4 AM

Losing control?

Do you buy special/limited editions of games? Whats the last one you got?

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Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)

Use to, not anymore. Last One I got was New Vegas.

Morning everyone!

I got to go out and buy a bunch of great NES games yesterday. Got gunsmoke, karnov, and kirby adventure! My old collection is getting closer and closer to being rebuilt!

Hey have you had a fun day

trying tabletop simulator again, feel free to join
server: 4am
pw: 4am

just plan on fucking around unless someone has a game in mind

Good morning everybody
How was your day/is your morning so far?
Looking forward to anything coming up?

I sure as hell do. Last one I received in the mail was Trillion's. I have MeiQ's LE on pre-order though same for SAO: Hollow Realizations

That's pretty cool

I'm sick
Sometimes if it comes with cool shit. Last one I got was for Trails of Cold Steel. I like artbooks

Looking forward to AJ to beat up more people from The Gay Community.

That sounds pretty expensive, though Kirby is by far one of the most polished games I've played on the NES

why yoza why

Didn't want to be up for this but there's a fucking possum right outside my bedroom window scratching and squeaking and keeping me up. Watching this right now.
Rarely. The last one I bought was Fire Emblem Fates


If I make a thread for this it would get dubs spammed, so asking here. Can you guys recommend me some games with metal/hard rock soundtrack?

Didn't it have a spare slot of ToCS 2

Uncharted 3
It was $15

I'll admit Ritsu, you're pretty shit but at least you got some good taste in the NES games department.

Karnov and gunsmoke were only like 15$ for the pair. Payed 40 for kirby, could have probably got it a bit cheaper online but I've never seen one in a store before so I just had to have it.

DMC if you haven't played those yet.

On discord with my cousin shit posting shitty meme pics to each other…god help me


Hey 4am, quick question, but does anyone know why most women seem so plastic on the Internet? I'm not even talking about the SJW's but even most normal girls on the Internet just seem so fake. Not once when watching a tutorial, stream, or anything did a girl seem natural without being annoying or shy. It's like they're too afraid to offend, at the same time wanting to keep the absolute most pristine image. Of course, unless they're batshit crazy. Any femanons can attest to this?

that's hardly embarrassing user

I dropped 80

Gentlemen, how are you tonight? I hope you've been well. Me, I've been doing alright. I've decided to quit smoking this week. I realized it was offering nothing to me other than just make my health worse in the future. It's funny though. I crave my hookah at exactly the times when I smoked it. I get a bit fidgety for like 10 minutes, then start to calm down.

How about you? How have you been?

I got the Double D edition of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. It comes with the game and a pair of OST discs.

Heya, Yoza. I'm doing fine, as you can see. How about yourself?

The games are pretty good if you skip the dialogue. I'm still working my through Hollow Fragment since it's so fuck huge

Yeah, it's a neat box with extra space for the second game

Serious Sam 3


fukn luh dat gondola fam
yo how gondola do dat to slime

guilty gear?

Thanks user! Thank my pedo uncle for that. He gave me a couple of NES's and a ton of games for it when I was a kid.

I didn't even know you smoked. Good luck yang! Seriously I'm in the same spot it sucks.

Doom with mods.


megaman X

like all of them

You better have fun
I'm playing the shitty HD port of Zone of the Enders and having fun

Sup my nigs. Was a bit busy here last night. Have any of you ever had a job interview? How did it go?

Sounds like a good haul my friend.

Terminator for sega CD and thunderforce 4

woops didn't post my pic

I actually tried Hollow Fragment and simply couldn't stand it. It's probably the most boring game I've played in a long time.

Thanks! Well, I just smoked hookah, but really, I've been meaning to making some changes to my lifestyle, including quitting smoking, cutting alcohol, eating better, etc. Smoking in particular was making me waste time and I was no longer feeling any buzz.

Good shit, user.

because they are on the internet attention whoring

if they weren't then they would be decent traditional women that like to crochet

i've been out of a job for almost a year and the last interview i had went well but they never called me back

I never did finish the zone of enders games. Combat was pretty fun but I'm so used to AC games and farting around with new builds constantly that I got bored of the same stuff in ZoE over and over.

I'm great at job interviews. I lie through my teeth the entire time, put on a good smile, thicken up my southern accent a bit. Works every time.

Tip, don't post too much Yang, bro.

/a/ banned me for saying that eva is shit, and deleted my post. Board is half dead anyway and only retards sit on it, and they treat their users like they are monkeys on leash.

Good job /a/, rest in piss.

The brave autistic heros of 4 AM Holla Forums are in campaign to save the land from a doomsday device put in motion by their own stupidity.
I told you about Jelly Town bro

If you wish to join our heros in their adventures as they crawl through dungeons and slay dragons (5e) fill your appliance on the thread: Character name, Race and Class.
From now on characters will start at lvl 3, and everyone who already has characters and wants to join levels up to lvl 3 automaticly.

Every saturday at 4 AM thread time.
Please just don't make a sheet and fuck off without saying anything to me. I mean, I'll not get angry if you don't like my DMing style or if you hate D&D 5e, but it does get me mad to see people just disappear from the face of the earth without explaination.

Never understood any of that. What happened? I don't even know who AJ is.

the SAO games actually don't suck ass. I won't sperg though. The anime is absolute trash, the light novels are worse, but the games are at least fun. Hollow Fragment is like a single-player MMORPG, which is the best kind of MMORPG.

Metal Gear Rising and DMC4 are the main ones that come to mind.

Heyo Yangnon. Nice to hear you're slowly gaining control, good luck on quitting!

I'm doing pretty all-right, can't complain. Still haven't heard back from those other places I applied to, but I'm gonna start studying my PTCB book on Monday at least. Play anything fun recently?

If you ever get a flashcart, get Mr. Gimmick. The best NES game there is imo.
Shame cartridges go for fucking astronomical prices, saw one for $400.

I know. Just the first couple posts.

I meant cartridges of Mr. Gimmick, you can get flashcarts for a good price.

That's not surprising since it's essentially a single player MMO. I think it's comfy


how have all of you been doing today? doing well? bad?

Megaman x man

Were you posting in some shitpost thread without sage? Cause thats how you get banned on /a/

Ahhh. Do you have to play as that bland as shit MC though?

I got the job

More like doing nothing.

eva is shit tho tbh fam. is also got normal fag fans out da ass jus cause is 2 deep 4u.

/a/ got a history of comin at me sideways monica so I feel ya man dey shit wacker than a mug

What did you expect? Weaboo tend to be some of the absolute pretentious people out there.


what is this nigger speech?

Gas the trips, name wars now.


Happen to know the prices on famicom ones? Sometimes I'll look into nip releases for stuff if they have that kind of price in the US and sometimes its a lot better.

Doing great! How about you user

Just had one last Friday
I think it went alright, there was another which was a trial which was the Friday before that and went good too

Well I played a AC game on the PS1 and I didn't enjoy it, but it might of just been a shit game, but this is my sort of game

yea i'm blak fam

i'ma b out early 2nite tho

I was under the impression that /a/ was half-decent. I might make sure to avoid it now.

Thanks, friend. Guess it takes some patience to wait for the right place to pick you up, huh? I'd get all fidgety from the anxiety;

Well, I haven't been "playing" anything so much as reading. I got one of the normal endings for Kara no Shoujo 2 and unlocked the true ending, though I still have to get that. Other than that, I bought Singularity and Wolfenstein: The New Order, which were both on sale. Probably gonna play them before bed.

Still need to continue Shinovi Versus though.

Maybe its MMO nature is what turned me off. I could never get into MMOs. They always bored me to death except for a few times when I played together with a few friends.



O X Y G E N.

doing ok

less time for projects and too many projects



what a fly boy like you be doin stayin in on the computer?

Don't worry, friend. I have a degree in negro vernacular. It says, "ooga booga, bix nood, kill Ritsu".

name dindu nuffin

I own master of arena but haven't played it yet. Should try that some time.

He says eva is a basic bitch that normalfags like, and the /a/ mods have fucked him over too.

Damn that sucks. What job was it?

Hmm we don't have southern accents here. How is your job situation anyway by the way? I wish I was a better liar, I'm too honest sometimes.

What's a trial?

Good shit bronski. Are you the night audit guy?

I wanna fuck that loli.

got a kid fammo im finna b up all nyte ne way cuh so

gon b a good daddy dis time 2 like pic related

whaddup riss

I am, but I didn't apply for the new night audit job yet, was just shit posting

Job Trial, they had me do some stuff in the kitchen to see if I'm able to do the job

Ritsu, i've noticed all your anime pics that arent Ritsu are usually loli's or kids. You're not one of those weird pedos are you?

I keep staying up late. At least I got my cereal in case I want it.

The last one was etrian mystery dungeon. It was the same cost as a used copy so I saw no reason not to get the soundtrack with it.

Because they are social creatures. While guys would just beat you down if they didn't like you, women try to ruin your social life. So take that possibility of ruining your social life from normal life, then multiply it by the infinity that is the internet connection.

I don't know what you were expecting.

Attention whores gotta ruin everything, man.

Well I'm NEET so its pretty good. Considering getting a job for a couple of weeks soon though. Wanna buy some stuff and go to an anime con.

Shes pretty cute

been doing pretty well myself.
I've manage to binge watch almost all of FMA:brotherhood

shits pretty good

like always i presume?

what sorts of projects?


he's probably just a regualr pedo

He's a pedo. So is belrose, see a common thread among enormous faggots?

Are you new or something?


I have trouble with them too since I get all turned around in a large space with little in the way of goals to work towards. Only proper MMO I was able to get into was FFXIV which I plan to pick back up at some point to finish working my way to white mage

i wouldn't put it pass him
he's always been a degenerate.

Lolis are for cute not penis

I went shopping all day yesterday on 2 hours of sleep and a ton of energy drinks. Came home and crashed for 10 hours. Feel like crap right now.

Whats up homie?


cute not pedo
would definitely go pedo for Megumin though

yo who dat old ass aryan jesus fam dat nigga look fierce af dat nigga got da sash n shit fam

jus ignore da nycka fam iz stupid ne how

yo my nigga got da dope gondola game 2 nite fam

shieet jus chillin exodus bout to start stirrin here ne minute

ye ain even da real one fam

Man they shit jobs in Tennessee don't they?

Ah so it was like a cook job then?

We all shitpost sometimes I suppose.



Who's belrose?

Im just indulging in my inner columbo.

Why have this picture then. This is lewd.

Another day, another night. How are you lot doing?
I finally got my linux dual boot up and running. Slowly I'll be migrating all my windows stuff (except vidya) to it. I also added my ex back on skype to talk. I haven't logged back into skype since I barely used it outside of contacting a couple of people.

Read the spoiler m8

Megumin isn't a loli

That's basically how I felt. I just wandered around aimlessly which, in retrospect, was okay; exploring a large world and discovering new things is fine. It's just that it starts to become a chore when you feel like you get nothing out of it.

No fun allowed

Its been pretty good lately about it yeah.

Just a weekend thread, thats all. Kids are out of school so

I bought a Vita to go with the one I already owned, and it arrived today. I ended up buying a shitton of Taiko V DLC on the JP PSN.

…I think I might be who people talk about when folks say that the Vita has an extremely niche audience.

But that makes you a pedo!

Guess I'm stuck shitposting with you cool dudes fags again.

ritsu will you be my gf

Don't do it mang. Ex's a shit. How did you guys break up?

Still doesn't explain why they act like a rock when on streams. Even the most beta of nu-males don't act like that.

Yeah. Had hells pizza today. Do you fags get that in burgerclapistan?
Nah. I get the gold or whatever versions of old games that have all of their expansions but never go out of my way to get anything other than the game.

did you make that post from the virtual tablet in that game?

quit breaking rule 8, user.

Is she underage though? She could be 6 million years old for all I know.

Close enough

I'm only a pedo for Megumin. It doesn't count, it's like being prison gay.

It was one yes


Kiddytoe? Yeah, that's the worst part of the game. But at least his face isn't in the CGs in Hollow Fragment. It's the same way in Hollow Realization now as well. Lost Song actually put his bland-ass-face in the CGs. Lost Song had flying n shit though. Not that LS is really worth playing. It's blander than HF, and the CGs aren't even that lewd. This one's from Hollow Realization though. You'd hate the games, if not just for the source material, if you don't like MMORPGs though, since they're all single-player MMORPGs essentially.

I guess so. Usually if you don't hear back after two weeks then they've found someone else. That's been the case before at least.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is pretty fun for what it is. I've heard good things about Singularity, but never played it myself. You'll have to let me know how it is.

But I don't, well, didn't.

It has a far better selection of games compared to the 3DS, which all normalfags seem to love.

The moderation for /a/ will always be fucking garbage, no matter where it exists. From what I've seen, the only board that even likes excessive moderation is /a/. Shit, /a/ is only board I know of where mods are actually worshiped, it's that bad.

not to mention

What about the shower shitting episode with Huey?

Fuck off orange Japanese-squealing beanbag.

She's hitting puberty, so it's not like she is incapable of having sex.

Has Vita hacking got anywhere? Can you play PSP games on it?

I'm not even trying to sound like an edgy teen. Why is the night so much better than noon, and why aren't more people nocturnal? Can't wait till daylight savings.

Friday I worked on 3 projects:

I just finished ripping and installing the driver for the scanner last 4am thread and now I can scan the application for the new job
3ds and i9195i firmware hacks are currently on hold, perhapse indefinitely
and then every night I have to try and come up with new images so I con't get taken for an avatar fag and at the same time create a large enough list of reaction images for every character

other shit too, I forgot to buy hazelnut butter for sandwhiches and bodysoap not made by a jew, with almond scent

also full up tonight so shitters constantly calling and coming in asking about rooms because the town is full up and guests being shits

The pirate dude with the beard?
that's the fucking pirate king from exosquad nigga, he's in like the first episode

did you need advice or something tho?

Undoubtedly, I'd reckon that's why he became a recluse. Shit, I became a recluse because I didn't want people to find out I had made some dark humor comics a few years back.

Indeed, another day of doing nothing.

I've got some 3DS too. All hacked.

Umaru best anime grill


Prison gay is still gay. Its like fucking your best friend, it makes you gay, even if its with only one person.

Theres nothing wrong with umaru. You sound like those guys who bully me when I post Ritsu on Holla Forums.

Maybe thats why he's so secretive too? Someone should tell the fbi in case hes a danger.

Exact same thing here. I'm pretty convinced it's the whole circadian rhythm thing, but fuck if I'm going to go through the effort of fixing that when all it will do is kill my vidya time to make me feel less like shit during the day.

Seriously, my 3DS has been gathering dust for the past 10 months or so. I will finally undust it when the new Ace Attorney comes out though.

Haven't looked it up, but it looks like you can at least run PSP ISOs? There haven't been any definitive means of playing on a hacked Vita, though.

Mine's a 2DS cuz I was broke as fuck at the time.

Pretty normal to be attracted to 13-14 year olds. Just not to actually fuck them, because they're dumb and don't understand sex. Anyway, no more Megumin art because they'll drop rule 8 on me if I do, even though I'm not "taking on a persona" or whatever, because they're autistic cunts.

How good is Y 8


good man
I'm overall done with getting cucked by Miiyamoto
Don't enjoy any 3DS games besides Advance Wars anymore anyway. Probably going to sell off everything Nintendo except my Advance Wars games and my Inkling amiibo.



I think I found why you can't seem to understand it. There is a reason women are drawn to theater.

For a second I thought you said Petrol implying that user is an Abo

I've been meaning to get around to making a JP PSN account for that and the IA/VT DLC.
Here's hoping Diva X gets more songs than costumes this time around

I shouldn't but it's been eating me up. I've already talked about it before.

I'm more creative at night. Something about the day that makes me want to glide through the whole day without thinking too much.

You have shit taste.

you deserve to be bullied

How about… no.

Prison gay is totally different from real gay.

Everybody is a lolicon for Megumin.

Nice collection there.
I've heard pretty good stuff about that, never bothered to try any of the Ys game yet, haven't gotten around to 'em.
Is that one any good? It's almost $60 now to just get the regular print edition (ie not the shitty "The Best!" cover version.)

what distro you using?

But he's right.

Aqua is far better


dis tbh

i wanna collabo w/ dat gondola

That reminds me that I got some IA/VT DLC as well.

Anyway, good thing I can transfer DLC from my PS3. That orange Vita is hacked, I even pirated Tokyo Xanadu to try it out before my PS4 pre-order comes next month.

13 isn't hitting puberty for a girl, it's half way through already. Girls usually start 8-10.

No, I'm just a really big fan of nakadashi

Shit nigga you got double bad taste. Next you'll tell me that Emilia is best girl.

Is it really just "girl things."
Then again, I don't usually talk to women even offline.

Same here man.

It's really easy but the tracklist is huge and they're all uncut.

I recommend Oath in Felghana as a starting point. Gives you a good idea of what they're like.

It's a decently challenging game too.

No its not. They dont even have sexual bodies yet.

But theres not!

What do abbos have to do with Petrol? Do they own gas companies?

Theyre both upbeat and fun to watch though

No I dont!


If you suck a mans penis, it makes you gay. No one cares if the walls are grey and you can only fap sometimes otherwise.

Thats a stupid meme. Garfield is an animal, umaru is a person. Its not even relative.

Because Emilia is best girl.

She's a great character Mark, don't worry about it.

I'll need to try out for the 4am baseball team next year.

Sure you are.

I like IA/VT. As you can probably tell, I like my Vita rhythm games.

There's no stopping you is there? You should just stop.
I don't know and I don't really want to know if the request was accepted. Right now I've buried my head in the sand.

Manjaro KDE
I'm probably going to strip it and explore more options later down the line. Right now I just need something that works.
I am installing Arch on my laptop but it's proving to be a pain in the ass.

I've never bothered to watch either show. I'm not a SoL fag.

ritsu is best poster



It's close enough to a loli, man.

Man have you ever seen a 13 year old girl? I remember high school and they definitely had sexual bodies.

Speaking of animu, we can all agree that Mob Psycho 100 is SotS right?

I've gotten back with an ex before. It was really fun for a good while. Then everything went to shit really quick. I wouldn't suggest it, but hey it might be different for you.

depends on dey milk n meat w/ hormones consumption monica u ignorant af girls got a pretty wide range of puberty hittin tbh if my high school health teacher was to be believed.

has (((one))) come out with anymore in either of dem shitz lately fam?


iz lyk i ain't got no object permanence w/ da nigga i jus get so happy when i see fam

this tbh

idk wtf dat mean fam tbh but i like da manga nigga shit is ryt


I'm the one that talks about nakadashi the most around here also leg locks and back scratches

too much ram

you bet

Of course.

Loli nakadashi is pretty great. Always irks me when they use a condom with a loli in an h-manga. Like nigga what's the point?

I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as SoTS is actually AoTS.

Yeah. It's _You_.

what is the premise?

Rule 8 Exterminatus when.

Browsing with a controller is comfy, just wish I could type fast.

ritsu really when are you going to think about your wife and kids

honestly what's the point of condoms?


I figured but is it better than 7

What's the difference between being autistic, and being a social recluse?

Especially in h-manga, right? It's a fucking comic and she's 8 fucking years old she's not going to get pregnant

Not much, they usually go hand-in-hand.

one is a choice

I'm not looking to get back in that. I just want to talk to someone I can trust really.

I got a lot of power to spare so it's fine with me but for whatever reason I'm getting some graphical issues. I had to turn off the majority of transitions and I'm not entirely sure if my jewvidia drivers are installed properly. QT was a mistake.
It's going to end absolutely terribly but I'm prepared for it.

If this is a new form of shitposting, it's not very good, considering there hasn't been a change. There was a guy on /k/ that managed to get posting with a name disabled, and last I saw, he tried moving over to Holla Forums to do the same.

Did you try Jewgle or one of it's replacements?

If I were mark, i'd have banned you all already.

K-on can get stale after a bit, but Himouto! Umaru is pretty comfy to watch, I highly recommend it.

I dont really talk to abbos much. They hate white people.

No they didnt. Its usually around 15-16 that it really gets there. And most people like lolis cause they dont look like women. They want to fuck little kids.

Not mark

K-on tor users posting music is the new shitposter?

I thought Rule 8 is for Ritsu?

Megumin is for lewd


It's ok Mark, you may have 6 million problems, but we still love you.

Much, much better. You'd be surprised what adding the jump back in did to the level design. Everything is so vertical and there's so much on screen it's amazing.

i want to explode in her ass

Sounds pretty comfy then. Especially with them being uncut too bad I don't understand jap anyway.

OiF eh? All right. I think I actually have the PSP ISO of that around here somewhere, or did at one point.

Yeah, I think I'll wind up enjoying it then, seeing you have Taiko V and Project Diva X.
Which reminds me, I get my copy of Diva X in 2-3 days. I had almost forgotten I pre-ordered it.

Autists tend to be unaware of why they're not liked.
Social recluses tend to be overly self conscious, which is why they live the hermit life.
Of course this doesn't apply to all, and often goes vice versa.


I hated doing that on PSN alone, i can only imagine actually trying to type with it. It must be so horrible.

You dont understand. Im not mark.


Neither but everyone should know that Abos like to sniff Petrol, by the way this means that any way out of NT visiting NT will get petrol taken as NT Petrol has the sniff taken out

i'm your waifu
our daughter is adopted

Nigga get this shit. It's great.

i know why i'm disliked, i just usually can do little about it

long as it's consensual, for whatever that's worth

my mint nvidia drivers worked well

too bad linus fucked up like an idiot about them drivers


So did the janitors completely give up on the purge?

Don't worry. I'll keep it a secret like that one family did with Anne Frank.

I didn't really like Jump as much as I liked 7s combat
I probaby should trying and get Celestia too though, and once I get a job I may import 8, also some Yakuza games

no idea man, I just assumed I was not an avatarfag enough to be banned

(doubly checked)
I guess so. The name and email field is still there.

A social recluse might do so out of choice.

Other than that, no, not much difference.

I'd recommend the PC version instead, but playing that on a portable system is comfy too. I don't think there are a whole of extras in the PSP version aside from voice acting and a second powerup that can break the game.

Nobody talks to their ex without some intention of getting back. That's the way I look at it. Maybe you aren't consciously doing it though.


Mark being The One

Nobody talks to their ex without some intention of getting back. That's the way I look at it. Maybe you aren't consciously doing it though.

It's comfy as balls. There's this nice game mode where you can cue up three songs and play them back to back with not even half a second of load time between them

As for Ys, there are also several of them on PC. Origins isn't a bad starting point. Most of the fan service will go over your head but it's so far back in the timeline you won't have to worry about character relations or anything. It's tough at times but it is possible to grind out a few levels if a boss is wrecking you too hard

I think they're just using it to ban ritsu now.

Not much, but autists usually have interests that normalfags don't get.

les find out monica?

dafuq u browsin on tv nycka?

i lost a lot of money investin in web tv fam

dem are sum real anime tiddie fam

do ppl rly lyk hentai or is just sum meme nyckas?

Sadly, yes

People complained about it being removed, so they added it back.

Those numbers agree.

Pretty much. Even when I quit avatarfagging.

At this point I just wish Ritsu and the other faggots would and go back to their board.

I thought you knew better DMX.

The thing is, I don't know if its a choice or not- I don't feel compelled to interact with people outside of a small circle of friends I have.

Still doesn't look like something I would watch.

It's a pain to set up since when I tried the proprietary drivers since I thought that since Nvidia are extremely jewish about their software maybe their drivers will work the best. Nope. It crashes upon boot everytime.

Most likely. Right now I am in the perfect situation with my career but socially and mentally I am in a rut.

If you have a small circle of friends (at least outside the internet), you're not a recluse.

Dont abbos have their own land to do with as they want? I remember it being a big theme in king of the hill. How could anyone take gas coming in there from them?

Umaru and her brother are the best yea, but there are some good sidecharacters. But its because theyre side characters that theyre not as great.

The problem with K-on is you have them all and they start to get stale over time. Like Mugi, you get bored of seeing them.

Anne frank was a horrible secret though. Its why she died!

I wonder why they hate him so much. He must have done something.

Well, if you're ever bored and you need something on your second monitor just think about it!

I got this to type with, but I just go back to the keyboard, it's right in front of me, but sitting back in my chair feels better.

Not on TV, just have my laptop next to me with my work desktop in front.

I mean if we're talking living, breathing people in my vicinity- I know 2-4. That's it, and I don't see them often. Nearly all of my other friends are online.

i'll stick to my shitty userscripts

technically I have a small circle of friends, but I haven't talked to them in months, only like two or three times this whole year, does this count?

mods are cheeky cunts

gave me a chuckle


Oh, I mean the ISO to play on PPSSPP, or is the PC port actually better? And does it have the same extras?

Holy shit that's awesome why couldn't project diva have that?

I think I actually have Origins in my steam library from a humble bundle years back. But that would mean logging into Steam, so to hell with that. I guess I'll go find a liberated copy of Oath in Felghana then, and go from there. I've almost picked up Memories of Celceta several times, due to it being so cheap, but just haven't sprung for that one yet.


Also go back? I never went to begin with.

Not really. They are always adding nice touches to their characters as they go along.

But I am pretty biased when it comes to k-on so

But you're tripfagging. Thats even worse.

They just use it to ban people when they haven't actually broken any rules. Ritsu gets banned frequently even after giving up his avatar. I guess anime girls count as avatarfagging

It's sad none of production and video encoder autists never left cuckchan.

Because they're autistic.

anyone here like pokeporn



The board was one of those things made in the rush to have a bunker when Mark threw around the major wave of bans a fucking year ago almost, and it happens to be one of the ones that didn't stick. I had put up a claim for it ages ago, but dropped it since there wasn't any point in keeping it.

But what you don't realize is that they were trying to get a cloning process set up so they could have an infinite supply for heat.

Rule 8 is just the "step out of line and we'll use it to ban you for an hour or two" thing. I think it's supposed to stop shitty posts from clogging up the board, but with all the other threads seemingly getting off scot-free, it's clearly not the case.

what the fuck man, every time?

if that's the case try a different distro or fresher drivers or something

Well they do have Reservations and stuff, but Abos try and get some from the outside to get them piss and sniff
By the way in some of these dry zones the abos buy bottles of Jack that you buy at a supermarket for $50 for $400


Theres no rule against tripfagging

Rule 8 is the "we don't like you so we are banning you" rule at this point

Chrome is still the best browser.
osu! is fine if you aren't into highscore memes.

After having a sister for all of my life, I can tell you one thing. Women don't seem to show true emotion like in your Japanese cartoons. Unless it's different in europe, the only reason emotion is shown during the romance is because that's the first time dealing with true emotions. Finding a girl with true emotion, by that I mean not just cry at a Disney movie or get upset at you not doing something but the emotions that you can sense right off of the person, is hard due to all the hormone controlling drugs and the media overload they get. I know me saying "true emotion" is not really scientific, but it's the best guess I got as to why they seem like a rock. I'm also tired and hungry, so don't take my word as law, but more as a way to get you to the right answer as it has some truth behind it.

I keep telling you to stop using Holla Forums if you don't like it.

osu! is literal spyware.

From what I hear, Hirohito Nagasaki has actually eased up on moderation. But the site's still basically run by a group of SJW global mods.

You're close to being a recluse, but not quite. Of course, I'd say immediate family doesn't count.

Maybe. Maintaining constant contact with friends is necessary to not be a recluse.

Nah, it doesn't, but it's the exact same game. Really, there's no reason to play the PSP version if you're gonna play it on an emulator. Not to mention I think the PC version has uncapped FPS.

drunk as fuck and losing control… swear I'm near the edge of just catching the bus or whatever they call it.

I used to buy the collectors editions of Final Fantasy games, stopped after XII

Project Diva has to load far more assets for each song. Most of the time in IA/VT it's just a video with no models of any kind whereas Project Diva needs to get all that camera movement, effects, the level itself, the character model, her costume, etc. for each song

If they really cared about that rule 7 would be enforced

Out. Now.

they're different things but often coincide.

you know it scans your computer down to your browsing history so it can ban your account on suspicion of cheating, right?

Enjoy a rhythm game mainly enjoyed by weeaboo twinks that takes screenshots of your computer.

w8 so there b niggas out there ryt nao jackin off to 2d shiz? aww hell naw

Hes got two 4chan tabs too.

Well, the important part is you like it a lot, thats all that really matters too.

Anne frank or the nazis? Cause i dont see how burning jews is a long lasting heatsource. Unless you have them mating nonstop.

Yeah, I have family that buy cigarettes and liquor from abbos cause theres no taxes and its cheaper. Thats what i expected them to do with the petrol, not sniffing, thats much more surprising.

Not yet. Is that part of your plan?

what's it like begin fucking wrong

It's not like you can block the connection or anything if you're that worried about it.

Seriously fuck off >>>/cuckchan/

What you drinkin user?

Hey thanks! That was nice!

And considering they folded on force user so fast I doubt it

Pushing the mods further into cuckchan territory would be pretty fun. Let it all burn

Chromium is nice though. And its FOSS!

I heard about that. It screencaps your screen every so often, right?

w8 so there b niggas out there ryt nao jackin off to 2d shiz? aww hell naw

ahhh aight aight is dey ne pin wheel type keyboards for andoid monica dis swype shit triflin as heyl n always finna hit me w/ dat autocorrect

yea i'ma star avatar faggin w/ my bans thooo

mebbe iz still good for /fit/ n some specific shiz idk


I tried some open-source drivers and they seem to work fine but again, the graphics issues is now the biggest issue.

You're in the right mind state then.

Chromium still has some shit in there that sends data to jewgle.

Name something better then? Chrome has been consistently faster than any other browser to date. FF has been a junky slow pile of software for forever.

I got your ip now, buddy, prepare to be hacked 7 ways to Sunday.

Aight, i'm headed off to bed.

Sleep tight everybody! Catch you guys on the flipside~

aaand there we go. I'll find a PC version to play then, thanks!

Yeah, understandable. Still though, just being able to queue up multiple songs to play in a row, with a brief loading between them, still would've been nice.

At least watching the site get worse is fun. I'm starting to agree with Holla Forums in the fact that imageboards should still be chaotic as fuck.

They'd just clone Frank's family and use them to heat the house. Why do you think they hid them in the attic and didn't tell anyone they were there?

For all you know, they set up a huge batch when you're offline and then send it when you get an internet connection again.

I remember hearing there was a huge shitstorm over in the land of Nips.

Captain Morgan at the bar, and sailor jerry here at home. Also no I still haven't talked to my GF.

getting more in the mindset now.

So people shitting on chrome, I understand that. what browser is everyone using out of curiosity? WaterFox here.



user I don't know what to tell you, good luck with it

It's not an uncommon anti-cheat method since a lot of them use some sort of overlay

Only halfchan boards I check are /w/ for obvious reasons and /h/ for the faphero updates, and erosound threads.

Are you gay?

Good night, Yoza! Glad to see I helped with your decision.

old version of ff monica, seamonkey a good one

u could prolly fin da ole one i posted w/ my ip on there but it ain't no thang shawty lyk i said


u lyk fam?

Fuck I just woke up. What a fucking shit sleep cycle I have.
How have you fams been?


hellz yeah

I'd titfuck Yoza tbh

It's pretty popular there, so I'm not surprised.

Still pretty fucking skeevy. I don't want a game looking at my shit. It's my shit.

good man, you?

No problem!
So like the /a/ mods basically? I wonder if it would go well or if Holla Forums would revolt?

Like said, its the fastest, which is why I use it. I just hope its not spyware or a botnet like google chrome. But when im playing vidya and watching movies, sometimes firefox will get my pc going sub 40fps and i start to notice, which I hate.


Isnt it? I remember it not being proprietary software.

I don't believe you.

Wish there was some type of answer to controller based text input. The touch screen swipe thing works well for those devices.
Best things I've seen yet are the steam controller duel touchpad keyboard and the PS4 touch cruiser keyboard. Even then they aren't that great.

Oh yeah? Lets see you hack me then, faggot. I've got norton.

I actually use waterfox at home


Looking for people to play A.O.T. (PC) with

discord: nep2nep#3581
steam: steamcommunity.com/id/juniperlee/

please don't reply unless you have an interest in playing the game or talking about it ty.

I'm using it but as far as FOSS it's a bit of a shit show

something something chromium 43 phoned home for a binary blob

chrome is prolly faster if u runnin one tab or sumn

but when u start doin lyk sum (((power user))) type shiz id expect summa dat slow down monica cause every tab b a seperate thread or sumn das what slime told me ne how

Well for all I know every application could do that on my computer. Unless there is actual known instances of this happening it's not worth letting shit eat your thoughts up.

Tired as fuck and I wanna play video games. That's mostly it. I wanna post my waifu and ban evade like a motherfucker but I'm too lazy to do that at the moment.

Waterfox. Pale meme is usually the go to but I'm not sure if they have finally updated their packages to the latest version since last time I used it they've had them out of date for ages.

I run at least 2 windows with 60 tabs open at all times. If I did the same I would usually have a bigger performance hit with chrome.

Is it just a prettier version of the browser game like it looks like?

Isn't that like 8 years behind what version Chrome is?
Why don't you post what you're browsing with?

tbh idk y cucks get scared of posting IP, at most people will be able to identify your city and ISP but that is all they can get from it without being able to access the server of your central

Late night yoza!


And sounds pretty good. I've hear sailor jerry is good? Maybe that was you.

/a/ mods dindu nuffin

They actually clean up the board unlike Holla Forums mods

what kinda vidia do you wan't to play user?

Don't you have some other thread to shit up?

Why are you falling for fucking at least half a decade old bait?

That kind of thinking is how the Jews got in power user.

It's definitely easier to control. Whether or not that's a good thing is up to you, though.

Not my problem, not like I'm going to stop browsing Holla Forums because people don't like every little aspect of my browsing history.

I already did


That's why I quit using Pale Moon, Waterfox is pretty fucking nice though.

Yeah probably. Honestly as far as rum goes. Kraken > Jerry > Morgan > Blackheart > everything else. I just go with Morgan's because the bar I go to serves it cheap.

m8 what cartoon is that? I feel I should know it because it looks like the shit I grew up with, but I can't place it.

it's not bait if it's delicious

If you were tripfagging on /a/ you'd have gotten a several month ban already, along with all of your posts deleted, even if they happened to help someone.

But the best crafted bait doesn't seem like bait.

What advantages does waterfox have over palemoon? I've been using the latter for a while and have no problems.

Is kraken actually that good? I always figured you were just paying for the bottle with that stuff

I'd like to play Fortress Forever but I don't think anyone's on. I wanna play EDF but I don't wanna hook the nogamestation 4 up. I wanna play F-zero X but I don't wanna hook the N64 up. Dunno what to do.


I shill it

you should watch it

have you played iji yet?

Unfortunetly for them I'm not a power player to anything- so my information is useless unless they want to shill some product that I might want to buy, in which case that might be what I want at the time anyways.
I'm not one to do anything besides quietly go about my work and try to enjoy the small things I strive to gain enough funds for. I aspire for a normal mundane life with my friends, I doubt the jews will really get much from me.

Fortress Forever is pretty fun. So was TF2C before Alpha had to ruin everything. Shame FF and TF2C are dead.

Interesting. So if you stay under the update for 43, it might be fine then.

Chromium gets more resource heavy the more tabs you have open. If its just 3 or 4, you're fine, but if you got over 12 going it can get to be a bit much yeah. Firefox is usually just a big hit with small or little, which is fine when you're not using a bunch of other resource heavy things, but when you are, its nice to have chromium.

But then why is /a/ dead? More than enough of Holla Forums love anime, you'd think it would be doing great.

I reserve the right to bully you a bit for it though.

Seamonkey masterrace reportan.

Why is your kaz so blurry?

I'm having trouble keeping up with multiple conversations so I missed those.
Also using a controller, shitty laptop flat keyboard, with no mouse and a tiny screen.

I'm saying google a shit so take it with a grain of salt and ton't expect a perfectly FOSS experience

I look forward to fiber tho

/a/ doesn't have any threads like 4am though so I don't mind that.

I don't really care if the mods want to ban people for avatar/shitposting in actual video game threads but in threads like 4am, generals, GG, WW, AVGD etc They shouldn't be shitting these threads up with bans.

Whats seamonkey?


what do you most like about LauraB?

I think it's good, it's strong, hits you hard. You have to have a taste for dark rum though or else you're not going to like it. Mix it with coke or sunny D if you're weak. I drink my rum straight

was that the show with cars that turned into jets and boats? shit yeah I should just watch it…

I didn't like seamonkey.

that anime triggers my paternal instincts
makes me want a wife more than usual

remember to turn on colored IDs user
options at the top right of the page and in the general section with the house icon

While on the topic of shitty tech opinions and of /w/, hows that phone ricing going on anons?


Waterfox isn't too bad but it's still pretty shit overall but almost every browser's shit today.

Waterfox used to be just a x64 version of Firefox with some unnecessary shit stripped out of it. Now that there is a x64 version of Firefox it's just trying to be optimized for the more advanced user that doesn't want to deal with the shit that Mozilla throws in. Pale Moon has the same optimizing philosophy but is rather behind or at least that's what I remember.

I had fun with those cancerous faggots.

Everyone keeps saying this, but it's bullshit. I play FF every day. Nobody's on at 4AM but from around 6AM-11PM you can find a game somewhere, and in the peak hours of the day there's around 2-3 servers with players in them.

Modern games.

Fork of the Mozilla suite way back when before Firefox was just a browser. It kept up to date with standards without adding all the retarded shit that Firefox did over the years. Even comes with an IRC, RSS and mail client!

If privacy is meaningless for you because you have nothing to hide, freedom of speech is meaningless for you because you have nothing to say.

So this is the power of the PS3.

But 4am threads and WW threads aren't even close to vidya threads. Generals should belong on /vg/, and AVGD has their own board. You almost never see anything that isn't secondary to the board topic on /a/ because of how strict the mods are.


plz tell me this real monica

sailor jerry god tier fammo if u lyk a dark rum. smooth af n u can drink da shiz str8 2 if u finna get toasty

dis monica (((Da tribe))) got dem innocuous powers fam



i'd play if linux monica i was finna try some ut4 or dis xonotic shiz i b hearin about

when u get a bunch of anime fans together, u see this in Holla Forums too but not nearly to the same extent, they all have niche interests and perceived views of how other fans of the medium perceive various things. so you get the whole this is overrated/underrated argument with a bunch of pedantic weebs who 2-3 tiers down from CWC

das my take on it ne how fam

dis niqqa gets it thoo

old ff tried to make sumn dat was ff n thunderbird together basically. stopped doin it cause it was waste of time. fans picked it up n kept it alive slowly updates w/ firefox they're pretty far behind still tbh so as of right now a lot of da bs w/ newer firefox isn't on there. rarely if ever crashes for me.

had a major problem w/ css when i first installed the shit tho, removed it n re-installed n it was fixed, don't rly know what up w/ dat tbh monica

das me tho

no user though that sounds familiar, I may know what you are talking about

but for now here is the opening for exosquad

lots of cool cartoons from that era

Maybe you should as well since my screenshot shows I have them turned on

Well, I wouldn't want anybody from the internet having the faintest clue where I lived. Fun Fact: I used to shitpost hard on this site and got people pissed off and trying to find me. For some reason they thought I lived somewhere nowhere near where I actually live, so I posted a ban message where I used inspect element to put in an IP from the place they thought I was from and they actually bought it.

I drink entirely mixed drinks so. And rum goes best with Dr pepper.

Ahhh I should be fine with just palemoon then.

Sounds kinda neat, though I dunno if I'd want IRC bothering me in my browser all day.

DMX, Jerry isn't dark rum, it's spiced rum. FYI m8.

Shit that looks good, but I never saw it. I don't remember the show I was talking about or the name. However I do remember DinoRiders, that was the fucking shit.

You have to actually start it. I like Icechat a lot more but Chatzilla is nice to have around if you need it.

If only the big companies would stop getting in the way

Im just hoping vulkan takes off.

Thats good user, having a wife and family is a good thing! Im sure you'll have them eventually too

This is why modern games are terrible.

So its consoles fault. Why do they have to hold PCs back so much?

I think its because the mods on /a/ are too strict and they chased everyone away.

was the difference i thot da spice made it dark lyk dem dune niggaz w/ da blue eyes n em

if u drink mixed drinks ey night w/ soda fam das why u b havin dem kidney problems monica

u pretty good breh

False, because I spout my shit all day long. Privacy is a joke now since everything has dipped their fingers into servalance. If I had the time to be autistic and compile a release of Gentu then I would, but I've gotten tired of the bullshit and decided to just go with the flow and support those that could change the system. I am but a simple user that wants to enjoy his small existence while the time permits. I'll work just enough at my day job so I can go home and play some vidya and sleep with my daki for the next day to roll around.

Post a pic of your face right now, m8

Blame the fact that it had a 5 system release.

Good goy.


I don't know if I could drink it straight. Always makes me sick to my stomach, its not the mouth/throat burn that gets me. Just always feel like its burning a hole in my stomach.

I use hexchat, its prety comfy

I rarely drink actually. Maybe once every couple of months. Funny thing is I got drunk the day before my last kidney stone so I will probably be avoiding it for a long while.

I'd pet Nazrin.

I use the same shit forever so I try to keep it minimalist except the shit I need like apps that track bitcoin and etherium

I never actually got around to beating it because of that perfectionism shit I have but it's definitely good

honestly man I just reply to whoever is talking to me

here user
centurions was cool too


Why should I post myself on an anonymous image board?

Never tried it with dr. pepper, like I said though I don't mix.

the more aged it is, the darker the rum. So dark rum is for rums that are aged longer than usual.

thanks, user.

If you don't care about privacy, why does it matter?

I use hexchat on Loonix. It ain't bad. But I run Vista on my desktop.

You said that keeping privacy is stupid, as everything is being surveilled.

If your identity is already public then why are you keeping yourself anonymous?
Am I more dangerous than the government?
Am I more prone to sell your information to companies than the people surveilling you?

She cute but girls eating hamburgers is cuter

If you ever do its better than rum and coke.

What happened to 98? Or was it xp? How many computers do you have?

it seems to be making a dent

one can hope>If only the big companies would stop getting in the way

welcome user

If dubs, go to sleep.


It's up to you what your flavor of shit you want.

Looking at that list M.A.S.K. was the show I was thinking of.

I think I was the one who recommended it to him


Time to get coffee user

Whats wrong with hexchat?

ahhhhhh i ain't know fam. a nigga learn somn new ey day nigga i swear

silver tequila n ginger ale monica

will do fam

also r8 my shit

Since the thread is winding down, I just want to say thank goodness I didn't fall for No Man's Sky.

what kind of tablet is that?

I want to, but i've always hated the crowd that like exclusives. Though im really really hoping the consolers never find out about mount and blade. Maybe one day PC will be the only gaming platform left.

Is it? I thought it was still in the early phase?

I'll roll for your covers!

Fingers crossed.

It's Tabletop Simulator.

I've never had tequila before, no clue what it tastes like.

You ready for the next hype train with star citizen though?

I do care about privacy. It's just hard to keep up a fight when huge companies and groups have shit flinging onto.

I'm saying privacy is a joke since so much shit has come out to take privacy away.
I have no idea how much of my information has been circulated and how, I've taken my own measures to try to keep the amount to a minimum. What I'm saying is that it's fucking impossible to do anything if your goal is to have full privacy. I don't have the time or funds to do that shit so I've lived with using usual efforts to minimize the impact.
I fucking don't know how effective using uBlock and uMatrix has on my typical browsing session. I don't know how many snapshots osu! has taken of my desktop. I can't tell if M$ is seeing what I type into this message box.

I never watched it myself but I thought it may be

user just go to sleep, nobody will mind because you need your rest

heres to that user

people are shilling for it for the DOOM game
that's a dent

I'm ready to see it crash and burn, yeah.

It's too late for that.


I've had problems with it on Windows. I have no idea what it's like on NEW/Loonux

Fucking obviously.


Where's my "Thank you Satan"?

god, I really hope that doesn't fail too hard

zero-g FPS combat with boarding by ships is all I even want from it any more

It was a shit idea to begin with.

I run XP on my cheap laptop's second hard drive (slackware on the main.) I have 98 on a 98 machine for old games.

It's not my favorite but it comes with Slackware and gets the job done.

If star citizen falls as hard as NMS its going to be a great show, its been hyped up so much more.

No problems here so if it works it works.

Satan isn't retarded like you are.

👆 . 💂 🍆 💤 👔 🍆 🛢 . 👃 ⚡ 8=👊 = D 💦 🎺 . 🍆 💦 👢 👢 🙆


What an age we live in.

Love you too bae~


I know, man. I watched the reveal, and all I saw was lies and emptiness.
Yeah well who's laughing now, niggers?

It worked.

I'd love a decent space game so I'm not hoping for it to fail either, but I'm always cautious.

Ahhh. Does having 4 OS's have much use?

Actually, thats pretty big! Normalfags love doom. Especially the redlettermedia guys.

Im kind of hoping it fails. And theres no actual reason for me to want it to fail, other than because so many people donated so much money and are so sure its going to be amazing. Thats the weird thing, I hate it because of that reason alone, and i dont even know why?

You ruined motherbase.

Never saw the appeal of the game and I never actually heard or cared about it until people started flipping their shit after the lies started to come through.

I didn't ruin Motherbase, and I didn't ruin the threads.


I tried to ignore it but between shills and useful idiots, nobody would shut up about how it was going to revolutionize gaming. You'd think these people had never been lied to before. One day they'll learn that the easiest way to tell a dev is lying is that his lips are moving.

I mostly use Vista on my desktop. The laptop having 2 OSes is so I have access to Windows in addition to Slackware if I need it at school. Windows 98 is just for old games because I set up a hobby box for it. School is the only reason I bought a laptop. 98 machine is a Pentium 4 O got for 7 dollars and put parts in.


Fair enough. Almost all the software I have on Manjaro right now I'm only using since it comes stock with it. How's slackware anyway?

I'm betting you're telling Ritsu right now how much you tricked me.

I know what you mean
there was a promise of boarding the giant carriers and having massive FPS fights

I don't even really like space fighter dog fights, but it gave me visions of Battlefield 2142 on even bigger titans and I was sold on it

yeah it may catch on, which actually makes me wary of it the way it's catching on

a shitshow is always fun to watch unless you dropped 500 on it


I don't have any contact with anyone outside the threads.

Do we have anything lined up for 6 in the cytube? If not I might add some videos from a channel I like. Dude who gets really old viruses on VMs and old computers to show them off. Some of them were pretty hardcore compared to what you get today.

That's funny as fuck. Literally anything that uses "revolutionize" automatically means it'll be shit and nothing new.
I need to post more lewd Megu since I got this folder ready for 4am.

The only major Linux distro that doesn't make me want to end my life. It's a UNIX clone through and through and comes with over 7GB of software so you don't need to install much of anything ever. Also no dependency resolution which is really fucking nice when you get used to it, especially when I came from FUCKING DEBIAN years ago.

How expensive would a 98box cost if I ever wanted to build a cheapie one?

I love dog fighting so thats going to be the thing I focus on if the game ends up being worth getting.

He did

If you like thrift stores probably ~25 dollars.

my main beast is 8.0 with classic shell for vidia, it can also dual boot linux mint on a separate drive

my work horse that acts as my in home server is 7 with a terminal only ubuntu VM for the in home cloud server so I don't waste dropbox space or put stuff out there

my shitposting and project machine is linux mint 17.2

that's 4 OSs

Do you know of a good GNU+Linux OS for a Pentium 4 system?

Don't worry, even if you appear as the nice little avatarposter here I got tons of images of Ritsu to post when I get them gathered up too.

Yes you did! You brought on the inspection team that murdered everyone. Against everyones wishes.

Why whats wrong with how its catching on? Is it going in a bad direction like gog?

see, its not smugness, not really. Well there is smugness, but its also that I want it to fail, simply because theyre so sure and donated such ridiculous money. Like the 12k for a ship bullshit. I want it to all burn down.

If you like slackware, you should check out Salix OS. It uses slackware repositories, but has a gnu as well, so you're not doing everything from terminal.


That's fairly accurate. The games that actually revolutionize vidya usually do it by accident. Just look at Doom. It basically killed adventure games, and FPS were called "Doom clones" for years afterwards.

He says otherwise. You were one of those avatarfags tho right? it'd make sense you're all apart of the groups.

Slackware GNU/Linux.
Firsthand experience here. Been living off thrift storeparts most of my life

I assume you meant to say GUI and not GNU. Slackware comes with like 5 DEs/WMs. It starts in the terminal so you ahve to start X yourself but thats one of the things I like about it. If you start your computer and need to get somethign done NOW you can do so without waiting for X to start.

No kidding huh

Maybe I'll start going to those again.

I'll just end up filtering you every time you post your opening post if you do.

I havent been following that conversation at all and don't know who or what is going on tbh

When no expectations are had, products are found to be more likeable.
All this hype shit just kills the game as it never reaches to all the lies that get made up about it.

it can be fun but unless you have a mega beast machine, planned spec is 16 gigs ram minimum, I don't look forward to it
I hope it works out for you tho

anything shilled for by normalfags usually has ulterior motives

I know, it encourages shit behavior, I understand where you are coming from

This one never had a chance to begin with. Everybody thought it was going to be everything all in one, but it's basically just a tech demo.

Did nothing wrong.

I use the board, but that's it. Not too many people actually use it.

It's a secondary computer that I used ages ago with a 30 gig hard drive and a 64mb video card. Fucking thing is still running XP, and I'm going to have to use PS/2 for both the keyboard and mouse on it. The mouse even has a trackball and no scroll wheel.

what's a good distro for a winfag like myself looking to get into linux?

Dev team of 15 guys. $13 million worth of sales on PC alone. Even if you take out Sony's cut, they made out like bandits.

I'll probably have an upgrade by the time it comes out in 5 years.

Linux mint is a very good starter

I made a guide when I got into it in 2014 and I update it like yearly, posted it on /poltech/ recently


why is solitsu not perma IP banned yet?

Yeah, but it's been a pretty effective tool to teach normalfags that developers always lie. There are a lot of people who aren't going to buy their bullshit next time.

more like 10

because banning IPs is retarded

And there are always new people appearing to fall for their bullshit. The cycle will never end.

And we'll make fun of them when they fall for those sweet little lies, too.

Yeah, sorry, meant GUI, bit tired haha. I remember about startx on Slackware, I guess I just like Salix doing it for me. Slackware is max comfy though, which is why i've always got installed on a partition, though its usually a barebones type.

You dont have to lie for him Ritsu, he shouldnt be ashamed of you guys being friends!

I could see Steam and other companies pushing it since Windows is making its big play to corner the gaming market on 10 with their store, which would take it from steam and gog, as well as origin. Were almost in shadowrun corporate warfare times!

Thats good. I dont like it though, its not a good thing to feel, wanting someone else to be sad just to be smug.

I think you meant to say everything
I thought it was IRC or those steam groups they talk about

Mint or Ubuntu are both starter types and a good place to begin learning. Its actually really fun messing with the terminal too when you get used to it! I love finding new obscure repositories and installing new packages of apps. Or even just updating your repositories or messing with your host file!

Haven't seen you in the thread in forever bel

Ha true.

Because MAC bans haven't been talked about for ages. I wonder how many people who are still on imageboards were around for the huge furry ban on 4chan fucking ages ago.

Ritsu.. do you communicate outside the boards and this thread?

seriously does anyone wanna play AOT?

Some use the IRC, some use the cytube. A very small number bother to show up on the board.

Some might tell you differently but if you're going to use GNU/Linux at all use Slackware or one of the other UNIXy ones (I hear great things about Void but I haven't used it.) If you don't want to get past the learning curve Linux isn't for you because all the non UNIXy ones are much worse than using Windows. BSDs are also acceptable if you can deal with less software, but again, learning curve.

Anything using FUCKING apt is going to make you suicidal and fuck right back off to Windows (which you might as well do anyway. There's nothing wrong with using Windows as long as it's not 10)

And PLEASE oh PLEASE never ever touch that rancid piece of hipster shit known as Arch Linux. Worst distro of all time. Archfag genocide when?

I remember that. I started on 4chan back when they still had a lolicon board, so I guess I've been around the block.

I think people just dont learn. A lot of the people falling for Starcitizen for example are a lot of adults with savings, who have been playing vidya forever but they fell for it. I just think a lot of people are too trusting of others.

Do the IRC & Cytube hate each other? Do they fight?

I was though I barely remember

aren't all known proxies banned or something?
like no tor allowed?

we've been there for a long time user, don't you remember games for windows live

it can be great

I'll make sure to get around your filter, or hell just go in covert and throw on a pile of lewds when you least expect it.

buy it for me and I will.

At least you have to hand it to them, they upped Todd on the sweet lies end of their game.

Why don't you try another thread Bel? Why didn't you buy me Overwatch?

I wish I had started using the site prior to 2007, but I couldn't because I didn't have internet connection for shit due to living on farmland at the time. Feels bad man.

You'll have to go in and ask, because I don't touch either. I don't think there's much overlap though.

I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of shit was banned for connecting to 4chan.

Yeah I'm in the 4am IRC and add anyone who wants on steam. Soritsu is the name if you wanna find me!

Then I'd do the same whenever I find out who in hell your waifu is

do you think I just have a fat wad of 50s lying around that I'm dying to get rid of?

seriously somebody play AOT with me


Of course he does. I've lurked in some places he has no idea that I have.

I got a computer when I finished 8th grade, and found 4chan less than a month later. I don't know that it ruined my life, but it definitely changed it.

I don't have a fat wad of a single 50 lying around to buy the game in the first place, so nah.

Especially when the browser game is plenty

i've seen him post on /mai/ before

i only lurk /mai/ pls no bully

I can't believe you're keeping up this joke for so long.

I think part of the sell was how consoles hold back PC gaming which as of now isn't really the case since it's shit devs that hold back PC gaming now but we were right at the edge of that and people had been sick of it for years

I'm sure some people with ultra rigs bought into that


I actually buy a lot of my shit on humble these days so that I have a DRM copy to give away to anyone I want and have steam

I put influent for windows with 6 languages in the share thread

Yup, but it got really weak with all the other platforms. And now windows wants a hardcoded system in for their games and are making it harder for other platforms to work on win10. I remember there was a lot of talk about steam supporting linux because of windows doing this. I could see Origin and Steam teaming up for vulkan and linux to spite microsoft and keep the gravy coming. Windows is getting too ambitious, like they did with windows vista and halo.

I bet they do. Different groups always hate each other. I remember that drawfag user a week back too, he drew about the cytube being great and 4am being shit, and then ended with huey shitting in the shower.

Why not try one of those steam friends threads? I dont think anyone here has it? If you get lucky you can find a buddy to bond with the game over and play other things with!

I don't even know what /mai/ is.

Why you lurking /mai/ user?

I actually get a lot of that shit sorted out in my guide
when fema opens the camps I guess

I was in 5th grade when I found 4chan.
Every person I meet found it in highschool or late middle school and it's fucking surreal.
Thank god I lurked back then, nobody fucking tells kids to lurk moar these days.



Why are some simple things in gimp so goddamn hard? Just fucking cropping something without removing 90% of an image is befuddling and infuriating.

I was 12 or 13 at the time, and I probably got completely fucked over for it. I was given hand me down computers that kept getting shuffled around because looking at porn or generally being retarded was "enough" to get them taken away., and since the only way I could actually get online for quite a while was using a family member's computer, I couldn't be on much or save anything.

That's what I was thinking.

Megumin is only for lewd


I..guess thats a…no?

d-don't judge me!

fuck you ritsu

actually user Steam if I recall has been heavily investing in OpenGL



git gud


At least that's why I browse Holla Forums

Don't worry you're next.

I was 13 when I started browsing 4chan, too. I didn't even post for over a year.

i bet you lurk /cuteboys/ too

There's literally nothing wrong with loving you're waifu

Me too. I remember in highschool our classes used to split us up for projects, and we'd end up hating the other team and wanting to take them down a peg for no reason, wed even end up trying to sabotage each other. I bet they're both like that too, especially if they dont overlap!

Isnt vulkan a more advanced version of opengl with amd's software and sourcecode?

I honestly don't know user

it's just not normal

I've lurked so much I still have issues where I'll type out a post and then delete it because I don't think it's worthy of posting. It's infected to other sites as well.

I'll poke around it once in a blue moon, but I'm usually too busy waiting for Holla Forums, /a/, /k/, /x/, and /cyber/ have changes to the catalog to care.

At least it wont touch the board because nobody wants to use it.

There is literally everything wrong with having a waifu.

hey man, was that guide what you were looking for or did you wan't some sort of more direct instruction?

Yeah me too, I really should research it. Especially with how windows is going.

Is that why you always post lewds of you waifu? Cause you hate her?

But wouldnt it be better if the board got more traffic? Im sure it'd make the BO happy too!

I'm the same way. Can't quite handle more normal sites, either. I get banned for being too mean.

yeah that guide was just what i needed

thank you.

glad to hear it man

if you have any questiosn I'll always answer

even if you bail on me from frustration

That's because most other sites are cucked to death and can't handle the bantz.

You should post some time, its comfy.

did a quick look up, yeah it's high end OpenGL

Since I can only check with thumbnails I can't really see what images they are.

Banter is a dying art.

Never become a voice actor.

The guy who owns it owns the cytube.

I usually end up being one of the many accounts that barely posted and then was discarded because of the login information was forgotten or the account was deleted. A lot of site haven't run into weaponized shitposting, and thus haven't been inoculated to it.

I'm late to work so it already sucks but the chick I'm into traded shifts just to match up with mine so I'd feel bad calling in completely. Time to suck down this coffee and start another fucking day at work.

Aside from being late and getting two hours of sleep today is a great day.

you have some post sex stuff but no nakadashi


Shit, I forgot the best one.

I confess, I signed up for Reddit to shitpost and try to get on SRS. I'm at something like 500 positive karma because I log on once a week or so and call somebody a retard or whatever. I don't know how that happened.

Oh, so I was right! I remember Opengl was good too if developers were willing to optimize it, and now with amds sourcecode and steams backing, it might actually be the future

Well that explains why the IRC guys dont use it I guess. I wonder why the anons here dont use it though.

**if you ever doubt my love for my waifu again. I will nail you to the cross and personally ship you to hell,
and once your down there i will torcher you to no end. I'll make your family and love ones watch as you get raped. i'll butt fuck your mother so hard she'll die from it and you'll have to watch as i kill your family over and over again till you cry blood**

I'll get it right some day.

oh I figured ti was going to be the future a while ago user
what with steamboxes

good job fag

good luck user

Just shitpost really hard on 4chan and you'll probably get thrown around on imgur, 4chan screencap threads, reddit and funnyjunk.

Probably because I'm associated with it and nobody wants to touch it because of that

This webm is for you. She isn't real, you don't actually love her.

all the time in the world user

Fuck off, you're not that important.

dat was a good movie tho fam

ayyyyyoooo deez gondolas gettin deep man

I don't want to be on funnyjunk, I want to be on SRS, offending people. One of my old posts got passed around Reddit and eventually made its way to me, because I lost the spoon I use for eating popcorn and eventually found it tucked in my sock.

Maybe you like her because she's hot and lewding up anime girls turns you on?
Waifuism is pretty flexible, doesn't actually mean that you are fully/spiritually connected with this character. Anything of remote interest can be translated to as being a waifu, granted it is shunned upon by the majority.



That sounds revolting user.

If I wasn't, the threads wouldn't be how they are today, and the name field wouldn't have been fucked. I'm also the reason the ban wave hit last October.

Accept the fact that you need your shitposting spree spread as far as possible.

No you wont.

How can you do that when you cant even spoiler right? :smug
and if you love her you shouldnt strip her in front of people

Didnt steamboxes fail hard though? I remember there were a bunch of advertisements everywhere and now no ones talking about it.

I doubt that, most people like you. Youre pretty popular

Yeah I loved it, really funny stuff, especially with how much they subvert the horror trope. My favorite part is where chris says "Alright we got to stay together no matter what, no one split up and we do this together slow and careful" and the operators freak out.

What was your favorite part?

no thanks

I'd rather not get known for being pathetic

My popcorn spoon?

But is it really shitposting if they like it? I just wanted to offend people.

It ain't my way, but I'm just saying as a researcher of the belief.
I've seen fags give up their waifu because of current season girls then go around to another girl for whatever reason
Lots of tripfags switch waifus for obvious reasons as well


I'm not taking any information from someone who saves images from Facebook.

There's a reason it's called shitposting and not qualityposting.

Those things were fucking abortion'd before it turned into a fetus.


open relationships are degenerate user
and so is waifuism technically
so that's pretty degenerate

secretly I would a poly relationship that isn't open if incredible circumstances were met

I really don't know user, there is a bigger push from streaming steam now tho, also the controller was kinda new to go full console

You mean aborted?


I just wish other people would spread my shitposting. Right now I'm trying to get Dick Masterson asked, on his podcast, who the best Eva girl is, and why it's Asuka.

I dont even go to facebook though? Besides, you can trust me. Lots of people like you, I can tell!

That'd explain why they mysteriously disappeared overnight. I always wondered how they disappeared so quickly. I just figured they went the way of the Ouya.

Thats just it, no one knows! They just disappeared.

Hoho my dream as well.
Even she's into it is the best part.

It's time to stop.

Sometimes you need to set the starting line. That's what I did for getting Rule 8 changed.

You sure?



Don't worry about it.

user you need to try just a bit harder

I think it's just our lack of interest and the lack of games

ultimately what I really want is to be a great patriarch who dies of old age surrounded by friends and family including a great many grandchildren

you know you didn't really make this thread better

you just reduced the posters


You might not be wrong. It might be we never really bothered to check as we didnt care that much.

All of your grandchildren will be a different race.

they'll be more Aryan than me

It's actually hovered around 45 UIDs since December. The only thing that's changed is that people stopped avatarfagging as much.

I don't believe you.

Blacker. More Islamic. Forever cucked.

I know that feel. I get weird looks sometimes because my kid doesn't really look like me.

Have some lo/u/e

i got half of these already
post more

There's no way anyone could be on enough drugs or get paid enough to have sex with me.

I see, so all along you want'ed to take ritsus place as top shitposter it won't work

tbh fam i'ma hafta rewatch it cuz i'm havin a hard time thinkin of one. i think when they in the basement and they b all sortsa triggers or w/e but the group is 2 add to figure that out.

da one nigga w/ da retractable thermos bong or w/e that was in the beginning had me goin or when dat nigga was like

dat shit had me goin

honestly one of the best movies i've seen in a long ass time monica and dat includin pornos monica.

it does suspense/horror really well and still keep da shit funny af fammmo

I don't really understand why a woman would let me put my dick in her but sometimes it happens.

this tbh fam

I don't know what you anons look like so I can't comment

I have the title of boogeyman for the thread, so I'm fine.

I have the issue where I can't actually trust anyone saying they have any sort of positive feelings for me without it either being due to pity or trying to look better for the people around them. It's not like I spend any time outside long enough to talk with people anyway.

I'm a very boring looking man.

I have similar problems, but I don't turn down sex. At least my kid likes me.

watch me get banned again

i jus dun get y women wanna guy slidin up in em so hard n dip

evolution i s'pose

I don't know why

what makes you repulsive user?

I get what you're saying. I think guys are pretty disgusting. If I were a girl I would just go lesbian and play with boobs all day.

you probably remind them of their dads
this is a good thing

you're famous
that helps with status

Would be fun to experience such a thing.

I went out further than the mailbox for the first time in at least half a month yesterday. You faggots on this site are the only people I talk too, and I wouldn't be shocked if nobody shows up to my funeral.

Shitty people tend to have similar issues.

Aren't you spoiled?

Could be. Brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, stubble, and about average height and build. I don't really mind, either way.

I don't really talk to many people, either. I talk to my coworkers when I have to, and my kid and the kid's mom. Beyond that it's pretty much you guys.

true true

yea n we got hair in all sortsa weird places

If I drop off the internet, I quite literally lose all forms of communication, because despite living with my parents still, I only rarely talk to them.

When my internet goes out, I kind of run out of things to do. It's weird how much of my life it takes up.


Bless you user

I have a lot of ebooks I can crack into, but a huge portion of my time is lurking the site while listening to music I grabbed off /mu/. At least I'd have an excuse to actually try to clear the handful of games I have for this PS2 and all of the roms for the Genesis passed around in the share threads.

like Genghis Khan

don't know how or what you're referring to but ok

also you probably don't look like a nu-male which is a plus, fucking faggots

most people are insufferable cunts

bitches love status

I like going for bike rides around town without my cell phone

just me and the house keys and maybe the bikelock key and a card to buy drinks

user's why don't you dress up nice and go roller skating?

das ryt they do it even let u b on dat otha shit 2 tho

I've got ebooks sitting around, but I don't read much.

They've usually got that kind of inoffensive, apologetic look. I'm told I just look mean.

Too clumsy for that shit.

You know how Holla Forums constantly screams about degenerates? It's like that.

My cellphone is a pocket watch based on how much I use it and I was never taught how to ride a bike, but I get the idea.

Don't have the balance for it, and I'd rather just walk.

I tend to just skim physical books while on the toilet or when I have nothing else to do.

I just have trouble focusing on books, lately. I've got an ebook reader I bring to work sometimes, but it doesn't see much use.

Fuck you, I just found out.
12 minutes left

my penis fill an entire tall boy fam

Forgot, the few times it was brought up, I'm told I look angry.

It's a way to pass time, but there's better ways to do it.

I usually prefer to play games on my laptop at work, rather than read. Just don't have the attention span anymoe.

fuckin crazy bitches

I've got that half the time
I like it, feels masculine

me too, but do it anyway, it's good practice and exercise

of the track user, no idea

going without is nice
and you can pick up riding a bike any time user, just don't be scared of falling over and remember to wear a helmet

it's for fun and exercise user

I don't really get where the mean comes from, with me. I think I just look tired or bored.

Not many people do. I can barely get more than a chapter if I'm actually reading.

I'm a shit person. There's no real way to argue that I'm not.

Fucking damn, I'm way too tired. I nearly missed my train station by falling asleep on the ride home.

women don't know how to deal with anything less than positive
apathy seems like negativity to them

tbh monica dey prolly mean ineffectual but dey 2 illiterate to speak proper fammo

I kind of just end up reading the same few lines over and over again, and maybe get a few pages in. Shame.

Either of these is possible, too.

why are you a shit person user?


dat hoe thicc as hell.

did you draw dat fam? dat w/ a nib monica?

I tend to get impatient and am constantly hunting for the next chapter so I can put it down for a few weeks, forgetting everything I just went through in the process.

Horseshoe effect :^)
t. Huey

that's an incredibly vague non answer user

if you don't want to talk about it just say I won't mind

da nigga below me be blowin me

You should know by now what kind of person I am.

I think the last book I tried to read was The Diamond Age. Got about halfway through over the course of a month, and never finished it. It's not a bad book or anything.


user I don't pay attention to half the shitposting here

something something shower shitter


well played fam

I've read two chapters in this book about the Eastern Front, I think part of the problem with that is I've read 5-6 books on the subject already and there's not much new material in any of them.

I'm the master of losing control.

No, I didn't

Shortstack get your motor runnin'?

Most of the reading material I have sitting around is Holla Forums tier, at this point. I might read the book I have on Unit 731 sometime.

if you say so fam

It's more the style and the hips man
but big spoon little spoon certainly does it for me

I'd say the most I have happens to be handful of books on Moon and Slavic runes, but I have yet to get into them. That doesn't include all the ebooks on fitness and programming I have.

Fuck you, I got banned for that.

Anyways I'm heading off. Got to wrap shit up on my end.


Well this seems liek a good time for me to head out too

have a good night fam

The bruise that might or might not be internal bleeding is still there, the knee pain is still there, the back pain is still there, the hair being ripped out is still there. I've been sleeping on the floor using a few blankets as padding for quite a while now, and I haven't had a solid shit in a few days. I'm completely fucked.

you'll get over it user

you got this

also one last post, enjoy the music

I've already accepted my fate. I just wait for the sweet release of death.

god damnit fuck

now I'm invested

what have you been eating

Mostly junk food and shit I cram in the microwave. Just get some sleep.

no user I'm at work with time to spare

now what kind of shitty junk food have you been eating?

Mostly just frozen premade food that isn't healthy in the slightest.

and you're wondering maybe why you feel like shit and can't have a bowel movement?

do you have 20 bucks?

I'm not wondering why I feel like shit. I'm wondering why I don't feel worse. I only have 130 dollars cash. Colors are getting funny, so I'm going to climb into bed.

you don't need 130

go to the store

but 2 cans of black beans, some tortillas, your favorite salsa or a whole onion to cut up and 2 cans of fruit

maek a burrrito with the beans and salsa/chopped onion and I gurantee you will feel better and probably take a big shit

the fruit will give you sugar after or before and fruit is good for you

if you do go to bed then do this in the morning or preferably before you go to bed

and sleep well user