Is he /ourguy/ again?

is he /ourguy/ again?

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He's a social democrat, so not really.
polite sage

I can see why you would think that personally my view is he's a smart guy who almost certainly understands the difference between social democracy and democratic socialism. If he says he's a democratic socialist I'm inclined to take him at his word.

That still makes him a reformist which a lot of people around here want nothing to do with but that's a whole nother issue.

He's not radical enough but he's the best possible result for an election (that is obviously controlled by the bourgeoisie so take that as you will).

i dessagree, he's the perfect middle man to apeal to the normies.
just like Holla Forums can't elect a full blown nazi, we can't elect a full blown commie.
Bernie seem to be a good deal, show to the world and particularly America the commie isn't as bad as propaganda tells.

Like others will say, he's too moderate. What is very good about him though is that he redirects anti-establishment feeling at the people who actually deserve it, the political elite and their capitalist cronies. Now that the election is over and he won't be running in 2020 I hope he really runs his mouth. He can basically say whatever he wants now so hopefully he'll use the soapbox he got from the election to raise class consciousness and stir up a real anti-capitalist (or at least hardline socdem) movement.

he always was

I'm liking this guy more and more.

He is tentatively my man so long as a radical alternative is not present. At the very least, he's making "socialist," less of a dirty word, which makes him a useful idiot if nothing else.

Just be careful
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So 2d chess?

I missed this meme

bernie is too good for us

Bernie's a sell out. He should be lynched.

Yeah, totally.

I didn't need a watermark to tell me it was fake.



he's the closest thing you're going to get to the real thing in the US



This. And he is a full-blown commie personally, he just knows how to present himself and what's achievable. The best kind of commie, really.

wrong link


I'm saying you can't play past 10

He's too wimpy, he let neolib Hilldawg walk all over him, he never stood a chance