Hello ladies and ladyboys, my ultra cheapo headset I got for 5 bucks when the local radioshack was liquidating finally stopped working at a reasonable level. I was wondering if any of you have any strong or helpful opinions on what's the current best deal on price/value for new or used headsets.
Theoretically, I don't actually need another mic, but I would prefer a new less shit one since I'm not a manlet squeaker who has to keep quiet to avoid getting bullied.

I have a pair of Philips headphones I like. They're comfy, cheap enough I find mine selling for $50 but could have sworn I got them for $20 and sound pretty good to me.
I also got a cheapo mic out of a Dollar store that works fine enough.

I'd say stay away from Headphone/mic combos since they're mostly aimed at "GAYMER" types who go for looks more then substance and overpriced as a result. Get a separate mic and headphones for best result.

Sennheiser makes great quality headphones but they can be expensive. I bought a Sennheiser HD 555 maybe 5 years ago, great audio quality, the earpads look as new.

If you need a mic, buy a seperate one. Antlion has a really good mic that you can fix to your headphones (pic)

Like said, don't buy a headset, it's always shitty.

Did you remove the foam inlays that dampen the drivers? These were the main difference between the HD555 and the HD595 which were much pricier.

Only problem you'll find is that the pads can wear after a year or two of listening, but the cord isn't torn or ripped or frayed.

If you need a mic, get something cheap and stick it to your headphones

I want this meme of "buy microphones separately" to end.

That guy's a retard, a $2 mic is all you really need.

Anyone who pays more than maybe $10 is a moron, and anyone who tries to justify paying more with "b-b-but muh streaming" or "muh raid coordination" is an even bigger moron.

99% of Holla Forums will never be popular or important enough to justify anything with an audio quality above "mediocre".

Do buy a microphone separately. I just checked on eBay, this one costs $1, free shipping.

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those cheap cellphone phones are better

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I like the bose quietcomfort 35's myself

I rock a pair of DT770s coupled with a cheap FiiO E10. I want to get a Magni+Modi combo and fix my headphones soon, but I can wait.

Is it a good idea to clip that onto my headphone's cable? I typically don't wear shirts at home.

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I mean, they're right that it's usually made for gaymers, with the fuckhuge razor logo on the side, but I was wondering if there was any decent version of that not made for fags and kids with vacant parents who let vidja and the school system do their jobs.

My only gripe about pic related is the cord, which is way too long for the 4 feet between my head and tower. Otherwise fantastic.

You're on your own for mics because I'm too autistic to talk in online vidya.

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I'll add another shill for Sennheiser. I'd actually disagree and say you can get equal quality in a headset but you'll still be paying extra (think 1.5 times the cost of headphones and a seperate mic) for the convenience of it all in one package and that isn't worthwhile unless you travel a lot.

You can make your own pretty easily with a wire and some batteries.

I have not but I heard it's better without the piece of foam.

It's a long term investment. Your ears are important, don't be a jew.

If you don't care about sound quality, fine. Hell, you can make your own shitty mic: plug your headphones into the mic port.