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youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics;
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The past few breads have been invaded by shills, recently because they are losing and are in full damage control.

If you see a shill:
"[arrow]>Add Filter>ID"
then just ignore them.

You know, I'm really glad this never actually happened.



And to add

is the perfect example post.

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, good luck on surgeries, concentration, smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic and salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words "FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE"

Remember to always be a big guy



For her


old bread: archive.is/bqCSv

Fact: All females have benis.


We need more awareness about the CON leaks so we can pump out articles and escalate shit up

List of people to contact




youtube.com/channel/UCC1rjUKeELaSKsxg0O1bNGw (harmful opinions)






















and whoever else you think could be interested

send them this:






Beat you to warning people about shills.

wu pls

I saw it but people still do. Gotta reinforce it

A while ago I said I was gonna make an updated Rebuild Infographic, here it is. What do you guys think? Is it good? Do I need to make some changes?

Did you say ==BENIS==?



Pic related.

Worst nightmare of gamergate and such.

Oh btw, here's that part of Joe Owen's "documentary" about Sarkeesian in which the woman who did a softcore photo shoot with Zoe talks about how awful it was to work with her, and how she had claimed to have killed a guy and threaten and beat up all sorts of people.

Add smegmaking/empty hero to the youtube row. Maybe add Larry Bundy Jr too? he did some positive critique of gg

Yeah. Me too.


Usher did another article about the leaks

also deepfreeze

Permission to spam this at Dina's Twitter?

so did none of the teachers think this might be a bad idea?

Do it fgt

If you want to get nuked, sure. Or you could post it on the MN9 hashtag. Go check which hashtags Inafune is using the most and post on those too

Under what category? General News? Or Niche Outlets? I almost feel like DF deserves its own category, I have no fucking clue how I didn't put it on the list from the start.

Off-topic, but shit's going down at the airport in Los Angeles.


Oh god, if I hadn't made the mistake of posting my real info on kickstarter, I'd link this in the comments

I am contacting Clearbridge, I need to show them evidence of this, what should I give them?

So another fake shooting


was probably a talent show and its really not a harmful thing so why stop it?

I am thinking I just create an
category just for Deep Freeze.

Also, should I send them one email explaining why and how disappointing I am in them for this? Or should I keep asking for higher ups?

Maybe it doesn't need a category. Put it on the top or bottom and a text saying to "browse it so you can learn which outlets deserve your trust"

what, catalogue every smarmy cunt that's acted all holier than thou against us?

We'd crash the fucking site

Please don't. I'll fucking pay you not to if I have to.

yeah, do this

also this

Ok this is just silly.

you are not my nigger

fucking christ Jubbal


Here is mine participation, the image is kind of hilarious, we just needed one where they needed over 37 times and still failed.

what's happening to that unripe mango

My kickstarter section is a graveyard of horrible decisions.

It's more than enough time to start shopping in Manveer Heir or Tauriq Moosa


never EVER confuse gamergays birthday with my own
its super gay

That crazy Sam Hyde is at it again, shooting up another public place

Phase 2 man. They won't give a shit about a bunch of pastebins with tons of text

I think the plan is to hold off contacting until we get a good supply of articles and videos to use as evidence. Breitbart hasn't written anything yet on this for example.

how super gay

Oh okay.

Well how is that going?

I like the cut of your jib!

tl/dr send these articles to news media, media oversight groups, Twitter's investors, and anyone you can think of:

You might want to add stopthegrbullies articles on Harper (they lost their domain so use archives)

and Social Autopsy

Reminder that Twitter censors shit:

Someone has been tracking Twitter bans. There might be good examples to pull out of here but as it is now it needs a lot of cleanup.

Second thought. Whoever is in correspondence with the CBC, send them those links.


Carpet matches the drapes.

That's my fetish.

reposting the anomalous dev post




Usher already reported on Dina

call me paranoid but something tells me Randi and Izzy have something to do with this

Someone wanted the Liru song on last thread.

Fuck You


How long before SJWs are calling for the national anthem to be changed and the flag to be altered

>Get this in a good mobile game
Feels good.


they already have
hell Canada has changed it im pretty sure

Such a thing exists.

more shit to fart

https:[email protected]/* *//gamergate-august-2014-revisited-3b41832c061b

https:[email protected]/* *//brianna-wu-zoe-quinns-biggest-mistake-1095f99437de





Man, Viv looks so stiff and expressionless in this. I was expecting some more dynamic poses, but its like everyone's forgotten how to make a good flash game nowadays

welp I just saw something on Holla Forums that makes aGGro seem sane by comparison. These people are flat earthers completely losing their shit. If you watch it turn down your sound first.


Been trying to get my head around the 'korean GG'.

From what I can gather, its not SJWs versus Gamers or a feminist political overreach in the same way as in the west.

Seems to be more like:

Sounds right to you?

It does play like a 16-bit FF game and the microtransactions, while pricey, are pretty much to pull for character-specific weapons and armor. And they'll add a "For every 11-pull you get at least 1 level 5 piece of gear guaranteed" mechanic soon. Maybe next month. I'm a 100% F2P player and I can kill most enemies in the game with some ease.

All those fuckers need to be hanged for treason.

Who is this headache of a woman?

Who the fuck is this bitch

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Sinead McCarthy, as I said flat earther nutjob

the fuck

Got the link to the thread?

I know that woman, someone made a remix of her and her husband sperging out about something:



What the fuck is the context to this shit?

There would be if they ever stopped jewing the fun out of them

thread wasn't about the person in the video, someone linked it to someone that was sperging, post is here though.
>>>Holla Forums7289957

I'm not sure beyond what I've already said, its just the most insane flipout I've ever seen and I felt like sharing.

Verse 3 is almost never sung, it's

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


I made it about 5 seconds before shutting it off. I imagine someone left the toilet seat up or something

so, what exactly are they fighting over?

someone should send this to Broteam so he can use clips from it for his donation alerts


That actually sounds pretty badass.

Found this elsewhere. Think it's legit?


Megalia is fighting for porn and vidya? Are you sure?

All good national anthems are about shit like that, France's is about watering the fields with the blood of tyrants.

wheres Koreanon right now?

La Marseillaise is an amazingly badass anthem that the current cucked French don't deserve.

Are we being invaded?

Megalia got him, it's over kimchi bros time to #closethegate ;_;

You mean those who literally say "Kill all men", lynch them, smoke near kids and promote the abortion and murder of all male babies and fetuses?

But that's not a verse, it's a stanza.

How did you anons celebrate Gamergate's 2nd anniversary?

You expect braindead SJWs to know the difference between the two?

Megalia is okay with porn and vidya if
1) It's pro-feminist (not pro-women, this is an important distinction)
2) It's anti-men

The "revolt" started with SK's equivalent of otaku (majority young male gamers) boycotting an SK comic convention that was Megalian in nature.

No, not sure at all. Its hard to gather the info, but I have not seen any relate of megalia going against gamers, just being extreme radical open misandrists. I don't even know if they call themselves feminists (the western media does, tho). And I saw a couple saying they do oppose the ban on p0rn, but nothing related to gaming.

Yes, the female version of ilbe, that did explode a bomb in a pro-north-korea event and was praised for it. Both groups are extreme and twisted.

Yeah, but colloquially they're misused, so you have to assume they're making a mistake when the real one doesn't make sense

Yeah, they defend 'their specific taste' on p0rn and vydia, and fuck everything else. While the ministry wants to ban all of it.

Well I'm only about 1/5 of the way through but it makes sense and fits with what a lot of people have been saying. That they're trying to prop up a bogeman, be it gamergate or the altright, and use it as an excuse for hate speech laws and a crackdown on the internet.

Isn't ilbe essentially SK's 4chan (pre-cuckchan) / 8channers though?

As with Megalia, is hard to tell what is midiatic hyperbole and what is fact, but there seems to be solid evidence of their wrongdoings (in both cases).

with my friends on Holla Forums

Saw this in Holla Forums

Comedy gold

wrote emails, spread stuff on and played vidya

scroll further down the thread, you have that comic posted in the finished state

I still think Vivian should always be in socks.

Did anyone email the logs to LWprime's white house contact? He is named in the logs. Seems risky to mail someone who is surely having all his messages screened by white house staff, but he doesn't seem the type of person that will ever find them by himself.

ANd they should also go to the UN.

God, Canada would be so much better if it was part of the US.


it's okay when we do it!!!

Some podcast with plenty of episodes talking about GG. Dunno if any good, saw it on KiA


omg kluweless shut uuuuuuuuuuup

When it first happened I saw tons of nogs telling Kluweless he was wrong including a few veterans but I guess that doesn't fit the narrative.


Delete this on the off chance that noone important has already seen it.


Full recording + the remix:


*his, my bad

God I am so fucking glad that kid's parents know not to leave their child alone with Nyberg.

Anyone know any Journalist websites that reported on CON, especially before it even existed?

Could be an angle to attack.


Who is this Doctor G faggot?

Good fucking luck with that one hipsters.

Is the talking about hillbillies or ISIS?


Come on Kluweless! agree with the goony faggot that the NFL needs to change so it's more inclusive to people who hate fucking American Football!



KiA is good for things like that. Search for a keyword, arrange results by time and you have a ghetto-rigged timeline.

you mean Trump's victory is two months away

You mean Holla Forums salt mining is two months away?



I don't think you understand how bad Clinton will be for us if she were to win.


I don't want her to win, but she probably will.

You're late today nigger

I have no doubts in my mind that Clinton and her cronies will do their best to steal the election, most likely through electoral college fuckery and voter fraud.

hard to lose a democratic election when no votes are counted


never 4get


Sweet, I have never experienced an homosexual threesome,now prepare your boypussies for my.


There are 850k logs in the CONLeaks and so far, they blatantly said that they got connections inside the US Congress, Twitter and the White House. Look for more contacts that they have in the logs and who knows what you'll get. It might explain on how they got their ideological tentacles inside triple A studios in the North American video game scene. Go for it!

Is there anything these people like?

Three C's, friendo.

Reminder, aGG spent Christmas and New Years by themselves in a chat room talking about Foreskins.

Your life is way better than theirs.

Thank you, will probably scrub through later

I spent christmas with my family then spent the afternoon and night laughing at antiGG and Devi Ever

Imgur is owned by reddit right?
Should I continue using them?
If not, what alternatives are there?


Getting trolled doesn't make you dabble in credit card fraud, abandon your kid, and generally act like a complete dick, you fat sociopath.


That's Devi Ever?
I thought she hated Zoe?
What happened?

Devi has flip flopped more times than there are genders


i don't even feel sorry for wu. This is what you get when you have (((friends))) like zoe or blue whale.

Scooby's so god damn lucky their Twitter contacts are covering their asses and banning anyone who tries to link him the logs. I think these logs would give him an aneurysm, just from the amount of sheer disrespect they have for him.


Religion of peace strikes again.

make a socjus account to sneak it to him.

If only Britain voted to remain in the EU. Those bigots brought this on themselves

Nah, from what I hear, every account is getting hit with bans. They do not want Wu on the warpath.

that's why we must make it so.
they don't want it.


Is there any other way to get the logs to him? PM maybe?

How far do these logs go?

>another example of "distributing dox is okay when we do it"
Fuck's sake.

I think he's got that set to mutual follow, and you know how paranoid he is.

I think they're only a few weeks, from December 22, 2014 to some time in the first week of January 2015. And they somehow racked up 49k posts total in that time.

Sorry, 49k posts total in the Skype alone.

I love okcupid
I get emails from them every few weeks because I haqve a blank account
I just keep it to see how terrible some woman are
I just got this one emailed to me

My money says he's seen the KIA stickied thread by now.


Oh, and it's actually the span of a month.

By far not the cringiest okcupid profile I've seen.

ive got worse but where I'm from SJWs are not exactly common like hell the site is pretty dead in general for where I'm from


You got to have some that are even worse than that.





I've never understood the point in aGG making bots that just spam to no one, occasionally using the GG tag. Isn't that basically just inflating the tweet count, and nothing else, since it's not like you can slide twitter with one or two accounts?

It just gives off a general feeling that they just want to be doing anything at all they can spin as "against us", but without the humor or reward.




Okay, so now we've got straight-up confirmation that they themselves poisoned the well, along with them trying to egg it all on.

News breaking. Nick Denton,faggot

naa ive had this account for like 4 years since one night me and a couple other friends made one to find the worst chicks in our area and compare them for laughs
my shit hole really isnt that bad compared to melbourne and a part of new zealand both of them were from

Why do you faggots keep doing this. I'm not clicking that until you tell me what it is

I don't know exactly how many "Tropes Vs Women in Video Games" videos Anita still has to make, but it looks like she's way past her peak.

Holy shit, for as many puff pieces as they had about her, she was small-time before she inserted herself into the "I'M A TARGET OF GAMERGATE" circlejerk.

I guess randi was telling the truth when she said they had contacts in twitter before CON was founded

turn off your autism holy shit

every time you bitch for context it makes me want to murder children

Shouldn't this press packet be going to the offices of politicians who spoke out against GG? SHouldn't this press packet be going to the UN?

fuck off zoe

See, you're assuming the congresswoman with 2% approval rating who only stays in office because her party blackmails anyone who tries to go against her gives a shit.

And looking at that chart, she's back to that level or recognition.

It isn't about her getting it. It's about everyone knowing she got it. And that it is conclusive.

Point taken.

She pissed them off from what I know

This should piss them off further.

Also. Jim made a new fucking video.

Dangerous Analyses video on Nick Denton's tax avoidance and trying to avoid litigation from the atomic leg drop

Did this actually happen?


Does anyone have the pastebin where these exact logs come from?



it's hilarous

I am pretty sure they are… Hell you can browse reddit images on imgur by doing imgur.com/r/NSFW

I got you boss.

Entirely off topic but entertaining.


Don't even bother. Making fun of deviantart is the lowest of the low hanging fruit

It's amazing how many idiots there are who think waving their paycheck around makes them qualified to talk about any issue outside of their job.

Never mind, found it already.

Every time I see someone like that, I think of this one dirtbag I know who constantly flaunts that he makes six figures, then remember that he can never actually hold down a job, and once literally brought a knife to a gunfight and got his stupid ass shot.

got some super low hanging fruit picking when you are going after fucking deviantart in 2016
even in 2007 that was some bottom of the barrel shit to make fun of

Yeah, seriously, didn't Dobson finally ragequit that site?

Which one was she again. Was she one of those "gaming scholars"?


I was going to say she was Chelsea's PR lady, but then I remembered that was Maya Kramer. I think she had some kind of connection with Silverstring Media?



stupid bitches
stupid bitches
stupid bitches
stupid bitches
had to leave her house.

had to leave her house.

had to leave her house.

had to leave her house.

randi le fucking blue whale happones

shit fuck my side up

Damn it, you're all supposed to learn how to speak nip






you ever wonder who the fuckheads on kia are?
you no longer have to guess

大丈夫、 けつもどきさま

This woke me up alright. Fuck man.

Is that Veerender "Choke The Honky" Jubbal?

This rationalization is amazing

You can turn coal into diamonds with how dense these people are.
Also a Misato book is out. Nice

Man something about watching each other masturbate really rocks my ding dong

I wish more /ss/ incest ones involved that as a premis instead of just jumping striaght into NO ITS NOT MY SAFE DAY DONT CUM IN MUMMIES WOMB NAAAAAHHHHHHH

Journalist that wrote a hit piece for The Guardian, friend of LW.

oi oi oi look at this



They're not hot enough to fuel the process, though.

there people are diamond dozens thats for sure

I wonder why they need to stay active?


Fuck, you're back user ! Great to know ! Thanks a lot !
Here's the previous WiP just in case; I think we discussed having things like League for gamers, basedgamer, gamesense, deepfreeze in their own little box too, as they're a bit "special" (maybe even mention things like sealion.club/GNUsocial ? heck, an entire box with "GG-made discussion alternatives" or some shit could be good)

The five guys that opened in Paris a month ago costs a fucking fortune, like, five eurobucks for a drink and ten for a burger. I so dreamed of eating there too

Also, shilling my vid and tweet for #GamersWin/GG's second birthday again

The irony.

did you search through this thread just to find a post to say that about
because i'm gonna go ahead and laugh at you now

go to bed Jim
what next making fun of sonic oc character or furries? wow shit m8 really fucking 2007 in here

I'm a retard, I forgot you can't embed AND share a pic. Billy me.
Here it is this time, my bad

Sorry if this has been posted already, but I can't keep up with these threads.

SJW gets offended over a hula girl ornament on behalf of the people in the continent of Hawaii.


What they seem to be doing is let 3rd party troll make gamergate look bad by not reporting their abuse.

This should go to all the outlets that shamed the creator of the Veerender as a terrorist picture. Clearly he has aspirations of said.

actually someone in a skype group get offended and stier shit up with their (((friends)))

let's call the chat; Crash override network

So what, KIA is not to be trusted?



First, it's on plebbit. Second, it has been infiltrated from the start.

They actively used scape goats to distract people from the corruption. No wonder why pedobutts was one of they main agitator tweeting the hashtag in order to get attention from people

just a troll account made by one of the con dickheads. Come on user!

con socjus people get easily offended
see and

So how is this going exactly?
Anyone on board yet?
I know Usher is.

Yeah, I don't even know why that pic's so heavy, it doesn't have so much content

i read the word trello very often in the con leaks. Seems they create cards whenever they want to keep track on something.


SJWs get easily offended. I don't know what CON has to do with the video.


I see you forgot forbes in the general news; don't forget to mention only erik and ollie are to be trusted
also, as mentioned, things L4G, digifira, etc. should be put as "social" or some shit.
Also, just saw this :
Can someone tell me what this site is about ? Never noticed it before. Is it respectable ?

Not half-bad, simple enough.

the erotic side is nice but tbh I was perfectly happy just reading about their relation and friendship

please write more about that side of things


proTipp:you can't

Did they do it on purpose?

Did they name their network CON because they knew they could get away with it?

Actually sideeffects of projection

They are so caught up in their own ego and inability to self critique, that they never even caught it until GG pointed it out. And by then, the site was up and the gibs had been requested.

It's headline worthy now that it's proven.

Did… did an employee from Amazon gave an advice and a guide a person to send a complaint to the company in order to blacklist a shitty service?

What Izzy's doing not really that awful though. A customer is unhappy with a service, he gives a specific mail to contact customer service. It's rather basic.

that's what crashOverridenetwork was build for, huh?

Pretentious hipsters named it after a 1990's movie character who was 1337 haxxor in movies. They seem to think that they have some similarity to that. All I remember is the cringe I felt when they quoted the Mentor's Last Words in an attempt to try and give the movie some tech cred. I still cringe.

Well, it leaves a question of whether an employee of the company dares to complain something to his employers. Or if Galvez ever acts directly.

I can bet that wasn't even their idea to begin with.

Fuck you then bitch. I will play and watch whatever I want.

I don't think so ? They're just chatting about hating a certain thing on amazon. That's it. Well I don't have the full context but I'd assume they're not discussing ONLY con-related stuff, sometimes they might just be mad their wife's dildo got a scratch in the mail


fuck off val and take off your socjus googles.


Can we expect to see more leaks in the coming weeks?

maybe you're just a paranoid retard who sees satan in every piece of toast and should just try to grow up and analyze shit instead of crying wolf the second it happens
try to avoid being an overemotional little child before digging, user


I told you so
They do not want that the fire goes out but also, they do not want that the fire rise to high

It's not like they had control over the fire once it got out of containment.

i don't know, but we saw how far their tentakels goes. And now they sitting on twitter as safety council.

Hmm, what if we move KIA from reddit?
Seems like a dumb idea yes, but we can use it as an advantage if GG continues on after the leaks.

can you stop making the BIG STRECHED TEXT
its not helping make a point its dialuting the picture and not showing the talking points

Since when was twitter ever not corrupted? GG just occupied their platform to use it against them.


Kind of out of the loop concerning the last few days - did anything come from the CON leaks other than antis stumbling over their own feet as they can't decide whether the leaks are fake/exaggerated/out of context?

Remember that poop man?
Someone give me that pic

Read the posts above you, for starters

gg would even continue if nobody is talking about, because, its not a fucking movement!
KiA can stay where it is, these delusions dickheads over at con can continue to act as if gg was a movement.


It's what I always used it for. It was a massive breach where faggots thought they had a private blog, except it was about as open as yelling in the street. The fact that it took this long to even somewhat stem that only speaks to the services incompetence.

What was /doll/?

i don't know, seems only CON knew about.

Another variation of /hebe/, I would guess

pedos posting candydoll, my guess. Probably got nuked for cp with the board owner missing to clean up but they're such narcissistic piles of shit, they attribute it to their :effort:, unless it was them spamming the cp.

I think that was the place where they or Dan dumped the CP

I really hope people start talking about the leaks soon.

??? you mean in the thread ? Everyone has been since mombot made that huge ruse happen

Could someone get into contact with hotwheels, maybe on twitter pm, to ask him if he knew about /doll/ and what caused it to be shut down? Also would there be a way to find out if Dan or Nyberg posted CP to incriminate fullchan in /doll/?

No I mean big people, youtubers, articles, so on.

I'm still flabbergasted how a small group managed to produce so much content in two weeks of whining on skype.

Oh, well I'd assume everyone's waiting for a more easy to digest thing comes out here and there. I'd assume people like sargon more than likely want to make vids on it, hell didn't mundane matt do a vid for it already ?

Methwhale makes a meth joke.

I'm fucking dying


I wonder of how much further low can a MSM become
And again with this alt-right. The heck is this, a new slang for the word "racist"? They could have gone with that "far-right" naming, but I guess that didn't work, huh

Well that was the wrong picture… at least I had the proper comic…


help me to find the best words for this, anons.

Methwhale's considerations of meth babies. I guess even her own.

Can't wasps pollinate too?

Do you think they will have purged the Trello boards following this leak

Wasps are the spawn of satan.
They bring nothing good, only suffering.

Did Athena Hollow do porn?


Apparently she was a camwhore. They often discuss how "normal" porn is terrible in the logs (namely, "normal porn" is bad but "crazy porn" is very fun)

I'm so glad I've been drinking. I didn't want to throw up on an empty stomach.

hardly considered being part of the industry
bitch was a shitty fucking cam girl and not even good enough for fucking suicidegirls or burningangle
and god those sites have had some really really really really fucking pig disgusting looking woman on them
like that shitty fucking suicidegirls ripoff site LW did shitty shot porn for tier of quality

Val, the door's that way. Don't hit your leaderfagging ass on your way out.

Then why is she in the chats? Is it because she is another failed dev like LW?

Peter Coffin's board

Uh… what kind of crazy porn? Don't know if I should feel aroused or affraid.

Alt-right is a mish-mash of natsoc and liberal ideals. It doesn't actually work because natsocs are pretty fucking far-leftist if you use the words correctly.

Lot of them are genuinely as fucking awful authoritarian filth as the SJWs, and to some degree that article is right. However, without the shills of Holla Forums, I doubt the attack on this SJW coalition would've been as strong as it was, and god knows how bad it would be now without them. Good, decent people just have to make sure that when one side falls, the other one falls with it. I'm just kidding, neither side will fall. This shitstorm is just bread and circus to keep people looking away from real issues

she is as much a dev as gallant is
she is as much a porn star as LW is

just another fucking parasite

Okay, this time I totally will, last fifty times were useless but this time it totally will work. Nice dubs.

She probably is just a friend of one of them; or, like a few other people in here, idiots who got "harassed" and went to CON for it.
Or maybe she did pics for the same people LW did.

Anal but not the kind you'd enjoy, user. Enemas and shit like that.

That's a useful confirmtaion

i want to see that news
Breaking - Peter Coffin posting cheese pizza on Holla Forums to report on it

Meh, if I recall it went nowhere and the guy just talked shit about him to the family, demanding everyone hate him.

For fuck's sake, I fap with the idea of watching a woman give birth with a child I impregnated her with and still I find that horribly disgusting.


Flexing muscles, faggot? You destroyed projects and you want people to follow your every whim. People who disagrees with you and calls you out for your double think are labeled as shills by you. How about you fuck off?

Yeah. Fuck off. Go to KiA if you want to leaderfag.

Good dubs again. You care a bit too much, user. Many people think I'm a retard who should fuck off but they just filter or ignore me. Like grown ups in control of their own emotions.
why am I even replying to you, am I this bored ?

There's more honestly, I can't even remember, brote laughed a lot about it during the streams.

even as a jew, with jews you lose.

Btw Wus game is out on the 6th apparently
Dont let her derail these con leaks to be about >her

I honestly can't wait. I'm convinced people like Brote will stream it and it'll be glorious.

What happened to him?

He said he would and asked when it was out

even with cg it looks worse as SM: Chrystal

Wu's stream of Patreon shekels is slowly drying up.

In June, he had about $1,853 in donations. Almost two months later, and it's fallen by $120.


She has a new game coming out?

New "Bayonetta is trans" article when?


Oh sure, everybody knows the first thing Hitler did upon seizing power was collectivizing the means of production.

"Someone named Peter Coffin"




is wu even in the leaks anyway?


They badmouthed him in the leaks.

Someone please purge this industry.

Put over Daddy's knee? Have his trust fund reduced for a month? Told to get a job?


No, I mean the cousin.

Someone send the customer protection crew on Wu. I'm sure charging for a patch ain't right.

but atleat they had a lot of content and far better fixes than whatever wu game "fixed" and "added"



pic related

This is intermediate Jewery right here.


what money actually took femfreq to fund crashoverridenetwork?

Who actually paid CON to have a chatroom to talk about pron/doxing/someshitaboutamazon/bluewhaletransphobicsecrets/BStweetsaboutnothing.

I would love to have seen the chat after the law and order episode.

Zoe's patreon, firstly. And since quinnae moon/katherine cross is part of femfreq, she just had to sign the cheques.

Hello AGG! Hows going? Can you please come in and sperg out?

He sure didn't mind collectivizing the property and lives of anybody that didn't co-operate with his dictatorship.

But you are mixing what leftism commonly is with what leftism is intrinsically. Leftism is simply about pandering to the bottom classes, while rightism is about pandering to the upper classes. You can reframe same one ideology in different ways to have both leftist and rightist version of it: "Giving free services to people will increase their quality of living, and in process improve their ability to work and spend, giving better opportunities for the rich to invest, causing an overall win-win situation" vs. "removing these free services will minimize taxes and open up markets for private investors, and in process it will also force people to work harder and teach them to be less reliant on others, benefitting them in the long run"

and only those who funded femfreq got into the CON chat, or in other words, got protection of the CONetwork.



My eyes just rolled back into my head with that news. Fucking love how plush and soft Saigado's women look. Thanks user.

again, this time in a regular search (all) and not in news.

the whole first page of the search term: crash override network


first the logs are fake, then edited, and then they are actually real but not from CON group?
even if its before/after con its still filled with wanting to harass and doxing people, you cant turn it into "we were edge lords" now

"It takes a strong man to deny what's in front of you. And when the truth is undeniable, you create your own."

Harper is trying so hard to suck Kluwe's dick.

Wait a second. Is Kluwe into porkers? Has Kluweless been nailing Harper?

Miku still hasn't fixed overchan, I can't even see all the taiwanese fingerpaintings in the gg thread.

This is suffering.

"alahu akbar" at 0:33


twitter is still running with the council of saftey even after thos con got blown wide open.

Wikipedia article is still full of shit even after con got blown wide open.

i understand it, with all the connection to the right people at the right place they can continue with what ever corrupt shit they doing. The blackout about this seems more about to keep sheeples dumb.


Oh yeah, I've heard that. It was dead on arrival here in Europe. I'm for once glad in a while.

Obama is trying to drag it out so he can drop the failure into the lap of whoever follows him as president.
Glad it's dead either way.

Looks like we know whose been starting all those "don't you goys really love us traps?" threads.

I got ten buckaroos says she decides her kid is trans before it's 10. Unless it's a girl.

Homnegirl isn't going to be in this chat just cause. There's got to be a reason. She must provide some resource. Which AAA game dev's/journo's dick did she suck?

Sessler. Must be Sessler.

What a pussy. "I'm telling my dad on you!" What a fuckign pussy. Alex… when your cousin's step off, if you really have a problem with it, as an adult male, the rules strictly state that you confront them in person about it and kick their ass if necessary. This is IN the fucking rules to not being a complete faggot neghole pussy. Significantly before getting a video game themed tramp stamp.

God, this kid is a faggot. Talk about rationalizing bringing back bullying. Everyone who ever kicked his ass did him a favor he never understood, but daddies money kept enough of those ass kicking from coming.

BTW, IMC and BTP both confirmed coffin's wife for real, BTP saying that the story is sadder than you think.

So… what the fuck is the truth? BTP may have suggested he's a furry and they met on a furry board.

Put up the links. I'll let you know if it's workable or not.

No it isn't. Wu's game is never coming out.

He doesn't appear in the chat. Looks like he was never invited to those chats because nobody in CON actually liked him. At all. Not in the least. And logs confirm him for mental illness tranny. So. That's confirmed now. Those portions should be tweeted at and emailed to everyone who denied it.

Chances are, Alex whined to either his parent or his aunt/uncle about cousin talking shit about him on the internet. This played out in one of two ways, they forgot because they don't care about internet drama or they confronted cousin who said "Let Alex come talk to me about it to my face", which is why Lipshitz is taking steroids now.

It doesn't stop.

Mind archiving that shit? I wouldn't mind to see how she justifies that claim.


so seeing people as normal human beings despite race/gender is bad now? why do those people must segrogate races in the name of "equality"?

im kinda feeling bad for him and want to send those logs to say "hey if you're buddy with them still you better drop them since they hate your guts back then and i bet they still do." but i bet people already spamming him with it

The article actually seems to be from 2002, feel free to bully.


Don't feel bad for John Flynt. He's a mentally unstable sociopath who figured out that pretending to be a woman would allow him to get away with more shit, and give him access to more gibs, as long as he bought the act too. And he was right.

Oh dear, shots fired by Nichegamer:


This is gonna be a long ride.

being backstabbed and back talked to by you suppose "friends" is shitty and it really hts me. but flynt has more problem than that anyway he has to deal with

You know what bothers me most about the chat logs? The very fact that they confirm that our opponents are upperclass, rich assholes that are all well connected. That THESE mother fuckers hav e been telliong us to check our privilege for the last two years, and a good time before hand. And really, this isn't even the first time this has come up. On four separate occasions some high profile SJW bragged about being rich and gamergaters being poor. The first time I saw was when that asshole said we all work at the 24 hour garage, (which I guess is what british people call gas stations)

BUT! At the same time, it just makes victory against them all the sweeter, doesn't it? After all, they have connections with the mainstream media, went to the UN, have a dozen websites in their pockets, many went on TV! Yet with all these connections, us filthy poor gamer nerds were able to ballbat their fucking knees out from under them. With nothing more than youtube, twitter, Holla Forums and reddit, we were able to BTFO again and again. No connections. Not a lot of money. No high profile people on our side.

Just grit and determination.

Good job my friends.



i get a bad feeling, all the blackout around CON.

There seems not even a push to other people/youtuber or what ever to get the news out.

so far i saw zero tweets about someone linking the con leak stuff too some good youtuber that could make this stuff viral. AlphaOmegaSin or mainEvent and so on. Just nothing!?

Just Usher, that other news from asia dude and boongegolem, that's it. Fucking rly?

I agree, comrade. The bourgeois has nothing on us.

Bro Team Pill did a messy stream on it.

A swimming pool is not a hot tub lardie.

Everyone who matters is talking about it

ok, count him in, since he blew it actually up, and yet, there seems zero fucking responds from other folks.

Bear in mind that it's a huge fuckload of text. Chances are people are still reading through it and/or trying to verify it.

Then again, it's equally possible that people are just to lazy to read through the text block, and who really would be in the field to cover it other than Usher? It's not exactly in the normal playing field of, say, TechRaptor or Nichegamer, and you better fucking believe the usual outrage rags will not cover this.

it should come to a level where JACK is forced to take down that shitty council of harrassment.

Do you know what values funded the USA?

i know, thats why someone 'have to' spoonfeed the normalfags. There are a ton good megaphones that could do it. There are tons of forums to spread it. There is a hell lot of more to push on #CONleak / #CONleaks and there is a hell lot more to RT. And yet, nothing.

what i actually miss is, a little bit more pressure on this with a noticeable feedback!

The verifying part is another story, but as far as feeding this to normalfags goes the best way to do it is infographics IMO. I'm absolutely shit at creating them, though.

right now lots of people posting bits of text in the twitters, mainevent will most likely talk about it during his weeking vidya news, leo pirate is going to make a video about it; he is the person who made normal fags start asking questions and really made KIA boom really big next to the "gamers are dead" articles that started popping up. i dont know about AlphaSin though, I saw him play with AVGN once which was fun so i hope he has a following. QuQu will most likely talk about it even when he's a revolt idiot/or whatever but im not sure.

Speaking of the "Gamers Are Dead" articles - what are the chances that we'll get a fresh round decrying the evil grooburrapes' vicious publishing of private records?

Revoltards are already claiming it as their victory, not Gamergate.

I understand your empathy. It is wasted on John Flynt, though, because he has probably done this to many others himself. This is him, getting fucked in the bed that he made.


gross. Goddamn, that twat is gross.

Relax, nigger. It's an enormous wall of text that is being parsed through and verified. The people who make videos and articles are going to want to do a particularly good one on this.

There are so many smoking guns in this one log, that it's hard to even tell which one got you in the first place. But there are tons of people in the industry who will find serious vindication here.

Does anyone have that pic of Jubal, or the article about it? There's a bit of text where he talks about how much he loves killing white people I'd like to add to it and send out.

They could but they won't because the logs make their precious saints look incredibly bad
And i get that people will handwave just about anything these cunts do but they probably don't want to plant that seed of doubt even a little bit

why are Con's shills saying that? isn't it a paradox?


KIA see it as their victory too. hey if all three started digging those logs and created videos, i bet he'll have lots of different information since we all have different views, but thats just wishful thinking.

if they did they better not be from the same sources/news sites because its already known that those writers, sites have connection with those people. but new shitty writers/sites = more names in deepfreeze

Don't care if furry, would fug.

don't think anyone ever said ecaflips aren't for fuck, they're just also furries

Cras are for raping
Sacrier are for fucking
Ecaflip are for loving

Also not furry


where is the bulge?

Under the diaper

In Vivian's pants

Fuck off furry

Is Gawker the only outlet in the whole network that was killed? I'm switching outlets to 'defunct' in Bad Angler right now. I'll also look in adding new outlets, anyone got ideas?

It must have a rss feed of articles. We could use it to archive friendly site too. The service doesn't discriminate.

what's the deal with lewdposting?

To my best knowledge, it's only Gawker's main site.


Yeah, only one so far. Some other outlets are tiny and only serve as repositories basically.
Remind us, which outlets are included so far ?

it'sh perfectshion, it'sh the pervershion of thosje who live life to the fullesht, I myshelf would not dissashochiate, *sniff*, shexshuality from politicsh, and so on and so on

Funny thing about that… From what I've seen so far the only ones actively digging are the ones over at /8diamonds/ and here, and one or two individuals over at gghq. All KiA is doing is repost finds, and for all their talk, revoltards didn't even look at the actual logs themselves, with their recent accomplishment being @DeepFreezePlus, a misguided parody deepfreeze account.

why would they even do that? just to shit on e-celep who also did un-ethical shit? i dont mind putting un-ethical practices of video creators promoting stuff without disclosing it


Every time.

I'm on my phone amd I have trouble copy pasting the list but here it is. Disreguard the journalists since I never got around to fill them up completely and keeping travks of them would have been a huge endeavour.


Btw, is it intentional that Gameranx still is on the Angler? I certainly won't complain about a certain someone not getting his ads back, but I'm just wondering whether this was just because the Angler hasn't been updated in a while.


Remember the sites that talked about the 4chan IRC leaks that proved GG was built on harassment? We should hassle them about these leaks as well. After all, if those chat leaks were news, surely this will be, right?

I'm worried too but I'm also prepared for it. Nothing else, we will always be able to use it against our opponents. The evidence mounts. Harmful Opinions in the comment section of his latest video at least knows about it, so we'll see.

Yes. I don't forgive easily.

Seriously though last time I asked back in december I think we decided to keep it there anyway. You can see it as being there for archival purposes.

Always a classic

Sauce on the pic

have you ever heard of reading the filename?


So who here is ready for another year of gamergate
Corruption and collusion
And red pilling

They had decades to seep in and corrupt everything. Decades. GamerGate won't be over within a few years.

always ready, here hoping gamergate somehow becoming big news in Qatar, no matter if its good or bad. i'll just laugh, and laugh, and laugh

How? And why?


The great thing about those logs is that they show they really aren't as united as they want us to believe, there is major infighting and bad blood (obviously that is how we got this leak in the first place).
If they were that afraid of Wu being a loose cannon and fucking up things for them I can only imagine how they must feel right now.
It is really important that Brianna Wu gets to see those chatlogs.

Honestly, it's been a while, and while I don't blame people for not visiting gameranx anymore, I think it's fine to take the block away.

Why's the escapist on the list user ? They've been on our good-guys list for a year and a half now.
You need to add rock paper shotgun, for example. And gamespot too. All I can think of for now.

KiA is for posting findings to the public, it's the largest, most active and most normalfag of gg hubs, so digging stuff on 8diamonds and then posting it on KiA is a good dynamic.

im just imagining this shit becoming news worthy in qatar for no reason what so ever. i remember they made news about fucking memes like nyan cat way before it died so why not talk about a "dead" event. specially during the peak of the sheik's mother's femenism movement that promotes the good things that woman can do; like finally getting off their butt and start being in more work forces and give them good study arppatonities that countries like the KSA doesnt even want their women to drive

if he not already saw it and now just pretend as if everythign is ok~ish

But you bring up a good point.
Wu was painted as one of the biggest victims by the MSM, and CON actually showed that they do not care about what was spread around by MSM
CON actually are calling out wu for his bullshiting and throw him under the bus. A Network that is actually about helping victims who get harassed throw wu under th ebus!

think abou tit.

I mean we may not agree with the ecelebs, kotakuinaction or gghq
But when there's a sjw shitting up the place
We band together and work off one another to expose them
They how ever keep competing on who's the most opressed

At the start I wanted BA to be an overall archiving tool. It was to be agnostic.

Also I'm taking all the outlet for archiving but some are there so I could add journos and their place of employment, I plugged Bad Angler on that list after, at first it was using its own list.

I'll add a BA field to differentiate those that should end up being auto-archived and the others.

Well, we don't even need an immediate reaction, some things take time.
There are so many implications in the logs, I am sure they will have an effect on him and how he deals with the clique in the long run.
Just them knowing Wu is a potential major threat could lead to some mistakes.

So in the wake of the CON leaks, what is anti-gamergate doing? How are the reacting? Or for that matter, how have the goons been after Zackattack?

I vote for keeping it on, personally. "Never Ever getting his ads back" aside, he's already gone from Banana Nazi to koolaide elemental to shitlord. There's absolutely nothing stopping another flip and him deleting anything and everything that could be useful in the future. Also Val is a frog desperately trying for the world record of being wrong most times in a row.


Cheong still needs to do a public apology and make amends for fucking with Hotwheels' livelihood. He will, never, ever get those ads back.

He can just get new ones, anyway.

See. it's stupid shit like this is why Holla Forums doesn't like namefags like you, Val.

Several of the accused or "loud" anti-gamers either entirely abandoned discussing GG (matt myers comes to mind), or flat out deleted their accounts. Other than that, anti-gamers seem to have finally understood that they're supposed to stop trying to get the spotlight onto them, and stop trying to make themselves look more important than they are. So aside from salt by ghazi users or people on twitter who should just stay over at ghazi, there hasn't been much.

… I was just giving my opinion, user. Is it so frightening ?

Cheong was mentioned in Diagra meeting notes, as has way, way more stuff in his opportunistic memory than he lets on. He hasn't even come close to spilling the beans yet.

I'm a frog too…

From quebec

i still think about that line from here

implying that wu wasn't the only one they throw under the bus. Looking at who is in the chat and who get support from the CON's it turns out it is the very same Patreon-/femfreq-/Indie-clique. A small manipulative group with too many connections to the industry. Manipulating and social-engineering their way up to postion of more tools to manipulate their shit into the social web sociaty. Of course this would bring up some srsly 'projection'. All the people from within the idnustry who are going to see this now should actually have a 'wake up call' now.

The onyl thing that need to happened now is to point out the Obvious to them, as said with the actually "they didn't even care about wu" ~behavior of the so called "harassment helping center"

I haven't thought about Ghazi, holy shit. Are they suicidal yet?

Yes, but I can't be arsed to look if they're even more so after the leak.


Enough with the gaslighting and actually contribute something beside being a holier-than-thou le critic stereotype.

Not really. They're pretty much just the same as usual, except that there's maybe ten to twenty people at the same time, max.




Sangaku complex used to run a matome section. This is the smallest of its sins though.

So they're speed has picked up too? Well shit.

Why not just direct link to kotaku while your at it?

You will always be remembered, CCG

What's bad about it?

Git Gud Or Die Trying: Why Game Journalists Need Skill
FaRT and Spread!

So we build up the reputation of those pastebins through infamy?
I.e. Spread to the public.

Is it true the grand majority of game devs (I mean actual game devs not indie garbage) are pro Gamergate but afraid to admit so?

can we spread this more? Someone make a KiA thread and if it doesn't stay, just keep spreading it in the comment section on KiA.

What abou tboosting this on imgur?

damn anons, MSM is going full black out on this and we can't wait (if at all) someone else with a megaphone is doing it, if at all the one who would spread it could even get this specific info out.

What else options are there?

There's no way to tell if it's the "majority", but assuming game devs actually know games and love them, it'd be assumed that they'd share the anti-political correctness, anti-censorship mentality of the gamergate group.
There are numerous accounts of pro-GG devs being too afraid to say so, though, indeed.

Human resources departments are dominated by progressives from social sciences academia, so, what do you think?

Not really, I am in HR and it is way more nuanced than this. In real companies and serious place of employment (ie: not in vidya) HR are pretty strict. Don't go submit a resume with special pronouns or tumblr account for references.

Also, if we find you sperging out on social medias about useless shit, it's big strike against you.

Shit, HR departments were practically created to give these rejects somewhere to go with their useless humanities degrees.

don't even think it matters much as their skills, but if they have drunk the koolaid, it will show up in their work and in their online behavior

I think the ones who went past the narrative and looked for themselves probably have a positive view and those that just went off of what the rags were saying probably have a negative or suspicious view. The fellow from warhorse in Poland knew what was up from day 1, probably most eastern European devs with some memory did too.

Clickbait articles, been caught making up stories/translating shit wrong and have tons of SJW weeaboos on their staff



How much jail time does that translate into? And what do you think will happen when they confiscate his computers to pawn of for debt clearing?


jesus fucking christ, how do you manage being even MORE in debt than you used to ? Drug-addiction ? Gambling ? Holy shit

What's the URL to badangler? Didn't he get a good domain name? I can't find it in search and I'm going to add him to the alternatives infographic. I just found this one young-sands-7652.herokuapp.com/



fuck you

For those who don't follow SF. This guy is peak SJW. Got some sort of thing from the british government to write a SF book. Never has. Just writes articles on Guardian about SF, and mocks SF authors with the "wrong" opinions.


Typical SJW piece of work.

By the way, you should add vice (or just vice gaming if you want to stay close to games journalism) to the list.

Ok, how the fuck do debts work exactly? I guess there is a small % that increases the debt the longer it takes to fully pay it off, but in one year it increased in 20K, then in 3 years 30K only.

It's the IRS. They don't make sense and they are to date the most hated governmental agency in the US.

Oh, I see.

Will there be consequences, anyway?

this is weird
they still run with con as nothing has happened.

this news is 8h. old. Am i missing something?


Maybe someone tell them they're promoting predators, perpetrators and con-men instead of organizations that actually help.

the news is written by a nobody, no name or anything i could find.

Then tell the editor?

At this point, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was simply them not even having heard about it. They have blocked so many people, have caused such an echo chamber, are now so deaf to anything, that it'd be entirely believable if they really didn't even notice the shitstorm about it.

ok, wait, this is the one who wrote it

someoen needs to tell him in good english what cona ctually is about

YFW Cole Lamberson is also a tax Delinquent

Catch a rock, faggot.

Who's that woman who got furious at nintendo because rapp supported pedophilia ? She's the one you should contact to complain about this article promoting people who support child fuckers out of nowhere when it's trying to showcase an organization about child safety.

Another year to push feminist-Marxists back further out of society? Absolutely!

Look at this slow salty guy.

Git fast faget.

There, I've taken it to HQ



The leaked CON logs, as well as the articles contextualizing them, offer us fresh ammunition for multiple avenues of attack.

You can fuck over Polygon and Kotaku for reporting Zoe's version of what happened at Polaris Game Jam now that we have admittance that she helped sabotage it. Great opportunity to email advertisers and try to get those articles edited for the truth

You can fucker over Vice and Zoe by extension by using the logs to get Taco Bell to fuck off from whatever those two are working on right now.

Hard mode is finding the people who all got burned at Polaris Game Jam because of Zoe, and giving the articles to them as well.

And that's just pressing on one of the angles of attack the logs provide us with.


We can't do it ourselves. If there isn't a CON log thread up on Holla Forums, get one up there and get the whole board in on the shitshow.

Holla Forums would also have fun with it, so if they don't have a thread up, get one up.

We need both sides working together for the most effective spearhead. Plus Holla Forums would like something with BLITZKRIEG in the title

Email Taco Bell and Kotaku/Polygon advertisers and post the responses to encourages other to follow suit.

I will begin today, and I hope you all do the same.

If you only have time for an easy target, go for Taco Bell and tell them they're helping Vice sponsor something for someone who has fucked over sponsors before. Use excerpts from the articles in the email text itself, don't just link them.You can't always trust the person checking the emails will click any links.

it need to be sticky on both sides and it has to be damn clear to email as fast as possibru!

No way to know if they're a majority, but a lot of devs support GG and are afraid to say so.
I wonder is critical mass could be achieved. Specially now that pandering to the SJW has proven to be bad for business, I think there is a good chance.


Nyberg's really delusional.

someone should drop this in here reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/505bmt/who_do_we_email_in_response_to_twitters_safety/

The Ralphshill must be desperate.


The Spanish language is now sexist for not being gender inclusive and it's offensive!

I wonder how long it'll be until the French language also suffers the same fate.
Because fucking EVERYTHING has a gender. EVERYTHING.

Someone teach these people German; then have a laugh.


These fucking gaming journalists. These mother fuckers, these anti-gamers, these SJWs and fucking hipsters. You hate the fucking hobby, you hate the fucking industry, you hate the fucking community, and you suck at the fucking games themselves. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?


If you hate EVERYTHING about this fucking hobby, why the fuck are you even here? You come along and you attack everyone that genuinely love it, and for what?? For WHAT??? Because a few thirsty as fuck insecure bearded creeps will latch onto you and plead for a few headpats? Just whisper sweet nothings into their fat bearded ears, tell them they're not like those other gross guys! They're Nice Guys. They'll give you clicks! Is that why? Or is it because you're so fucking incompetent that you can't get a job anywhere else? You glorified fucking bloggers. Like Bearded Anti-gamer #1437 that bragged about how gamers work at 24 hour gas stations, well at least gamers can pass a fucking interview! Unlike the unkempt flannel wearing loser writing from home in their underwear.

Eat shit and choke on it.

In other news, DOAX3 apparently got VR now.

And naturally, the salt is already there.

well we definitely know they were now.

she), people have begun using “le”

Memeteor when?

Hijos de la gran puta


I'm getting really tired of that "insult".


Come on non I can bypass the no platforming censorship filters


Play asia is going to make a fortune off of imports.

It's projection. Look at the face.

Yeah, someone made a post on /operate/ at one point showing that the board was full of actual child porn and as to be expected Hotwheels nuked the board. Which shows just how full of shit the whole "Holla Forums has child porn" narrative was.

It's funny because they have tried to gender several words in Spanish and called it "Inclusive Language" but the Royal Spanish Academy went on record to pretty much say "That's not how Spanish works, you retards."
Which got some SJWs where I live super butthurt.


Look at it this way, SJWs always project. Now think, a person that is obsessed enough about gamer nerds that two years later he's still fighting gamergate in youtube comment sections, watching videos about DOAX3 VR just to whine in the comments, calling other people virgins? Does this sound somebody that is drowning in pussy?


this is important, make sticky on both sides get on this now and this

stop with what ever you do and get on this now!

also this:

A narrative does not need to be true, it only needs to be popular. Exclusively so.

No. It would be nice if they could think of some other insult every once in a while.

Ty. Updated. Let me know, I'll be back a little later.


Or something that's actually an insult

Just because TTIP is dead doesn't mean that TPP is dead. It will likely be passed during the lame duck time period.


Why the fuck do they always act like Ernst Blofeld Role Players?

I've been brainstorming trying to find gender neutral french pronouns with no luck. As you said everything has a gender in french. Must sucks to be a french sjw and spechul snowflakes.

FYI all, we have a MediaInAction sub on Voat for discussing MSM stupidities.


Voat also has its own KiA (as well as RedditInAction and TumblrInAction).

None of them enjoy particularly high traffic, sadly.

Traduction for non-frog talkers?

Remember that deepfreeze was supposed to collect any unethical behavior by vidya journalists, not just those we dislike.

see pic

Well, yeah, I didn't mean to take the site off of deepfreeze, only off of bad angler, which purpose is to archive everything as to avoid giving them a single hit

French article claimed gamergate was about "violently attacking female developers, because games were so much better in the ol' days, made by men only for men" (I'm not kidding, that's how it says it).
So I'm asking frog speakers to write to the french SPJ and the site's editors about it and complain.

Actually he's not wrong here, the IRS classifies it differently, you'd be shocked at how lax they are at coming after back taxes. They'll just keep putting notices out and calling, not directly coming after your property. I know someone that owes over 100 thousand to them.

hm, tu envoies ta plainte à un site journaliste belge pour un article écrit en France ?

Putain de bordel de merde

Je ne parle rien de francais.

Who wishes otaku would find a way to directly say "Fuck you, this is our industry and we're not going anywhere, you pathetic shits" to the biggest names bitching about their culture?

I wish we could find a fucking way for the west
Then again, every failed narrative game just hammers the point home that much more

No, I want otaku to let these pathetic retards know they're the driving force of one of Japan's economic pillars and there isn't shit they can do about it.

They want idealized tits and ass in the games, TV and porn they pay for? They get it or they'll make you regret trying to force this kind of bullshit on them when you wind up penniless for nothing.

That faggot send his complaint to the wrong country, billy this nerd

Sh-shut up, belgium is basically just an ugly france anyway !
Also I'm searching and it appears there is no one to complain to for that shit, fuck's sake

Yeah, that will go over well.

So now we've gone from "the logs are fake" to "the logs aren't associated with CON?"

There are few "insults" as pathetic as virgin. It says a lot about any idiot that uses it unironically.


Je pense que sans porter plainte tu ne puisses pas faire grand chose, la presse n'est pas soumise au CSA.

bordel… on est pas du tout mal barré… bon bah au moins je me suis plaint auprès du site, du journaliste sur twitter, et de la belgique…

Also, interesting shit that is actually on-topic after what CON gave as advice
I know not everyone's a fan of maddox, but regarding "should rape victims go to the police or is it useless", 95% of voters went with "go to the police"
Also latest one is about trigger warnings, interesting too

Are there really people who unironically bought that game?

I'd much rather be a virgin than stick my dick in the things they do.

This is my take on it, honestly. I look at it this way: As a teenager, calling someone a virgin is a powerful insult because of two reasons. A, the odds of the person you're calling actually being a virgin is actually pretty high. B, being a virgin as a teenager is very embarrassing, as every teenaged boy want desperately to lose it.

However, calling a person a teenager as an adult is stupid. Assuming you're arguing with other adults, which most adults do, the odds of the person you're calling a virgin actually being a virgin are astronomically low. For these reasons most adults stop using it as an insult. Calling a married man a virgin isn't insulting. It's laughable. As an insult it falls through.

For these reasons only two types of people use it as an insult.

Teenagers, or, adults that never matured past the age of 17.

So this whale can't afford to live in SF? So she moved to the next best liberal shithole?

They said that people who have not been targeted should not go to the police just because they're worried they might be. In other words they made a huge section telling people not to file a false police report.

Change that to 14 and it's far more accurate.

To spite sexists or whatever, yeah.

The thought of living within 50 miles of her makes me ill.


Even twelve year olds have a little more sense when it comes to insulting people. At least they rely on physical deformities or personality flaws.
It's the early teens when the virgin insult starts showing up.

ok, about that, and i hope another user can clear it even better as i do now.

so, the reason why (((they))) do not woant people who got harrassed go to the police is simple. The Police takes every threat, no matter from where, very srsly. They also say something like "do not go there" "don't make anything public" and so on. Actually, the police tells the victim everything that is actually the opposite of what these CON-artist want. CON need this for mor ePR, publicity, to make money of this. To get another news headline and to keep doing what they did within the chat. Shitposting about porn and amazon and how they hate trans and who they dox nest within gg. They use victims as shield. So,if the victim would now go to the police, the police would say "try to stay quite, log off, do not give any more to the doxer" or something liek that.


let me guess, and CON is actually telling them, when they were target and when not. I guess 100% of every case they had top kek the only targets where zoe, zoe and zoe.

Gookanon was in the "CON-Leak Addendum" thread last night.
He freaked out over a two-people-posting-the-same-image-at-the-same-time coincidence, and used a particular reaction image that always gives his identity away to this thread's "detectives".

So DOAX3 is getting VR, I wonder what our Neogaf friends think


Yep, don't know what I expected.

I wish they would get it over with and just make a porn game already, they have the technology.


No they are telling them that when they're just going the "goofy goomblers are going to get me" when jack shit has been done to them not to go to the police. Its like you're so blinded by your justified dislike of these people that you've entirely forgotten what SJWs consider "harassment" to be.

The more I scroll, the worse it gets


Too slow Devi




It's all about touchy-feely crap rather than the sensible reality of the situation.
Because remember, fake characters are more important the real people. Some fucking how.

Wow, look at all that projection





Wasn't that one close to 4000 at the peak, not counting the one time donation?


It's true, but these retards believe it for the wrong reasons.

I'm pretty sure the "another trans woman" bit is Katherine Cross trying to express trans-sisterhood, considering that >she is pretty fucking obviously trans >herself.

is this live footage from the con chat?

It's literally a visual representation of the chat log.

Better not destroy those ISIS guys, they're useful.

t. Israeli think tank


here is a matching soundtrack.


Katherine Cross think he is trans but he should find another way to express his mental problems. He just doesn't pass.

Well, Turkey has found sense in these arguments and is helping ISIS by killing against the Kurds who were fighting against them.

Seriously, Turkey is on its way to manufacture another world war unless we throw them out of the NATO right now.

Current wallpaper.

Nuclear Negro found out about Scooby Wu's paid patches, next video is gonna be fun.


Just remind them you have every right to make draw your own cute OC people like then immediately begin drawing nonconsensual, but pleasurable porn with monsters of.

The instant they start bitching and screaming claiming you have no right to do that to sexualize your own characters, they make it way too easy to crush them.

hmmm….. im gonna rework that


Please do, I'll use your rework.

He's probably gonna cover both in the next video

That is easy to explain. Gamers learn to cooperate and utilize each others strengths in order to succeed, A trait from continually playing games. These assholes are just in it for themselves, hence the backstabbing.

Doubling down, ignoring reality or simply blaming gamergate for their abysmal behavior.

In other words, he filled out his tax returns but didn't actually pay the tax.

The want to culturally appropriate the tech industry.

The IRS will not care unless there is a risk that they will not get ANY money. Then they freeze bank accounts, that sort of thing to make sure they get what they want.

To be fair, Nuclear Negro's last video came out only hours before the leaks.

In a way I agree with this.

ISIS as is is decentralized and spread out all over, making them hard to target and giving them almost nothing to lose. We drop a million dollar smart bomb and blow up a couple camelfuckers in the desert.

But if you let them win on their terms, then they get their little caliphate. Suddenly now they're a government of a nation. Now they have a capital, they have headquarters, they have an army and an economy to maintain. They have trade relations and allies/enemies. They have things to lose. Which puts us in a much stronger position to influence them.

People tend to forget that, historically, most nations were founded on the same kind of brutal barbarian warfare as ISIS is known for. They're not an outlier - the rest of the world's reaction to it is. Sooner or later they have to turn their victory into a country, and once they do, they have to start playing by the rules. Been that way since time immemorial.



On an unrelated note, shills are already using the CON logs to try and drum up "ethics vs SJWs" shit on GGHQ again.

Keep your wits about you anons.

It is the same way that burgers and fries existed before gamergate. They probably just didn't have a name for their clique at that stage. Although I could be wrong

Not only does it exist, but she's once again caught in a lie.

You agree because you're a useful fool who's fine with the Yinon plan.

Don't these faggots literally have anything else better to do than try to

There is some truth in this. Isis is just a manifestation of a power vacuum so big that any extremist organisation can take it. You do not want to destroy Isis in a military way, you want to destroy their ability to exist. By making Iraqi government care more about their northern brethenen (or split up the country, either way, get the US out of there and let them fix it themselves). And Syria has to stop being a failed state somehow as well.

Turkey is pretty much the biggest asshole in the conflict. Although they aren't fully in favor of Isis anymore as much as they were at the start, they are still using the war both to try and get rid of their longtime enemy, the kurds, and possibly even more so to force europe into accepting them in the european union without them having to become a less evil regime. Fuck turkey all the way. I wish Russia could have escalated with them without it dragging in the rest of the world. We should embargo the fuck out of the turks and never accept them into europe. Doesn't matter that means they will have the floodgates to europe open, they already are barely closed and if it doesn't give them power over europe anyway, they probably will close it much better than they are right now.

oldie but goodie.

Didn't the logs prove that they were trying to push the 'ethics' only thing as a means of distraction and disruption? The fact that they tried to push it after the logs doesn't really show much insight on their part.

US(through Turkey) and Israel prop up ISIS who is the reason that Syria is a failed state. You should really read the paper, its saying directly that they don't want ISIS ended period as it ties up Iranian and Syrian resources.

I'm gonna regret starting this discussion, but I watched Jim's final message to Gamergate and I don't fucking understand it at all. Never before has this man sounded so incomprehensible.

Who were these elements that have become as bad as the bullshit we're opposing? Have they not been rejected? Is GG not still a rampant boogeyman that has social media and all their disingenuous connections shitting themselves out of paranoia with projections and generalizations about political shit?


Salt, salt and more salt.

Everyone's an adult. Youngest are in college and one is a MILF with an adult daughter. Couldn't make it more obvious that he didn't even bother reading about the game.

scab seems about right.

Talking out of his asshole

This was my take on it.

Things like this are why I cap myself so much.

Even though Iranians don't massacre everyone who doesn't follow their religion.

After a stream where Jim fingered Jade, people gave him shit. He got pissed. Also he called people retards, and someone got mad at him for that. Like one guy on twitter. So jim's like "you guys have become the SJWS now!"

Given that there is no organization, it's kind of hard to reject anyone. Everybody still fights with everyone. Look at the Con leaks. We on Holla Forums saw

Another faction saw

Very much so.

Unrelated, but I keep seeing undertale content from nip artists.
Was it translated to jap?

Oh, I am not agreeing with the reason they want it, just that you can't possible kill Isis and not kill why they existed. Isis required a semi failed Iraq as well. Isis leadership comes from the previous leaders of Iraq under sadam. Not a good idea to kick all the previously extremely powerfull out and hope it goes away.

Of course the powers that be want it. The US could have solved it long before if it wasn't what they wanted. They only need to make their puppet government in Iraq which only cares about one group of people care about both the biggest groups of people and Isis as an international threat is over. It would just be another group in Syria, which basically means fuck at all.
The fuckers that are Israel and Turkey obviously don't want it to stop. They both hate Syria as well as Iran, and not just one leadership but the whole country as a whole, they don't want a new leader, they want it to crumble. The US probably has a 50% wanting it, from getting money from other middle eastern countries, to fucking over Russia, to helping our greatest (((ally))) and maybe even more so, intelligence sharing with other countries. Notice how Isis became such a big threat after the NSA got bad spotlight. Forcing everyone to have an NSA like group means the US can point the finger back, as well as just keep tabs on them instead of a whole country to know everything. The turks must absolutely love that they can shit all over the kurds now however. All of them are sons of a bitch, not to say assad was a good guy in any way, shape or form, but the syrian people certainly aren't better of and likely in even less control of their own destiny now.


the only true form comes from the autism of user.
hell, watch my dubs, nigger

As world leaders go Assad isn't that bad, particularly for the middle east.


you did it!

What the fuck. I know he's human and he was drunk, but come the fuck on.

That is nonsense. Has he never once even lurked GG threads just casually while browsing Holla Forums this year?

answer is yes

He's probably asshurt that people call him a faggot.


Assad was pretty horrible, particularly in his own country. He is one of the old style dictators. That said, I don't know if I prefer the old, in your face dictators or the new more hidden ones. Assad had a great control over the internet (which in our current day and age pretty much means information). Assad had people killed for criticizing him. Assad was a faggot of a leader who got where is he is by killing all opposition. He is probably not worse than what Syria might get next, but he was not a good person, not even compared to most others in the middle east (although they are almost all shit there).

Either way, more important topics.

Dem trips doe.


see, true autism.

Like all of them.
Like all of them.
China, Russia.
Blatantly false as people had religious protections there which is uncommon for the middle east.

Hillary doesn't like the competition, it seems. The only difference is the perceived democracy in the US.

Another oldie but goodie. Sorry, I'm sorting through my downloads folder and deleting a lot of it. The thread is slow right now anyway.

God dammit ReaAnon, you just cost us the GOOD Willy Wonka.


Last I heard he stopped going to Holla Forums, and just goes to 4chan now.

No wonder he complains he's surrounded by cucks all the time. kek.

What's this supposed to be about ? Even from halfchan this reads like a falseflag

That has to have been some third-party troll acting stupid for a laugh.


this I think

They're gonna make him a nigger aren't they

a white nigger

Well it's not like it could get much worse than having Ben "muh Islamophobia" Affleck as Bats.

Can't. Not a villain.


That's odd. You'd think they'd want to play up the new Joker. Was Jared Leto really that poorly received?

Speaking of that has that board in the top bar for anyone else lately?
What's Jims angle?

I have here a sample of the film script.


If he said anything in defense of forcibly covering up women or killing gays, that faggot is dead to me.

Ildris Elba is my bet.

Don't forget to never click on someone's youtube link until they tell you what it's about and why it pertains to the topic at hand

Gene Wilder is dead

He was bitching at Maher for islamophobia even though Maher is an atheist who talks shit about all religions.

thats some digital trans - gender shit right here.

The Webm is in a body of a jewtube video. I aint clicking that shit, nigger.,



he keeps pigs I guess I never seen them in a zoo before though


Gas the normalfags, meme magic now.





I'm still halfway surprised that Hillary hasn't came out as bisexual for progressive points.

I'm fine with Garrison using Pepe after he worked with Hotwheels and did Q&A on Holla Forums.

All I can imagine from the tumbnail is his voice screaming


I didn't mean to say that I'm not okay with him using Pepe. It was more of an exclamation that Lord Kek's influence continues to grow.

If only Lovecraft could have fathomed that his ideas of amphibian overlords were not the product of chance…

I don't see why he has to put names next to everyone.
It makes sense when they're anthropomorphic personifications of the government and merchants and shit but not when they're pictures of actual people.

Don't be, she has nothing but contempt for gays and such.

Actually, she has nothing but contempt for pretty much everybody, now that I think of it.

Fucking retard.

Nah, she's actually bi, email leaks showed it. She just shittalked gays so much because it was the popular political opinion at the time.

Pepe has been a normalfag meme for over 2 years at this point



Notice that he didn't for Putin. There's tons of people who don't know who Milo or Farage is, one for Alex Jones probably wasn't needed though.

we knew it was coming with the recent corpse flower but I was really hoping for Soros.

Weren't the Gawker interns the ones that fucked it up?

How fucking old is Soros, anyway?

Baking bread, releasing at 700.
Unless I missed someone else making it.


Haven't heard of that. It's been posted to Facebook for a long while now by normalfags

The secret archives of the Vatican indicates that the vampiric fiend known as Soros originally was born in the deepest regions of the Carpathian Mountains around the time of 1254.

Fucking amateur. You waste their precious energy

I can't think of a title for the bread, help

Thousands, Soros is the protojew.

Party's Over edition? Since anniversary's now over?


What? Explain please.

Before the "rare pepe" thing happened there was someone claiming to be a gawker skill/intern who posted on one of the GG boards. They said their group really liked the green frog (and I think gave it a weird name.) It was shortly after that when pepe broke mainstream.

Why is Chris Kluwe perpetuating a system of privilege? #GiveAwayYourMoney

Can somebody put FRI infront of that?

have the bread I guess

"Morning Routine" Edition

shut up