Define it.

How did orcs know what accelerationism is?

Saruman taught them. His goal was to rapidly develope automatization in order to liberate the Middle earth from feudal theocratic capitalism of the West.

Sauron did nothing wrong. It's pretty obvious that when the lens of pro-Aristocratic propaganda is removed it's clear that Mordor is launching a struggle of revolutionary emancipation from the colonialist imperialism of the "West." I think it's clear who the REAL monsters are, with their societies based on racial superiority and degenerate Elfocentrentric cultural doctrine.

Melkor isn't called Giver of Freedom for no reason. Eru is a spook made up by the Valar.

I think we all know who the real villains of the story were

Uphold Melkor-Sauronism.


Can someone edit a commie Varg Vikernes?

poorest Hobbits that maintained the old custom. The poorest went on living in
burrows of the most primitive kind, mere holes indeed, with only one window or
none; while the well-to-do still constructed more luxurious versions of the
simple diggings of old.
Concerning Hobbits by J.R.R. Tolkien

People often forget that the excessive eating and leisurely lifestyle of the Baggins was only possible because the poorest workers lived in literal holes in the ground. A preindustrial farming society where they eat twice as much as humans, and the only beasts of burden are small ponies. Doesn't take genius to figure out that the math don't add up. Think how similar developed human societies could only produce enough surplus food to sustain a small ruling class, now think how it would be if everyone ate twice as much and all the field hands where lazy, drunken and to short to use an ox or a horse to plow the fields.
That second breakfast is only possible because someone who worked the fields didn't have a first breakfast.
Those hobbit mother fuckers need to be purged.

In the "Scouring" of Shire when Saruman has his industrialization experiment, its the hobbit nobility and their porky pals that rise up against him. If Samwise had been class conscious, he would have stabbed Frodo.

Melkor and Sauron were persecuted because they were lovers.

Morgoth did nothing wrong.

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There is a constant downwards pressure on profitability.
This can be temporarily slowed or even reversed by suppressing wages (cost of labor power), relocating to places with a lower cost of labor power, cutting taxes, increasing government spending, expanding credit (mortgages, credit cards, loans), and speculation bubbles.
But that's only temporary. Right-wing corporate governments can do whatever they want but are only postponing crisis. And letting finance run rampant (as they will) will only make the next crash much worse.
That's acceleration for you. It doesn't work if democracy is abolished though.

Pick one. Sam is a valiant patriot who serves his natural spiritually aristocratic leaders, the Bagginses, with utmost dedication and duty for his fatherland. He is the ideal member of the National Shireist Hobbit Workers' Party.

Don't forget the genocide perpetrated by the humans and elves against the dwarves which their historiography portrays as lesser beings created by an inferior god.

He got imprisoned in the Negative Zone

Or is that just part of his master plan


But everyone from Gondor except Faramir hated Elves

Why not just use his Commie friend instead?

Yeah, they hated elves, but they at least had the same religion

Let's face it, people can only be mobilized against the status quo if there is some internal or external threat.
It is like the frog in the slowly cooking water: we better make it boil fast so he jumps out before it is too late.

It seems we are already reaching a turning point.