Did Ocarina Link have a harder life than Snake?

Did Ocarina Link have a harder life than Snake?

And at the end of it all he was 9 fucking years old.

Link had a hard life.

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link never got tortured

Define "harder"

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I know MM is the worst Zelda game ever, but come on.

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If you are backwoods hick who lived through ocarina falling moon and all the depressing stories is the shit to push you over the edge.

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At least he got to hear Zelda say thanks for saving the kingdom.


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Nah, but Majora's Mask Link probably did. Seeing the same people die over and over again every 3 days will probably fuck you up if you're just a kid, even if you're the kid that defeated Ganondorf.

good grief, this is the cringiest kind of fan theories.

What do you think the 'dawn of the final day' shit comes from?

That's all well and good to consider but I would put forth another possibility.

Link doesn't experience emotions or events in the way any normal person does.
This is why, or perhaps because of, the triforce piece of courage is fused with him.
In the end, he is a tool of the gods to keep the balance in the chess game that is between Him, Ganon, and Zelda.

The only break in this would seem when he was completely gone. Remember, the Link in Wind Waker was a completely different person, a completely different line.

I would suggest that it is the Wind Waker Link that had it worse.

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It's a Zelda thread, nigger.

Some think the Hero of Time did mange to escape the Lost Woods/Termina, at least long enough to bang Malon and have a kid if the implication of TP Link literally being his descendant is accurate. He still becomes a skeleton man eventually, but whatever.

Not a bad deal, all things considered. Better than dying and losing to Ganon.

because he got trapped in a shitty game?

Yeah. I'm reminded of that one Korean comic where the guy gets shot and goes through a long fulfilling life before dying of the bullet wound. Link is just so badass that he survives the Lost Woods and when he finally dies he becomes a boner.

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Wind Waker would be much better if they actually finished it. At least OoT covered up the fact that there was some cut content much better.

You only become a Stalfos by getting lost in the woods and dying there.

OoT Link and MM Link are the same character.

Still better than twilight princess. What a reactionary shitshow. twilight stuff looked cool but mechanically, story wise, design wise its just a step down from every other zelda comparatively for its time of release.

WW and MM could have been good games, and I'll even say MM is a good game for only having a year of development. I can't say the same about TP or especially SS. It seems the Wii U one will at least be good for hacking to remake the first one.

WW Link is right down the road in terms of Links that did shit, it wasn't the best life but it wasn't the worst either

In terms of absolute worst then it's probably OoT Link assuming those fan theories about ALTTP Link being the main character for Breath of the Wild aren't true

Soul calibur 2 link had a hard life

No he didn't. He just wasn't in SC2's world for very long and probably didn't make any friends there.

Bravo Aonuma.

No, Ocarina link's dad fucking died at sea on a severe overdose of spells.

He probably is
So its probably the link to the past link far in his future

Which would set it after zelda 2's bad ending where link died to ganon and became a dark link at the very end of the dark souls 1 style 'the fires dead nigger, shits fucked' universe running on fumes point in time.

Skyward sword was the beginning of the timeline, this looks like its showing the very end in a Nier tier so far into the end of the world entropy has begun to take hold.

or it comes between ALTTP + sequels and Zelda 1/2 and sets up the events of those games


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What, you mean the link that actually able to fucking kill ganon?


TP Link also killed Ganon retards

He had to go back to being a kid after experiencing boners, of course he had a harder life.

I didn't imply otherwise, did I? can't even remember the ending of TP.

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But he has to roam the world alone as an undead.

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Link had an easy as fuck life.
>has the Triforce of Courage so eh doesn't afraid of anything

Sure he has to single handedly defeat legions of monsters with nothing but his own wits, but he's got the Gods and all their magic tricks on his side so it ain't no shit off his dick.


Sadly this part was confirmed, or at least hinted at(I can't remember) in Hyrule Historia. Just do what I do and pretend that Zelda games stopped being made after Minish Cap. It makes you see the series in a much brighter light.

Hyrule Historia only confirmed that the hero's shade is OoT link, not that he turned into a Stalfos. He's a skeleton because he eventually died and he's wearing armor because he supposedly joined the royal army or some shit like that.
IIRC it also confirms that TP Link is OoT Link's descendant, which spawned a theory that the hero of time fucked Malon after MM and that's why TP link works at a ranch.

Except that's literally what happened. The skeleton in Twilight Princess is Ocarina Link.

Can someone explain the timelines to me? Ive played OoT, MM, WW, LBW, MC and TP, but its all confusing to me, when it realy shouldnt be.

Does OoT make 3 seperate Links that branch into the other timelines, or are the timelines after OoT just What-Ifs?

Tingle had a worse life

The 3 Branches are, if Link dies and never complete the quest, if Link goes back in time to prevent Ganondorf from taking thr throne, and one where Link remains as an Adult to Rebuild

I think this is the one from the HH but it looks accurate enough. The timelines split at OoT.

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I've noticed a theme with Ocarina and Wind Wanker

In OoT Princess Zelda has you sneak away to open the door to the sacred realm out of ignorance I think?

And in Wind Waker The King of Hyrule has you open the door to the sacred realm out of pure nostalgia and selfishness in the name of Making Hyrule Great Again™

In both cases people were just using Link for their own needs.

And Ganondorf just wanted a home for his people out of the harsh desert

Why didn't OoT Link just get one or two of the sacred stones and then fuck off so Ganon couldn't get to the sacred realm?

This is why no one likes zelda games anymore. You have to endure countless amounts of shit like the fan theories, and the "creator's" mandates.

Wasn't the only purpose of the spiritual stones to get into the Temple of Time to begin with though?

Why did he collect any of them at all?
Why did the Great Deku Tree even give him the first one?

But Aonuma was the one who came up with the timeline I thought? Not Miyamoto…

Timeline is bullshit and hinder development of new games. that being said

He 100% does not die since TP Link descended from OoT Link. He probably settled down after MM with malon.

Fan timelines took off in autistic popularity after Windwaker. By the time the Wii came out the most popular of them was the split timeline theory. Aonuma may only direct and produce zelda games but Miyamoto holds the creative stamp of approval on the franchise because it's "his." Hyrule Historia even lists Miyamoto as the main author, in it is included the "official" timeline which was essentially the fan's split timeline theory but with a nonsensical third timeline where OoT Link fails - no real explanation given. Hyrule Historia is also written in such a famously terrible fashion, pic related.

The third timeline where he fails is ridiculous for so many reasons that it just screams forced. Pointing out why it's terrible could go on for hours, but it all comes back to the same points:

The most autistic fans will tell you how he failed but it's never been clarified. Not even in Hyrule Historia which the zelda wiki, a bastion of autism if there ever was, quotes. The most you can get out of the book, which the wiki extrapolates from, is that he inexplicably failed in the final battle - no mention for how this outcome was made different. You have to assume the same conditions, same Link, and same everything applies. You also have to swallow the possibility that inexplicable failure is an option in every instance which leads to -
Didn't every other game have a final battle? Since inexplicable failure is now allowed, shouldn't there be an instance of failure where Link dies like a little bitch doing random nonsense? Which leads me to -
Where's the timeline where Link drowns in every instance he ever entered water? Where's the timeline where Link melts in the molten lava of the Goron Mines from Twilight Princess? Where's the timeline where Link dies from fall damage? Maybe that's how he died in the final battle.


ou are pretty damn autistic yourself m8.

how is that a hard life at all?

What gets me is there should be another timeline split at SS. One where Demise is successfully and totally destroyed as the Imprisoned (which means no Ganon - as we know him anyway) and one where Demise is revived and then redefeated 1000 years prior, just right after Hylia defeats initially, due to time travel shenanigans.

This timeline is a bit old as it doesn't include games like ALBW as well.
SS is the only zelda game I haven't played, so I can't comment on that.


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Honestly, I'd have thought having a main two-way split timeline and a number of alternate continuities would have been the best way to handle a timeline, instead of trying to shoehorn everything into a triple split timeline.

He goes back to being a kid for a buncha years. His Stalfos form (how, he never got 'lost' in-game) happened when he was an adult.

Snake actually lived out his hard years as a tool, a disposable pawn for the (((government))), made to kill people he wanted no part in killing. Snake was a real cuck tbh, he was 'cooler' than Big Boss but Big Boss actually had balls to do what was right.


Navi buggered off at the end of the game and as the carpenters son (or rather the kokiri girl) says, anyone without a fairy will get lost

Anyone have that one fanfic? You know the one.

How did Link survive without Navi before OoT anyways? Maybe Majora's Mask was what happened when he went into the woods to look for her and died. Some bizarre death dream-sequence where all the people he's met are present in the world he constructed in his soul/subconscious.


Wrong he also got the Milk Maid and Lon Lon ranch, and the Gurudu Women

The one where Link is a cuntboy?

There's also the Like-Like one.

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He wasn't allowed out and was bullied for being the only kid without a fairy partner.

Nigger, that's the plot of the game.

Link before Breath of the Wild, creating Calamity Ganon and the Link is resurrected a hundred years later which is the start of Breath of the Wild. It takes place between OOT and ALLTP

LttP Link was the most travelled one
I wish they told us what happened to him after that. Did he return to Hyrule or did he just spend the rest of his days travelling the world?

I was under the impression that the link fails time is the original 3rd of OOT that is never resolved.

Obviously that's a little wonky considering how often the average player will go back and forth in time during their playthrougg, but that's the only sense of it I can make.

I'm good friends with a schizophreniac who frequently walks into his livingroom or bedroom to discover a grisly murder scene that doesn't exist starring his friends and family.

So I can confirm in a completely non-hypothetical way that seeing everyone you know die brutally every 3 days will fuck you up emotionally.


He doesn't actually see anyone dying though, since he was to rewind time BEFORE the moon falls or he dies too.

Doesn't the game reset you to the 1st day without even giving you a proper game over screen? Like the Happy Mask salesman shows up and taunts you then tells you to try harder.

Link implicitly cannot leave the cycle even by death. He has to defeat Majora to move on. Even complacence and surrender are not escapes. And you (Link) remember everything between timeline resets, even if they're undone. So Link saw everyone die in a flaming cataclysm as many times as the player failed to reset the clock before it was too late.

This feels uncomfortably close to Undertale.

I had to.

Time travel in Zelda is inconsistent, that's why.
Mainly because in OOT it supports the Closed Timeline theory, where all of time is just a straight line, and there is no support for multiverses. This is mimicked to a lesser extent in Skyward Sword, but you get the point. In the games, Zelda supports closed timelines.
On the other hand the Hyrule Historia directly goes out and says that there are multiverses (or in other words, multiple timelines. Similar universes with different outcomes, etc etc.)
The game's dialog supports multiple timelines for whatever reason however, with the main one, once again, being OOT.
I'm sure at this point that it would be written off as 'goddess magic' because we all know the Goddesses seem to be both angry and lazy as fuck. (maybe they're on their holy period? they originally created Hyrule because they wanted ice cream?)

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Well, even if that's the case, I don't think an apocalypse that would end everything before you can even blink is as bad as watching people being actually murdered. But that's just me

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One thing that always rustles my autism is how Nintendo said that the Oracle games come between A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, when there is a ton of evidence which contradicts that. The most obvious one being that Link doesn't know who Zelda is in either of the Oracle games until he meets her once the two games are linked. It really shows how little Nintendo understands their own series.

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