Why are game devs so lazy?

Why are game devs so lazy?

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But he's also a multi-billionaire, so

Are you retarded? If I had the money Notch had I would do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want. If he wanted to watch youtube and eat pizza who cares? He's on his own schedule now.

i mean billion but still

Pick a better example OP


The man has more money than the GDP of several African nations

Not even my poorfag ass can tolerate frozen pizzas. Good on him, I guess.


He's his own boss, what is he gonna do, fire himself?

You do not understand. To get a fresh pizza you must either call someone (a pain), or drive to the pizza place (a bother), or make it yourself (lol). Frozen pizzas can be grabbed from the freezer and shoved in the oven with one hand while still jerking off with the other.

I'm going to nominate myself as a example.
What the hell is he off to do? What do you mean, shitting on SJWs?

He probably heated them up first.

Notch is wasting his live siting on his ass drowning in selfpity and shitposting on the internet.
Like an user actually - except Notch actually used to work at one point in his life and he's also rich.

Jesus christ, Holla Forums, what the fuck are you doing? This man is a billionaire and he eats frozen pizzas. That's fucking pathetic. You're pathetic for defending him. With all the time he has, you'd think he'd learn to make his own damn food.


He's not shitting on anyone you delusional retard. He's just playing a game to get more people like to lick his fucking ass after showing how much of a useless fat fuck he is.

Don't they have online ordering where he lives?


I'm pretty sure he's lost control of his life.

What can I say, the man is frugal with his money and clearly intends to ride it out for the rest of his life instead of blowing $250 on a meme pie shipped express directly from Chicago.

After a while you realize gamedev can eat up any amount of effort and resources you throw at it.



It was probably very expensive frozen pizza.

Ah, he got the premium Digiorno's I see.

This nigga gets it

he has enough money to eat what he wants. he eats frozen pizza. what's the big deal? he has to eat filet mignon and caviar just because he has lots of money?

i don't think anyone is defending notch himself, but who cares what the fuck someone eats




Yeah, every time I buy expensive pizza I eat it without heating it first so I can feel like a max DQN.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::             ____       ∧_∧    ||....___ |      ( ´・ω・)   .|| └ヾ::::| |    ┌/:::::::  l     ||__/._/_|    | |:: |::::  | ┌━━ー┷┷┐

Because a programming oversight can make gameplay more interesting.
Combos in streetfighter
Tanks doing extra damage to survivors with a jockey on them because of the Jockey's damage vulnerability being applied to the survivor for attacks by infected
Wrench climbing in Ratchet and Clank
debug mode being left in accidentally in sonic one, and then deliberately being left in for Sonic 2 Sonic 3 (and knuckles) and the original release of sonic adventure.

If i had Notch's money i would probably be degenerate enough to hire an assistant and send him on a plane to the other side of the planet, buy a frozen pizza for me and bring it back so i can eat it, just because i can.

so you are saying he's a privileged white male?

do you think he got it from a local pizza farm? organic pizza trees

Frozen pizza is nasty enough for a Holla Forumsirgin to eat, much less someone as rich as him.

I like pizza, and yeah you'd think if he's rich he'd just order some.

Maybe he just does not want to tip the delivery guy.

But he's just a Holla Forumsirgin that got rich.

Notch is jewish, after all.

Pathetic is ranting about what someone else eats on an anonymous imageboard.

In his defense, he was an user at one point. He's the most realistic example of what happens to an user when he makes it big.

Hes not gonna live long at this rate.

Some people end up with ennui.

How big exactly?

well if i was million i'd still ate froze pizza too,

Frozen pizza is a step below chicken tendies on the autistic slop food chain. Next thing you know he'll be eating food pellets from a fucking feedbag.

Let me tell you how I know you've never been to /ck/.

Nice ASCII post.

I assume you have firsthand experience with this scenario.

Oh I go there all the time, but it's still pathetic.

Living alone is a wonderful thing.

if got millions of dollars by tomorrow somehow the only things that would change would be maybe getting a new rig , a better internet connection and not be worried this much about my future financialy-wise ; past those things my rule is if it ain't broke don't fix it

It's directly ripped from a another game.

He had a team.

If you ever came into a lot of money, it would not last for very long.

I have the same rule but I if I got millions AND my toaster broke I swear to god I would replace it with the most bomb-ass toaster money could buy.

And by toaster I mean kitchen appliance and not computer.


If I was as rich as Notch's fat Swedish faggot ass I'd probably do nothing but fuck around too.
Though I'd buy a yacht and do it on the ocean.

why are you so lazy user?

Might want to re-think that yacht thing you'll have a shit internet connection.

He ate two frozen pizzas? Hope it wasn't two of these otherwise he'd get 4 times his recommended daily calorie intake.

It's like you don't know how to be a rich, hedonistic, shitposting fuck.
Neither do I


He might be a billionaire, but he took a real cheap way to get to the top, which alienated everyone who he was close to. Excluding his massive following of 10-year-olds with mild autism, everyone at Mojang, on Holla Forums, and his ex-wife who now collects alimony hate him while everyone else just don't care. Judging by the state he is in, I would imagine he hates himself too.


The problem is when that becomes every day, user.

That is, ultimately, the goal of every modern man's life. Ask yourself why people work, manage their savings, maybe take some financial risks to build good portfolios or take the reliable path and build a good 401k? Why?

Because they want to RETIRE. Everyone. EVERYONE wants nothing more than to stop working and coast through the rest of their life on a big pile of money doing whatever the god damn fuck they want and not having to be part of the RAT race anymore.

To be NEET is the final form of human enlightenment. It is our dream.

Why do only idiots get the money? Idiots don't know how to use money in order to give humanity a better chance at a brighter future.
Idiots only hog the money for themselves doing nothing productive with it and they can't even enjoy it.

Why are rich people such a bunch of mental retards who can't realize the sheer power they have through money? You can control people, talented intelligent interesting people and through them you can create and shape this world.


As to answer your question, OP. It's because programming abstract indirect bullshit is insanely tiresome and annoying. It kills all your creative drive and all your desire for creating.
Imagine going outside on an adventure finding lost treasure, truffles, ancient artefacts, castle, sleeping in the tent at night, fighting bears with your bear hands. And now try to write all of that in a mathematical language, while sitting on your chair staring at a screen not all day, but 6 months to do something you could do in real life in just a few hours with much more depth than a fake video game could ever imagine to accomplish.

Wanting to retire and being there are totally different things. Humans are never satisfied forever with one mode of existence. I've been NEET now for 28 years, and it's time for me to stop.

Leaving NEET life is a decision you will always regret for as long as you live. No matter how stabilized your life becomes after the flux of change, no matter how "used to it" you get, you will always remember what it was like being NEET. You will always remember what it was like playing video games for 16 hours a day without even the farthest hint of anxiety over what you need to do the next day, and nothing will ever truly live up to it.

No you're just a narcissist.

You have nice a nice ascii pasta
and a lovely set of quads
I offer these dubs in your honor

You better try again. THIS IS HOW YOU GET DUBS:

being a NEET sucks, it's just another way to degenerate. No different than being in prison.

I'm sorry, how about this?

Ironically, freedom is prison. We need limitations in order to be satisfied fighting them.

I don't want to be a NEET again. The crippling depression that comes when you realize that everyone around you is changing as time goes by is a kind of hell I would not wish on anyone else.

Playing vidya all day sounds nice but in truth, you just get tired of playing all day after a month at most, and you just start to lie down in your bed soaked in sweat and dirt and just start to think of ways to do yourself in.

The only downside is that it's seasonally restricted.

You know, if you're rich and you don't keep living humbly and eating shit and whatnot, you probably won't be rich for long.

Roll in the dirt with the peasants or you'll become one.

That's retarded, user.

Protip: You have never even been adjacent to anything resembling poverty.

He's a billionaire. Even if he had "only" one billion, didn't invest his money and lived 100 more years he could spend 800k per month and still die a millionaire. It isn't because he's trying to save money, he just doesn't care for fancy food.

He spent like more money than anyone's ever spent on some retarded party and outbid some rapper or NFL guy or something on some fuck-off huge house, he could actually burn through his 4 billion or whatever, he has the impulse buying potential.

For the globe, yes, for the average imageboard user, there's plenty of poor NEETs around.

If I had Notch's money I would probably hire a big guy and send him on a plane to crash it.

Eh, sorry boss. Maybe this time?

darn just my luck

ah shoot

well old buddy looks like no trips for me
at least I have my video games

not as lazy as i am, i guarantee it

Someone post the screenshots of that one sjw gamedev who gave notch his paypal because he thought notch deserved him money

It truly is a generation of apologist sedentary faggots.

You mean rip-off? Also all of his friends left him because he's a dick and he hates his life.

Do you know anyone with serious money? I know a couple of multi-millionaires and have spend some time with a billionaire, the thing they all had in common was they were tight as fuck with their money.
The billionaire drove a 22 year old rust bucket and was thinking about replacing it with a second hand 4WD


Delicious bait, I will bite.

The point of being filthy rich is that you finally DON'T have to care what other people think of you.


mad at him for being human waste while being filthy rich

How man managed to get rich without any physical labour or parents' fortune is a waste? To me he is an ideal model of successful man to strive for.

Name me a guy who got rich from physical labor recently.
You are 100 years too late to expect people can still get rich from moving furniture.

yeah, I would hire a fucking hot female chef that would make me great food and then would suck my cock while I eat.. Notch is a fat cuck

My question stands.


then he could hire a male chef that makes him food that would fuck his female chef while he eats and faps

He's a waste because now that he has cash he no longer has a purpose in his life. His ambition ended.

this is well crafted bait i congratulate you specially on the misuse of the word pathetic

fuck now i'm the retard, i meant to refer to not OP

nigger nobody has a purpose in life besides eat, fuck and sleep since anything else is a human concept, everyone is waste. if you ever manage to escape the cage of wageslavery just spend your days doing whatever makes your body produce endorphine


What you should do as a billionaire is to secure a dynasty, get a wife who won't just fuck your shit up, get a handful of kids, raise them well and don't make them spoiled brats.

Then you chisel a family tree into the two story fireplace with you at the very top

He could pay someone to order and deliver him fresh high quality pizza every day, even multiple times a day, without further input.

Now hold up fuck boy what's wrong with making your own pizzas?

Making pizza would certainly be more entertaining than youtube.

I wish /ck/ here was alive. I want to discuss the joys of making delicious food and read about insane recipes like dessert noodles.

He did program it alone, it's not like he started off with Mojang and a entire team. That came after he started making bank on the project.

Because they develop one of the easiest forms of entertainment. (Not saying that it's the worst or the "cheapest", but it's fairly easy to make games.)

Think about it: If you're going to make a (decent) (traditional) film you need more than a dozen people, people to act decently, people to write decently, people to record decently, and you probably need a high-quality camera that can cost upwards of $1000.

If you're going to write a (decent) book you need years of experience in writing, and editor, a publisher, sometimes even an artist.

If you're going to make a (decent) video game, any joe-shmoe can sit down in his freetime, watch some youtube videos for a few weeks, read some tutorials, get some ideas, download some free software, and BAM, you're making a game. The only real thing you need to invest in is a decent computer, and that'll run you for around $500-800.
decent is a codeword for "profitable", really all you need to do to make a "decent" game is lie.

Ya'know, If I had the money he had, I'd most likely just build a modest cabin in the woods with a gym, start breeding corgis, and enjoy my time composing music and maybe start up my own sound engineering firm.

I would then use the rest of my cash to ensure my family (who I care about deeply) were able to live comfortably.

I'd keep working out, writing music, having a work schedule, shit like that.

I'm currently suffering from some health problems at the moment and absolutely HATE missing work, or a gym day, or a day where I can be playing music because of it.

I don't know, I don't like being idle. Markus seems to be a sad sack though, his wife left him, and instead of using his time and money, to lose weight and meet someone new, he's eating oven baked pizzas (two whole oven baked pizzas)

I remember he even made a blog post about feeling "Too old" to hang out with the "in" crowd.

Despite the fact that I see guys in their mid 30's and 40's fucking around with 18-20 year olds.

Sure the women are shit, but if that's what he wants.


That's because the medium is young and the standards haven't been risen through decades/centuries of excellence. Though the maturation has halted completely. High school tier writing is still the hallmark of video game stories and a shitty movie with slight interactivity counts as a narrative masterpiece with enough marketing. Utilizing the medium properly is still stuck in the late 90s level of innovation and has actually regressed towards more movie likeness instead of something new.



If I became a billionaire I would probably do the same shit. Buy a nice ass house, spend a good chunk of my time watching anime, playing video games, shitposting in threads, and be an absolute degenerate until I got sick of it. Hell, I'd make a thread and give everyone who posted in it 10 grand just to see the chaos that becomes of it. Only because I like some of you.

Unturned is easily the best zombie survival game I've ever played, too bad it looks like shit and the community is children who can't into hardcore survival mode and would rather play easy mode and shoot each other. That's actually the entire genre, but at least Unturned is free.

This is where you fucked yourself. Books have the lowest barrier to entry, no longer even requiring publishers since you can just self publish on Amazon or wherever. They also cost little more than your free time, meaning any money made is likely profit. And "years of writing experience"? Please.

It's sad to see that all the people who actually know a thing about game design are stuck at the bottom of the ladder, if they even are in the industry, while all the people at the top are hacks including Kojima, complete and utter business men, or are lucky egomaniacs, including Kamiya. To get far in the game industry now, you either gotta be a businessman, a draftsman, or a slimy, lying Jew.

The games industry is the place all failed authors and ideas guys eventually end up in, hence why the quality is so low.

Holy shit you sound like such a fucking normalfag, I sometimes forget people like you actually exist.

I am but a simple man, with simple desires. To raise a family of my own, and a family of short, stumpy dogs.

and to compose video game music until I fucking die.

And lift weights. That's all I want out of life, more than anything.

I would also like a house to display all my gunpla models and anime figures, they are in storage, because I never really saw the point of building shelves and display cases for a temporary place.

we need to make a non profit organization against the abuse of skeletons

my desires in life are not having to do any effort and having inner peace
in retrospect death seems like a more fitting state for me

Pick one


I'll pick both, thank you very much.

In real life it doesn't work like that faggot.

Maybe try living in real life and then tell me how it works kike.

I too, am but a simple man with simple desires. I wish to have a bunch of nannies and manservants raise a family of my own while a professional dog breeder raises me a pack of greyhounds that will win every track race.

And to lie back on a bed stuffed with the feathers of bald eagles right next to a soft-serve ice cream machine and eat that heavenly cream straight out of the spigot until I fucking die.

And allow my wrist to become limp as I achieve nirvana in not having to work. That's all I want out of life, more than anything.

I would also like a 4000 square-foot mansion with a surround 80 acres of land to display my collection of suits of armor, luxury cars, and original movie props. I haven't bought any because I'm poor as fuck but, if I won the lottery, I would get all of these things immediately and preserve them all in my own mausoleum that exceeds the Taj Mahal twice in size so that people can look upon my greatness for all eternity. In the event that the earth will be destroyed: I will have specifically instructed my servants to have my mausoleum airlifted to whatever planet the human race is fleeing to. It's something that the whole universe should see.

Envy, not jealousy

Weird logic.

IIRC, he is a fucking billionaire now. Why the fuck he is eating a frozen pizzas? I can understand not wearing fancy clothing, or not driving expensive cars, but seriously, why would you eat shittier food?

If they were not lazy developers tgey would not waste their time posting on Twitter… Errr I meant developing video games.

If you are good at what you do, you're not working in the videogames industry.

Notch is a lazy ass since day one. Billions didn't change that, it just made it worse.

that sounds normalfag as fuck, why would anyone want to do that


Do you have an nvidia card?

Absolutely pathetic.

i'd spend my time in controlled coma with the best docs possible taking care of my every bodily need
my life would be a literal dream

What's the most high class type of frozen pizza, Holla Forums?

Winter I assume? What, are you going to run around town naked, jacking off for multiple hours till you die of over-exposure?

can people who aren't niggers actually die in temperatures at canada though? i have no issues with running around naked at -5c and i don't even feel cold

That's because you're a fat fuck and are doing it for an hour or two, tops.

If you do it for a day or two instead, you'll get hypothermia. I don't care how tough and hardy you are or how well your blood flows, your body does not defy thermal diffusion. All you can do is burn fat and new food you eat to generate heat, and you can only do it quickly enough to maintain a certain offset indefinitely. You also need the caloric intake to maintain it. There's a reason why eskimos had to eat so much seal fat even though they had igloos.

Nice, I'm just like him but without the money.

That's slight autumn chill.

This is what happens when a man loses his ambition: he rots away. Notch will be dead within the decade at this rate.

Look at this DYEL and laugh everyone

Pretty sure he'll be fat, smug, and happier than you are.

you underestimate my autism
there was this time it was really cold and dry so i figured why the fuck not
so i put my computer outside and started overclocking. played for weeks wearing nothing but pants

No im pretty sure well see him in 4am threads with suicidal tendencies. The happy neet is a lie.

But you slept inside, right?

Because if it weren't you couldn't contain your jealousy.

Look at this shit literal taste. That's not even possible unless your mouth is made out of diamonds. Little Caesar's ready to go doesn't cost shit compared to that.

Maybe. But ive always been jealous of people who have accomplished things not people who do nothing. Also the amount of neets ive seen on here that want to kill themselves pretty much solidifies it for me. Also i wouldnt be able to protect the white race.

The Red Baron laughs in your direction.

Oh okay, I can tell you're definitely not at all jealous based on that followup, thanks for clarifying.

If pretending people are jealous of you keeps you going then go right ahead.

You make it sound like it's a bad thing

No bait here, friend. Frozen pizza is the last refuge of the desperate autist. You people would defend Notch eating rusty metal shavings just because "he's rich and he can do what he wants." All most of you have done is prove me right.

Look at this fool, and laugh.

the guy lives in a multi million dollar mansion on top of a mountain and has his room filled with supercars nigga

living room i mean


He clearly isnt enjoying them. Hes just filling a void. Honestly if he doesnt end up killing himseld hell become a super villian.

Why the fuck doesn't he cook them at least?
Is he trying to die?

so, more work? fuck that

Jesus Christ. He outbid JayZ and Beyonce for his house.

i can't be the only person who think that house looks kinda shitty

i mean, obviously it's way better than mine, but when money is literally no object i feel like you could do better

Buy he was a Holla Forumsirgin, where do you think he was getting most of his info/suggestions for a 3d Dwarf Fortress before just making Minecraft? Mybook? FaceSpace?

Same here. It has absolutely no lawn or curb appeal. I also dislike it's open floor plan greatly and would prefer something with more privacy. It's monochromatic palette combined with its simplicity can also get stale quickly. The architect tried to be chic, but ended up creating something awfully juvenile in design. It's like he watched Iron Man and liked Stark's mansion a lot. I do like the bar area, but the furniture choice is something I'd see in an Ikea.


It doesn’t even FEEL like a house. It’s cold, clinical, and uncomfortable. Never mind the shitty decoration.

It's the other way around, Tony Stark's house is based on this style of home, which is common in SoCal. It's an example of the International style of architecture.

It looks like a bad knock off of the Farnsworth house that got super-sized.

He could've just build a castle in the European wilderness and founded himself a microstate and invite all the billionaires in.
It would be like a landlocked Monaco for game devs that got rich the easy way.

Am game dev
Super pessimistic about humanity
Don't want nice things
Spend time making games for myself
Never release them, or talk about them, will never publish them

You forget:
1. the locale - many things are only available there
2. the neighbors - many rich celebrities who want to visit
3. the view - you can see the city, at night it's very pretty
4. the social proof - it's not about the money, the quality, it's about the message

You think I don't know that? He's not a Holla Forumsirgin anymore.

New Money have a tendency to advertise their complete lack of taste.

Sure, just based on its proximity to celebrities and how highly desirable the location is makes it a valuable investment, but I'm certain that a multibillionaire could get something more than a two-floor house with a roof flatter than the chest of an Asian woman.

they don't want to desian levels anv more

Would you fuck Notch for a quarter of his fortune?

eh maybe if i could actually keep my dick hard during the ordeal. or do you mean my ass?

Whichever you're most comfortable with.

eh, maybe thinking about the age of wonders donation will give me the willpower and hardness

The joke here is that after doing it, he would hand you a monetary amount equal to 25 cents of value, right?

I'd have a maid that would microwave my frozen pizza and then feed little bits to me while blowing me.

Surely you esteem his integrity as a game developer?


No thanks.

Now, buying up an apartment complex would be a great way to have your home and your office very close together.
Say you get maybe a 5 story building. You reserve the very top story for yourself. No need to knock down walls or anything. Say there are 4 apartments per floor you have one apartment that is your bedroom/personal place. Another one where you entertain guests (like a living room). One as a "guest bedroom" sort of deal. Last one whatever you want. Maybe another personal space for hobbies or whatever.

Floor right beneath you can be your offices where you run your dev company from.

the rest of the three floors you can rent out to people as normal which will help pay for the building itself, taxes, whatever.


I'm not sure why he'd go for frozen pizza, but other then that he's living the dream.

No user, that's Holla Forums island

how about this, we have an autist make a really cool town on simcity and then the millionaire user builds a Holla Forumsillage

It shows that no money can uncuck his plebness, I bet notch still programs in java.

Christ, the naivety on this one. Bless your fucking heart.


This Guy gets it. Outer Haven soon people. Train your dev skills. Technocracy is the future