Can we talk about this hero of socialism who did nothing wrong?

Can we talk about this hero of socialism who did nothing wrong?

we need to meme Kojima into making a socialist game

Literally the best video game ever made

this nigga knows

the metal gear games are pretty leftist
"our superstructure to put it in marxist terms" - revolver ocelot

also this

remember the alamo

Which Metal Gear should I play?

MGS1 > MGS3 > MGS2 > MGSV > MGS4



snake eater

All of them in release order.

This image should help you.

mgs1 has serious flaws in its gameplay

I think if you get the HD version of the trilogy it includes MG1/MG2 on the MGS3

Also remember to play Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain to finish it off

3(almost imperceptible power gap)1>2>V=PW>4

I played it for the first time in 2014 and found it pretty easy

Oh also this pic is from before MGSV was released.

i mean the boss fights are all good but some areas have it so enemies who can easily spot you are out of frame making it so your mostly just staring at the soliton radar

Fuckin amen

They're hit and miss imo. The first one is almost unplayable unless you get the Twin Snakes version for GameCube, but that's hard to find. The second one is okay, but I would never play it again. Snake Eater is where they really start to get good. MGS4 (probably my favourite) is good too, but unfortunately you have to play the first two to understand it. After that comes Peace Walker which is boring and repetitive (the only one I didn't finish) but unfortunately necessary to understand Phantom Pain.

Basically if you want to get the story in the good ones you have to play the shitty ones. The story is ridiculously complicated and you won't get anything without knowing the backstory. Alternatively you could go on YouTube and watch explanations of the stories of the games you don't want to play, but story wise they're all pretty interesting. You can either do them in release order

Or chronological order

All the Big Boss centric games are nearly there. Big Boss is American Che. I was hoping that mgs5 would go full commie when we got to play diamond dogs/outer heaven base simulator but it kinda teetered on the edge. Maybe this is why I thought mgs5 was disappointing.



Do NOT listen to this guy, Twin Snake is hot garbage. Mgs1 holds up and is fun to play. if you absolutely can't live without better graphix play twin snakes but have a laptop nearby with the original cutscenes loaded and watch those instead of the twin snakes ones. Otherwise just play the original, I replayed it recently on a ps1 emulator and it's still fantastic.

Same. It was a big letdown.

Um, pardon me?

I've never actually played Twin Snakes. All I know is that the PS1 version is frustrating as hell. Probably worth it, but it's still tough.

It was really fun to play tho

The new cutscenes are fucking retarded and they bungled the voice acting. If Snake can do shit like this it makes no sense that he would be sneaking in the first place. Also why does he go from Matrix character to normal soldier between mgs1 - mgs2? Twin Snakes sucks ass.

You don't think it's thematically fitting that in the literal retelling of Ghost Babel Shadow Moses, the legendary Solid Snake's exploits are amped up to superhuman degrees?

No I don't think it's ok that Silicon Knights used a stupid excuse to shoehorn in bullshit acrobatics and bullet time into cutscenes that were fine 5 years ago. Remember that we were talking about recommendations for someone who is new to the series. They might not fully grasp this edplabation and become confused when they play any mgs games after Twin Snakes. Snake is a soldier, end of story. Twin Snakes is strictly for long time mgs fans and even then I think it missed the mark.

I disagree.

That's fucking retarded

Fair enough my friend.


Mfw no love for NGS 2

Kreia is pretty much stirner in video game form

Actually, the cutscenes were originally a shot-for-shot remake of MGS1. Hideo Kojima himself told Ryuhei Kitamura to redo them in his own style.

Yes…retardedly awesome.


3ds is best MGS3 version

1 you can play it while getting sucked off on a beach

2 you can play it for free on a rom


If only he put legs on it instead. Then he'd be on to something.

Also a masterful game series

It was only the beginning comrade, he was going to use that rocket tank to nuke the USA and take down the capitalist system.