I never new that Hideki Naganuma was a try hard meme master

I never new that Hideki Naganuma was a try hard meme master.

He is living the shitposting dream

Aside from the center one, these things make sense to say. He gets asked about JSR all the time, because he's the most memorable named element of it, despite having absolutely zero say in it. He's an independent contractor who doesn't even work at Sega anymore.

His standing position on the issue has always been "I would fucking love to, the second you actually get Sega to do it," and he's been asked so many times by this point, that it only makes sense for him to either become jaded or start having fun with it. He chose the right one.

So how is Hover Revolt of Gamers shaping up anyways? I haven't heard anything about it for quite some time now

Same here, I hope it turns out well, Unity is not the best engine for optimization

He seems like a pretty cool guy.

He also posts some bombass CDs as well, had to import some shit and it feels worth it

And the artist for Rhythm Heaven and Warioware draws memes on twitter.

What a world we live in.




Fucking saved

theres lots of former big deal game devs that just don't give a shit any more. Amazingly a lot of them are from Japan. They bring some top notch banter to the stage.

Holy shit this is the best thing ever

What if he was the guy who made the Baneposting Edit to that Ryhtym Heaven game

Baneposting edit?



That's sadako you nigger

Wasn't she a loli at some point during her ghostly shenanigans like Alma?


yes and

All of these are fucking beautiful

Holy shit they just took random recognizable memes like the RuneScape gnome and the This is Fine dog and just fucking threw them into shit. It's actually beautiful how much this speaks to me.

anyone got the pedobear one he did and then deleted once flooded with tweets going "OH NO THIS IS AWFUL"

Hideki should come on here and try to meme with the real masters.