Existential Comics-Anarchist Monopoly

Existential Comics-Anarchist Monopoly existentialcomics.com/comic/159
Oh also, the other part of the game is when everyone forgets their differences for a bit to kill the fascists that are invading from the risk game

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

This would be so comfy. I wish I had lefty friends irl. All of them are liberals.

You've got a friend here, pal


She just had to do that to Emma eh

Well I mean hes not wrong. You can't ban money.

Of course you can, a moneyless society is possible once it becomes a marketless society. Since everyone will ne able to do what they love instead of what they have to out of necessity, trade will take on a more craigslist approach where people just ask each other for things.

Nah. If all my basic needs ate accounted for by socialism, but I want someone to draw me some furry porn, I bet I can trade an artist some food vouchers for it. Or a blowjob. You can't ban people from wanting things from each other

This is why communism > socialism. In communism, which is a post-scarcity economy, you just take what you want from the community stockpile. If what you want isn't in the stockpile, you can commission someone who likes making that sort of thing to make it for you. No trade required!

Except they have no reason to do anything for me unless they just happen to be especially nice one day since all their basics are already provided for.

Have you ever looked at the modding community, or online artists? They do stuff for random people or the community as a whole for free all the time because they love doing what they do.

Not to mention that under communism, the amount of free time will be insane, so everyone will gladly help you out to alleviate boredom.

Exactly what I was thinking. Emma saw the oppression of women within the context of class society. Author just turned her into a liberal feminist.

No local Antifa?

Yeah, but they rarely just do what random idiot X wants, they try to please as many people as they can.

pick one

Roughly the same is true for monetary exchanges.

I tried hanging out with my local antifa in NYC but it was nothing but identity politics and polyamory. Come to think of it they looked a little waifish to bash anyone. I think antifa has become colonized by bourgeois liberal cosplayers.

He said lefty and friends.

Anyone ever read a comic about anarchy with Tintin in it?


Breaking free or what was it called

When will we learn that antifa are militant guardians of the status quo against any threats from the right, and are therefore only a part of the system's logic of blackmailing us with "fascist alternative" into TINA?