You know i see a lot of shit for a EA nd Bethesda. but you know who doesn't get enough shit? 2K games...

you know i see a lot of shit for a EA nd Bethesda. but you know who doesn't get enough shit? 2K games, the same people who Ruined GTA, Max Payne, Mafia and Bioshock. they've had a constant stream of fuck ups, yet no one takes the piss on them like EA or Bethesda. Anywayvlets discuss 2K Games, a cancer even worse than EA.

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They just have better PR (as in, they avoid talking shit online) and are less blatant about what they've done to franchises.

Also, the games they've published are well-received by the masses. It's only in the back corners that people critique their flaws.

you know i see a lot of shit for Microsoft and Sony. but you know who doesn't get enough shit? Valve, the same people who Ruined TF2, Counterstrike, Ricochet, and Left 4 Dead. they've had a constant stream of fuck ups, yet no one takes the piss on them like Microsoft or Sony.

I don't.

Nobody gives a shit about Bioshock, it was trash since the beginning because Levine is a hack.

Instead you should've mentioned Duke Nukem, they were another reason why Forever was ruined and now Duke belongs to one of the most disgusting companies in this industry who never managed to produce something good for their entire existence outside of two Half-Life expansions.

I'm really happy that now almost every garbage they publish is bombing very hard. First was Evolve, than Shitborn and now they have no choice but to re-release Bioshit games for PS4 and Boner because looks like they lost a lot of money. Can't wait for the next flop, hopefully Mafia III will damage them really hard. All what they have to do is to produce absolute buggy shit on release and make microtranscations in it with scam DLC practice and Denuvo. The nigger protagonist already scared plenty of people, so there is a hope for Mafia III flop.

People associate those games with Gearbox and not the publisher.

Duke fans know perfectly well that 2K was another company which was responsible for Forever. People are blaming them for not releasing mod tools, for example.

However, it doesn't matter if people don't associate Gearbox with the publisher, they're losing money either way which is probably a good because nobody thinks that 2K is producing good games or that it can guarantee good quality, normalfags just don't care. Besides, Gearbox is just another 2K bitch they can trow into trashcan if needed. Remember that they used SEGA's money for their next Borderlands game. Gearbox doesn't even has investors, so when Gearbox is losing money, the same happens with 2K.

I think you mean Take-Two Interactive, not 2K specifically. 2K Games and Rockstar Games are divisions of it, equally as bad.

Both get a lot of shit by Holla Forums, it's just that reddit loves them and their games. There is nothing you can change about that, if reddit loves to get cuckolded there is hardly anything we can change about that.

man, fuck reddit.

Can't ruin what has always been shit in the first place unless you mean System Shock too

What does 2K have to do with Max Payne?

they also fucked with the darkness sequal

Did 2K really ruin those games or was it the devs? From my understanding they are very hands off with everyone they publish outside of sports games, and Bioshock was pretty clearly ruined by Ken Levine (at least the story was). I don't like the new GTA but I attribute that to a lot of minor design choices rather than anything the publisher would be at fault for (they certainly gave Rockstar a lot of time to finish the thing).

he's conflating them with Rockstar because they're both owned by the same corporation.

it was never terribly good, you realize

Brothers in Arms would like a word with you.

BiA was just okay.

The maps were simply mazes made of thick bushes and trees
Dead characters are alive the next level
Same tactics used in every map

Good thing Irrational Games is dead.

I mean, that was kind of the point. The whole game was about actually using suppressing fire and flanking. Too bad a game based around suppression only let you carry 4 magazines for most weapons (at least I remember the Thompson having no ammo), but mods fix that.

Pic related.