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Alright, I CANNOT recommend House of the Dying Sun. The story sounds fucking amazing but there's so little in the way of substance.


isn't Orion that stupid fucking rocket propelled by nuclear blasts that some crazy bastard theorized to lift entire cities?

Orion was the battleship based around the concept of nuke propulsion. It also had nuclear howitzers IIRC.

Is E:D still shit?

Any eve fags around?

I think I'm starting to get a bit burnt out, the corp I'm with is cool but they're the wrong timezone and I never have anyone to play with.

I think I'd be better off in a WH corp than a low sec merc corp anyway, my corp also blops which is fun and all but I just don't know. What I want out of the game is to fly cloaky ships and shit, and blops almost takes the fun out of cloakyness, it's like the cloak is just for the purpose of sitting around waiting until the hunter finds something.

Made me reply.

Whats the thoughts on starsector? Fag says hes adding outposts and some random gen systems soon.

You're a cancer.

It still lacks substance, yes.

wasted on both those bait posts, really?
nice quads either way.

Substance, you mean lacks in gameplay? Do go on, from what I've seen it looks pretty fun and arcady.


It's Space Fantasy; it makes as much sense as non newtonian space games, which are 90% of them.

Is there anything like dwarf fort in space?

Having good graphics leads to empty space games.

I want something so autistic that I can choose from 100 people to hail at any given time.

Aurora 4x

be advised, its a notch more autistic than DF

Well you could play Artemis Bridge Simulator solo. You need to control something like 9 stations at once for large ships.

that's a chilling description

its an accurate one

I have no problems playing dorf all day but Aurora 4x is a whole different beast

Overall the story is fucking great the way it's presented, with the player being some kind of agent of justice. However, it's only about 2 hours long unless you're really a stickler for doing every bonus objective. The graphics aren't charming enough to really immerse you, and there's very little variety in the objectives and ship gear.


Too bad. I have this faint hope that it might one day actually be worth playing.

I suppose it'll be a good buy on sale then

Also that elite CG has ~400,000 tons till completion, it'll probably take a little longer as a bunch of players will have stopped running cargo thinking it's almost over.

Seriously, HotDS has a good feel, but not $20 worth of a good feel.


and it doesn't say "kill these civilian workers" on one mission, it says "MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THE WORKERS"

it does look like a great deal of autism
might as well throw it in the backlog

Its literally EVE Offline except you are the server

this cg is not going to finish for a while.


What's the easiest way to get into Starsector?

and it's over, rip those who didn't get in on this mad cash.

Don't misunderstand, it does improve ith every patch.
It already is pretty decent for what it is but it still lacks a lot of gameplay options.
A lot of things are basically just different names for the same thing.
Let's take cargo for example.
Gameplay-wise there is no fucking difference between loading off illegal goods and legal ones.
There is a role playing difference tough.
In the last thread I came to realize that ED is actually an RPG. That's why they keep adding things like that.

They sometimes add proper features that actually add to the gameplay but it's rare and will probably require shekels.

Why must every space video game have space ships? I want to ride a winged abomination to fungal planets beyond the milky way.

Most if not all of the gameplay stuff they work on is added to base Elite not just Horizons, mission overhaul is the biggest one that springs to mind.

Horizons just locks up stuff on planets like the engineers (which are only necessary if you play pvp) and the multitude of land bases and outposts which like most new content is more of the same but different. Not sure how not having horizons will affect the new launch-able fighters and eventually multicrew, since they are both horizons season updates.

Thargoids should be accessible to everyone when they drop.

How much did you have to actually play to make that cash?
I could see myself doing an "event" like that in ED for maybe 3 hours tops before wanting to slit my wrists from the monotony.

This game needs death stars or other shit you can fly around inside and blow up from within that pays you a few hundred million credits each. Or let you load up on rockeyes or something and do carpet-bombing runs on planetary outposts. Trigger interstellar wars single-handedly.
Fucking anything other than just delivering Goods A to Station B or mindlessly farming RES.

I guess after 187 hours of this game and barely managing to scrape together a trade-outfitted viper, I'm just burnt the fuck out.
What's ridiculous is that I made 90% of my current assets within the last month and a half. Why couldn't missions have been worth 1.5 million a pop back when the game fucking launched? I'd have 50 connies by now with this play time.

Also when the fuck is exploration and mining going to be patched to be comparable to trade and missions for money-per-hour? When I went on my long-ass expedition most of the way to the galactic core, scanning every piece of shit and neutron star along the way, it took me nearly 20 hours of total travel time. I should have banked 100 million easy for that time, but I barely broke 10 million.
Mining is such a joke it isn't even worth mentioning. Where are the asteroid belts made of pure painite where I can actually turn a worthwhile profit?

FUCK I want to love this game, but they need to remove the grind, diversify the activities in a drastic way, and keep ramping up the income. Maybe some space casinos to gamble and double your money in an instant if you're lucky, too.

Lots of bomber groups stage from Thera so get there and join Bomber's Bar or something. They also do public fleets now and then.

You can do this in Elite 3, well not carpet bombing, you're usually given a nuke.


I smell HERESY!

Alrighty as one cg finishes. Anyone who wants to progress the Thargoid hunt, this guy knows more but he wants "enough narcotics to kill a rhinoocerous"

He's gonna end up with more then that

Really the cgs are the way to make quick money, especially imperial cgs like that last one as they have a lot more players behind them. It was about 13 trips to a system two jumps away in my mk4 cobra with 72tons of space. Just keep an eye on current cgs on the mission board and if you see one hitting high ranks go do enough to make the lower tiers and you can make quite a bit of money for little work.

If you really want money stack combat zone missions, they pay out mill roughly each, kill skimmer missions payout high and can be stacked to. There are also Sothis runs, look that station up it's boring but you can make several millions after a couple of hours of loading screens. Pristine metallic rings are where you find the good stuff, although I'll agree I can only make a mill and hour and that's in a clipper.

I've been running standard cargo missions out near the rim of the bubble. With decent rep, you make 1.5M - 5M per mission, and each haul is rarely more than ~8 jumps. With my Viper, I can fit 7 missions at once and deliver them all in a string.

The problem is that it's so fucking boring that I can't do more than one or two delivery loops before I want to kill myself. It's just plotting routes, then jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, supercruise, submit to interdiction, boost, supercruise, planet/station approach, request docking, land → REPEAT

The only excitement in the last 8 or so runs was when I forgot to request docking before approaching the hangar. The alarms woke me right the fuck up - but then nothing continued to happen after that so whatever.

I may go back to combat, but I upgraded to my Viper to get out of the Vulture I'd been glued to for months and as the Vulture is the only combat ship worth using, I don't really want to go back to that. I want to keep pushing "forward" in my ships, which means ultimately ending up in a cutter, I guess.

I keep fucking doing this.
I meant Python. All these fucking snakes I can't keep it straight.

I want to play a brain in a cylinder too.

I just want exploration to be good and interesting. It's comfy enough as-is but god damn is it tedious and boring and the rewards are shit.

wow this cg brought in a lot of players
47,712 unique ships in 24 hours

but user the explorations reward is the ~experience~

I think those numbers include NPCs

If you haven't already, you should play Outer Wilds. The free alpha version should still be available.
It's a pretty simple, highly stylized, low-budget game, but the feeling of exploration is pretty great.

Peak concurrent players hasn't topped 10,000 in ages, but 47,712 within 24 hours isn't impossible at that level. Unlikely, but not impossible.

No user that's player ships, npcs don't get counted as they spawn infinity for each player instance created.

How do you think the cg finished so quickly.

there was only 11,974 contributors total for the "More Imperial Warships" CG


Wew maybe it does then? Or it counted ships multiple times? That doesn't make any sense.

All I really need is Infernal Robots and KAS. There's a ton others that I wouldn't mind also having, but those two are pretty much required for fun. Guess I'll roll the dice and see if I get lucky.

Could something like this be the case?

I thought it was 138mil / players in group. I should have kept fucking going until I got in the top 25/10.

I was thinking something like that, I'm fairly certain it doesn't count npc ships since I've checked that news message in empty systems and seen more npc ships then whats on the board.

It's never going to come because mark is a joke of a BO.
Sage for off topic.

yes, but that would require each player that contributed towards the CG to switch ship 4 times which doesn't make any sense since you don't get the money untill the CG is completed or time runs out and there is no good reason to switch ships if you're already in your trader ship

A lot of the widely used mods on CKAN seem up to date. I'm sure if you disable automatic updates for KSP they'll be fine.

The probe with the fuel tank and RCS ports was a rescue mission for a failed rescue contract mission.

I personally don't have to worry since I have the lifetime pass.
They should be available for everyone, yes.
You must've seen though how fucking kikey the devs are.
I mean seriously? No way to get cosmetics outside of real money and the occasional event?
They do know this is a FULL PRICE game right?
And every season you basically have to pay for another expansion.

Thargoids are a very interesting prospect.
I hope they'll be interesting..

They need to devote half of their team to cranking out an endless supply of new ship designs, and the other half of their team to cranking out an endless supply of new game mechanics.
New story stuff really isn't what the game needs, though I'll admit that finally putting ayys in the game is a good thing, even if it is only one measly species.

pick two

You better get out nigger.

You're probably right about the Thargoids though. A shame.

Oy vey, what was i thinking?

I'm Empire and make most of my money on the slave trade, actually. I want Alliance to get ships so that I can see something other than endless dropships and clippers everywhere I look.

anyone here plays pulsar? it's really comfy, and you can play with steam users even if you pirate it, i cant start a ship if anyones up

Do you have a MEGA?

Except you are specifically taking a wet water ship and putting it in an entirely different environment. Namely hard vacuum, 0G space.
Using a wet water ship as basis for your spaceships makes as much sense as using a tank as basis for your spaceship.

Why is the idea of using a vehicle actually designed for its environment so antithetical to sci fi games?

Is there anything to do yet?

Has anyone here every tried any Gmod sci-fi RP? I, uh, am asking for a friend.


just search for it you lazy shit, the igg one works

There's something to be said for a ship that's engineered to perform well in both high-positive-pressure and null-pressure environments. That's pretty impressive, actually.

I personally prefer more focused designs, though.

Space. Fantasy.

The dolphin was seen in the gamescom footage and we're probably gonna get the panther clipper too. So that makes those two the Beluga and the new fighter for 2.2.

starwarsrp is alright, Poseidon does a real good one with 100~ players on most nights if you live in Aus

The word "fantasy" can be used as a handwave to explain whatever dribblings came out of someone's imagination, but there's more to it than that if you want quality fantasy.
You need consistent internal rules and structure so that the fantasy world seems grounded in some kind of believable reality, even if it's a very different reality to our own.
Simply saying "lol boats in space" without properly justifying it just feels lazy and bizarre.

It's basically the same as the difference between art and modern "art".

Fair enough.
Empire is best.

Spelljammer would probably give you an aneurysm.

That's a really poor analogy.

How is it a poor analogy?
Both are called art, but modern art isn't actually art.

Both fantasy and quality fantasy can be called fantasy, but only quality fantasy is actually fantasy.
Low quality fantasy is just brain drippings, nothing more.

scifi is a complete trainwreck of logical consistency and you take issue with a boat that is also a spaceship not having an even distribution of guns?

Modern art is objectively shit.
Space Battleship Yamato is clearly subjective, you and I may hate it but it's incredibly popular and even shares an artistic theme with other shows such as Captain Harlock.

The analogy doesn't work.

I never said anything about its guns. I don't know anything about the boat spaceship at all, I'm merely speaking in broad terms.
For fantasy or sci-fi to be good, it needs to be stringently internally consistent and everything within it must have sufficient in-lore justification that it can be examined and understood rather than merely accepted.

That's 99% of sci-fi, please show me the space video game that you love so much where gravity isn't magically implemented on ships.

Not really.
Modern art has no rules or consistency. There are no objective standards it must adhere to.

Real art, however, can be objectively appraised and has many time-honored rules and traditions. Art is something that can be measured rather than felt. Fantasy and sci-fi are the same.

Anything that claims "artistic license" rather than carefully justifying itself is garbage.

Just turn off your brain, dude.

You're mistaking internal consistency for realism, user. Just a few paragraphs about how artificial gravity was invented and how the in-lore science works is all you need. When people take the time to add in the little touches, that effort is reflected throughout their creations.

But you just said you didn't now anything about Space Battleship Yamato, how do you kow it doesn't have internal consistency?

You're heavily criticising something you've never seen for not having a feature you don't know it doesn't have.

I didn't criticize it at all. I said that simply saying "lol boats in space" without properly justifying it just feels lazy and bizarre, but I never insinuated that Yamato (the submarine in space from the previous thread?) did this.

Again, I'm speaking in broad terms.

Yes you did, that was your entire point in posting it, you even called it "brain drippings" right here:

Do you hate 40K too? It also has ships that have no weapons that can fire up or down, only 19th century broadsides and smaller 20th century turrets.

Again, please point me to the space video game that fits your ever changing criteria for your very narrow view of internal consistency and "art".

Point out where I directly address Yamato, user.
I never did. I was simply speaking in broad terms.
You seem to be triggered for some reason, and the funny thing is that you're the one triggering yourself.

I'm triggered but your failure to answer a question I have put to you several times.

Name the game.

Does anyone want to play star ruler?
I've uploaded it on my VPS if you don't want to buy it

You have a hard time understanding simple phrases, user.

Name the game that fits the broad criteria you espouse.

this guy?

Aren't all the Poseidon ones Imperial/Republic Navy RP?

I was hoping for something casual DarkRP but with Star Wars over it, like a Mos Eisley or Nar Shadda setting or something.

Gee, user, I don't know. How many games bother with internal consistency, rather than going for the easy, lazy approach? Probably not very many.

I know that Shekel Shillizen attempts to properly justify all of its lore and tech internally, and that's great. The game is shit for a nearly infinite number of other reasons, and will never ever release in a playable state, but that's the only example of at attempt at quality science fiction that I can think of.

Maybe Kerbal Space Program. They use nothing but meaningless technobabble, but it's consistent throughout so that fits the bill of internal consistency. It uses physics similar to reality, though, so maybe that doesn't count either. Not fictiony enough.

I don't have to justify any of what I said with examples, though, because broad terms apply to everything, not just one specific thing. I've merely laid out the rules by which all science fiction or fantasy may be objectively judged "good" or "shit".

I've been dicking around in Space Engine again. So comfy when you're not gripped with existential terror from the massive scale of the universe.

Also I've found that neutron stars unnerve me almost as much as black holes do.

I didn't even know that game has been renamed. It's also still in Early Access, so of course you shouldn't recommend it to anyone. I wonder if it's going to be in development long enough to fix whatever is wrong with it.

My main beef is that anyone with half a brain, who needed a big warship for fighitng in space, would make a ship for that specific purpose.

Adding atmospheric capability requires extensive reinforcements of the hull to insure it can carry its own weight inside a gravity well, that add nothing to the ships survivability against enemy fire, making the superstructure of your ship many times heavier than it needs to be. Weight you could instead of spend on armour that might actually make your ship more likely to survive getting shot, a bigger engine that could help it get out of the way of an incoming shot, or more guns to shoot back at the enemy.
You will need an engine that manoeuvre inside an atmosphere without destroying the ship in the process, if you want the ship to be able to land like a plane, at a right angle to its main direction of movement, you will need a second big engine to keep your ship from falling out of the sky.
You will need something to help you turn your ship inside the atmosphere, since the usual way of doing it outside an atmosphere won't work inside an atmosphere.
You will need extensive heat shields to protect you from orbital reentry burns.
All of these things are big, heavy and do nothing for your ships ability to fight other ships while still in space, while taking up much of its available room for weapons, armour and equipment it needs to do its main job, fighting other ships in space.
A ship build for fighting in space, would therefore have a huge advantage over damned near anything build for a dual purpose.
Expecting a spaceship to fight inside an atmosphere is like putting tracks on a landing craft and trying to drive it on to land to fight as a tank. Its never going to be as good at fighting as a regular tank.
Thus, my main beef with the Yamato, isn't that all its guns are on one side, with a main gun pointing straight forward while all its turrets are supposed to fire in a broadside, where the main gun can't be brought to bear on the enemy. That's just regular bad design.
My main beef, is that the ship is designed as a wet water ship with a rocket engine on the back, making it incredibly i'll suited for space combat, gives it huge blind spots, shitty point defence, armour that mainly covers the bottom of the ship, the engine is exposed and would be easy to hit for attacking enemies, just like the bridge. In short, it would be useless in any kind of fight.
Its an idiotic design for a space ship in short.

For a game that, at the beginning, doesn't rely on soft sci fi nonsense like strapping a rocket onto a WWII battleship and calling it a spaceship, try Nexus Jupiter Incident.
Rotating crew section for providing some semblance of gravity to the crew. Large engine in the front as well as the typical one in the back, for braking, with weapons consisting mainly of lasers for point defence and close range fighting, and nuclear missiles for blowing shit up in general.

Play vanilla and get a feel. Then get nexarelin for a bit of mount and blade in space. The download mod factions. My faves are imperium, mayorate, junk pirate pak, and knights templar. Knights are a boss faction. Theres also a ship and weaponpack which are nice. That and and underworld addon, gives pirates more ships.

Is this a joke? Star Citizen has no internal consistency, it has fucking aircraft carriers ffs, the ships have literal wings. Using made up technobabble to explain retarded magical gravity doesn't make that OK, by your own definition Star Citizen is modern art.

KSP by your own definition, is REAL art.

The lens by which you view how game logic relates to art is broken.

The Yamato wasn't designed as a spaceship, it's a post apocalyptic setting where earth is a radioactive wasteland and humans driven into hiding underwater salvage what's left of the Yamato's corpse on the sea floor, seal as much of it as possible, throw some oxygen canisters in and hurl the whole thing into space to escape the planet. Space. Fantasy. Complaining that a space fantasy work doesn't have hard sci fi elements is like complaining that middle earth shouldn't have any dragons because square cube law would render them impossible.

Internal consistency, user. The rules established within its own lore are followed.
It doesn't have to be consistent with outside rules of reality, it just has to establish its own rules and stick to them.

Some do, and they're designed for atmospheric flight. 3.0 will be adding planetary landing and the atmospheric flight models - ships with aerodynamic design will handle much better in space, while ones designed purely for space will function like bricks with rockets attached to them when in atmosphere as they should.
That sounds internally consistent to me.
Whether Chris Roberts will actually deliver any of this is highly doubtful, however.

You seem to be mistaking internal consistency for "things that make sense", however, you could establish in-lore that the source of gravity is grass, and planets with no grass have no gravity. Nonsensical, but in that universe that's the way it works. Okay. So now for ships to have artificial gravity, the hallways and rooms must have a grassy floor.
Boom. Internally consistent.

Did it fucking again. I think I'll stick to combat zones from now on.

Got away this time at least

No, but having dragons without a "dragon cube law" making them possible IS lazy and shitty.

Oh man, I've done that so many times.
It's too bad that everything from misdemeanor assault to parking violations is punishable by death in ED. You'd think there'd be some kind of option to power down your weapons, apologize, and pay a fine or pay hush money.

Does anyone remember pic related? The last update on the dev's website was in December of last year. Is it just vaporware or does anyone know anything else about it?

No, if I was nitpicking I'd be pointing out that the gun turrets should send the ship spinning out of control every time they fire them due to recoil and that the ship has no way to dissipate the colossal amount of heat that its engine generates, meaning that even in cold space, the ship would end up melting if they tried to turn on the rocket engines. Not sure where they get extra oxygen, food and spare parts from to keep the ship running either.
I'm not nitpicking over every little technical detail. I'd just prefer it if the guy who designed the thing and the people making the game put a few seconds of thought into just how this ship is supposed to fight in combat and at least trying to explain some of those bafflingly bad design decisions that would do more to hinder the ships primary mission than anything else.

What is that. Please explain more.

Like that, in lawless and low security areas you have a timer to pay a bill in your messages, otherwise they'll shoot yah like normal.

Also, Sidewinder best ship

I was wondering the same a couple of days ago. I just punched in the twitter thing in that image, though, and it seems like they're still active:

The game looks promising, so I'm glad they're still alive.

This is what I mostly complain about in Sci-Fi, too. It's not even that hard. You could come up with some kind of "gravity current" that connects stars, and coincidentally the hull configuration best suited to riding them looks a lot like ocean ship hulls.
It's a flimsy justification, but at least there'd be an attempt at one. It's more the lack of effort that bothers me, I think.

Supposed to be a survival horror game set on an abandoned moonbase. I actually don't know much about it other than that from the screenshots it looks a lot like A slightly higher tech Alien: Isolation aesthetically. I remember it being discussed at least three years or more ago, so it's been indev for a long time.

That's cool. I'm just waiting on some gameplay, but the screenshots they've shown look pretty great.

There was that one trailer that was pretty decent. It's old as fuck, though, and it's not 100% clear if it's gameplay or just dressed up to look like gameplay.


Oh, yeah. I've completely forgotten about this since it's been so long. Honestly I'm a little disappointed by that; I hope it's not mostly a walking sim. It looks a bit more like an in-engine mockup than real gameplay though.

I wish someone made a quasi-realistic dog fighting game in space. Basically team deathmatch in space fighters and ships. Game development can actually be completed instead of the endless Star Shitizen scams that will never be finished.


I would like to see space combat multiplayer with realish physics like ksp, trying to fight people in orbit, dealing with fuel, etc, just to see how much of a disaster it would be.
But probably realism has to go if you want fun dog fighting tdm.

Ah, space games are my favorite fantasy games.

Shill Citizen December 3.0 soon lads.

thank god, that mixture sounds retarded

you ever heard of Precursors? thats the kind of clusterfuck you want there

Go to reddit.

Which is why I said quasi-realistic. I am thinking Battlestar Galactica because it incorporates Newtonian physics and an unrealistic element into something that looks like it could be fun.


Go away Derek

I didnt buy your game then and I wont buy it now.

CG was very busy



what a bunch of pussies. why not just fly in going 200+ while landing gear is deploying so you get that automatic slowdown just as you enter.

I recently downloaded Masters of Orion 2 and I keep getting my ass kicked every time the Antarans show up. Anyone got any tips about the game? *I keep running as the cybernetic bugs for that sweet industry boost*

I wonder if they'll ever enforce that sub-100m/s speed limit within station no-fire zones. I imagine it would be a kill-on-sight offense just like loitering, and it would do wonders to clear up that kind of irresponsible risky behavior.

I fly straight in a full speed and only flip on my landing gear when I'm in full ballistic descent to my pad.

I recorded a bunch of video just sitting in a d around the station, it's 3am though so I'll make more webms tomorrow.

I did go in pretty fast in my cobra several times, helped I was flat since I had to slip over/under clippers and pythons.

I think the Antarans just fuck you up at least in the early game whenever they show up.

It is enforced, if you hit a ship while moving faster then 100m/s you get a fine, if you kill someone while moving above 100m/s it used to be the instant firing squad.

Bunch of players used to troll during CGs by ramming themselves into speeding condas and clippers in sidewinders with no shields. I think they changed it to a bigger fine after it got abused to much.

Oh, weird. I guess I've never hit anything at that speed other than the hangar gate before to find out.

Pirated it and am currently trying to play through it. Will make some webms soon

Everyone is anally loved by them throughout most of the game. I remember that their crews are relatively low in numbers, so playing as Bulrathi with assault shuttles you have the head-start at capturing their ships for unique tech.

Wet navy inspired designs can work..provided they are adjusted.

Like this:

The ships regular engine(s) should work. At reduced output.


Manouvering thrusters that turn the ship in space, should be capable of doing that in atmosphere too.

Dick Status: Muh

that's a unfinished model with only the main turrets.

There's tons of small turrets everywhere and the massive lower missile/torpedo launcher is also missing.

Sup Phoenixfag, long time no shill.

Ever thought about modding for the X series gaymes?

Could you capture them? I have a faint recollection they would just self-destruct instead. Still, that would be a way of eliminating them and avoiding having your exhaust ports forcefully refitted.

Uhh what? They never did that. They built a ship that just looked like the Yamato because Leiji Matsumoto didn't want the ship to be a flying asteroid yet still have the Wave Motion Gun and a complement of fighter wings. Anything from the original Yamato other than its namesake and overall look is purely ornamental because it was understood even in the 70s that IJN Yamato fucking exploded would likely be in pieces. Only retards in Hollywood believe or expect the masses to believe that ships sink and slam into the ocean floor intact. And the mission of the Yamato was to find a magic fix Earth device, not flee Earth, that was the Izumo plan from the reboot

Good luck trying to get an engine that can push a 100.000 ton warship through the sky like a jetfighter to not look like a nuke is going off behind the ship…
Also there may be issues with engines that vent plasma directly from the engines behind the ship for thrust, on any planet that doesn't appreciate the fallout every time you land or take off.

A manouvering thruster for vacuum works by venting preassured air, or a small rocket jet to push the ship. This becomes a lot less effective when there is suddenly drag and air resistance to all your movement. Also, the amount of thrust needed to turn in a vacuum is minuscule compared to what you'd need to keep your flying brick stable in atmospheric turbulence. Especially at the kind of speeds your ship will need to fly to get in and out of atmospheres.

That's the same as saying a wizard did it. Especially if you don't even show the machinery and amount of power required to pull something like that off.

I would question how a ship that has guns set up for a broadside expects to use them, when the only engine that can slow it down to combat speeds, would require the back of the ship be pointed at the enemy as it goes into combat, and would be incapable of manoeuvring to avoid enemy fire if it wants to present said broadside to the enemy.
And why use guns with long barrels. Railguns or somesuch? What good is a gun that shoots projectiles at 3000 m/s to 10.000 m/s when ships will be going over 11.000 meters to get out of earth orbit alone, let alone if you have to fight a ship going the other way at a similar speed. If we assume you fire those guns at targets less than 10 seconds of flighttime from your ship, that would give you a range of 30 kilometers, for two ships approaching each other at 20.000 m/s that would mean your target is in range for around 1.5 seconds before it has passed you and is now moving away from you at 7 times the speed of your bullets….
And that 30 kilometres range is when the enemy will have 10 seconds to change their ships direction before they get hit. Really, railguns look neat, give a meat boom when fired and its a nice buzzword for hard scifi, but really, their range would be pitiful for any space ship. what you really want is a laser with a lense 10 meters across or more, so you can shoot a lightsecond or two and still do damage. This would let such a gun sitting on earth hit a target sitting at twice the distance of the moon to the earth or more. What's a railgun supposed to do against that?

Well by what i heard.
In original story Yamato was originally built as a secret escape ship for the elite of Earth.
Then after the contact with Iskander kebabs they ordered it to be refit for combat role and sent it off to space to look for the cosmic mcGuffin muffin.


This damn program man. Slav magic, I swear.

Time for some Freespace Webms?

Well shit.

I want it.

Yeah man, I used to play a lot. WH space is the shit.

I join up when I get the need for it, but I've been playing Mortal Online lately.

which mod is this? It's been years since I played freespace and I feel like I should bust out my HOTAS

Blue Planet

Post your rocketfu.

Not all sci-fi has to be hard sci-fi.

So can the word science.

Which is why "lol boats in space" doesn't make up 99% of all sci-fi and/or successful.

Yet 'combat is handled like space is an ocean and the ships are boats all the time' don't count towards that?

Fantasy does not have to conform to any sense of believable reality at all, even then boats in space the reality of boats in space.

If I rolled my eyes rolled as much as I wanted them too my retinas would detach.

So, is it worth to get Elite Dangerous? a friend is telling me to get it and that I only need the base game to go out and do missions with him, but I have the feeling that I'm going to need the expac in order to get the "complete experience" of the game I don't really care about cosmetics has long has they dont sell power via the cash shop I couldn't give less of a fuck

That was the Izumo plan from the reboot. Originally the Yamato was built Wave Motion tech and all as a means to reach Iscandar alive. Starsha's sister was a courier of sorts that died delivering the space message in a bottle telling Earth about the magic fix Earth device but they needed to fight their way across the galaxy to reach Iscandar. She admits near the end of the series that it was kind of a stupid thing to do because she wanted to "test" Earth's character or something

That seems like great fun. Thanks to the turbodosh yesterday I have been enjoying my new Python AKA the Super Cobra, but I'm going to leave it for now to come back to when I need it to focus on my true pet project, the Imperial Courier.
It could probably do surface racing shit like that, but if I crash it's a lot more expensive to recover than a Sidewinder.

Clipper pilots are the worst pieces of shit
The rudest and most inconsiderate fuckers in this game
Clipper pilots are the BMW drivers of Elite

I used to play a lot back in the days. I rolled with my Russian bros, a lot more fun than a no fun allowed american/euro corp.

I went to a few Fanfest and then stopped playing when I got promoted and didn't have time anymore. I miss it but time to move on.

Lately I got the ED scam but refunded it promptly so I'm left waiting by playing Nexus again.


Hard sci-fi and soft sci-fi has nothing to do with internal consistency, user.
Another way of saying "internal consistency" is "good writing".

You can have a sci-fi story where people cast magical spells by saying mathematical equations out loud. It's completely absurd, soft as sci-fi can possibly be, yet if the writing is solid this can be internally consistent with the other systems created within that setting.

Internal consistency.



I'm just fucking around in game atm in a NPC corp. Doing everything solo is pretty fun in the sense no one tells you what you can or cannot do. Also my timezone is weird so I can't join US/EU timezone corps anyway.


oh and

Boarding in x3 was pretty bad, did mods fix it?

Man, fuck that shit, now I owe 2 mission fines because I accepted a delivery mission. I couldn't stand a fucking chance my shields went down in like 3 shots.

In XRM and Litcubes they did

theres boarding pods that can be fired by missile ships

4 pips to sys man, doubles shield strength.

But that's not new…

Wasnt in there since I last played thats for sure


They've been in X3 as long as the M7M has been in X3.

Should I bother getting into litcube my playstyle is industrialist/master jew?
I don't care for the combat at all really, I just want to be a happy merchant. I like a lot of the changes, but the initial capital needed to make money is kind of retarded, since it's balanced around getting free ships.

You should bother ESPECIALLY if your playstyle is industrialist/master jew.
Litcubes is heavily geared towards empire building and fleet automation.

That's exactly why you should play Litcube.

Retardedly low. Those free ships are literally millions of credits just sitting around waiting for you to come and take them.

And I don't like that.
I am not special, I should not get a huge boost of initial capital.
I like starting from essentially nothing.


yay chromatic aberration thats what our eyes do all the time right wow its like im actually there

Fucking retards. Enjoy tumbling end over end like a fucking star trek ship.

But it just jumpstarts you past the extremely slow, long, and boring start where you're just buying something, setting autopilot, then pressing j and going to eat lunch. Litcube stretches the progression out quite a bit so there's a lot more of the actual fun stuff like minmaxing your spaceweed complexes. Or missile complexes, because you aren't minmaxing if you're mass producing anything other than missiles.

That's the problem.
It makes that part much longer.

The point is that they´re going for 80s retrofuturism, have a bit of trust in fellow Holla Forumsirgins

Nigger, if you dont want to globetrot to make mirrions, then fucking dont.
Stay in your starting sectors and make mirrions there, just dont complain when OCV comes to break in your anus because you decided to j+idle.
You do realize that the AI is constantly sending neo liberal death squads after your ass and actively hunts your shit?


479,103 seconds of specific impulse, 13,000,000 newtons of thrust.


there is a lot of blue stars in this blue magellanic cloud

It's always time for that.

Looks like the OSEC(?) ship from Nexus.

Any reason to play or not play Terran Confict compared to Albion Prelude?

There should be an infograph on good space games.

The engineer tuning is actually pretty neat, I'd drop the extra for Horizons. Might want to wait for the next expansion release date though. If they do the same thing as last time, they'll pump it out just before the end of the year and include the base/previous expansions.

No it's fucking not.

Liberating this planet from the Separatists.
Base Delta Zero style

Goodness gracious is it that time already?


I asked last thread; only real reason to play TC seemed to be storyline. If you're in it for the fuckabout in space sandbox then AP is better.

Seems the aliens really are coming in Elite.

well fuck that's definitely the structure seen on the stream interference.

I have a feeling they gave us such high payouts for the cg cause we're going to need the insurance money.

My predictions
There is only one correct decision. Remove insect.

Engineers are a cheap mobile game mechanic. I

Thatsssss a nice ssship you have there, friend. I'll offer you… hmmmm… 10k creditsss for it.

Are they going to be Giant Incests?

You are correct user.
Purge the xeno scum.

There were actually aliens in X3?
I thought they were all just different human space countries with really bizarre names. Huh.

Only the Argon descended from humans.

A-Are you retarded, user?

Aside from Argons and Terrans all the factions are ayyliums.

Aldrin too

And so are Goners but they´re minor factions.

You're thinking of Freelancer user.

Damn. Aren't the Xenon human, too? I mean, they're computers that came to life, but they're human computers which makes them basically human, right?
Why'd they name themselves after an inert gas? "Teladi" sounds more human than Argon. "Split" is also clearly an English word, which is strange that aliens would name themselves a word from Earth language.
Everyone also speaks English instead of speaking alien languages with some kind of speech-to-text translator.

I guess I just didn't pay any god damn attention when I played X3 all those years ago. My bad, guys.
Did X3 even have a story mode? I just remember fucking around for days, building infinite-loop solar battery factory complexes so big they tanked my FPS, and then just sitting in one of them messing with universal traders.

I'm going to have to actually play this game again, aren't I?

That's exactly what they do, user

Maybe if you're from fucking Space India, user.
Galactic power by 3020

The Xenon are descendants of 3 self-replicating AI-terraformers the hoomies sent out in the universe. The AIs fucked up over and over again and could not fullfil their directive, so they turned psychotic and decided to eradicate all life out of spite.

Argon and Xenon are obviously wordplays, the Argons are descendants of the guys that lured the entire xenon fleet out of the terran sectors and then blew up the gate behind them.

Theres actually shitloads of lore in the X games, theres an overarching storyline, aside from the sandbox expansions that is.

Make a fourth faction of humans and xenos?

I prefer TC though, AB doesn't have the Torus because feminist terrorism.






Do you guys remember the name of an indie game that was on Greenlight a long time ago? I think the goal was to build mining stations on asteroids while fighting waves of enemies? I remember that they didn't finish the design of the enemy ships when they made the first trailer so they replaced them with a bunch of grey (or red?) cubes.
I think the game failed the Greenlight but the devs said that they would continue making the game.

Try Diaspora


Battlestar Galactica reboot really poisoned the well.

One thing I don't get in Battlestar Galactica. The low tech. Sure, the Galactica is a museum piece and the lack of computers and everything they can be used for, like missile guidance and halfway accurate guns is fine.
But what is the Cylons excuse? Why aren't cylon raiders engaging the galactica's fighters with missiles from hundreds of kilometers outside of their range? The colonies hightech fighters used missile spam before they got hacked, so its not like the tech doesn't exist.
And what about modern CIWS or computer aimed high precision cannons for shooting down colonist fighters when they get close?
Why do the cylons who are supposed to be more advanced than anyone else, constantly rely on weapons so primitive the colonists gave up on them 50 years earlier.
Are they hard wired to give the colonists a sporting chance by handicapping themselves or something?

The idea is to make it look like something filmed by the colonists as it happened, to increase viewer immersion by making it feel like they are looking at a live news broadcast of the battle.
Also the BSG, while doing a lot of shit horribly wrong, especially season 3 onwards, after the writers themselves admitted they had used up all their ideas and where mostly just winging it, did not come up with the idea to add bourne style shakycam to space battles. Firefly pioneered it.

Did firefly even have space battles?

One or two with the raiders. The movie had more.
But pretty much all the scenes in space where shot like that, action or no.
In terms of cinematography, the idea is to make the CGI look like it isn't filmed under perfect conditions in carefully selected shots from non existing camera, but is instead filmed with the limitations a real world camera has. It makes the CGI look less blatantly like CGI while getting the viewer to feel like they are more engaged in what is going on, than static pans showing everything with perfect clarity and camera positioning, the way you can only get in a computer simulation.
For space battles, this has a secondary effect of slightly disorientating viewers, making it harder to keep track of the overall situation, but also getting viewers more focused on the immediate situation in front of them. Just don't abuse it too much with rapid clips like the bourne movies, or you'll just make everything you are filming into a chaotic mess that will induce nothing in your viewers beyond nausea.

Babylon 5 started it. Some CGI shots had the quick zoom effect.

No but the movie (Serenity) had some space battles.

They use that kind of camera work in the opening scene when they get jumped by the alliance cruiser and fly off. And again in the one where bounty hunters chase them through canyons, and in the episode where they have to escape from the raiders. They use that kind of camera work in all those scenes which show the ship flying around.

B5 didn't do it enough that I ever noticed though.

I liked BSG a lot but the whole New Caprica segment sucked hard and broke the pacing too much. The Pegasus arc was alright though.

TNG went through a phase there around season 5-6 where they tried to make their space battles more action-packed and exciting, where the camera shakes like crazy every time a phaser is fired and everything zooms around at absurd speeds. The miniatures they used only ever actually looked like little toy models in those two seasons - all because of that ridiculous "visceral" nonsense that just destroys immersion entirely.

Another pic. Seems it was actually revealed early from what I've been reading, and there's no more plans till the release of 2.2.

Personally, I don't think we'll be seeing the full alien arrivals (whether thargoids, or the barnacle things, or whatever people are thinking they are) until 2.4 and we'll have more community goals in 2.2 "The Guardians" and 2.3 "The Commanders". 2.4 hasn't been named yet is my only reason for thinking this. And that's obviously me speaking out of my ass cause all I can do is speculate.

Be neat if we see them in 2.2 however, since multi-crew is planned for 2.3. Means we could deal with aliens and shit while multi-crewing. I guess the question is whether they'll be hostile or not.

If anyone wants to have a gander at it (taken from the forums)

I noticed that immediately, it's even better when you have played Cataclysm and know the nature of the Bentusi

Hudson is Space Trump so I kinda doubt that.

If we go by older Elite lore, the Alliance cuck for the Thargoids while Federation and Empire put aside their differences a bit so they can PURGE THE XENOS together.


The ideal space vehicle is a triangular prism or a cone, to maximize the surface area with LOS to the enemy (thus maximizing the amount of guns you can be firing at them at a given moment).

So something like a Star Wars ISD or most Faulcon DeLacy ships.

That's assuming your firepower is determined by the surface area with line of sight to the target. Which is a pretty silly assumption.

Like, if you rely on missiles, they could be tossed out the sides, and don't need line of sight from the launcher. Or if you rely on an electric powered weapon like a laser, your limit may well be your generator or your cooling systems.

Only in a case where the number of weapon systems you can have is limited only by the number of self-contained weapons you can strap onto the hull would this be the case, pic somewhat related.

I just bought a HOTAS to play this fucking thing with.
First time I've bought a specialised peripheral since getting a steering wheel for Gran Turismo way back


also probably should get a throttle.

Bought myself a HOTAS last week and I dont regret a single shekel

what game is that

I've been tempted to try and configure my old Sidewinder ForceFeedback 2 for the game, but the mouse and keyboard controls are pretty good and I'd have to use keyboard for additional keys anyway so I was just to lazy to do it.

I've had CH products for about 3 or 4 years now. Good products. I just can't be assed to get them out all the time cause I don't play Elite all the time, too cumbersome and I don't have a large desk right now. Probably start using them more again once I get a new desk, just moved. I've been using a 360 controller the past month, works surprisingly well. Didn't have to rebind it that much.

Elite Dangerous

Is it worth getting?

Depends on how much you want a space sim I guess. It's still as deep as a puddle currently. But I'm hoping by season 3 (we're almost halfway through season 2 once 2.2 releases right now) it'll be good enough to recommend it to more folks. At the very least wait for a sale if you're unsure, probably go on sale during Christmas I would think.

If you want a space sim that is fairly deep and somewhat recent, go for X3: Terran Conflict instead.

Thanks user

No problem user. The biggest complaint with Elite Dangerous I have is that the trading (which is what I like to do the most in space sims) and exploration needs to be a lot better, but even still I'm autistic enough to grind for a Type-9. So I guess it depends on how much you enjoy grinding too. Right now I treat it as nothing more than an alternative to when I don't feel like zoning out to Ameican or Euro Truck Sim.

The combat is fun though, and ship flying is bretty gud.

Mine is that the universe just doesn't feel alive, you don't have infrastructure like space highways connecting each borders to the capital system of each factions or anything that would serve as a proper world building. I want space highways, a galacting banking systems and others in-lore convenience stuff in exchange of some credits available.
Some people would say that's already there in some ways, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

Akshually… I did.

I had a Teladi kitbash monstrosity, a giant corvette, a fighter and the altered Archangel.
Tries converting the fighter but kept running into issues.
Then I noticed the severe limitations that X3 has with turrets that would fuck up Archangel. I was pissed so I moved to other things.

- that would depend on the engine type, wouldn't it?

- true. Fighters would have issue. But again, depends on the propulsion system. Capital ships, not as much. They don't need high turn rates.

- nope, it's not. Anti-gravity is a staple of sci-fi. Usually explained as a generator that is repelled from high gravity object … kinda like two magnets of the same pole. Yeah, the power requirement would be huge, but any ship capable of projecting massive ships and fireing mega-death beams should probably have enough power.

Why would you need to slow down? Zip past, shooting.
And please, lets not get into the hard-sci-fi ship design. I know fighters are stupid, I know the issues with mass driver travel time, etc..

Lower half has less big turrets because it has other weapons. Like a (missing) anti-capital missile launcher.
Besides, it's not like you need the EXACT SAME number of weapon on every side. And a simple roll and you now have a full broadside.

Argon got their name from a certain individual named Nathan R. Gunn

The maximum number of guns you can fire isn't dependent on your surface area. This isn't WWII where the number of guns you can bolt on to it is what matters.
The hard limit will be your stored ammo, your ability to generate power and your ability to dump the waste heat producing energy for your weapons builds up. Regardless of whether you use railguns, gauss rifles, lasers, particle beams or some scientifically highly improbable plasma cannon, the real limit is how much power you have available for your weapon.
Thus the ratio of internal volume for equipment, powerplants and ammo to surface area, the amount of area you need to cover in handwavium energy shields or just plain armour plating, with the ideal being what ever gives you the most internal volume to the least area that needs to be armoured. Sphere shape would be much more useful in this regard. Make it egg shaped with the narrowing part towards the enemy if you think slopping is important for armour or shields.

Internal rules of your universe may dictate other shapes as better, if say, your ships need to carry a big ring on the rear of the ship for its FTL drive like humans in SotS, or the warp nacelles in star trek. This would change depending on the specific universe of course.

Oh come now, that thing isn't a spacetank. It doesn't even have pointless treads or anything.

That's a fair complaint too. Despite being a faux "mmo" even it doesn't feel alive. The power play and community goals are pretty meh at the end of the day as well. It's why I still have some cautious optimism for Star Citizen, though I won't be throwing money at it any time soon of course. And by the time Star Citizen does actually get released, assuming it's not just vaporware, Elite will hopefully be in a better place than it is now. Egosoft said they're working on a new X too, but who knows when that'll come out. And EVE, the only game that has as in depth of an economy and player interaction I want right now, isn't really that immersive or offers playing it from the cockpit of your ship.

All I can do is cross my fingers I guess and hope someone delivers.

So in short, like Battletech?

Both the Bentusi and the Cylon hybrid are basically the same thing, Unbound.

At first I thougbt it was Makaan. The voice was extremely similar.

Or Michael from Footfall, that's roughly round, armed with nukes and the guns from a battleship.
The main departure is its flat bottom, due to the drive system (dropping nukes behind the ship to push it forward, so the back is a several meter thick plate to absorb the radiation from the bombs).
Plenty other sci fi books use round ships, but none that have been made into games. For games, the best example would be the doomstar ships from MoO, that are generally round in shape, or the Deathstar from Star Wars.

Haven't played this before. Have just finished installing it. Do I dive in or are there essential mods I should apply first? I have read about the crossfire mod, but it's not clear if that's something I should try after playing the game vanilla or if it's worth getting it installed prior to that.

You should probably give it a go without any game changing mods first, but Crossfire would improve the enemies' AI and add a lot of new stuff while also improving the graphics greatly, if you're into that kind of thing.
Be advised, Freelancer while one of my favorite games due to nostalgia is an unbelievably simple and repetitive game that favors arcade-ish gameplay over true realism, it's still pretty fun if you take it with a grain of salt, but don't be surprised to be disappointed at some point.
Also, the Campaign added by the mod will not influence whatsoever the original campaign, it'll only affect it in a "post-end" sense. Be warned that it's full of bullshit too.

Pretty much

You'll also probably might want to consolidate this.

It's okay until enemy fighters get shields

I'm a happy user.
I should really make a complete version.

I've been looking for a space game, I've downloaded a couple but most of them are all missing something. I'm looking for an open world space game where you can build ships and colonies (which you have to defend), manage food/oxygen , explore a ton of procgen planets, preferably with explorable structures and NPC's that you can interact/kill and possibly with RPG elements but I'll fold on that one.

Empyrion is so far the best one I've played, I wasn't too huge on space engineers but I didn't play it for long though. I've been looking at a few but they all have very mixed reviews and are early acess. I'd like it if you goyim could give me your opinions on some of them

grav (looks to have most of what I want but also looks like a MMO and has a shitty art style)

Planet Explorers looks like the best of the bunch but reviews are shitty lately.

StarMade, not too sure about it I hate the shitty minecraft look of it and again looks like a MMO

Also any other suggestions?

We tried to make a complete version
It just got really messy

Their last update on their webpage is from Dec 2015.

Not really.
Some user made the first sketch.
I replied with the one you posted and some last user made two more.
There was no proper collaborative effort or wholehearted effort by one.

Do list some games that ought to be on the list.
I'll screencap it and in a few more generals we might have a proper chart.


You sure don't ask for much, do you?

I think it's all just early access and empty promises for the time being as far as the do-absolutely-everything-space-builder-citysim-exploration-combat-rpg genre is concerned.
I think that space terraria technically fits all your bullet points, and modded ksp has most of them. though I very much doubt either of those is what you had in mind

That, too, is based on a dubious assumption: that it is optimal to armor the spacecraft against threats from all directions equally.

This might be true for "WW2 in Space!" ships, like in Freespace or BSG, where the main threat is enemy bombers popping out of FTL all around them and attacking from random directions, but it's quite concievable that you might actually be able to see the enemy coming some time before they get to you, and you might also engage at long enough ranges that there is no danger of the enemy circling you faster than you can turn.

With these assumptions, it's better to armor the ship like you would a tank. Armor the fuck out of the front, and then do your best to point the front at the enemy. This may leave you comparatively vulnerable to flanking, but taking half the armor off each side of a cube ship and putting it on the front will give you 3.5x the armor on that face, which would be a huge advantage facing a similar craft.

I propose that an optimal shape for a craft under these assumptions is to maximize it's cross-sectional density, such that it has a small area to maximize armor on, and thus allowing the ship to save considerable mass in armor, or to make the armor considerably stronger given the same mass. From there you'd strike a balance based on actually fitting all the functional bits in, making it able to maneuver properly without incurring ridiculous accelerations at the long ends while turning, etc.


Anyone looking forward to everspace? I think it comes out mid september.

Sucks to be you user.

I'm fucking triggered.

I'm gonna do it.
I've never played a 4X game in my entire life so I figured if I can start with the most challenging, it'll be a breeze to play something else like DF.

the only hard part about DF is the interface

Well, I still have nothing to lose by learning how to play besides my sanity.

Oh yes, you'll be losing that.

Ill spoil it for you now m8

trying to play Aurora 4x blind is like trying to fly a 747 without any conception of up and down

But it makes it shorter. MUCH shorter. Like exponentially shorter.

It's not quite as bad as it's made out to be. It's pretty bad, but the hardest part is getting it to stop throwing DB errors every fifteen seconds. Fuck visual basic.

Where can I download galactic civilization 2?


I got you user!PBURkBxY!0yDdnstc6c2P9gnN2xLqMBQCrP3xFjn7pt1yDimdtQM

Asteroid mining is the patrician's career of choice and the one part of Elite that I'd say is honestly "good enough". Would more stuff be nice? Sure. But it's great fun already.

They really should make mining payout more besides mining CGs

So just watched Independence Day 2… I'm not going to comment how much of a butchering it was in every possible way - the movie was a catastrophe and that's enough.

But it did have one element which got me the mood to explore further: it tried to push the humanity fuck yeah factor.

Any vidya or novels that are about HFY? Films are welcome too.


Not even a day and people are already attempting to penetrate

I'd like to have options for greater yields. Scanning in place of prospectors, bigger mining lasers, more engineer mods that aid in mining, deployable fighters with mining lasers, etc. A toggle option for firing mining lasers.

A really nice option would be if asteroids had actual veins you could shoot for best chunks, making the mining process more involved.

But all in all I'm happy with how it is now.

There are bigger mining lasers called mining lances, but they're locked behind one of the powerplay factions. Also if you hold down the laser and switch to the 3rd person camera mode it'll hold it down till you switch back. Works for now.

Pretty much everything in this game could do with some TLC but Fdev has to work on the next big thing first.


Aren't lances smaller and just happen to do combat damage?

True, but when spacelegs are a thing I'd like to be able to set my ship to automine for a bit while I roam the cockpit.

Also, having 13 limpets is awesome; I may sell my fuel scoop so I can have even more. Gonna be zero downtime after each asteroid depletes.


That's what I thought they did too. Wiki says they're capable of inflicting more combat damage than normal lasers. I remember them being one of the Empire faction's thing, the one that gives you trading bonuses. Torval? I don't know, I don't do power play.


I pledged to ALD to stock up on Imperial Hammers and next I'm staying with Aisling until module storage. Then I'm going to buy Prismatics of each size and store 'em and leave Powerplay because it's horrible annoying crap that gets you hassled by NPCs everywhere.

Yeah, I tried it out when it first released. Went with the Alliance dude cause I figured, hey some bonus to trade, was around those systems anyway, why not? Left after a week and haven't touched it since.

I just want a game like LOTGH where I can fly into someone's ship, board them, and then chop all their men to death with fucking axes while I'm wearing my astronaut suit.

Oh I thought there were large hardpoint lances, cause the normal mining laser only goes up to size 2 hardpoints, thought you might be able to get larges of the lances.

Lance is small only.

I hate you so goddamned much

Star Citizen, you can pledge as little as 25 shekels, goy! It has already crossbows!


Starmade is actually pretty cool as it were. Less minecrafty and less MMO-y on most servers. The Holla Forums serve we had a while ago was nice and casual.

There's just mechanics for factions etc. territory claiming per server, take that for what you will.
Another cool feature is being able to build automated fleets and copy paste ships and parts etc.

If a player makes a large enough ship you can certainly blow a hole in them and board them.

God damn, that looks real neato!


Clipper and cutter are ace mining/trading ships since they both get a single largeish internal space for their class for a big shield, which you can use for cargo. Best shields but crap hardpoint placements. Good for exploration too with some engineer fsd boosts.

It's too late. I already downloaded from a public tracker and now I'm done for 20 to life for stealing videogames.
Thanks for trying user.
I couldn't really get into it. The interface feels really clunky and obtuse. I guess I've been too babby'd by Star Ruler's 110 fov, multi monitor support, and resizable/movable UI elements.

Cutter actually gets two size 8 slots.

Also, that's some impressive SRV control. Can't drive the thing worth a damn personally.

"Why do you always keep me waiting Tuvok?"

Voyager is not that good but Living Witness was a fun episode.

That show had its issues though.
Like continuity…

Eh I liked the episode with the Shyamalamadingdong twist that John was the copies all along

I'm sure it has a few good episodes.
It's not worth all the crap though.
I saw the first episode and immediately knew to keep away from this abomination.
Things like just cement my sentiment.

Meh, I already watched ds9 5 or 6 times and I wanted something set after. But it is stuck in the Delta quadrant.

Aren't there enough GOOD sci-fi shows to occupy you?
Have you seen Babylon 5?
Hell, if you want something at least interesting, watch Lexx.

While there are relatively few good sci-fi shows, if you've seen them all you could at least read some nice sci-fi stuff or play good spess vidya.


Watched B5 even more times than DS9, Lexxx was weird as fuck but watched it anyway. Enjoyed Farscape a lot too.

I'm out of sci fi show.

Then read.
You seem to have too much time on your hand user.
What are you doing with you life?

oh boy I remember watching that shit in the middle of the night when I was like 10

it was a complete mindfuck for my young and naive self

The plant chick from Farscape along with Carter from Stargate were the main reasons Ive got a boner for older women

Just be mindful of what you are getting into. Lexx is more than a little bit weird.

I work a lot actually but I spend the time travelling around. I've just finished Look to Windward from Ian M. Banks and I'm looking for a few Star Trek novels to read, I heard nice things Typhon Pact.

Can't you play some vidya?

Hard to do on the train and on planes. Got a Vita and 3DS and some games but prefer to read or watch movies/series.

Space Above and Beyond?
Battlestar Galactica reboot skip everything past season 2, the show really goes down hill
LoGH, for your dose of epic battles of a scale and scope no other show has ever attempted to recreate. Its animoo, but its not typical weaboo trash like gundam.
Space Dandy, if you dare to watch a show about Han Solo if he was an anime character.
Rocket Girls, animo about schoolgirls becoming astronauts. Very hard sci fi.
Red Dwarf, needs no introduction.

Doesn't the quality of those range form painfully awful or fanfiction levels of terribad?
Considered the Ringworld series? There's always Honor Harrington, if you can stand those levels of political preachyness and Mary Sue bullshit, but at least the tech is neat.
If you're not afraid of warhammer 40k tie in books, I'd recommend the Ciaphas Cain HERO OF THE IMPERIUM! books.
Alternatetly, go for some fantasy classics with Discworld or Black Company. Either should tide you over for a year or two's worth of reading.

Fair enough.
Well, there is always non sci-fi stuff available.

Was the Robot thing God or something? did the humans finally accept why we have mortality?

For me it was Dr Frasier more than Carter that did that.

Watched BSG and LoGH, will look into the others. As for Star Trek books, yeah, most are probably bad fanfiction but I wanted to read/watch some more ST stuff and JJ Trek is depressing as fuck.

I read Black Company while exiled in Yukon 3 years ago, I really liked it. I don't really like W40K litterature but I'll try it again.

Ahhh, a gentleman and a scholar I see.

Alright, how do I stop getting my shit pushed in at Elite Dangerous? What's the fastest way to make some money for better gear? Is there any benefit to heading out away into unknown space?

I used to stack missions for some quick cash. Recently FD have given free creds through CG though it might be another bug. Not like FD seems to have any idea of what they are doing.

i actually unironically have some hope for scam yiddizen after the gamescom video

i mean, come on, space motorbike fights while your buddy strafes your foes from the sky? as much as I don't want to admit it that is absolutely the kind of space game i want

If you want to do cargo runs, you could always try a system outside the bubble. Usually missions out there have higher pay. Robigo, Sothis/Ceos, and Aditi were ones that were suggested a lot before, but I don't know if they're still viable.

Also, getting rep with system factions will give you higher paying jobs. If you want to do that, just pick a system you like and start grinding.

Sothis and Ceos should still be viable, Ceos was just UA bombed but it appears the devs made it easier to repair UA bombed stations so it should have recovered by now.
UA = Unknown Artifact

Thanks. Also, are the seek and kill missions fucked up? I NEVER find the ships I'm supposed to kill, even where I'm told they're at.

I don't know, I haven't done any of those missions in a while. A lot of the trade missions are fucked up too so probably Frontier being Frontier. With some trade missions, you'll get a mail saying you have a time limit for bonus pay and then it'll be 0 minutes. sometimes 1 or 2 minutes. Most of them have been like that for me currently.

So yeah, probably just Frontier being Frontier and Elite revealing that underneath it's still pretty shit.

Yeah, I keep getting told to check conflict zones for the targets, but it's only ever feds fighting SDFs.

Multiplayer was a mistake. This is why nobody will remember ED in a few years. All the cracks in the wall are so visible.

Yeah, I don't know to tell you. Would help if I could. Elite has a lot of good things, and a lot of shit awful things. They're pretty much in a place where most of the people who want that kind of space sim are desperate for them so they kind of just do what the fuck ever cause Braben is insane and they know their fans will tell you to go play old ones if you'd rather have that.

I just want a nice solid good current space sim fam.

I personally like and want multiplayer, but Elite's is so barebones it's pointless. What's the point of multiplayer if there's nothing for the community to actually do outside of wings, which last I checked are still buggy as fuck, and pirating traders, which just causes carebears to quit and go solo play.

Also, inb4 multi-crew is a mess as well come 2.3.

It looks like the idea for multiplayer came too late into development. Oh well, you can still make great screenshots.

the AI finally manage to create new life/heat, but all the humans were dead.

These are multiplayer things the playerbase currently do despite a lack of support.

Minor Player factions
Powerplay roleplay and pvp
Piracy pvp
CG roleplay and pvp
Exploration Expeditions
BGS manipulation
UA bombing
Fuel Rats

On the piracy thing the only players who should get salty are the ones who get ganked instead of pirated which Frontier currently doesn't have an answer for. Most pirates are fair, ask for a cut and or can be tricked. Some of these things would be way better if they could only be completed in open instead of allowing solo players to bypass it all and still have an effect.

Passenger mission is a simple reskin of cargo mission. Want to know why multi-crew is a bad idea and will probably suck as much as the korean mmo casino of the engineers? Try to find someone speaking about it in terms of joining someone else's ship. Everyone speaks about having other negros slaving away on their ship but no one want to be the negro.

Also add to this the pitiful state of the netcode. I wonder if Pecisk will kill himself soon.

Thanks for explaining user

I saw some footage of a guy whiles he was in hi command chair giving orders to his friends and that was amazing when they tried to get to the bay and got sucked out to space after their ship got a hole punched into it

For those that didnt know, they updated Nexus: the jupiter incident a few months ago, full HD and stuff.

The fucking netcode, it's worse then you think.

It is peer to peer but every single peer to peer connection between every players goes through and is checked by frontier's own servers.
This is why when the distant world expedition attempted the 100 player instance it absolutely murdered everyone else's connection to frontier as every one of those 100 peer to peer connections between everyone went through frontiers servers as well.

It's an absolute hack and one of the future updates will feature an instancing rework if Fdev are smart enough to do so before it becomes completely unusable.

FD doesn't seem really interested in fixing ED, they fulfill their obligations in the most simplistic way possible and call it a day. How anyone could come up with the Engineer idea and think it was good is beyond me.

Wings are fucked too, can't connect most of the time. Still ED fills a hole for now.

What's even worse is that all I got for the multiplayer experience that I want is Star Citizen promising they'll deliver on it, but lol it's Star Citizen. Could be fun in 2030 I guess. It's a shame, cause there is a place for something like the way EVE does things, especially its economy, but with the immersion of being in a cockpit and fulfilling my smuggler roleplay fetish.

Most of those are really barebones is the thing though. Powerplay is pretty meh, and doesn't really do anything for the two other foundations of space sims with is trading and exploration. Unless you want that trading bonus you get from the Alliance or Torval, but it's not really that worth it. Exploration is just pointing your ship at shit and scanning. Minor player factions are pretty meh cause there's no real system to support it. Etc.

The only thing out of that that's really emergent and neat are the Fuel Rats. And that's what Elite needs more of. Frontier doesn't want to seem to want to do the type of game that allows that, a multiplayer game, but still here we are. At the very least, they should've worked more on the other two foundations cause the combat I don't have that many complaints with. Maybe the flight model could be better, but it's whatever. And on top of that, they charge your 30-40 bucks each season in the hopes they'll actually get their prioritization down, but instead we have passenger missions coming which are just more uneventful cargo runs where you get interdicted by AI over and over. Maybe the time limit bonus updates will be fixed though.

And still, saying all that, it's the only current space sim on the market with a decent budget that might actually deliver in season 5 so I'm going to play it anyway cause fuck my life. I'm just that desperate and it's infuriatingly sad and I know it.

FD knows it too and, good thing for them, they have the only space sims out right now.


for me it was watching that gamescom video and seeing that the ground piloting, the EVA combat and the FPS shit all actually dovetail together in a way I didn't think the SC guys were capable of. the fact that they've already added somewhat competent copiloting for some ships (shield management at the moment), manned turrets for your guys, and all that shit is genuinely interesting, and if it can flow the way it does in that video then it could be pretty neat

also, just my opinion but any game that lets you steal and ride sick ass speeder bikes, get into a gunfight on them and get that sweet air cover while doing so is immediately jumped up on my interest radar

You know, I was actually pretty interested in Planet Coaster. Maybe still am. But on the other hand I've played ED so it's up in the air.

I'm probably one of the few people who have cautious optimism for Star Citizen here, so I thought the 3.0 demo was fairly neat. Though I imagine most of us space sims fans do want it to be good cause space sims are in a pretty sorry state right now, at least those of us that want the kind of experience SC is promising.

The FPS combat does look like utter trash though I thought, and Star Marine is supposed to be coming pretty soon isn't it? If they do another free trial thing I'll probably give a try I guess. Given, I imagine they'll get more down into balancing all that whenever it hits beta 10 years from now and I suppose right now they're still just laying out the tech.

I guess it really depends on Squadron 42 and if it's worth a shit, since that is supposedly coming before the MMO stuff. SQ42 was also supposed to come out this year, but lol. Better to be delayed than rushed out, of course, but on the other hand a lot of it right now seems like feature creep. They weren't even going to let you fuck about on planets originally, instead having an in game cutscene of you docking on planetary stations.

Also, pretty sure Star Marine was supposed to come out last year or the beginning of this, so y'know.

Are there bets in Vegas over SC's release date?

The only winning move is not to play.

when they start shooting each other while navigating in a dead ship looked bad and boring, you cant even tell if your bullets are hitting the faggot.

Yeah, and it looked like it took way too long. They could also be bad at their game, it's not like I haven't seen that in a live demo before. There was the one guy driving the bigger ground vehicle that kept running into those solar panels over and over, but it seems way more than just needing to git gud when it comes to the FPS.

I dunno how good of an idea it is shoehorning it into a vidya this late in the game, but multi-crew ships can be fun. Guns of Icarus is fun as heck, even if it's now a ded game and pretty much always was.

Pulsar has pretty good multi-crew as well, if only they added some randomization to missions cause it gets pretty tiring doing the same shit over and over from the same starting point. Once they do that, I'd probably play it a lot more than I do now.

But it depends on how its implemented in my opinion. I have a friend that has the same "let's be Han and Chewie" dream that I have. So, currently the two big space sims are Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. ED has a habit of doing things very basically and rudimentary with the promise of adding more (if at all). SC does the opposite of here's all this cool shit they're promising and it'll be really in depth but it's still in alpha and we have yet to see the majority of it.

What I want is a situation where my buddy, who really likes getting into the immersion and stuff can go down, get missions, whatever. When he's doing that I can focus on logistics which is what I like doing. Plotting the jump routes, hiring crew, looking at ship upgrades, etc. Liked it in EVE as well. I know SC Alpha 3.0 is supposed to be rolling out the first implementation of careers, but that requires throwing money at a project that I still have my restraints about.

It's been a while since we had a thread and the last few did not go so well. We really need more content and while I hope beta 10 will be interesting I bet it won't be enough. At least they have been working on ai pathfinding and logic, could be a good basis for more interesting quests.

why get my hopes up like that

Not all early access games are shit, just the majority of them are. I still play The Long Dark and Subnautica from time time and they're shaping up alright in my opinion.

Alright, how in the fuck do I into Space Rangers HD? I just cannot get into this game for the life of me, everyone can kick my ass, missions seem just like delivery stuff and I have no idea how to progress enough that I can actually start fighting the Dominators.

This just in
Some fucker from the subreddit figured out where the crashed Thargoid ship came from, a black hole in the 39 Delta Persei system. On drop his friend saw a purple flash warp out and at the black hole.

I'm booting the game now and heading there as fast as possible, I should have webms by the next thread.

At this point it sounds like the fucking ayylamos
live inside black holes
or at least whatever dimension is on the other side of them

Freespace 2's looking better every day.

nvm it's looking more and more like bullshit, the system isn't aligned because of rotation and the black hole noise is sounding like the usual. I'm headed to it anyway.

Still the chance that the Thargoids come from black holes is pretty high as they're supposed to be from another dimension.

There is no drm so you can play online with a pirated copy, I'd suggest just waiting for the next thread on Holla Forums, there should be one when the next update comes out.

New thread when or should I make it

Make it brah. Sisko Edition maybe?

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