Where were you when game developers started charging consumers for patches?

Where were you when game developers started charging consumers for patches?


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I don't want to be rude, but this really IS Holla Forums, user

Where were you when hacks started charging consumers for demo versions? And then didn't even finish the full game?

You can keep telling yourself that if it help[s you sleep at night (much like you keep telling yourself that you're a woman), but don't expect the rest of us to play along.

Where's the Adam's apple?

with the words of randi harper

That started way before MGSV though.

Tough, doesn't make it right.

Oh you mean like Dark Souls 2?


Stop giving trannies attention unless you're directing them to a euthanasia clinic.

Sorry, that code is damaged beyond repair. Gotta scrap the whole program.

You need the season pass for that one.

Let this irrelevant nobody fade into obscurity where they belong.

Imagine being so shit of a human bean that even the parents who adopted you decide to disown you.

Must be because her stream of Patreon shekels has slowly been drying up.

>John Flynt
Just for the sake of argument here, just for a second. Let's say vidya is 'art'. John would be a hybrid of Henry Darger and a monkey painter. With apologies to both since the monkey at least put some effort and Henry Darger is slightly more interesting type of insane and he did his art without a Flynt Wu trustfund.

You need to stop.

Stupid piece of shit makes more than I do. for nothing.


All it costs is your dick and balls

I think I'll stay a poorfag. I'm not using my dick and balls, but it still beats being a mutilated freak.

But I like my dick and balls.



In the current year too. Can you believe it?

Gas all niggers, Jews, trannies, fags, muzzies, and commies.

Most trannies never go through with the surgery.

You just need to "identify" as a woman. That's all it takes.

Don't even bother shaving or changing the way you dress. Because your a stronk biologically trans womyn who don't need no gender conformity.

As if I want to look like this!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA

You forgot about gamers.

>game developers
you a funny guy OP , next you'll be telling "she" jokes

You mean, where were you when they charged money for a fucking remake? I dunno, probably at Gamestop, buying Ocarina of Time or Snake Eater and then going home and jerking yourself raw over it?


Well played, Kojimbles.

Did anything come of this? I skipped the initial thread because it's always hyperbole followed by what is almost guaranteed to be nothing.

Was anything actually revealed or was it just them chatting back and forth?

And no, discovering that one of them is a dick isn't a gotcha.

It's called a vertical slice demo. Alien Colonial Marines did the exact same thing.

meant for
referring to crash override leak

He should have just called it 'remastered', folks been eating that shit for years.

What an achievement.

Thank mr shitface

Paradox has been doing it for years. Actually i think it's even worse, the patches are "free" but because most of the features are locked behind a paywall you end up with a weird gimped version of the game that worse off then it was before unless you pay for the DLC.


There was only one thing of n ote to be found in all of that and it was evidence saying how they intentionally crashed that Disney Indie Game thing to bring it down from the inside because it was essentially outside of the cliques control. Of course this means nothing since it's so old no one even remembers it, so nothing will come of it.

That isn't a game developer. Hell, despite what it claims, that isn't even a woman.

It's not even human actually. All the money its parents have and it is all for nothing, their genes produced this mutated fuckup.

This was the reason why I stopped giving them money even in sales. When they added India to CK2, if you didn't buy the DLC you'd have a shitty zero content and barely interactable quarter of the map slowing down your game for no reason. You could mod it out, but that wasn't necessarily compatible with other mods.

Paradox is a company whose understanding of gameplay balance is to "balance" the game around the mulitplayer sessions only they can play with any degree of playability.

Oh, and they are leftist cucks.

Well, they apparently make the games they want to play. That's amiable in a way, right?

Not when they are selling you said product and getting prissy when people point out their shit balancing skills.

wew lad

They get pissed when people point out they'd prefer if the game was fixed before jewing with second rate sprites starts.

This is where you went wrong.


I just wish this shit industry could actually produce developers that would be in direct competition with the likes of Paradox or CA. If they had to actually make an effort to attract costumers they wouldn't behave like the faggots they are.

Hey Wu

At least I'm still a man.

Stop giving this attention mentally ill faggot what he wants.

This one actually does wither and die when not given attention, learn the difference because it could save your life

it was you faggots wasn't it? Thanks for the laugh

If you had spend more time and money on the game, maybe that patch wouldn't have been necessary?

Hell. Don't do the patch, let the "community" do it for you… ah yes. I remember. Wu went apeshit when people asked on the R60 steam forum if there would be modding tools available.

congrats on being dumb enough to buy into her bullshit

my impression is that he's very sincere with that statement, and is something I'd expect from a generally cringeworthy tranny. Feel free to prove otherwise

There is no such thing as "transgender".
There are only 3 Genders.
Male, female and David Bowie.
And well, as there's no thing that bleeds on its own every month on his body, and he's definitively not singing something like Space Oddity, being the goblin king or looking like everyone on the metal gear series, we can conclude by elimination that it's a male.

I love video games

Why the fuck are we living?

Street Fighter 2
A lot of fighting games do this, especially Capcom fighters.

Well, there are two possible paths in this road.
One is you becaming a scientist, studying the hell and back to try to figure out how to actually change your body to be a woman, and make a fuckton of breakthroughs that help humanity in the process.

Or you can just multilate your genitals and try to delude yourself you're already that and live like a whiny bitch on a bubble.

John Flynt needs to commit suicide.

The only way for that to happen would be to change your entire DNA makeup, and at that stage, why would you want to become a woman and not some kind of superhuman being with enhanced abilities?

doing it wrong

And even if you could completely change your body to a woman you would still have underlying mental issues.


carolyn petite and cosmo are the most unpassable, ridiculous, laughable trannies I've ever seen. How they can seriously expect themselves or others to view them as women is beyond me

So, basically a regular woman?


Up a little early this morning, are we, John?


Bowie is dead but he embodied glam rock
Anyways we're back down to two

I was here, reporting the flood to the board volunteers who have abandoned us.

Kill yourself, Goon.

Welcome to the Wu age motherfuckers.

I'd choke a man on his own entrails for an open world John Darger game. I'd mod the canon penislolis in myself if I had to.

Whooda thunk?

At least the sad performance of GZ seems to have coincided the asshole publishers behind FFXV, RE7 and Nioh to release actual demos again. I might have bought Hitman 2016 if they gave a free taste. Stupid cunts, have they never done heroin?

Doubt it'll last, and being a mustard I can't even try them, but it's still a step in the right direction.

Flynt did cut off his dick though.

It's nice of you to tell us where you were in 2014, but I can guess what you did when you had ten U.S. dollars in your bank account.


Can I genetically engineer myself into a cute anime girl?


>He's never joined the kool-aid kids klub for being such a loose cannon

Let dat sink in

Polite sage cus this looser ain't relevant enough to warrant any attention from us

Well, not exactly, MGSV did not look like absolute ass.

Also, can Holla Forums tell me where is the line between "this is definitelly a demo", and "just a short game"?

The line is if, when the credits roll, you go, "That's it? That's fucking it?!"

My rapist said of

If that was your first tip-off that Ground Zeroes was not a full game, I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for you. You should've just given your $30 to me. I mean, I probably would've spent it on liquor, but it would've been a better investment than whatever you planned to do with it.


It wasn't. I'm not retarded enough to buy games on launch.

Come on OP, it's like shooting on the red cross
What baffles me is that someone bought his game in first place

Of coursh

If this isn't entitlement, I dunno what is. Or did that stop being a thing after ME3 fell out of vogue?

I see. The way you were bitching read like someone who felt ripped off by Ground Zeroes being as short as it was. I thought it was a nice showcase for the Fox engine but waited until it sank below $20 on PC before making the buy.

That cat looks comfy.

sleep tight pussy

What game is she talking about?

Because "she" knows that anyone willing to buy her game in the first place is enough of a sucker to pay for patches.

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sleep tight pussy


Ok, what game is he talking about? He's a fucking sjw kike regardless.


Where is Commander Strkyer when you need him ???

Someone needs to do this tranny in.

Inshallah hu Vidya !
Vidya will Triumph !

Lurk more.

How is this even allowed?

Speaking of trannies, I can't tell if Coppercab is trolling anymore

your an idiot, its trolling mate

I was at work scratching my butt
This has already been a thing in the SJW games market for a long time because initial purchase rates are so low, so they double dip for more money to make up for the fact these games don't sell at all


If he is he's doing a really good job

go look up when he went on gavin mcinness's show, it becomes pretty clear its an act

he is still pretty good at it though, normalfags will believe anything because they are subhuman trash

Yeah, I'm not really surprised you haven't heard of it. It's that small. They are an ultraminority in the industry, which is why they try to piggyback off virtually anyone else they can get a hang on.

Come on, he's one of the best

I thought his shit game was endlessly delayed? You mean he released an actual product at one point? And some assholes bought it?

The absolute madman

Where's that image of the girl in a comic pretending to be a whore while getting gangbanged. Pretending or not he's still wearing lipstick and girl cloths, where do you draw the line?

don't laugh , they did


You need to fucking stop.

there probably was a point where i should've stopped , but now i have no other choice but to push on forward and see where it takes me


Got more?

Opposite day never ends.


Which is gayer guys, fucking this or a lady boy?

Well that's an actual women so, the lady boy.

Kojimacucks already have low standards m8
He sold two demos in one disc back in the PS2 days with ZOE.

nah, that buzzword is still being slung around.

Most recently, it's the damage control faggots trying to defend Fed Force by calling the Metroid fanbase "entitled babaies" and "I've never seen such an entitled fanbase, I'm embarrassed!"

By Sithis just when you think it can't get any worse…

Dukat this one is all yours.

is it even possible or did she do something to that part of her anatomy?

kojimafags ARE the special kind of retard.

If that actually is a woman, then she's on so many steroids and hormones that there's no way she's fertile.

You deal realize that the primary consumer of cunt boy material are gays, right?

All deviancy in the human form is for sodomites.

Who is this righteous scene demon

Assuming that would not be correctable as well. Most mental diseases has a significant genetic component.

Eugenics can't come soon enough.
We'll finally be rid of trapfags.


Brianna Wu, if you are reading this. You will go to hell for exploiting those ignorant SJWs and middle class house wives. Stop now and get a real job before it's too late.

Granted, I would have done the same… But I wouldn't have wasted the money on stupidity.

Tendo from Fushigi na Somera-chan
Someone asks every time this image gets posted

Did that shit oliver actually promote the EU?



I'm sure all 3 players will be annoyed at this "Game Developer"

It's the little subtleties that I appreciate.

I'm okay with this

I would fuck it

every time i see brianna wu i get physically ill in my stomach.

Feel happy that Wu is disgusted by Wu's appearance every Wuday.

Fuck off, faggot! That isn't funny and it never will be. It's not even rebellious any more you fucking retard. Gays are totally socially acceptable.

Bowie is overrated btw

:^) benis

Are Jojo males the David Bowie gender too?
They feel… natural.



He's also, like, half of Metal Gear.


Rome already fel.

top kek m8


Rome was gay as well before it fell.


What else would you expect from a liberal?


I see it

Depends. One that masculine and crazy has probably had its womb and ovaries removed.

many things, connections to journalist of course, hate speech about trans people, doxing, disinformation all the ugly stuf in there.

Good job Jew

sleep tight pussy

I was somewhere not buying their games.

Wow moot actually looks kind a cute in that one.

I actually would fuck Bowie though, continue being asshurt over it. Its decent entertainment.



Brendan wu does it again. Who would've guessed?


yes it is and so is avatarfagging

That is disgusting at a monumental level. And people with money yet again telling people without how terrible it would be for the upper class.


for you

She looks like Korgoth of barbaria.

All faggots will be slaughtered.

Who was the "first" one they threw under the bus?

Did he steal his game or something? Because as far as I know, it looks like he did in fact develop a game

sleep tight pussy

ah, the samurai. A noble warrior.





I want to fuck Milo

There was a paid demo for Gran Turismo ages ago.




Jesus christ

Both are gay but on different levels

That's a waste of space, user.

You know patreon is just a scam where every sjw supports eachother like some kind of money laundering thing. I guarantee you those who stopped "donating" to "her" were part of the clique he pissed off.

Is it?



How do you've got so much crap saved up? I've been browsing since 2008 and only got about 20000 files / 21 GB

Browsing longer, save more originals off of pixiv.

This shits not new.






Enjoy low quality images.
I'm not sure how you have that many touhou images, I've spent quite a long time personally downloading images off of pixiv of all the different 2hus.



Format and let go. It will do you good and put your mind at ease. We weren't meant for such complexity.

A man deprived of his cock.

So can I add my two cents to this? Wu Boo first calmed the update would be free and never charge them again. Now she is saying time is money once more and so this is what? another $5 app?

Still no PC port date as well it seems even though her backers PAID for it.

Greedy non-pass tranny.

Fun fact: he have that switchblade on his head because he allegedly got stabbed on the head in a mugging attempt. That's when he went of the rails and decided being a >woman

To be completely fair, Ocelot was based off of Lee Van Cleef.

Not sure what you mean.
It's more batch downloaded images, but Touhou specific. It's mostly divided into categories - character and general tag. Character is pretty simple to understand; it's a collection of that particular character. General tag is for Touhou images of a particular tag, i.e. petting and naked_overalls. Since I don't have a folder for every character yet, it comes in handy for finding something I like in particular. It'd be a bit smaller if I figured out how to use something like Hydrus so I could keep images tagged through the program rather than wasting space by downloading a second batch of images.
I also have been downloading from pixiv, but it's harder to keep a track of tags and artist's names that are all in Japanese.

It may be a mistake, but I don't wanna stop now.


You guys should consider this:

I plan to migrate to it eventually but god damn tagging all my images will take a while.

Do you have to manually tag them? Because then I have no chance in hell of getting it done.

I just make extremely nested folders instead of making tags for files. Only having 24 thousand files because I kept deleting things or otherwise lost them really helps.

He's still fucking working on Trannies In Space?

That would help since I do have most of my shit organized by folders. I'll need to get tags for /h/ and /e/ shit though since those are just a big mess of files.



get on my level nigger

Can someone TL:DR me what Danbooru or booru is? I've heard those names for a long time but don't know anything about them


Danbooru is one of the sites, but for anime'n shit.

They're pretty much for porn, with some exceptions. Essentially they're galleries some host additional files besides pictures such as flashes, webms, gifs, etc. Most use fetish tags on what is going on in the picture such as "female, male, solo, anal, vore, artists,etc." Rule 34 doesn't have these tags, but uses more extensive character, series, artist tagging instead of fetish tags. Some of these boorus have themes. Danbooru is anime, e621 is furry, etc. Some definitions of their fetish tags are different.


You can use the public tag repository and import tag databases from other sites like *booru which will auto tag images other people have already tagged. The dev has plans to incorporate that AI tagger eventually.

I almost did that once but I didn't like having duplicates or having to make symlinks for every duplicate.

You can tag them on import, based on things like the location, filename, or whatever if you know how to regex.


Not when they start forcing ahistorical women in everything. EU:IV had female advisers as a free DLC and CK2 now has random events where highly-skilled women will end up in your court and optionally on your council.

Hello retard.

sleep tight pussy

wanting to rather fuck something that looks more like a man is gayer

I remember a porn scene between a transman and a transwoman, it was disgusting.

i think he means using a reaction image.


Half of you shit stains weren't even born yet.

Those added new characters, mechanics, and altogether changed the feel of the overall game.

This is just a fucking patch.

do you have the changelog?

Wait, wait
Didn't steam removed his "game" after pic related?

How the fuck did I manage to get 57 hours out of that demo, holy shit.


I have like 20something gigs of MMD videos. Fuck.

It's also an iOS game

Am I retarded or his game looks worse than ReBoot?

If you're being unironic, fuck off and kill yourself.

nigger how


Oh, ok
Shame on you, googlestore

Who are you quoting?

Korgoth was actually good though. That's a very mean comparison to make.

I made Breakout in one of my classes once. Are we lowering the standards so much that creating something is all it takes? Is there no minimum level of quality or renown required? I cooked myself dinner last night, am I a chef? If I shit in my hand and rub it on some paper, does that make me an artist?

Flynt certainly is well known in certain circles, but his infamy has nothing to do with developing games.

No, I think he had a small team who did most of the work, then something happened (I forgot what exactly, unpaid work or they got sick of his persona) and they left. These days he's just acting like he's making a game.

I can accept the consequences but John can't accept he's a man.

In the modern art world, yes it does. The art world need to be purged.

Someone post that twitter screenshot of him posting broken C++ code, you know the one

what did he make again? depression quest? why the hell would that need a huge ass patch?

Devi Ever

Worse, he made that one shitty iOS game with PS1-tier graphics

That was weird and both of those people were weird.

nope, he's still alive
who was driving that bus?
stevie wonder?

I now regret I made that clumsy comparison, Darger's crazy outsider art is at least interesting. Flynt Wu's stuff is just boring. And I apologize for the ape painter comparison too. It's 2016. #DICKSOUT4HARAMBE

I can accept those sweet fucking trips.

This is, unfortunately, true. However, I will point out that I asked if it would make me an artist, not if it would make me a modern artist.

what if this 'quinnae' is himself a trans woman. another could be used in that context right?

Sleep tight pussy

The word artist and art has sadly been drained of it's value and original meaning. It used to be associated with craft, or how well you did something. Not some ivory tower pseudo intellectual's of 'I exists, therefore my being is art itself' wankery.

sleep tight pussy

It's all speculation how much of that was down to Kojimbo, but literally no one is defending Konami.

Isn't it (2/3x^-2 + 1)sin(x^2/2)? Or does chain rule bullshit show up? It probably does, doesn't it?

Sleep, tight pussy
Sleep tight, pussy

Absolutely sweaty. I'd just get a new computer at that point.

It's even worse m8ey. The code was

I only touched C for 2 hours during my studies and even I know the difference between = and ==.

fuck, you got here before me

uh-huh, and the gone homo devs and nms devs are "game developers" too. kill yourself faggot

his game looks worse than ReBoot.

Just because a game is shit doesn't mean its not a game, retard



you know what to do

Remember when we thought socialcorner girl was jumping the gun cray cray for saying it was all a conspiracy involving all the whos from whoville?


I love you

does anyone actually give a shit about mr. flynt anymore?

No, but this is Holla Forums, people are always on the lookout for awful shit to laugh at.

nothing better to discuss currently.

This is dumb, Snake`s design is baed on Snake Plinkset form the Escape from New York and Escape from Los Angels films

Earlier designs were pretty much a copy of 80s action movies characters

The guy who made this image just cherry picked some scenes





Is that Albert Einstein next to Sean Connery?


His kickstarter page says his game is done and will be released September 6. We can probably expect some batshit insane articles written by Flynt or his friends soon as they desperately scramble for publicity and relevancy.


It was a honest mistake no bully

Yes and here is the box art with a scene from Terminator

I don`t really know why all this Bowie autism came from, probably a bunch of cucks on reddit wanting to virtue signaling their taste in music after his death. Kojima always drew inspiration from 80s corny action and spy movies, the music thing started only on MGSV probably because he ran out of movies to reference

wrong image


Im saging just because OP is one faggot as nigga for implying that his tranny monster made a "game" in the first place.

stop harassing this brave woman, gamergate is over & you lost, bigots.

Of fucking course.