Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

Anyone playing this?

It's pretty fun .

Kinda repetitive but addictive, reminds me a bit of EDF.

What do you guys think?


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BTW the PC version has a lot of issues with gamepads and the keyboard controls are shit.

Use XInput Plus with the DInput mode enabled to work around any problems you find (usually wrong button mappings, no deadzones, triggers that don't work, etc).

I saw a gif on imgur where the trees popped in when you were only literally on top of them

Shit game

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The smaller trees disappear when you're locked to a titan or are too close and they don't collide with your cables. They reappear when you disable the lock or get a bit farther away, it's actually a transparency effect but the alpha is so low it looks like they pop out of existence. Not a big issue really, the real pain in the ass for me was getting my gamepad working.

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This one is pretty cool.

It looks almost real.

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I want to try it,is it good?

The physics look like garbage.

That indie game did it 20 times better


It's alright.
Let me put it into perspective, Koei i currently making two games that fit the musou mindset.

One is Berserk, and it's shaping up to be literally Dynasty Warriors with Berserk characters, with no real change, yet another run of the mill koei musou with a fresh coat of paint.

The other is a game based on AoT that has you swing around and kill titans over and over.

They're both ripetitive, but one is at least something Koei hasn't done before, while the other is yet another Koei musou.

What's better?
What should be encouraged?
I leave it up to you.
You can also choose to straight up not play video games and shitpost randomly like the rest of the thread if you want.

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The holes aren't as gaping, nor is putrid put liquid spewing. She also looks content.

6/10 for trying.

I'm pretty tired of the Kekmo musou formula, the combat in AoT is by necessity completely different from a musou game and I like that a lot. I hesitate to even call this a musou, it's kind of a weird mix, if it didn't have the Dynasty Warriors style map and the Kekmo logo I wouldn't have made the connection to the musou genre I think.

It's alright
Would've been better if you could make a jobber and customize them, or if the game had more interesting content earlier on

Fight x20 weak titans, kill semi not weak titan, rinse repeat

If the titans were actually aggressive this game would be fun, but they suck
Maybe someone will mod it to up how aggressive the titans are, till then it's a fun side show

The indie is better for actual swinging action


Would you?

That's why i said "musou mindset".
It's being made like a musou, and it has the UI similiar to a musou, but the gameplay isn't really a musou.

I hope that despite the non stop shitposting and "lel play the shitty fangame instead it's freeee" it sells decently so we get more koei games that are like this, instead of getting reskinned musou every fucking year, i'm so tired of koei musou games, holy fuck.

Yeah it's alright. Had no issues with my Ps4 controller either. Didn't even need any extra software, just connected it to Bluetooth and it worked. But yeah if you don't have a controller you shouldn't even bother with this game.

Haven't gotten far into the game yet though.Like I'm at the third mission.
I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and is it supposed to be this easy?

I mean that fucking AoT tribute Unity game was a lot harder.

Oh I also pirated it. Prolly going to get it once it's on sale though.

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Jusy finished the Titanfall 2 alpha.

The grappling gun plus rodeoing Titans made me seriously think of this series.

Also hella fun.

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Someone in the last bread wanted an alternate link for the Liru 2016 'get lucky' remix.

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OP even provided a magnet which I have no idea if its legit in good faith.

It really is eternal summer, isnt it?

Are you actually swinging around (like in the tribute game) or are you flying, with the ability to change direction mid-air without the lines/hooks?

More akin to flying, but you still need structures to grapple to

Think if the tribute game was fully automated

You're right man. The OP isn't even that bad, the rest of the thread is garbage, tho.

Played it for a little bit, got to the castle. It's a pretty solid game, plays a bit like a dynasty warrior game but holy shit this port.
If you don't have a controller prepare for pain. It's like the port of dark souls had a baby with the port of dmc4 jesus christ.

It's a lot easier than the tribute game. Actually it's fucking baby mode compared to the tribute game. You don't have to aim your hooks to whatever structures, it auto locks on to the important body parts, you carry extra gas canisters as well as blades so you only have to resupply once if at all each mission, the titans barely ever attack and when they do you take damage instead of dying in one hit, you get a slowmo dodge chance if you're dying and they swing at you, you have a pile of npc buddies that you can direct to attack at things (and apparently change targets but holy shit fuck even trying that with these controls), and if you do get captured you can just mash i to break free infinite times.

In the tribute game titans actually felt like they had some kind of threat to them but in this even the abnormals are a piece of cake because they're basically no different to the regular ones. Hell, the biggest threat are the walls because of how hard it is to navigate around them.

Looking at it the swinging, style and movement look like tons of fun but I think I'll wait a bit on it while the control issues are done for.
Besides controls is it well optimized or horribly so?

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So, It crashes?

I don't know what that means.




So close to the reveal of what is in the basement and I expect to be disappointed. Will we finally get an all out humans vs titans war?

It runs perfect for me but I'm on a 970, my processor is really old and shitty though so at least I can say it's not CPU bound at all.

Also don't count on Kekmo to fix the controls, just use XInput Plus to fix whatever you run into.

I lost interest in the series when everything started turning into titans, I don't even care about that basement anymore, it's probably going to be something retarded. I still think that this should have been just about humanity working together and through sheer effort and ingenuity managing to win a seemingly hopeless war.

Man it's been a while

I could take Eren transforming into a Titan sporadicaly, but now it a fucking Deus Ex, its used multiple times and the plot revolves around it.
Theres no feeling of hopelessness or scale anymore.
Its retards will defend it because brand and assets.

It is making my gtx780 run at 74C.

The perfect storm.

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It's a shonen, what did you expected? Main character had to get a bigger power level out of his ass.

It's fine as long as it stays under 90C.

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What a bizarre fucking cartoon.
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How many people do you think watch it just for the gore?

Game's fun but too fucking easy. I am playing on normal mode and I slaughter pretty much everything in one hit. Those that take multiple hits are simply a matter of mashing the boost button to gain momentum and slashing at their various body parts with a character that knows the special ability that allows them to deal more damage after each successive limb is wrest from the body (I forget the name of it, I think it's called Relentless), making sure you get all the limbs. Annie/Female Titan/Bizarre Titan are the only ones that give a decent challenge, and they're still easy as fuck. Navigation can be a pain in the ass because you can't really control your positioning on the Y axis in relation to the terrain, so you have to learn to anticipate when you're going to swing high and low in order to maneuver around obstacles. This is mostly a problem in the city levels; in the forest you can move around without worrying about obstacles too much because you're moving between the empty space between trees.


At least it's not as bad as TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

The deadzones are making the game unplayable, I tried Durazno and Xinput Plus but nothing worked, do anybody knows a fix ?

It doesn't have vsync, enable it on your gpu control panel.

Also, who are you quoting?

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Also, I did enable it on my GPU's drivers, it remedied the issue but not completely, sometimes the game tears here and there. It's not consistent.

Enable DInput.

You may also have to rebind a few buttons in the DInput customization, the triggers tend to give most problems because they're both tied to the Z axis in DInput. I had to set both to Z_axis with the half+ option for LT and half- for RT.

Forgot to say I'm talking about XInput Plus here, Durazno doesn't work because this game annoyingly uses the legacy DInput mode.

I've been here a long time that I should expect anything, but I would of never expected this

AoT should be a fucking seinen, if it wanted to be a shounen it shouldn't have taken itself so seriously.

I first thought Eren's death was the series pulling a bait and switch and going seinen. That would have been the perfect way to shit on shounen.

Man what a disappointment.


The whole problem with AoT is that it didn't really know what to do with itself. It tries to blend elements from a shounen and seinen, and fails miserably. It is neither a good shounen nor a good seinen.

It is too dark to have the light hearted charm of a shounen, it's idealistic theme of "fight for humanity" is actually in conflict with what is happening in the show, the forces of humanity seem fucking incompetent, and everything is holding the show from being fun.

On the other hand it's story ignores logic too much for a seinen, it's characters are too archetypical and simple for a seinen, and the drama and violence are too shallow for a seinen.


>We learn more about the other characters and the society they live in until they inevitably die/get destroyed while shes still an autist
Gotta draw more filler and make OP characters and edgy shit for them normalfags and Tumblr though.
Think about the shounen money gaijin.

Shounen and seinen can be called genres to be honest, as they often have the same traits and similarities.

I agree, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Attack on Titan have a lot in common.

Well fuck spoilers, shit's old anyway.

That's why Eren staying dead would have been so perfect, he was the spirit to Armin's brains and Mikasa's strenght, without him the others would have to become more complex in order to continue fighting, they were now missing a huge piece that completed the typical trio of simple archetypes, and he also represented the typical shounen hero, killing him for good would have made for a great tone shift.

Also the series was still quite logical up to Eren's death.

i dropped this ages ago, what was the deal with Monkey Trouble giant?

Dunno, only watched the anime after I heard the manga was being extended due to jewbux.
Nice couple of first episodes and then it just shits itself.
Didnt watch anything else and dont plan to.

Should do the same to Berserk the way the manga is going

Thanks, it worked, now I need something to fix the crashes I get in the first Mikasa mission…

Search the Steam forums, I remember seeing several threads about crashes marked as solved while I was digging about the gamepad issues.

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So you CAN change direction mid-air, just like that?

You have basic air control like the jumping in most 3d games but you usually move too fast for it to make a difference without hooks or gas.

The hooks shoot automatically with the push of a single button and the gas to change direction is also automatic when your cables are attached so it's functionally the same as changing your direction in midair, it just doesn't look weird.

No you haven't.

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