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Comrades accuse any LGBQT user of being a slave to "idpol" or "le spook" before we can even state our arguments. ITT we say fuck you to these rude anons and discuss how to convince some of our more radical trans, lezzie, queer, and homo progressive friends to join the socialist cause. Please only post ITT if you are going to be kind to your fellow comrade and will leave the idpol accusations at the door. Bonus points if you post TOX so we can meet up, as I was hit really hard by the Trump election, not personally but a lot of my friends were caught up in the HRC hysteria and won't talk to me since I stayed with Bernie.

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Sure feels good to be bisexual masterrace.

what is queer other than non-heterosexuals who see their sexuality as an extension of sjw?

doesn't exist

No sexualities exist, because they're all spooks. But when normies ask I say I'm bisexual because I'll fuck both genders, and traps.

Kill yourself, faggot.

Ghosts are real, I've seen one.

That just means that the alienation only left room for simple gratification.

rude tbh

I'm gonna assume you're trolling on this one.
But I'm romantically attracted to both sexes too. Stop being autistic. Just because something is outside of your range of experience doesn't make it impossible.


Whoever attacks someone for these reasons isn't my comrade.

Yui does not think 3dpd faggots are sugoi.

Don't worry, I know that most LGBQT are not idpol at all. Idpol is inherently an exclusionary ideology which values identity politics above actual discourse. Trump's 'le anuddah shoah' cultists are probably the most cancerous form of it I've seen so far, so it's clearly not a problem confined to liberal civil rights movements, not by a long shot.

Not entirely.

I've heard it before and I've heard those same people later tell me that they thought they were bisexuals because of loneliness or because a bum did fine too. Sexuality is more complex than those who call themselves bisexuals think.

Nah, keep retarded thoughts like that to yourself.

LGBQT are like 2% of population, do we really have more represented here than pop avg?
If so, y'all should make a /leftycuteboys/ or /leftyhomosuck/ tbh. Not saying I'd visit but maybe it would be good if assholes here are discriminating.

Nice reddit-tier cliché, 9/10 on appeal to intuitive libertarianism.

It's people like you OP that reinforce the confirmation bias of retards into thinking LGBT people are fucking terrible. Despook yourself or end yourself. I don't care which.

Am bi.
Don't care.

This isn't true at all, most of them gladly advocate for state intervention to help the mentioned identities; paid maternity leave, basic income, cheap housing, etc. A lot of these sjws were even supporting Bernie Sanders.

The problem here is that we're in a red scare so people aren't going to #resistcapitalism no matter what they believe. There are plenty of liberals who hate idpol but still think voting for liberals is the answer.

Nobody values idpol above actual discourse, merely, they don't know that there is actual discourse because we've all been spoonfed propaganda since day 1. To them, socialism is invalidated even though they know nothing about it, so they'll put a social democracy as the fix all and drool over the nordic system.

Bisexuality is a thing, deal with it.

"Research has found that though lesbians are much more attracted to the female form, most women who say they are straight are in fact aroused by videos of both naked men and naked women."
"In an unusual scientific about-face, researchers at Northwestern University have found evidence that at least some men who identify themselves as bisexual are, in fact, sexually aroused by both women and men."

Gotta love bisexual erasure.

The socialist cause needs workers. Your identity doesn't matter, the only thing that matter is that you engage in the cause.
By trying to specifically convince and pandering to radical whatever-identities you are already over valuating identity and falling for idpol.

Fuck you!

I love you, OP. Hope you have a nice night.

How does one strike a balance between not going full idpol a la SJW libtards while still ensuring that the lgbt community is not made illegal as it was in so many communist states?

I am an omnisexual (fuck you people who only believe in male or female, dickgirls, futas, herms and cuntboys ftw!) furry, loli and shota lover.

I don't want parades, I don't want to shove my dick in people's faces while going "woohoo I'm a faggot!", I don't want special rights, and I don't even want marriage, as that is a capitalist institution.

But I do want to be allowed to practice my faggotry in peace, alone or with others, I want my freedom of artistic expression to remain uncensored, I want to be able to make or obtain products that appeal to my faggotry, and I want to be able to build things like gay bars and sex clubs and hold furry conventions or become a sex change doctor.

No, in a communist society, anyone can build or make or be what they like, and pursue hobbies and interests they enjoy. I just want to make sure us lgbt+ people are not excluded. That's literally all I want.


I don't know how many like me there are here but I've seen a couple more trap posters. Also, just cause I'm a trap doesn't mean that I want to engage in political discourse with the /cuteboys/ crowd…

I'm stronger than my friends that have fallen, and I understand comrades shouldn't just say 'trap here, listen to my argument'.This megathread is meant to foster an environment where anons wont mention their sexual preferences unless pertaining to the thread. Let us feel safe and express ourselves ITT and fuck off with your spook cries.

Didn't mean to quote

Meant to quote


fuck off and die

Absoloutely nothing unreasonable about that.

You swallowed the meme right there buddy.

This whole fucking thread is cointelpro isn't it

I'm normally a pretty tolerant person, but I would probably purge you given the chance. I hope you're trolling with this shit otherwise please stop identifying with leftist movements. To be gay or bisexual seems to be a completely different situation than what you've got going on.

Oops, too late

You still don't get it, don't you?

Is a dog catsexual when they attempt to rape one, do they have a rape fetish or do they suffer from institutionalized patriarchal norms?

Friendly reminder that if you bully people for being LGBT or whatever, you're not my comrade.

Times were just different back them: social stigmas against homosexuality were largely a cultural artifact from religion, which carried into a belief that it was a decadent behavior for the bourgeois. The USSR eliminated laws against it, but Stalin reimplemented them to appeal to Orthodox citizens.

It's hard for LGBQT and other non binary identifying individuals that have been forced to repress their identities for their entire lives to hide it when here because for the first time for some maybe it's the only place they've felt truly welcome. It feels like an overwhelming sense of belonging that's hard not to want to share personal experience tbh.

Sorry comrade I should've put non binary too.

I won't bully other LGBT people, but I will make fun of them for their spooks.

I think you mean special snowflake bisexual.

Well I know for sure you really don't know what you're talking about.

You only have those identities because of what you call oppression.

It's pretty straight up question. Are dogs that want to have sex with cats in fact catsexuals?

You still haven't responded to my points here

Bruh, all we want from you is to not care. Trannies especially, but now they have things even worse now because in addition to obsessed rightcucks forming an occasional lynch mob, we have land whales from Tumblr making a sad mockery out of their experiences because their retarded baby boomer parents raised them with an insatiable need to feel special.

Dogs don't have desires, they obey according to instincts. Men are not dogs. I can't believe I have to point this out, truly we've hit the lowest possible discussion level, congratulations.

Thanks, comrade.

Next you'll be telling me getting a blowjob from a tentacle that traveled through your body from your ass to your mouth is technically straight because you are penetrating it with your penis.

Different combinations and variations of the two forms of genitalia do radically different things for me, and none of them are anything like when I just go for regular male or female.

Getting triggered by sexuality is a spook.

You could also fuck the right off

If we reach the point of having a socialist society those things will be literally non-issues and stay that way forever, no one is going to bother you because tankies are not the ones that will do the revolution.

It's besides the point. People can get aroused by seeing bodies of both men and women. They can also get aroused by seeing trees, cars or pretty much everything that somehow ended up in their love map. It's something different from a sexuality in the categorical, in-born, hormone based sense.

I thought you guys were materialists.

thanks for confirming what everyone thinks about them

dare I use the word degenrate here?

No they don't.

Acquire yourself a thick skin. It's basic requirement.

Technically speaking it's not straight, but not gay either. You have what we call a fetish there buddy. Completely different from sexual orientation.

Paraphilia =! Sexual orientation

Polite sage for doublepost


toppest of keks

Humans are stuff too. Paraphilia can apply to the human body.

What does "queer" even mean?


it's the word we need to describe what op is, user

It's not even my fetish, it's just a popular one that popped into my mind when looking for a non binary sexual experience tbh.

also, just out of curiosity, how do you explain the high rates of bisexuals in borderliners?

what did he mean by this

10/10 false flag user, let's check thread creation time. Can't have LGBTQ be represented here now can we?

So? Even if there are straight guys with twink fetishes out there it is for all intents and purposes bisexuality. Now you're just playing semantics.

I'm going to assume you mean people with Borderline Personality Disorder? I don't know, because I'm not a psychologist, but I would be tempted to say it's because people with BPD tend to be really needy and more desperate as a consequence, and so may be more willing to cultivate the minor attraction to the same sex that imo most straight people have without realizing, in order to get laid.

Even if Holla Forums made this thread we're having a decent discussion, so fuck off. Who cares if Holla Forums wants to paint us as being faggots?

sage this thread, and don't bump/don't reply to false-flagging false-fags

you're falling for the bait retard

You're pretty dedicated for a Holla Forums shitposter. They usually only make one post and then ragequit.

Check my post history mods. Stirner posters were obviously angry I called them out for discouraging LGBQT discussion.

Could you please explain what the goal of this false-flag is, or what detriment it has to us? Because if it doesn't have any detriment to us, who cares?
Sage for off-topic. Quit derailing, faggot.

How nice of you to join us.

I've been here since the beginning, back when this was more of an anarchist board and wasn't infiltrated by pseudo-marxist liberals.

Ah, so there's where the hostility stems from. Have a bump just to piss you off that normies are storming your board.

Just to get discussion going again, what do you guys think about the consequences of a Trump-Pence victory for LGBT rights? Do you think Trump will actually stick to not caring about gays, or will Pence push him into going against gay marriage?

False-flaggers, COINTELPRO, and FBI roleplayers will be the very first up against the wall and in the ditch.

No matter where they go, the SJWs demand their safe space.

Were you quoting that self-referentially? Because I was making no accusations.

Also, I'm not wanting safe spaces, straights are more than welcome to come into any lgbt establishment I build. I just don't want gulag, is that too much to ask?

Good thing I'm legitimately a faggot then.

I accidentally misquoted like 3 times.
I was referring to OP asking only for people to post if they support him.

Dude, you're getting way too mad over this. You just don't want to have discussion on LGBT issues, even if rooted in class, be honest. You're the falseflagger who should go back to Holla Forums.

to de-legitimize the board & provide some lulzy screenshots for alt-right basement dwellers to circle jerk over, the worst of the comments in this thread feel like bait. Checking the catalogue there's a bunch of these threads, seems pretty obvious to me

fuck lads, stop bumping this idpol/cointel trash

Seriously if you're posting in this thread unironically/not as domestic cointel you are a plague upon the organization of the left. I don't know a single person irl who isn't completely put-off by all this identity shit. Go find your own party and stop shitting in our jacuzzi.

You don't get it, do you? This is the rational left, meaning that we reject all forms of argument based on identity and not logic. There are a million places for you to go to: /r/socialism, tumblr, twitter. This is the one place for leftists to discuss things in a free speech environment without Rated PG Parental Guidances. YOU HAVE INFILTRATED EVERY OTHER AREA WITH YOUR BULLSHIT. YOU HAVE TUMBLR, REDDIT, ETC TO DISCUSS THIS. GO THERE INSTEAD.


This is why I made the thread. LGBQT comrades can't even mention ANY aspect of their personal life before you autists come in and accuse them of idpol influencing their opinion!

I meant tr.i.gger. war.nings, but the wordfilter is more accurate.

There's nothing wrong with identity politics as long as they are rooted in class. Who cares if Holla Forums thinks we're faggots. Stop derailing the discussion.

OP is a faggot for wanting a safe space, but there's no reason we can't have discussion on issues facing LGBT comrades, especially if this discussion is rooted in class.
TL;DR: Fuck off and stop derailing our thread

I don't really care about imageboard activism.
I just come here to discuss politics, shills are a spook.

Well then lets discuss

This wasn't meant to be a safe space thread btw, if you read what I posted, I wanted help on how to convince some of my friends to switch towards socialist cause after being dejected.

That's what I've been trying to do this entire time. See

Riddle me this LGBTfags:

Why keep in the symbolic order of sexual identity and re enforce human categorization instead of simply abolishing gender?

Wake up from your structuralist slumber.

I think there's only three genders (male, female, none for those who don't give a shit).
On sexual identity? It's a spectrum, definitely.

Bruh, chill. I'm an oldfag with a thick skin, I don't need tigger warnings, and I love free speech. I just took the opportunity of this already posted in thread to simply request that personal liberties be extended to all people regardless of their sexuality.

I figured with all the fetishes I had, if Holla Forums could accept the idea of someone like me having equal standing in the community then things would work out great for the average faggot.

It doesn't seem like that's practical to me, especially in the short term. However, I have already taken steps toward that for myself at least because I fuck both sexes and consider gender to be a spook. I'm not a man, I am myself.

Holla Forums didn't like my idea of a genderless, orientationless communal sexuality. They said I was a complete degenerate for suggesting such a thing.

I don't think they will do anything substantial.
Like everything else having to do with Trump, it's all overblown.

These things are fine. Your approach to them so far has been cancerous. Asking for a "safe space" and no economic discussion. Upholding the premise that only certain identities are qualified to talk about issues affecting them. These are all forms of argumentum ad hominem.

You will have all of your rights and more. No one cares about what you do on your own EITHER WAY. We're neither for it (in a positive sense) nor against it. That's why we don't have threads like these. There's absolutely nothing to talk about.

Thanks fam

These are my thoughts on it pretty much.
There are societies that do and don't have gay rights. I don't feel any sense of antagonism toward either.

None of those are my approach. That is OP's approach. I have consistently said that OP's a faggot for wanting a safe space, and that our discussion of LGBT rights should be rooted in class. Also I think anyone should be able to weigh in on the issue.

Yeah because fuck freedom amirite? It's one thing to not care that faggots are faggots like the guy you're quoting, it's another to not care that we're being oppressed.

I don't think this kind of thread should be bump locked.

The tankies had won all along

I chuckled.

Some of us are for it. But your point still stands.

What do you mean you stayed with Bernie? I hope you don't mean you were you one of those people who mistakenly thought they could vote for him as a write in.

I think getting trans people is easiest out of those because if they want to transition it's pricey. So a big part of their problems are financial.

People who wrote in Bernie are retarded. At least with Jill she could've gotten 5%. With Bernie there was literally no chance of anything coming of it.
I agree with you on trans people, but it seems like a lot the people on this board are bisexual. Because of this, bisexuals seem somewhat prone to leftist beliefs as well, perhaps because we are less spooked by societal norms than your average straight person, and are willing to embrace our homosexual side, unlike "straight" people who suppress their gay side. Imo a lot of straight people have a certain amount of attraction for the same sex that they don't acknowledge, and the fact that we've embraced our homosexual desires shows that we're less spooked by societal norms.


Just to add to this, and I don't have a source, I've heard that on sexuality surveys taken on Holla Forums in the past like 50% of the answers were bisexual. Also, Muke and Schnitz have both gotten innumerable requests to post nudes by the Holla Forums community, as I understand it.


You are complete and utterly spooked by those ghastly figures known as societal norms, since everything you just wrote requires the existence of other people whom you are in contact with.

The reason why a lot of people on this board are bisexual is because people on chans most often have chaotic, alienated circumstances and suffer from mental health problems. This creates norms of sexualisation, like the bonobo's when taken out of their natural environment or children who have been abused.


You might be right about people on chans having mental health problems, but I'll need a source on it creating a norm of sexualization.

It means you have to adhere to abstract concepts as language doesn't function without it.

I'm going to ask you to use your very own, egoistical, solipsistic eyes as a source. Among the underclass, among those with mental health problems, among the abused and alienated, there is a much higher tendency of sexualization than outside of it. Whenever a girl is slutty and flirtatious, there's nearly always an underlying problem. Why, I can't tell you exactly, nobody can tell for certain what creates a love map. Attention, the use of sex as social commodity, is definitely one on of the reasons though. When such people gather, this creates norms among them.

If you think anything different has to be done to convince a gay person vs a straight person then you ARE spooked and a slave to idpol. What the hell is it about the genitals you like (or would like to have) that is supposed to make you special in regards to talking about economics and political theory?

I guess so. I don't see how people get worked up about these things.

Good idea for a thread, comrade.
In my experience radicalizing at gay pride parades is really easy. Not sure why but LGBT folk are just more open to lefty ideas.

Yes, but that doesn't mean that I have to conform to the social norms of those around me, which is what my point was. An example of this was, from a young age I decided that I wanted to be bisexual (despite having little attraction to the same sex, and it being against social norms to do so in my conservative area) to be more versatile, so from a young age I cultivated what little attraction to other men I had, and eventually became attracted enough to men to call myself bisexual. You're right, I am still greatly influenced by social norms, especially unconsciously, but I said that we were less spooked by social norms, not entirely unspooked. It's impossible to be entirely despooked from unconscious cultural influences because of materialistic conditions and all that, obviously.
Rude. I'm not really an egoist, I just like the concept of spooks. I'm more of a Daoist as far as my personal philosophy goes, but that's besides the point.

If you're right on that second point about mentally ill people being prone to bisexuality, and I don't know that you are because being sexualized doesn't necessarily magically make you change sexual orientation, then we can consider that bisexual people are more likely to be mentally ill than the common population. If this is so, we should also consider that mentally ill people are more likely to become radicalized. Therefore, bisexual people are more prone to bring radicalized than average.

It can be useful to discuss strategies for radicalizing different groups of people. If the guy I'm responding to above is right, bisexuals are more likely to be mentally ill and therefore radicalized. The same may be said for trans people. There's a reason that ISIS and similar groups target vulnerable people, and there's no reason we can't do the same and target vulnerable demographics.

I would imagine it has something to do with direct effects on LGBT people's lives.

>Not sure why but LGBT folk are just more open to lefty ideas.

Psychology research has shown that certain parts of the brain physically respond differently when stimulated in gays than in straights.

I'm certain you'd get different results in the depressed, in men and women, in children and adults, in the autistic and so on so forth.

Wait, are you THE Yui from Bunker Bantz?

This supports my stance that bisexuality is often more of a paraphilia. Paraphilia's can be developed through focus, training yourself in getting aroused. Sexuality, in the sense of hetero and homosexuality is inborn.

I'm also under the impression that there was a lot more going on in your childhood related to this.

If you're looking at this in the sense of a recruitment opportunity, one glance at the SJW's who are accused of ruining communist organisations by this board should dispel the illusion of them being useful recruits.

Stop conflating people who belong to Holla Forums with us who just don't give a shit what you have under your pants or what you like under the pants of others

Am I the only one confused with the LGBT movement sometimes?

Yeah, the point is that the brains of gays are demonstrably physically different than that of heteros, and sometimes it's related to things that don't have to do with sex. Gay men consistently fail certain spacial reasoning tests that heterosexual men will easily pass. I forget what those tests exactly were but it's well documented, and since I'm a homosex I remember doing one and definitely being confused by the problem even though I was able to pass it.

You are wrong about bisexuality being more of a paraphilia, at least in my case (though it may be true for other cases). I have always had innate homosexuality (even if it wasn't a lot), and part of cultivating that was getting around cultural taboos which had been ingrained into my mind. Additionally, there was nothing else going on in my childhood related to this, except perhaps a lack of intimacy due to me being somewhat of a sperg. No sexualization whatsoever. I would instead argue that most people have innate bisexuality, but they are prevented from enjoying the homosexual part of their sexuality due to cultural taboos about the subject.
So now LGBT == SJW?

To add to this, literally all women are gay or bisexual according to a study listed in my prior post here

but I don't know for sure about men.
Sage for double post

You just stated that you wanted to be bisexual, that you cultivated this. If this was innate sexuality, instead of paraphilia originating in something else, there wouldn't be a desire to be bisexual, or necessity of cultivation.

We have an innate possibility of bisexual behaviour, which is something different entirely.

Not really. Borderliner=lgbtq=sjw.

The fuck does "borderliner" mean? Sexuality is pathological, it doesn't determine your convictions.

Can you provide a source? Personally interested, as my faggy spatial skills are unbelievably shit.

I did cultivate it, you're right, but out of pre-existing attraction for the same sex. The cultivation was really more of a de-spooking as far as cultural taboos on the matter are concerned. I revealed my underlying sexuality and got rid of my hang-ups surrounding it, essentially.
I don't have Borderline Personality Disorder, and I'm not an SJW, but I am bisexual. This is some pretty poor reasoning to begin with, and the mere existence of myself disproves it. Just because LGBT people tend to be idpolers doesn't mean they can't change, or there aren't numerous LGBT people who aren't idpolers (this board is a good example, as I've heard roughly 50% of this board was bisexual in the last strawpoll on the matter). Just because there are a higher number of borderline bis doesn't make them all borderline.

Fucking This!

Not who you're replying to, but watch these:




No, fuck you. I can be a cunt to you if you want. Grow up, sissy.

Sexuality is fucking retarded. Fuck who you like to fuck.

Anybody claiming "oppression" that isn't some form of class oppression is a counterrevolutionary.

[this triggers the tankie]

It triggers me too and i'm not a tankie. I wish i could ban everything american from my country. Especially hollywood garbage

Do furries count as transexuals?


I'd date a plate of BBQ if I could

tbh you'll get LGBT and that's it out of me. the rest of it is IDpol spookery.


Because the male and female distinction is deeply ingrained into our psyche. Genders are archetypes of the collective subconsciousness.
Our brains are the result of evolution and the male vs. female distinction reaches back into our animal ancestry from which we have inherited certain brain structures that affect the psyche. You can't get rid of the gender binary. Of course no one completely fits into either one or the other category, because everyone has male and female attributes. But without the distinction between male and female we wouldn't be able to distinguish between male and female attributes. There is no need to get rid of the gender binary and it isn't possible anyway. The social oppression results from the expectation that all of one's attributes ought to fit into one category. The gender theorists have merely made up new gender categories for ppl to fit in. But those are completely artifical and unnatural and the effect they have is that they exert more pressure on an individual to fit into that newly invented category. The solution is to accept individuals as they are and tolerate their individual deviations.

Holla Forums is 90% Holla Forums roleplaying and falseflagging as commies while occasionally flipping out at topics that are sensitive for them (like this one), you're a tad slow if you haven't noticed it already

Yeah, I'm a tranny, and frankly, I don't want other trannies to join up. Most of us are horrible people.

you never were a leftist

You know how all those ancestral animals lived? We don't live like that. We don't live like our ancestors either. The vast majority of the human race doesn't hunt/gather to survive. Even assuming gender is evolutionary, there is no reason to accept something merely because it is ingrained in us.

Also, being evolutionary imperative does not make something physically real. Even if we accept as fact that evolution causes our brains to separate the two sexes into two genders with different expectations for each, that does not mean those differences are actual there in our biology, only that evolution thought it wise to make us think they were there.

I see you are a Holla Forumsyp trying to fake the existence of a bigger infiltration.

Leftpol calls idpol a spook but the people who push that Idea the hardest are the most spooked. Sure its dumb that people "identify" as LGBT when it really means next to nothing, but they are still less spooked than the people who believe in "muh fun" and single out people of given "identities". Both sides lead to division through the creation of the opposite, but the ones attacking and oppressing their comrades are the most spooked. I love leftpol but honestly we're pretty spooked.

Teach them about pink capitalism and how porky is just trying to make them into a market, rather than actually caring about minorities.


trans people are a tiny, tiny minority.

Literally when

are you cute at least?

Literally this entire thread

Go back to leddit, you oversensitive faggot.

literally never

massive faggots like yui post/ed here without issue and no one ever gives a shit

except when someone claims to be bisexual. that seems to trigger the faggots real bad.

post feet

How do I despook myself so I'm willing to fuck men as well as women?