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[Donna Burke Vocalizes Anniversarily]


i just want to die

Why does she have such a punchable face Holla Forums?




They look like men and that's hot.
Well, they are MEN, but you know what I mean.

Man, I sure could go for a blowjob right about now. I have a trap friend that looks like pic related, the IRL translation is NOT pretty.



Fucking faggot cut yourself to death.

Jesus fuck.


God I just wanna smash her horse mouth in with a baseball bat. I don't understand it, even ugly woman don't give me this urge of uncontrollable rage to just hit them.

Spoiler your autism kthx


I feel the same way, just not to that specific woman.
I want to beat the fucking emo shit out of goth boys.


fapping to trannies is for closeted biscum.

It's so weird that dude looks like my little cousin. Im sure it'd freak her out.


Have you guys gotten over your disappointment of MGSV yet?


I just want her laying in bed with me, head resting on my chest, her hand running softly up and down my stomach, her feeling completely safe in my muscle bound arms and being completely in love with me.

I dont even think of her in a sexual way, she is too good for that.
I just want her with me, forever but i know it will never happen


Come over here and suck my cock fam

You can cuddle with me user c:

Someone post the cosplaying gook's mouth.

God that fucking mouth, I just wanna rip and ear it apart.

Not even photoshop can make this bitch not punchable



Why is her in game character's face so much uglier than her real face?

The story is disappointing but the gameplay is absolutely top-notch.

He looks a lot more feminine now, I don't know what shit trannies take but it seems to be working, he's got a way bigger ass to.

So dubs?


Lightning sue had a camshow a couple of days ago and it was the saddest thing i've ever seen.
It had a sign "at 1000 tokens i cum".
He reached 1000 tokens in a couple of minutes, so he undressed, put on some lube, and jacked off until he came.

He was so uninterested in what he was doing he was checking his phone with his free hand.
Imagine being so bored with sex and masturbation that you jack off to a paying public of customers and can't even muster the interest in what you're doing to avoid checking your fucking phone while you're jacking off.

It's one of the saddest things i can think of.

Impressive, very nice.

Of course, with the increasing number of trannies, it's pretty unsurprising that he would stop getting all the attention.

ESPECIALLY when they'd do much more exciting stuff.


Thats not sad, it means that he will soon kill himself live. Kill all the gays.

HRT can make cumming feel like nothing, so I'm not surprised Sue was bored.

That's what happens when you bastardize sex by making a job out of it.

Him and Natalie are pretty much devoid of any interest in sex at this point.
Natalie has become a gigantic shill for himself constantly posting his self produced vids and so on.

Mostly i'm sad for Robin, he lives with them now and he's gonna become pretty much corrupted and devoid of any soul as time goes on.
He's always been a regular both in halfchan and here, now he posts on /cuteboys/ a lot and he seems to be a pretty cool guy all around, good sense of humor too.

Robin was better without showing face.

I keep hearing this. So all those trannies wanna do is get fucked in the ass and watch their penis flap around?

I like his face alright.
He's just not really a trap but basically a twinky gay guy with a good body.
He knows that's the truth and that's why he's the most level headed.

Can you faggots derail a thread only when they kill themselves?

That is homosexuality in a nutshell.

Actually i'm not sure HRT robs you of the pleasure of cumming, rather it makes it really difficult to get an erection.
I think they cum just fine, especially from prostate stimulation (thus why they get fucked).

In Natalie and Sue case it's just that they've had a metric fuckton of sex so it has become meaningless for them.


No I'm not

>will never hold hands on a walk

Why live?

To suffer and make others feel the same.

I know which post I'm fapping to tonight.

Fuck off queerlover.
Fucker got what he deserved. I hope he goes the way of most trannies and offs himself.

A man with common sense. Finally.

No, they want to be the other gender. It's just the way they do it makes sex near-pointless.

Gay people can get hard and cum.

t. Your dads bit'o'ass on the side.

Does a bit'o'both.

You are now. ;^)

end my fucking existence


I thought this was a dubs thread

Boys must look really strange where you come from. Maybe you should watch less animu.



that's your sexual urges faggot, you want to fuck her like the whore that she is, you want to fill her mouth with your delicious cum, you want to put your cock in her tight pussy and fuck her like you would fuck a little girl that was never fucked before

don't talk about her like that
she's pure

we can share, you can fuck her in her pure ass

why is life so cruel

she does have a nice ass

not really, but she has an extreme fuckable face, I would fuck her in her mouth all day.


just look at those lips
she must suck like a champion

He's probably sociable and likeable as a person whereas you're a weirdo autist who nobody wants to be around

As someone who had a streak of getting laid regularly and with a high partner count, I can tell you with the utmost certainty, I was most successful by being a piece of shit wearing human skin.

Women are very, very bad measuring sticks when it comes to "Quality of mate".

What a women finds "Likable" most sane people (ie. men) would find to be absolutely phony and untrustworthy.

In fact, the bigger piece of shit you are, the more women love you, because they like "projects"

t. Ye olde degenerate.

The tranny community?


I wish i had a qt gf like Stephanie-chan.

she came here?

I would wife her

Me too, i would totally impregnate her in a rose flower covered white sheets and start a family with her and our children.


after I fucked her in every imaginable way.


4kids in full effect

storytime on how you and your mom started fucking?


Nigga, can you read? He said he's still a virgin.

asking here since scurv is ded as fug

anyone got a torrent of mgsv?

You're still a virgin if it's anything other than penetration
I see your point though

igg games

i am thank



Why do they look like men?
Still not gay.



Sex isn`t the holy grail you think it is faggot, any idiot who isn`t a full sperlord can get some pussy

Buy a prostitute, it's that simple. Most girls simply don't want to be used as a cumdumpster. That's most. Some do, although they're typically basket cases with some serious fucked up problems in their lives and are not worth the time.

Buy a prostitute. As long as it's purely business, no emotional attachment, you'll quickly see that sex is garbage and you may as well stick to masturbation. sex with someone you care for is different, but good luck actually getting your mother to fuck you, you sick fuck

I got it on launch and I still haven't completed it. There's so much fucking filler that I play it for maybe 10 hours every month than take a huge break. Great game, but they padded it to fuck.
Stephanie is a cute though.

Natalie is cute enough, but just seeing his dick makes me go flaccid. It's got a flat head like he ran his boner into a brick wall. Makes it very difficult to be a faggot.

Are those boobs glued on?



Reminder that MGS V is still the best MGS in terms of gameplay. All the disappointment comes from hype and expectations for the movie Kojima wanted to make but didn't.

Was. It seems Natalie is fucking niggers now. I like my faggots like I like my marshmallows; only white and soft to the touch.

Now Natalie is now officially tainted beyond repair and unfappable. Nothing kills my boner more than black men.

I thought blacks hated queers more than anyone else.

Nah, you're thinking dads.

Most blacks hate faggots as it is, but even so there's still a community black faggots/tranny/crossdresser lovers too.

Either that, or he didn't know.

I was fooled before he revealed his face.


Does /joosten/ still exist?

I've been having fun playing it from scratch with some much needed mods to get rid of some bullshit. Been running around as a Diamond Dog getting into autistic adventures.

This fun won't last


man i didn't even notice all those years gone by. i remember it like it was yesterday

i know she looks ugly, but why hit here?

i dont remember mexicans being a thing in 0000

Ever thought there might be something more to life Holla Forums?
Ever questioned why we just sit here with the video games and shitposts? Ever went outside the box? Ever wondered what it's like to be normal? Do you remember a day where you weren't just sitting on your computer, hand on the dick, anime intros loudly playing and a video game made 20 years ago on the screen?

A year since the suffering began.

Forgot to mention it was great game even for what little of it there was. I actually like the story quite a lot, but it's glaring how incomplete it was.

Thank god i'm not as pathetic as you, videogames are fine though.

He left his fiance to become a gay prostitute. He's already corrupted. Mental illness, drug use, STD's, domestic violence, suicide etc basically everything bad is WAY higher for gays, lesbians, trannies and other degenerates.

I still fap to him though, or his old stuff. I'm not into the man stuff and apparently he ain't gonna do the trap stuff anymore unfortunately.

Being a tranny is a combination of porn addiction and self hatred. This fucker probably jerked off to absolutely everything, plus the hormones stuff, no wonder he's bored of it. Yeah, suicide soon probably.

I just wanted MGSV to be fun. I don't think I know what fun is anymore.

I got to 88% and just stopped caring about the actual game. I just grind FOBs for new gun colors I don't use and fuel to upgrade my final set of platforms once a week. I don't know why I bother since I never use gear higher thsn level 5 anyway.

I guess I juat can't accept that vidya is dead yet. Man that's kind of horrifying.

Also I'd fuck Natalie over Joosten. But Joosten is still pretty cute.



Sure tell that to Kojima



He looks like an spic youtuber


There's mods?


This is going to be the first MGS re-release with nothing new at all.

It doesn't even have a neat subtitle…


Thanks for reminding me that she did a new hardcore JAV. JUDF-620



That looks like egoraptor.

Gross. I'm so glad I never became a trap, you become nothing more than a sex toy. Nothing more than a tool used by a bunch of perverted freaks to get off. Dodged that bullet.

No emotional substance, pleasure diminishing, a pitiful evanescence.


I want to be a cute girl but I don't want to mutilate my body, take hormone injections, or even tangentially be part of any "LGBT" community.

what do?

What does 4kids have to do with this?

Become a qt trap and be my girlfriend

Fuck yourself with a dildo while you self-insert into crossdressing doujinshi.

create a portal

no no, not for sexual reasons

for extremely deep-seated emotional and/or psychological reasons that I don't fully understand

I'll beat the fucking shit out of you is what I'll do.

Get therapy, I felt the same way. Feels better and more secure now, man.

Then take this user up on his offer.

Because you got dubs, 4kids was a horrible anime duber that "Americanized" a bunch of stuff and toned down stuff like sex and violence to absurd degrees More the sex.

Did any platform manage to get the nuclear disarmament ending?

give me a reason to live Holla Forums

My fav 4kids moment is an ep of ojamajo doremi, it was about one of the girls getting kidnapped, at gunpoint no less, and 4kids turned it into her uncle taking her to the zoo but they got lost. I still laugh.

Are you me?

i don't even understand why you would change a rice ball

well a regular sandwich is a fat piece of meat from a burger

no he's a degenerate

Look at me
I'm the Snake now





It's Silent Hills

Best I got is this.


all i got


I want to fuck them in the anus

body is not bad at all though
just the horse mouth that's annoying

My boy


Does she do porn?

if she did I'm hoping she stayed in costume.

Okay, this thread was not what I ducking thought it was going to be.

PS4 is 4 years old
SF3 3rd strike came out in 1999

I just realized that Elder Scrolls is ten years old.