly into a vibrant world of emotions she before could only imitate without understanding. She is hesitiant, but intrigued to be feeling the things that she does, and cleverly picks up on the fact that this new Arisen, like the old, may be her path forward on this new journey, not to mention that simply by going to visit her for the quest you express a desire to protect her. You taking her out of the forest to live in your house and in the wider world is symbolic of the transformation she made going from pawn to human, and serves as a foreshadowing device, along with the dragonforged's pawn, of the fate that awaits your pawn. As a former, she is servile and domestic. Also as a former pawn, her emotions are muted, but not completely absent, and genuine in the way of a child that doesn't yet know how to lie. The way she is becomes an expression of her new-found personality as a human, whatever it may be, no longer the echoes of an unfeeling pawn.

Spoilers end

Valmiro, along with Feste and perhaps unintentionally Mason, is a joke character. Like Quina, he's your childhood friend, but unlike Quina, he lacks any talents or abilities conducive to adventuring, save for a deep wanderlust. Quina makes it all the way to the Witchwood unassisted and with no problems. Valmiro can't go as far without fainting three times, because of how much he needs the green. In the end, he decides to set out on a journey out on the sea, but not without proper preparations. Preparations that you handle for him, and then you carry his luggage down to the beach for him when he packs too many bags. Your reward is a touching scene of watching the sunset together. Valmiro is a bit of a fool, but with a free-wandering spirit. A true explorer at heart.

Well I wrote a whole lot more than I planned to, but I hope I got the point across.

Reading these only make me wish for a Dragon's Dogma sequel that spans across the entirety of the continent where you can travel to the other kingdoms. I imagine this is what was originally planned but got cut entirely.

Don't have to cuck the Duke, the Duke is already a cuck. Didn't even face the dragon, just sacrificed his beloved, fucking coward

Keep the thread alive and someone will post the cut content

I guess I've been reading too many of the comments on YouTube and the game's Wikia.

Selene also does - which makes sense since she is a former pawn herself.

Mason is an agent of the game's church. This is actually explicitly mentioned. One of the most obvious mentions is after you help Quina prepare to go to the mainland - he will offer to accompany her and endorse her in a creepy, sort-of-joking-but-not-really way. But he is also a cold blooded assassin type guy which makes him best nigga not to mention literal nigga.

Also some tidbits can only be seen if you read item/quest descriptions ala Dark Souls - the Nameless Terror quest where assassins are dispatched against you has a Tightly Folded Letter that you can pick up from the corpse of the assassin squad leader. The letter is basically the assignment details for the assassination and there is an obscure side quest where you're supposed to hand in the letter. The quest description says that a man which is a member of the Faith, at least one claiming to be so, has lost the letter and wants it back - implying that the Faith has legit members who consider the Arisen a threat, or perhaps that the assassination was requested by one of the Salvation spies in the Faith. The assassination quest itself is quite buggy and the enemies are weak, otherwise it's an interesting twist.

Holy hell, didn't even know an enemy like that would be susceptible to petrification.

didn't mean to quote

He can also be seen walking away from the abbey in the woods the first time you visit it

I do like that they included infighting with the enemies on BBI, the condemned gorecyclops will also attack the possessed pawns if you don't clear them out

Well yeah, the game is like that, there are new things that you get to discover through accident long after you think you've got everything down in the game to a science - IIRC to get your pawn to learn the 3rd knowledge star against undead, for instance, it has to witness you freeing yourself from an undead dry humping you and then you dry humping the undead back. Also I never knew that Daimon second form's vortex attack can also be cancelled - but this time you need to bash the dragon head on his chest instead of his real head like the first form's.

So what's your favorite quest?
Personally I always do the Griffin's Bane in Blue Moon tower.

If only the battle against the Griffin wasn't piss easy it would be perfect

I am ashamed to say that I never got to experience this quest since I always just kill the griffin during the first encounter.

Just a side note, but is there a lore reason for the initial prologue where the enemies are easier? I was thinking that each new seneschel creates harder challenges for the next in line.

I haven't used this but I've heard it mostly works fine from people that have: nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/40/?

I personally just made some alts on $team and enabled family sharing, that way I can also have multiple pawns on the network at once meaning that I can hire my own support pawns.

For gameplay it's Fedel's Petition because you do some exploring in the overworld and it takes you to my favorite level in the game (the cave of name I forgot). For everything else I'd have to say the one where you rescue the duchess (even though I don't like her) just because of how varied it is.

I'd like the Griffin quest a lot more if it wasn't for that part when ascending the tower where you have to break gates, run around them, and lastly the most annoying is to get the griffin to charge through the remaining gate.

It's a pretty neat quest user, even if you just try it once

You just listed the exact reasons why I like this quest, unlike many other quests in the game this one feels like a combination of wits and luck that allows you to overcome the challenge, instead of being a strong and independent arisen who needs no pawn, you are facing this monster with a group of men that fight and die.
I can only imagine how cool would it be if instead of a Griffin a Drake or hell even a Wyvern was the one nested a top the tower.

Perhaps the more consecutive hearts the dragon noms the more powerful the monsters are that are attracted to it.

The first ever Seneschal you faced who is that guy from the prologue basically says that too, yeah.

I also like to think that the Seneschal does not have to pick a loser Arisen from his own world to become the next dragon, he could just take it from another, which explains your Arisen being the next Seneschal you face if you play offline while it is implied that the rift-connected worlds are the individual gameworlds of each online player

Thanks. I don't care much for pawns. I'm going to do a Berserk playthrough and make a retarded Casca pawn that does jack shit. I won't have anyone else.

If I wanted a long quest to fight an intimidating foe preceded by a scripted chase sequence, I'd prefer The Final Battle

I wouldn't say any single quest really sticks out in my mind as the best one, I think I had the most fun with Fathom Deep

What if I made a loli arisen starting out as fighter and moving to ranger/strider and then made my pawn a big ass Viking fighter?

Yeah, I can see that, but for me the final battle feels a bit… too grandiose? don't get me wrong, I really like how the final fight is handled but for some reason Griffin's Bane stands out for me, the little details, like not casca asking you to protect the men, the dialogue among the soldiers, steffen coming out nowhere and lending a hand and failing if you dicked him over all that just clicked for me.

Also anyone has a good Crusader set? I'm currently rolling with
Knight's Honor
Cused bite (I would like to replace that for a good mace)
Barreled Helm
Iron vest
Divine surcoat
Immortal Bracers
Silk Tights
Assault Boots (I really want to replace them but those stats)
Lordly Cloak (favorite cape for MK)

Most of them are silver/gold rarified except the weapon which Like I said it's what I want to replace the most
So help a brother out with the fashion

I guess you haven't been to the true Everfall yet? You can buy Gryphic Gauntlets and Greaves instead which look knighty as fuck.

The Savan look (the Shadow stuff I mentioned aka recolored Gryphic stuff + the Divine Surcoat you already have) is badass with a helmet

I did run the everfall, but I was a Sorcerer (currently in hard mode new game+) I will eventually get there so I guess I'll try to get those
Thanks user

My favorite is the one where the Arisen must kill themselves to be freed of the cycle
I admit, the ending had my heart feel heavy, especially with your pawn calling out to you.

We're gonna build The Greatwall and the dragons will pay for it.

top kek m80

But Trump there is looking a bit too fat.


Pretty good, actually. I'd make Trump slightly smaller so the armours wouldn't be as deformed, though.

Why is Trump so fat?

This is not okay

There are dragons pouring in & our gold pouring out. We need to build a wall.

Then there's no problemo because people don't see your Arisen shitting up the rift.

By the way the guy who created those also made a bunch of other designs based on pop culture. It's on reddit though

Then put it here.

I've played through the game a couple of times and I don't get what's going on between jewtits and that knight in shining armor faggot. You tail him at the beginning of the game and he ends up going inside a house with jewtits waiting there. She gives him some sort of slip of paper pulled straight from between her tits and then tries to come onto him, and he just walks out. What's going on there? It's like the plot just forgot this little thread exists. Either that, or I'm missing something.

My guess is that its a secret communicate between him and the rebel soldiers, or with salvation. But yea, I guess its pretty vague and never answered outright. Maybe its just there to paint him as a suspicious character before you're introduced to him properly in the Duke's demense.



The nude mod is pretty shit and you can find it yourself quite easily.

The mods in the OP are there because they aren't something everyone knows about, but clearly a Japanese action RPG where you adventure around with your custom waifu is going to have a nude mod.

Silly. You need to play nearly half of a game to get to the castle.

Shit you're right, I lived with a tumblr roomate for a year and she was interested in the game to make characters and dress them up but dropped the game slightly after the Hydra fight.

Second on this, reverse search gives nothing.

For fun, I decided to watch a talk Hideaki Itsuno did at GDC a few years ago about the development of DD. So far, he explained that he had the idea for what would become DD as early as 2000, along with the pawn system, but he had to shelve it to work on DMC. He also said that he had trouble explaining DD's concept to others, and it was even more difficult because open world action RPGs were few and far between in Japan so there were very few reference points.

And then capcom screwed him over and only let him release a half finished game, then took the IP off him after it was successful and turned it into a free to play mmo.

Thanks capcom.

The big selling point of Itsuno's pitch for DD was the pawn system. He was inspired by old BBS forums, and pawns were internally called CMCs, or Custom Mercenary Characters. The idea was to bring the fun of interacting with others through forums or blogs into a game world.


Those are pretty good.

The Guts and Casca one could use work.

Yeah, Guts' face is a bit chunky and Casca has a serious case of manjaw.

Didn't create these - perhaps the user who made the post with the Donald was the creator.

Here's some more.

Guess I'll play through again

Is Andre beeg as fuck?

Yeah Inigo and Fezzik are pretty much spot on.

My favorite is this one

Apparently non-human creatures were originally planned to be pawns as well. Itsuno said they would be pets "like Pikachu", and the idea was to have an interesting variety "from pets and cute characters, to maybe even partners or girlfriends".

Oh god why couldn't we get this.

Why not both?

Imagine if we still got the game we got but you could have a Saurian or Hobgoblin pet instead of a main pawn. That would make the final sequence a little weird.

I feel like if they actually did that the game would be more popular with furries than Star Citizen is, though I wouldn't complain because monster pawns would be fucking rad

Any of you fags play DDO? I've actually been having a lot of fun playing as warrior in it, especially after they kind of fixed boss fights over time so they're more interesting and less grindfest-y.

I'm still waiting for an English localization! Still waiting on PSO2 as well! Any day now……

It's playable in nipspeak, since the game is more about the combat than the story anyway. Just need a shitty machine translation mod so you know the names of items you need to find and stuff like that.

if the game's about it's combat then it's failed in a worse way than DMC failed.

It's an MMO that's actually fun to play, that's pretty good. Not to say the quests and story are awful, they're just mostly gibberish if you don't know moonrunes.

Except where it butchered the combat of DDA, added massively unnecessary mechanics, and made it a generic action MMO

Initially, yeah sure. It's a lot better now, and I almost prefer DDO warrior gameplay to DD:DA warrior (key word being almost).
DDO did technically remove the big Arc skills and just put them as a generic charge attack built into the class, but the rage meter (and the "shout" with near-invincibility frames that you use to tank hits and build rage) adds a whole lot to the fun. You time the shout, taking as many hits as possible, while hitting the boss with stunning attacks, then kick that nigger out of his rage mode with the new methods for doing so (used to be hard to lower boss stamina, now there's many ways to do it, and warrior does it great) until he falls over, then charge attack for 9999 into the nignog's head with the damage bonuses from rage bar and shit.
It's incredibly satisfying to play, now, and bosses aren't bad at all.
A couple classes are still pretty boring, but warrior is definitely not one of them and I'm having a blast.

Yeah, it's shit.

It actually adds to the combat now, though. Without enrage, you`d just wail on a boss for ages and nothing interesting would happen. It'd be like fighting high-health high-defense enemies in DD:DA with an underleveled weapon, only all the time.
Currently, enrage is pretty fun on most bosses. You can still deal damage to the boss in enrage, now (though lessened still), you can lower his stamina by hitting weakspots, you can build up stun, torpor, etc., you can tug on its back like old times, and you can also now build up a "guard break" bar with certain attacks, that when full stuns the boss and lets you do direct stamina damage, making enrage go by much faster than before.
Enrage basically just makes previously shitty skills useful now, and makes the boss harder and more dynamic (since they attack a shitload more, faster during enrage, and have enrage-only attacks).

It's somehow gotten worse than dry humping the monster, that's impressive. There is no excuse for it to be in the game other than they wanted a mechanic to make the game worse, then again that seems to be the entire MO of that game. "Lets take something and make it worse"

I keep hearing about enraged bosses in DDO, what exactly do people hate about it? All I've understood is that they just get mad and start attacking everything while taking less damage but that doesn't sound that bad.

As opposed to "now you just wail on the monster until it dies"? They needed something to make long bossfights more interesting for longer periods of time, and though they fucked it hard early on, with 2.0 it's pretty fun.

On initial release, it was a terrible mechanic because it slowed combat to a crawl and had only one counter (and the counter was boring).
Basically, you'd be fighting a boss, then it would turn red and attack more, and you'd do like 1 damage per hit to it until you pulled at its back for 5~ minutes until it fell over, then often it would get back up after the "down time" and go right back into enrage.
It's a lot better now, more ways to counter it, enrage itself does more interesting things, etc.

Stop shilling DDO, its not the sequel we're looking for.

They take a massive amount less, and it completely ruins the flow of the fight. Imagine if someone just smacked the controller out of your hand for about 30 seconds and you have to dry hump them until they give it back. This is enrage, every single large monster does this, the game as a whole is so stupidly easy (especially as a paid player who get 3 on the spot revives per outing!) the enrage doesn't add any real challenge aside from the annoyance of "oh boy I have to do this again" in addition to that, the game's grind consists of killing large monsters over and over again.

There's no base vs vocation level split, so the grind never gets better, you switched classes time to grind to max again.
Level does basically nothing aside from being a requirement to learn skills and gear. And don't worry there's an exp penalty if you group with people too far outside your range (includes your own pawns).
Gear is also the end all be all, no more equipping shittier gear because it has neat effects.

It`s still a DD game technically, and this is a DD thread. I`m not saying give any money to the kikes at capcom, that would be fucking stupid.
I just want to talk to somebody about it, don`t bully.

What you said to the other guy was mostly spot on, though, and the non-enrage-related downsides you mentioned are still like that in the game as far as I know. I'm just saying enrage is okay now, since 2.0 completely overhauled it.

Don't talk about a shit game and I won't make fun of you for playing a shit game.

Oh yeah sorry I forgot about the addition of another horrible time wasting mechanic infected monsters.
Man I really love when they take a decent game and add """"challenge"""" in the form of time wasting mechanics. Staying awake during fights should be the hardest part of an MMO and you're right DDO delivers this in spades

I didn't say "long enough", I said recently. And you're not "making fun of me", you're single-line shitposting, and you seem to have come into this thread specifically for that. Which I appreciate, because it's giving me somebody to talk to.

Congratulations you're playing a soulless cash grab game that's single handedly ruined a franchise.
You're playing the EA dungeon Keeper and claiming "don't bully me, it's fun I swear"

I don't think it ruined much for the franchise, it's only tangentially related. DD and DD:DA didn't sell well enough in nipland for the capkike to throw money at a sequel, though I wish they would. It was either this or a fucking pachinko machine. Also, it's nowhere fucking near a mobile game level of shit. You're equating a steak that's been overdone to a pile of slop from the butcher house.
I have no stake in the game, I'm not a fucking capcom employee, I just like talking about video games on a video game board.

Well, it is a cash grab it isn't as blatant or soulless as the EA DK.

It's a pile of slop from the butcher, it's free to play with massive advantages for paid players. It's brainlessly easy, and done by the Capcom F-team COG which is where soulless cash grabs go to be made.

Also good one
But don't worry, it didn't sell poorly enough for them to not try to cash in on people blinded by nostalgia and desecrate the corpse

Ah, how terribly bleak…

In lieu of this shitposting, I'm making a webm of an interesting part of this GDC talk. It is quite long, so it may not be terribly good quality. I'll do my best to max out the size limit while keeping it at a decent quality.

Well DDDA is suddenly getting somewhat more popular on normalfag sites though. However despite it is the single player game getting shilled by players the only good kind of shilling to normalfags, they will more than likely be more attracted to the MMO simply because it is the more recent product.

Normalfags outside of japan probably couldn't be assed to play DDO, since you need a VPN to just create an account and to log in and shit.

Cursed pawns are just fucking terrible
Hellhounds too
Its like the weaker enemies wreck my shit harder than the big guys

This is an internal presentation video made to demonstrate their new character creation technology. Itsuno says it was made around 2008.

That's action, baby.

Here is just the Cyclops dance.

What class are you? There's usually a hidden trick in every class to wrecking any monsters face without trouble.

I mean they aren't really a huge problem it's more like my arisen is a glass cannon or something

Blast arrows will break your game wide open

Blast arrows. Become a glass nuke launcher.

Here's another internal presentation, this time a small gameplay trailer. Itsuno said this was made about a year and a half before DD came out, so that would put this around late 2010/early 2011.

Related post - do ranger pawns ever use blast arrows? Mine don't seem to ever use them. If he's just going to be a mule for all those arrows I might as well just convert him into a strider.

I think you can teach them to, but it takes some time and a bit of work.

Does strider have any exclusive innate passives over assassin? The helm splitter eminence combo sounds fun, but I don't know if assassin can just do it too. Also wow ranger is nuts, tenfold and gamble are just insane.

Assassin doesn't have Helm Splitter.

Brain Splitter is exclusive to the strider I think. And as far as I know, it's second only to grabbing and spamming Thousand Kisses over and over.

Yeah I know I use them sometimes for big nigs in everfall and I blasted daimon
But I feel like a chump if I use them for every darn thing
But I guess there's no harm in it

You can use the other arrows as well, and the ranger's one ability that causes torpor is really strong against hellhounds and the like.

Doesn't really sound as fun as getting springboarded into the sky and splitting helms.

Hellhounds are a fucking nightmare but I've never had a problem with cursed pawns since they die in like 3 hits (are you talking about the dudes in the Ur Dragon boss room?)

Striders climb foes faster, and consume 33% less stamina while doing so.

I believe Striders also have exclusive access to the Volley and Fracture Dart, both shortbow skills. Both of these are very, very good. For all the ranting and raving about Tenfold, people forget the BBI upgraded version of Volley delivers 24 arrows in a small area. On a larger enemy this means dropping 24 blast arrows vertically down on them.

As for Fracture Dart, I think a lot of people try it, think it's shit, and ditch it. It does much much more damage when you click/hold trigger and release in midair. The dart detonation lasts much longer. It really is a devastating skill and I find it to be core on Strider. Huge knockback/stagger values, big damage.
Brain Splitter probably has the most amount of burst damage in the game. I honestly do think it hits harder than a Blast Arrow tenfold with sufficient STR.

Strider just requires a lot of gear, namely in the form of BBI rings to really shine. I've noticed Strider pawns seem to perform well, too. Fivefold, Fracture Dart, Hailstorm Volley… pawns use them all pretty well. Climbing is iffy on any pawn and that's where they're weak. They get a hold of Brainsplitter just fine.

Seriously though, Opportunism, Vehemence and Clout together paired with Thousand Kisses is ridiculous. Giggle while your pawn kills a Condemned Gorecyclops in a couple seconds all on its own.

Do any other classes have those kinds of exclusive passives that aren't tied to augs, weapons, or skills?

There are some of them in BBI, most noticeably in the room with two Condemned Gorecyclopes. First time I encountered them was on PS3 where I was already a level 200 MK from all the Ur Dragon runs so didn't really feel how strong they are. Turns out they're pretty dangerous, the Ranger ones can pull off Great Gamble (they have infinite stamina) and can one shot you if you're under level 100. Also if you're level 200 and your well built main pawn ever got possessed, try dueling him. It's fun (or not, if you're a glass cannon)

Are you talking about Garls? Hellhounds are the firebreathing hounds that appear in the post-game, Garls are the giant-ass wolves that spawn near dead bodies on BBI.

Garls aren't too bad if you're one of the magick-using classes, just get a vantage point and use any lightning spell. High Fulmination will kill a group of them in about five seconds, same goes for Ricochet Hunter

Also I can't for the fucking life of me get any Bitterblack Weapon Lv. 3 to appear in any chest

Is there a good build for a Strider? I imagine some time as Assassin and Ranger would be a good idea.

(check'd & kek'd)

Strider pawns are great. They don't use their bows all that often but when they do use the volleys the damage is insane and their melee tactics like you mentioned always ruined my sides when fighting the big monsters. There's a level 200 strider pawn on PC named Elke Ruishan not mine, I just tried her out for a few days and she is one of the best pawns I've ever seen of any class. Striders are versatile enough that they can be either scather, challenger or utilitarian and still be boss.

The user I responded too was talking about corrupted/blighted pawns, the first ever taste we got of them were the ones in Ur Dragon's arena (easy) but there are also some high level versions of them in BBI and they hit like trucks. The sorcerer ones can spam high spells in tandem and always see you first (the room is very dark).

I was talking about Hellhounds, I have no trouble with Garls when I just grab onto them and whack at their face.

Hellhounds though are just as ridiculously evasive as normal wolves except now they can shoot fireballs, do way more damage with melee attacks, and are very tanky.

The corrupted pawns in BBI are dangerous, if you take to much time killing them the sorcerers cast high maelstrom (synced) and they fuck you up, nowdays I know I must kill the sorc first but they can caught you of guard sometimes

I just got into this game, and wanna get into being a huge barbarian with an oversized sword. Apparently Warrior is the class for me, though I wanna hear thoughts if this is a good choice for a first playthrough. I'm already a level 6 Fighter from the encampment with a Strider Pawn, and I haven't bothered exploring anything on the sides yet. Am I missing out?
Ere's me with the pawn, tiny little archer.

Don't know how I could have misread that so badly.
Can't say I've ever had trouble with them, they go down just as easily as wolves.

I played Warrior the first time through and didn't care for it at all, although I'm sure someone here has that webm of a Warrrior taking on a chimera with Arc of Deliverance to give you an idea of what the class is like

First of all, Your pawn a shit

Second of all, Just finish the main quests until you get to Gran Soren, then go explore the world and kill mooks.

Warrior is slow but does big damage. They have a tough time in some of the later-game stuff when everything is weaker to specific magicks rather than being hit by a sword, but it's doable.

There's also a mod that removes the screenshot watermarks if you want it.

This one?

Yep, that's the one

Get to Gran Soren ASAP so you can get access to classes with stat growths you want. If you don't want to miss a really important item, make sure to do all the Quina quests first, but this will probably overlevel you a bit in a class you might not want.

Ignore all the normalfags and remember that loli pawns are the best

here you go

I decided to clean up this image a little bit, mainly make the text legible. Does this look good? Also, if any of you guys have good quality pics of any of the cut content stuff, please post it. I want to have it all saved if I can.



What could have been

Plus the way they chopped it off makes it less obvious that the land mass looks like a dragon


There's a bunch of slides that detail the entire story progression of early DD but the quality of the video is so bad a lot of it is illegible.

I feel like this is a big part of what made this game greater than the sum of its parts. When unexpected stuff happens with the illusion of it being emergent all the time like in DD, it makes for an amazing feeling game. It's also what fucking every AAA game in the past 5+ years (and nearly every non-AAA game) is completely missing. When you play, say, Dragon Age, everything feels somehow sanitary. You know what to expect out of everything and nothing is a surprise, it's just another RPG. Somehow DD manages to break out of the "Samey feeling" that every other major game seems to have.

Dragon Age is vastly overrated anyway. The first one was okay, 2 was meh but passable, and then Inquisition was where they went too far with the virtue signalling bullshit, not to mention that the main story itself is shit.

DDDA never takes itself too seriously while still having intricate mechanics and a contemplative 2deep4u story that Dragon Age-tier games can only dream of replicating, and that is why it still feels fresh in 2016.

Alright boys im in the middle of BBI and just beat the Pope+Undead Wyrm thing after many tries. Im a lvl 64 assassin and my party is as well composed as it could be, and cant make it any farther since the Minotaurs keep recking me. I switched vocations alot so my stat growth is not that great… is that the issue?

Somewhat underlevelled and almost certainly undergeared. You can grind the chests in the first room with the gorecyclops for equipment drops. If you can't kill the cyclops in a reasonable amount of time, make sure you don't bring any pawns that would wake him up. He does drop BBI items if you want to kill him, though.

Okay ill go with the plan that i had if that was the case. I have the cursed lvl 2 daggers but they arent enhanced at all so ill go get em dragon forged and maxed out and see what i can do. thnx for the reply.

I knew it, they really wanted to make Everfall an MMO hub dungeon eh.

Also if you check out the BBI chamber with the solitary gorecyclops and go to the very edge of the blood river there is a slightly hidden lower platform where there is a corpse of seemingly an Arisen with blood red writings behind it. The corpse itself is a gather spot. This reminds me of the BBS style messages left by other players in Dark Souls and is perhaps an in-joke by the devs concerning the origins of DDDA.

Yes user, they wanted the game to be multiplayer
How is this news

I said earlier in this bread or the older one (didn't bother to check) that I feel they have always wanted to make a yuge MMO instead of the pseudo-multiplayer thing we have now. But they probably got budget or tech constraints so they rushed out a single player version first to see if some of the concepts they designed can work. And since the single player game aka proof of concept managed to get a cult following then they decided it's the right time to release the MMO version, which pretty much kills all hopes for a real sequel to DDDA.

I still plan on spending 200+ hours on the PC version of DDDA though.

Except the MMO basically ruins anything good about the single player, so I can honestly say no it's not what they wanted at all.
The multiplayer sure, but I really doubt they wanted a grind focused MMO with pawn training system, no vocation/base split.

What probably happened is "COG we know you produced what's widely considered the worst monster hunter game and we still have the engine licence what should we do with it" "oh I don't know Mr. Kenzo, lets make another shitty MMO, I bet we have a dead IP lying around we can use"
"Sure you get dragon's dogma, nostalgia will make whales out of them yet"

with no pawn training system*

No, that's not really it
The closest example I can think of is the difference between monster hunter and monster hunter online, probably because it's made by the same fucking people
One is a sweet single-player/co-op game, the other is a cancerous MMO that on the surface appears to have the same elements, but was developed by faggots that only know how to make cookie cutter "MMOs" with "MMO" design philosophies, which are completely unnecessary to the multiplayer or even MMO experience, but they do it anyway because it's the best way they know to squeeze money out of people

As weird as this sounds, they should try copying Borderlands (the first one) in structure if DD2 ever happens. That is, each player has a persistent character and a matching persistent world, and the host character can invite up to three or so other players into their world, each person replacing a pawn.

It doesn't even need anything that abstract, that tower idea was golden

I remember the tower idea as a concept in the story and setting, but I don't remember what it meant as far as multiplayer mechanics. Refresh my memory?

Persistent "infinite" dungeon physically connecting every single player's world
That could either mean a shifting stack that brings worlds closer together and farther apart depending on who wants to play with who, or a static tower that could leave you with a 10 hour journey to find a friend, but either way sounds neat to me

Oh, I forgot about the moon, which would also be persistent between all worlds, but would be a single non-infinite location, so that might help things

I don't see what that does for multiplayer mechanics. You're still pulling Arisen into your world to help you with your quests, a la Borderlands. It's just flavor text explaining how it happens in-universe.

I don't recall needing to travel to and through a physical location to get to other people in borderlands

They wouldn't make you in DD2, either, because either you're walking long distances and taxing the amount of time you and your friends are able to spend together, or it's an interruption between loading screens that should be moving you to your friend.

Having watched Itsuno's GDC talk in its entirety, I can say that the original concept for Dragon's Dogma was internally called "BBS-RPG". The "BBS" comes from the idea that your pawns would be able to go meet with other players and your customization of them would outwardly reflect on you and your playstyle. Pawns were always the big concept, not multiplayer.

For the Endless Tower… I dunno. The design doc says it would be shared in real-time between all players, but what exactly that entails, we don't really know, as it was never explained. Maybe it was going to be big MMO style raiding? Maybe it was going to be more stuff like the Ur-Dragon, where everyone communally fights a boss enemy to collectively shave down its health? Or maybe it was just going to be co-op lobbies? Who knows.

The wiki is full of liars

I don't know what they mean by "post-Daimon chests" because I've beaten Daimon's second form three times in a row now and the chests have exactly the same loot they had before, no Bitterblack Weapon Lv 3's. I also somehow managed to purify the only one I had found as a Magick Archer and got the Sanguine Stalk

I just want my overpowered character to be even more overpowered damn it

I've beaten Daimon's second form twice and got lvl 3 BBI weapons once each time.

Got one the first time, which is how I got the Sanguine Stalk, but the second time it was Lv 3 Armor instead, I guess that drop is random.

I was going to call you a casual, but they scrapped multiplayer in the first place entirely for that reason, so I guess you're right

It wouldn't be casual, it would be bad game design, meaningless tedium without difficulty.

Dude what

Running up and down floors of a tower is not challenging, unless I am sincerely misunderstanding what you are trying to describe.

Yeah but it doesn't have to be tedious either
Depending on how it's structured it could be anything from chill as fuck to fucking nothing

I recently came back to finally play through the Bitterblack Isle after a long break and damn this is definitely harder. A couple of locations were easy enough but those new monsters/variants have a ton of health. I might have just gotten used to killing the enemies easily on NG+ though. I remember thinking that everything was damage spongy to begin with.

Are there recommended stats/levels/equipment i should have so i don't have to wail on a cyclops for ages and push everyone off ledges ?

I'm currently playing Fighter. Previously played mostly Warrior but switched back because i felt like i warrior was too slow and no defensive ability made it hard to fight something that actually dealt damage. Also Arcs while awesome because of limited skill selection turned him into a bit of a one trick pony.

Level 75 should be fine. Don't listen to the muh strategy liars on the wiki who say that they've managed to beat hard mode BBI under level 50 - hard mode doubles experience gained, to the point that even if you did enter the island at level 1, actually finishing the island properly and not just Sonic'ing through it to get to the final boss would get you above level 50 in no time. Not to mention that the ones who allegedly did so still use the same old tactic of spamming the shit out of their periapts and stamina curatives and just don't get hit which is basically the same thing that you would be doing, but at a much more retarded rate since they had to carry fucktons more of said items.

Grigori gear or Everfall stuff dragonforged is okay as long as you have Conqueror's Periapts and Liquid Vims to spam while climbing big nigs. But if you don't have Adhesion, Opportunism, Arm-strength and Dexterity as your augments, you're still not doing optimal damage to them since you get shaken off a lot more as fighter, and fighters don't have mounted DPS skills like Dire Gouge/Kisses to make the most of your time clinging on the niggers. MKs still has at least Abyssal Anguish which helps you rekt while climbing.

Kill me

An example of the autism related to that image

I tried 'Savescumming' both before and after 'Opening' the 'Chest' and it was still the same result no matter what, so I'm not sure what 'System' they're trying to 'Game'

Fortunately between Magick Rebalancer and Salomet's Secret and Demon's Periapt it only takes a minute to kill Daimon, but I want that overpowered bow on the principle of how many times I've tried and failed to get it

Repent the folly of assigning meaning to the void

Exactly, which is why I called that post literal autism in the first place. To get the perfect set of BBI equipment you simply need to grind and grind and grind, especially when purifying a single pile costs 25,000RC.

Everfall on the other hand, there's a way so you don't have to KYS 100 times in a row just to get some shitty boots. Let's say you already know which chest contains a certain item you want. Open chest and perform filthy gaijin seppuku a maximum of 3 times, if you don't get the item, leave the area through a door and reenter, try 3 more suicides. Every time you enter and leave through a door the RNG set (which item is more likely to appear) for the chest changes. So far this seems to have made hunting for a certain item easier for me.

Gross. I didn't think things like that would play DD
make vidya great again

What spergout are you referring to?

Shit I meant the spergout in pic
in this post

Its like tumblr on the DD wiki

It's probably exactly that

As sad as it is a lot of the DD playerbase is basically Tumblr. Like someone mentioned previously a lot of these fags got attracted by the fact that in DD you can romance anyone of any sex and any age (without realizing that it is the typical Nipponese sense of humor), and make your character be of any kind of human shape imaginable. I was one of the unfortunate autists who played this game since launch on PS3 and had to browse console pleb forums for info. Those places were full of this shit, and the only reason the majority of players seem to tolerate it is because there was a big trade scene.

Feels pretty good.

And I won't deny that I romance Mercedes whether or not it ends with a yuri pairing

Best grill if only for her unique ending lines. Being based on swarthy Casca is also a yuge bonus. Also she actually admitted that Julien's shitposting contains truth, which is more than can be said about the typical stronk womyn archetype.

Fucking gross

Selene best girl

So does the "post dragon blue skies glitch" still work on the PC version?
Or did someone actually finally make a mod to keep the beautiful blue skies?

They didn't seem to change fuck all except for graphics options. I'd imagine it still works.
You can also easily save edit or just use CE to get it. It's really easy to save edit blue skies. You literally just open up your save file in a text editor I think and ctrl+F DarknessWorld and change it to 0.
tfw not possible to give your pawn mercedes big fucking titties which go beyond slider possibilities
although one thing i never tried was saving my file while on the beginning escort quest with mercedes and checking out her data

There's an option to toggle it in the dinput8 mod (its in the OP).

Logged onto my extra accounts for the first time in over five months. So apparently 99,999,999 is the cap for RC, that's good to know I guess.


After a shit ton of grinding and autistically restarting to redo stats and level I finally finished one of my pawns. Everything is gold rarified, he's exactly the level I want him to be, and I've found all the secret augs I needed for him.

3 more to go, woohoo alt accounts

I swear Dark Arisen fixed his AI to make him more difficult, and yet they didn't bother to fix pawn AI.

Get a bunch of liquid vim, and definitely get adhesion first too.

Why do I get one-shot by garm at level 95 MK? I've been struggling to kill these fuckers the whole time I've been down here. If I approach, they do that turn around hit that does like 80%. If I block, they do this lunge attack that staggers on the first hit and then launches me and flat out kills me. If I grab him and wail on his head it does a fuckload of damage but inevitably he'll do the lunge attack that still hits me even if I'm on his body and I'm dead.

I just don't get it. I guess I'll just have to abuse his lightning weakness and pack lots of wakestones or something.

post cute arisens or pawns

You can either get very good at perfect blocks or hire a sorcerer with fulmination. My main pawn has had it since I first got to BBI so I've never really had trouble with garms (though I did experience the ridiculously high damage and one shot bullshit, it just doesn't matter too much when they die in 5 seconds of fulmination).

A loli is not just a woman with the height setting turned all the way down


The goal was to make a little boy but when I tried with the male body it looked retarded so I went with the female one and I think he looks adorable. If you have any suggestions for improvement then feel free to share them.

Cleanse yourself

Thanks, finally managed to do it without Bloodlust or Autonomy. I kept pawns around to help destroying hearts and distract him. Completely different strategy to what I'm used to (Sorcerer aka easy mode and MK)

crap, meant for

I would tbh

Not a fan of the children's crusade?

Curious, what exactly are you doing with him? I mean what build/skills/equipment/strategy etc.


Wow, these charge up skills though.
I've probably put 40 hours into exploring shit and hitting things and I only just now got knighted by the duke

Also a lot of these move sets in melee are exact rips out of DMC. I think that's neat as fuck that he incorporated those.

Does this remove the slow motion camera pan whenever something "important" happens in combat? Like destroying the snake or goat head on the chimera or knocking things down or when your fighter grapples something and wants you to hit it. Because I really don't like those.

I was originally going for a loli but the aesthetics just make me feel like playing a petite woman which is within my tastes too. Curiously enough my pawn seems photo shy, every time I rotate the camera in game to look at him he walks the other way. Also sometimes the lighting hits my character's cheek bones in such a way she looks like a monkey.
The other kid mage is someone else's, only using her because she has holy affinity and her name is Jews.

Is there an easy-to-make or easy-to-farm or easy-to-buy stamina recovery item that I can get a whole bunch of? Health stuff is easy but it seems like amassing stamina recovery is difficult.

Definitely randomized at least partly. Daimon v2 dropped a BBI weapon Level 3 for me just now, and there was a Level 3 Armor in one of the chests.


There is an option for this in-game.

guess its time to import ps3 saves
holy fuck

Pretty much all beast enemies are vulnerable to Sleep IIRC.
If you're good with blocking you can perfect block with Thunder Riposte and put that nigga down.

Thoughts on my Arisen and main Pawn?
I tried going for an armored wizard look, since he's an Mystic Knight.
Yes, I play on shit graphics. Sue me. I'm sorry.

looks pretty neat

That's actually quite badass. The pic I posted here is also an MK but with the dominant tone being red.

I'm getting the sudden inclination to restart the entire game. I really don't know why, but it's itching on me.

Are we posting Arisen and Pawns?

Still haven't used any of the mods in the OP.

next playthrough use the save manager

you have to do some fiddling if you're using a pirated version, but legitimate copies can use the tool just fine

He's on the pawn share sheet posted in the OP

You can turn off the cinematic camera in the game's options, I honestly am not entirely sure what exactly the autocam is but I'm quite certain that it slowly resets the camera position while moving. Most third person games have this and I hate it, so immediately upon starting any of them I look for the option to turn it off.

Getting pawns to stand for pictures is quite the bitch. What I try to do is talk to them to get them to face in the direction of a light source, move behind them, toggle the arisen in the screenshot menu, and focus the camera on them. I've mostly given up on trying to take pictures with both the pawn and arisen on screen facing the same way because it's too frustrating.

Arisen looks cool, not sure about pawn because she's far away but she looks pretty boring.

God FUCKING DAMNIT. The camera didn't pan for me when I was about to leave and before I realized the game had already saved.

Wait, where is this screencap from ? I have seen all the MDE videos and I have no idea about this one.

Welcome to hell.

I really wish the screenshot function had a short-range free camera so you could get better angles. I guess they were afraid people would abuse it somehow so they only kept it locked to the Arisen's position.

Not this:

Oh, that's the Prodigal Stunna. It might not be on their channel.


I'd imagine that they just didn't think of it and just kept the camera movement how it is in the game normally outside of zooming. Every game needs to have a flying camera option, I mean it's pretty much free marketing for the game.

I haven't played through the game as a warrior before, so I'm excited.

You can't just say something like that and not post a link

Figuring out how to get the armor back in the game has been a mystery since release and many people have tried.

It's the Berserker armor, not his armor from the Golden Age Arc. Here you go.


Its not an exact, but its pretty damn good. Shame Dragon's Dogma modding never went anywhere.

I've been modding the game myself (currently overhauling the stat system) and the good news is that you can change pretty much any value, the bad news is that figuring out what each value is can be a nightmare. For example, in the file with all of the augment parameters there are no names for augments or what the parameter is so you have to guess and see if it works (like there may be multiple augments that increase something by 20%, so you look for all the parameters that equal 1.2 and try changing them to 99 and testing in game to see which is which).

Abilities are even worse just because they have so much more data to sort through, the most I've done with those is changing bolide to spawn one big ass meteor in a storm of smaller ones and that's just because it was the only ability that had the parameters labeled something other than mFVal1 (it was stuff like meteorCount followed by scale or something).

The most significant mod anyone's made is the dinput8 one in the OP which is pretty much just a cheat engine that lets you do some cool stuff like mix weapons and skills between classes.

How about putting brand new items into the game?

If we had pirated MT framework tools, would we be able to do more?

This explains why everything runs so smooth.

I'm sure it's possible but well beyond the scope of what any modder is currently capable of. The issue here is that data about items is spread between at least a couple files. I say that because I've been looking for things to change about certain items and the numbers just aren't there in one file and I haven't found where it is. There's gonna be a minimum of 3 of these, one for drop/vendor list, one for the model/texture/hitbox (this one is known), and one for gameplay related values like damage, weight, and gold cost. At the moment you're better off just swapping models.

And for the MTFramework tools it could work but I'd say it's unlikely given that the engine is supposed to be a framework to set up an actual engine, so the specific tools for working on Dragon's Dogma are only available within Capcom. On top of that I would imagine that DD's version of MTF is particularly heavily modified given their entirely custom animation system, open world/LOD, and character creation system.

The advantages of a tightly designed Japanese game are also the downfalls of trying modding it, unfortunately. Capcom will never release tools or an SDK of any kind for DD, so we will never see mods outside the scope of the ones we have already.

I'm sure its because they believe that with the SDK, modders would be able to make a game superior to their own DDO.

It's because nips think their game code is sacred
They are deeply offended at people even looking under the hood, let alone changing anything

That's pretty much it. A lot of JP PS4 games completely disable the share feature that lets you record video and take screenshots. It's like they're afraid of people experiencing the game in a way they didn't intend to.

Neat. Good to know that my arisen doesn't look like shit by Fashion's Dogma general standards.

Can you post a clearer pic of your Arisen? I think it looks pretty cool.

There's a script for this in the CE table. You can move as far away as you like. Makes for some real neato screenshots.

Do augments match the IDs when they're equipped on character? If so I've got a multisheet spreadsheet for shit like ability IDs, augment IDs, and item IDs for just about every item in the game.

Well there's no IDs on the augments, they're just in a list that goes to about 120

But do you stay locked to just rotating around the Arisen?

It's been a while since I've used it. I don't think so.

It was my old Arisen from my PS3 days. If you're interested in the gear I used it's the following:

Weapons - Dragon's Presence & Dragon's Faith (the staff is a Frigid Finger)
Head - Heresy Hood
Torso - Red Dragon Scale
Arms - Shadow Gauntlets
Legs - Shadow Greaves
Cloak - Pauldron

Basically reddish leather/dark gray combo. Here are some moar pic related for fashion ideas.


Pic related

So basically Daimon is a personification of Murrica?

Was she supposed to become sluttier as the game went on? I know Madeline's outfits were originally supposed to change throughout the game.

Considering that the game cuts off her role right as she leaves to the mainland, while the design brief actually featured said mainland, I'd say she was. Another spin on the country-girl-goes-to-town story.

I don't understand the inclinations, when I had him as Guardian/Nexus he kicked dicks in all day.

Pawn Training is god's gift to mankind user, it is completely perfect in every way so you must just be bad at it, git gud :^)))))))))))))))))))))

Am I back on cuckchan ?

Does someone have the Holla Forums sings Into Free autistic WebM ?

They seem to have opposing effects, scather = tank the strongest enemy while challenger = chase the ranged attackers. On warriors I like scather utilitarian.

Oh I thought scather meant to just focus on hitting things

No scather doesn't do that. Also the inclination system is garbage because they barely explain how it works in-game, and the description of each individual inclination is too vague. So basically like what is shown in the pawn creation screen (which you only get to see once) they have points in each of the 9 inclinations. Only 2 of the top inclinations are shown and this doesn't mean the pawn won't do the actions related to the other inclinations, it simply means the AI will always go through an order of 1-9 before deciding what to do. So if you set scather as primary and challenger as secondary it doesn't mean the pawn will just attack everyone regardless of enemy type, it will just sit there endlessly contemplating between going for the strongest monster or going for ranged attackers. Not to mention that your own actions can also influence this order of priority. Every inclination combo which results in the pawn standing around doing jack shit is caused by shitty pairings.

The idea is decent, but the execution can only be seen as good by the fanboys on Tumblr. They should have made the inclination modification process more accessible than just a series of taking fucking guesses.

Even better would be a tactics programming menu like the one in Dragon Age: Origins where you could do shit like "If not in combat & enemy [Chimera] in range then use Gicel on enemy"

this is what ive always wanted for this game
so many enemies cause the pawn AI to go to total shit

How to fuck do I change my pawn's secondary inclination so he isn't a fucking Nexus

You can change it the shitty way by going to the knowledge chair (there's one at each inn) and talking to them. You can change all of their inclinations more permanently (but not entirely) by buying these potions from a guy at the encampment wearing yellow robes (he is in the room with the archstone). Just buy a bunch for what you want to be #1, and less for what you want to be #2. Some people say that your third and fourth inclinations matter too so you might want to get a bunch. Take the potions for the inclination you want least first and when they're gone go up to what you want the most. When you take a potion, it will lower all of the other inclinations based on how much it added so you don't want your primary one to get lowered by all the potions you take afterwards.

inclination potions. Doesn't take very much RC to get your inclinations fixed. That and pawn commands affect what your pawn does.

IIRC it goes like this:
helping pawns up a lot increases nexus
"Go" in combat increases scather
"Go" out of combat increases pioneer
Picking shit up in combat increases inquisitor.
"Help" before combat (this forces pawns to buff) increases utilitarian I *think*
"Help" in combat increases medicant
"Come" increases Guardian
Those last two are why so many fucking pawns are Guardian/Medicant. Spazzes spamming Come.

As for inclination potions, here:
A being desired primary
B being desired secondary

I think it's literally just
or something like that. There's more in depth versions but that should tide you over.

If you do that then B will be higher than A. When you take a potion it reduces all of the other inclinations (down to a minimum of 500) so you need to make sure that the one you want most is the last one you take. I always do D CC BBB AAAA.

Yeah if there was one thing the Faggot Age series did right, it was that tactics setting in Origins. Easily the best game of the bunch.

This is correct. CC BB AA also works but every so often (5-6 hours for me) you will have to redo it.

brb going to research Challenger/Mitigator on my Ranger pawn
Ranger pawns seem to never ever spam Tenfold Flurry no matter what combat profile they have, though

If you remove all of their other skills except Tenfold, they will use it.

Some DDDA OC do not steal :^)

I'm making a fighter pawn to be an assisting shieldbro, but I'm having a little trouble actually getting him to use his shield. Would having Utilitarian and Medicant be higher up be better for this?

No. Scather would be better since he will prefer to go for the big nigs and will sooner or later be using his shield. Also pawns tend to emulate your playstyle no matter your vocations so seeing you block/perfect block a few times will cause him to attempt it as well, which is why it's a headache in trying to set up a complementary arisen/pawn duo.

I have him set to Scather/Utilitarian right now, so I guess I'll leave him like that. I might have to disband my other two pawns and give him some 1-on-1 training then, since I'm also a Fighter at the moment.

trying out sorcerer, not all that engaged by it. Almost got it to rank 9 though. I like how they let you multi-target specific parts, but standing around and being vulnerable like that ain't my thing.

Once you get the wyrmking's ring, casting mage spells is fast and easy.


Is strength boosting equipment worth it or are the effect negligible at best?

If you do the inclination method in that gif it is very easy for the second inclination to surpass the first one through regular gameplay. You want a sizeable difference between them so they don't change around too much when you give your pawns orders.

Also if I have a healing mage pawn that has pretty much no damage contribution what inclinations would you suggest? I had uti/med before but that pic makes me reconsider the medicant part of that.

It's better than nothing, though it won't really do much unless you're using the Irkalis or have a low damage weapon against high defense enemies (like daggers).

Wait, is Medicant seriously only applicable for Anodyne? I was lied to, I thought it was "pawns will be more mindful of their health and stamina as well as the health and stamina of others", as in they'd be more defensive.

Well fuck me I guess.

I can't get into the game because I can't pick a class I want to use. I've tried all of them and put the most time into Warrior but it's pretty lacking.

I want to do everything all at once but I know I can't.

Maybe not all at once, but you can switch your class at any time pretty much.
The stat growth from leveling isn't horribly game changing so you can just sorta do what you want and still have a functional character.

Get the dinput8 mod in the OP then mix and match your class.

play assassin, keep your sword/shield/daggers/bow on you, switch between them when you want

Well, I ain't complaining.

Play MK, stack Salomet's Secret, stack Demon's Periapt, stack Great Cannons, all done

If you're also a fighter then just keep doing what you want him to do, just don't give him Prescience, pawns can perfect block without it just fine. I'm currently doing MK & Strider/Ranger duo and since I mostly do melee then my pawn also keeps going into the fray even with Challenger as primary.

You don't get any of his drops though, but for the first few times you face him it's hilarious when things like that happen

That's basically it, it's actually utilitarian especially as primary which will make a pawn use group curatives more often.

For MK the Conqueror's Periapts also increase cannon damage. Try it, it's hilarious

Abyssal Anguish has ridiculous scaling all on its own, too, it can kill an Elder Ogre in like three hits, and don't get me started on how Magick Archer throws Magick Rebalancer and Instant Reset on top of how ridiculously OP that class already is. Sometimes it's like they didn't even try to balance the game

What about med/uti? Since you want it to spam heals anyway. Med/sca seems like it can potentially be ruined by the pawn running off to climb bosses if you don't get hit that much.

Yeah, all three of the hybrid vocations can instarekt anything with the right gear and skills, (assassin is slightly more boring than the other two though) which I think is one of the reasons they don't allow you to have hybrid pawns. That and some potential AI and serious lag problems (reminder that this game is still one originally designed for consoles), for example if both you and pawn, both MAs, decide to both spam magick rebalancer. Also just imagine the comedy that can happen if your great cannons can get yet another boost from rebalancer.

I did that with Quina's flower, no main pawn, and 2 pawns that were 25 levels below me (counts as having no pawns in terms of XP bonus) and I went from 78 to 106

Well I want spellscreen and weapon buffs more than I want heals since I can get heals from items. I think I'll make her a jew and go for acquisitor just because I compulsively pick up everything anyways and I gave her sinew + grave greaves (the ones that add 20 carry weight).

Asking for help (F3) outside of battle seems to encourage elemental buffing and halidom. Not sure if it will make pawns use spellscreen as well though, since with mages they tend to want to heal first anyways.

Well, if there was ever any doubt about it, these Satanic digits seem to confirm it for me.

Bloodred Crystals are a real pain to get. You have to let a Strigoi almost Dracula you to death, wiggle free, then kill the Strigoi and it's not even a guaranteed drop. I even tried letting myself get killed then use a wakestone to make sure that the Strigoi has had enough of my blood, and they still won't drop the shit. Since Holla Forums doesn't seem to encourage trading I guess I'm just going to cheat with the item editor.

all you need is one and that nigga Mountebank can make duplicates for use in crafting

That's the problem still trying to get the first one

My gear is Ascalon, Divine Surcoat, Shadow Gauntlets, Holy Cuisses. Some are DFed some are only at 3 stars. I finally understand why DaS veterans hate casuals. I didn't remember it being this hard on the PS3 since I never bothered with BBI until I reached level 200.

What do you want us to tell you user

And I'm pretty sure I remember someone saying hard mode doesn't even affect BBI's difficulty

ok i have a question about cut content on DD
Is there explanation that there suppose to be a jungle near Hillfigure Knoll?

Is there?

i quickly looked artbook for a moment trying to find if there was going to be jungle behind the hill and there wasn't.

I got fucking confused when i heard stock sound of jungle monkey noice above the hillfigure while looting abadonned camp and fightning snow harpies. It was wierd moment to hear that noice in a woods.

But we still take double damage and expend double the stamina other than sprinting. I really need to grind for some level 2 BBI armors.

Really? I might have to check that out myself. Are you sure it wasn't a harpy or something?