Hey guys I fixed the 3ds

If only such a world existed.


Congratulations, you managed to come up with the same thing everyone has been saying about Nintendo in general for the last 9 years.


Make the screen 360p or 540p like the vita
Jesus fuck, if Nintendo made something like the vita then that would be great.

It would probably look like the game boy micro though, which is fine.

Nigga, just go play your GBA

To be fair, they are playing to their strengths as a toy company on the console side since consoles don't matter, too bad their execution of their shit ideas is shit.

I agree.

nigga that sounds exactly just like a vita but with nintendo software. Also, isn't all this just what that nx is supposed to be but huge as a tablet?

You never played Senran Kagura with the 3D on, apparently.

Taking fun and content away does not "fix" anything dipshit, just go play your vita and be done with it.

But the vita has a high price and also the retarded glossy plastic
Plus it's owned by $ony and it isn't a clamshell design

Neither is the 2DS.


I don't own a 3ds, but I'd tolerate the non-clamshell due to the low price and non-nigger company behind it

Piracy is about to explode, tho.

I have, and it makes the frame-rate go to shit.

I'm not going to deny that shit like stereoscopic 3D is a shit gimmick. However you just want everything to be the same. Ever since the Wii came out, people won't stop complaining about gimmicks. The Wii-mote is fine for games that are actually designed around it; the problem is forcing games to work on it. The 3DS's launch wasn't that long ago and people forgotten all the doomsday predictions and more so with the NDS vs PSP. Even now people wouldn't admit that the PS Vita's failures are its own fault or more specifically because Sony only means of supporting it are shilling and viral marketing. Sony had placed a lot of gimmicks in the PS Vita then it released the PS Vita TV. There were a lot of armchair analysts that said that Nintendo should have bundled the Wii U gamepad (tablet) separately from the Wii U. However if they did that, noone is going to support it. Look at the PS Move; better than the Wii-mote in almost every way but noone supported it. If they listen to everything these faggots said, we would get mostly shitty unoptimized AAA multiplats that plays like every other game in the genre.

The hardware is different, the software is different.
I'm not saying I don't like innovation or invention, but whatever gimmick they're adding has to be more than just "a gimmick". It has to be a feature, for example now with handhelds we have Wireless internet, pedometers, gyroscopes, 3D capability (I mean like 3D games, not the gimmick), proper backlighting, Bar code scanning, stereo and surround sound, hi-def lcd screens, smaller cartridges, sd card support, etc. these are all "new" things that differ from the gba (or the gameboy may have had them but they weren't fully implemented or required peripherals). These things aren't gimmicks but actual features, and you take them so much for granted that you didn't even notice that they were "different".


are you like 8, OP?

No, but they're really useful to keep around. You just pop some batteries in and you don't have to worry about recharging shit.

Fucking why?

When has this ever been proven?
Using the second display on the 3ds is annoying as fuck, I mean, come on, just fucking give me one of the 6 unused buttons to do whatever is on the screen.
For example, in Planet robobot there is literally NO REASON to have a second screen, but they have one anyways and I always have to tap it to get my hp boost.

user, you're fucking stupid, you want the 3DS to have only 1 hour of charge or do you want to carry a dozen batteries Game Gear style?

Kill yourself, you're clearly too stupid to post here.


Touch controls without needing to cover what you are looking at
Hud elements can be moved there to remove clutter from the game screen without needing to fade the hud
Mini/Full map that isn't occupying screen space.
Touchlook for games in first/thirdperson
Two screens > one screen
I'd fucking kill to have second screen support for games for huds and shit.

Three screens would probably be unwieldy for a handheld.
Could work for a home console where two people operate sort of a different role than the other four players, a 3 on 3 game where two players are the 'captains' of their team.

You just have to worry about buying a fucking ton of batteries.


and having a handheld that weighs a couple of pounds

The retarded thing is that OP could get one of those powerbank things you can get for like 5 bucks and a 3ds usb charging cable.

Why not just have one higher resolution screen, so all of your HUD elements are in one simple area?
If you're going to have 2 screens anyways why aren't they next to each other instead of on top of each other, human FOV extends wider than it is tall.

Hey, I told you to kill yourself.

Nigga when the fuck do you need to be CONSTANTLY looking at your hud.
Like ever?

I bet you drive gasoline cars.

That's what i meant by "modular batteries", you could wire some batteries up in parallel
Also here's something that I forgot to add to the list
If I'm on my balcony at 12 am, I should be able to see my screen and not have it be a dark mess.

Whatever, I just meant batteries you can swap out, I don't care if they're AAA or lithium ion

Hey, kill yourself



no u

that's a legitimate argument though, if you have one screen with a higher resolution you technically have more screen space, it's just denser. I don't want ducking unsightly lines everywhere when navigating my game.

Those already exist, just buy a backup battery if you want it so bad, or do what literally everyone with half a brain does
Get a fucking USB Charging cable for your 3ds so you can plug it into literally anything INCLUDING A FIVE DOLLAR POWERBANK THAT WILL FULLY CHARGE YOUR 3DS LIKE TWO TIMES ON A FULL CHARGE. Instead of needing to carry $40 in AA/AAA batteries on you at any given time.
There's already better methods for this shit.

2/10 but got me to respond, would've taken seriously if you'd just requested a New 2DS as an economy model of N3DS and gone from there

nice auto correct faggot

I said modular batteries in the OP

It's a nonissue you fucking knob.

Did you even read the post you dumb nigger
>remove 3d
2/10 b8 but you got me to respond

None of this shit is an issue you mong, it's criticism

You do realize the f and d keys are literally right next to eachother, right?


Here is a thing that doesn't get addressed that much. The reason that Nintendo stuck to resistive touchscreens. Backwards compatibility.
But besides that there is a drawback with capacitive touchscreens, it is less accurate. Capacitive touchscreens are more precise but less accurate. It is still stupid because there is a technology that gives the best of both worlds but this is my point. I played Fahrenheit on Android and the QTE are unbearable due to my fingers covering most of the screen. Admittedly the dual screen design probably be phased out but it was just trying to be unique just for the sake of being unique.
I'm saying this because the circlejerk of modern game design doesn't pisses me off a little bit but pisses me off a lot. Whenever the right person makes a stupid conjecture like "the lives system in platformers should be phased out", "the tank controls were there to make the game scary", "games don't necessarily need to be fun" people repeat it like gospel without any of their own spin on it.


Ok, first of all playing on a 4K screen is fucking stupid, no reason to have a hugeass screen when 1080 is totally fine.
Having multiple screens of 1080 is better than a huge single screen in terms of flexibility and virtual screen resolutions. You treat each screen as it's own entity in which can be set up in multiple ways. Having an upside down "T" setup gives shorter travel time of the mouse cursor to other windows than having to drag across the larger 4K monitor. Text also shows better on 1080 vs 4K.
There are tons of reasons as to go with multiple regular sized screens than just one really big screen.

But we're talking about on a console, for games that will always use 4 screens at once.
If you're talking about multitasking on a computer, that's a whole different story because you can have each screen be one thing, but if you were talking about a handheld all 4 screens need to be on the game (which is the current setup of the 3ds)
If you're running just the game it's better to just have one higher resolution screen, if you're running multiple programs I can see why you'd want multiple screens.

Even in games, a separate screen can give tons of uses. Quick switching of items/weapons, having stats show to declutter the camera view, interactive parts show on the secondary while still aware of your surroundings, I could go on and on about how this shit would be so much fun.
It's not good to just have everything litter one screen- having one for the view and another for mechanics and tech stuff works much better- as each can be optimized to do what they are designed in the game to do.
Plus it's much cooler if games have an absence of a HUD and just show the visuals of the game.

In an ideal world it would be great, But they never utilize the second screen correctly as I said
Look at this video, they could put a little Kirby symbol and a seven and a counter for stars and a little icon for hp boosts in the bottom left corner of the original screen and it would barely take up any more room. Plus, you're wasting processing power and charge by having this unnecessary second screen always be on.
You literally need 2 tiny counters and an icon, and now you don't have to keep looking down to see how many lives you have left or how many stars you have.

If you can accept this evidence, let's just agree to disagree, okay?

Well yeah it would work that way too.
A better optimization if there is a power problem is to have games give players the option to have single screen mode, which would power off the touch screen or upper screen (player chooses) to save battery and have everything merge onto one screen. That way you could use one screen if you really wanted to or go for dual screens with the game intelligently sorted out on both screens.
My answer being

user the EO games would like to have a word, there's plenty of games that are enhanced by the presence of the second screen.

No. And from looking at the gameplay you could probably just have a minimap and then just enlarge the minimal to use whatever actions on it to reveal stuff, considering the guy is standing still 100% of the time he's messing around with the bottom screen. You don't even need a touchscreen for it, you could just use a cursor with the joystick thing on the 3ds

Nope, half of it is actually drawing it in, it'd be cumbersome as fuck to do it with the Joystick.

here's how we can fix the 3ds:
games that aren't monhun
games that aren't pokemon

it's a lot to ask for, but it would be great to see this happen.

The Vita is 900p isn't it?
And isn't the 3ds screen already around 360p, not counting the trickery in resolution for the 3d shit?

Either way, OP is 100% retard.

960x544. so 544p.

So you'd make it a stronger football gameboy advance?
I am ok with this


kill yourself, degenerate

why exactly is this degenerate?
The only reason I use 3d is so retarded relatives don't hover over me, spreading their inferior breath onto me

do not procreate

can you not perceive depth without a 3d slider
you must have had a really tough time with games before the 3ds came around

who is this girl on the left? the negress. I need more pics of her

not really, but the 3d is an immense improvement in video game enjoyment

or just buy a psp

I'd buy it OP.

The 3D is shit no matter the game.

I'm all for shit like vr (two-screens) 3d, but really the way 3d is implemented on the 3ds is a gimmick. Blurry, makes you a little sick after a bit of time playing, always gives you that cheap holographic card effect, plus fps drops

not really. i can make my eyes hurt after hours of playing on the o3ds, though. Its probably my eyes starting to look very slighty outside the effective stereoscopic zone.

we DO need better hardware


Might as well have just posted a picture of the gba. At least that doesn't use the same shit square shape.

Sounds swell OP!

-user from 2004

>implying they couldn't just add a "touchscreen" peripheral for those wanting backwards compatibility

*2006, I mean.

They need to remove the original 3DS from sale, by far the least comfortable gaming system I have ever used.

Should have bought a 2DS instead.

2DS is comfy as fuck on the hands though it's still uncomfortable for some games like Kid Icarus Uprising that have wonky control-schemes


"thing" is quite a generous name for that

The 3DS batteries are already modular, dipshit.


You know what really needs fixing? The position of the D-pad and making a handheld that is not designed exclusively around tiny Japanese manlet hands. I do agree about the glossy screen and the camera though, it's gimmick you use a few times when buy the device and never again.

This, the later iterations improved on it to where it is basically obsolete. For cheapness you can get a 2DS, for what they should have launched the 3DS as, the 3DS XL and the N3DS are there.

Why even bother to make it a clamshell at that size with no second screen? It would just be wasted space and look quite dumb.

You can't fix the DS as long as it is 200$ and less powerful than phones from 2007 that go for 10$


I know the damn system is a teenager now, but c'mon user

Yea, the 3ds sold terribly it needs to be more like the vita, then it will sell.

Bet you weren't even born before LiPo existed faggot

The truth is that a good handheld would basically be a phone. There is no true market for handhelds that isn't just holding IPs hostage.

A phone, with good buttons…



Is the NX going to replace the n3ds?

Nigga, there are some things that should be left in the past.



Nobody fucking knows anything about the NX

Or you could press y lol

3DS is 240p with 3D off

how to fix 3ds

3ds top screen is 400x240. technically 800x240 but you only "see" 400x240 since when it's in 2D mode pixels group up for 400x240 and when it's in 3d the image isn't any more detailed, it's just slightly different versions projected at each eye at 400x240 for the 3D effect

don't forget

dude fuck you I had forgotten about that cringe fest.


I like the 3D and the second screen in the games ive played.

This has never been a problem for me, but maybe that's because god punishes you for being the spawn of darkness while I earn sufficient good boy points.

Also you forgot one big detail. Make the handheld actually comfortable to hold.

Some of the stuff you remove is fine, by all means. But most of it is not.
Batteries especially.

Nice trips
I agree, the fucking releasing a new model 2 years later sucks ass