New Releases and Denuvo

What's the situation regarding new games? Ive read that most groups don't give a shit about a game if it uses Denuvo that's why there are fewer relases on the web.

Companies should realize that by using agressive software like that they push away customers since some pirates buy the games later on, but given the circumstancez I imagine most people pass up a game that implements Denuvo.


You don't understand, Denuvo is saving gaming as we speak, pirates should realize that by using aggresive hacking they are stealing from companies

In which way does denuvo affect the customer any worse than other DRM programs?

Don't really care only shit games use denuvo so far.

So much for wanting to buy any of those.
Also Champions is published by Ubisoft so you might want to assume Fractured But Whole also has denuvo

Not a single good game uses denuvo so calm your tids.



If it's good, I did.

pls, user
You are not even serious right now.

I am also interested. Other than being difficult to pirate, is it any better/worse than shit like uPlay? I mean resource consumption stats.

Some actually do. Of course data hoarders with mag tape storage won't.

About 40% will buy it later.

Nice source.

I personally do, what's your point? The post states *some* pirates do it.

If the game is good enough, and is cracked at launch, I'll buy it within the first week of release.

The purpose of denuvo is simple. Giving you no alternative and monopolizing the market.

You mean p2p? They're not scene so they don't matter. The day the entire scene announces publicly that they aren't cracking software, because of X reason, is the day the scene dies.

They are working on denuvo - CPY just cracked Inside. Denuvo is the big fucking thing right now. Everyone wants to crack it and prove who is the best..

the other thread is still alive you wankstain.

Wow, denuvo really works!
fact - 90% of pirates wouldn't buy the game they were pirating

Hello fellow concerned pirate users. This Denuvo thing sure is causing problems for buccaneers downloading illegal software. It must be a really good tool for companies to put it in their video game software.

Is it?

It seems devs are really asking for another game crash

Going to point out how the performance of basically every Denuvo game is completely subpar if you don't use a SSD or an old-fashioned RAID. Early claims were that Denuvo was really hard drive intensive. It's probably not a coincidence that every single Denuvo game is also hard drive intensive.

Recent Examples where the Steam reviews are/were flooded with performance complaints: Total Warhammer, Mankind Divided, DOOM

After Total Warhammer which I also regret for other reasons, I'm not sinking another cent into another game with Denuvo. Tired of struggling to run games that my tablet should be able to run while using a computer that consistently ranks in the top 1% of benchmarks.

Seriously nigger?

Only shit games use denuvo.

Publishers know full well pirated copies can turn into purchases if the game is good. If it's superficial shit you get bored of after 2 hours and 5 minutes, no one will buy it after pirating. Hence denuvo to delay pirated copies in the hope they can fool enough impatient imbeciles into a purchase.

Denuvo has killed piracy and for that I think it's great. Freeloaders deserve all asshurt they can get. Not sure if that translates into more or less sold copies though, but unlike most other attempts at a working DRM this isn't actively fucking consumers in the ass while rewarding pirates.

Why are we getting so many denuvo shill threads?

Two games have been fully cracked already and most others have working bypasses.

Trying to shill a defeated drm in a mongolian moving pictures forum is just dumb, stop it.

Did you get the DLC too, good goy? There´s lots more on the way just for you!

True, it looks like publishers finally realised that using invasive copy protection that harms your paying customers as well as pirates is really stupid. Took them long enough.

This, pirates are the main reason a lot of good games have failed in the past few years.

Which ones? I seem to recall something about that new tomb raider, but what's the second one?

INSIDE, also F1 is bypassed but you need to install origin for it to work

which games have failed because of pirates?

if a game is pirated even once, its already a failure

By that some logic refunders are 'freeloaders' too

Yes, surely its the end of piracy this time.

When you think about it, by moralfag standards refunds are actually worse than piracy. Refunds actually have costs for the publisher or seller, the transaction has to be processed and when you download the game you're actually using their bandwith, whereas pirating the same game makes you a non-factor in terms of tangible costs.

On the other hand you can't play through the entire game, enjoy it immensely, then call it shit and not give any jewgolds to the devs at all if you do it the proper way.

Except you can. Most games i've refunded I just sped through in 1 and a half hours and got bored

Oh boy this meme was supreme.
The Galileo quote somehow makes it even more funny. "And yet they pirate…"